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Meet FouseyTUBE, the Palestinian prankster - BBC Trending -
Published: 4 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 4 years ago

79, 927 views

654 Likes   97 Dislikes

Meet Yousef Saleh Erakat. He has two million subscribers to his YouTube channel FouseyTUBE, and more than 15 million people have watched his most popular video - the Yoga Pants Prank.

More on Yousef Saleh Erakat's rise to fame on the BBC Trending blog

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Mumin Ali
'Mumin Ali' 9 months ago
'FootballVFX' 1 year ago
wtf did I just watch?
SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB
*Can BBC make one fucking interview where they don't have the ethnicity of the person in question plastered all over the video?*
pep inyostep
'pep inyostep' 2 years ago
Leafy destroyed this nigga
'ridizzle189' 2 years ago
Yeah but are any of these pranks/experiments actually real, or are they all fake? Probably all fake.
Richard Prohaska
'Richard Prohaska' 2 years ago
he is an islamist!
Nayim .A
'Nayim .A' 2 years ago
He not Palestinians. He Half Pakistan and Arab.
James Ross
'James Ross' 2 years ago
Palestine isn't a real place. Do you mean Gaza, or Israel's west bank? It's disputed territory.
Javier Erebus
'Javier Erebus' 2 years ago
Fousey is fake
Gaming Channel
'Gaming Channel' 2 years ago
Fouseytube pranks are fake
Gaming Channel
'Gaming Channel' 2 years ago
Fouseytube pranks are fake
Jhon Mclovin
'Jhon Mclovin' 2 years ago
I swear Muslim are 100% better than any Christian and Catholic. I am Christian there is no truth in Christianity. America is the real killer not Muslim. Everything get blamed on Muslim it is easy they cannot say anything if they do than everyone accuse them of being terrorist.
'★ULTRAZ ENT★' 2 years ago
Oh great another cancerous youtuber smh
'BROZO' 2 years ago
Unsub because he palestine
Mike Oxlong
'Mike Oxlong' 2 years ago
this guy does his eyebrows. enough said.
'ItssAlexander' 2 years ago
yousef is from Arabia
'PardonMeIFarted' 3 years ago
any bruh bruh tubians?
'bensum9111' 3 years ago
He's not Palestinian. He's more American than I am.
'EarthUnity' 3 years ago
He would never have a million subscribers if his channel was YousefTube.
awees yare
'awees yare' 3 years ago
Faith Simon
'Faith Simon' 3 years ago
Haha they pronounced his name wrong at the beginning. Love you tho.
Hannibal Lector
'Hannibal Lector' 3 years ago
i didnt know he was palestinian :) i respect him even more now
عبدالله القرني
اسال الله ان يريك عجائب قدرته
عبدالله القرني
اسال الله ان يريك عجائب قدرته
'rubz794' 3 years ago
lol 'fowzee tube'
jack son
'jack son' 3 years ago
DOSE OF FOUSEYYYYY!!!! Wow i didnt know pple were so negative about it at the beginning!! LOOK AT IT NOW HATERSSS!! haha
'2.7 BRKSQD' 3 years ago
Looooool Fouseytube reached fame because of Leggin butt prank Wow
Dana Whitestein
'Dana Whitestein' 3 years ago
Are you guys sure he is Palestinian ? He acts like a narcissist arrogant douchebagg to be honest. Could easily pulled of as a zio-jew really.
Radioactive Toxic
'Radioactive Toxic' 3 years ago
fucking shit!
'Voytek' 3 years ago
Dave Disci Vlogs
'Dave Disci Vlogs' 3 years ago
I like this video! I upload videos on my channel weekly ! If you didn't know :). Thumbs up if you're leaning on your left hand.
Fatima Wardak
'Fatima Wardak' 3 years ago
So Proud❤
'aw786PlaysGames' 3 years ago
British People (Or at least that narrator at 0:43) - Foozychube
'DOSEofBOLLYWOOD' 3 years ago
Bruhh u real af
Aaron Aguirre
'Aaron Aguirre' 4 years ago
I love this guy. He's real... i like people who says "imma do me and eff y'all". So yeah... I'm a Fousey fan. Fuck it.
Roi Levin
'Roi Levin' 4 years ago
Alon Cohen
'Alon Cohen' 4 years ago
Nice bubble butt bro.
Rashid Ibrahim
'Rashid Ibrahim' 4 years ago
BBC - Booty Butt Cheeks
'fleiva30' 4 years ago
Britain is full of muslims
fred wal
'fred wal' 4 years ago
acceptable Palestinian NEWS for the BBC?!!!!!, hahahah because nothing else happens to Palestinians in Beebworld
Helen Kap
'Helen Kap' 4 years ago
I may not agree with everything he does, but Yousef keeps it real and I have a lot of respect for that. 
BBC News
'BBC News' 4 years ago
This is a very cool video made by our friends from BBC Trending. Check their channel out for more.
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