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The Vamps - All Night (Vevo Presents: Live) -
Published: 6 months ago By: TheVampsVEVO

By: TheVampsVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

699, 645 views

25, 778 Likes   250 Dislikes

The Vamps - All Night - live for Vevo Presents. Get the Vevo App!

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Esther Pastor Araújo
THE VAMPS é só sucesso 👏👏👏
Marii Walker
'Marii Walker' 1 week ago
agg muero me encantaria esta cancion la vuelvan a pasar mil veces en la radioooo o sea es hermosa 😄
sabrina wijaya
'sabrina wijaya' 3 weeks ago
Teehee Haha
'Teehee Haha' 4 weeks ago
Why do I find resemblance between Brad and Dean (Kwon Hyuk) in this video? '-' Any Dean Fans out of nowhere? ><
Hannah Brattain
'Hannah Brattain' 1 month ago
hey guys! I'm in love with this song and just uploaded a cover of it if you wanna check it out :) it's not up to par with Brad but I do my best 😂✌︎❤️
Réka Zsiros
'Réka Zsiros' 1 month ago
i love this song!!😍😍😝😝
Shawn Mendexual
'Shawn Mendexual' 1 month ago
Whats the Name of the Hot Singer ?
Mugdha Srivastava
'Mugdha Srivastava' 1 month ago
Has anyone else noted how amazing Conor looks at 1:11 when he suddenly moves in to sing?!😍
jordene lewin
'jordene lewin' 1 month ago
That coat cld hold me as well Brad
Rosanna Bertelli
'Rosanna Bertelli' 1 month ago
I love this BOYBAND❤❤❤
Asma Minaoui
'Asma Minaoui' 1 month ago
Bradley you're the best of all 😘😘😘😘❤❤❤
Prii P.
'Prii P.' 1 month ago
el vocalista tiene cara de ser agrandadito 😂
E.N.D Natsu
'E.N.D Natsu' 2 months ago
your voice is beautiful
Abs Kang Seulgi
'Abs Kang Seulgi' 2 months ago
Omg brad you killing me😩
Danielle Rice
'Danielle Rice' 2 months ago
amazing performance as always and love this song
Address & Audios
'Address & Audios' 2 months ago
I love you guys
Angel Dawson
'Angel Dawson' 2 months ago
i love you the vamps
'Miley's Queendom' 2 months ago
live version is way better than studio version that's what I call talent
'SantiGaming' 2 months ago
Doesn't Brad look like the soccer player Griezman? Look up the soccer player Greizman and compare him and Brad XD
Julietta Tyan
'Julietta Tyan' 3 months ago
I watch this video every day and for me this version is almost better than the original due to Brad's voice <3 The way he sings "all night" at 2:17 drives me crazy
Yvonne Max-Koroma
'Yvonne Max-Koroma' 3 months ago
An acoustic cover would be sick
Bria S
'Bria S' 3 months ago
I don't remember how many times ive watched this ... 💙💙💙
Saniya Sadaf
'Saniya Sadaf' 3 months ago
love you The vamps
qonita rahmasari
'qonita rahmasari' 3 months ago
why The Vamps member looks like One Direction ? and Bradley style looks like Harry's style ? Bradley's hair getting longer and he did not cut it, it just looks like Harry's
Maryfer RM
'Maryfer RM' 3 months ago
1:22 😍
mahdi prantoz
'mahdi prantoz' 3 months ago
love u guys...😂 and your music..😂
elizabeth chara
'elizabeth chara' 3 months ago
it's good
Felicity Leah
'Felicity Leah'xo' 3 months ago
My tickets for May have just arrived !! 😍👅
Rebeca Vitoria
'Rebeca Vitoria' 3 months ago
love you the vamps😍❤❤❤
Ivy Baduya
'Ivy Baduya' 3 months ago
Brad's voice. oh my god
Laline Barbosa
'Laline Barbosa' 3 months ago
'sira' 3 months ago
Tris looks ridiculously good in this video
Juna Gaming
'Juna Gaming' 3 months ago
Jessica R.
'Jessica R.' 3 months ago
In love with Connor's guitar...
Alexa Kess
'Alexa Kess' 3 months ago
Why do I feel like a proud mother watching this
'tofutalks' 3 months ago
Is it a normal thing to destroy people's pant??? TELL ME BRAD
Rafaela Hinojosa
'Rafaela Hinojosa' 3 months ago
Student of the Game
'Student of the Game' 3 months ago
What is james' haircut called?
Sudesh Jassi
'Sudesh Jassi' 3 months ago
I like official video better than this
Isabel Chan
'Isabel Chan' 3 months ago
I can't stop watching this video. Brad is so cute x
maleńka xd
'maleńka xd' 3 months ago
Amazing omg😋💖💖
'RensSpace' 3 months ago
this songs has a good feel
AzzA 5H
'AzzA 5H' 3 months ago
they're actually really good... they're cute too
Khim5 Kimye
'Khim5 Kimye' 3 months ago
Abbi Fulbrook
'Abbi Fulbrook' 3 months ago
love you so much xxxx
Shrashti Jain
'Shrashti Jain' 3 months ago
LexyLY Playz
'LexyLY Playz' 3 months ago
