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Michelle Obama's final First Lady speech - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Michelle Obama has given an emotional farewell speech at the White House - honouring the School Counsellor of the Year Award. She told America's young people to be focused and hopeful. Speaking at a ceremony in the White House she said the role had the been the greatest honour of her life.

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Hank Hill
'Hank Hill' 10 hours ago
My dream is to be president of North Korea and nobody is gong to stop me!
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 2 days ago
look at the four women around her very pretty faces, hahahahahahahahha
Angel 123
'Angel 123' 3 days ago
What did those two do for us? Please someone tell me what they did that we should miss them when they are gone!
Cat Bird
'Cat Bird' 3 days ago
manchell go play with your ball's
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 3 days ago
she's a worthless niger ape
liliana martins
'liliana martins' 3 days ago
Amazing power strong women, Mother of the earth
Greg McLean
'Greg McLean' 3 days ago
Hey Michelle sweetie you failed to mention with all the talk of freedom of religion that there are hundreds of thousands of the 1.6 Muslim that wish to change America into a Sharia law Muslim state...dont thing so just look at whats going on in Europe honey..that presents a real and present danger for all Americans nothing like we have ever experienced before. Call me an racist I dont care for my eyes are wide open to whats going on in the world today with the Muslim faith. It is a backwards medieval culture and faith that wants to bring the whole world under the rule of the Koran for that is and has always been there goal...Wise up people
Jega 110
'Jega 110' 4 days ago
She is and will be the only American First Lady that the world (not white Americans) would have loved to be the First American Woman President 😍 God has Blessed Her and will forever 😇
Mariza Rios
'Mariza Rios' 4 days ago
You're the best first lady of the united states ever Michelle Obama😉!!!!!!!
Chris Wheeler
'Chris Wheeler' 4 days ago
Marek Meluzín
'Marek Meluzín' 4 days ago
Leave and do not come back.
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 4 days ago
I can't believe how brain washed liberals are.
'pepijyxoxo' 4 days ago
She is my role model!
No Name
'No Name' 5 days ago
Die you outsider sick bitch . . .
Kariuki Ke
'Kariuki Ke' 5 days ago
such an inspiring speech. i wish i could meet her in person
'bctvguy' 5 days ago
Enrique Ibarra
'Enrique Ibarra' 5 days ago
miss president 2021
Paul Breen
'Paul Breen' 5 days ago
The way this speech was paced towards its conclusion and used straightforward language to get the message across means that it will be listened to for decades by teachers and historians. I wrote about it here in an article that was originally titled 'Why Michelle Obama's speech will echo through history' - 
Snore Lax
'Snore Lax' 5 days ago
The noisiest first lady America ever saw.
'throbadelica' 5 days ago
BlaBla Bla what a load of bollocks
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 5 days ago
she is disgusting
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 5 days ago
she looks like an ape
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 5 days ago
Dear Michelle, please drop dead.
Someone Somewhere
'Someone Somewhere' 5 days ago
Good riddance !!!
'IOSxEditing' 5 days ago
she'll be truly missed. 💗 bye mom
Ra Mar (Ramar)
'Ra Mar (Ramar)' 5 days ago
Hit the road mama. You had enough spa days. Look how different you go as to how you came in. Now you are all polished up at our expense...hit the road, get lost, don't take the towels! How much did that hair cut and fixings cost us?
'mt8300' 5 days ago
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 5 days ago
and an ape
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 5 days ago
she is a dog. very bad morals
'zxrrsteve1' 6 days ago
A pile of CRAP
Alexander Joshua
'Alexander Joshua' 6 days ago
Thank You Michelle Obama 😢 Im In Tears So Empowering will never forget your words.
Paulina Ortiz
'Paulina Ortiz' 6 days ago
She is so freaking convincent, that sometimes I believe her words.
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 6 days ago
she looks like an ape
Alyssa S
'Alyssa S' 6 days ago
God I miss her as First Lady and I'm Canadian💔 such a smart person
'Phantix' 6 days ago
She will be America's first woman President.
