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A $400 Keyboard with NO ACTUAL Keys! -
Published: 6 months ago By: Linus Tech Tips

By: Linus Tech TipsPublished: 6 months ago

3, 727, 055 views

61, 234 Likes   5, 632 Dislikes

Imagine a keyboard that doesn't have keys- that's the Orbitouch! But how does this weird keyboard work? And who would use it?!

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Supermanny Stikbot
'Supermanny Stikbot' 28 minutes ago
It’s futuristic but at the same time it’s hard to control
William Meyers
'William Meyers' 1 hour ago
the mactini is better if you want to type z you just hit the single key 26 times!
Gnome Hat
'Gnome Hat' 5 hours ago
same mouse as you
Mista Burns
'Mista Burns' 8 hours ago
what if you needed to perform several actions at the same time?
Stephen Hutchison
'Stephen Hutchison' 18 hours ago
But what if I'm colorblind? Well, then you won't see the full glory of RGB LEDs will you? This thing really needs to come with a footmouse or one of those four-way-tilt things you guys reviewed.
virus killerism
'virus killerism' 18 hours ago
What da fuck is that? I will never consider buying this shit!
Joh Ada
'Joh Ada' 24 hours ago
'PhrostiX' 1 day ago
Then it’s not a keyboard
The Dawwwg House
'The Dawwwg House' 1 day ago
stupid ass keyboard
Final Elixir
'Final Elixir' 2 days ago
When you actually need an instruction manual to use a keyboard 😶 rip
Roger Samson
'Roger Samson' 2 days ago
homerun my ass
Eddie Butkaliuk
'Eddie Butkaliuk' 2 days ago
Its how much?
Nabisco Snacks
'Nabisco Snacks' 2 days ago
A keyless keyboard? Wouldn't it just be a board?
Awesomesauce 1409
'Awesomesauce 1409' 2 days ago
I'm colour blind. How am I gonna type in one of those
'lq' 3 days ago
This could actually be quite helpful for those with limited control of their fingers
'LiK' 3 days ago
Wow, this thing is dumb.
'elCapitan' 3 days ago
The highlight of this video was when Linus used the word "autist" unironically at 5:01. Made my day.
'Marinp1' 3 days ago
But why would i pay for that you cant even play games with it
Yoggy Arts
'Yoggy Arts' 3 days ago
The comment section is so full of unempathetic twats that have to hate on something they have no personal use for, though thousands if not millions of disabled people need ability aids like these all the time. Why do I go through comment sections? I just lose my faith in humanity more and more.
'KopyKat81' 4 days ago
This belongs in a South Park episode.
'XDarkPhoenixX' 4 days ago
So... This $400 keyboard is basically someone typing with joysticks... Except we already have access to excellent joysticks on gaming controllers... So why didn't they just make software to do this same thing, but with gaming controller joysticks....
precious clement selwyn s. Fermin
Dude i think it is very hard
Lewis Chapman
'Lewis Chapman' 5 days ago
U should try gaming with this keyboard ahahah
G O D 神
'G O D 神' 5 days ago
This keyboard trash
'johnnycatR58' 5 days ago
So it's made for autistic people... makes sense
'osGFXman' 6 days ago
no thanks, even for free still NO
waasey mansoor
'waasey mansoor' 6 days ago
finally a keyboard thats compatible with senran kagura not a perv
Persius Entertainment
They should add a D-pad on the left handle and a left click, right click and roller on the right. That would make it more possible for gaming etc.
'IIShadowxd1-2' 6 days ago
when you're high and work at a company with ideas, ''hi dude lets make a keyboard that looks like boobs'' Ta-da!
xd xd
'xd xd' 6 days ago
How tf Am i supposed to use My mouse??
'Sigi24' 6 days ago
Its not called a keyboard when it doesent have any keys
'Levakin' 6 days ago
Totaly shiet
'Moks89' 6 days ago
Soooo useless for gaming? No, thanks.
Starlin Vander
'Starlin Vander' 7 days ago
this would be better for thos with no hands
Mc Poopypants
'Mc Poopypants' 7 days ago
i wana fuk his pirty mouth
Richard Siegers
'Richard Siegers' 7 days ago
i have autism and i think this keyboard is retarded
Anahy Arroyo
'Anahy Arroyo' 7 days ago
Your awesome
'badjojo' 1 week ago
hey yo Linus, make a round key keyboards review. ty
Jaffa Jephson
'Jaffa Jephson' 1 week ago
This looks so painful to use I mean Jesus
That one toaster you threw out
Someone should try win type racer with this
Vally Valiant
'Vally Valiant' 1 week ago
im currently trying to think of how one would play leauge or heros of the storm with that
'Dfok' 1 week ago
I would never buy this
lexter umanito
'lexter umanito' 1 week ago
looks like grabbing a pair of boobs lol.....
Play csgo with it...nvm you did it. Well not you.
'DankHamsters' 1 week ago
This “Keyboard” defeats the purpose of a KEYboard
Music Infect
'Music Infect' 1 week ago
i love my old keyboard
Music Infect
'Music Infect' 1 week ago
2:42 lmao!
Karina Villegas
'Karina Villegas' 1 week ago
han solo
'han solo' 1 week ago
1:40 Just found out Linus is a Canadian. No wonder he seems like such a nice guy.
