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10 Amazing Paper Tricks! -
Published: 4 years ago By: brusspup

By: brusspupPublished: 4 years ago

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10 Amazing Paper Tricks! Here are some fun tricks you can try just about anywhere.

I've included the list of tricks and some of them include download links to templates.

#1 Impossible paper

An oldie but a goodie. Trick you friends with this super simple but cool trick.

#2 Perpetual Spinner

This one takes advantage of rising heat to spin the paper. Be careful when doing this experiment. The paper could catch fire.

#3 Walk Thru Paper

Another oldie but a goodie. The tighter you make the lines, the bigger the hole it will create.

#4 Annoying Noise Maker

This one is super easy and really annoying

#5 Ruler Breaker

Using nothing but a piece of paper to "hold" down the ruler, you can break it.

#6 Möbius strip

If you take a strip of paper, twist it half way and tape the ends, then cut down the middle, the 2 pieces of paper will join and make 1 large loop
If you take the ends and twist them a full time and tape them together then cut down the middle, it will create 2 linked loops.

#7 Impossible Fold

This trick has some controversy. Some say you can't fold more than 7 times, more than 8, or more. It also depends on the thickness of the paper and the make up of the paper. Generally though, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible to fold ordinary sheets of paper more than 8 times.

#8 Blooming Flower

This one is very impressive. Be sure to use just a little layer of water. You can make different sizes and shapes of flowers. Some times they will bloom fast and other times slow.

#9 Paper Popper

This one is super fun, because you can create it almost anywhere. It takes a little practice. You want to make sure to seal off all of the holes in your hand and when you "clap" your hands together you're trying to create a nice air pocket that forces the paper out. If you get really good, you can create extremely loud pops.

#10 Super Paper Strength

The "tighter" you can make these the stronger it will be. Obviously you could cut thinner strips and have 10, 15, separate cylinders but to me, the taller and fewer the cylinders the more impressive it looks. I calculated that with the 6 cylinders I had, it could hold at least 150 pounds. Be careful when trying this trick.

