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Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 5 -
Published: 2 months ago By: Highlight Heaven

By: Highlight HeavenPublished: 2 months ago

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#5- On the first play in OT in the AFC wild card game, Demaryius Thomas makes an insane 80 catch and run to give the Broncos the playoff win. Steeler fans such as myself were left heartbroken and shocked.

#4- Denver Broncos block an extra point that would have given the Saints a likely win. Many people think the Broncos returner stepped out of bounds, but that was never called.

#3- Aaron Rodgers completes ANOTHER miraculous hail mary, only to find that Larry Fitzgerald will win the game for the Cardinals on the 3rd play of overtime.

#2- Dez Bryant makes an incredible "catch" only for the refs to overturn the ruling. This is arguably one of the most controversial calls in sports history.

#1- The saints perform a miraculous lateral drill for a touchdown, but their kicker, John Carney, misses the extra point. The saints lose and their playoff hopes diminish.

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Highlight Heaven
'Highlight Heaven' 2 months ago
Hey guys! Thanks for so much support on this video. Thank you for commenting as well and I have responded to every one of them! Also, I am seeing a lot of people saying "why isn't the SB 49 interception in here" and other things like that. Chances are I already included them in parts 1-4. Check out my heartbreaking moments playlist. Thank you again for the support and have a great day!
Mr. Hinklemen
'Mr. Hinklemen' 11 hours ago
Uhhhhh I dislike football not going to lie but dez Bryant caught that ball if you take a close look at the last replay I think it doesn't touch the ground soooo that's some bull shit
Dr. Rabbid
'Dr. Rabbid' 13 hours ago
the most controversial play to DATE.
Nate Abraham
'Nate Abraham' 14 hours ago
Keep up the great work on these videos bro
Jamie Suh
'Jamie Suh' 1 day ago
How much did the freaken green bay packers pay the refs to do that? Dez totally caught the ball and that ref will regret what he did.
Charlys Bonada
'Charlys Bonada' 2 days ago
Everybody´s saying the same in the comments, but that call against Dez Bryant is bullshit, he had secured the possession of the ball and kinda fumbled trying to reach the endzone
Lone Universe
'Lone Universe' 2 days ago
How do you make those videos
Lone Universe
'Lone Universe' 2 days ago
Can you make a video top ten or 5 pick sixes
James Willis
'James Willis' 2 days ago
Dex Bryant caught that
Zachary Lewis
'Zachary Lewis' 5 days ago
I love Dallas
Jonah Zuehl
'Jonah Zuehl' 5 days ago
I Bawled after the packers vs cardinals game BOO cardinals GO PACK GO!
Mystik Punisher
'Mystik Punisher' 5 days ago
now wait dez fell then caught it so it was a td
Tony Fino
'Tony Fino' 6 days ago
Bryant caught the ball !
Daniel Nicolaus
'Daniel Nicolaus' 6 days ago
Being a steelers fan, that first one hurt like shit.
Magsy Magic A pro Gamer
I still think Dallas could of won
عاشق نفسي
'عاشق نفسي' 1 week ago
good good 👍👍
'pkfreeze88' 1 week ago
#5 is not heartbreaking at all. It was a feel good moment for the Broncos and Tebow who made arguably the best throw of his nfl career for that clincher.
'theSNAKEdocta' 1 week ago
if Edlemens catch from SB51 was a catch than Dez's should be catch too... fuck the NFL
A.J. Fraley
'A.J. Fraley' 1 week ago
Dez did not catch the ball. Calvin did the same thing and it was a drop. And every if it was, the cowboys D wasn't doing shit in the 4th quarter anyway. Green at would have see down the field and scored anyway
Lex Lutha111384
'Lex Lutha111384' 2 weeks ago
god im so lucky to be a pats fan
andy jackson
'andy jackson' 2 weeks ago
number 3 - Rodgers with another hail mail. he reminds me of the saying "its better to be lucky than good"
Dhruv Mamgain
'Dhruv Mamgain' 2 weeks ago
