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This Arctic Doomsday Bunker Holds The Keys To Survival: Seeds -
Published: 2 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Satellite imagery reveals a doomsday bunker hidden within the remote landscape of the Arctic circle.
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Mc iFat
'Mc iFat' 2 weeks ago
So most die and there’s a few left on earth. How do they open the vault? It’s pointless.
Raymond WIlson
'Raymond WIlson' 2 weeks ago
This nonsense cost you a subscription. Climate change was the top driver for creating the seed vault.
biggest dickus
'biggest dickus' 2 weeks ago
After they kill us all from the modified weather and ww3 the New World Order will step in and seed the the Earth #the earth us flat
Mercedes Mass
'Mercedes Mass' 3 weeks ago
Oh My...!
Yasuma Heri
'Yasuma Heri' 3 weeks ago
this is not a new information for me, i heard this place long time ago. and this place used to store human DNA and other creature, and rumor said it's not only human and animal but something else to
Stephen King
'Stephen King' 1 month ago
I will sacrifice myself an stay at the vault during the nuclear haulocost with 70-150 virgins. Together we will sacrifice everything 2 repopulate the earth.
Eouz Cuemarz
'Eouz Cuemarz' 1 month ago
So better not to start a war that will lead to a nuclear holocaust. Disband NATO! lol
GD Joflin
'GD Joflin' 1 month ago
These guys overhype the tiniest things waaaay too much. So what if you see a building in the snow?
CrimsonDAGA9 Drakenhart
What if they name it Vault 111 ?
'cattigereyes1' 1 month ago
This facility keeps records of plants in case of extinction and to persevere for future.
e harris
'e harris' 1 month ago
It said just find the bunker, so if you find it is the key just lying around or the door unlocked or they leave the light on for you????
Sultan Faiq
'Sultan Faiq' 2 months ago
why am I just thinkin' about the gunrunning dlc on the gta online??😕
'H C' 2 months ago
"investigates the image"? cmon, dont be history channel.... please dont be history channel
Oboy 23
'Oboy 23' 2 months ago
If it ever happens I hope they don't eat the seeds from hunger .
Pat Byrne
'Pat Byrne' 2 months ago
Is there room for all non trump worshipers in there? We’ll need it when he gets the country destroyed by North Korea
shubham shrivas
'shubham shrivas' 2 months ago
Good work...future minds
Hayyan Sheikh
'Hayyan Sheikh' 2 months ago
Mind , subscribing back!
Kraydo Wyno
'Kraydo Wyno' 2 months ago
wait does this means the pyraminds are actually ancient bunkers? they are made on a surface that is basically immune to earthquakes and i once heard the theory that they were made to store seeds and grains. just a thought
yash ram
'yash ram' 2 months ago
Holy shit we are getting nuked !
'Explorer' 2 months ago
fining the bunker will not be easyer.
Satyam Das
'Satyam Das' 2 months ago
I know this since years. It's not a new thing for me.
'Turrican60' 2 months ago
"All they have to do is find the bunker"....well, yes, providing they have all the necessary clothing, equipment and transport to hand in order to actually reach the Arctic Circle....only to then realise that they now have to find suitable, non-contaminated, fertile land on which to propogate the seeds. Sounds simple least on paper.
fenton bevan
'fenton bevan' 2 months ago
bill gates, the man who is heavily funding gmo, geoengineering & genocide in third world countries, is a big player in the seed bank. nothing to worry about then. #we are f😱cked. #takeitoffhimffs. #byebyenature.
Extreme Prejudice
'Extreme Prejudice' 2 months ago
So if the few survivors were local citizens of say, for example, australian, how exactly are they going to find a "key" for this bunker entrance that can withstand a nuclear explosion? :think_face:
Kin Enriquez
'Kin Enriquez' 2 months ago
Whats with the pathetic attempt for mystery? Everyone knows what it is already.
Anthony C.
'Anthony C.' 2 months ago
My doomsday bunker has has private living quarters, a metal detector at the entrance and a desk assistant. I also go there to start my doomsday heists.
Shmee shmoo :3 Memez
'Shmee shmoo :3 Memez' 2 months ago
If you wonder what it is then just go there in real life
Left anti pc
'Left anti pc' 2 months ago
Nuke that place just making sure the job is complete.
'Genericdruid' 2 months ago
it flooded lat year.
Alexandre Lee
'Alexandre Lee' 2 months ago
Vault 101?
Albert Borràs Pons
'Albert Borràs Pons' 2 months ago
Wow, I wonder how much time and how many professionals it took to discover such a mistery. How lucky we got that satellite, otherwise this would remain unsolved for thousands of years.
P Bebnowski
'P Bebnowski' 2 months ago
You guys better have saved some good kush seeds for the future!
