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Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 5 -
Published: 4 months ago By: Highlight Heaven

By: Highlight HeavenPublished: 4 months ago

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#5- On the first play in OT in the AFC wild card game, Demaryius Thomas makes an insane 80 catch and run to give the Broncos the playoff win. Steeler fans such as myself were left heartbroken and shocked.

#4- Denver Broncos block an extra point that would have given the Saints a likely win. Many people think the Broncos returner stepped out of bounds, but that was never called.

#3- Aaron Rodgers completes ANOTHER miraculous hail mary, only to find that Larry Fitzgerald will win the game for the Cardinals on the 3rd play of overtime.

#2- Dez Bryant makes an incredible "catch" only for the refs to overturn the ruling. This is arguably one of the most controversial calls in sports history.

#1- The saints perform a miraculous lateral drill for a touchdown, but their kicker, John Carney, misses the extra point. The saints lose and their playoff hopes diminish.

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Highlight Heaven
'Highlight Heaven' 4 months ago
Hey guys! Thanks for so much support on this video. Thank you for commenting as well and I have responded to every one of them! Also, I am seeing a lot of people saying "why isn't the SB 49 interception in here" and other things like that. Chances are I already included them in parts 1-4. Check out my heartbreaking moments playlist. Thank you again for the support and have a great day!
Assyriano King
'Assyriano King' 42 minutes ago
God i love football. No sport comes close. But cubs winning the world series was a special moment for me. But football is just above n beyond "SPECIAL" Lovin ur videos brtha. U have new Subscriber4life" keep up da great work. God bless 👍🏼
'The7Reaper' 2 days ago
As a Cowboys hater I loved when it wasn't a catch but as a rational NFL fan he caught it.
'Kepcron' 4 days ago
5 &4 weren't heartbreaking they were awesome! Go Broncos
khalil albergottie
dez caught it #dez4days
'LaffSumMo' 5 days ago
Dez clearly caught it, made two steps, turned and reached for the goal line. That ball never touched the ground. Terrible terrible call. For such an amazing season to end like that was ridiculous. Romo & Dez was clutch in that game. However, Dallas' defense lost that game. Rodgers was hobbling all game and they still couldn't pressure him. The secondary was like swiss cheese.
'Darkfoxy123' 6 days ago
Im not a football fan to tell the truth but 2 gets me mad
derek sarpong
'derek sarpong' 1 week ago
Number 4 is a touchdown, not a safety
Jacob Sawicki
'Jacob Sawicki' 1 week ago
When CLAY MATTHEWS catches up to Larry Fitzgerald...... 😂
Simon Kennefick
'Simon Kennefick' 1 week ago
Just have Green Bays playoff losses from 2012 2013 2014 2015
MadLil sleepy
'MadLil sleepy' 1 week ago
We should've won that game 😢dez caught it we all know that
Tiger lag
'Tiger lag' 1 week ago
im a packers fan and i even felt bad for the cowboys
Ezekiel 25:17
'Ezekiel 25:17' 1 week ago
Hey ref! You were saying something about "not maintaining possession of the ball"? What's the matter? Oh, you were finished! Well, allow me to retort. Do read the bible ref? Because I have this little passage memorized that kind of fits the bullshit call you made that Dez Bryant didn't make that catch, Ezekiel 25:17.
Pro Perfect
'Pro Perfect' 1 week ago
is Blair Walsh in any of these vids?
Hayden Stapp
'Hayden Stapp' 1 week ago
Demaryius Thomas player at Georgia Tech not UCF
Matt Toro
'Matt Toro' 1 week ago
that your highlight hevan
michael Acosta
'michael Acosta' 1 week ago
well played
Dillon Smyth
'Dillon Smyth' 1 week ago
How is #5 heartbreaking
Jared Minehart
'Jared Minehart' 2 weeks ago
number 2 bryet had the ball it was a catch
AtHx Psych
'AtHx Psych' 2 weeks ago
I'm waiting for that disabled kid to come up and get absolutely smashed!
Sam A 58
'Sam A 58' 2 weeks ago
