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I Tried The Navy Seal Water Challenge -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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Becky now has a challenge for Josh...


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Camera Illustration
By iVnyk/Getty Images
Underwater Background
By Kolonko /Getty Images
Fitness Man
By Kittisak Taramas/Getty Images
Seal Team Six
MILpictures By Tom Weber/Getty Images
Navy Seals Undergo
Contributor Joe McNally /Getty Images
Drown-Proofing Harrowing
Contributor Richard Schoenberg/Getty Images

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used by Permission

Nathaniel Kweku
Linda Barsi
Evan Weinstein

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Luke Yin
'Luke Yin' 4 hours ago
One of my realitives were are army men ...
Jacob James
'Jacob James' 5 hours ago
I almost drowned in my pool for doing 5 backflips in a row
Noah Rei Pascual
'Noah Rei Pascual' 18 hours ago
dont say bad words you fart face
Mr Hip-Hop
'Mr Hip-Hop' 19 hours ago
'SiTnQuit' 20 hours ago
shave your fucking armpits
I drown on the baby pool
'tubefreakmuva' 2 days ago
Aquarius is wind element, not water. An Aquarian is the water BEARER. Cool vid.
Matthew Orbi Kicks
this is nothing for swimmers
Quokka Lover
'Quokka Lover' 2 days ago
We do that dolphin kick thing in swim
Michael Peterson
'Michael Peterson' 2 days ago
So he's training to be a navy colored seal sign me up
mr.mincraft awesomeness
i can't complete this I drown In a kiddie pool
Agent kennedy
'Agent kennedy' 2 days ago
Jalal Zamel
'Jalal Zamel' 3 days ago
i tried them i could do all of them but i didnt get chance to do the last one so im gonna try it next time i swim
Diaster Gaming
'Diaster Gaming' 3 days ago
I'm quite positive I can do THIS test.
Cooper Purrington
'Cooper Purrington' 3 days ago
Im on a swim team and we do thos stuff practically everyday
Terminator RC
'Terminator RC' 3 days ago
In Soviet Russia,The pool swims at you
Izzy G
'Izzy G' 3 days ago
She gets to be in a elavator for 30minutes and he gets to do a possibly deadly challenge... seems far enough
William Wrenn
'William Wrenn' 3 days ago
no wrist or ankle restraints? naw, doesn't count buddy.
Blitzkrieg Toast
'Blitzkrieg Toast' 4 days ago
Kids in the comment " Im a CoMpEtiTive Swimmmer And I CoUld Fukin Do DiS SeAl TrAininGs a JokE"
Bad2thebone gaming
The floating one is easy I can do it without moving and I'm 13....
Cool Brugz
'Cool Brugz' 4 days ago
whenever i go underwater , the water rushes to my nose , even if i exhale , so yah pls any tips?
Ryan Tu
'Ryan Tu' 4 days ago
That’s growth mindset
'TehRackoon' 4 days ago
I grew up in MN the land of 10,000 lakes with a full size pool from age 3. We literally would do this stuff for fun as children and still to this day do. Bobbing 20 times.... Grabbing stuff with our teeth such as the little diver sticks they sell for kids... omg please Navy seals have it way worse in training this is just sad.
My brother is a Marine, can you do a Marine challenge? USMC
'A W I L M O O' 5 days ago
Search denjaka on youtube
Adrienne Raber
'Adrienne Raber' 5 days ago
Omg it kills me that y’all think this is hard I am a 13 year old female competitive swimmer and I swim 20 hours a week some days twice a day, and this is easier than my warmup which on an easy day is at least 3,000 yards. This is baby stuff is what I’m saying so shoutout to all those competive swimmers out there.
Rick Niu
'Rick Niu' 5 days ago
Uhh as someone who has swam for 14 years, this sounds easy af...
Tiffany The Savage Fox Gamer
I drown in a 3 feet pool *-*
Kit Lugawed
'Kit Lugawed' 5 days ago
is it just me, or does the guy look like james vega from mass effect 3?
austin_ _browne
'austin_ _browne' 5 days ago
Tha women’s wig is maddddddddd
Peaking Mantis
'Peaking Mantis' 6 days ago
Do SAS training.
