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Published: 2 months ago By: Tanner Fox

By: Tanner FoxPublished: 2 months ago

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Another fine day in San Diego, finally got to see my first Ford GT in person, myself and some friends heads to target in hopes of finding something fun and end up playing soccer in the little abandon corner of the store!


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Idil Hajji Qobey
'Idil Hajji Qobey' 8 hours ago
red eye
'red eye' 2 days ago
Hello Fresh
'Hello Fresh' 4 days ago
click bate
backflipking flips
see you the best ever
Kasia L
'Kasia L' 1 week ago
I Love Jakes singing ❤❤ One less lonely girl
Charlotte Haddow
'Charlotte Haddow' 2 weeks ago
the vidio ends at 13:03 your welcome.😊😊
Midnight Princess4ever
I really want to hear the song he was playing!!😭😭💔
Lilo Vang
'Lilo Vang' 2 weeks ago
yeah he is good
Samuel Williams
'Samuel Williams' 3 weeks ago
do it
Suleyman Demir
'Suleyman Demir' 3 weeks ago
this kid tanner fox is trash
dragon kid 111
'dragon kid 111' 3 weeks ago
your a very good YouTube
Kennedy Rodriguez
'Kennedy Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
my birthday is december 21st
bad boy cool
'bad boy cool' 3 weeks ago
there mean
'MARIA JIMENEZ' 4 weeks ago
hey u
Hype Raidz
'Hype Raidz' 4 weeks ago
He's actually decent
Ryan Reid
'Ryan Reid' 4 weeks ago
'Mackenzie' 4 weeks ago
Tanner fox is awesome
Aguilar Gamez
'Aguilar Gamez' 4 weeks ago
Shawn Armijo
'Shawn Armijo' 1 month ago
you are a good singer
Hopey Newsome x
'Hopey Newsome x' 1 month ago
Jakes singing 😍💖
Lola Wilkinson
'Lola Wilkinson' 1 month ago
The boy was really good at singing
Cheyann Whitmore
'Cheyann Whitmore' 1 month ago
omg he can sing
deven brinston
'deven brinston' 1 month ago
What's that song that's playing when there hittin that
'Aaron CIANGURA' 1 month ago
If u like this comment your crush will ask u out
Eyrún Alda
'Eyrún Alda' 1 month ago
he is good
Joely Bennett
'Joely Bennett' 1 month ago
Sure he's a bad singer❤️❤️
Alexa Vozzella
'Alexa Vozzella' 1 month ago
alexa is my name❤❤❤❤
niek van buskirk
'niek van buskirk' 1 month ago
Tank lift your review ship racism okay guarantee French
Draven Peterman
'Draven Peterman' 1 month ago
That hair tho
joshua wilson
'joshua wilson' 1 month ago
you call that dirty go to western Oklahoma
'ÄSAP MO' 1 month ago
Whos watching this in 720p ?
monica hawes
'monica hawes' 1 month ago
Redcard means you miss two games
Keia Demarco
'Keia Demarco' 1 month ago
WOW! Hes good!
Erianna Gibson
'Erianna Gibson' 1 month ago
The way he hit demos folks 😂😂😂😂😂😂DEAD
'J&T BROS.' 1 month ago
yo can I get 0 likes? that would be lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒
Taylor Moreira
'Taylor Moreira' 1 month ago
My Alexa keeps going off
Reece Newell
'Reece Newell' 1 month ago
Such an awesome guitar player
Paul Evanson
'Paul Evanson' 1 month ago
I remember when I was 6
Lani Steele
'Lani Steele' 1 month ago
Jakes so good what the hell💗💗💗
'YASHDAGOAT 13' 1 month ago
'Asker' 1 month ago
was that king bach's tesla?
iris alston
'iris alston' 1 month ago
He is soo good
Abdulrahman Alharbi
'Abdulrahman Alharbi' 1 month ago
Yooo j can sing 👍
Jake Crown
'Jake Crown' 1 month ago
I have the echo dot
Sydney Brenneis
'Sydney Brenneis' 1 month ago
Tanner your so hot omg😘❤❤❤❤❤
Zombiephinex 888
'Zombiephinex 888' 1 month ago
Jakes singing is amazing
Madison Bannon
'Madison Bannon' 1 month ago
Jakes an amazing singer
Carter Francis