A lot of people were mad that dez didn't catch it but the packers would have scored and won anyway
Israel Corral
'Israel Corral' 2 weeks ago
The moment you realize that tebow beat you slowest throwing motion ever 😂
Maximus Steel528
'Maximus Steel528' 2 weeks ago
Like this comment if you think number two was a touchdown
Fortyy Jr
'Fortyy Jr' 2 weeks ago
Let's go cowboys
Adam T
'Adam T' 2 weeks ago
That feeling when it's against your fav. team.
'Cory' 2 weeks ago
Dez made it by a mile
Tyrique Jones
'Tyrique Jones' 3 weeks ago
It's stupid that they're banning jumping over the line.
Airsoft videos
'Airsoft videos' 3 weeks ago
the most heart breaking was the cowboys losing
Ian Laufenberg
'Ian Laufenberg' 3 weeks ago
On number 1, that guys voice though. "Oh my god!"
'Donschningo' 3 weeks ago
no catch fucking cowgirls ...this team is so borring ...
'Rhinopocalypes' 3 weeks ago
We're good at creating heartbreaking moments XD (Broncos Fan)
'DeadlyDerpDog' 3 weeks ago
Highlight you need more subs man. You are a legit highlight channel now.
'DeadlyDerpDog' 3 weeks ago
People, Dez brought the ball to the ground with one hand. And it popped up. Same with Calvin's game winning catch. It's very reasonable to say that it was incomplete. And Dez didn't have a hand under it.
nize 2 beme Reinhardt
I can't believe they said no catch on beyant
Michael Minerva
'Michael Minerva' 3 weeks ago
HH you are awesome
Nicholas Copenhaver
'Nicholas Copenhaver' 3 weeks ago
it was great
Brice Bettac
'Brice Bettac' 3 weeks ago
Des brayant caut that ball I hate refs these days and screw packers fans
Martina Gallegos
'Martina Gallegos' 3 weeks ago
the ref said it was not a cach from Dez but it was. the ref was a cheater!!!
'AustinGames4U' 3 weeks ago
Why did they lateral so much in the 19 hundreds?
'AustinGames4U' 3 weeks ago
This vid should be called "All around me are familiar faces."
Sam Hens
'Sam Hens' 3 weeks ago
Baseball Geek
'Baseball Geek' 3 weeks ago
#2 was not a catch. The ball clearly popped up as if it hit the ground. I will say that he had two feet in, but unless he can remain possession while going down it is an incompletion. The referee crew made the correct choice, but they did a horrible job explaining why it was incomplete.
'Dutchoven86' 3 weeks ago
Larry Fitzgerald is a freak.
Sigmund Q. Freud
'Sigmund Q. Freud' 3 weeks ago
God does not like Dallas. Fact!
Jordan Harston
'Jordan Harston' 3 weeks ago
Dez bryant fucking caught that bs
g hii
'g hii' 3 weeks ago
Am i in heaven with all these highlights
Sam Dog Owner
'Sam Dog Owner' 4 weeks ago
Holy crap that stupid ref #2 dez Bryant freaking caught it
tres hermanos
'tres hermanos' 4 weeks ago
Am a cowboys fan and number 2 really broke my heart.
'Grenadiadrian' 4 weeks ago
Won't be seeing #4 anymore, sadly.
Leo Vasquez
'Leo Vasquez' 4 weeks ago
Dez Bryant caught it even with not all possession to the ground it never touched the it. refs are messed up
Randy Reinhold
'Randy Reinhold' 4 weeks ago
uhm I hate both teams but dez caught that
Durell Benally
'Durell Benally' 4 weeks ago
i like number 5 and 4 becuase i am a broncos fan
'Bears50Singletary' 4 weeks ago
Nice video!
Nate Mesecar
'Nate Mesecar' 1 month ago
Noah Langford
'Noah Langford' 1 month ago
Denver clutches the team ever
'Astrogyser' 1 month ago
He'll yeah Denver breaking hopes and dreams since 1960
aracely hernandez
'aracely hernandez' 1 month ago
i know
'Shmack' 1 month ago
Im guessing this guy is a Denver fan?
Dok 1123
'Dok 1123' 1 month ago
#2 was pretty sad
'IWillSubscribe2016' 1 month ago
Dez Bryant caught that shit fuck those referees man they suck drink bleach whoever those refs were
'Fizz' 1 month ago
While everyone debates about #2 I'm still wondering how the refs didn't see Parks out of bounds on #4...
Sarada Sreeram
'Sarada Sreeram' 1 month ago
It was a catch, maybe not a TD, but it was a catch
'Homie2908' 1 month ago
this vid hurts me by how many losses the packers did
Exeter428 GTA 5
'Exeter428 GTA 5' 1 month ago
I hate the cowboys, but the cowboys should've won that game against the packers. #DumbRefrees
