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Best Fails Vines Compilation | Top Fail Vines May 2016 -
Published: 8 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 8 months ago

35, 727, 441 views

137, 433 Likes   8, 784 Dislikes

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Georgi Georgiev
'Georgi Georgiev' 11 hours ago
very funny
Sol Giannetti
'Sol Giannetti' 12 hours ago
Babies 👶🏼
Skze / Minecraft Shit
2:10 song? pls
Audball 24
'Audball 24' 1 day ago
( * v * ) <). )> /. \
Audball 24
'Audball 24' 1 day ago
(.3.) /( )\ | | Yo
glenn Johnson
'glenn Johnson' 2 days ago
neither was 6:53
glenn Johnson
'glenn Johnson' 2 days ago
4:00 wasn't funny
Anna Banana
'Anna Banana' 2 days ago
taylor vate
'taylor vate' 2 days ago
Claudiu Ionescu
'Claudiu Ionescu' 2 days ago
(*_*)/ <). ) /. \
Prank and Sport challenge dude
I really liked the part when the dog drops the cake
Vines Makeup!
'Vines Makeup!' 3 days ago
Hola Chicas, las invito a mi Canal, publicamos recopilado de maquillaje, diseños de uñas, peinados hermosos, Y ahora, estamos subiendo Vines de Cocina y DIY ! Los vídeos son super divertidos y para pasar el rato, intentarlos y aprender cosas nuevas, Las Espero ♥
Niki Dallas
'Niki Dallas' 3 days ago
Mission Holloway
'Mission Holloway' 4 days ago
8:09 "what are you doing?" "I am doing my eyebrows." "that's a big ass mirror!" "I have big ass eyebrows." hahahahahahah omg lmao I'm dying XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Soy iselina pero mi papa puso su nombre
'Real-ModZ02' 5 days ago
pls subscibe my i do Unlockall for all of you im Hacker
Benjamin Zambra
'Benjamin Zambra' 5 days ago
marian mario
'marian mario' 5 days ago
wat name song 5:02 please aswer
The Mighty Scouter
When ya take off yo pants and sha gives ya the look lyk: "r u srs?" 6:48
'XTRMZ' 5 days ago
AFV - Somebody need some lone time.... needs to be a meme
Ionut Vasy
'Ionut Vasy' 6 days ago
Melanie Feener
'Melanie Feener' 6 days ago
AHAHAH 😂😂😂😇😇😇😹😹😹
'LaughOutLoud' 7 days ago
hahahahahhahahah funny
Zander Prodan
'Zander Prodan' 7 days ago
happy birthday to the ground!!!!
'Lennox' 1 week ago
Steve Holmgren
'Steve Holmgren' 1 week ago
Twin Water monitor TV
tree fallen down he died
stroe patriția Stroe
('_') ^) )^ ) )
Aumpawan Sudpangyoung
Patryk Kopczynski
'Patryk Kopczynski' 1 week ago
ja też pozdro
'Can'Drian Allen' 1 week ago
go a away
Rosa Cruz
'Rosa Cruz' 1 week ago
eso es lo que pasa cuando intentas estar por encima de jesus
אייל רוזנטל
פוטנציאל טיפשי
Sebastien Cartigny
c est partiti dans les pommes
angie & squishy
'angie & squishy' 1 week ago
)•_•) \) )~ / / so funny i like this but the baby frist kiss i dont really like ok then dont mad i love this (♡•♡)
crazy vine
'crazy vine' 1 week ago
realy fails
Tra Quel
'Tra Quel' 2 weeks ago
this is funny😎
James Keyes
'James Keyes' 2 weeks ago
ok k ((kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Cassie Trahan
'Cassie Trahan' 2 weeks ago
I like this video it is so funny!😄😄😄😄😄
Anthony Migliori
'Anthony Migliori' 2 weeks ago
0:13-0:18, Lolololololol
'Artur4ik' 2 weeks ago
Bryant Kaname
'Bryant Kaname' 2 weeks ago
at 4:25 I died😂😂😂😂😂
Lwkwk Ksks
'Lwkwk Ksks' 2 weeks ago
Lwkwk Ksks
'Lwkwk Ksks' 2 weeks ago