#2 was a catch because he has possession for long enough and when the ball came out he was just reaching for the goal line and when he was reaching for it that's when he had possession for long enough so that was a catch.......................................................BAD REFS xD
'Spiral' 2 weeks ago
who did highlight heaven call out? who disliked botted your vid?
Skyarmy 1159
'Skyarmy 1159' 2 weeks ago
the cowboys one man i hate refs sometimes
Tristan Passe
'Tristan Passe' 2 weeks ago
Rez didn't catch it
Leo Seickendick
'Leo Seickendick' 2 weeks ago
Wait it's for madden mobile or madden 17 ?
Leo Seickendick
'Leo Seickendick' 2 weeks ago
Do you deliver the coins that I bought in your website?
Bloody Monster33
'Bloody Monster33' 2 weeks ago
Still not heartbreaking
Luke Jordan
'Luke Jordan' 2 weeks ago
dez caught it... wuuuuuuuuuuuttttt?
Mr. Zia Studio
'Mr. Zia Studio' 2 weeks ago
nice vid
Mr. Chubz
'Mr. Chubz' 2 weeks ago
Do more of these
j.c.m hard core metal fan
you have to be full retard if u don't think dez caught that ball.that shit never hit the ground,his arm was definitely under it.funny how every player in the NFL just about said it was a catch except for GB and Lions fans.
'PillowMaker' 2 weeks ago
number 3 really got me
'Krypax' 2 weeks ago
That are my Broncs! <3
garrett kleven
'garrett kleven' 3 weeks ago
You can add the entire 4th quarter and ot of last night's super bowl LI.
Domiaque Cherry
'Domiaque Cherry' 3 weeks ago
dez Bryant catched that ball
Racing fan for life 18
you got a new subb
Bryan Neideffer
'Bryan Neideffer' 3 weeks ago
When I watched the Denver guy hurdle the center I was just floored one of the neatest things I've seen for awhile! Perfect timing it was so incredible I had to watch it over and over!😊👏
Devin Stephen
'Devin Stephen' 3 weeks ago
you should have put the Vikings when blair walsh missed the short kick
'it's Mr perfect' 3 weeks ago
Still Incomplete
Robert Mann
'Robert Mann' 3 weeks ago
Dez caught it
Blake Olson
'Blake Olson' 3 weeks ago
Dez Bryant was in the end zone they should of gave it to us
Cowboysfan 21988
'Cowboysfan 21988' 3 weeks ago
Highlight Heaven who's your team?
Jaimo Camargo
'Jaimo Camargo' 3 weeks ago
Minecraft Building
'Minecraft Building' 3 weeks ago
Catch Or not, 4 minutes, MVP, Rodgers, don't expect a score?
linda dubois
'linda dubois' 4 weeks ago
the Seahawks Superbowl interception was heart breaking for me I cried
Kyle Denecke
'Kyle Denecke' 4 weeks ago
dont show packers vs cardinals because I'm packer fan but I like the packers one when dez Bryant clearly caught the ball but I still like that on:-)
'Ezpuff90' 4 weeks ago
The Flash 2024
'The Flash 2024' 4 weeks ago
lol we all know what happened to Denver when they went to New England after that Tim Tebow overtime win
Jose Alvara
'Jose Alvara' 4 weeks ago
Dez dropped it
Kelly Jo Doman
'Kelly Jo Doman' 4 weeks ago
#1 is a total Blair Walsh moment
'PagBrothersGaming' 4 weeks ago
I'm glad Green Bay lost one
Evan Meranchik
'Evan Meranchik' 4 weeks ago
I hate the Cowboys soooooo much (Giants fan) but Dez caught it
Highlight Heaven
'Highlight Heaven' 4 weeks ago
Part 6 is up!
Nick Krzywiec
'Nick Krzywiec' 4 weeks ago
#2 killed me 😭😭
Sharonda Mouton
'Sharonda Mouton' 4 weeks ago
Nord Lord Vape
'Nord Lord Vape' 4 weeks ago
Spongebob slayer7
'Spongebob slayer7' 4 weeks ago
The packers are redarted
'ElectroBros' 4 weeks ago
I saw it touch the ground
Lord7 Naruto
'Lord7 Naruto' 4 weeks ago
Everybody if you turn on the English Subtitles and go to 0:50 read it you'll find out
Matthew Mccorkle
'Matthew Mccorkle' 4 weeks ago
Dallas vs Green Bay was the most bs game I've ever seen
Julie Perkins
'Julie Perkins' 4 weeks ago
make a colege football vidro
Ezekiel Juarez
'Ezekiel Juarez' 4 weeks ago
The packers are so fuck up that is a touchdown
Brandon Higley
'Brandon Higley' 4 weeks ago
#5 was heartbreaking because it was the last playoff games for Polamalu and Ward and the way it ended
