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Look At This Bright Pink Lake! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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This isn't an optical illusion. Hillier Lake on Australia's Middle Island is actually pink! You can thank the algae in the lake for the gorgeous color.

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Cam Eliz
'Cam Eliz' 15 hours ago
I never knew lakes with bacteria in it that makes it pink are sooooooooooooooooo interesting
Paty Perez
'Paty Perez' 21 hours ago
I. Think a. Shark. Lived there and ate a lot of people then. Some. Thing ate. It
Infinite Animator
'Infinite Animator' 23 hours ago
2018 anyone?
Gypsy FawxDox
'Gypsy FawxDox' 1 day ago
Ffs its just a lake with bacteria/algae which makes it pink
'MessyNinja' 1 day ago
I dont reccomend swimming there unless you want to get ebola
ItzJills World
'ItzJills World' 2 days ago
It’s clearly where the strawberry lemonade that’s poured down the sink goes
Tony Stark
'Tony Stark' 2 days ago
I thought for sure, that caused by red dinoflagellates, but its a f**** algal bloom
'ACHUM WANTH' 4 days ago
is it real
Extreme Trauma
'Extreme Trauma' 1 week ago
It’s looking like a strawberry milk
Hao Pham
'Hao Pham' 2 weeks ago
Pink lemonade
M7MD ChardBlast
'M7MD ChardBlast' 2 weeks ago
theres so many Salt there thats why the lake is pink
john wednesday
'john wednesday' 2 weeks ago
I'm looking at it on google maps and it doesn't look pink
'SSJR PRIME' 3 weeks ago
It’s the salt And no do not reply to me
TootTootFuckShit Reilly
OMG he just wants views I live in Australia and I will tell you how it is pink It has this type of salt in it that makes it pink and the sun shining is making it pinker and pinker the bug or whatever inside it is just producing only a tiny bit of red liquid into the water plus if you are scared don’t be the channel is trying to get views and there is no form of life in that lake got it bye.
BasicHowTo _
'BasicHowTo _' 3 weeks ago
I always knew about this because I live like 6 miles away from it
Sally Williamson
'Sally Williamson' 4 weeks ago
It is safe to swim in and there is no contamination there. I know because I've been there myself and it's a beautiful site💖
nathanvelarde xd
'nathanvelarde xd' 4 weeks ago
I thought it was blood
Noobrilo RBLX
'Noobrilo RBLX' 4 weeks ago
The pink lake is a lake that is salt water that have too much salt water it save but it really salty and it like liquid but not water its wierd i cant explain
Lina chamoun
'Lina chamoun' 4 weeks ago
It’s just salt
'ii_Artixx' 1 month ago
1:49 it looks like a god with 2 heads lmao
J F Gamerz
'J F Gamerz' 1 month ago
Someone made experiment They maybe drop a whole galloon or more food coloring
Cray Cray Hay Hay
'Cray Cray Hay Hay' 1 month ago
If i can swim in it i would be so happy pink is one of my favorite colors
'Pancaker' 1 month ago
Missing textures.
Brenden Owen
'Brenden Owen' 1 month ago
I agree the show is too dramatic, trying to make a pink lake scary. I dont think thats the angle you have to take to make it interesting. I think its interesting enough on its own. Present the facts like its the most amazing and wondrous thing rather than scare people about it
'SUMMER GIRLS' 1 month ago
Ohh pink i wanna swim in it(when i saw the picture)Uhhh never mind(when i heard the info)
'StrongPowerThankYou' 1 month ago
Why do they have to make it so dramatic ! 🙄
Awe Sheep
'Awe Sheep' 1 month ago
It's Barbie's swimming pool
Satisfying Soap Shaving
folks, this is how pink lemonade is made
'woodietootie' 1 month ago
I think theres salt in the lake
Mega Beatdon
'Mega Beatdon' 1 month ago
49 Years Ago, Sharks Aten the Survivors and Blood goes on Lake..Sun Reflects Blood gets pink.
Randy Gutierrez
'Randy Gutierrez' 2 months ago
Can i swim in this pink lake?????????????
romano riego
'romano riego' 2 months ago
Maybe blood?
