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BEST VINES of October 2014 - Funniest Vine Videos Compilation - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 4 years ago By: Top Viners

By: Top VinersPublished: 4 years ago

1, 576, 659 views

9, 512 Likes   336 Dislikes

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kaw kay
'kaw kay' 10 months ago
The white and Asian doing dishes is so TRUE 😭😫😂
Alice Moonlight
'Alice Moonlight' 11 months ago
3:21 is amazing guyzz! i did the try not to laugh challenge and i spit on my computer!!!!
Bradley Stopher
'Bradley Stopher' 1 year ago
nigga that shit wasn't even that funny
Alexis Luna
'Alexis Luna' 1 year ago
Fuckin love this shit
DIY Dari
'DIY Dari' 1 year ago
I cried cuz Buster Beans died
Master Hunter K
'Master Hunter K' 1 year ago
I stick one chopsticks to your asshole and one chopsticks to your asshole This made me laugh out so loud.
Pink Pearl
'Pink Pearl' 1 year ago
who is in 2:45
'Hoseok's Side Hoe' 2 years ago
2:17 whats the name of the cute green eye guy
Caitlyn Snow
'Caitlyn Snow' 2 years ago
started to like it untill meghan ruined everything for me
The[GrobDoc] DocTane
OMG 2:50 , AMAZING , HAHAHAHAHAH Mozart Turkish march !!! OMG !!!!!!
Motionless In Black
'Motionless In Black' 2 years ago
13:55 Song name please :)
Hannah Broderick
'Hannah Broderick' 2 years ago
what t was the the song at the start
ברק גברה
'ברק גברה' 2 years ago
What is name of song on 4:58
Kid are Killers
'Kid are Killers' 2 years ago
Дмитрий Мурзаков
русские есть?)
Jace Rose
'Jace Rose' 2 years ago
Anyone know the song at 9:37? I'm just curious
Tobi NotTobi
'Tobi NotTobi' 2 years ago
What is the song at 0:32?
'Pierog' 2 years ago
Holy mother of Juseph xD 6:04
James Wesley
'James Wesley' 2 years ago
I love this vine it so cute but I do not like when it says do it for the vine I ant going to do it again soon as possible
Jose Gomez
'Jose Gomez' 2 years ago
Fag it
'JandRMedia' 2 years ago
whos the guy at 06:00 - 12:00 seconds from start? he is super funny, should become an actor in comedy movies
Juney Johnson
'Juney Johnson' 3 years ago
she now how to dance
'ZZONEHHH' 3 years ago
5:00 song? :D
'BenjaKnight' 3 years ago
0:00 song name plz?
Akua Emmanuella
'Akua Emmanuella' 3 years ago
Love it bobo
Ashley Mundell
'Ashley Mundell' 3 years ago
Feminists are spooky af
any1 else hat Daz_Black
'WTF90sFACTS' 3 years ago
sub to me I sub back
'Socky' 3 years ago
3:28 *-* 3:34 *Always* cracks me up.
YoungSway 219
'YoungSway 219' 3 years ago
I love them all
elang arta
'elang arta' 3 years ago
What is the song in 0.30
nani avh
'nani avh' 3 years ago
9:50 really makes me think if I should be in that vine. With me appetite
Gucci Gang
'Gucci Gang' 3 years ago
2:57 Is that the Pussy Marijuana Kid
khangster chaudo
'khangster chaudo' 3 years ago
But violets are violet ?!?!?!!!
'Pokeminecraft' 3 years ago
The first cat one really got me
Mort Lucero
'Mort Lucero' 3 years ago
What is the song at 14.21
Brock Blodgett
'Brock Blodgett' 3 years ago
That cat yawn sound tho
Brock Blodgett
'Brock Blodgett' 3 years ago
Really niggah?
Alex Petrov
'Alex Petrov' 3 years ago
Whats the name of the girl at 0:27
Electro wolf 13
'Electro wolf 13' 3 years ago
Pretty Gwannella
'Pretty Gwannella' 3 years ago
GOD i love humans lol
Ayye Its Ava
'Ayye Its Ava' 3 years ago
What's the song for the vine "Grumpy Husky"?
Darrin Stopher
'Darrin Stopher' 3 years ago
the weather outside is shit LMFAO
Darrin Stopher
'Darrin Stopher' 3 years ago
Jason Nash: never smoke weed Ringtone: smoke weed every day LOL
Darrin Stopher
'Darrin Stopher' 3 years ago
a foreigner singing to a goat WTF
Abi Tipton
'Abi Tipton' 3 years ago
Whats the song at 1:05
