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BEST VINES of October 2014 - Funniest Vine Videos Compilation - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 3 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 3 years ago

1, 576, 562 views

9, 521 Likes   336 Dislikes

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kaw kay
'kaw kay' 7 months ago
The white and Asian doing dishes is so TRUE 😭😫😂
Alice Moonlight
'Alice Moonlight' 8 months ago
3:21 is amazing guyzz! i did the try not to laugh challenge and i spit on my computer!!!!
Bradley Stopher
'Bradley Stopher' 10 months ago
nigga that shit wasn't even that funny
Alexis Luna
'Alexis Luna' 10 months ago
Fuckin love this shit
DIY Dari
'DIY Dari' 1 year ago
I cried cuz Buster Beans died
Master Hunter K
'Master Hunter K' 1 year ago
I stick one chopsticks to your asshole and one chopsticks to your asshole This made me laugh out so loud.
Pink Pearl
'Pink Pearl' 1 year ago
who is in 2:45
'Hoseok's Side Hoe' 1 year ago
2:17 whats the name of the cute green eye guy
Caitlyn Snow
'Caitlyn Snow' 2 years ago
started to like it untill meghan ruined everything for me
The[GrobDoc] DocTane
OMG 2:50 , AMAZING , HAHAHAHAHAH Mozart Turkish march !!! OMG !!!!!!
Motionless In Black
'Motionless In Black' 2 years ago
13:55 Song name please :)
Hannah Broderick
'Hannah Broderick' 2 years ago
what t was the the song at the start
ברק גברה
'ברק גברה' 2 years ago
What is name of song on 4:58
Kid are Killers
'Kid are Killers' 2 years ago
Дмитрий Мурзаков
русские есть?)
Savannah Mcabee
'Savannah Mcabee' 2 years ago
Anyone know the song at 9:37? I'm just curious
Tobi NotTobi
'Tobi NotTobi' 2 years ago
What is the song at 0:32?
'Wajrus' 2 years ago
Holy mother of Juseph xD 6:04
James Wesley
'James Wesley' 2 years ago
I love this vine it so cute but I do not like when it says do it for the vine I ant going to do it again soon as possible
Jose Gomez
'Jose Gomez' 2 years ago
Fag it
'JandRMedia' 2 years ago
whos the guy at 06:00 - 12:00 seconds from start? he is super funny, should become an actor in comedy movies
Juney Johnson
'Juney Johnson' 2 years ago
she now how to dance
'ZZONEHHH' 2 years ago
5:00 song? :D
'BenjaKnight' 2 years ago
0:00 song name plz?
Akua Emmanuella
'Akua Emmanuella' 2 years ago
Love it bobo
Ashley Mundell
'Ashley Mundell' 2 years ago
Feminists are spooky af
any1 else hat Daz_Black
'WTF90sFACTS' 2 years ago
sub to me I sub back
'Socky' 2 years ago
3:28 *-* 3:34 *Always* cracks me up.
Swazy 219
'Swazy 219' 2 years ago
I love them all
elang arta
'elang arta' 3 years ago
What is the song in 0.30
nani avh
'nani avh' 3 years ago
9:50 really makes me think if I should be in that vine. With me appetite
Gucci Gang
'Gucci Gang' 3 years ago
2:57 Is that the Pussy Marijuana Kid
khangster chaudo
'khangster chaudo' 3 years ago
But violets are violet ?!?!?!!!
'Pokeminecraft' 3 years ago
The first cat one really got me
Mort Lucero
'Mort Lucero' 3 years ago
What is the song at 14.21
Brock Blodgett
'Brock Blodgett' 3 years ago
That cat yawn sound tho
Brock Blodgett
'Brock Blodgett' 3 years ago
Really niggah?
Alex Petrov
'Alex Petrov' 3 years ago
Whats the name of the girl at 0:27
Electro wolf 13
'Electro wolf 13' 3 years ago
Pretty Gwannella
'Pretty Gwannella' 3 years ago
GOD i love humans lol
Ayye Its Ava
'Ayye Its Ava' 3 years ago
What's the song for the vine "Grumpy Husky"?
Darrin Stopher
'Darrin Stopher' 3 years ago
the weather outside is shit LMFAO
Darrin Stopher
'Darrin Stopher' 3 years ago
Jason Nash: never smoke weed Ringtone: smoke weed every day LOL
Darrin Stopher
'Darrin Stopher' 3 years ago
a foreigner singing to a goat WTF
Abi Tipton
'Abi Tipton' 3 years ago
Whats the song at 1:05
Pooki Suarez
