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Can Steel Extinguish A 4,000°F Thermite Flame? | Street Science -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Street Science | Wednesdays 10p
The Street Science team ignite thermite atop the steel hood of a car.
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Władca Wymiaru
'Władca Wymiaru' 4 weeks ago
I do want thermite fire vs tungsten steel...
'ThinRedLine' 2 months ago
This is real stuff
Vince Xander
'Vince Xander' 2 months ago
Is it me or at 1:51 the hood burn mark looks like a 8===) if ya know what im saying
'cjallday1130' 3 months ago
Is this where The Backyard Scientist has been?
Building RS Project
'Building RS Project' 3 months ago
What was the point lol "Steel can resist 2,000F, Thermite is 4,000F" Just end the video after there. Didn't even have to do the experiment at all lol
IAm Shan
'IAm Shan' 3 months ago
Rainbow six siege is life..woohoo.
John Smith
'John Smith' 3 months ago
Well of course it will go right through a paper thin car hood . Lame af see what it can really do. There's a thousand videos on youtube better than this
Almost Taken
'Almost Taken' 3 months ago
This is in tampa wtfff
stephen madl
'stephen madl' 3 months ago
Da fuck?!? Shitty title. Shitty. Episode.
Dr m
'Dr m' 3 months ago
There might, this is what brought down WT Centers
btr chan
'btr chan' 3 months ago
A really fucking big hole coming right up
Gaming Casualties
'Gaming Casualties' 3 months ago
they should pour diamonds on it and see if it'll put it out
Dave Taylor
'Dave Taylor' 3 months ago
Love Thermite videos, Awesome destrucion at it's hottest.
Doug Reed
'Doug Reed' 3 months ago
Not much in the way of science, but fun enough to watch, plus it wasn't teaser bullshit. Marginal thumbs-up.
The coming event!
'The coming event!' 3 months ago
I think we got the answer to this on 9-11 did we not?
dr Mahmoud marzouk Mz
Son Of Sisyphus
'Son Of Sisyphus' 3 months ago
Thermite will literally burn in the vacuum of space because it uses its' own oxygen.
B Ran
'B Ran' 3 months ago
9/11 already debunked this theory.
Pasha Hart
'Pasha Hart' 3 months ago
Let's get a solid steel car hood THAT IS ONLY 1/32 OF AN INCH THICK........
Natasha Bone
'Natasha Bone' 3 months ago
What was the point?
Dillon Sander
'Dillon Sander' 3 months ago
This was a rather disappointing waste of time
'mike777881' 3 months ago
This is dumb. I thought u were going to pour molten steel onto the the flame to put it out. Like an unconventional means of chocking the flame. This was just melting steel with thermite.
Iliketurtlesandskiing ILTAS
Did anyone see the dick on the hood at 1:52
Fred Lewis
'Fred Lewis' 3 months ago
This has nothing to do with steel extinguishing a thermite reaction. Anything to draw attention to a useless video.
Grizz TV
'Grizz TV' 3 months ago
What a shite video
Youcant Stopme!
'Youcant Stopme!' 3 months ago
Try a vacuum chamber
Jonatan Ottosen
'Jonatan Ottosen' 3 months ago
The mark on the hood looks like a dick.
Nigel Thornberry
'Nigel Thornberry' 3 months ago
Steel melts around 2500°F & thermite burns at 4,000°F, so no, a steel car hood won't stop it. These guys should've known that.
Jamil Vints
'Jamil Vints' 3 months ago
Big Shaq will extinguish it. Mans never hot!
Abiodun Oyetomi
'Abiodun Oyetomi' 3 months ago
Please Can I drink it?
Case John
'Case John' 3 months ago
Most modern car hoods are aluminum they should have used a hood from the 70s to be sure
Joel Hudson
'Joel Hudson' 3 months ago
Can you say "exothermic reaction"? I thought you could.
'Psilocyb' 3 months ago
this was absolutely terrible waste of everyone's time you should be ashamed
The Anti-Christ
'The Anti-Christ' 3 months ago
_"Jet fuel can't melt steel beams"_
'Yousuf' 3 months ago
Oh look it's The Backyard Scientist
'Sina MOJARADI' 3 months ago
'Mikykai123' 3 months ago
'Tuanicular' 3 months ago
Hey its the BYS
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