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The Vamps - All Night (Vevo Presents: Live) -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: TheVampsVEVO

By: TheVampsVEVOPublished: 4 weeks ago

325, 923 views

17, 708 Likes   176 Dislikes

The Vamps - All Night - live for Vevo Presents. Get the Vevo App!

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rigo moreno
'rigo moreno' 3 minutes ago
leonard belaj
'leonard belaj' 32 minutes ago
I'm seeing them at the o2 this year to got the tickets can't wait 😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😏
leonard belaj
'leonard belaj' 1 hour ago
I sang this song with my friend but I moved away so this reminds me of my friend 😢😢
Martina Olguin
'Martina Olguin' 11 hours ago
I broke the replay button.
Ludmilla Sampaio
'Ludmilla Sampaio' 3 days ago
They are awesome
'Unknown' 3 days ago
Cause i Feel like im always dreaminn. oh oh
Dolores Guillen
'Dolores Guillen' 4 days ago
I love them guys. Are incredible 💕💕
'Reneé' 4 days ago
Goosebumps... Every. Damn. Time. 😻😻😻😻😻
'LIYAH THE UNICORN' 4 days ago
notice me pleaseeeeeeeeee brad Ilysm follow me in twitter and IG please if you do follow if not I respect
'Bruna' 4 days ago
Geraldine Rivera
'Geraldine Rivera' 5 days ago
Hahayss hope to see you soon guys😍😘❤️
Libby Scott
'Libby Scott' 6 days ago
lol where did the cymbal sound go at 1:32
Xandy carlos
'Xandy carlos' 7 days ago
Huuu muito bom amei top de mas
'Serapia' 1 week ago
James' new hair is so fine. <3
Heather Dickie
'Heather Dickie' 1 week ago
LAST NIGHT I danced as if I had a WILD HEART and I'm going to be up ALL NIGHT and then WAKE UP and feel GOLDEN because I FOUND A GIRL called JACK, she was DANGEROUS. Today I'm going to ask her CAN WE DANCE but she said no so everybody shouted BURN and I wanted to escape to ANOTHER WORLD because I felt sad. I realised that the MILLION WORDS she said to me about how she loved me were fake. I got a taxi because I'm a BOY WITHOUT A CAR and I wanted to go to bingo. A person was a CHEATER so he got kicked out of the game. I saw this other girl and I wanted her to MOVE MY WAY because I felt LOVE STRUCK because of her SMILE! I met up with her a few days after and she and I went to see some WINDMILLS. She made me feel like a VOLCANO. I was going to RISK IT ALL for her 😂😂😂😂😂 thanks for reading that pointless love story. If you don't like it I will give you a PIECE OF (my) MIND 😂
Sean Goins
'Sean Goins' 1 week ago
brad cute as ever
Sean Goins
'Sean Goins' 1 week ago
the beat is the best part
Sienna Hattersley
'Sienna Hattersley' 1 week ago
I love you vamps
Angelica S.
'Angelica S.' 1 week ago
i'm completely in love with this
Sophie Brandon
'Sophie Brandon' 1 week ago
Bradley is gorgeous
bharati rawat
'bharati rawat' 1 week ago
best band
Brianna Talavera
'Brianna Talavera' 2 weeks ago
Dulce Rivera
'Dulce Rivera' 2 weeks ago
Please come to Mexico!!!💞😍
Natalia Lezama
'Natalia Lezama' 2 weeks ago
The band is amazing and I love brad
'chobi@' 2 weeks ago
2:35 Brad's voice my favorite
Bunyakorn Atikomseranee
Ana Martinez
'Ana Martinez' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful song 💜
Lukas Sings
'Lukas Sings' 2 weeks ago
Amazing like always
jessy Simpson
'jessy Simpson' 2 weeks ago
Cameron “Lillian” Summers
A little bit of differences between concerts live, which shows they don't use autotune. Then you have then sassily dancing, 'like, we're killing it!' That's my boys! ~Day
sachi kaba
'sachi kaba' 2 weeks ago
ooooooooh my god!! veryyy cool!!!! 😍😍😍
Mylena Knust
'Mylena Knust' 2 weeks ago
Andrea Corrales
'Andrea Corrales' 2 weeks ago
'김은정' 2 weeks ago
'hacksoftheday' 2 weeks ago
The vamps and matoma for god sake
Bella Beauty
'Bella Beauty' 2 weeks ago
Mayara Kelly
'Mayara Kelly' 3 weeks ago
Sou apaixonada por essa banda😍
Grace Skinner
'Grace Skinner' 3 weeks ago
brad can't hit the high note on feel . he might have a cold
Shammy Rhyl
'Shammy Rhyl' 3 weeks ago
I hope I could see you guys! 😭
Shammy Rhyl
