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Best Fails Vines Compilation | Top Fail Vines May 2016 -
Published: 11 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 11 months ago

37, 740, 154 views

142, 471 Likes   9, 553 Dislikes

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lourdes love alos perros
amo los vines, love vine
jeuj3ij wn2n2
'jeuj3ij wn2n2' 3 days ago
(• _ •)
'DuckLucky' 3 days ago
What is the song at 0:03
sylvia chan
'sylvia chan' 3 days ago
Shadow the Knight
'Shadow the Knight' 3 days ago
Red dot on target aim and firer!!!!
ftvxi brown
'ftvxi brown' 4 days ago
it tu 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹💀💀💀💀💀😱😱😱😱😱😱👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😬😬😬😬
John Salas
'John Salas' 4 days ago
love that video
Rauleac Mircea
'Rauleac Mircea' 4 days ago
Vw Filme I și II va fi de folos și eu o întrebare pentru a tine cont cont de faptul ca faptul faptul ca faptul faptul ca faptul faptul ca am nu a 🤑🤓😪😈🤓😏
Clair Romero
'Clair Romero' 5 days ago
$100 amazon giveaway going on now! YouTube search, 4ba6d225ab
homie cat
'homie cat' 6 days ago
at 3.95 i feel bad 4 him
Mufasas Tube
'Mufasas Tube' 6 days ago
Natasha Puerto
'Natasha Puerto' 7 days ago
Zlatina Georgiev
'Zlatina Georgiev' 1 week ago
(_") ( (----- / /
Sim M.
'Sim M.' 1 week ago
i'm happy in watch the video
Pokrova Pokrova
'Pokrova Pokrova' 1 week ago
Djamila Jalmin
'Djamila Jalmin' 1 week ago
Kenjafius Mazyck
'Kenjafius Mazyck' 1 week ago
not fucking funny😠😠😠😠😠😠😈😈😈😈😼💀👽
Ava Hendrickson
'Ava Hendrickson' 1 week ago
1000 subs no vids?
dat thumbnail though
Vishal Singh
'Vishal Singh' 1 week ago
veri nice
Angel Gutierrez
'Angel Gutierrez' 1 week ago
its a funny video but the "when you" ones are getting annoying pretty fast
Gerson Gomez
'Gerson Gomez' 2 weeks ago
The White Light ninja
*When* *Your* *Parents* *Come* *home* *but* *you* *havent* *done* *your* *chores* *yet* F*** this s*it I'm,out mmhmmm I don't know what happened but ima pack my stuff and leave
Del Brown
'Del Brown' 2 weeks ago
Del Brown
'Del Brown' 2 weeks ago
Del Brown
'Del Brown' 2 weeks ago
Del Brown
'Del Brown' 2 weeks ago
Del Brown
'Del Brown' 2 weeks ago
memiarz tenczowy
'memiarz tenczowy' 2 weeks ago
GTA Kids City, Ey ey ey Wasted :P
Myckel YT
'Myckel YT' 2 weeks ago
gg la video
Real American Hero
'Real American Hero' 2 weeks ago
I used to be proud to own this channel!
TheVamp :3
'TheVamp :3' 2 weeks ago
1:48 song ???? plc
Gustia Silvi
'Gustia Silvi' 2 weeks ago
sooooooo Funny and lazy two
Jose Mendez
'Jose Mendez' 2 weeks ago
I I subscribe
joseph simpson
'joseph simpson' 2 weeks ago
- - ( _ ) 😭😭😭😭😭
'UnicornReacts' 2 weeks ago
Reply if you laughed
Oliwier Biedroń
'Oliwier Biedroń' 2 weeks ago
* * ___
'Alx DMJ' 2 weeks ago
Александър 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💏👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
izzy daze
'izzy daze' 2 weeks ago
7:01 mum:did you finish all your food baby kid:yeah mum:you don't mind if i go check the bin man:RUN kid:AHHHHHH
izzy daze
'izzy daze' 2 weeks ago
at 4:26 this is my fav vine like if you feel the same way
Mischa Blair
'Mischa Blair' 2 weeks ago
The ones involving children or animals getting hurt is not funny or original.
Jay C
'Jay C' 3 weeks ago
'FRANBOX 342' 3 weeks ago
× × ___
'KING DRY 505' 3 weeks ago
jack sparrow
'jack sparrow' 3 weeks ago
at 1:05 kids first accident
Noah Basset-Rouge
'Noah Basset-Rouge' 3 weeks ago
fukin great
Pikachu Legend 101
'Pikachu Legend 101' 3 weeks ago
