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Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 5 -
Published: 1 year ago By: Highlight Heaven

By: Highlight HeavenPublished: 1 year ago

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#5- On the first play in OT in the AFC wild card game, Demaryius Thomas makes an insane 80 catch and run to give the Broncos the playoff win. Steeler fans such as myself were left heartbroken and shocked.

#4- Denver Broncos block an extra point that would have given the Saints a likely win. Many people think the Broncos returner stepped out of bounds, but that was never called.

#3- Aaron Rodgers completes ANOTHER miraculous hail mary, only to find that Larry Fitzgerald will win the game for the Cardinals on the 3rd play of overtime.

#2- Dez Bryant makes an incredible "catch" only for the refs to overturn the ruling. This is arguably one of the most controversial calls in sports history.

#1- The saints perform a miraculous lateral drill for a touchdown, but their kicker, John Carney, misses the extra point. The saints lose and their playoff hopes diminish.

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Highlight Heaven
'Highlight Heaven' 1 year ago
Hey guys! Thanks for so much support on this video. Thank you for commenting as well and I have responded to every one of them! Also, I am seeing a lot of people saying "why isn't the SB 49 interception in here" and other things like that. Chances are I already included them in parts 1-4. Check out my heartbreaking moments playlist. Thank you again for the support and have a great day!
Overwhelming Tactician
Ref! I tried to reach over the goal line ! Hows that not a catch!?!? 😭😭😭😭
'BeastMode90' 2 weeks ago
Do you know what else is heartbreaking?? You not doing a face reveal
Jay Patel
'Jay Patel' 2 weeks ago
include vanderjagt fucking shanked fg vs steelers.
Debanie Sanchez
'Debanie Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
I was in tears whenever I saw Dallas vs. Green Bay next season will be our season I have faith it will be👏🏼💙
Marcus Carter
'Marcus Carter' 3 weeks ago
Dez caught it... but failed to survive the ground. Call it what you want, but that was an incomplete catch.
Marcus Carter
'Marcus Carter' 3 weeks ago
It wasn't Carney's fault... Berger sucks at holding the ball.
NextLevel CADEN
'NextLevel CADEN' 4 weeks ago
Dez Bryant's knee was down, so that means that the play was over!
Owen Carolan
'Owen Carolan' 4 weeks ago
As a pats fan, i don't mind any team except green bay. I HATE THEM
Aiden Devine
'Aiden Devine' 1 month ago
How is tim Tebow throwing the ot td heartbreaking
Duzer 421
'Duzer 421' 1 month ago
Fuck those refs
Mr. Doom1030
'Mr. Doom1030' 1 month ago
Dez obviously caught the ball come on Referees are blind 🙄
'Polatrite' 1 month ago
I can't even fathom how Super Bowl 49's ending isn't on this list.
'Lolilikejuice' 1 month ago
I LOVE GB BUT BRYANT CAUGHT IT HE PUT 2 feet and he has the ball then he fells and is a fumble and he recovered it that should be a TD
drsamw pepper
'drsamw pepper' 1 month ago
Number 2 is heaven to me as a skins fan,even though I hate the Packers but I despise the cowdicks a whole lot more.
Nihat Shukurlu
'Nihat Shukurlu' 2 months ago
Now I know which they say the Steelers have literally no defense what so ever
'DeadlyDerpDog' 2 months ago
Wtf would the steelers put Polamalu in front?
Quaid pfalmer
'Quaid pfalmer' 2 months ago
Broncos suck this year
Super Aidan
'Super Aidan' 2 months ago
We saw the play the first time you don’t need to add in 2 minutes worth of replays
Cyanchicken 1
'Cyanchicken 1' 2 months ago
go steelers :)
Hayden Piesik
'Hayden Piesik' 2 months ago
If the one with the Packers three should of went for two to win by the way go Packers the 2 not 3
Eclipse Gaming
'Eclipse Gaming' 2 months ago
daz made a tuchdown
'MIST3R P0PTART' 2 months ago
HH thank you for including clip 4. I was triggered 😭 BTW im a saints fan
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 2 months ago
