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Catfish and the Bottlemen - 7 (Vevo Presents) -
Published: 12 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 12 months ago

59, 926 views

1, 367 Likes   30 Dislikes

Catfish and the Bottlemen - 7 (Vevo Presents)

Average Human Bean
'Average Human Bean' 3 months ago
I just missed a local show of theirs and I'm so angry I did 😭
Angelica Rzaeva
'Angelica Rzaeva' 5 months ago
i bet they're gonna be big in next few years
Amanda P.
'Amanda P.' 6 months ago
Definitely the best performance of 7
'TheCrazyGurl7713' 7 months ago
anyone who's seen them live knows van is not meant to be confined to a chair while performing
'TheCrazyGurl7713' 7 months ago
they legit played all of my favourite songs at this session
Paul Johnson
'Paul Johnson' 9 months ago
Chorus addicting
Lady Annamaria
'Lady Annamaria' 10 months ago
Alexis Hawks
'Alexis Hawks' 11 months ago
bless these videos
'Force' 11 months ago
Песня вроде норм но мне не очень понравилась
'Acquiesce1999' 11 months ago
I don't understand why you haven't uploaded "Outside" but you do upload every other song that has been played and heard acoustic a million times, yet "Outside" has never been played acoustic before and filmed? You would get so many view from it. Just fucking upload it PLEASE
noemi jimenez
'noemi jimenez' 12 months ago
Wish I can meet them there gonna be something
noemi jimenez
'noemi jimenez' 12 months ago
Love this group
stay alive
'stay alive' 12 months ago
these are tears of joy
Kevin Lopez
'Kevin Lopez' 12 months ago
good :D
'CEWIIH' 12 months ago
It took them long enough but finally! a really good song by Catfish and the Bottlemen! :)
Re Abaroa
'Re Abaroa' 12 months ago
'mariah' 12 months ago
Love them so much . Best concert I've ever been too
Антон Стариков
'Vercoda' 12 months ago
Awesome voice!!
Mohaiman AK
'Mohaiman AK' 12 months ago
'검이' 12 months ago
락을 즐겨봐ㅎㅎ
Andi Achelya Febrianti
'Andi Achelya Febrianti' 12 months ago
im obsessed with this song
van mccann is a rat
'van mccann is a rat' 12 months ago
eyes shut
'eyes shut' 12 months ago
<3 <3
Lyndsey Gunnulfsen
'Lyndsey Gunnulfsen' 12 months ago
Woah what's w the dislikes? People are hating catfish bc they cancelled their gig. Y'all need to chill for a bit :(
Yasmin Pereira
'Yasmin Pereira' 12 months ago
Valentina Videtta
'Valentina Videtta' 12 months ago
Can't wait to see them in Lollapalooza Argentina!!
Emily Valdivia
'Emily Valdivia' 12 months ago
I'm so emotional
Ashley Grace
'Ashley Grace' 12 months ago
I just got so excited
'Magelis' 12 months ago
great song
JanaBeliectioner#1 Sosic
Fer Vigevani Pambisita
'Fer Vigevani Pambisita' 12 months ago
*Beautiful Song* ❤
Damian Gonzalez
'Damian Gonzalez' 12 months ago
my favorite song without a doubt
Lidia Ferreira
'Lidia Ferreira' 12 months ago
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