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Diet Coke & Mentos | MythBusters -
Published: 9 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 9 years ago

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Adam and Jamie explore the science behind the fabled Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon. | For more, visit

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Eddie Victoria
'Eddie Victoria' 2 months ago
Xxzz Robot
'Xxzz Robot' 2 months ago
omg trypophobia
Hayk Gevorgyan
'Hayk Gevorgyan' 2 months ago
who else is watching this for a science project
Nah not good enough
'Nah not good enough' 4 months ago
CubeDoesStuff 1
'CubeDoesStuff 1' 5 months ago
Kimia Gharib
'Kimia Gharib' 5 months ago
very nicely explained, thanks...
Tony H
'Tony H' 5 months ago
Chris Hibbard
'Chris Hibbard' 8 months ago
Controlled Wankers....................
Dakota Lunsford
'Dakota Lunsford' 9 months ago
The colored ones do work
'hypertuch' 10 months ago
I used to respect these two guys. Until they played an episode showing that Free Energy is not true. Then I knew that they are 2 clowns hired by Shell & Caltex...Shame on you both, you should be the first to advocate saving the planet on the verge of collapse. But I guess every man has a price.
Nalbertty Silva
'Nalbertty Silva' 12 months ago
O cu de 6
sheila Barksdale
'sheila Barksdale' 1 year ago
nice stuff
'nfinn42' 1 year ago
People often talk about *Diet* Coke and Mentos. Is there a reason why Diet Coke is better at producing the nucleation reaction than Original Coke?
Sarah Black
'Sarah Black' 1 year ago
We did this at school with lemonade, diet coke and normal coke :)
The panda hangout
'The panda hangout' 1 year ago
Is this physical reaction or chemical?
Banter is so much FUN
Stick a mento up your ass and then the diet coke!
Jacob Grant
'Jacob Grant' 1 year ago
What did he thunk would happen, and wtf was he trying to do with the 2 liter in the lathe??😂😂😂
'yoseiki' 1 year ago
Yea i like mythbusters to some degree but calling it science...discovery kind of lost their connection to science and went straight for sensation years ago.
'perfectbonzia124' 1 year ago
20 gallons of coke vs 100 mentos
Abishai Singh
'Abishai Singh' 1 year ago
Its interesting. I will try it on my energy drink that I take daily
Zak Attack
'Zak Attack' 1 year ago
this goes for all myth and busters videos, i like them all. because i used to watch them when i was in 4th grade. And ther just fun to watch. they also give you good and fun information.
Izzy Cee
'Izzy Cee' 2 years ago
call me crazy but this takes away all the enjoyment of this challenge
Elvira Moye
'Elvira Moye' 2 years ago
It is a miracle, I lost 50 pounds as I did ?, look here +Emilie Kesinger
'WonderfulAkari' 2 years ago
far as I know only mint has no coating
Ginger Martell
'Ginger Martell' 2 years ago
Great Cornholio
'Great Cornholio' 2 years ago
mythbusters, please do an episode about "noah's ark" bust that myth!
Johnson Lopez
'Johnson Lopez' 2 years ago
i hope you can visit me in the philippines. i want to meet you guys in person. you have amazing job:-)
'Integra4life' 2 years ago
I hate Mythbusters. The coolest thing they ever did was make that playing card flinging device that make cards stick in ballistic gel.
Cryticz - CSGO / MCSG
What flavor of mentos will have the most nucleation sites?
ApocalypticFever AJ
'ApocalypticFever AJ' 2 years ago
James Kaeo
'James Kaeo' 2 years ago
Whats the best kind of mentos to use
'drpinky504' 2 years ago
I wonder if the coating is preventing a chemical reaction.  What happens if you grind a mento up and pour that in soda?
'B20C0' 2 years ago
So when it's about the surface, shouldn't activated carbon provide the biggest possible reaction?
Michelle Lin
'Michelle Lin' 2 years ago
What is really happening to the non-mint mento when it didn't react? Is there some sort of different between the mentos mint sugar-coating or is it that the mentos with fruit flavors don't generally react to soda? 
Raymond Harrington
'Raymond Harrington' 2 years ago
You did a good job with coke but why not bear
Rhoades Kraning
'Rhoades Kraning' 2 years ago
Myth busters equals 😑
'louis59234' 2 years ago
'louis59234' 2 years ago
Super j'adore.