Armazi Khomeriki
'Armazi Khomeriki' 2 weeks ago
luka xomeriki flrSi barialeni
Farnaz Khan
'Farnaz Khan' 2 weeks ago
CC Chevy Chanel
'CC Chevy Chanel' 2 weeks ago
(^_^) ~O-- /. |
Maricela Parada
'Maricela Parada' 2 weeks ago
bien. chistoso
Marissa Mayorquin
'Marissa Mayorquin' 2 weeks ago
skye francis
'skye francis' 2 weeks ago
hey man that is awesome if I were young id of not done this but haha haha funny
Myrian Yagual
'Myrian Yagual' 2 weeks ago
como se llama la musica q sale primerito
Demarco Arrington
'Demarco Arrington' 2 weeks ago
Can I get 10 likes and one sub my dad died
Kz Kzkz
'Kz Kzkz' 2 weeks ago
∧_∧ ( ・ω・) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | _| ⊃/(___ / └-(____/
Bebe Beebvvb
'Bebe Beebvvb' 2 weeks ago
үнэхээр инээдтэй юм
RJ Links
'RJ Links' 2 weeks ago
0:02 2:01 4:00 6:09 8:08
Gaina Mattias
'Gaina Mattias' 2 weeks ago
6:50 😂😂😂😂😂
Richard leicht
'Richard leicht' 2 weeks ago
Joshua [Trvs]
'Joshua [Trvs]' 2 weeks ago
2:10 Fucking Savage
jakub możdżyński
'jakub możdżyński' 2 weeks ago
sprubuj się nie zaśmiać ;]
'TheYouke' 2 weeks ago
omg xDD 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pablo Henrique Castro Cruz Henrique follow babes
Maiya Jeffray
'Maiya Jeffray' 2 weeks ago
At 8.14 his socks though
Marissa Mayorquin
'Marissa Mayorquin' 2 weeks ago
aKuna67 !
'aKuna67 !' 2 weeks ago
whats the name 05:43
jade jamandron
'jade jamandron' 2 weeks ago
dhhh hxj jdv ui hqjvi u qhgphhAgogisqge sxydwe ahj hgoev o jh io hdj udywjuehh jkdvshvid gxu ueydydh eyryrujvy jjggavdu hxjlosvavH hxgsvxh ohisvdudvsuxu h hdh od xivh ys-$ dh gi hhx zh ysu yv y va dhdh ju i u ueywcuduxuduuxuxhjbjahdwxjj j ixh kdgdu zi
Erick Alexander Colan Espinoza
goh whtt qhu kikwkek
Melinda Hall
'Melinda Hall' 3 weeks ago
are they do just hurt self
Melinda Hall
'Melinda Hall' 3 weeks ago
this is crazy to see this
Jmee Josh Dadulla
'Jmee Josh Dadulla' 3 weeks ago
'DIY GOD' 3 weeks ago
Yo vine use this in your intro
Andreas Pittas
'Andreas Pittas' 3 weeks ago
0:35 you can hear the announcer on the Wii saying "15-40" XD
Ana Marcatoma
'Ana Marcatoma' 3 weeks ago
no te preocupes
Gintas Struckus
'Gintas Struckus' 3 weeks ago
11 19
Хакер0980 Хакер0980
The wolfdog
'The wolfdog' 3 weeks ago
8:58 what song I want to know
Cody B
'Cody B' 3 weeks ago
Thumbnail at 1:23
Lia-Sofyiiah LAKE
'Lia-Sofyiiah LAKE' 3 weeks ago
Lia-Sofyiiah LAKE
'Lia-Sofyiiah LAKE' 3 weeks ago
Lukasz Otremba
'Lukasz Otremba' 3 weeks ago
ukn tjxbfdvasbg wtf!?!,,,
Chase Fowler
'Chase Fowler' 3 weeks ago
2:23 Triggered
pika pika chuuu
'pika pika chuuu' 3 weeks ago
sorry i laughed
Diamond craft Diamond craft
funny catt 0
Diamond craft Diamond craft
cute dog
Graciella Valentine
'Graciella Valentine' 3 weeks ago
5:04 what happens? jijiji
Fatima Gbane
'Fatima Gbane' 3 weeks ago
Everyone needs some alone time
Fatima Gbane
'Fatima Gbane' 3 weeks ago
When even the mic just wants you to stop
Fatima Gbane
'Fatima Gbane' 3 weeks ago
Just tell him where to sign
die die
'die die' 3 weeks ago
'bamanation1977' 3 weeks ago
8:14 what the f$&@ are those
olt haliti
'olt haliti' 3 weeks ago
Evil scorpen
'Evil scorpen' 3 weeks ago
Evil scorpen
'Evil scorpen' 3 weeks ago
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