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Funniest Officer Daniels Videos Compilation - Best Officer Daniels Vines, Instagram, Facebook Videos -
Published: 10 months ago By: Top Viners 2

By: Top Viners 2Published: 10 months ago

387, 374 views

4, 207 Likes   181 Dislikes

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Aizen sosuke
'Aizen sosuke' 5 hours ago
Hello 911 what's your emergency Yeah can I have a double cheeseburger with fries and a Coke
Sydney Steed
'Sydney Steed' 8 hours ago
so dang funny
Emma Medina
'Emma Medina' 10 hours ago
<. C
slime queen
'slime queen' 13 hours ago
'Jessica' 18 hours ago
Why cant my hometown have nice funny cops like him xDD
XjayygamezX X
'XjayygamezX X' 18 hours ago
Robert Andersson
'Robert Andersson' 20 hours ago
He showd his di.c.k in the last one omg
Hi Know
'Hi Know' 1 day ago
I’m ok with Kispy Kreme but Tim Horton’s
Colby The great
'Colby The great' 2 days ago
I enjoy officer Daniels but a lot of these were like re-done. Sorry....
CamReactsHD TV
'CamReactsHD TV' 2 days ago
Is he a real cop?
'football1234' 2 days ago
12:39 is funny
Alex Mendoza
'Alex Mendoza' 2 days ago
Catch me bich lol
Mr_ Google
'Mr_ Google' 2 days ago
Goddammit now I want a donut
'SARAH BOOKER' 2 days ago
pls tell me how much you get as money as a cop pls tell me because I want to be a cop when I grow up
Crazy Killer
'Crazy Killer' 2 days ago
Dat last one though 😂
kid wish
'kid wish' 2 days ago
I havnt laugh like this in a while thamks
'CoolTechStuff' 3 days ago
Officer Daniels what's your statis, Making a vine 10-4 sorry
Hao Frank
'Hao Frank' 3 days ago
08:55 lol
Gaming Rage
'Gaming Rage' 3 days ago
I'm weak, "when your siren doesn't work"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angrywolf 147
'Angrywolf 147' 3 days ago
he used watch yo profanity yyyyyyyeeeeeessssss
357 Racer
'357 Racer' 3 days ago
At 12:19 did the try weed
Raid Master
'Raid Master' 4 days ago
12:52 😮
Mayham 2018
'Mayham 2018' 5 days ago
This dude is cool I like him
Fifa Lewis
'Fifa Lewis' 5 days ago
6:32 that's marlon Webb The one there arresting
Logan Putman
'Logan Putman' 5 days ago
Meth pipe? Tire gauge, bruh
'Bloxlox900' 5 days ago
Noice okleys
'Chriscup' 6 days ago
3:22 this gurl is a savage 🤣☝️
joshua brown
'joshua brown' 6 days ago
neel en el sualo is how you say neel on the ground
joshua brown
'joshua brown' 6 days ago
what was the first song
LegoMaster 101
'LegoMaster 101' 6 days ago
He eats so many donuts, is he fat yet
Makayla The Ellie
'Makayla The Ellie' 1 week ago
When you're siren doesn't work 😂😂😂
Richelle Lagacé
'Richelle Lagacé' 1 week ago
11:12 when you try to record.. I didn't know cops could have the same problems as us xD
Keagan Reuter
'Keagan Reuter' 1 week ago
Fuck 12
Steven Peterson
'Steven Peterson' 1 week ago
When your siren doesn't work!!!! Lost it!!!
Sherry Wyllie
'Sherry Wyllie' 1 week ago
Curious what the relationship with Scott brother is? Is he reserve officer? Television career and property deals seem like full time.
wait_what_am_i_doing_here _
Im scared for life cuz at the end u could actually see his d**k
Landon Cain
'Landon Cain' 1 week ago
I added officer Dan
'UltGamer76' 1 week ago
12:52 XD How to get age restricted 101 pause the vid
'RaptorLeTv' 1 week ago
Pause the video and go to 12:52
Conner Mauk
'Conner Mauk' 2 weeks ago
Thank you Tommy Norman this is the kind of cops we need!
'Dino' 2 weeks ago
12:52 Penis slip
Hunter man
'Hunter man' 2 weeks ago
At 3:00 tho😂😂😂😂
Pink freaking unicorn Named bob
Is he actually a cop
'JAKATRON 666' 2 weeks ago
Rip officer Daniel 😥
Sharon Hickin
'Sharon Hickin' 2 weeks ago
2:50. 😂😂
El Chivo
'El Chivo' 2 weeks ago
This guys so funny lol 😂
Jim-Paul Adams
'Jim-Paul Adams' 2 weeks ago
Officer: Tammy what’s in the jar. Tammy: Water Officer: Well it looks like wine. Tammy: Damn Jesus did it again.
JuStNxaSaSsIn8x Gmod422
2:44 lol 😂
Felix Palacios
'Felix Palacios' 3 weeks ago
So lame he's trash
Hannah Yuhasz
'Hannah Yuhasz' 3 weeks ago
I love officer Daniels
The FlyingDonut
'The FlyingDonut' 3 weeks ago
You've been stealing people's ideas
Andrew Steinkoenig
