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Amazing Snake Trap Using Deep Hole - How to Catch Snake in Cambodia -
Published: 1 year ago By: KJ Channel

By: KJ ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

2, 292, 968 views

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Hello My Beloved Subscriber and Visitor! Greeting from Cambodia!
This is video I want to show you about
Amazing Snake Trap Using Deep Hole - How to Catch Snake in Cambodia

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'????????' 2 months ago
Wypierdalaj ja bym to w 5 minut zrobila
Lester Angeles
'Lester Angeles' 3 months ago
What the fuck men 🖕🖕🖕
Charlie Harrison
'Charlie Harrison' 7 months ago
dang how in the heck did military crawl around in these jungles
سعيد الزهراني
الله يخشعكم
M.A. Flips and chips
'M.A. Flips and chips' 9 months ago
What! There are so many
Hassan Nasser
'Hassan Nasser' 9 months ago
What the fuck
Charlie Foot & Jungcook are best friends
who the fuck has to catch snakes? or any other animal?
Pompeii Channel
'Pompeii Channel' 9 months ago
John Arizona
'John Arizona' 10 months ago
I wonder if chicken would be good for baiting Diamondbacks. Just found a 3 foot skin outside my sons bedroom window.
TheGamerZone 12
'TheGamerZone 12' 10 months ago
([What Are Thows?😲✋✋✋✋✋✋👊👏!....])
'PEIRAMA' 10 months ago
Still i can't catch Kevin Durant.
Amv Gaming
'Amv Gaming' 10 months ago
16:55 He screamed lol
'Lemon' 10 months ago
04:22 who else was watching that big ass ant on the leaves? xD
xAye_Itz_Leyahx Gaming
'xAye_Itz_Leyahx Gaming' 10 months ago
oml he's so brave nice video!
'dabartos' 10 months ago
he's hunting snakes and then releasing them in his field to catch small rodents and all that. It's like using ladybugs for protecting small trees or using cats to hunt mice and rats
Rajendra Premanand
'Rajendra Premanand' 10 months ago
balls of steel yo 😨
HanLe Cruz
'HanLe Cruz' 11 months ago
nice jub
dylan fortini
'dylan fortini' 11 months ago
I cringed when he reached into the bucket and grabbed a handful of them. how did he not get bit?
Wolf Girl
'Wolf Girl' 11 months ago
Wolf Girl
'Wolf Girl' 11 months ago
Sophia Grande
'Sophia Grande' 11 months ago
How did I get to this video
Lucas Fiuza
'Lucas Fiuza' 11 months ago
you are incredible Face ooooooooooooooh
'Toxic' 11 months ago
16:54 That guy's scream of terror once he realized the snake crawled out lol
'Drasse' 11 months ago
nice fake!!!
'mistermomo2005' 11 months ago
With all those snakes, I'm surprised i didn't find my ex xD
antti niemi-korpi
'antti niemi-korpi' 11 months ago
good video
Danny Rock
'Danny Rock' 11 months ago
why the fuck let em go ?? why not eat em?
Crimson BOI
'Crimson BOI' 11 months ago
how they get in there?
The smart pizza
'The smart pizza' 11 months ago
I would be that one guy that puts a shotgun in the hole and fire into it and laughing
Angel Barlow
'Angel Barlow' 11 months ago
Wayne Cure
'Wayne Cure' 11 months ago
How did you know they weren't poisonous...
AnimeScrub 32
'AnimeScrub 32' 12 months ago
When u have 2 mil views on a vid and no subs
Shea Thompson
'Shea Thompson' 12 months ago
My Chelsea boy keeping it going
Murray Windham-Simmons
'Murray Windham-Simmons' 12 months ago
your videos are so cool how do you make those traps.
'harvestmoon710' 12 months ago
cool vid, but how does this have 2mil views and under 1k comments and only 5k likes?
aj mclean
'aj mclean' 12 months ago
what is the point of catching them then let them gooo???
KevinTheHeave N
'KevinTheHeave N' 12 months ago
Holy snake he caught that snake
Nicholas Bell
'Nicholas Bell' 12 months ago
The daidai sweatshirt ICY😂😂💯👌🏾
hello its me
'hello its me' 12 months ago
I dont get why they have to catch the snake... Pls dont get mad at me 😊
TheWolfKid 21
'TheWolfKid 21' 12 months ago
Casually holds like 10 snakes
jr62431 jrvyt
'jr62431 jrvyt' 12 months ago
n bourland
'n bourland' 12 months ago
"What's up with All these damn Snakes on this Damn Plane ?!?!" Lol
Fakhrurrida Widodo
'Fakhrurrida Widodo' 12 months ago
they literally can catch everything with this deep hole.
Cameron Harris
'Cameron Harris' 12 months ago
So thaaats how to catch an Ekans. 🤔
'SuperJayXD' 12 months ago