That dez catch is so bullshit. It never even hit the ground. I don't know how you say it was not a catch. He bobbled it and came up with it in the end zone.
CrazyEnderDudeTY ?
'CrazyEnderDudeTY ?' 2 months ago
My favorite clip is the first one
Crazy Banana
'Crazy Banana' 3 months ago
I am a Steelers fan, and that first one hurt.
Exarain Gaming
'Exarain Gaming' 3 months ago
I’d be that one guy on the packers team to get mad at the ref for not calling that a catch
'halojump123' 3 months ago
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Levi Viss
'Levi Viss' 3 months ago
Great video for a broncos fan!
Dax Hicks
'Dax Hicks' 3 months ago
Of course the refs have to ruin EVERYTHING
Dax Hicks
'Dax Hicks' 3 months ago
That Dez catch was on my birthday 😥😥😭😭
Random Gamer
'Random Gamer' 3 months ago
This was a shit video!!
_ Xds4325 _
'_ Xds4325 _' 3 months ago
How do u not call that a catch refs are so fucking stupid I mean he made 2 steps with possession this is why I don't watch anything other than cards games , this is coming from a cardinals fan btw
Frankie Bartolo IV
'Frankie Bartolo IV' 3 months ago
How is this heartbreaking
richard escobar
'richard escobar' 3 months ago
B4 everyone says dez caught it, do we not 4get reason the cowboys got there, was bcuz detriot lions got robbed in the wild card, but nobody was saying anything then. The refs picked up a Pi. which clearly changed tbe outcome of the game to help cowboys win. So it was like karma.
Pie Raider
'Pie Raider' 3 months ago
Pie Raider
'Pie Raider' 3 months ago
Mlg Polarbear
'Mlg Polarbear' 3 months ago
The dez bryant one was A catch. Sorry packer fans they never beat the cowboys without the help the refs
I am a Potado
'I am a Potado' 3 months ago
IT WAS A CATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobby Pendragon
'Bobby Pendragon' 3 months ago
Hehe as a bronco fan, 4 and 5 make me happy
Brey Galinato
'Brey Galinato' 3 months ago
Do top ten fights in the NFL
'Baseballking8921' 3 months ago
Daan De Smet
'Daan De Smet' 3 months ago
anybody human cool its guilt bay English.
'Blackbeard0531' 3 months ago
Dez caught it.
Lane Chandler
'Lane Chandler' 4 months ago
He had COMPLETE control for 3 steps. He literally caught it. Tucked it in his right arm and then left arm. So he had possession long enough to do that. And then dive. It says you have to make a football move. Say a receiver has been hit going over the middle. And he fumbled. If he takes 3 steps it’s a fumble. If he doesn’t it’s incomplete. But in this case he takes three full steps and a dive and he didn’t make a football move? Hypocrisy
'MAKE OUT HILL' 4 months ago
1:22 bottom left . I thought coaches can't be on the field during a play?
Mo Pharaoh
'Mo Pharaoh' 4 months ago
It's not a catch. If you know the rules, then you know that it's not a catch. I'm a huge Dallas fan btw. #FairFinishToAGoodGame
Parker Lynn
'Parker Lynn' 4 months ago
The play in Green Bay still pisses me off
Selfless Eros
'Selfless Eros' 4 months ago
I didn't watch the video. I saw the thumbnail. It was not a catch.
'therealestsista' 4 months ago
That was somene Bullshit!!! Dez Bryant had the Ball over the other guys body and as he was also falling!!! Which meant he had the Ball long enough to be a Catch!!!!! OUCH Dallas got Robbed!!!
'therealestsista' 4 months ago
O my Huuusband Dez Bryant!!!
'therealestsista' 4 months ago
Daaaamn #11 had to make a way thru the bodies in his own Yikes!!! He was a dodging Son of a GUN! ( lol that don't sound right Tehehe! even though Son of a Bitch don't sound nice Oops)
'therealestsista' 4 months ago
at 3:12 OMG Very Nuce Throw! The Catch was Awesome!!! And in between to Defenders of the opposite Team? Phenomenal
'therealestsista' 4 months ago
That is do Cool to see the Guy running with the Ball and his Teammates running alongside him and blocking anyone trying to get to their Man / Teammate!!! Teamwork! Teamwork!!!
Hayden Larson
'Hayden Larson' 4 months ago
2 sad
star Mations
'star Mations' 4 months ago
Dezcaught it but he did not get the td and im a panthers fan so I'm not sad
Agent Snort
'Agent Snort' 4 months ago