'LTV249' 6 days ago
out the door she gose:)
Noah Starfriend
'Noah Starfriend' 6 days ago
i hope That Michelle Obama will makes the next president of the USA i hope That so much ⚘
'deadhead686' 6 days ago
Pack your shit and get out of the White House you wildebeest.
breaking point! 2014
well said Michael you are a man..
Tracy Thornton
'Tracy Thornton' 6 days ago
Grace and Peace to Your family
Thirtyone Solutions
Best part of this speech is the word "final."
Patricia Grupe
'Patricia Grupe' 6 days ago
Michael A
'Michael A' 6 days ago
fabulous speach will the next 1st lady be able to match... I think not!!!
'hepster1958' 6 days ago
How is she telling these people to have hope, when she recently said that all hope is gone?
John Duck
'John Duck' 6 days ago
Tranny POS!
'sanbruno1775' 6 days ago
Veronica Valencia
'Veronica Valencia' 6 days ago
Joe B
'Joe B' 6 days ago
TWA...Nationalism NOT globalism!
BilOmar Elmasry
'BilOmar Elmasry' 6 days ago
I love you. God bless you.
jay khajuria
'jay khajuria' 6 days ago
Michelle Obama spews empty rhetoric, just like her husband and his policies.
Danielle Nicole
'Danielle Nicole' 6 days ago
Michelle Obama 2020 please
'crunchybobjones' 6 days ago
Just glad to see that hateful thing out of the White House soon.. Maybe now the school kids can get something edible for lunch..
Miroslav Andonov
'Miroslav Andonov' 6 days ago
Jerry Gray
'Jerry Gray' 6 days ago
compassion for pedophiles is what her and her husband have been pushing on us death to Islam the worst parasite on the planet
Jerry Gray
'Jerry Gray' 6 days ago
Haha what a joke
Victoria Ade
'Victoria Ade' 6 days ago
Michelle is a class act, poise, sensitive and capable of analytical thinking. Thanks for lending your voice towards girls education and for standing by your man. You're my role model. You did what you could, so be proud of yourself and be happy. Be happy that you have a man who has eyes for only you and you're free to continue as mum-in-chief to your amazing daughters. (You can now wind down your glasses when you're in the car. . . .lol humor things). Seriously Michelle, lots of mentorship opportunities abound for you to mentor young women of color. But really for now, it's time to trust that God who brought you from unknown to notoriety and gave you a voice, is the same God who has brought an unknown immigrant to a place of prominence. Let go and let God. Thank you!
'MsHackworth' 6 days ago
wonderful speech!
John Karbo
'John Karbo' 6 days ago
i love to live on HOPE! But i realy want a piece of cake too!
Danny Oosthuizen
'Danny Oosthuizen' 6 days ago
She should have become President!
'RMPsumma' 6 days ago
Good riddance, you lightweight nothing. Just go for God's sake!
Kayla Heart
'Kayla Heart' 6 days ago
Michelle and obamas goodbye speech that is great to say goodbye you will not be missed
'TittyWinks' 6 days ago
Bye Felicia.
Josh Potts
'Josh Potts' 6 days ago
Who gave this tranny a podium?
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 6 days ago
she looks like Aunt Jemima
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 6 days ago
She is an ugly ass ape
Victor AK47
'Victor AK47' 6 days ago
Goodbye planet of the apes
I strongly disagree with their political stances and thank God trump won but what Michelle is saying is right I wish during Obamas presidency these values were demonstrated a little more
The Skyrim Courier
Mark Fisher
'Mark Fisher' 6 days ago
I hope that michelle put the toilet seat down when she left because there will be a real lady moving in soon
Truth Seekers
'Truth Seekers' 6 days ago
This LADY is awesome!! MANY of you miss the message for shooting the messenger...... so SAD! If you take the same finger you're pointing and point it at yourself then and only then will America be great again...... (please believe the person you're trusting to make it great again is NOT the savior! 🤡) DO YOUR PART! And make sure you're not harming someone else in the process!!!
