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Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 5 -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Highlight Heaven

By: Highlight HeavenPublished: 3 weeks ago

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#5- On the first play in OT in the AFC wild card game, Demaryius Thomas makes an insane 80 catch and run to give the Broncos the playoff win. Steeler fans such as myself were left heartbroken and shocked.

#4- Denver Broncos block an extra point that would have given the Saints a likely win. Many people think the Broncos returner stepped out of bounds, but that was never called.

#3- Aaron Rodgers completes ANOTHER miraculous hail mary, only to find that Larry Fitzgerald will win the game for the Cardinals on the 3rd play of overtime.

#2- Dez Bryant makes an incredible "catch" only for the refs to overturn the ruling. This is arguably one of the most controversial calls in sports history.

#1- The saints perform a miraculous lateral drill for a touchdown, but their kicker, John Carney, misses the extra point. The saints lose and their playoff hopes diminish.

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Jacob Schultz
'Jacob Schultz' 20 hours ago
Dallas should of won
ty kimbrel
'ty kimbrel' 23 hours ago
The ball hit the ground which barged the ball loose and he caught it back in the end zone and scored - cowboys vs Green Bay #refs suck and are stupid.
'Stoneyay' 1 day ago
No Blair Walsh missed FG vs Seattle??????
'BikeracePro' 1 day ago
Cowboys vs packers dez Bryant caught that the referees are complete idiots
The Mechanix
'The Mechanix' 1 day ago
Reminds me a lot of yesterday 🤔
Feta Cheese
'Feta Cheese' 1 day ago
Packers always get fucked over, the Seahawks and packers game was such bullshit
'SwayTrilla' 2 days ago
derek carr getting hurt was heartbreaking it ruined our could've been superbowl season
JD Freeze
'JD Freeze' 2 days ago
It was a catch
_ BeastyGamer99
'_ BeastyGamer99' 2 days ago
Bet highlight heaven will reply watch
Jace Dorweiler
'Jace Dorweiler' 2 days ago
These are no where near top 5
Tony Romo #9 Boyz6rings #clutch #RGIIITrash
Where is the Rams Titans superbowl one yard!
duck duckerson
'duck duckerson' 2 days ago
#1 I'm a broncos fan
Duhitz Brunson
'Duhitz Brunson' 2 days ago
I'm a packers fan and I'm tired of all these close games 😬😬😬🧀🧀🧀🧀
Josh-G Ronghi
'Josh-G Ronghi' 2 days ago
have to put cowboys divisional this year against Greenbay lol
Julian Patron
'Julian Patron' 2 days ago
Mike Dreyer
'Mike Dreyer' 2 days ago
What about TEN's Dyson getting tackled at the two vs the Rams?
Griefer king
'Griefer king' 3 days ago
#2 wasn't heartbreaking. That was HILARIOUS.
'AlteredProphet7' 3 days ago
I'm a seahawks, giants and raiders fan and dez caught it
Warp Drive Fueled by Insomnia
Titans fan here. I may be biased, but I think the final play of Super Bowl 34 is very heartbreaking.
'B34STZ G4NG' 3 days ago
This is only heartbreaking to the losing team
Margo Annan
'Margo Annan' 3 days ago
I am from denver THAT IS AMAZING
'Eclipse' 3 days ago
How the hell r the refs that dumb on #2
Aaron Torres
'Aaron Torres' 3 days ago
that ref got payed
Natalie Beers
'Natalie Beers' 3 days ago
greenbay and seahawks
'metro4334' 3 days ago
i dont even like the cowboys but i believe it was caught why in good games refs have to screw it over
Reeling N
Like if it was a catch!!!!!!!
Pierce K
'Pierce K' 3 days ago
#5 was heart warming
Dan Zalisnock
'Dan Zalisnock' 3 days ago
I absolutely HATE the Cowboys but Dez and Co got robbed bad probably on some mafioso shit. fuck these NFL refs, they deserve to die
'T-GAMING' 3 days ago
The Cowboy call, that was so stupid. The refs probably are leaning towards packs 🤔
Enrique Ybarra
'Enrique Ybarra' 3 days ago
Man till this day watching that CATCH is heartbreaking . just how .
Nathan Gilkey
'Nathan Gilkey' 4 days ago