'TheGroup' 2 months ago
you are all wrong there are microorganisms in there and it has soooo much salt in it only microorganisms can live in it and no it is not safe to swim in idoits IM A KID THAT KNOW DIS nvm i read throgh the thing XD
XD EndFox_
'XD EndFox_' 2 months ago
OMFG IDIOTS watch the video of Daily Dose of internet he says it why its ping in 20 SEC and its cuz there are so much bakterium or wtf its called english
adrian ace
'adrian ace' 2 months ago
Now its brown.
Jurassic gamer Tv
'Jurassic gamer Tv' 2 months ago
It's a salt lake like in port Gregory western australia
Damn I didnt know
'Damn I didnt know' 2 months ago
Bet you all $25 princess bubblegum made that shit
Everything Boy 154
'Everything Boy 154' 2 months ago
Woah. Blood.
Minecraft Fan23039
'Minecraft Fan23039' 2 months ago
The Last Of Us
'The Last Of Us' 2 months ago
Then why is it yellow on google earth than?
The Last Of Us
'The Last Of Us' 2 months ago
Lake hillier. I looked at it on google maps and it’s yellow. Don’t believe any of this shit for a second.
Chimp Chips
'Chimp Chips' 2 months ago
Its pink for valentine's day
John Carlo Allardo
'John Carlo Allardo' 2 months ago
It's just salt there's too much salt on the lake so it makes it like pink
Random Videos
'Random Videos' 2 months ago
So that’s how I get pink lemonade
Timothy Lei
'Timothy Lei' 2 months ago
Actually it's a extremely SALTY lake and can only support 1 LIFEFORM if I'm correct which has I guess has turned it well pink
Playlist Creator
'Playlist Creator' 2 months ago
The island that the lake is on looks like a pig, is the lake some porkchop?
Stefan Douwes
'Stefan Douwes' 2 months ago
There are thousands of pink squids in that lake
Jordan Dahl
'Jordan Dahl' 2 months ago
They made lakes strawberry flavored now?
Sara Barlow
'Sara Barlow' 2 months ago
Why make it so intense when it's not ._.
'breakfast' 2 months ago
i saw this on daily dose of internet
Dogmunch 2
'Dogmunch 2' 2 months ago
This lake is salty
Soper Frazzy
'Soper Frazzy' 2 months ago
Why the horror-style music?
Alternate Countryball
This is how you make pink lemonade drinks
Andrew Felices
'Andrew Felices' 2 months ago
it is not toxic wtff
Andrew Felices
'Andrew Felices' 2 months ago
him it's not toxic!!
Andrew Felices
'Andrew Felices' 2 months ago
the cause for this bright pink color is the tiny microbes or archaebacterias that live on the lake causing to have a pink color. The reason that there are archaebacterias live there is the presence of salt... not only that it is very SALTY!
Sgt BreakPrism
'Sgt BreakPrism' 2 months ago
There are pink lakes all over the world including one in Melbourne, Australia where the nearby cherry blossom trees dye the lake pink during spring. If it’s that simple to change the colour of a lake. what makes you think that it’s toxic or has unknown, mysterious fish?
'isaacf485' 2 months ago
It's just plankton or other bacteria
'iJoshMint' 2 months ago
A super salty place.