Well fuck I hate the cowboys and I hate the packers. Who do I want to win?
'Holyflygon' 4 months ago
i get fucking Vietnam style flash backs everytime i see that catch as a dallas fan i wanted to punch my tv for that.
Will Ray
'Will Ray' 4 months ago
hows thats not a catch
amit banai
'amit banai' 4 months ago
No music city miracle?
Dino Smash
'Dino Smash' 4 months ago
How was #4 heartbreaking
Nini Carmona
'Nini Carmona' 4 months ago
I am a green bay Packers fan
ambush jelly
'ambush jelly' 5 months ago
Plz subscribe to my channel
sportsgamer 1
'sportsgamer 1' 5 months ago
sportsgamer 1
'sportsgamer 1' 5 months ago
Packers ruin cowboys in playoffs two times
Warp Drive Fueled by Insomnia
That Dez Bryant "incompletion" was a robbery. I'm a Titans fan, and I don't like that call.
James Allen
'James Allen' 5 months ago
How is any of this heartbreaking?
David Cartwright
'David Cartwright' 5 months ago
what about the "music city miracle"?
David Cartwright
'David Cartwright' 5 months ago
i still get chills from that larry catch and run at #3
Steff En
'Steff En' 5 months ago
I'm a packer fan but dez Bryant caught" fake ass packer fans
Robert Held
'Robert Held' 5 months ago
Some aren't heartbreaking if you like the team who did good Like if you agree
will bednarz
'will bednarz' 5 months ago
Dez dropped it
Jonathan Varghese
'Jonathan Varghese' 5 months ago
Dez caught it. Also I love how clay Matthews is talking about wether or not he got the td or is on the one.
Andrew playz
'Andrew playz' 5 months ago
When the ref said that dez did'nt catch the ball, I honestly cried and was in disbelief.Also I do feel bad for the packers on the amazing hail mary but, HA! Karma!😅😉
Ian Brannan
'Ian Brannan' 5 months ago
I don't know how that minnesota vikings debacle of a missed field goal the other year isn't in these
Jay LovesFood98
'Jay LovesFood98' 5 months ago
As a die hard packers fan I believe that was a catch.
Anthomia Fan girl
'Anthomia Fan girl' 5 months ago
'jokermann100' 5 months ago
Then I remembered they got blown the fuck out the next week bahahahahah go pats!
'TheLakeShow' 5 months ago
As a cowboys fan, I cried when they called that bullshit. DEZ CAUGHT IT
Steven Richard
'Steven Richard' 5 months ago
Malcom Butler superbowl pick??
Fazy Rain
'Fazy Rain' 5 months ago
Tony Romo last playoff appearance was a sad one
'TrAvIsScOtT' 5 months ago
Fucking hate NFL refs, stupidest mother fuckers in sports.
'TrAvIsScOtT' 5 months ago
#1 killed me when I was younger.
super kid
'super kid' 5 months ago
dez bryant caught it stupid refs
OUTSIDER - MM and Sports videos
Thank the Lord that Will Parks was wearing white cleats
OUTSIDER - MM and Sports videos
I remember that Tebow to DT play like it was yesterday
'PatWaeschleVlogs' 5 months ago
Dez dropped give me a break
'HamLover17' 5 months ago
It's never heartbreaking to watch Pittsburgh lose.
'amazingdude03' 5 months ago
haha steelers suck
Oscar Lopez
'Oscar Lopez' 6 months ago
Everyone is being babies saying OH MY GOD HE CAUGHT THAT but that's true he did catch it but it was not a TD because the ball was down his knees were down and he did a barrel roll into the end zone after he was down so quit complaining its 2017 get over it
Allainea Montiel
'Allainea Montiel' 6 months ago
Fuck you
josethegamer 14
'josethegamer 14' 6 months ago
Who's from Denver Co
'brandon242' 6 months ago
The NFL is officially a joke after the Dez no catch and I am not even a cowboy fan. they should have been SB champs that year no question. the nfl is a joke.
'FrostyCrisps' 6 months ago
How is the first one hart breaking and the second one
'Sprxte' 6 months ago
Atlanta fans be on suicide watch.
'ANT92 DAL' 6 months ago
tears in my eyes watching #2 damn ima fucking miss Romo fuck we got robbed
'im_c21' 6 months ago
Fuck the Packers
chris bassani
'chris bassani' 6 months ago
Highest pop flies in baseball history
Darth JarJar
'Darth JarJar' 6 months ago
#2 was so stupid he caught it #RefsPlayingFantasy
Dallas Lovie
'Dallas Lovie' 6 months ago
Dez had that ball 5:40
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