Mike Cheeseman
'Mike Cheeseman' 2 months ago
Yet governments of the world are well aware of mankind's fragility upon our planet but seem totally incapable of doing anything except wreak destruction upon each other for what at the end of the day seems crazy and cruel beyond.
'CL's Sales' 2 months ago
15K nukes and we've detonated about 3K w/o any issues at all. Go figure. Seed vault at that level is near pointless it would take years to just grow the seeds to plant for food.
Big Bang
'Big Bang' 2 months ago
Emergency food / seed storage facility for our future survival in case of nuclear war or any large scale natural calamity.
'ScarHead777' 2 months ago
The first minute of the video demonstrates exactly why I haven't watched TV in 5+ years. The delivery makes me nauseous. Spinning a well know fact to sound like a previously unknown creepy conspiracy (again, still talking about 1st minute).
Theresa Greech
'Theresa Greech' 2 months ago
Even if they find it, how will they unlock it?
'BioCyberNaught' 2 months ago
I've knowen about this vault for years. "Science" channel is fake.
'NicimakiClips' 2 months ago
'samukalel' 2 months ago
Veritasium made a video about this almost 2 years ago, it has 2M+ views, as well as many other science channels. This aura of mystery was unnecessary and stupid.
'rodibremo' 2 months ago
Stupid video...
Rifky Zaidani
'Rifky Zaidani' 2 months ago
I hope war is not happen
'chargersfan1111' 2 months ago
This was a garbage and over dramatic video
Cole McWilliams
'Cole McWilliams' 2 months ago
Why are they acting like this is new information, I mean recently because of global warming the vault actually flooded and destroyed a large amount of the seeds stored.
'TheReaper9520' 2 months ago
"more polar bears than people" not for long
Virginia Slim
'Virginia Slim' 2 months ago
Lol its on Google maps
Grey Silverback
'Grey Silverback' 2 months ago
So did they figure out the flooding problem wit the bunker?
Grey Silverback
'Grey Silverback' 2 months ago
Maybe they should build and sell underground condos next door.
'thehALomolov2' 2 months ago
Literally every science channel has covered the seed bunker already...
'Tomatozaphim' 2 months ago
I learned about this from futurama, anyone else?
Ty Sama
'Ty Sama' 2 months ago
Futurama had an episode about this place.
'xLastxKillxHD' 2 months ago
next gta online dlc
'SpectralLit' 2 months ago
They should store dna of all animal and human life too and maybe in a billion years when aliens show up and we are all gone I species can be reawakened in an age of super advanced technology and possibly be more enlightened.
'ApexPredator_' 2 months ago
What this is hardly a mystery. A lot of people know about this. *SIGH* Try again.
'JSUITROD ROL' 2 months ago
Fallout 4
'jimmynerdbomb37' 2 months ago
I didn't know it existed before this vid and I probably don't wanna know what's in that bunker
'Mhty5' 2 months ago
Exact 700th veiw :D
'Mhty5' 2 months ago
'N0TS0SUBTLE' 2 months ago
Try as they might... it was all predicted. You can't run or hide from God. Revelation 6:15-16 "Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!"
knight mare
'knight mare' 2 months ago
The last I heard of this bunker was it leaked and ruined most of the seeds😂. Guess they wasn't expecting the snow to melt and flood it😂.
Richard Fraccaro
'Richard Fraccaro' 2 months ago
About 30 seconds of information about the bunker itself (and very little detail at that), the rest of the time attempting to create suspense through voiceover and graphics. Just what is the point of this video then? Lowering subscriptions?
wil brander
'wil brander' 2 months ago
That's very interesting.
'Durrpadil' 2 months ago
So if it's a seed vault (I skipped ahead), then this bunker is in case of nuclear fallout. Crops will be massively affected and nuclear winter can cause starvation and farming problems at a massive scale. So it has good intentions (And of course that theory was right after continuing ahead). My sci-fi mindset was thinking more along the lines of the RAGE storyline or Fallout... having people at the ready to awaken in case the rest of the world is decimated.
Crazy Rock
'Crazy Rock' 2 months ago
Ghost gameing
'Ghost gameing' 2 months ago
My baby Im Changkyun
'My baby Im Changkyun' 2 months ago
Human Extinction.. WERE DOOMED!! 😂
Them_ Killas
'Them_ Killas' 2 months ago
Doomsday, Bunker sounds familiar??
'RANDO_DP' 2 months ago
6th haha losers
Thug Life
'Thug Life' 2 months ago
Can u give me a gift card😂
robloxian boy
'robloxian boy' 2 months ago
i was here in 50 views lol
Mr Scientific
'Mr Scientific' 2 months ago
Yeah, in case something bad happens then it may help us re-developing life
I am an intellectual person
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'And_peggy' 2 months ago
'ToxicU' 2 months ago
Mas Fais
'Mas Fais' 2 months ago
E first
Henry Dinh
'Henry Dinh' 2 months ago
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