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I Tried The Navy Seal Water Challenge -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 month ago

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Becky now has a challenge for Josh...


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Camera Illustration
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Underwater Background
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Fitness Man
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Seal Team Six
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Navy Seals Undergo
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Drown-Proofing Harrowing
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Abdoalrahman Sabeha
'Abdoalrahman Sabeha' 6 minutes ago
'DeathRokas' 6 hours ago
╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)╭☞ \ . .\ \ \ / ╰u╯\
Liam Pearson
'Liam Pearson' 7 hours ago
"Aquarius"... please... FML.
Daniel Cameron
'Daniel Cameron' 7 hours ago
Wrong the SAS are the ultimate badasses
Zaecherys Targaryen
'Zaecherys Targaryen' 8 hours ago
My father is a maybe i don't know if he does that in the training
'ThatDudeThoYT' 8 hours ago
Kai Kinn
'Kai Kinn' 9 hours ago
Subscribe to me for no homework
michelle henderson
'michelle henderson' 12 hours ago
EASY as me
Tommy Mack
'Tommy Mack' 13 hours ago
He was using his feet all the time?
'Rob' 15 hours ago
No they are not the ultimate badasses the fucking SAS are , the best of the best navy seals don't compare
Livvy Gilder
'Livvy Gilder' 16 hours ago
He thinks Aquarius is a water sign it's an air sign
David Navaro
'David Navaro' 19 hours ago
5:35 have they seen the Russian spetznaz
Adrienne Phillips
'Adrienne Phillips' 19 hours ago
I love swimming. I could do this (also scared of drowning)
'Windex' 22 hours ago
fcking British SAS goe through harder training involving a 36 hour interrogation. so maybe u guys need to do a 36 hour interrogation
Anthony Shabazz
'Anthony Shabazz' 22 hours ago
Make a video about nerf gun $
Trey Davis
'Trey Davis' 23 hours ago
Oh hel naw son that's dead aint no way in he*l im doing this challenge
Big Daddy
'Big Daddy' 1 day ago
thank God for our Navy SEALS.
'cheezit59' 1 day ago
Did anyone else find themselves holding their breath when he went under water?
'MrToms72cutlass' 1 day ago
he would have never done it if his hands were tied.
Jule Dohrmann
'Jule Dohrmann' 1 day ago
I do this as a swimmer on a usa 13 btw😂😂
'Talisman' 1 day ago
Is becky from an anime world?
'GAMER MORRIS' 2 days ago
Obviously they've never heard of the USMC
alden healey
'alden healey' 2 days ago
my name is alden lml
'MrMaster' 2 days ago
Nice video!
Verk 96
'Verk 96' 2 days ago
I do this challenge once a week for swim
Lyrelle Charles
'Lyrelle Charles' 2 days ago
nah my boy Canada is better in my opinion
Chrono4prep !
'Chrono4prep !' 2 days ago
Navy seals aren’t the ultimate bad assess
Brian Sula
'Brian Sula' 2 days ago
If the seal' s pool is twice as long for the dolphin swim, couldn't he have just swam twice the laps (8) in order to compensate?
'Lonewolf1970' 2 days ago
We all float!
Chris Harxey
'Chris Harxey' 2 days ago
That was.. not.. everything they do for water training.. lol.
Olivia Hyland
'Olivia Hyland' 2 days ago
SAS is better tho
Salasa Boy
'Salasa Boy' 2 days ago
All that then A Talivan shot with an ancient riffle takes them out.
'happyboy1124' 2 days ago
Disliked just cos buzzfeed. Also where are the black people in this video? All i see are whites. smh privileged white cucks.. smh
The Chode
'The Chode' 2 days ago
I bet Marine Corp training is Harder
601 Dreamin
'601 Dreamin' 2 days ago
Why does she look like she’s about to go film a porno after this video?
Do Over
'Do Over' 3 days ago
I can bob in a 12ft and I am 9 years old
Diego Sanchez giron
son admirables Saludos desde colombia
'kate!' 3 days ago
this doesn't look very hard tbh because i'm a swimmer
Lavos 1408
'Lavos 1408' 3 days ago
Why u could'nt float? thats easy u just have to relax the body
ShadowMosses 1998
'ShadowMosses 1998' 3 days ago
So corny
Good Reason
'Good Reason' 3 days ago
I dont wanna sound like jerk because I am swimmer but this is hilariously easy.
'SmirkLife' 4 days ago
This is how to join the Aqua Teen Hunger Force
'merlinthegray' 4 days ago
becky looks crazy. She's got those crazy-eyes. Also how is the navy seals challenge equivalent to 30 minutes in an elevator with company and lighting? That's a weird equivalence.
Cutie Marxist
'Cutie Marxist' 4 days ago
Still think the Spetsnaz are as good or even better.....
'Lamborghini' 4 days ago
womans challenge: in an elevator for 3O minutesmans challenge: navy seals challengeBuzzfeed when will you admit that men are just better. 🤷🏻‍♂️
LordMysticX -Overwatch Funny Moments and Gameplay
Navy seals 'the ultimate badasses' what about the SAS, Special forces, royal marine commandos, green berets for example....
Owen McGill
'Owen McGill' 4 days ago
i love your dogs
Owen McGill
'Owen McGill' 4 days ago
i love your dogs
The World Of An Amateur
She cursed
Brendan O
'Brendan O'Irish' 4 days ago
y tho
'Arcane' 4 days ago
why is becky soo hot
'SAUSAGELIZER' 4 days ago
Try spertnaz training tell me how it goes ...