'Shammy Rhyl' 3 weeks ago
I hope I could see you guys! 😭
Chelsea Hood
'Chelsea Hood' 3 weeks ago
Love this👏👏👏👏
Amanda Li
'Amanda Li' 3 weeks ago
'A' 3 weeks ago
I don't Like the studio version but This one is amazing like James is killing this solo guitar 👌
Gunther Jhey Ortega
'Gunther Jhey Ortega' 3 weeks ago
James so you can hang out with Liza you still have a chance
Gunther Jhey Ortega
'Gunther Jhey Ortega' 3 weeks ago
Visit philippines plz
Chris Teena
'Chris Teena' 3 weeks ago
❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ love u guys
Rebys -z
'Rebys -z' 3 weeks ago
Micherrel Sabaru
'Micherrel Sabaru' 3 weeks ago
c y next year!😊
jaxiang zhang
'jaxiang zhang' 3 weeks ago
I love so much this song! 😍
Fjord Ashley Avellana
JEMS OMG 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Guada Belén
'Guada Belén' 3 weeks ago
Los amo 😍
chloe Payne
'chloe Payne' 3 weeks ago
Can't wait to see you may 19 2017
chloe Payne
'chloe Payne' 3 weeks ago
love the song
Macy Gilroy
'Macy Gilroy' 3 weeks ago
Amazing. As always.
Epic 123 lol
'Epic 123 lol' 3 weeks ago
I can't stop listening to this song 👍
Eve Chalmers
'Eve Chalmers' 3 weeks ago
I got some tickets to see them on May 17th
Jasmin Freeman
'Jasmin Freeman' 3 weeks ago
they make me dance
Manon gaillard
'Manon gaillard' 3 weeks ago
Manon gaillard
'Manon gaillard' 3 weeks ago
Deea Andreea
'Deea Andreea' 3 weeks ago
the best
Bea Garcia
'Bea Garcia' 3 weeks ago
Josselyn Mendoza
'Josselyn Mendoza' 3 weeks ago
Sólo yo me morí en el minuto 1:22 con los movimientos de Brad??? Lo siento no puedo evitarlo
'Iliana' 3 weeks ago
Zen Am
'Zen Am' 3 weeks ago
zetxit biebz pl
'zetxit biebz pl' 3 weeks ago
when you realise your little secret is not a secret anymore 😢
Little Janna cz
'Little Janna cz' 3 weeks ago
James' guitar solo is absolutely mind-blowing 😍👏
Ali Corini
'Ali Corini' 3 weeks ago
Peggy Osman
'Peggy Osman' 3 weeks ago
😚😚😄😍😍😍😍I freaking. looove this song!!!!!
Blib blub qwe
'Blib blub qwe' 3 weeks ago
I really love how much energy you have in every single video. This gave me so much power every time I watch it!
luiza Santos
'luiza Santos' 3 weeks ago
Maravilhosa <3
Angelina Estacion
'Angelina Estacion' 3 weeks ago
come back to the philippines please
Federica Diaconescu
'Federica Diaconescu' 3 weeks ago
Ciao siete i più braviiiiii
Molly Ainsworth
'Molly Ainsworth' 3 weeks ago
today (Christmas day) I found out that I am going to see the vamps n when I found out, I started crying XD hahahahaha
Stephanie Lindsay
'Stephanie Lindsay' 3 weeks ago
OMG so good
Roni X
'Roni X' 3 weeks ago
I bloody love James but I hate how he hardly gets to sing when he's really good
'andreaisnotamazing' 3 weeks ago
I love tris' way of drumming here argh
teresa maria
'teresa maria' 3 weeks ago
'Hannah' 4 weeks ago
My brother is 17 and he is like Tristan and can play the drums and he's so good and the piano. Brad i love u so much as u can tell on my picture 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️
Katrina Fest
'Katrina Fest' 4 weeks ago
where is animal??
Emily Stilinski
'Emily Stilinski' 4 weeks ago
omg this is soo good, I CAN'T BREATH
Damia Iman
'Damia Iman' 4 weeks ago
love it!!!❤❤🔥
5sos IDC
'5sos IDC' 4 weeks ago
It must be cold in there...
Dark ID
'Dark ID' 4 weeks ago
i want connor's coat
'PrettyfuLia' 4 weeks ago
😍😍 my baby. Always giving us the best of best. love you so much. come back to Paris please 😏😏
'ネギ塩' 4 weeks ago
Francisco Gonçalves
Valeria Castro
'Valeria Castro' 4 weeks ago
Florecita llancce
'Florecita llancce' 4 weeks ago
the song is beautiful
'Hashdab' 4 weeks ago
so beautiful, love it
Jihad Musmar
'Jihad Musmar' 4 weeks ago
I lloooooovvveee this way better than the original...Bradley's vocals are more clear here and it's greattttttttt
Adriele Ribeiro
'Adriele Ribeiro' 4 weeks ago
Trish Witt
'Trish Witt' 4 weeks ago
So. Underrated..
Shandy Gunawan
'Shandy Gunawan' 4 weeks ago
Om Telolet Om,xoxoxoxo!!!
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