John Doe
'John Doe' 2 years ago
There was a show where they dropped a big amount of coke and mentos into a tank of water and it exploded. Someone find it yet? Please let me know thanks
'DONFREDO' 2 years ago
Who cares ? This is another example of white men self destructing. Fuck off and do something useful.
R  C Nelson
'R C Nelson' 2 years ago
Wonder why sandpaper doesn't have the same effect.
James Wise Magic
'James Wise Magic' 3 years ago
I wonder who first found out this diet coke and mentos thing. I bet they freaked the hell out haha
'NinjaOnANinja' 3 years ago
I don't understand how the test is required at all. You covered it with wax.  It doesn't really prove or disprove anything. Even if it wasn't the pores that allowed it to fizz and it was the actual chemicals in the candy, it wouldn't do anything because of the wax. How does what you did prove anything besides the fact that wax prevents soda from making contact with the candy in general? And what does knowing that even prove? Nothing.
'HomoEconomicusX' 3 years ago
well, they are almost always busting useless myths. i know, it all about the show and not physics. almost always they are talking about controlled condition, and they do not. hear them saying "we did the same", besides all the details making their myth busting itself. they ignore the existence of the real things like chemtrails (s07e04) ... and i can see those chemtrails in almost every episode they filming outside in good weather. if those are not chemtrails, we would like to get an explication from those "mythbusters" why a normal contrail stays more hours in the sky? and so on ... greetings from the german physics-club.
'Tlelia1' 3 years ago
Save Grant, Tory, and Kari!!  Sign and SHARE <3
'HolyRubbish' 3 years ago
So can we conclude if we had green moon there would have been no craters!
Ege Erdem
'Ege Erdem' 3 years ago
wow  even sheldon cooper would salute you
Rob Fraser
'Rob Fraser' 3 years ago
Jesus Christ, people!  Can't any of you see??  This walrus has developed sentience, it's the end of the world I tell you when the beasts of the sea take over!
'Lia' 3 years ago
Posted on my 14th birthday
'TheGanjaman619' 3 years ago
this vid + dark side of the moon = perfection
Spencer Honda
'Spencer Honda' 3 years ago
So to destroy Earth, all we would need is a giant bottle of coke to drop the moon in?
Jarrod Thomson
'Jarrod Thomson' 3 years ago
Jarrod Thomson
'Jarrod Thomson' 3 years ago
Hi Mitchell
'Samsws' 3 years ago
ima try this now
sam giess
'sam giess' 3 years ago
'saiyaniam' 3 years ago
What they should of done to truly test this was make a bit plastic with loads of tiny pits in it and see if it still works. It's kind of annoying how poor this test they did is.
marvel gambit
'marvel gambit' 3 years ago
jacky loves co2
'GoL' 3 years ago
                                               :[)_GoLow_(]:                                          I LOVE Mythbusters
Genesis Supernatural
I did this in after school program with my science teacers awsome my friends and i loved the experament
Cs Chan
'Cs Chan' 3 years ago
What is the Chemical Equation of this experiment?
Oscar Flores
'Oscar Flores' 3 years ago
These guys are so full of crap sometimes. This can be done with any carbonated drink and zinc (anything with the right roughness). 
'tryptychUK' 3 years ago
I don't fully go with this. The nucleation sites offer one cause, but the reaction of the sugar in the Mentos is also a factor. Pour pure sugar into Coke and it will also react.
'Gary's Gmail :P' 3 years ago
is that why when you mix sprite and icecream it bubbles?
jerardo sanchez
'jerardo sanchez' 3 years ago
Jesse Chu
'Jesse Chu' 3 years ago
guys dont think that other soda dont work every soda works even fanta...itried it out
Graeme Jordan
'Graeme Jordan' 3 years ago
The Mythbusters are just arrogant cowards. Why won't they test the bullshit on 9/11 or RFID? Because they already know what the outcome will be, and so do we.
Da Stig
'Da Stig' 3 years ago
Its just sugar... Sugar does the same thing. The glazed mint didn't work as good because it takes longer for the coating to dissolve.
Mohammed Azzef
'Mohammed Azzef' 3 years ago
Have you heard about Nifty Fat Blaster? (Google it) It is a quick way to burn calories fast.