'Nugget's Lego Guns' 14 hours ago
It's Möbius not Morpheus
'kera946' 15 hours ago
Wow. I'm amazed at how stupid people can be.
Feitan Cage
'Feitan Cage' 3 days ago
God . I have too much free time .
Melvin Curtiss Washington Jr
this so cool
Poptarts the Cat
'Poptarts the Cat' 5 days ago
I remember doing #5 at school in the 3rd grade! I didn't brake the rule tho
Ananya Bandi
'Ananya Bandi' 7 days ago
"brusspup" !! LOL
'Wenfey' 2 weeks ago
dude have you ever watch hydrolic press video? its like tens folded
George Crabtree
'George Crabtree' 2 weeks ago
Titus Slimes
'Titus Slimes' 3 weeks ago
Brechje Ruigrok
'Brechje Ruigrok' 3 weeks ago
1:12 is that Djamila from MeisjeDjamila????
Sudip Nag
'Sudip Nag' 3 weeks ago
Nice beautiful
Krish Badgujar
'Krish Badgujar' 4 weeks ago
Super paper strength is the best one
Mitsue Herve
'Mitsue Herve' 4 weeks ago
can you do these you take a paper you take a little pis is of paper you cut the middel of the paper in you do the trick.
Derek Jennings
'Derek Jennings' 4 weeks ago
number 7 was actually busted on myth busters they got a huge piece of paper folded 11 times
Roberta Lopez villarreal
3:40 It doesn’t matter how large, it matters how thin it is
Vali Khaja
'Vali Khaja' 2 months ago
no.ten is super
Calvin Sanders
'Calvin Sanders' 2 months ago
Those scissors though.
'minmorphasis' 2 months ago
NASA allready debunked the impossible paper. They got 11 folds...
Kalish Swathi
'Kalish Swathi' 2 months ago
JC Rahm
'JC Rahm' 2 months ago
great Music
HBN Infotech - Tutorials
Are you trying to twist the paper or our MIND. Really Awesome!
Pratik Parikh
'Pratik Parikh' 2 months ago
I knew a few things but the rest of them were totally amazing, *subscribes instantly*
Reese Money
'Reese Money' 2 months ago
Wow can’t wait to try number 2 so I can burn my house down!😃
Michael Paul
'Michael Paul' 2 months ago
What a bullshit waste of time
Leo. cz
'Leo. cz' 2 months ago
Si nejjjjj
Bart Simpson
'Bart Simpson' 2 months ago
I don't find any of these so called "tricks" are useful Such a waste of time
Megan Kaplan
'Megan Kaplan' 2 months ago
This was copied
Elizabeth D
'Elizabeth D' 3 months ago
Lol i love then end i actually thought that was a bunch of paper all stacked up
dirty 4 play
'dirty 4 play' 3 months ago
Are you like 5 years old
dirty 4 play
'dirty 4 play' 3 months ago
this should be called put a bullet in your head with paper cuz it's boring
'00ironcross' 3 months ago
Shivjinder Punny
'Shivjinder Punny' 3 months ago
I liķe the back ground music
Steve Marvell
'Steve Marvell' 3 months ago
Möbius strip*
'ENZOtaki' 3 months ago
Is there a trick where I can get my 5:56 back?
Ahmad Fares
'Ahmad Fares' 3 months ago
Möbius strip*
'ROHIT KUMAR' 3 months ago
magic dalo
Deniz Akkoç
'Deniz Akkoç' 3 months ago
Wrong information. Search mythbusters
'skeeter197140' 3 months ago
Morpheus strip!
Kathy Lecluyse
'Kathy Lecluyse' 3 months ago
nrs 6 & 7 : the correct name is MOEBIUS strip.
'JAY PRAKASH GAUTAM' 3 months ago
That Sagittarius Girl
For #3, you can just... make a spiral square thing out of paper and then tear the middle of the spiral thing.... no Scissors required lmfao
Kimo Therapy
'Kimo Therapy' 3 months ago
It's called a 'Mobius Strip'
moody tube
'moody tube' 3 months ago
تغير لون شعري أبيض 😨 !!! شوفو ايش السبب ؟!؟
Kieran Boughner
'Kieran Boughner' 3 months ago
'morpheus strip' lol
Mortimer Fort
'Mortimer Fort' 3 months ago
Anyone else stare at the extra P in popper?
Hien Vu
'Hien Vu' 3 months ago
Fact: if you make a morpheus strip without cutting it, it only has one side!
shekar 10maX
'shekar 10maX' 3 months ago
Thank you
Entertinment Bazar
'Entertinment Bazar' 3 months ago
Mat B
'Mat B' 3 months ago
Don’t you mean Möbius strip?
Rich Crosson
'Rich Crosson' 4 months ago
Wizard Of Vols
'Wizard Of Vols' 4 months ago
Thumbs up! If for no other reason than the blooming flower! :D
Sheru Sheikh
'Sheru Sheikh' 4 months ago
super thanks
sikho sikhao
'sikho sikhao' 4 months ago
Saravanan Shankar
'Saravanan Shankar' 4 months ago
