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Published: 6 months ago By: Tanner Fox

By: Tanner FoxPublished: 6 months ago

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Another fine day in San Diego, finally got to see my first Ford GT in person, myself and some friends heads to target in hopes of finding something fun and end up playing soccer in the little abandon corner of the store!


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Devin Free
'Devin Free' 1 week ago
I love it
Celine Henry
'Celine Henry' 1 week ago
I like Jakes singing
lamborghini master
'lamborghini master' 2 weeks ago
Christian Melton
'Christian Melton' 2 weeks ago
he is good
Joel Rowland
'Joel Rowland' 2 weeks ago
Jakes amazing
spaced out
'spaced out' 3 weeks ago
I literally shop at that target it's like right next to my house
Ethan Ashby II
'Ethan Ashby II' 3 weeks ago
Jack can sing
Demetrice Mccray
'Demetrice Mccray' 4 weeks ago
you should get a pool
Whiteshadow05 Gaming
My dad said if I get 550 subscribers before midnight he will quit smoking forever. Please help I'm scared.
Jack Leggott
'Jack Leggott' 1 month ago
janke is flipping amazing at singing. tanner I wish I could buy your merchandise but my parents want allow it.
Milo Ferrara
'Milo Ferrara' 1 month ago
bmx4lyf so true
perkypuss 123
'perkypuss 123' 1 month ago
It was my Birthday yesterday!!!!!!!!!
Dalyan Tomos
'Dalyan Tomos' 1 month ago
He can sing good and play good
Heather Shott
'Heather Shott' 1 month ago
true bmx4lyfe
Kylie Condon
'Kylie Condon' 1 month ago
come to goonerlbar astaleiera
'AsleepGO' 1 month ago
were to by an Alexa!
'Ellie' 1 month ago
jakes a great singer
Maverick 39
'Maverick 39' 1 month ago
Good singing
Fox Fam
'Fox Fam' 1 month ago
He is very good
Jonathan Atkinson
'Jonathan Atkinson' 1 month ago
who says knarly
Rasmus Blæzer
'Rasmus Blæzer' 2 months ago
jakes actualle sings good
Joe _
'Joe _' 2 months ago
si sing
Astrid Murray
'Astrid Murray' 2 months ago
ask alexa to sing you a song
Michael King
'Michael King' 2 months ago
Bro where's the outro tanner
Jacob Spry
'Jacob Spry' 2 months ago
Jakes amazing at play and sing
Alex Sandoval
'Alex Sandoval' 2 months ago
who wants to be friends on roblox
Gamez Game
'Gamez Game' 2 months ago
you call football soccer
Tyson Gartner
'Tyson Gartner' 2 months ago
Tanner my hair is exactly like ur hair but on the other side
E Moto
'E Moto' 2 months ago
Thumbs up on Jakes singing!!! :)
Alec Cormack
'Alec Cormack' 2 months ago
nice vid
Krystal Freeman
'Krystal Freeman' 2 months ago
I subscribed
Gaming Chug
'Gaming Chug' 2 months ago
He is a really good singer
bailey wendell
'bailey wendell' 2 months ago
jakes a wimp lol
'ĐŘ ĐŘE ƤØØ' 2 months ago
he is pretty good singing
Zachary Espiritu
'Zachary Espiritu' 2 months ago
i havs that ball
jade brat
'jade brat' 2 months ago
u should get your girlfriend and jakes girlfriend do tricks for a kiss from guys
jreninja sonic Jolteon
Tanner you are cute💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
CB Plays
'CB Plays' 2 months ago
he great at singing
Further In Reality
'Further In Reality' 2 months ago
Vape juice spotted. 13:03
'SeriousGamer/SGPlayz' 2 months ago
Tanner I have the same soccer ball.
Keerissa Tobler
'Keerissa Tobler' 2 months ago
I wish I could sing as good as him, even tho he's nervous he's good
steven cook
'steven cook' 2 months ago
amazing kake
Swag Scope
'Swag Scope' 2 months ago
fsa flips
'fsa flips' 3 months ago
Subscribe if you believe in god
Michael Edwards
'Michael Edwards' 3 months ago