Linda Lombardi
'Linda Lombardi' 1 month ago
That was a complete pass
'Icecreamcone' 1 month ago
The cowboys one broke my heart man. I watched the entire game and thought they had it. He was stretching out to try and reach the touchdown. He tossed it up in the end zone too so I thought the call was on that. Bruh, I was so sad and pissed off. I really wanted the cowboys to win. I haven't seen them get past the second round of playoffs including this year. 😢
Good Weed
'Good Weed' 1 month ago
that last clip was a trip
'juliantheawesome' 1 month ago
I feel bad for that saints kicker
Darrel Conway Sr
'Darrel Conway Sr' 1 month ago
That's fu**** Dez caught it.
Shuntrell Jones
'Shuntrell Jones' 1 month ago
Dez caught that
'googleplussux' 1 month ago
I'm not a big football fan but that sure as shit was a catch
Jose Alejandro
'Jose Alejandro' 1 month ago
Eddie told the ref if you don't overturned the catch your gonna be my next meal #feastmode
Legacy Beastz
'Legacy Beastz' 1 month ago
I'm a Packers fan but Dez Bryant caught it.
Erik Espinoza
'Erik Espinoza' 1 month ago
dez took 2 steps that a fumble and dez recoved
'undeadr4nge' 1 month ago
Steelers' secondary is a fucking joke.
Mark Lowe
'Mark Lowe' 1 month ago
Dez had it. Refs went one to say a few days later they made the wrong call.
JordanDoesStuff x
'JordanDoesStuff x' 1 month ago
Not heart breaking at all lol
King Carter
'King Carter' 1 month ago
That was a CATCH by Dez Bryant
Alexander Deschenes
'Alexander Deschenes' 1 month ago
Top 5 or 10 biggest hits where the receiver held on to the ball.
Braydon At Gaming Gaming
I'm a big big big Giants fan and I think #88 on Cowboys should caught that I know dez caught it.$$$
Colby Brothers
'Colby Brothers' 1 month ago
I just hate these videos when try pit top 5 in history when it all takes place in just the past year or 2 and one of them is 6 years or so ago. The nfl has been going on for damn near 100 years, stop putting in history just put IN RECENT HISTORY
Dustin Kunick
'Dustin Kunick' 1 month ago
I fucking hate the cowgirls with a passion but dez caught that idk what that was about
Benjemmin Fussy
'Benjemmin Fussy' 1 month ago
Bryant caught it
dean Weatherbie
'dean Weatherbie' 1 month ago
how is the denver one a heartbreaker really? i love tebow
'RayLow92' 2 months ago
dez it wasn't a catch get over yourself.
'KMH' 2 months ago
Carney Vanderjagt'd it.
Ashly Boss
'Ashly Boss' 2 months ago
I thought this video was going to be about career ending injuries...I wouldn't call losing a game a heartbreaking moment, it's a fact of life :P
'De'anthony Thomas' 2 months ago
I'm a cowboys fan and i know dez caught it. the referee just want the packers to go to the superbowl
Mr Kim
'Mr Kim' 2 months ago
Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 5
The Football Prodigy
'The Football Prodigy' 2 months ago
Might be crazy but it be cool if you put Derek breaking his leg on the list
Sreenivasa Munagala
'Sreenivasa Munagala' 2 months ago
dez caught it
Raz the Almighty1
'Raz the Almighty1' 2 months ago
Too bad in #4 he stepped outta bounds but those faggot refs are blind and fucked the Saints out of at least OT
Luke Hulsebosch
'Luke Hulsebosch' 2 months ago
Ummmmm how bout the Seahawks packers NFC championship game
Saul Cancino
'Saul Cancino' 2 months ago
yo daddy hoe
'yo daddy hoe' 2 months ago
triple D nation
Steelers Exotix
'Steelers Exotix' 2 months ago
this was in my continue watching and I thought "How am I going to continue something if I never started it?"
Chad Harrell
'Chad Harrell' 2 months ago
Great video!
'ZAYLEN JOHNSON' 2 months ago
great come back from all teams this is sick I loved it
Tyler Phillips
'Tyler Phillips' 2 months ago
My man tebow play for both of my teams gators and broncos.
'BornInAugust' 2 months ago
Even Matthews was preparing for a stop on the 1. But...catch or not there was still plenty of time on the clock with Aaron Rodgers at center, not a game ended by all means
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