you sounded different from the original song
Mafe Fiorucci
'Mafe Fiorucci' 3 months ago
Perfect forever ❤️❤️
Lais Massola
'Lais Massola' 3 months ago
Melhor Bandaaaaaa
Gleyciene Souza
'Gleyciene Souza' 4 months ago
Love the vamps 😍😍😍
tabii quinn
'tabii quinn' 4 months ago
a dream come true, i see u guys this year, finally (GDTDüsseldorf)
Sharon Malcolm
'Sharon Malcolm' 4 months ago
'Maine' 4 months ago
Love how their musical instrument skills were able to shine here as compared to the original one
Sabrina De Los Angeles
deberíamos compartir los vídeos para que crezca the vamps 😀
Vanda Ribeiro
'Vanda Ribeiro' 4 months ago
show de música
Logan Palpong
'Logan Palpong' 4 months ago
They son
Sude Demir
'Sude Demir' 4 months ago
Its beautiful
YG Stan
'YG Stan' 4 months ago
A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! that's all!
Mariana Jimenez
'Mariana Jimenez' 4 months ago
this version is one of the most incredible live songs ever
Lorena Corbera
'Lorena Corbera' 4 months ago
love you
Nasour 97
'Nasour 97' 4 months ago
His voice here beast than original song
Lucifer Did Nothing Wrong
Look! It's one direction mark 2
'LoveRubix' 4 months ago
Monique Cristoria
'Monique Cristoria' 4 months ago
Reminiscing thAt time i saw the vamps..even shook james hands
Monique Cristoria
'Monique Cristoria' 4 months ago
I like brad's new style..slayin
Monique Cristoria
'Monique Cristoria' 4 months ago
My forever baes
Andi Catz
'Andi Catz' 4 months ago
I love this song
Ana Paula Gutiérrez Domínguez
I repeated the video like 1000 times
Adara A.
'Adara A.' 4 months ago
They can play live amazing, they're definitely going to be the next big thing! so glad i found out about them!! tbh before i didn't really expect them to play live as great as this!!
Rubber Tree Plant
'Rubber Tree Plant' 4 months ago
At around 1:23 or 1:24 I love the wiggle thing Brad does
'rkm154' 4 months ago
brad pleas can i have your adres i wrot youi a song
Stormie Wallace
'Stormie Wallace' 4 months ago
his voice gets me Everytime😦💕💕💕
Patty W
'Patty W' 4 months ago
my fav song so far
Aide Galarza
'Aide Galarza' 4 months ago
brad 😍😍😍😍
'Kosia01' 4 months ago
In My oppinion they don't play their music but just play some Electronic stuff just to get to the main stream that's sad bc their Old stuff was just more the vamps than this if u know What I mean
Meldel Mulyaatmaja
'Meldel Mulyaatmaja' 4 months ago
Brad looks like harry styles with that jacket and rings
Shrankhla chand
'Shrankhla chand' 4 months ago
I am obsessed !!
Leticia Pacheco
'Leticia Pacheco' 4 months ago
my boys will reach the top of the world, I believe them
Leticia Pacheco
'Leticia Pacheco' 4 months ago
the most underrated band in the history
stephanie playz msp
'stephanie playz msp' 4 months ago
I'm going to see the vamps on the 17th of may !
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 4 months ago
Mily Freitas
'Mily Freitas' 4 months ago
they're so talented, they need more views
'Periwinkie2002' 4 months ago
High key wanna be connor's mike tbh
Ευη Χρυσοχερη
Brad is my love ! I love him so much And Tris also
Aldy Uns
'Aldy Uns' 4 months ago
they r great musicians no joking like really good.
Zoe Johnson
'Zoe Johnson' 4 months ago
I swear the boys never get enough views anymore :/
Tasha Marriott
'Tasha Marriott' 4 months ago
big fan of you xx
Leander Tan
'Leander Tan' 4 months ago
When u know u can never meet them =(
'KaiserMe' 4 months ago
Bunch of idiots with pure talents. Love them to bits 😘
'Reshmi' 4 months ago
James kinda reminds me of Austin Butler 😂😍
Alicia Luong
'Alicia Luong' 4 months ago
mari dallas .
'mari dallas .' 4 months ago
this blessed my morning .
Mary Sugg
'Mary Sugg' 4 months ago
Life As Emily
'Life As Emily' 4 months ago
I love this song so much
'ndiorel' 4 months ago
hey I posted a cover of burn and would love it if you guys could check it out? -from a youtuber dreaming to reach 1 subscriber lol
xCypher I
'xCypher I' 4 months ago
I sing this so good can't wait to perform it at my school
Just R
'Just R' 4 months ago
Bradley looks like Harry, his hair, his style, when he sings and hold the mic.
Nikola D
'Nikola D' 4 months ago
Lucy Mia
'Lucy Mia' 4 months ago
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