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10 Amazing Paper Tricks! -
Published: 3 years ago By: brusspup

By: brusspupPublished: 3 years ago

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10 Amazing Paper Tricks! Here are some fun tricks you can try just about anywhere.

I've included the list of tricks and some of them include download links to templates.

#1 Impossible paper

An oldie but a goodie. Trick you friends with this super simple but cool trick.

#2 Perpetual Spinner

This one takes advantage of rising heat to spin the paper. Be careful when doing this experiment. The paper could catch fire.

#3 Walk Thru Paper

Another oldie but a goodie. The tighter you make the lines, the bigger the hole it will create.

#4 Annoying Noise Maker

This one is super easy and really annoying

#5 Ruler Breaker

Using nothing but a piece of paper to "hold" down the ruler, you can break it.

#6 Möbius strip

If you take a strip of paper, twist it half way and tape the ends, then cut down the middle, the 2 pieces of paper will join and make 1 large loop
If you take the ends and twist them a full time and tape them together then cut down the middle, it will create 2 linked loops.

#7 Impossible Fold

This trick has some controversy. Some say you can't fold more than 7 times, more than 8, or more. It also depends on the thickness of the paper and the make up of the paper. Generally though, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible to fold ordinary sheets of paper more than 8 times.

#8 Blooming Flower

This one is very impressive. Be sure to use just a little layer of water. You can make different sizes and shapes of flowers. Some times they will bloom fast and other times slow.

#9 Paper Popper

This one is super fun, because you can create it almost anywhere. It takes a little practice. You want to make sure to seal off all of the holes in your hand and when you "clap" your hands together you're trying to create a nice air pocket that forces the paper out. If you get really good, you can create extremely loud pops.

#10 Super Paper Strength

The "tighter" you can make these the stronger it will be. Obviously you could cut thinner strips and have 10, 15, separate cylinders but to me, the taller and fewer the cylinders the more impressive it looks. I calculated that with the 6 cylinders I had, it could hold at least 150 pounds. Be careful when trying this trick.

