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Michelle Obama's final First Lady speech - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Michelle Obama has given an emotional farewell speech at the White House - honouring the School Counsellor of the Year Award. She told America's young people to be focused and hopeful. Speaking at a ceremony in the White House she said the role had the been the greatest honour of her life.

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jnathan burke
'jnathan burke' 2 weeks ago
Michael obama is one ugly dude
Liz Gichora
'Liz Gichora' 4 weeks ago
Excellent! Thank you.
'anasianperson' 4 weeks ago
Protect our freedoms. Americans wants the second amendment gone.
Wyatt Hansen
'Wyatt Hansen' 6 months ago
Wyatt Hansen
'Wyatt Hansen' 6 months ago
god i miss her and the rest of the family
Ben Roberts
'Ben Roberts' 7 months ago
I've Got An Idea Of First Lady Melania Trump's Final And Such Emotional Speech Is Going To Be. #GoMichelle
'챙챙봄날' 9 months ago
ㅠㅠ 한국인 1인ㅠㅠ
awani khodkumbhe
'awani khodkumbhe' 9 months ago
Michelle Obama is really a great woman...inspiring young girls like me to be themselves and to be unique and confident....Thank you for such a wonderful are my role model.
Carrie Kira
'Carrie Kira' 9 months ago
Michelle 2020!
LJ Bryan
'LJ Bryan' 10 months ago
fuck Obamas like they fucked america
'FurbishMe' 11 months ago
Best first lady in the world... and I'm not even American
Kalou Coulibaly
'Kalou Coulibaly' 11 months ago
I love them and her is tchetcher for world
Sen Kapow
'Sen Kapow' 12 months ago
and then you've got the brits stuck with dumbass may
'TheAwkwardCheeto' 12 months ago
Whos here for Miss Popps' English Homework
Christian Rogers
'Christian Rogers' 1 year ago
more like first man lol
SwordOF Truth
'SwordOF Truth' 1 year ago
trump has done more great things for the usa In a month than this pair in 8years
Teresa67 Factoid
'Teresa67 Factoid' 1 year ago
Such a fraud was perpetuated on the American people. Michael Obama is a man, so President Barry "obama" is gay. Fine, just be honest about it.
Jose Antonio
'Jose Antonio' 1 year ago
John Prewett
'John Prewett' 1 year ago
"wage war against infidels" ring a bell ?
Themistocles Piretzidis
-----puppet with wooden words and dry mind-----
Ann Sherwood
'Ann Sherwood' 1 year ago
Funny she named muslim before Christians, they are wolves in sheeps clothing.
Brenda Grill
'Brenda Grill' 1 year ago
Mick's and Obama's family had lots of money. They didn't start off poor. He needs to climb back into the hole he came from.
'coolbuddydude1' 1 year ago
She talks with the same pause & pace as Obama.
'HyperboreanSun' 1 year ago
Hello Michael
Alondra Velazquez
'Alondra Velazquez' 1 year ago
Now Americans have a REAL Hope, Pervert Bitch!!!
Jon Boy
'Jon Boy' 1 year ago
D... A.. N....r. !!!!!
John S
'John S' 1 year ago
Stupid tranny liar. Filth.
Luis Vellon
'Luis Vellon' 1 year ago
Damn...!! Isn't the end of the world, look at those idiots crying... Its OVER Bitches...
Travis Tennies
'Travis Tennies' 1 year ago
The 0bamas and the Clitless (Cocain Bill and Khillary) are thieves. Are you that stupid? You love sociopaths who will do anything to steal your money and destroy the USA for their own greed? Wake up! The rest of you...thank you for standing up and not letting the sociopaths win again!
Travis Tennies
'Travis Tennies' 1 year ago
These comments here are fake. Only a small percentage of poeple are brainwashed enough to not know reality. Muslims follow the devil -> allah. People know that the 0bamas are muslim and hate the USA. People know that globalism is a horrible idea. People know that they did everything to destroy the USA so that globalism and muslims can steal the USA from the people. People know that President Trump is and will always be at least one million times better than the piece of shit who tried his best to destroy our economy and jobs and stole tons of tax payer's money.
