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Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video] -
Published: 1 year ago By: Kodak Black

By: Kodak BlackPublished: 1 year ago

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1, 526, 637 Likes   158, 827 Dislikes

Kodak Black's new single Tunnel Vision, produced by Metro Boomin'. Available everywhere now.

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My name is ???
'My name is ???' 34 minutes ago
Why is the kkk there
Sergio Loza
'Sergio Loza' 1 hour ago
Sergio Loza
'Sergio Loza' 1 hour ago
Kodak's for days
Dominic Arellano
'Dominic Arellano' 2 hours ago
Black people and Mexicans alwees get picked on
Joel Poolchan
'Joel Poolchan' 3 hours ago
You burn the f*ucin the cross
kyron Foreman
'kyron Foreman' 5 hours ago
This is never going to be forgotten
Gabe_Andrew 314
'Gabe_Andrew 314' 5 hours ago
His voice in this song is so cool
Lil Amiin
'Lil Amiin' 5 hours ago
'XposedBanana' 6 hours ago
Just stop racism stop the beatings it's just not right i had enough of all this stuff stand with me brothers and sisters we're supposed too be In the land of the free we ain't free we don't have freedom America is falling apart if we don't start opening our eyes and look at the crap that's happening it will never stop
'XposedBanana' 6 hours ago
All these cops fucken shooting black people and beating on black people for no apparent reason now come on its just not right I stand against racism black or white we are all one together if it's time we all stop this so called racism God didn't create use to kill each other everyday please brothers and sisters I don't care if you are black I will not tolerate this crap anymore help stop racism stop cops beating black people for no reason at all stand with me against racism
'XposedBanana' 6 hours ago
All this slavery and racism crap needs to stop I ain't black but I don't think this bull crap ain't right we're all brothers and sisters we're all one combined it's 2018 it's time to open your fucken eyes
PiePie Gamer
'PiePie Gamer' 6 hours ago
4:24 Lmao
'uZMc' 6 hours ago
Inti llimani in the beat
Jacopo Soffientini
'Jacopo Soffientini' 8 hours ago
Bruh who watchin in 1469
babajee benoit
'babajee benoit' 8 hours ago
Vision black power
Little Kodak Djöny
'Little Kodak Djöny' 9 hours ago
Tunnel vision🔥🔥🔥 2018🙌 Who still listening??
Eric R
'Eric R' 9 hours ago
February 2018 and this track still goin crazy 🔥🔥
Vesal Gameplay
'Vesal Gameplay' 11 hours ago
'trentbreen7' 11 hours ago
such a great song
Patrick Fermoyle
'Patrick Fermoyle' 11 hours ago
Why does the hook remind me of a song from the early 2000s?
'Fish21802' 12 hours ago
This is offensive to my people the klan will rise again we’ll put those fucking niggers in there place 6 feet underground
'YoItzzDave' 15 hours ago Press this to see the thumbnail
'박재률' 15 hours ago
Make America hate again lmao😂😂 He might Mcdonald TrXXp hater😂😂
Marcel Kusenda
'Marcel Kusenda' 16 hours ago
Naked Bananas ! :D
Aazizul Zaim
'Aazizul Zaim' 17 hours ago
AS Youtuber
'AS Youtuber' 18 hours ago
This is offencive to the people who like the rebel flag pisses me off this pisses me off cuz I got a rebel flag and the rebel flag doesn't mean anything it just stand for what I like and what other people like for me it's dance as country I know there's the KKK and everything but still a lot of people just use it because they're from country and that's the flag they grew up with it has nothing to do with the KKK it has nothing to do with slavery anymore it's all about country
Seth Hall
'Seth Hall' 18 hours ago
If it was a white rappers video, white southern guy wins the fight. If it's a black rappers video, the black guy wins the fight. Even a video that's supposed demote racism still promotes racism behind a mask. Gotta get past that petty shit.
ErnestoTayler Haufiku
This track is wild
Ceo Division
'Ceo Division' 20 hours ago
i like when the lil girl says STOP where she come from? Anyone happy valintines day have a tunnel vision day im gonna watch this song again like this if you like tunnel vision?
Axel Trujillo
'Axel Trujillo' 20 hours ago
'TAY-J LIT' 20 hours ago
2018 and this shit still fire.
Spiked Pigeon
'Spiked Pigeon' 23 hours ago
I am having trouble following the lyrics, what the fuck is the meaning of this song? When he says i need to keep a tunnel vision, does he mean he isn't supposed to see a full picture of the situation?
WetLike Water
'WetLike Water' 23 hours ago
Why was this dude pullin a rope
'LIT BOYZZZ' 1 day ago
The end got me
Marco Castro
'Marco Castro' 1 day ago
tuneel virsion
Kevin Argueta
'Kevin Argueta' 1 day ago
Free Kodak Black 😠
'Realbot' 1 day ago
Wait wait wait.... why did he wanna shoot the guy in the first place?
'Realbot' 1 day ago
The end made me die laughing
young savage XXX
'young savage XXX' 1 day ago
Julissa Villa
'Julissa Villa' 1 day ago
Tell me why that dude whereing Trump hat
Caleb lalumiere
'Caleb lalumiere' 1 day ago
Tunnel vision
Osman Osman
'Osman Osman' 1 day ago
I subscribe To your song hassan. Osman
Jessica Marinelarena