Aslam Rao
'Aslam Rao' 2 days ago
Love you
hasnain khan
'hasnain khan' 6 days ago
Don’t be silly baby... No one use it..!
Joanne van Valen
'Joanne van Valen' 6 days ago
Bob Tony
'Bob Tony' 2 weeks ago
Bob Tony
'Bob Tony' 2 weeks ago
Shilpi Kumar
'Shilpi Kumar' 2 weeks ago
I know better than this 😏
Obsesif Adam
'Obsesif Adam' 2 weeks ago
Musıc name please ???
Shanea Cool Koster
'Shanea Cool Koster' 3 weeks ago
vera wassenaar
'vera wassenaar' 3 weeks ago
Meisje Djamila!!
lukas alkauskas
'lukas alkauskas' 3 weeks ago
I folded the paper 17 times, size DOES matter, I got 9 pieces of paper stuck together, and then folded it.
Goransh Khaneja - Thomas Street MS (1654)
Wrong a chart paper can be folded 8 times I think
Big Foot Bill Unknown
Somebody had too much time on their hands. "Stupid is as stupid does!"
kirti mhalgi
'kirti mhalgi' 1 month ago
Ridiculous tricks
*_El Risitas_*
'*_El Risitas_*' 1 month ago
#9 doesn’t work
Christopher Benson
'Christopher Benson' 1 month ago
+SpartanUruk asked the question: "Am I the only person who thought some of these tricks were just so stupid?" The answer is: No. Stupid became the upper end of my expectations when I saw that he couldn't distinguish between: (1) Morpheus, the mythological Greek God of dreams (and son of Hypnos), (2) German mathematician August Möbius (born 1790) (and son of Mr and Mrs Möbius of Saxony). Cool fact about (2) (which is the correct name of "sub-amazing" paper trick #6): August Möbius was a direct descendant of religious reformer Martin Luther.
Jay Somase
'Jay Somase' 1 month ago
What the heck is it 😭
'TheEpicCorgi' 1 month ago
number 7 is incorrect
Sano Wild
'Sano Wild' 1 month ago
she is so cute ^_^
Kiwi Time
'Kiwi Time' 1 month ago
Im able to fold a paper 8 times it's hard
'T C' 1 month ago
If you guys are bf and gf maybe you should make a baby and stop playing with paper....or take up a hobby
Creativity for Kids
'Creativity for Kids' 1 month ago
woo good grile
Bailie Warren
'Bailie Warren' 1 month ago
Did anybody realize that she/he put 3 p's in paper popper
'MCPE T&T' 1 month ago
MYTHBUSTERS actually folded a piece of paper in half "11" times !!
Mathias Rosensköld
'Mathias Rosensköld' 2 months ago
Ummm number 7 is bullshit look at mythbusters
'alekos01' 2 months ago
'googelybear' 2 months ago
25 million views.... 25 million views....
Preston B
'Preston B' 2 months ago
It's called a MOBIAS STRIP
Andreas Kvamme
'Andreas Kvamme' 2 months ago
Actualy Mythbusters fold a paper in sice of a fotballpitch 10 times.
Atomic Shadow
'Atomic Shadow' 2 months ago
It is possible to fold The paper More than 8 Times. You just need very big paper
phil jay fry
'phil jay fry' 2 months ago
Harry Abbas
'Harry Abbas' 2 months ago
No2 is a fire hazard. So damn stupid
'Guest' 2 months ago
The blooming flower made me smile.
'EvanTheB3AST' 2 months ago
I can fold a piece of paper in half 12 times
Beena Sonkia
'Beena Sonkia' 2 months ago
I did not knew that paper had so much strength I loved this vedio
'Loparex' 2 months ago
The 7 is false... The world record is 11
Ella Draws
'Ella Draws' 2 months ago
I did #3 with a index card and it worked
'SHIVSHAKTI' 2 months ago
'Darrin' 2 months ago
Number 2 is how to catch your house on fire? Or cardboard box depending on your situation 😇
Vera Pool
'Vera Pool' 2 months ago
Nikunj Doshi
'Nikunj Doshi' 2 months ago
stupidity d video
Faisal Rx
'Faisal Rx' 2 months ago
He cheated
'VIRUS' 2 months ago
Heyyy that's pretty good
'Neha's Gallery' 2 months ago plz like and share !!
David Bermudez
'David Bermudez' 2 months ago
What happened to the balloon popper?
Patrick Bonini
'Patrick Bonini' 2 months ago
#7 isn’t true myth busters busted it with a paper the size of a football field
'SL McG' 2 months ago
That's "mobius" strip, not morpheus!
Shahidul Islam
'Shahidul Islam' 2 months ago
eh gunay
'eh gunay' 2 months ago