'Pooki Suarez' 3 years ago
Fun lol
Aaron Boys
'Aaron Boys' 3 years ago
0:35 I died
William Craske
'William Craske' 3 years ago
Hqve a snickers im still angry
Yvonne Kimani
'Yvonne Kimani' 3 years ago
what the name of the song on 8:28
Алексей Ларюшкин
Whats song on 7:36?
'ROBERTA PAIELLA' 3 years ago
what's the song at 12:30...
Scott Minnie Radcliff
Everyoje always says "what are they saying" thy are saying " nigga living life like a biginner and this is only the beginning
Prince P3ach Preserves
10:50 anyone else notice her phone case is a game boy?
Maybel Antiguan
'Maybel Antiguan' 3 years ago
I hate Daz black vines there not funny not to be a hater
Smitty Warbenjaegermanjensen
Dayum, bitches b bounce doe
Bloody Bacon
'Bloody Bacon' 3 years ago
Destinee Lawson
'Destinee Lawson' 3 years ago
Does anyone know what the song at 2:20 is?
'JohnGonzoGaming' 3 years ago
What's the song played for when he. The guy changes from homework to netflix
Ladameion Johnson
'Ladameion Johnson' 3 years ago
0:34 lol
Nevelyn Daniels
'Nevelyn Daniels' 3 years ago
Is Ricky Johnson gay
Jayden Burgo
'Jayden Burgo' 3 years ago
Like if you're watching in B.C 56 on that IStone.
'ILOVEYOUSHIMA' 3 years ago
What is the song at 1:33?
OMGIts Ronny
'OMGIts Ronny' 3 years ago
10:29 holy cow that laugh
Pa Townsend
'Pa Townsend' 3 years ago
Funny ASF
'extincslug' 3 years ago
6:04 i swear that guy was on somethin' when he wrote that song...
Abilene Almanza
'Abilene Almanza' 3 years ago
Song? 9:44
'BUDDERONTOAST1' 3 years ago
What's the song at 4:52 please tell me
'No' 3 years ago
What's the song in the background from 5:10 to 5:17
Rezi Mayasi Jiham
'Rezi Mayasi Jiham' 3 years ago
What song at 14:21? :)
13:48 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
Hoshang Major
'Hoshang Major' 3 years ago
What's that song at 12:03 😍
bands for life
'bands for life' 3 years ago
Vines make me langh😂😂
'Kari's Small World' 3 years ago
9:45 can someone tell me what song that is?
Top Viners
'Top Viners' 3 years ago
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Tim Smik
'Tim Smik' 3 years ago
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Gee It shur is boring a rownd he e ar
putra noesa
'putra noesa' 3 years ago
0:01 song?? hehehe
Roberta Bauldwin
'Roberta Bauldwin' 3 years ago
Check out adulting 101 episode six imagine magic
Jack Will
'Jack Will' 3 years ago
Лера О
what song at 6:36
Лера О
6:36 what an music
Pussy Lips
'Pussy Lips' 3 years ago
I don't do chores and I'm Asian BOOM!
Willow Litwiller
'Willow Litwiller' 3 years ago
what song at 0:58?
Skylar Harrison
'Skylar Harrison' 3 years ago
The song at 8:34 is "Reflections" by MisterWives
Erica Hill
'Erica Hill' 3 years ago
Brah you in the hood
'dangerouspaula' 3 years ago
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹
Cha Cha Cromity
'Cha Cha Cromity' 3 years ago
Fuck y'all how's
Aggravated A-Salt
'Aggravated A-Salt' 3 years ago
i laugh everytime i watch 5:50
Emma Allen
'Emma Allen' 3 years ago
That was so fuck cool
'TheCaptainLulz' 3 years ago
Ricky Thompson is not funny, not even a little bit.
'MA_Skate' 3 years ago
kratos power
'kratos power' 3 years ago
I want understand english!!!!
Antonio Vega
'Antonio Vega' 3 years ago
Song at 7:35?
Quinn Gee
'Quinn Gee' 3 years ago
Lol that chopstick vine Im filipino and American So I already know how to use them Lol so EASY
Cpt Solo
'Cpt Solo' 3 years ago
2:17 song please
Misaki Blade
'Misaki Blade' 3 years ago
What is that song at 13:53
Dashiell Castillejo
'Dashiell Castillejo' 3 years ago
8:26 my fav vine!!
Gabby Majauskaite
'Gabby Majauskaite' 3 years ago
Nina Marben
'Nina Marben' 3 years ago
What's the song at 13:57
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