'Gunderson' 3 years ago
Can Mythbusters find out if the 'Jokers magic pencil trick' really works please?
Andy Lau
'Andy Lau' 3 years ago
there problem solve.
Andy Lau
'Andy Lau' 3 years ago
man my some people woun't let me do it so,i deciceded to do it at my grandma's house
Jackson Leon
'Jackson Leon' 4 years ago
IKR they do make me wet Wait what?
'MrSoozen' 4 years ago
Jamie looks like a shaved rabbit!
Claudia R
'Claudia R' 4 years ago
Visit and check out How I lost 27 lb. in 3 weeks It is made quilkly.
'Conotrant' 4 years ago
That's not a very good test: even if the pits were irrelevant the wax could change things by covering up the candy itself. They should have sanded it till it was smooth.
'thedarkone123123' 4 years ago
Same stuff happens when you put sugar in carbonated drink. Sugar is not cavitated on the surface, so there ya go.
wait, so is the uncoated mentos the contolled variable?
'mawz' 4 years ago
are you trying to sound smart? because you aren't
BS Parade
'BS Parade' 4 years ago
Neville Tomartos
'Neville Tomartos' 4 years ago
Hmmm I want a drink now. Oh look, thirst comment
Patrina Jones
'Patrina Jones' 4 years ago
This is very educational for my daughter and her chemistry class thank you mythbusters!!!
'SPartanFTW' 4 years ago
or he just has an education.
'MicrowaveMeShow' 4 years ago
Mentos and Coke in a microwave = Awesome explosion. It actually blows the door open of the microwave.
'Larsen988' 4 years ago
Easy tiger, its Youtube, not Harvard
'readyrepairs' 4 years ago
twat. har har.
'EinsteinOnCrack' 4 years ago
I'm thirsty......
'vickersfan' 4 years ago
salt does too. and they react even more with pepsi max which is loaded with caffeine
'thenoobfactor' 4 years ago
Exactly, I've found that pure sugar will also cause diet coke to expand.
Rick Gladwin
'Rick Gladwin' 4 years ago
But... they've changed two variables, not just one! Whatever chemical the mint is made of is no longer in direct contact with the soda. They need: 1) a Mentos (or equivalent substance) that's been manufactured or altered to be smooth, and 2) a pitted object not made of the same chemical. Test THOSE, and you'll get more useful data.
Inspirational videos I Inspirational video
Great myth buster.
'MiskyWilkshake' 4 years ago
So... What happens if you drop Upsalite into cola?
'VincentOcyris' 4 years ago
Why are all of you arguing about race on a god damn mythbusters video?
Rajitha Ramyajith
'Rajitha Ramyajith' 4 years ago
They laughed when I told them I would burn up fat with "Blistering Fat Loss", but then they saw the results. Go google "Blistering Fat Loss" to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
'RangerOfAlcyone' 4 years ago
Are there ANY 'anti-racists' in ANY Asian countries demanding they become more die-verse, i.e. less Asian? Are there ANY 'anti-racists' in ANY African countries demanding they become more die-verse, i.e. less Black? When will White People somewhere on the planet be allowed to say NO to mass immigration and “assimilation” like all the non-White countries? When we’re 5% of the global population? 1%? 0.1%? Read the genocide law. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.
Dgdaan Oogn
'Dgdaan Oogn' 4 years ago
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Allyson Ebersole
'Allyson Ebersole' 4 years ago
It doesn't gross me out! It contains awesomeness.
Hailey Smith
'Hailey Smith' 4 years ago
Hey, just saying. Doesn't it gross you out? I don't know why everyone thinks I'm "trolling"; I hate when people do that and I don't do it. It was just an opinion that he should shave his mustache.
Allyson Ebersole
'Allyson Ebersole' 4 years ago
'Percytude' 4 years ago
♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪SWEET BABY JESUS ♫♪♫♫♪♪♪♪♪
'MicrowaveMeShow' 4 years ago
It doesn't work quite as well even though it still does work. I saw a video comparison of different kinds of pop with mentos added, Perrier made a weak fountain, club soda made a decent fountain about maybe a half metre, Sprite was about 1 metre high, Coke was about 2.5 metres high, and Diet Coke was about 5 metres high.
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