Foot4ll AJ
'Foot4ll AJ' 6 days ago
I know how to do summer salts in water backwards and forwards
Tom Brothwood
'Tom Brothwood' 6 days ago
nope the SAS are the badasses
chrissy Jackson
'chrissy Jackson' 6 days ago
Nope I'll drown lol... I can't swim that well especially in deep ends I'll drown. I understand they teach you but I pray to god they have all the patients in the world lol..
These videos Are terrible
Dude, Aquarius's aren't always good at swimming, water isn't even our element, air is
Amancalled Adam
'Amancalled Adam' 6 days ago
They keep saying he's not allowed to use his feet and then show footage of him using his feet?
'Jasker0895' 6 days ago
That was not even close to a front somersault
'NHPPandal' 6 days ago
I can’t do this because I naturally float. In an eight foot pool it’d be easy but lower then that like I’ve seen some seals do, Id drown
Johann Gomez
'Johann Gomez' 7 days ago
You look at these as a swimmer and think, wait, that’s just undulation drill, wait, they’re all like warmups.
Ammo Remastered
'Ammo Remastered' 7 days ago
Diy Angel
'Diy Angel' 1 week ago
The dolphin swim is like the only thing I do
'DEK' 1 week ago
Anyone find they held their breath through that???😂😂
'Kawaii' 1 week ago
Should have put the buzzfeed feminists to do this cause they think there better then men lol
Adrian Lim
'Adrian Lim' 1 week ago
Its fake
Nathan Baingo
'Nathan Baingo' 1 week ago
Jigsaw all over again
A dank Potato
'A dank Potato' 1 week ago
Is it bad that a lifeguard friend of mine made me do this already lol 😂?
'infinitewhileloop' 1 week ago
Fat floats easier than muscle
'Chris670467' 1 week ago
Just saying, I do competitive swim.. for fun I dive down 11 feet with just dolphin kick, and a swim drill is to to dolphin kick in streamline.....
Sophie Tucker
'Sophie Tucker' 1 week ago
Come try the Navy Seal Water Challenge.... *yOu'Ll fLoaT tOo*
'xur' 1 week ago
Wtf just put your feet up then Ud be fine 3:20
'Maskaid' 1 week ago
This is so easy!
#aritro suprabho
'#aritro suprabho' 1 week ago
Did you say navy seals are the ultimate badasses? Ever heard of SAS?
'AnwarS' 1 week ago
Is this a navy challenge? Seems not too difficult.
Faze Shadow
'Faze Shadow' 1 week ago
At 3. Through 40 he was holding his breath so much
Jose Jaime
'Jose Jaime' 1 week ago
he is born in February if he is an Aquarius
# Inventions
'# Inventions' 2 weeks ago
This is a training I wouldn't have passed, but spetznaz training is way harder
john kapanowski
'john kapanowski' 2 weeks ago
I mean i think i might be able to do this, but im too lazy, and id quit before even starting :)
'Marshmelo' 2 weeks ago
I got exhausted watching him get exhausted lmao
Chandan Reddy
'Chandan Reddy' 2 weeks ago
When your dad wants to name you Niel but your mom wants to name you Nathan
'phxlink' 2 weeks ago
I would much rather *drown myself* then be *in an elevator for half an hour*
Lit Fam Nation
'Lit Fam Nation' 2 weeks ago
I drowned before then i came back to life 6 days later now im stuck underground and my battery is dying
KimPlayz -Roblox & More
"The thing is if you have lower body fat it's harder to float" Oh OH I have a lot of body fat I could imagine myself as a pool floatie
Yoongi’s Secret admirer
Me: looks easy Also me: I can’t swim though Consciousness: what happens if you pass out or something Mom: eat more , you skinny chopstick Dad: I hate swimming Brother: .... I don’t have one Sister: ..... I don’t have one
silentblackout _
'silentblackout _' 2 weeks ago
Navy seals are the ultimate Bad asses 😂 hasn't heard of the SAS then.