That was good👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😲😲😂🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💸💸💸💸💰💰💰💰💰💰💎💎💎💎💎💎💎📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦✉️✉️✉️✉️✉️✉️✉️✉️✉️✉️🇺🇸🇺🇸
Angel Leos
'Angel Leos' 3 months ago
wooow he sings good
Dan Curtis
'Dan Curtis' 3 months ago
he's pretty good
HawkAJock Bawk
'HawkAJock Bawk' 3 months ago
New Shawn mendas
Connor Marcy
'Connor Marcy' 3 months ago
tanner no joke my birthday is on the 23 off December
Conner Denton
'Conner Denton' 3 months ago
nice singing
Funman 22
'Funman 22' 3 months ago
That music is like my Girlfriend, 🔥
The Michigander
'The Michigander' 3 months ago
I go to that target
'Alahna's Life' 3 months ago
Anyone who subs means the world to me
'berrr' 3 months ago
yeah he is I liked it
Keelan Gamer
'Keelan Gamer' 3 months ago
great singer no joke he's awsome start a career
T Vlogs
'T Vlogs' 3 months ago
He's a mini jb
Gwen Peel
'Gwen Peel' 3 months ago
How old r u
Gavin Collins
'Gavin Collins' 3 months ago
This video is on Jan 5 and the car he saw was an 06 which is my birthday jan 5 2006
Ezzy Vlogs
'Ezzy Vlogs' 3 months ago
Jakes was scared to sing how cute xx he's a good singer
Furious Puma
'Furious Puma' 3 months ago
maxwell seel
'maxwell seel' 3 months ago
do it now
Hannah H. Titanic1912
go* sorry
'Blake211011' 3 months ago
Kasey Bird
'Kasey Bird' 3 months ago
wow that is great
Andrew Ortega
'Andrew Ortega' 3 months ago
people who disliked the video is a hater
'thesuperally' 3 months ago
He sang so cute
Gracie Rady
'Gracie Rady' 3 months ago
jakes voice😍
Tamara Grim
'Tamara Grim' 3 months ago
zayed Al Belooshi
'zayed Al Belooshi' 3 months ago
YOUR ME BEST YOUTUBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Casey awesome boss Moore
can I have a fidgit spinner
Alexa Ramirez
'Alexa Ramirez' 3 months ago
jwd gaming
'jwd gaming' 3 months ago
hello fox fam😀
Alecsa Davis
'Alecsa Davis' 3 months ago
my name is Alexa so I was like wht y r u saying my name
'kiezscrapbook' 3 months ago
Nose car
'Kayla' 3 months ago
Jake's sing is so good. like some one get this guy a record deal!!!
Sandi Smith
'Sandi Smith' 3 months ago
I love you Tanner fox
Robert Reber
'Robert Reber' 3 months ago
just sing
Unspeakable Trick Shots
Jakes really good at singing
Aidan Sickler
'Aidan Sickler' 3 months ago
hi can you make a eating poop video
'GJvids123' 3 months ago
iv got won
Brandy Childress
'Brandy Childress' 3 months ago
You have the coolest car
Squid Nugget
'Squid Nugget' 3 months ago
Thumbs up if you know iballisticsquid
Tae Savege
'Tae Savege' 3 months ago
iulian Burghila
'iulian Burghila' 3 months ago
my mom can juggle
'illosiongames' 3 months ago
Sam Gonelli
'Sam Gonelli' 3 months ago
Sing ! Sing ! Sing ! Sing ! Sing ! Sing ! Sing ! 🎶
Tuzz 43
'Tuzz 43' 3 months ago
You've got 10000 vies
Aiden Appenteng
'Aiden Appenteng' 3 months ago
Tanner you didn't intro the vlog loll
Scarlett Shabazz
'Scarlett Shabazz' 3 months ago
Jakes singing is good .
Brian Hernandez
'Brian Hernandez' 3 months ago
'StockyplaysRoblox' 3 months ago
Butiful singing I mean it!!!!!!!!!!!xxxx
Jake and Kayne
'Jake and Kayne' 3 months ago
Why did You roest rice gum
Benjamin A
'Benjamin A' 3 months ago
Wayne Brown
'Wayne Brown' 3 months ago
he can sing
Lynn Gregory
'Lynn Gregory' 3 months ago
Sam Dammers
'Sam Dammers' 4 months ago
Tell him to sing louder i mean it is great but just a little louder love you guys
stephanie dillard gobin
Just do it 😀
Guy Isiayei
'Guy Isiayei' 4 months ago
cannot hit the folks but so funny
Rahul Daithankar
'Rahul Daithankar' 4 months ago
the next justin bieber
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