Simply Jango
'Simply Jango' 1 year ago
Lmaooo 😂 she said the country belongs to us and she forces all the schools to serve " healthy " lunches. Wish this bitch was killed six years ago. 😂
Indecent Angel
'Indecent Angel' 1 year ago
God Bless you beautiful soul. I thank you for being the best and most real first lady. For ever always in my heart.
Mister Pie
'Mister Pie' 1 year ago
Bye bye big Mike
Connor Sully
'Connor Sully' 1 year ago
Love you Madame First Lady!
Queen V Jos
'Queen V Jos' 1 year ago
Amazing, Amazing #BOWWWWW
Dan Savka
'Dan Savka' 1 year ago
she's racist real bad
Dan Savka
'Dan Savka' 1 year ago
she's really trying hard not to speak ghetto
'HitAltF4Please' 1 year ago
Watching this really got to the bottom of my heart. And now we have Melania and the Donald. I hope that they aren't able to destroy everything that has been built up by the Obamas and this great nation.
Viri Ruiz
'Viri Ruiz' 1 year ago
Such a nice woman, the obama's are the best :(
Aldemar Delapuy
'Aldemar Delapuy' 1 year ago
bye bye big mike see you later when your legs are straighter!
Kierah Johnson
'Kierah Johnson' 1 year ago
She was trying so hard not to cry at the ending😭😭😭 I love you so much Michelle Obama❤ We will miss you!!!!!!
cheng saephan
'cheng saephan' 1 year ago
jenn e
'jenn e' 1 year ago
Alex Aguilar
'Alex Aguilar' 1 year ago
Thank u I love u Michelle Obama❤️❤️❤️
'MusicforMe123' 1 year ago
I have a funny feeling that she will be President one day.
Jim Jimm
'Jim Jimm' 1 year ago
Too bad Ray Jessel couldn't be there singing his signature song. Rest in Peace Ray
Jim Jimm
'Jim Jimm' 1 year ago
Awww , at 7:45 Michelle had a huge lump in her throat. Oops , that was only her Adam's Apple, my bad.
'AShadowSeeker' 1 year ago
This guy was the worst first lady ever!!!!!
Dale white
'Dale white' 1 year ago
Goodbye Bigfoot you will not be missed. Bitch!
'Victor' 1 year ago
hahahaha....minimum wage stays low!!!!!!! I make 6 figures!!!! hahahahhahha
Dee Dee Higgins
'Dee Dee Higgins' 1 year ago
😢 sad
'Wakon' 1 year ago
Daniel fountain
'Daniel fountain' 1 year ago
The Seasons Finale of America 01/20/2017
HotRod Mama49
'HotRod Mama49' 1 year ago
Such a great and inspirational speaker, so good that people without brain cells or their own expressed opinions plagiarize her speeches word for word.
Cristian Chaidez
'Cristian Chaidez' 1 year ago
My dream is to be president of North Korea and nobody is gong to stop me!
'Victor' 1 year ago
look at the four women around her very pretty faces, hahahahahahahahha
Angel 123
'Angel 123' 1 year ago
What did those two do for us? Please someone tell me what they did that we should miss them when they are gone!