The girl that went trick-or-treating really had an attitude with that grim Reaper costume
Laura Kudrlic
'Laura Kudrlic' 3 weeks ago
'dmh52381' 3 weeks ago
Suck these nuts
'Suck these nuts' 3 weeks ago
2:26 when your gf hits you with the words "but his dick is bigger and he's more good looking"😂😂
Basharat Mufti
'Basharat Mufti' 3 weeks ago
me and my mom filled our mouth full of water and we both failed because we laughed at it
'Almix' 3 weeks ago
я от ЯнГо
Eliza M
'Eliza M' 3 weeks ago
This army fandom is a fail too...😂😂.. they are so toxic..
Tuumk T.
'Tuumk T.' 4 weeks ago
гайгүй өнгөрсөн бол ямалаа
'RaceDriverGamingTV' 4 weeks ago
'rifxxx' 4 weeks ago
Patricia Queiroz
'Patricia Queiroz' 4 weeks ago
Sloth_Cat Bros
'Sloth_Cat Bros' 4 weeks ago
The one at 1:24 makes me laugh every time
Ivan Antonov
'Ivan Antonov' 4 weeks ago
ReyGamesTM [El Gamer Gatuno]
Erica Chandler
'Erica Chandler' 4 weeks ago
Blow. I only call you when is half past five. Stingerbee. What are you singing the hills you cra cra Blues. What the crap Auto. Hi stingerbee I gotta go potty. Blow blues stingerbee laughing Auto. Crap
Tiffany Crumble
'Tiffany Crumble' 1 month ago
infiniteskies 2017
'infiniteskies 2017' 1 month ago
at 00:38 i heard his neck crack
yuri valdez
'yuri valdez' 1 month ago
Loop ,
Gracielle Rodrigues
'Gracielle Rodrigues' 1 month ago
Sabeion Bolton
'Sabeion Bolton' 1 month ago
don't talk about my team new york jets bitch
Ceda Mijokovic
'Ceda Mijokovic' 1 month ago
Haris Haxxx
'Haris Haxxx' 1 month ago
Did not laugh at all..
SLyZ Ender
'SLyZ Ender' 1 month ago
Love it
Liv i Madie
'Liv i Madie' 1 month ago
¶°} <{}} ;÷®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®¢¥€£¿¿~~¿~¿~¿¿¿¿¿¿¡¡¡!? ¿¡45+
Khoa Dang
'Khoa Dang' 1 month ago
Tcydd.6%%>€ ,.s.swdf
Matthew Cruz
'Matthew Cruz' 1 month ago
7:57 she was like your going in the damn pool and the cats reaction was like I don't think so bitch your baby ass is going in *cat runs off* CAT: Bye bitch hope u had a nice swim
Geometry Dash TommyTom
what is the name of the song on the first vine
'George022X_GR' 1 month ago
what's is the name of the music at 2:11 ??
Mr.G3 ngar3009
'Mr.G3 ngar3009' 1 month ago
Gta (vercion kids) 1:03
Abnormal Penguin
'Abnormal Penguin' 1 month ago
2:55 aint that Dudley
Emily Barva
'Emily Barva' 1 month ago
Oml is that Albertsstuff at 00:07... like if it is
Jumi Ali
'Jumi Ali' 1 month ago
Nail Reda
'Nail Reda' 1 month ago
Peace and love, R.I.P Vines !
María Pagan
'María Pagan' 1 month ago
Thierry Thierry
'Thierry Thierry' 1 month ago
🐷💨💨💨🙊 Shut up
Rishabh Mukherjee
'Rishabh Mukherjee' 1 month ago
no laughs for me,and I felt bad
dona sylvia
'dona sylvia' 1 month ago
bahaya-bahaya hahahaha
thuytrang Vy
'thuytrang Vy' 1 month ago
Sorvetinho Games3321
Just No
'Just No' 1 month ago
8:14 - 8:22 Bruh
Michael Avina
'Michael Avina' 1 month ago
Me on Monday 00:1
'antoska1000' 1 month ago
6:10 is that dog diedededededed? :D
'PFKAxel' 2 months ago
Beast Vine
'Beast Vine' 2 months ago
he make arround 40k $ doing this video BRUH like if u think its to much
Kody W
'Kody W' 2 months ago
The Weiner dog Got me
'Marionette' 2 months ago
song @ 0:01 ?
Мега Прикол
Virgil G
'Virgil G' 2 months ago
Virgil G
'Virgil G' 2 months ago
LOL laugh out loud
'Hyper-X' 2 months ago
Enes Broneer
'Enes Broneer' 2 months ago
Żuber Sad
'Żuber Sad' 2 months ago
0:01 head shot
Naruto Fanboy12
'Naruto Fanboy12' 2 months ago
what the song at 02:09
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