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Hasimuddin Hasisekh
'Hasimuddin Hasisekh' 4 months ago
wow amejing
Valkyrie Gerona
'Valkyrie Gerona' 4 months ago
Imma need a house made out of paper!
surya prakash
'surya prakash' 4 months ago
Papers wastage
All Rounder Singh
'All Rounder Singh' 4 months ago
Brandon Nguyen
'Brandon Nguyen' 4 months ago
The perpetual spinner isnt perpetual the heat from the lamp is moving it
Jitendra Gahlot
'Jitendra Gahlot' 4 months ago
Trwo and Sassiestink
'Trwo and Sassiestink' 4 months ago
#4 I don't need a paper to do that I can do it with my lips
Mehdi Nategh
'Mehdi Nategh' 4 months ago
these would be entertaining for the kids, nice.
Bratona Thetoner
'Bratona Thetoner' 4 months ago
10 was my favorite
Cocoy panget/ugly Villarama
Strong paper= jenga😂
Tousif Ahmed
'Tousif Ahmed' 4 months ago
i try it
Clarence Chan
'Clarence Chan' 4 months ago
isn't it a mobius strip not a morpheus strip
Francis Grabetz
'Francis Grabetz' 4 months ago
'GET REKT' 4 months ago
Tumbnail at 2:05
Jumana tul jannah
'Jumana tul jannah' 4 months ago
عبدلله الألباني
Such a waste of ressources...
Fish Bowl
'Fish Bowl' 4 months ago
Lisa Weber
'Lisa Weber' 4 months ago
Bij die walk-thru paper was dat meisje djamila
Edward Deaney
'Edward Deaney' 4 months ago
Whomever it was that came up with the ‘rule’ of not being able to fold a piece of paper more than 7 times, regardless of size, is just a moron. Also, what the hell is a morpheus strip? I think you’ll find it is a Möbius strip.
Mehriban Babayev
'Mehriban Babayev' 4 months ago
Abi nasil yapdin oni
Taslima vg
'Taslima vg' 5 months ago
Wow! amazing 😱😱😱😱😱
MasterConnor 06
'MasterConnor 06' 5 months ago
Paper poppper
Sue Cox
'Sue Cox' 5 months ago
It'a a mobius strip. But the video is great fun!
have fun😊😊😊
Gboom333 Lol
'Gboom333 Lol' 5 months ago
😍 no words
Suman Singhal
'Suman Singhal' 5 months ago
How is this the best animated video, watch to know :
Oof Attack
'Oof Attack' 5 months ago
So I was gonna have a good thanksgiving but here I am watching someone cut paper
Vicente Cantu
'Vicente Cantu' 5 months ago
Number 7 was a myth that was busted by a paper the size of a football field that was folded 11times which makes your statement false
Declan Morden
'Declan Morden' 5 months ago
The impossible fold is fake, myth busters were able to fold a piece of paper in half 12 times
# Flame DOG #
'# Flame DOG #' 5 months ago
Aslam Rao
'Aslam Rao' 5 months ago
Love you
hasnain khan
'hasnain khan' 5 months ago
Don’t be silly baby... No one use it..!
Joanne van Valen
'Joanne van Valen' 5 months ago
Bob Tony
'Bob Tony' 5 months ago
Bob Tony
'Bob Tony' 5 months ago
Shilpi XYZ
'Shilpi XYZ' 6 months ago
I know better than this 😏
Maskülist Adam
'Maskülist Adam' 6 months ago
Musıc name please ???
Shanea cool
'Shanea cool' 6 months ago
vera wassenaar
'vera wassenaar' 6 months ago
Meisje Djamila!!
lukas alkauskas
'lukas alkauskas' 6 months ago
I folded the paper 17 times, size DOES matter, I got 9 pieces of paper stuck together, and then folded it.
Goransh Khaneja - Thomas Street MS (1654)
Wrong a chart paper can be folded 8 times I think
Big Foot Bill Unknown
Somebody had too much time on their hands. "Stupid is as stupid does!"
kirti mhalgi
'kirti mhalgi' 6 months ago
Ridiculous tricks
*_El Risotto_*
'*_El Risotto_*' 6 months ago
#9 doesn’t work
Christopher Benson
'Christopher Benson' 6 months ago
+SpartanUruk asked the question: "Am I the only person who thought some of these tricks were just so stupid?" The answer is: No. Stupid became the upper end of my expectations when I saw that he couldn't distinguish between: (1) Morpheus, the mythological Greek God of dreams (and son of Hypnos), (2) German mathematician August Möbius (born 1790) (and son of Mr and Mrs Möbius of Saxony). Cool fact about (2) (which is the correct name of "sub-amazing" paper trick #6): August Möbius was a direct descendant of religious reformer Martin Luther.
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