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Workshop on Career in Civil Services at SRCC, Delhi by Tejasvi Rana, AIR 12, CSE 2016 -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vision IAS

By: Vision IASPublished: 6 months ago

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UPSC examination is considered to be the world's most toughest exam to crack. Its not easy when it comes to preparation for Civil Service Exam. With subjects and topics ranges from History, Economics, Arts & Culture, Geography etc. it becomes extremely confusing and overwhelming task.
How do we cope up with pressure and navigate through this monumental process?
Watch this video to learn about the planning, strategies and tips and tricks that will help the aspirants familiarise with the expectation and help them beat the pressure and clear UPSC exam.

nitesh kr
'nitesh kr' 16 hours ago
Can anyone share fees structure of vision IAS prelims test series
ShahanA SanA
'ShahanA SanA' 4 months ago
plz vision ias am also economic optional students can provide good guides
'UPSC FOCI' 5 months ago
I think most of student benifited by directly or indirectly from vision during their preparation or till the selection.
P Adithya
'P Adithya' 6 months ago
Lulu Gulu
'Lulu Gulu' 6 months ago
She is totally artificial intelligence
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