'Andrew Steinkoenig' 3 weeks ago
Rest In Peace officer Daniels
killa gameplays
'killa gameplays' 4 weeks ago
12:51 look at the flick of that dick ooooh
Logan Short
'Logan Short' 4 weeks ago
He’s the coolest cop ever
King Roby
'King Roby' 1 month ago
Song 0:14?
Sansdude369 0
'Sansdude369 0' 1 month ago
This dude is probably one of the best cop out there...they're lucky to have a cop like him
Renee Costanzo
'Renee Costanzo' 2 months ago
Yes he's a real cop.
B1 Battle Droid
'B1 Battle Droid' 2 months ago
3:21 deja vu
funtime freddy
'funtime freddy' 2 months ago
Timmy Nikolaev
'Timmy Nikolaev' 2 months ago
Its his head he bends over
S Muai
'S Muai' 2 months ago
There's so many vines in here that were stolen
S Muai
'S Muai' 2 months ago
This cop stole vines from other people the jinx vine is Jason nash's
Gordon Freeman
'Gordon Freeman' 2 months ago
I love how he remakes other vines
Nerf Ranger
'Nerf Ranger' 2 months ago
Byron Bordelon
'Byron Bordelon' 3 months ago
at 12:51 doe why it show that
Zach Huston
'Zach Huston' 3 months ago
Tiger Zombie
'Tiger Zombie' 3 months ago
Kai Moce
'Kai Moce' 3 months ago
Why do cops like doughnuts?
Neuromantic Control
'Neuromantic Control' 3 months ago
this makes me happy
Jacob Crawford
'Jacob Crawford' 3 months ago
is he a real cop?
Nathan Drake
'Nathan Drake' 3 months ago
Adi Miller
'Adi Miller' 3 months ago
How is he allowed to do half the stuff he does
Adi Miller
'Adi Miller' 3 months ago
Is he is a real cop
Kellen Griggs
'Kellen Griggs' 4 months ago
James Birmingham
'James Birmingham' 4 months ago
8:32 the name of the song Don't judge me for not knowing the music
Itz Grizzly
'Itz Grizzly' 4 months ago
Cop: got any weed? Guy: not anymore
Genji Shimada
'Genji Shimada' 4 months ago
I wonder what people watching back dash cam thinks
Axel Zamudio
'Axel Zamudio' 4 months ago
Damn Jesus did it again
Unicorn Farts are awesome
He likes Brandon that's awesome!
tobi and deidara
'tobi and deidara' 4 months ago
I love his vines
Alicia Moore
'Alicia Moore' 4 months ago
Donut glaze it was from Brandon Owen Vines
Cool Dude
'Cool Dude' 5 months ago
What's the song at 8:30?
Alexandre Fabre
'Alexandre Fabre' 5 months ago
Cop: sir i can smell the weed on you please step out of the vehicle Guy: nah mate. Whoever smelt it. *dealt it* Cop: can't argue with that logic, cuff me boys
'NarutoMyri' 5 months ago
my dude got vocals
samantha brindley
'samantha brindley' 5 months ago
ha ha ha ha ha
Noah Naylor
'Noah Naylor' 5 months ago
officer Daniels is awesome...the officer in Little Rock Arkansas where I live at he inspires people liked me to help people in need and help one another
Shadows Lol
'Shadows Lol' 5 months ago
I actually like this police officer
'JAKHAZ' 6 months ago
8:30 LOL
Erik Gaming
'Erik Gaming' 6 months ago
Officer Daniels lives in Arkansas
'SAMUEL BAMPOE_PARRY' 6 months ago
Hay he is my nigga
'SomeGuy' 6 months ago
that gorl in 11:23 is so cute
Austin Chayer
'Austin Chayer' 6 months ago
5:32 is that actually his mom??
Austria Hungary
'Austria Hungary' 7 months ago
How to get out of getting your wife a valentine Gift Wife: Wheres my valentine gift? Officer Daniels: Uhm... *Radio crap* WE HAVE A CODE 19, GOTTA GO HONEY. *Doesnt come back untill finds valentine gift Wife: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! Officer Daniels: At code 19's place. Very effect Much smort
Crocket Parsons
'Crocket Parsons' 7 months ago
Ehh it's coolish I was just bored so I watched it 😕
Isabella Jenkins
'Isabella Jenkins' 7 months ago
I don't understand how does he not get tired of doughnuts
'Sneakerhead' 7 months ago
for the last clip, everybody is saying that you can see his nuts. nope, its his head. next time look closely with ur eyes not ur ass
'Sneakerhead' 7 months ago
him and Tammy are great doing vines together
Husky Lover
'Husky Lover' 7 months ago
3:07 the new nerve gas
Hayden Misenti
'Hayden Misenti' 7 months ago
the meth pipe was a tire presher cheker i have one
Henry Dinh
'Henry Dinh' 7 months ago
The last one where he says not the underwear got me
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