'Victor' 1 year ago
she's a worthless niger ape
liliana martins
'liliana martins' 1 year ago
Amazing power strong women, Mother of the earth
Greg McLean
'Greg McLean' 1 year ago
Hey Michelle sweetie you failed to mention with all the talk of freedom of religion that there are hundreds of thousands of the 1.6 Muslim that wish to change America into a Sharia law Muslim state...dont thing so just look at whats going on in Europe honey..that presents a real and present danger for all Americans nothing like we have ever experienced before. Call me an racist I dont care for my eyes are wide open to whats going on in the world today with the Muslim faith. It is a backwards medieval culture and faith that wants to bring the whole world under the rule of the Koran for that is and has always been there goal...Wise up people
Jega 110
'Jega 110' 1 year ago
She is and will be the only American First Lady that the world (not white Americans) would have loved to be the First American Woman President 😍 God has Blessed Her and will forever 😇
Mariza Rios
'Mariza Rios' 1 year ago
You're the best first lady of the united states ever Michelle Obama😉!!!!!!!
Chris Wheeler
'Chris Wheeler' 1 year ago
Marek Meluzín
'Marek Meluzín' 1 year ago
Leave and do not come back.
'Victor' 1 year ago
I can't believe how brain washed liberals are.
'WangGaeParkGae' 1 year ago
She is my role model!
No Name
'No Name' 1 year ago
Die you outsider sick bitch . . .
Kariuki Ke
'Kariuki Ke' 1 year ago
such an inspiring speech. i wish i could meet her in person
'bctvguy' 1 year ago
Enrique Ibarra
'Enrique Ibarra' 1 year ago
miss president 2021
Paul Breen
'Paul Breen' 1 year ago
The way this speech was paced towards its conclusion and used straightforward language to get the message across means that it will be listened to for decades by teachers and historians. I wrote about it here in an article that was originally titled 'Why Michelle Obama's speech will echo through history' -
Snore Lax
'Snore Lax' 1 year ago
The noisiest first lady America ever saw.
'throbadelica' 1 year ago
BlaBla Bla what a load of bollocks
'Victor' 1 year ago
she is disgusting
'Victor' 1 year ago
she looks like an ape
'Victor' 1 year ago
Dear Michelle, please drop dead.
ss gang
'ss gang' 1 year ago
she'll be truly missed. 💗 bye mom
Ra Mar
'Ra Mar' 1 year ago
Hit the road mama. You had enough spa days. Look how different you go as to how you came in. Now you are all polished up at our expense...hit the road, get lost, don't take the towels! How much did that hair cut and fixings cost us?
'mt8300' 1 year ago
'Victor' 1 year ago
she is a dog. very bad morals
'zxrrsteve1' 1 year ago
A pile of CRAP
Alyssa  S
'Alyssa S' 1 year ago
God I miss her as First Lady and I'm Canadian💔 such a smart person
'Phantix' 1 year ago
She will be America's first woman President.
'LTV249' 1 year ago
out the door she gose:)
Noah Starfriend
'Noah Starfriend' 1 year ago
i hope That Michelle Obama will makes the next president of the USA i hope That so much ⚘
breaking point! 2014
well said Michael you are a man..
Tracy Thornton
'Tracy Thornton' 1 year ago
Grace and Peace to Your family
Thirtyone Solutions
Best part of this speech is the word "final."
Patricia Grupe
'Patricia Grupe' 1 year ago
Michael A
'Michael A' 1 year ago
fabulous speach will the next 1st lady be able to match... I think not!!!
'hepster1958' 1 year ago
How is she telling these people to have hope, when she recently said that all hope is gone?
John Duck
'John Duck' 1 year ago
Tranny POS!
Veronica Valencia
'Veronica Valencia' 1 year ago
Joe B
'Joe B' 1 year ago
TWA...Nationalism NOT globalism!
BilOmar Elmasry
'BilOmar Elmasry' 1 year ago
I love you. God bless you.
jay khajuria
'jay khajuria' 1 year ago
Michelle Obama spews empty rhetoric, just like her husband and his policies.
'crunchybobjones' 1 year ago
Just glad to see that hateful thing out of the White House soon.. Maybe now the school kids can get something edible for lunch..
'Saitama' 1 year ago
Jerry Gray
'Jerry Gray' 1 year ago
compassion for pedophiles is what her and her husband have been pushing on us death to Islam the worst parasite on the planet
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