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10 Amazing Paper Tricks! -
Published: 3 years ago By: brusspup

By: brusspupPublished: 3 years ago

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10 Amazing Paper Tricks! Here are some fun tricks you can try just about anywhere.

I've included the list of tricks and some of them include download links to templates.

#1 Impossible paper

An oldie but a goodie. Trick you friends with this super simple but cool trick.

#2 Perpetual Spinner

This one takes advantage of rising heat to spin the paper. Be careful when doing this experiment. The paper could catch fire.

#3 Walk Thru Paper

Another oldie but a goodie. The tighter you make the lines, the bigger the hole it will create.

#4 Annoying Noise Maker

This one is super easy and really annoying

#5 Ruler Breaker

Using nothing but a piece of paper to "hold" down the ruler, you can break it.

#6 Möbius strip

If you take a strip of paper, twist it half way and tape the ends, then cut down the middle, the 2 pieces of paper will join and make 1 large loop
If you take the ends and twist them a full time and tape them together then cut down the middle, it will create 2 linked loops.

#7 Impossible Fold

This trick has some controversy. Some say you can't fold more than 7 times, more than 8, or more. It also depends on the thickness of the paper and the make up of the paper. Generally though, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible to fold ordinary sheets of paper more than 8 times.

#8 Blooming Flower

This one is very impressive. Be sure to use just a little layer of water. You can make different sizes and shapes of flowers. Some times they will bloom fast and other times slow.

#9 Paper Popper

This one is super fun, because you can create it almost anywhere. It takes a little practice. You want to make sure to seal off all of the holes in your hand and when you "clap" your hands together you're trying to create a nice air pocket that forces the paper out. If you get really good, you can create extremely loud pops.

#10 Super Paper Strength

The "tighter" you can make these the stronger it will be. Obviously you could cut thinner strips and have 10, 15, separate cylinders but to me, the taller and fewer the cylinders the more impressive it looks. I calculated that with the 6 cylinders I had, it could hold at least 150 pounds. Be careful when trying this trick.