Nik Kohli
'Nik Kohli' 4 weeks ago
Hey highlight heaven, if you haven't added please add the fumble from Jeremy hill on the bengals against the steelers last year.
Jonathan G
'Jonathan G' 4 weeks ago
Definitely nothing worse than that cowboys game
Matthias Schwalbach
'Matthias Schwalbach' 4 weeks ago
cowboys still lose in regulation if Bryant caught that ball. two and a half minutes left? no way they stop green bay
Lukedaballe R
'Lukedaballe R' 4 weeks ago
Do when Blair Walsh missed kick vs Seattle
K. Neff
'K. Neff' 4 weeks ago
I'm a saints fan, die hard Saints fan. No way is that missed PAT the number one biggest heart break in history. This is what happens when casual fans make vids. Look up the fumble. That should be number one. Ask Browns fans. Ernest Byners fumble was the worst ever. Period. Hell The Drive was even worse than that PAT miss. Dude doesn't know shit about football. Must be British. No American would have ANY of these anywhere near the top. Maybe Butlers INT. Maybe.
Jeff Charles
'Jeff Charles' 4 weeks ago
Jake holy
'Jake holy' 4 weeks ago
Is it just me but whenever the ref act stupid it's for Green Bay Is it not a little suspicious
Elijah Alexander
'Elijah Alexander' 4 weeks ago
Garbage list.., wb the hemet catch, or the malcom butler interception?
Tripzx 01
'Tripzx 01' 4 weeks ago
before i watch this seahwaks v patroits is on this video
'BraydenTDF' 4 weeks ago
😂 It's hilarious seeing people say Dez caught it 😫 No his elbow was down at the one either way if he caught it or not and he didn't have full control when it touched the ground so it was incomplete if you think he caught it ur either on drugs or you don't know football rules
SUPERMAN VS BATMAN /has a channel sub
who cried when cowboys lost and greenbays won I did my heart was broken
'squeezyapex' 1 month ago
I'm a 100 percent Green Bay fan but the packers vs cowboys that was a catch
Dennis D.Nice21 Slade
Number 2 still makes me cry till this day smh
Highlight Kingdom
'Highlight Kingdom' 1 month ago
When is part 6 coming out :(
'PinkBananaUnicorn' 1 month ago
go pack go
Ausybear !
'Ausybear !' 1 month ago
😭😭😭 cowboys
'D-PICK Tech WiZZ' 1 month ago
I think this guy likes the broncos
'Keyy' 1 month ago
How do you make it so NFL dosnt copyright your video
douglas gawitt
'douglas gawitt' 1 month ago
Dez's elbow was even down before ball pooped loose. Not a touchdown and time left for Rodgers to do sometime.
'Landen24' 1 month ago
Who else are broncos fans and were going yess
'quiksix25' 1 month ago
2:00 Try Georgia Tech genius
Jacob Schultz
'Jacob Schultz' 1 month ago
Dallas should of won
ty kimbrel
'ty kimbrel' 1 month ago
The ball hit the ground which barged the ball loose and he caught it back in the end zone and scored - cowboys vs Green Bay #refs suck and are stupid.
'Stoneyay' 1 month ago
No Blair Walsh missed FG vs Seattle??????
'BikeracePro' 1 month ago
Cowboys vs packers dez Bryant caught that the referees are complete idiots
The Mechanix
'The Mechanix' 1 month ago
Reminds me a lot of yesterday 🤔
Feta Cheese
'Feta Cheese' 1 month ago
Packers always get fucked over, the Seahawks and packers game was such bullshit
'SwayTrilla' 1 month ago
derek carr getting hurt was heartbreaking it ruined our could've been superbowl season
JD Freeze
'JD Freeze' 1 month ago
It was a catch
_ BeastyGamer99
'_ BeastyGamer99' 1 month ago
Bet highlight heaven will reply watch
Jace Dorweiler
'Jace Dorweiler' 1 month ago
These are no where near top 5
Tony Romo #9 Boyz6rings #clutch #RGIIITrash
Where is the Rams Titans superbowl one yard!
duck duckerson
'duck duckerson' 1 month ago
#1 I'm a broncos fan
'THE CLOROX BLEACH' 1 month ago
I'm a packers fan and I'm tired of all these close games 😬😬😬🧀🧀🧀🧀
Josh-G Ronghi
'Josh-G Ronghi' 1 month ago
have to put cowboys divisional this year against Greenbay lol
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