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I Tried The Navy Seal Water Challenge -
Published: 5 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 5 months ago

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Becky now has a challenge for Josh...


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Navy Seals Undergo
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Rayven Renai
'Rayven Renai' 3 hours ago
I can honestly say that I have an entire new outlook on the navy seals. This is dangerous and very difficult drills that they have to do. Imagine having to do this everyday? I would have been drowned.
Nathaniel Prince
'Nathaniel Prince' 8 hours ago
He's got the same name as me
douglas ransom
'douglas ransom' 11 hours ago
I really love how the video and audio quality are outstanding. I also really like that he had made a couple mistakes because that looks really hard to do. I know I would not be able to do it. I applaud you for doing that challenge and almost nailing it perfect.
mikaela cantu
'mikaela cantu' 20 hours ago
I'm watching this because my brother Is leaving for the navy in march
Kevin Li
'Kevin Li' 22 hours ago
Lol these are games at swim practice
'FeelTheRave' 23 hours ago
i like how i was watching my video on bootcamp than looked away now im here hello people
CSS Monkey
'CSS Monkey' 1 day ago
I don't think this is really the real training of navy seals, I think these are very basics to them? like this, this is a WTF basic swim test :D -
Karen Connor
'Karen Connor' 1 day ago
ggggood luck
loane meyer
'loane meyer' 2 days ago
Sweet tunnel carrier DNA readily partnership settle charge atmosphere all.
Maine Archery
'Maine Archery' 2 days ago
Ah 15 ft pool
Darth Maul
'Darth Maul' 3 days ago
Why does he look like Shia Lubbuf?
George P.
'George P.' 3 days ago
He is good, but he didn't do it simultaneously like in real SEAL's test. He was taking time-outs.
0:38 I'm an Aquarius too! The thing about it, is the 'water bearer' or the Aquarius, were classified as an air sign, my friends an Aquarius too and she can't swim at all. I like just chilling at the bottom of the pool lol.
'smileyface' 4 days ago
I always get water in my nose when I do flips. So painful X(
'RogueIRL' 4 days ago
I "dolphin swim" all the time except I breach. (no I am not kidding, I really breach)
Dylan Edwards
'Dylan Edwards' 4 days ago
That bad guy sounds like Joe rogan
Vollystri MKII
'Vollystri MKII' 5 days ago
becky is a living onahole
Ashmin Gill
'Ashmin Gill' 5 days ago
this is where respect for swimmers comes. I know how hard it is because im a swimmer and training to be a lifeguard.
Askim Yurtoglu
'Askim Yurtoglu' 5 days ago
Karoeke türküler
Corey Boe
'Corey Boe' 5 days ago
Bruh I can drown in a baby pool
floating is easy just dont panic😊
texmike 817
'texmike 817' 6 days ago
These navy seals tho!!! They’re the real deal!!! Holy sh*******t!
Minecraft Man
'Minecraft Man' 6 days ago
Float on water is easy just lay on your back bruh
'leonstanable' 6 days ago
Bro any swimmer can do this extremely easily... maybe the floating part can be a bit tricky if you don’t know how to properly control your breath but that’s unlikely
Kyle Adams
'Kyle Adams' 7 days ago
That's the SOCOM Screener. Get your facts right. SEALS are not the only to do this. Any job in any branch that utilizes combat diving capabilities uses this. And by the way, you do this in a 15 foot pool.
J. A. E.
'J. A. E.' 1 week ago
So freaking easy. You would literally need to tie me up AND tie a weight to me and then MAYBE I would drown after an hour or so
'Washington' 1 week ago
That’s a forward summersault?
Do you know da Wae?
For me this stuff is easy.... So much dramatization 😂
Joshua Lewis
'Joshua Lewis' 1 week ago
D dub
'D dub' 1 week ago
Anyone else think Josh kinda looks like Jake Gyllenhaal?