Are these poisonous snakes?
gaming with egg
'gaming with egg' 12 months ago
when u smacked that snake ,mean while I can't even touch a fly
Alex willey
'Alex willey' 12 months ago
Video starts .... fake Chelsea shirt baller
edde H
'edde H' 12 months ago
• Mєgα σ σ f •
'• Mєgα σ σ f •' 12 months ago
Clickbait thumbnail
pucuk pinus
'pucuk pinus' 12 months ago
that is not snake... but that is eel... no bite... just like a fish
'Entrø' 12 months ago
This dude just bitch smacked a snake 😂
'KENG A.F.C.' 12 months ago
nice chelsea kit
'mytube' 12 months ago
it's probably fake
rorogogo puffie
'rorogogo puffie' 12 months ago
Chakrit Charoensuwankiri
Its eel not snake
Lpdt Outdoors
'Lpdt Outdoors' 12 months ago
What if some one were walking around and then stepped in a hole with snakes in it.
Aren Fuentes
'Aren Fuentes' 12 months ago
amazing husband trap child support..
Andre Enriquez
'Andre Enriquez' 1 year ago
I went from watching vines to this?
C Tan
'C Tan' 1 year ago
Cutting chicken thigh with scissors? WTF
max lam
'max lam' 1 year ago
Next video - smart boy makes deep hole to catch young boys
'mmdirtyworkz' 1 year ago
At first I thought the bait was too much of quality meat but that's a lot of snakes!
Esas Çocuk
'Esas Çocuk' 1 year ago
dont put dubstep as an intro its disturbing
'jG' 1 year ago
Just kept skipping minute per minute to see how much progress my man had made 8-)
Chris Samuels
'Chris Samuels' 1 year ago
That one handed snake catch though.. 17:05
Jada Matthews
'Jada Matthews' 1 year ago
Fred on a "where are they now" series. still making traps in the bush
WarriorGaming YT
'WarriorGaming YT' 1 year ago
I thought he was going to use the snake's skin to finally make himself some fuking shoes welll nvm
Our Life BTH
'Our Life BTH' 1 year ago
Amazing video
'MattyadjSinz' 1 year ago
lmao that scream at 16:54
'Sincerely' 1 year ago
that guys scream when the snake came out of the bucket 😂😂
'NightDarkZ1Z' 1 year ago
Omg! I'm scard snakes
Saif Marji
'Saif Marji' 1 year ago
do you guya eat them?
Emwell Manabat
'Emwell Manabat' 1 year ago
he scared at snake
rahat special
'rahat special' 1 year ago
so you guys eat snake! disgusting
'DailYxDosE' 1 year ago
Why did he release them?
The Unknown
'The Unknown' 1 year ago
wait... i thought this was gonna be food for them? damn i was bamboozled
Matt Bryant
'Matt Bryant' 1 year ago
Time to move
Martina Suhling
'Martina Suhling' 1 year ago
hi boys in blue
Martina Suhling
'Martina Suhling' 1 year ago
best channel ever. cause of that amazing blue shirt
'cuteyfluffyeevee' 1 year ago
Ninja Of The Darkness
uhm just wow wtf
Pujan Ghimire
'Pujan Ghimire' 1 year ago
only chelsea fan can do this 😋😂😂
Kyxe Carter
'Kyxe Carter' 1 year ago
The Aflac Duck
'The Aflac Duck' 1 year ago
Mr. Clean
'Mr. Clean' 1 year ago
Welcome to tha Rice Fields
'N.' 1 year ago
why'd he let them all go after all that work?
'BSC0TCH' 1 year ago
What happens if you start rapidly spinning and twirling the bucket? Do they just start flying out or get dizzy? Or both? Nevermind this is a stupid question.
'piorek4k' 1 year ago
He did it just to show how does it work or what?
no one
'no one' 1 year ago
madarchod !!! aur kuch nhi mila pakadneko ? XD
Colene CulgZ
'Colene CulgZ' 1 year ago
Fucking Intros R.I.P Headphone users
Taku Senpai
'Taku Senpai' 1 year ago
Powered by Adidas. Btw its amazing, i wonder how it even works lol
Crppy Jeffanimation
Why let them go if you put all that effort in to catch them
Maryus Serban
'Maryus Serban' 1 year ago
why you catsch my friends?!? i hate you man for that :(
lim chun jie
'lim chun jie' 1 year ago
how do you determine that there is some snake nearby
Jgarcia De La Cruz
this guy knows chelsea is winning the premier league
'CuriousGamer77' 1 year ago
Smart man makes snake trap while wearing grandmas shirt
Fortnite Hype.
'Fortnite Hype.' 1 year ago
Hey guys can you help me reach 50 followers on instagram before my friend we are competing against each other to see who can get to 50 first thanks guys ;)
Alexandre Maggot
'Alexandre Maggot' 1 year ago
Aki no Brasil isso ai é chamado de musso
'Dylan' 1 year ago
good, but can u make a whale trap?
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