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Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 5 -
Published: 6 months ago By: Highlight Heaven

By: Highlight HeavenPublished: 6 months ago

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#5- On the first play in OT in the AFC wild card game, Demaryius Thomas makes an insane 80 catch and run to give the Broncos the playoff win. Steeler fans such as myself were left heartbroken and shocked.

#4- Denver Broncos block an extra point that would have given the Saints a likely win. Many people think the Broncos returner stepped out of bounds, but that was never called.

#3- Aaron Rodgers completes ANOTHER miraculous hail mary, only to find that Larry Fitzgerald will win the game for the Cardinals on the 3rd play of overtime.

#2- Dez Bryant makes an incredible "catch" only for the refs to overturn the ruling. This is arguably one of the most controversial calls in sports history.

#1- The saints perform a miraculous lateral drill for a touchdown, but their kicker, John Carney, misses the extra point. The saints lose and their playoff hopes diminish.

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Highlight Heaven
'Highlight Heaven' 6 months ago
Hey guys! Thanks for so much support on this video. Thank you for commenting as well and I have responded to every one of them! Also, I am seeing a lot of people saying "why isn't the SB 49 interception in here" and other things like that. Chances are I already included them in parts 1-4. Check out my heartbreaking moments playlist. Thank you again for the support and have a great day!
Dallas Lovie
'Dallas Lovie' 3 days ago
Dez had that ball 5:40
'CaptainJava' 4 days ago
The thumbnail wasn't heartbreaking if you're a packers fan ;)
A Goulet
'A Goulet' 4 days ago
My friend is a packers fan and #3 made him so sad
Adam_ The_Filthy
'Adam_ The_Filthy' 5 days ago
Comin from a steelers fan DEZ CAUGHT THE FUCKING BALL
The Best Bleach Ever CLOROX BLEACH
Dez did catch the ball
joey frias
'joey frias' 6 days ago
I am a cowboys fan and when they said that the sea Bryant didn't catch the ball I started crying and screaming because he did Freaken catch the ball those stupid refs
Nate Harris
'Nate Harris' 1 week ago
I don't like the cowboys but they got absolutely robbed there.
charlie Lansky
'charlie Lansky' 1 week ago
As a Cardinals fan number 3 pissed me off in the moment but now whenever I see it again I know what happens next
'TheZombieWolf94' 2 weeks ago
I'm a cowboys fan and #2 sucked for us. I went absolutely insane after that happened. I'm pretty sure most people, even most packers fans agree that was a catch. That was stupid, the refs sucked.
daniel makinen
'daniel makinen' 2 weeks ago
Accommodate particular privilege honor resource outside historical.
Gc slogo
'Gc slogo' 2 weeks ago
I was at number 2 and I was the first person to say that is not a catch
Javier Salmeron
'Javier Salmeron' 2 weeks ago
OMG I'm still.mad dez def caught that the refs where so dum
I Have rabies
'I Have rabies' 2 weeks ago
Mort anderson's missed field goal or "the fumble"? Both were in conference championship games
Do top ten starts to an NFL Quarter
Ivo Karmely
'Ivo Karmely' 2 weeks ago
Only #1 and #2 were heartbreaking plays.
Lillie Wentrcek
'Lillie Wentrcek' 3 weeks ago
packers suck and they know this message is for arron rodgers
Daniel Kirk
'Daniel Kirk' 3 weeks ago
packers are only good in the playoffs when they play the cowboys.
2019 Student Sid Snowden
This isn't heartbreaking if your a Browns fan 0:35
ᴢᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ {xxxᴛ}
Dallas vs greenbay killed me
Blaster 2
'Blaster 2' 3 weeks ago
Do longest sacks
trick shot Wearhouse
I am a packers vs fan and even I would agree that Bryant caught it
Alex Burch
'Alex Burch' 3 weeks ago
desean jackson punt return for gw TD
Dante Loonsfoot
'Dante Loonsfoot' 3 weeks ago