Wow wachted more than primitive technology videos ha ha
Masoud Sevak
'Masoud Sevak' 2 months ago
Abhishek Dutta
'Abhishek Dutta' 2 months ago
'HEX' 2 months ago
cool..I will try everything
nail girls
'nail girls' 2 months ago
asma Yaseen
'asma Yaseen' 2 months ago
all the tricks were useless...
IceDawggy TBAFox
'IceDawggy TBAFox' 2 months ago
Came here cuz...I JUST LOVE THE MUSIC!!!!!😍
sameer shaikh
'sameer shaikh' 2 months ago
Bloodthirsty Vegan
'Bloodthirsty Vegan' 2 months ago
Soooo......You had to call in a man to break a ruler ? I voted for a female President, but now I'm not so sure that was the right choice. 😃
Gary Lewis
'Gary Lewis' 2 months ago
you can fold a paper 8 times. use a roll of toilet paper. un roll it completly fold in half 2 layers then again for 4 8 16 32 64 128 for 256 = 2^8
Dullah Yu
'Dullah Yu' 2 months ago
Tech and gaming
'Tech and gaming' 2 months ago
The last trick i try but that is impossible
manvir R
'manvir R' 2 months ago
time west😝
Dou DiySters
'Dou DiySters' 2 months ago
If u cut a morphious strip into thirds it's so much cooler
Руслан Носик
Ziggy Craft
'Ziggy Craft' 2 months ago
For some reason this song makes me feel nostalgic...
speed O music
'speed O music' 2 months ago
Joyce 16
'Joyce 16' 2 months ago
5.56 is @meisjedjamila
Elsa Arendell
'Elsa Arendell' 2 months ago
Last 3d paper link plsss....😄
Muna Hub
'Muna Hub' 2 months ago
The last one was quite amazing!!!!??
Jack Colombo
'Jack Colombo' 2 months ago
Number 7 is a lie. Mythbusters baby
Naruto Uzamaki
'Naruto Uzamaki' 2 months ago
U suck
Simon Barnsley
'Simon Barnsley' 2 months ago
It's called a Mobius Strip.
Malab Atassi
'Malab Atassi' 3 months ago
25m viewers! how much people are bored?
'AIDS AIDS' 3 months ago
Angelique Dela Cruz
'Angelique Dela Cruz' 3 months ago
THANK YOU!!!! the 1st one was a homework assignment and i couldnt figure it out tysm lol
'Jimmy' 3 months ago
#7 was busted by mythbusters, they reached 11
taraxshine x
'taraxshine x' 3 months ago
Meisjedjamila gespot 😂
simon crewe
'simon crewe' 3 months ago
pile of wank
Meghali Tamuli
'Meghali Tamuli' 3 months ago
3 rd nmbr is cool
Anask Khan
'Anask Khan' 3 months ago
Syed Rehan Hashmi
'Syed Rehan Hashmi' 3 months ago
Morpheus strip is the legendary one
mahendra chaurasiya
'mahendra chaurasiya' 3 months ago
Dharma Hnb
'Dharma Hnb' 3 months ago
nice music
muhammad arshad
'muhammad arshad' 3 months ago
Be careful for the table at last trick
Subha Vembu
'Subha Vembu' 3 months ago
3rd is First small Another big,thus she can enter
rathwa sankalp
'rathwa sankalp' 3 months ago
i watch but never make
Francinne Llamo
'Francinne Llamo' 3 months ago
I can fold a piece of paper in 8 times
Pankaj jha
'Pankaj jha' 3 months ago
Naiiee Abiva
'Naiiee Abiva' 3 months ago
Mobius strip
Jitendra Kumar
'Jitendra Kumar' 3 months ago
or koi video
Hacker warm
'Hacker warm' 3 months ago
That trick is fack i do but it can't done that 4 no and 9 trick i do they are fake
Shaheen Shaheen
'Shaheen Shaheen' 3 months ago
amazing 😍😍😍
Ashu Ramgolam
'Ashu Ramgolam' 3 months ago
girl show your belly you are sexyyy
Shahed Khan
'Shahed Khan' 3 months ago
Find 3 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222223222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
Adaja Kruyswijk
'Adaja Kruyswijk' 3 months ago
Sameer Mohd
'Sameer Mohd' 3 months ago
'McAlexander79' 3 months ago
#6 is calling wrong. Its not the Morpheus Strip. Its Möbius Strip. (This has nothing to do with the Matrix) Sorry. :-)
'Gatirulo' 3 months ago
4:54 😯😵😵
Pranav Kolambkar
'Pranav Kolambkar' 3 months ago
any1 remember Xavier perret!!!!
Azeem Khan
'Azeem Khan' 3 months ago
ادم محمد
'ادم محمد' 3 months ago
You suck
'Vortxe' 4 months ago
Not many people know this but you can also write on paper I know when someone said that to me my mind was blown
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