John Dahrup
'John Dahrup' 1 week ago
I mean iam a svimmer at high level so it is normal but the one with the gopro is relly complicated
Zane Bedawi
'Zane Bedawi' 1 week ago
3:23 JESUS I had my headphones at high volume earrape
l McCabe
'l McCabe' 1 week ago
That’s easy
Kristina Blocher
'Kristina Blocher' 1 week ago
I think having your hands and feet bound adds significantly to the panic because you can’t just catch yourself or stop without going under.
'KIM SHIN' 1 week ago
0:40 Why do I feel like this is a revenge challenge ??😂😂😂
Jump Broz
'Jump Broz' 1 week ago
I would beef scared and panic
dollhouse lauren
'dollhouse lauren' 1 week ago
I'm 13 and I can do like half of these 😂
James Denoia
'James Denoia' 1 week ago
I wanna try this now
Bailey Sandholdt
'Bailey Sandholdt' 1 week ago
My teacher was in the navy seals
Joe Bywater
'Joe Bywater' 1 week ago
Hmmm think the SAS/SBS are the ultimate badasses.... Good effort tho
Yazz Ly
'Yazz Ly' 1 week ago
Aquarius is an air sign for god sake 😂😂😂
Tana Mongoose
'Tana Mongoose' 1 week ago
When living on an island surrounded by water you have to know this kine stuff
Youlose17466 Matheny
When I looked at the thumbnail I thought that guy was will smith
Ammar Abas
'Ammar Abas' 1 week ago
The thumbnail looks like you were bleeding
Lakendra Watson
'Lakendra Watson' 1 week ago
i love your vids
Beans Dnsnsdbb
'Beans Dnsnsdbb' 1 week ago
This made we wanna join the navy seals
soniel Lund
'soniel Lund' 1 week ago
Marine core is better than Navy in my opinion
Kimberly Ransom
'Kimberly Ransom' 1 week ago
I really enjoyed this video the audio and video quality is amazing. I really like that this can be used as a training video it was so good.
hank the handkerchief
That girl is ugly as hell
D Ireland
'D Ireland' 1 week ago
hes fucking hot
Vetle Baumeyer
'Vetle Baumeyer' 1 week ago
Why was the clip of alden mills so awkwardly cut, like it was pieced together, wtf :I
Rebel Channel Without a Cause
Aquariuses are air signs, not water signs. You are the "water bearer" which is totally different from being a water sign . I see this misconception constantly. Water represents knowledge in astrology therefore Aquariuses are seen as putting for knowledge to the masses.
Tre Nau
'Tre Nau' 2 weeks ago
The ultimate mate try SAS😂
'xMrBlitsX' 2 weeks ago
thwy arnt badassess sasr is
Operator Delta18
'Operator Delta18' 2 weeks ago
Step 1:  Do the Navy Seal challenge.  Step 2:  Become a Navy Seal. Step 3:  Move to Hollywood and sign a movie deal.
This is Everything Apple
Nice job
Sean B
'Sean B' 2 weeks ago
The moment when you are grateful for that extra body fat is when you float so easily it’s like lying down on the ground.
Maci Fetrow
'Maci Fetrow' 2 weeks ago
I would die from drowning 😂😂
freddy guevara
'freddy guevara' 2 weeks ago
He does all this test with out being tide up navy seals are tide up from hands n feet so that messes u up mentally something his not feeling right durimg the test
MR Weedle
'MR Weedle' 2 weeks ago
Who else realized that they were in a public pool
HyDe Clan
'HyDe Clan' 2 weeks ago
So he has to do this and the woman has to stay in an elevator for 30 minutes... wtf where’s the gender equality
Braden lmao
'Braden lmao' 2 weeks ago
there is no way this girl isnt wearing a wig.
James Stafford
'James Stafford' 2 weeks ago
What about the sas
Games for life
'Games for life' 2 weeks ago
How to be the Best Read more
'D W' 2 weeks ago
If you want a challenge, enlist. These Hollywood people that work on a single aspect of military action are completely out of sync in what it takes to survive a combat situation. But hell, they look great! No, seriously, y'all look great. Useless, but sexy as a m'therf'ck.