Omg 2 was defiantly a heart breaker. I went complete ape shit when the ref said it wasn't a catch. I nearly went ssj on the tv lol
'Geekster' 4 weeks ago
That was a catch
dolphins arekool
'dolphins arekool' 4 weeks ago
no catch
Mlg aiden
'Mlg aiden' 4 weeks ago
You have 666 dislikes
Little Gamer
'Little Gamer' 4 weeks ago
Dez Bryan catch the ball...The ball never touch the ground!!!
Jeremy Cooper
'Jeremy Cooper' 4 weeks ago
How are my Vikings and Blair Walsh not on here...
'beautyizhernm' 1 month ago
yall are shpwong denver
Tahmani Thomas
'Tahmani Thomas' 1 month ago
Dez caught that. He had possession, and took 3 steps. Lost it when he hit the ground.
Kaleb Jones
'Kaleb Jones' 1 month ago
The Gary Anderson missed FG in the NFC championship game vs the Falcons should be on one of these. If there's any video of it.
'LHSportsHighlights' 1 month ago
As a Broncos fan, im not a big fan of #4 and #5 being on here
Владимир Пыжалов
parking airline population fellow peer tall.
Conor Milroy
'Conor Milroy' 1 month ago
how about worst calls
Ronin B
'Ronin B' 1 month ago
Gabriel Carver
'Gabriel Carver' 1 month ago
Defensive players throwing/running/receiving touchdowns
Tyler G
'Tyler G' 1 month ago
4:10 the most heartbreaking part of that play is that Larry didn't punch it in right there
Doyley Doyley
'Doyley Doyley' 1 month ago
2016 playoffs was just like the 2014 playoffs for the cowboys
wilma anderson
'wilma anderson' 1 month ago
wilma anderson
'wilma anderson' 1 month ago
I can under stand dez Bryant crying if it was the super bowl big cry baby
Kristian Vandehei
'Kristian Vandehei' 1 month ago
Love number 4 and 5! And dez caught it.
Killer Memestar
'Killer Memestar' 1 month ago
Dez caught it.
David Johnson
'David Johnson' 1 month ago
love Nfl and your in my opinion is the best Nfl youtuber.
Andrew Grove
'Andrew Grove' 1 month ago
first play illegal procedure shouldve been called
Meredith Mullan
'Meredith Mullan' 1 month ago
i was at the AZ. VS GB. and AZ. won in overtime
Aaron Martinez
'Aaron Martinez' 1 month ago
Since I'm a Dallas cowboy fan the Dallas cowboy one really got me😖😫😩
'Dani' 1 month ago
Times when the ball was turned over twice in 1 play. Double fumble or a fumbled interception.
Jimbone Nutron
'Jimbone Nutron' 1 month ago
if the titans rams sb isnt here im leaving life
'FrankieP5886' 1 month ago
The tuck rule was more devastating then all of these. Everyone knows that was a fumble and then for Vinitari to nail those fgs was brutal. Dez's catch/no catch was rough but there was no guarantee they would have won the game even if that's a catch. The tuck rule game was over if that's a fumble. Watching that game as a raiders fan we were celebrating the victory only to have it snatched away by the refs.
Dani Waszo
'Dani Waszo' 1 month ago
You should do the best out of position plays
K Castaneda
'K Castaneda' 1 month ago
Plays with multiple turnovers
RP McMurphy
'RP McMurphy' 2 months ago
You do realize NFL history goes beyond the last 7 years.
Martin Hernandez
'Martin Hernandez' 2 months ago
cowboys should have won vs Packers
adubs dubsk
'adubs dubsk' 2 months ago
say what you want about Tebow but that was a damn good throw to Thomas
Pelon Becerra
'Pelon Becerra' 2 months ago
Game winning safetys
Anthoman 72
'Anthoman 72' 2 months ago
Noah Arndt
'Noah Arndt' 2 months ago
oh the vikings miss Walsh should die in a hole in was at the game I cryed
Kyle Morgan
'Kyle Morgan' 2 months ago
heartbreaking? fuck the steelers
'noladol' 2 months ago
5:16 Looks like the ball touched the ground. Meaning he didn't control it, right? Did I miss something?
MaZ3Aquatic Gaming
'MaZ3Aquatic Gaming' 2 months ago
I am a hardcore dallas fan i went completely hectic when they said it wasnt a catch
Braylon G
'Braylon G' 2 months ago
Dez Bryant did Catholic it like if you agree.
'YOUNG PROFIT' 2 months ago
this isn't heartbreaking
Pretty little Liars fan