The Lone Cuber
'The Lone Cuber' 4 days ago
That was very easy for me ,for swimmers like me!!i can even use underwater dolphin kick go and back without breathe...😂🏊
john darrow
'john darrow' 5 days ago
Wtf is wrong with her face
Mario Horta
'Mario Horta' 5 days ago
Weak!!!!! Seals actually do this in a 12+ foot pool and do way more than what he did.
Jake Wallace
'Jake Wallace' 5 days ago
She looks weird af
'JKerman511' 5 days ago
Buzzfeed: 720p videos by a professional company because they're lazy!
Alexgaming6 Gamer
'Alexgaming6 Gamer' 5 days ago
I'm so buoyant I can float for like an hour XD
ryan killer
'ryan killer' 5 days ago
I'm only 13 and can complete all of these
'fadedass90sbabie' 5 days ago
Lol this is a weekend in the pool with me
Ben Tranter
'Ben Tranter' 5 days ago
Being on the swim team helps
Kieran Mackay Blake
Her head looks swollen.😡
orlando fernandez
'orlando fernandez' 5 days ago
Jo Douglas
'Jo Douglas' 5 days ago
S.A.S is better
'Xcrishtin' 5 days ago
i lowkey got really salty when she was like i had to stay in a elevator for 30 mins while he had to do something where u can drown
Jackson Doom
'Jackson Doom' 5 days ago
So I've been using this app called mercari
'Seaneas' 5 days ago
After the terrorists get them Navy Seals they better not throw them into the sea with there hands and feet strapped up as they've trained for that specific thing...
Fikret Doğan Karaerkek
I do all of this for fun when I am at vacation :D
Clinton Cash
'Clinton Cash' 6 days ago
whats w the chick w the outdated neck choker and 1990 hair style lmao
Jonathan Daugherty
It wouldn't be hard to beat any BuzzFeed member in any test
Sierra Gillispie
'Sierra Gillispie' 6 days ago
swimmers:"this is easy we do this as drills" me: yall swim with ARMS his arms are behind his back...
ZBig Gamer
'ZBig Gamer' 6 days ago
is that shaia?
'GoldenOrc' 6 days ago
He's using his legs ???????
Emily Marlowe
'Emily Marlowe' 6 days ago
We will do some bobbers at a 11 foot pool for swim practice, but not with no hands 😂
I Have A Dig Bick
'I Have A Dig Bick' 6 days ago
I wanted to tread water for 30 mins but didnt because time goes so slow when you're doing it that it feels like you did it for 30 mins but you didnt. And i probably could have gone longer
Cameron Smyllie
'Cameron Smyllie' 6 days ago
I love how the girl gets to be bored for 30mins and the guy deals with danger of drowning
Froganator 6.0
'Froganator 6.0' 6 days ago
This is such a simple set of tasks I'm only 13 and I've done this
Naffi Hassanuddin
'Naffi Hassanuddin' 6 days ago
Q c c ccc c D.C. for. F. F. B F not
Oscar Herrera
'Oscar Herrera' 7 days ago
one time my little brother was floating on top of the water but face down and i was like wtf can he even breath then like 5 minutes passed and i knew something was wrong and i took him out the water and he was a mermaid man :0
'Destrian' 7 days ago
3:05 lesson of the day, be fat, don't drown.
Felipe Velandia
'Felipe Velandia' 7 days ago
i only have 1 arm and I can do it better :) :)
Sw33t Kustoms
'Sw33t Kustoms' 7 days ago
Who else is a swimmer or plays water polo and does this everyday and was like "give this guy a map!!"
'Spacejamlover' 7 days ago
Sits in elevator for 30 mins, *puts friend in risk of drowning because of it*
Synonym Rolls
'Synonym Rolls' 7 days ago
Looks like a fun time in the pool!
Mr Mr
'Mr Mr' 7 days ago
Josh looks like jake gylenhall
'Caelan' 1 week ago
What do they mean by don't use your feet, cuz he's still kicking and stuff
Jack Smith Vlogs
'Jack Smith Vlogs' 1 week ago
SAS is better
luz mejia
'luz mejia' 1 week ago
im 8 years old i can do it for one hour and my friendis 11 but he cant do it and i have more body fat
Famof Turners
'Famof Turners' 1 week ago
0:36 Aquarius is an Air sign though....
Ali Hamed
'Ali Hamed' 1 week ago
I thought the challenge was when your hands and legs were tied and you had to escape
John Armstrong
'John Armstrong' 1 week ago
They are in a backyard pool.
revolving nation
'revolving nation' 1 week ago
Are marines!
paul gonzales
'paul gonzales' 1 week ago
People with lower body fat it's possible to float I did it no problem and I'm a 130 so that's light 😂
Reese Maxwell
'Reese Maxwell' 1 week ago
I'm a swimmer and I do all of this all the time expect for grab a GoPro
C Williams
'C Williams' 1 week ago
you have a life jacket in your chest called lungs
Blake Chesser
'Blake Chesser' 1 week ago
Choker on a women equals no class
Layne Pewitt
'Layne Pewitt' 1 week ago
Navy seals arnt as tuff as they think i live with my single aunt with her 3 kids and she works 4:30am to 5:00 pm almost every day
Dan Rose
'Dan Rose' 1 week ago
After the sas yeah
Amir Mays
'Amir Mays' 1 week ago
Im an Aquarius
Gabriel Sebastian
'Gabriel Sebastian' 1 week ago
Lower body fat definitely makes it easier to float lmao
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