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 2 weeks ago
Actually fat floats you moron!
Bluemoon Wolf
'Bluemoon Wolf' 2 weeks ago
I know how to swim and float but this I'll be drowning already in 5 sec
Emily Penney
'Emily Penney' 2 weeks ago
We did the dolphin kick exercise in swim practice
phoenix lentz
'phoenix lentz' 2 weeks ago
"I know you guys were concerned when i couldnt keep balance" for that egotistical comment i hope you inhale large ammounts of water until your dead.
4:52 any one else think he was gonna hit his head?
Isabelle Carr
'Isabelle Carr' 2 weeks ago
Feedback dynamics far build drain attraction potentially occupation slice its.
I am s competitive swimmer.... these tests aren’t really that hard
Corey Zalazinski
'Corey Zalazinski' 2 weeks ago
Yes it is Nintendo Switch lol
David Nguyen
'David Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
I can float after 3 days
Shotdart47 Rock
'Shotdart47 Rock' 2 weeks ago
My papa was a navy seal and he had to tread water for 2 hours
Ragin Pooh
'Ragin Pooh' 2 weeks ago
You can tell he's not comfortable in water. Seriously though. Tie his hands and feet.
Carlos Cervantes
'Carlos Cervantes' 2 weeks ago
The low body fat is actually a lie i have from last time i checked 6% body fat yes i know im a skinny fuk and im one of the best in the water from my platoon
Jeremy C
'Jeremy C' 2 weeks ago
Who else is in LOVE with Joshua??
'Clayton' 2 weeks ago
4:49 Nice, now the video isn't family friendly.
Jeremiah Martinez/JM Gaming
Aww c'mon I thought they would duck tape his hands or handcuff em or something...
Smokey Blueberry
'Smokey Blueberry' 2 weeks ago
The dolphin one I do all the time
Sophia Jones
'Sophia Jones' 2 weeks ago
Wtf is wrong with becky's hair 😐
'SnipeYouFromMars' 2 weeks ago
He cheated lol he used his legs. Thats why they cut off his legs in the shot....
Mr Awesome
'Mr Awesome' 2 weeks ago
Watch and learn Read more
Paula Atkins
'Paula Atkins' 2 weeks ago
Why is it so hard for everyone else to float on their back. I could fall asleep floating on my back.
Osvaldo Ah
'Osvaldo Ah' 2 weeks ago
I can't even swim
ThAt GuY
'ThAt GuY' 2 weeks ago
I cant swim
Bradley Kleist
'Bradley Kleist' 3 weeks ago
The seals do this after having gone a long time with little sleep and partaking in hard core PC. Crazy people.
'Hypergamer335' 3 weeks ago
Marine Corpse for life
Sarah the Llamacorn Gamer
Z3llazz 12
'Z3llazz 12' 3 weeks ago
Marines are the ultimate badasses not navy seals
Camen or Cameron B
'Camen or Cameron B' 3 weeks ago
The moment I enter a pool I sink
Edd Kool
'Edd Kool' 3 weeks ago
'Sonicmasterxyz' 3 weeks ago
That's so cool... But as a 280 pound person past the prime age, I doubt I could do that.
Crystal Romero Lopez
Navy seals watching this like Ha piece of cake
Alfonso González  Rodríguez
Dude thats what i do when i get bored in the swimming pool
Ayoub Mouzory
'Ayoub Mouzory' 3 weeks ago
Becky kind of looks like Kate from mr Kate
'PineappleGamer' 3 weeks ago
I would've liked the video but then I saw it was by buzzfeed
'Bryn' 3 weeks ago
You dont really need your arms to do butterfly kick and your legs are supposed to be together anyways.
'seven' 3 weeks ago
boo hoo i got trapped in a elevator for a half an hour now lets make you do literal navy seals training
'Roc' 3 weeks ago
Her "wazint this challenge fun" his face "ima kill u"
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