Gary Lewis
'Gary Lewis' 20 hours ago
you can fold a paper 8 times. use a roll of toilet paper. un roll it completly fold in half 2 layers then again for 4 8 16 32 64 128 for 256 = 2^8
Dullah Yu
'Dullah Yu' 1 day ago
Shilpa Modhiya
'Shilpa Modhiya' 2 days ago
The last trick i try but that is impossible
Balkarratol Ratol
'Balkarratol Ratol' 2 days ago
time west😝
Dou DiySters
'Dou DiySters' 4 days ago
If u cut a morphious strip into thirds it's so much cooler
Руслан Носик
Ziggy Craft
'Ziggy Craft' 6 days ago
For some reason this song makes me feel nostalgic...
speed O music
'speed O music' 1 week ago
Joyce 16
'Joyce 16' 2 weeks ago
5.56 is @meisjedjamila
Elsa Arendell
'Elsa Arendell' 2 weeks ago
Last 3d paper link plsss....😄
kul laxmi
'kul laxmi' 2 weeks ago
The last one was quite amazing!!!!??
Jack Colombo
'Jack Colombo' 2 weeks ago
Number 7 is a lie. Mythbusters baby
Naruto Uzamaki
'Naruto Uzamaki' 2 weeks ago
U suck
Simon Barnsley
'Simon Barnsley' 2 weeks ago
It's called a Mobius Strip.
Malab Atassi
'Malab Atassi' 2 weeks ago
25m viewers! how much people are bored?
Vaibhav Shrma
'Vaibhav Shrma' 3 weeks ago
Angelique Dela Cruz
'Angelique Dela Cruz' 3 weeks ago
THANK YOU!!!! the 1st one was a homework assignment and i couldnt figure it out tysm lol
'Jimmy' 3 weeks ago
#7 was busted by mythbusters, they reached 11
taraxshine x
'taraxshine x' 3 weeks ago
Meisjedjamila gespot 😂
simon crewe
'simon crewe' 3 weeks ago
pile of wank
Meghali Tamuli
'Meghali Tamuli' 3 weeks ago
3 rd nmbr is cool
Anask Khan
'Anask Khan' 3 weeks ago
Syed Rehan Hashmi
'Syed Rehan Hashmi' 3 weeks ago
Morpheus strip is the legendary one
mahendra chaurasiya
'mahendra chaurasiya' 3 weeks ago
Dharma Hnb
'Dharma Hnb' 4 weeks ago
nice music
muhammad arshad
'muhammad arshad' 4 weeks ago
Be careful for the table at last trick
Subha Vembu
'Subha Vembu' 4 weeks ago
3rd is First small Another big,thus she can enter
rathwa sankalp
'rathwa sankalp' 4 weeks ago
i watch but never make
Francinne Llamo
'Francinne Llamo' 4 weeks ago
I can fold a piece of paper in 8 times
Pankaj jha
'Pankaj jha' 4 weeks ago
Naiiee Abiva
'Naiiee Abiva' 4 weeks ago
Mobius strip
Jitendra Kumar
'Jitendra Kumar' 4 weeks ago
or koi video
Hacker warm
'Hacker warm' 1 month ago
That trick is fack i do but it can't done that 4 no and 9 trick i do they are fake
Shaheen Shaheen
'Shaheen Shaheen' 1 month ago
amazing 😍😍😍
Ashu Ramgolam
'Ashu Ramgolam' 1 month ago
girl show your belly you are sexyyy
Shahed Khan
'Shahed Khan' 1 month ago
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Adaja Kruyswijk
'Adaja Kruyswijk' 1 month ago
Sameer Mohd
'Sameer Mohd' 1 month ago
'McAlexander79' 1 month ago
#6 is calling wrong. Its not the Morpheus Strip. Its Möbius Strip. (This has nothing to do with the Matrix) Sorry. :-)
'Gatirulo' 1 month ago
4:54 😯😵😵
Pranav Kolambkar
'Pranav Kolambkar' 1 month ago
any1 remember Xavier perret!!!!
Azeem Khan
'Azeem Khan' 1 month ago
ادم محمد
'ادم محمد' 1 month ago
You suck
'Vortxe' 2 months ago
Not many people know this but you can also write on paper I know when someone said that to me my mind was blown
demi Koning
'demi Koning' 2 months ago
Vandana Shukla
'Vandana Shukla' 2 months ago
l like noise maker
Chintu Kumar
'Chintu Kumar' 2 months ago
om Kumar
'Jodah205' 2 months ago
notice how every single one of these are from a different channel
Baroque Bastard
'Baroque Bastard' 2 months ago
Queef Simulator 2:08
'BTSARMYCUPID GIRL' 2 months ago
Dimitris 46
'Dimitris 46' 2 months ago
How the fuck did i get here from xnxx
Ravi Tiwari
'Ravi Tiwari' 2 months ago
'Frederick' 2 months ago
#10 is why Paper beat Rock.
PDgaming The gamer
'PDgaming The gamer' 2 months ago
I hated this guy
ask ask
'ask ask' 3 months ago
my like for the last hack
Warrior Son
'Warrior Son' 3 months ago