Ten101 Gd
'Ten101 Gd' 2 months ago
It's full of salt more than you think that's why
ItsZayZack -
'ItsZayZack -' 2 months ago
MR.Packard simhotel
'MR.Packard simhotel' 2 months ago
The lake on google maps :),123.2036619,931m/data=!3m1!1e3
sandy ramkissoon
'sandy ramkissoon' 2 months ago
this video has 999 likes and 66 dislikes
'Coolishca' 2 months ago
It’s a unloaded texture that Earth.Dev forgot to give a texture to
'ToastPlayZ' 2 months ago
its salt
'Darthex' 2 months ago
Josh Deacon
'Josh Deacon' 2 months ago,123.1990847,1221m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x2a5ea2121571510f:0xf00f63907897ca0!8m2!3d-34.1026819!4d123.1745097 LOL NOT PINK
Neha Sara
'Neha Sara' 2 months ago
These damned unicellular organisms! Whenever something unexplainable is discovered, it always turns out to be them!
Diamond_Dagger X
'Diamond_Dagger X' 2 months ago
In Indonesia we have 3 lakes that changes colours
'TheBlueBirdy' 2 months ago
Lil Pump Lake
waltz 22
'waltz 22' 3 months ago
Looks like blood
Colton Andrew
'Colton Andrew' 3 months ago
If you were to get a cup and throw some of this water into the ocean, would the ocean eventually turn pink?
Alfonse Catiis
'Alfonse Catiis' 3 months ago
I think some people's goes there from a long time and it's blood from dead humans or bacterias that can kill ?!
'DamageMaximo' 3 months ago
Elvar Snær Ágústson
'CallMeHusky' 3 months ago
It’s actually *blood* Good on you if you know that reference.
ranjan fernando
'ranjan fernando' 3 months ago
BRUH TNIS IS FAKE they put DYE lol jk I dunno science
'みちる' 3 months ago
its LCL
DannCore - PE: James Da Noob
Probably Aliens Falling A Giant Strawberry Juice
'HOT DOGE' 3 months ago
It now looks yellow
Doodle Doodle
'Doodle Doodle' 3 months ago
The water is feminist
sachin negi
'sachin negi' 3 months ago
Brav it's just gliching it will fix soon
Ashy Peppermint
'Ashy Peppermint' 3 months ago
the koolaid mans family
Caden Morales
'Caden Morales' 3 months ago
Ohhh THATS where pink lemonade is from
Gamerguy 26104
'Gamerguy 26104' 3 months ago
fuki yuki
'fuki yuki' 3 months ago
its salt. these lakes are common in australia calm your fucking ass scientists
Kaaaden PlayzNothing
'Kaaaden PlayzNothing' 3 months ago
2:27 looks like blood to me
lala jecko
'lala jecko' 3 months ago
Reminds me of milkshake...Good Milkshake...
Ethan Foster
'Ethan Foster' 3 months ago
So thats where pepto comes from
Bleach Queen
'Bleach Queen' 3 months ago
I think it's blood animals are killed and die and bloods in it
'Ankungree' 3 months ago
Isnt it just sodium or something? When Lithium or Sodium go into water it turns the water pink so maybe that is what happened?
Scooter Bros
'Scooter Bros' 3 months ago
I live in Australia and never even knew about this
Brusselssprout Wuh
'Brusselssprout Wuh' 3 months ago
are you sure Niel Patrick Harris doesn't own the lake?
'Inqu'aanate' 3 months ago
Americans need their documentaries to be like action movies because their attention spans are way too low.
'pinkJIHOONIE' 3 months ago
On tv was cbeebies ;-; and theres a go jetter season 1 episode ??? And it showed this pink lake thing.
Terry Foldy Holes
'Terry Foldy Holes' 3 months ago
There’s another one under the Westgate Bridge just 1 km west of Melbourne CBD. It turns pink when it’s hot out. And it smells awful when it does.
'Ali KHAN' 3 months ago
It is a pink salt lake they are very common in Australia
Lolmkiberly R
'Lolmkiberly R' 3 months ago
At first I thought it was photoshopped
BasketBall Life
'BasketBall Life' 3 months ago
Might be deadly hmmmmm... Lets touch it
Aries_ Diamond
'Aries_ Diamond' 3 months ago
I think that’s barbies lake.
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