'J S' 7 days ago
When emotions hijacked critical thinking: Americans are a waste of time and space.
beautybabe 101
'beautybabe 101' 7 days ago
if u had to describe Michelle Obama in two emoji wat will it be? mines👑💪
beautybabe 101
'beautybabe 101' 7 days ago
if u had to describe Michelle Obama in two emoji wat will it be? mines👑💪
beautybabe 101
'beautybabe 101' 7 days ago
if u had to describe Michelle Obama in two emoji wat will it be? mines👑💪
mark warz
'mark warz' 7 days ago
show us your dick! nice hat!
'Mariachi153' 7 days ago
Anything is possible... Michael Obama, the First White House Tranny, is living proof of that.
Jive Lamotta
'Jive Lamotta' 7 days ago
'Mac' 7 days ago
Which one out of Michaels Coven catchup has the biggest wang,....start dancin girls,...
Berta Lang
'Berta Lang' 7 days ago
encounter resist running put prize cabin high on.
Elizabeth Lopez
'Elizabeth Lopez' 7 days ago
It's not only about the young people. What about everyone else in the world. Do you have something to tell us? Good speech but not convincing. Nice words, as usual, you can speak very nice but that is not what matters. What about everyone else? There are a lot of people out here that needed to hear some encouraging words, not only the youth. So we were left waiting for a farewell speech for us as well. Goodbye Michelle.
'Mac' 7 days ago
Now Seriously - How could big Mike hate the white race like he has shown in numerous videos??? How could Big Mike support his husband Barry in the killing of millions through 7 wars and forcing millions of refugees to flood and collapse Europe,.....Yes Big Mike, you won't be missed at all.
jake thasnake
'jake thasnake' 7 days ago
Russel Mack
'Russel Mack' 7 days ago
The Tranny says what ? ... and who F'n cares !
'Jhannes' 7 days ago
One of her best speeches!!
'spideraxis' 7 days ago
I can't wait until this piece of landfill is no longer first lady.
Ivan Magana
'Ivan Magana' 7 days ago
Michele obama or should I say michael! is a transgender joan rivers exposed her and a few weeks later joan died!
Fred Led
'Fred Led' 7 days ago
Goodbye time to go, the greatest con ever pulled off!!!!! A young city organizer with a total secretive past, no one knew him or ever came forward with stories or anything significant. This Magnetic God is virtually unknown from his prior life...... and he gets elected president out of nowhere. He was the hope and change man but delivered racism, division, less than 1 percent of growth, no real jobs and socialism on steroids!!!! Who knows what damage he has done behind the scenes? Time will tell and all the dogs will come out once he is gone you watch.....
Huh? This doesn't make sense. First, she's in a team where they say "Your children belong to the state". Now she is saying that the country belongs to immigrants. Using that logic, the American children belong to immigrants. Condradictionzorz. How do you get the job of being a crying fool next to the First Penis of the US? His lunch nutrition is classed as unhealthy. His husband is officially/statistically/historically the worst president ever because he behaved like a criminal because he was a criminal (9 points of evidence to fake ID used when applying for president. Atleast 40 years jailtime for Barrack if the law means anything). I'd go on but the Obamas are just representitives of an organization that is much bigger. Good riddence to these criminals.
Smith Fred
'Smith Fred' 1 week ago
Brilliant family. Well done.
Mr Beaverson
'Mr Beaverson' 1 week ago
she looks a bit like cleopatra with that barnet.
Dread Knot
'Dread Knot' 1 week ago
lol @ all the brainwashed people in here... Obama/Michelle is a Cultural Marxist shill piece of shit!! *Wake up*
Benjamin Zbogar
'Benjamin Zbogar' 1 week ago
Michelle saying:"know that this country belongs to you" Michelle thinking:"and you handed it over to a fake-haired egomaniac you DUMBASSES!"
Hemliga Hemlig
'Hemliga Hemlig' 1 week ago
She is standing beside a man that doubled the national debt in 8 years witch is beyond estonashing. Bomb the middle east back houndred off years and started the rapefugees to europe so western europe is destroyed aswell. A woman who stand by her mans side while he destroys the constitution and freedoms of America .Set record weapons sales to saudi arabia. Bombs children around the world and dont say anything about it at all. Yeah she is special allright
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