I like the song I just don’t like the video I mean even though it’s fake I hate to see ppl pretending to kill each other and strangle each other.😢
Jesica Rodriguez
'Jesica Rodriguez' 1 day ago
Is that the kkk
james klein
'james klein' 1 day ago
song goes crazy in pittsburgh Pa
'pixleboy' 1 day ago
Fuck this there burning crist cross down
Kmae and karshawn
Stop hating #freekodak and it is still happening so you can't hate that the kkk is in it 😤
Damien Hart
'Damien Hart' 1 day ago
Isaiah Delane
'Isaiah Delane' 1 day ago
It’s a good rap song and I like how he’s basically making a speech at the same time.😃😱
Camila Blanco
'Camila Blanco' 1 day ago
Mudd Beast
'Mudd Beast' 1 day ago
This song is racist
Christian Castaneda
Tiara Printz
'Tiara Printz' 1 day ago
This song is LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
23ortiz elijah
'23ortiz elijah' 1 day ago
gooood song
Mr.DaMan 322
'Mr.DaMan 322' 1 day ago
Officially a year old
'LTCAproductions' 1 day ago
Anyone remember the Mac Dre song he stole this flow from?
Laura Fraga
'Laura Fraga' 1 day ago
Tunnel vision ☝🏻❤️
Gopolang Ramaeba
'Gopolang Ramaeba' 1 day ago
#tunnel vision💔💖😹😂
Puppy lover fun fun fun Bryant
Why tha fuck do they always have to try to kill the fucking black dude I'm black omg so fucked up he should have killed the white mother fucker
'MANS HOT NO' 1 day ago
Ebony Redwine
'Ebony Redwine' 1 day ago
I like the beat
missing You
'missing You' 1 day ago
Going out need to leave making a decision Alphablack111957 over n out
ShadowDrop Zone
'ShadowDrop Zone' 1 day ago
love this shit
Arnoldo Alvarado
'Arnoldo Alvarado' 1 day ago
Free Kodak
Daniela Aguirre
'Daniela Aguirre' 1 day ago
the tune sounds like a hip hop song my brother played it is one tat was played in 2004's
Daniela Aguirre
'Daniela Aguirre' 1 day ago
this like reals like the redneck is like all the puppets in my college there are some snitches I felt like it was the crazy white man cuz they threaten us and with weapons the only realppl are afro americans Im mexican btw
blacksguad live
'blacksguad live' 2 days ago
idiotu glupi retardirani
konner william
'konner william' 2 days ago
Ειρηνη Εμμανουηλ
Fuk you sise γαμιολιδες
Madison ;)
'Madison ;)' 2 days ago
Free Kodak
Ryan Eckman
'Ryan Eckman' 2 days ago
'MagmaFister' 2 days ago
comment section... *shaking my head* good song tho.
'MR LONELY' 2 days ago
Scroll down to the comment
Dman Simpson
'Dman Simpson' 2 days ago
I hate white supremacists but this seems like he's says white people are all racist
Young Black
'Young Black' 2 days ago
Destiney Hines
'Destiney Hines' 2 days ago
You so ugly
kylie star
'kylie star' 2 days ago
This is Kylie Rohling, I guess I made this playlist? Lmao i remember making a playlist that was call "my lit music" but it auto corrected to "lot" and I have no idea how Logan paul got on here lol. But this does belong to me so I'm confused. I don't care that you posted this just would like to be informed.
Zlatan Torres
'Zlatan Torres' 2 days ago
DeAndra Jordan
Cedrick Parker
'Cedrick Parker' 2 days ago
Lisa Cobb
'Lisa Cobb' 2 days ago
We're they burning crosses
Meme ProductionzTM
It’s kinda scary lol and I’m white 😂😂😳
Jonathan wolfe
'Jonathan wolfe' 2 days ago
I was a koddack fan but this whole “rascist” shit is getting out of hand, this video was un called for
llxl Godz llxl
'llxl Godz llxl' 2 days ago
TRUMP 2020!!!
Barbara Toomey
'Barbara Toomey' 2 days ago
KKK member
Barbara Toomey
'Barbara Toomey' 2 days ago
Look behind u can see a kill member hung up
Jacob Vanover
'Jacob Vanover' 2 days ago
Best song from Kodak
Jamal Higgins
'Jamal Higgins' 2 days ago
Dwight Powder
'Dwight Powder' 2 days ago
only part i dont like about this video is the MAGA and confederate flag...i know his experience down south is most likly very different than my experience but it really makes everyone who rocks a MAGA hat or is a trump supportor or confederate flag means ur racist and in the KKK when theres black and or all race trump supporter that may or may not also rock the confederate flag are racist which isnt the case white black or otherwise...its funny the songs called tunnel vision but he cant see past his own tunnel vision
Horacio Cordero
'Horacio Cordero' 2 days ago
If you speed up the song to 2x, it will sound like a creepy clown themed song
Diamond savage 11305
Came after roll in peace
Golden Comics
'Golden Comics' 2 days ago
Whoever made this trash song needs to find the nearest noose store and buy the shortest rope they have and hang themselves
Pop Alvarez
'Pop Alvarez' 2 days ago
Susan Gough
'Susan Gough' 2 days ago
he got that gun
la Harris
'la Harris' 2 days ago
you my boyfriend
Tochukwu Udu
'Tochukwu Udu' 2 days ago
Little girl:staph Me:Oh I'm afraid I can't do that little girl,tell daddy to properly check his gun next time yea *snaps neck* Oh wait he dead😃
Jeff Paul
'Jeff Paul' 2 days ago
When the kid you bully starts reaching in his bag 2:00
Remus Taitumu
'Remus Taitumu' 2 days ago
gottah go and get them fuckn nigger
Callum Swaffield
'Callum Swaffield' 2 days ago
good song
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