Da fuck is a "Morpheus strip"?? 😦
'M.N.A R' 3 months ago
i didnt understand what is it?
Saoumitaa G
'Saoumitaa G' 3 months ago
Hebbi stuff!! Love it! I did the morpheus ones in a magic seminar i attended as a child. Other than that, loved the content!!
Sappy guitar neck
'Sappy guitar neck' 3 months ago
The best part of this video was seeing the beautiful bricks.
papa mamma
'papa mamma' 3 months ago
she is very sexy i love her muuuaaa
Sona Pradhan
'Sona Pradhan' 3 months ago
taraxshine x
'taraxshine x' 3 months ago
dat is meisjedjamila
Rasima Begum
'Rasima Begum' 3 months ago
not for amazing very bored
Babu Babu
'Babu Babu' 3 months ago
Comandr86 Rose
'Comandr86 Rose' 3 months ago
10 amazing paper tricks to waste paper XD
Akal The Cat
'Akal The Cat' 3 months ago
I have folded a price of paper in half 13 times in not lying
S Lit
'S Lit' 3 months ago
Someone was really bored
Khang Nguyễn
'Khang Nguyễn' 3 months ago
good and high quaility video
Whiteout -
'Whiteout -' 3 months ago
Jake L
'Jake L' 3 months ago
wow that's was gay as hell....
Pee Candy
'Pee Candy' 3 months ago
Love from #Dubai ❤❤❤❤❤❤ #Click on my pic and #Subscribe to my channel #Thanks
'Dhwani' 3 months ago
tut tut tut if they didn't
'Dhwani' 3 months ago
I hope they used 100% renewable paper
Dhanuja Patil
'Dhanuja Patil' 3 months ago
'PaperKong' 3 months ago
Hey, I would like to invite You to my channel . I put a lot of time to it, but since I'm new there's not many subs. It would really be amazing if You could check it out and maybe even subscribe if you find it good.Thank You for reading this and have a nice day! :)
Ahmad Alif
'Ahmad Alif' 3 months ago
Lucía González
'Lucía González' 3 months ago
It is a Möbius strip. Not a Morpheus strip!
Mike Tiede
'Mike Tiede' 3 months ago
The Mythbusters disproved Number 7. If i remember correctly they got 11 folds in the same folding pattern.
Marlene Howerton
'Marlene Howerton' 4 months ago
Shenbaga Valli
'Shenbaga Valli' 4 months ago
I find it very very amazing and also very useful. Thank U
Shenbaga Valli
'Shenbaga Valli' 4 months ago
I find it very very amazing and also very useful. Thank U
Sanjay Chordia
'Sanjay Chordia' 4 months ago
wow !!!!! what a idea👌👌👌👏👏😱😱
Regina Trie
'Regina Trie' 4 months ago
I like the ending.. and the girl
'Pandaeateh' 4 months ago
she's good with her hands if you know what I mean ;)
mark fiona
'mark fiona' 4 months ago
very good
Seren Stubbings
'Seren Stubbings' 4 months ago
I was ma king them as it was. Shown
'kikivoorburg' 4 months ago
7 was busted by mythbusters
Jay Andrews
'Jay Andrews' 4 months ago
myth busters proved u can fold a piece of paper the size of a football field 11 times with a steamroller 😂
Melanie Perez
'Melanie Perez' 4 months ago
2:08 that one doesn't works!!!
'Roofliite' 4 months ago
Jo Chadwick
'Jo Chadwick' 4 months ago
So cool subscribe me on the savage max picture of a wolf or jo chadwick
Gamer fox101
'Gamer fox101' 4 months ago
I coukd fold paper 10 times in only 8
'PlasmaBurns' 4 months ago
The best paper trick is when you get gullible humans to think of it as actual money.
Gauri Devi
'Gauri Devi' 5 months ago
what's a talent
Tanner Major
'Tanner Major' 5 months ago
Its not impossible to fold a paper 8 times after this vidio I folded a paper 8 times
Cian Curran
'Cian Curran' 5 months ago
by god this is a magic woman.
Jade Limonade
'Jade Limonade' 5 months ago
dat is meisje Djamile ze is nederlands like als je haaf kent
'Jeffthepuppet' 5 months ago
paper poppper XD
Volvo Gaben
'Volvo Gaben' 5 months ago
spin for the win
Roger Norsk gaming
'Roger Norsk gaming' 5 months ago
acoutaly its possible to fold it more than 8 times mythbusters did it, but they used a paper as big as a fotball field
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