Isn't this just a Japanese keyboard?
Denis Black
'Denis Black' 1 week ago
your thought coding was fun? try Orbitouch!
Ed Real
'Ed Real' 1 week ago
'farvatron' 1 week ago
If the hair is blue, the pussy is bad! Mkay?!
T SexyRexy
'T SexyRexy' 1 week ago
It looks like boobs
'TopekomzZ' 1 week ago
you freaking broke me with that ass wax comment!!! 10/10
Greg Nasser
'Greg Nasser' 1 week ago
What a stupid concept.
I’m stupid But
'I’m stupid But' 1 week ago
They should use these at schools
'Tiksu' 1 week ago
Its pure junk D: SO FUCKING JUNK
Crimson Karma
'Crimson Karma' 1 week ago
can ypu game with it?
'Blaster118' 1 week ago
This could actually work for gaming with some new software written for it! I’m thinking that the left one could control your movement and the right could control your head, similar to a controller. With some more room before the thing would hit the edge of the circle space so you can control your head for different speeds better and some buttons on the part shaped like a mouse how an actual mouse would have, that would look really fun to game on!
Blake Herrmann
'Blake Herrmann' 1 week ago
someone watched enders game too many times...
Zen Zero
'Zen Zero' 1 week ago
Novelty item that is totally limited. Trash.
'Jerk' 1 week ago
I dont care what YOU guys found about this thing, its obviously beyond retarded.
'BK Np' 1 week ago
Oppai keyboard
вliτxʑ нคcк¡หg
wtf is that?
Jashmeer Rampearie
Way to much work
Memory of the Stars
This is exactly why aliens don't see us worthy enough.
Chamara Abeysekara
It's looks like boobs! 😋😏
Jerky Boy
'Jerky Boy' 2 weeks ago
This is the dumb shit that would get featured on criminal minds 2057 with some space age goth furry trying to stop a hacker from derailing a train but vigorously "dj'ing" codes of bullshit
'dystrophic' 2 weeks ago
Cool... But you're right, it needs a thumbstick in the middle, that would give it a LOT more functionality.
Lip stick
'Lip stick' 2 weeks ago
Lololol, lolololol... Great idea, lololol... However, I am buying one when the price drops dramatically only as a souvenir for later generations or something... It's like some kind of alien control panel... I guess, I could learn to use it for that reason and that reason only, an alien keyboard...
Gantz akira
'Gantz akira' 2 weeks ago
its like grabbing some boobies .
'LJ VOB' 2 weeks ago
color blind???, and it looks like a deformed b0obs
Dr. Dro II
'Dr. Dro II' 2 weeks ago
I really like this, as a keyboard for people with impairments. I know a few people that would enjoy using such a keyboard.
Arvinnelouie Navarro
what does it feel to play osu!mania using this keyboard
Awesome Cat
'Awesome Cat' 2 weeks ago
It can be used by cats!!
Little Gay boy
'Little Gay boy' 2 weeks ago
Linus... More like minus hehe
marshall galusky
'marshall galusky' 2 weeks ago
Why can’t they get a fucking joystick lol
Amit B
'Amit B' 2 weeks ago
why tho
Sentinal Gaming
'Sentinal Gaming' 2 weeks ago
And for Dr. Strange😜😂😂
Qishi Li
'Qishi Li' 2 weeks ago
sounds like a booby trap.
Mandeep Singh
'Mandeep Singh' 2 weeks ago
Lol good practice for pressing boobs🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Batts
'Andrew Batts' 2 weeks ago
It's pronounced like zee not zed
free loot
'free loot' 2 weeks ago
Horrible how will we play games
Oogle Mascot
'Oogle Mascot' 2 weeks ago
Why even ?
'Mike' 2 weeks ago
Matthew Hewett
'Matthew Hewett' 2 weeks ago
upgrade it with finger buttons instead of colors and use the right one as a mouse and it might work
Joshua Castillo
'Joshua Castillo' 2 weeks ago
It looks like tits.
'bausHuck' 2 weeks ago
I think this is a cool keyboard. Although, many of the ideas have been implemented poorly. It would be possible to play games on it if a few things changed (and maybe had a button for a few fingers).
T Tyz
'T Tyz' 2 weeks ago
As the "keyboard" shuffles across your desk while you attempt to "type"
I traveled through time just to post this comment
How do you play FPS games on it?
Babar Rehman
'Babar Rehman' 2 weeks ago
Why though?
Art blender
'Art blender' 2 weeks ago
something something jeff goldblume quote from jurassic park.
'Plushii' 2 weeks ago
Ryan Carr
'Ryan Carr' 2 weeks ago
uses the same basis they used to help stephen hawkings talk
Random Guy
'Random Guy' 2 weeks ago
Rip random gaming player 2018-2018 ;(
Polikarpov Mosca
'Polikarpov Mosca' 2 weeks ago
I sort of want to see how do Emacs users manage to use this keyboard....
Chris Zimmer
'Chris Zimmer' 2 weeks ago
Why the huge price tag though. Stupid...
Matthew Guevara
'Matthew Guevara' 2 weeks ago
This actually makes great sense for people with either a physical or mental disability that impair them when using a normal keyboard. Linus mensions it at the 4min mark.
Classy YT
'Classy YT' 2 weeks ago
Try coding with the keyboard.
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