Pooki Suarez
'Pooki Suarez' 3 years ago
Fun lol
Aaron Boys
'Aaron Boys' 3 years ago
0:35 I died
William Craske
'William Craske' 3 years ago
Hqve a snickers im still angry
Yvonne Kimani
'Yvonne Kimani' 3 years ago
what the name of the song on 8:28
Алексей Ларюшкин
Whats song on 7:36?
'ROBERTA PAIELLA' 3 years ago
what's the song at 12:30...
Scott Minnie Radcliff
Everyoje always says "what are they saying" thy are saying " nigga living life like a biginner and this is only the beginning
Prince P3ach Preserves
10:50 anyone else notice her phone case is a game boy?
Maybel Antiguan
'Maybel Antiguan' 3 years ago
I hate Daz black vines there not funny not to be a hater
Smitty Warbenjaegermanjensen
Dayum, bitches b bounce doe
Bloody Bacon
'Bloody Bacon' 3 years ago
Destinee Lawson
'Destinee Lawson' 3 years ago
Does anyone know what the song at 2:20 is?
'JohnGonzoGaming' 3 years ago
What's the song played for when he. The guy changes from homework to netflix
Ladameion Johnson
'Ladameion Johnson' 3 years ago
0:34 lol
Nevelyn Daniels
'Nevelyn Daniels' 3 years ago
Is Ricky Johnson gay
Jayden Burgo
'Jayden Burgo' 3 years ago
Like if you're watching in B.C 56 on that IStone.
'ILOVEYOUSHIMA' 3 years ago
What is the song at 1:33?
OMGIts Ronny
'OMGIts Ronny' 3 years ago
10:29 holy cow that laugh
Pa Townsend
'Pa Townsend' 3 years ago
Funny ASF
'extincslug' 3 years ago
6:04 i swear that guy was on somethin' when he wrote that song...
Abilene Almanza
'Abilene Almanza' 3 years ago
Song? 9:44
'BUDDERONTOAST1' 3 years ago
What's the song at 4:52 please tell me
'No' 3 years ago
What's the song in the background from 5:10 to 5:17
Rezi Mayasi Jiham
'Rezi Mayasi Jiham' 3 years ago
What song at 14:21? :)
13:48 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
Hoshang Major
'Hoshang Major' 3 years ago
What's that song at 12:03 😍
bands for life
'bands for life' 3 years ago
Vines make me langh😂😂
'Kari's Small World' 3 years ago
9:45 can someone tell me what song that is?
Top Viners
'Top Viners' 3 years ago
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Tim Smik
'Tim Smik' 3 years ago
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Gee It shur is boring a rownd he e ar
putra noesa
'putra noesa' 3 years ago
0:01 song?? hehehe
Roberta Bauldwin
'Roberta Bauldwin' 3 years ago
Check out adulting 101 episode six imagine magic
Jack Will
'Jack Will' 3 years ago
Лера О
what song at 6:36
Лера О
6:36 what an music
Pussy Lips
'Pussy Lips' 3 years ago
I don't do chores and I'm Asian BOOM!
Willow Bear
'Willow Bear' 3 years ago
what song at 0:58?
Skylar Harrison
'Skylar Harrison' 3 years ago
The song at 8:34 is "Reflections" by MisterWives
Erica Hill
'Erica Hill' 3 years ago
Brah you in the hood
'dangerouspaula' 3 years ago
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹
Cha Cha Cromity
'Cha Cha Cromity' 3 years ago
Fuck y'all how's
Aggravated A-Salt
'Aggravated A-Salt' 3 years ago
i laugh everytime i watch 5:50
Emma Allen
'Emma Allen' 3 years ago
That was so fuck cool
'TheCaptainLulz' 3 years ago
Ricky Thompson is not funny, not even a little bit.
'Ahmixel' 3 years ago
kratos power
'kratos power' 3 years ago
I want understand english!!!!
Antonio Vega
'Antonio Vega' 3 years ago
Song at 7:35?
Quinn Gee
'Quinn Gee' 3 years ago
Lol that chopstick vine Im filipino and American So I already know how to use them Lol so EASY
Cpt Solo
'Cpt Solo' 3 years ago
2:17 song please
'FIT FAT GAMER' 3 years ago
What is that song at 13:53
Dashiell Castillejo
'Dashiell Castillejo' 3 years ago
8:26 my fav vine!!
Gabby Majauskaite
'Gabby Majauskaite' 3 years ago
Nina Marben
'Nina Marben' 3 years ago
What's the song at 13:57
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