not the first time the cowboys got fucked over by the refs by versing green bay in the playoffs
'spares99' 4 days ago
Dez did not have control through the catch to the ground, we have seen countless times this rule is enforced. Cowboys just need to get over it and stop whining, they lost that one and they lost to Greenbay again in January 2017, so it is pretty much a forgone conclusion, cowboys are losers when they play the Giants or the Packers
'CosmicPegasus' 4 days ago
Chi Hyun Yang
'Chi Hyun Yang' 4 days ago
what's the name of song around 1min???
The Silver Shroud
'The Silver Shroud' 4 days ago
Yall cowboys fans need to realize there is a way to slow down youtube videos to .25 seconds go to 6:38 and watch and stfu about the ball not touching the ground and him losing possession.
Foxxy Moxxy
'Foxxy Moxxy' 4 days ago
I don't care what anyone says... Dez caught that ball.
'NimbleHat' 4 days ago
Highlight Kingdom
'Highlight Kingdom' 4 days ago
'xDevofied' 5 days ago
What was really heartbreaking was the calls Lions got when we fought Seattle. The refs were purposely against us that game.
the staker
'the staker' 5 days ago
Dez caught it
The best one
'The best one' 5 days ago
First of all dezs Bryant have control of the ball more then 3 sec and the knee touch 1 yard line before he lost control of the football
'Flaky' 5 days ago
Don't even care that the Packers lost in OT. That hail mairy was unbelievable
'johnlikesfootball' 5 days ago
That last one is so disappointing
MD candelaria
'MD candelaria' 6 days ago
the NFL has crooked referees this is not new
Highlight Heaven
'Highlight Heaven' 6 days ago
THANKS FOR 1 MILLION VIEWS ON THIS! If you are wondering why some plays are left out, I might have put them in the first 4 parts of this series. Go check them out
Highlight Kingdom
'Highlight Kingdom' 6 days ago
This should hit a mil soon
Dealyn Knight
'Dealyn Knight' 6 days ago
it was a catch J Anthony was right he had it then he reached over the goal then he was down
Eriberto Bravo
'Eriberto Bravo' 6 days ago
That's bs dez maintained possession of the ball and he even jumped in the air he caught it all the way
'ItzOxlat' 6 days ago
Lez go Cowboys FTW
'A JB' 6 days ago
Why is Super Bowl 49 not in the top ten
Gaming with Mo
'Gaming with Mo' 6 days ago
How did dez not catch that? He clearly did.
Fallen Angel
'Fallen Angel' 6 days ago
Dee Simpson
'Dee Simpson' 6 days ago
You are so rite. An when Rogera threw that lucky ass hail marry pass in the end zone against the Cardinals, how is that a catch and touchdown. The NFL is rigged.
'TurnTheBane' 6 days ago
Clickbait, how was any of the clips heartbreaking? These were very nice plays and clips, but not heartbreaking at all.
Blasta 231
'Blasta 231' 6 days ago
#1 was the one that shocked me the most. They had a miracle in the making, and then it was gone in an instant. #3 didn't surprise me at all, nothing but more screwing of my team via the Cardinals. So many missed penalties that happened right in front of the refs, but since they were hometown refs, they didn't call 'em. Did the same in the 2008 playoffs too.
Julian Sharp
'Julian Sharp' 6 days ago
dez you made that catch u allll the way your hand w as under the ball when you w ent downand then you boboed it and cote it in the end zone
'Goose2717' 6 days ago
If the cowboys don't win a Super Bowl by the time I die, I'm going to have the words "Dez Caught It" on my gravestone. Because we all know he did.
'Tex1911a1m14' 6 days ago
lol more new rules ,,, what bulls***
Fahad Tariq
'Fahad Tariq' 6 days ago
Dez caught it. Like if you agree.
Mark Mackoviak
'Mark Mackoviak' 6 days ago
Dez Bryant obviously didn't make that catch. So obvious I don't understand how it could be controversial.
Balázs Berta
'Balázs Berta' 6 days ago
green bay is a cheater team
Raymond James
'Raymond James' 7 days ago
I will tell you what, I hate the cowboys (who doesn't but Boys fans) but that was a little skeptic there. Dez looked like it was bounced off the forearm.