'Carter Francis' 1 month ago
Nice singing
kyle clemens
'kyle clemens' 1 month ago
I was born December 23
Alan Loarca
'Alan Loarca' 1 month ago
Can you do a shout out for me
Brendan Cabana
'Brendan Cabana' 1 month ago
the Danny ducan reference tho
Dakota Kotara
'Dakota Kotara' 1 month ago
he is so good at singing
Ryan Peters
'Ryan Peters' 1 month ago
He is so good at singing
Arik Alvidrez
'Arik Alvidrez' 1 month ago
sing already
Natalia Flores
'Natalia Flores' 1 month ago
He sings so good he should really go on a stage
Ashley Morin
'Ashley Morin' 1 month ago
Ashley Morin
'Ashley Morin' 1 month ago
Jakes is good a singing
Jasmine Morris
'Jasmine Morris' 1 month ago
Omg lush singing 🎤😍❤️
lyn carlson
'lyn carlson' 1 month ago
damn he cann sing
britney lucas
'britney lucas' 1 month ago
Roast me
My Chemical Pilots
'My Chemical Pilots' 1 month ago
My Life As JoJo
'My Life As JoJo' 1 month ago
omfg Jake's singing I'm dead I just died becuz hes such a good singer I'm in love lol 😍😍😍😍 Jake's an amazing singer he really needs t post a cover vudeo
George Ceniceros
'George Ceniceros' 1 month ago
Erick Martinez
'Erick Martinez' 1 month ago
Red card mean you are out of the game
Lexi doglover120
'Lexi doglover120' 1 month ago
Did y'all get in trouble with the ball at Target cause once I was throwing one around and the worker told me to stop :(
darth ren
'darth ren' 1 month ago
lenys cruz
'lenys cruz' 1 month ago
he is good
Daunte Feere Landry
'Daunte Feere Landry' 1 month ago
I love Dylans singing
Philippe Tom fnaf bros
I like your vids
Calum Watson
'Calum Watson' 1 month ago
Jakes amazing at singing aha 😍
Teresa Noack
'Teresa Noack' 1 month ago
I love your laugh Tanner!😆❤️😜 Have a great day!👍🏻😃
Ruben Palafoxvlogs
'Ruben Palafoxvlogs' 1 month ago
Ruben Palafoxvlogs
'Ruben Palafoxvlogs' 1 month ago
Tell him to start singing on his videos
donkar drongpa
'donkar drongpa' 1 month ago
your amazing tanner
Rayhan Fox
'Rayhan Fox' 1 month ago
please do another toilet paper fort
Emily Sartorius
'Emily Sartorius' 1 month ago
hes so good omg
Danny Duncan
'Danny Duncan' 1 month ago
looks like a dylan lmao
Chad Blosser
'Chad Blosser' 1 month ago
sub to him
jon ullmann
'jon ullmann' 1 month ago
the 24 hour challenge
ChemichalTombo Tombo
that's not even soccer
charlotte scott
'charlotte scott' 1 month ago
omg he's so good😍😍😍
Madison Tyrie
'Madison Tyrie' 1 month ago
can u make more vids love you
Orange Xx shadow
'Orange Xx shadow' 1 month ago
How do you sing that good
David Frost
'David Frost' 1 month ago
Nxxrer HD
'Nxxrer HD' 1 month ago
I love soccer
dylans key/ dylans reaction
my name is dylan
Nicholas Piskorz
'Nicholas Piskorz' 1 month ago
'Grantdahboss' 1 month ago
What's the name of the Yaa song
jqpeace #9
'jqpeace #9' 1 month ago
I loved this video 😂❤️
Munky Munky
'Munky Munky' 1 month ago
He is good
'NERDY PANDA' 1 month ago
I will pray for you
gaming with kayde
'gaming with kayde' 1 month ago
nice siging
CoolSiddu//UltraEmeralds !
like jakes singing
Angelina Harris
'Angelina Harris' 1 month ago
omg he can sing
John Vigil
'John Vigil' 1 month ago
jack is awesome at singing!!!
lps Shadow
'lps Shadow' 1 month ago
he's good at singing
Jessie Pearson
'Jessie Pearson' 1 month ago
one less lonely girl❤❤❤
mollie burrows
'mollie burrows' 1 month ago
He has good singing and your Gtr looks epic
Cody Kirkland
'Cody Kirkland' 1 month ago
Cody Kirkland
'Cody Kirkland' 1 month ago
What was the speaker thing xallrd
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