I'm a die hard cowboys fan #2 made me rethink about who we select for refs
Adrian Aguayo
'Adrian Aguayo' 2 months ago
touchdown confirmed fuck Mike macarthe packers suck bad overturn dez caught it boi h2o many times do we have to say it
EcO Shadow
'EcO Shadow' 2 months ago
Congrats on 1mill views
'Flocktock' 2 months ago
I'm a die hard cowboys fan so #2 got me so mad especially since they were in the playoffs
Boom Bam
'Boom Bam' 2 months ago
I don't give 2 shits about the cowboys but dez caught that
Jacob Shaw
'Jacob Shaw' 2 months ago
None of these are heartbreaking
Andrew Seely
'Andrew Seely' 2 months ago
Subscribe to my channel and I will Subscribe to yours
Reginald Wilson
'Reginald Wilson' 2 months ago
How was the first one hartbranking
C Hawk007
'C Hawk007' 2 months ago
How was #5 heartbreaking Tim tebow is my favorite NFL qb of all time
I Am Ratman18
'I Am Ratman18' 2 months ago
Bout cried again on number 3... 😭 #gopack
'UnreadyBurrito' 2 months ago
Too bad Roger Badell made it so that jumping over the line of scrimmage was illegal. It's not even football anymore.
Jason Colby
'Jason Colby' 2 months ago
Im a Cowboys fan and that was such a freaking good catch and they took it away form Dez!!!!
LukeyPukey Memes
'LukeyPukey Memes' 2 months ago
Wassa catch. But football gods just putting karma on dallas for there bad refs win in the wild card
Jordan Brown
'Jordan Brown' 2 months ago
He went to GT not Central Florida Phil Simms smdh
'TOMAS _' 2 months ago
Idk why i'm watching this, i like soccer
Si Jennings
'Si Jennings' 2 months ago
#2 was really sad, but it made me sadder because I am a BIG COWBOYS FAN
dalton carter
'dalton carter' 2 months ago
he might on not go the touch down but dezz put two steps down and controlled the ball so they should of been at the 1
'chogak' 2 months ago
I don't even wanna think about how Jag fans felt after that shit man.
Timothy Chalmers
'Timothy Chalmers' 2 months ago
Dezz caught that ball even though I'm a Seahawks fan
'LAltmann3' 2 months ago
#1 is the definition of pressure
'Ziokz' 2 months ago
What about "the fumble" and "the drive" now I'm not saying that is the WORST but it should be top 5
Tommy Blair
'Tommy Blair' 2 months ago
dez caught it
'KERRY SCHMIDT' 2 months ago
number 2 that was a catch it didnt touch the ground that was the biggest bullshit i seen come out of a refs mouth
Justin White
'Justin White' 3 months ago
#4 he actually stepped out of bounds they had it all over espn it was a disappointing loss for us
Owen Chapman
'Owen Chapman' 3 months ago
First not sad Brown fan for life
Aryaman Bansal
'Aryaman Bansal' 3 months ago
*About to click on this video, but then see the thumbnail* I am never watching youtube videos again
'RCXG' 3 months ago
#2 i still cry at night cause of this .. 3 steps and no catch? .. cowboys 2014 Superbowl champs
Andrae Coleman
'Andrae Coleman' 3 months ago
I'm not a Cowboys fan but #2 was a bs call!
Tyler Brown
'Tyler Brown' 3 months ago
bryant cought it
Christine Moreno
'Christine Moreno' 3 months ago
Fuck The Broncos On 5 &4. Bitch Moves Smh.
Chris Norman
'Chris Norman' 3 months ago
U may think I'm joking, I still get pissed after all these years over that bad call on Dez Bryant! Dallas had everything going against them in that game. The weather, Lambeau Stadium & the fans! After going back in forth the whole game & for it to end like that MY GOODNESS, that was a heartbreaker!
'infamouscoma886' 3 months ago
What a shit video!
'CaptainAmericow' 3 months ago
Broncos, breaking hearts since 1960
Patrick Owings
'Patrick Owings' 3 months ago
to be honest as a packers fan i still think Dez caught it.
Alex Pizaña
'Alex Pizaña' 3 months ago
Para que vean que no solo al America le ayudan los arbitros? verdad Packers?
Patrick Star Football
Was wrong was Marshall ever on here
Hitler Did 9/11
'Hitler Did 9/11' 3 months ago
How is this heart breaking??
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