Michael Belcher
'Michael Belcher' 7 days ago
+highlight heaven, what about Butlers interception in super bowl 49
icet99 804
'icet99 804' 7 days ago
Dez should've been down at the one because he had possession and reached for the goal line that was super fucked up and I don't like dez
icet99 804
'icet99 804' 7 days ago
why did they ever get rid of Tebow:/
stephen Staton
'stephen Staton' 7 days ago
Fck What they Say about Tebow...but, HE DID THAT ISH... BRONCO LEGENDS FOR That ONE {No matter If when they discredit hym}.
Derek C
'Derek C' 7 days ago
#2 Dez did catch the ball but he was down at the 4 yard line and his knee touched the ground first
Nick Grove
'Nick Grove' 7 days ago
#3 isn't heartbreaking... Rodgers threw a lucky hail Mary and the cardinals outplayed them to regain the lead and win. The packers never came close
'M3l203' 7 days ago
Damn how you miss the field goal for the tie in the conference finals smh they probably beat his ass in the locker room😂😂😂
Highlight Master
'Highlight Master' 1 week ago
how do you make highlight videos what do you use
Alexa Diss
'Alexa Diss' 1 week ago
I'll never forgive Denver for letting Tebow go.
'rclines001' 1 week ago
The Dez catch was a catch. It's not like anything can be done now, but it was a catch. 1) caught it 2) turned and moved the ball to left hand 3) reached for goal line. Ball did touch the ground, but that was after he made the move to the goal line. If anything, it was a catch, fumble, and re-catch. But oh well, like I said, it's over and done with now.
Raheem Gilliam
'Raheem Gilliam' 1 week ago
john Karney you stupid mf
Raheem Gilliam
'Raheem Gilliam' 1 week ago
#4 He stopped out of bounds and why isn't the Seattle vs Saints game on here or the Saints vs 49ers in 2013 both heartbreaking loses
'PainStake' 1 week ago
what about Seattle Seahawks VS New England Patriots superbowl 2015? RIP Seattle Fans
Carson Sawyers
'Carson Sawyers' 1 week ago
Really Cleveland isn't on here
Raul Castillo
'Raul Castillo' 1 week ago
that was a fucking catch by dez. that's fucking stupid
'msullivan85' 1 week ago
The Dez catch still blows my mind. I'm not a Cowboys fan but how can that not be a catch? If anything maybe it's a fumble that's then immediately recovered in the endzone anyway. I'll never understand that ruling.
'GdossGaming' 1 week ago
welp uh might wanna add the cowboys vs Green bay again lmao
Eric Vane
'Eric Vane' 1 week ago
before I trigger some cowboys fans here I just want to say that dez DID catch it in my opinion but that was two years ago and it doesn't matter no more, nobody benefited from it in the long run, just forget it.
Prince Amajioyi
'Prince Amajioyi' 1 week ago
How the hell he miss a field goal
'mikejohnson914' 1 week ago
[S189]Legacy Statue
why is every single most liked comment saying dez got the catch also it dosent mater we need to not dwell on the past
Highlight Kingdom
'Highlight Kingdom' 1 week ago
Bro put Mason Crosby's field goal in the next one
Dynamic Duo
'Dynamic Duo' 1 week ago
Dynamic Duo
'Dynamic Duo' 1 week ago
Splash God500
'Splash God500' 1 week ago
whos watching this during the cowboys packers game 1/25/17
trina skinner
'trina skinner' 1 week ago
Ya it a lie
trina skinner
'trina skinner' 1 week ago
Ya I Anthony
Timothy Edwards
'Timothy Edwards' 1 week ago
burned em
'broncosbeastmode' 1 week ago
#5 is far from heartbreaking
The Schieve Games
'The Schieve Games' 1 week ago
i was at number 5
pollo gaming
'pollo gaming' 1 week ago
falcons suck
'xRizhy' 1 week ago
Omg I was at the #4 spot game that was awesome I'm from Louisiana but I'm a broncos fan
Teagan Whitsell
'Teagan Whitsell' 1 week ago
number 4 made me happy
Teagan Whitsell
'Teagan Whitsell' 1 week ago
number 3 made me cry
'ShadowManV3' 1 week ago
DEZ CAUGHT THAT SHIT Fuck yall if you say he didnt
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