Ben Hong
'Ben Hong' 2 weeks ago
Lol i can do this and im 11yr old (regional swimming champ)
Samuel Cid Sänneskog
rofl im 15 and did this
NAMES Durrington
'NAMES Durrington' 2 weeks ago
'CyanSparkleMan2' 2 weeks ago
Joshua: *makes BECKEY stay in an elevator for 30 minutes* Me: tf BECKEY so scared? BECKEY: *makes Joshua do the navy seal water challenge* Me: WHAT? BECKEY WHY DONT YOU DO IT AND COMPARE IT TO THE ELEVATOR
'daniellaa' 2 weeks ago
lmao all these "im a 2 year old competitive swimmer and I can do this blindfolded and in my sleep!1!2!2!1!" comments are so annoying. like,, good for you ig ?? idk that much about being a navy seal but you probably have to do it under extremely difficult conditions with heavy gear, extremely cold water, in the dark, being attacked, etc., not in a swimming pool with an swimming teacher telling you what to do
Harry Jameson Potter
Wanna see a magic trick? *Read more*
'TaRiK' 2 weeks ago
spetsnaz traning bro
'Zacharias' 2 weeks ago
Navy Seal water challenge versus being in an elevator lmao
Goggo Ruben
'Goggo Ruben' 2 weeks ago
We have this challage in Finland for 14 yerolds It's esay
'JO KEEE JO' 2 weeks ago
kol 5ara
'kol 5ara' 2 weeks ago
I'm an amateur swimmer and I can do all of these...
you tuber 101 auz
'you tuber 101 auz' 2 weeks ago
What is her hair
'ÝØŮÑĞ Ğ.00' 2 weeks ago
Umm i do this in my swimming lessons there easy wtf just not the last one we use our hands not our mouth
Chi Chi
'Chi Chi' 2 weeks ago
I was like floating on your back for 5mins?? Pssssh Easy! And then she says if people have lower body fat, it's kinda tricky to float. Right that makes sense now 😂😂
that one guy
'that one guy' 2 weeks ago
I read a memoir of a navy seal and the minute I saw the title I said RIP
'TwiCaCaX' 2 weeks ago
fucking comment sesh cancerous as hell hahahah guys just enjoy the video
'Dāsh' 2 weeks ago
disrespectful to navy seals
Neve Blumenthal
'Neve Blumenthal' 2 weeks ago
I can do all of these. But I'm a swimmer so...
'carrot' 2 weeks ago
I can’t even do that in a kiddie pool
Popa Radu
'Popa Radu' 2 weeks ago
tri quan huynh
'tri quan huynh' 2 weeks ago
Becky lemme smeassh
m. katerina
'm. katerina' 2 weeks ago
“im an aquarius...” ME
'MukiMan' 2 weeks ago
I am 14 years old and I do this almost everyday
Francis King
'Francis King' 2 weeks ago
Not taking away from SEAL training. But. This probably the easiest. It's all about relaxing
Kobe Aerts
'Kobe Aerts' 2 weeks ago
You distribute piece aware hug confront stair human economics surprise adjustment.
Allan Ha
'Allan Ha' 2 weeks ago
where is the 50m underwater test
Ace Kranium007
'Ace Kranium007' 2 weeks ago
Can do this in my sleep
Donny Kurniawan
'Donny Kurniawan' 2 weeks ago
Dolphin swim sound like shooting star meme
aesthetically_ why_not
An AQUARIUS is a AIR zodiac sign (lol)
Angel Savior
'Angel Savior' 2 weeks ago
Aquarius is an air sign, not water.
Trill Gaby
'Trill Gaby' 2 weeks ago
Do the peoplr who do these pay buzzfeed to try these challenges out ?
Miguel V
'Miguel V' 2 weeks ago
Delta Force is the Elite.
Nathan Favela
'Nathan Favela' 2 weeks ago
He has to train the same as a navy seal and all she had to do was sit in an elevator
Mike Ibarra
'Mike Ibarra' 2 weeks ago
This is a lot harder than it looks.
Just a random asian guy trying to get by in life
Lmao I thought he was throwing up blood in the thumbnail
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