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Christmas Vine & Instagram Compilation 2016 -
Published: 10 months ago By: Dumb Genius

By: Dumb GeniusPublished: 10 months ago

516, 479 views

4, 598 Likes   187 Dislikes

New Christmas Compilation from the Top Viners of the Year 2016! Check out Team Internet's A Westworld Christmas►

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8:17 8:19
Michael Zawilenski
Christ the eh bee girl is so fucking cringy. It's like cancer to my eyes
'Mascarado' 5 days ago
Suki yamaida
'Suki yamaida' 1 month ago
I was watching this in September.....I'm so sad....😢😥😭😪
Karina Ramos
'Karina Ramos' 1 month ago
4:51 he got dyin on his suspicious face😑
Karina Ramos
'Karina Ramos' 1 month ago
0:31 everyone for LIT in the train🤣😂😂
Memes are life Yasss
Life_ 101
'Life_ 101' 1 month ago
When you are watching in summer
Iron Spartan Productions
Where are you WiFi?
Simon Petkov
'Simon Petkov' 2 months ago
mr hacker
'mr hacker' 2 months ago
1st one is me AF
Litzzie Rea
'Litzzie Rea' 2 months ago
The vine about crocs what's he complaining about crocs are expensive
'Jennacavaon' 2 months ago
It starts
'kickenbird1' 3 months ago
Christmas is going to be good in 2017 oh yeah I'm watching in summer
'MEMES' 3 months ago
actually santa clause is real, his name is actually saint nick for short, and he was russian, and did do what we think what "santa" would have done, and we created a folktale about it the only problem is... he died....... :)
creeper 36
'creeper 36' 3 months ago
8:36 he sounds like wildcat
Kawaii Potato
'Kawaii Potato' 3 months ago
It's July 2017 and I'm watching these and listening to Christmas music I can't wait for Christmas this year cause I love winter and the cold
Elijah The Coffee King
3:20 was creative
mr hacker
'mr hacker' 4 months ago
1st one is me
Daniel Sandi
'Daniel Sandi' 4 months ago
4:06 i died, so did 8:19
Key Hack
'Key Hack' 4 months ago
XD 1:14
Vine brought me here I think
wolfboygaming YT
'wolfboygaming YT' 5 months ago
Sherman Huard
'Sherman Huard' 6 months ago
subscribe on my page please!! greetings from Oklahoma, i want to do Vines videos too
'XxSilentGryMxX' 6 months ago
Santa:"Who the hell made these cookies" Kid:"Oh me Santa" Santa: Oh well there fucken horrible.
'CARO' 6 months ago
Oh hello mrs.claus have u been naughty this year oh u have.YEAH!! is when i lost it XD
Sydney Cervantes
'Sydney Cervantes' 7 months ago
S,L&C squad
'S,L&C squad' 7 months ago
6:02 santa looks like he belongs in the migos, t-shirt video. OHHHH!!!!!!
Sean willem Giron
'Sean willem Giron' 7 months ago
this is how vine got made boss:we need a better app.. worker:how about a video posting app! boss:nah youtube got that first worker:how about lets make it to 6 seconds? boss:perfect! your promoted! worker: :)
Water Melon
'Water Melon' 8 months ago
The polar express one,,
Rin okaumaura
'Rin okaumaura' 8 months ago
for the 5 day of Christmas my true love have to me, 5 GOLD DIGGERS
Haarulf Playz
'Haarulf Playz' 8 months ago
Michael Ajani
'Michael Ajani' 8 months ago
Why would a deaf kid shake a box?
'Gaminguitarist' 8 months ago
Confirmed Donald trump
not the king
'not the king' 9 months ago
wait wait wait! Donald Trump is in this vine omg
pay 2232
'pay 2232' 9 months ago
find the mitsake 📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀
Royal Vlogs
'Royal Vlogs' 9 months ago
Is this last of vine😭😭😭😭😭😣😢
Combread Llama
'Combread Llama' 9 months ago
Vines dead
'tt130385' 9 months ago
Fatima Mbaye
'Fatima Mbaye' 9 months ago
I love u guys😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brenda Colon
'Brenda Colon' 9 months ago
Awakened Yeti
'Awakened Yeti' 9 months ago
Friend me on ps4 (ldaubert)
Victoria Kawaii Kat :3
2:06 this reminds me of me and my sister we fight alot
Jose Francisco
'Jose Francisco' 9 months ago
thank you we love Iraq
Lola Mitchel
'Lola Mitchel' 9 months ago
"Wanna candy cane "
Jay Baez
'Jay Baez' 9 months ago
Martin Pavlenko
'Martin Pavlenko' 9 months ago
0:58 is this Trump
Matilda Faalili
'Matilda Faalili' 9 months ago
Tucker Garland
'Tucker Garland' 9 months ago
Vine is trash! How is this considered funny. These are all expired memes, for real comedy, go watch some dank meme compilations, I guarantee 5 or more laughs.
Anthony Ricci
'Anthony Ricci' 9 months ago
VINES DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Larisa Gudashova
'Larisa Gudashova' 9 months ago
Lyrics Daily
'Lyrics Daily' 9 months ago
What's the song at 1:40
'Some' 9 months ago
Didn't laph once
Darkvapor playz
'Darkvapor playz' 9 months ago
tide pods
'tide pods' 9 months ago
That last one though
Riley Hanson-Clinnick
I wonder what it to be like a camera man in a vine
Mustafa Nafaa
'Mustafa Nafaa' 10 months ago
att 1:00 if you look close you Will se that it was Trump that talked to The kid
Tara White
'Tara White' 10 months ago
the mariah carey one had me rolling!!!
'Therealgoats' 10 months ago
9:51 wtf was I looking at????!??
David Robles
'David Robles' 10 months ago
OH YEAH Cristian! 2:15
Captain. Rex
'Captain. Rex' 10 months ago
if your kid says Santa claws just say Santa has a teliporter and go to every house
nighty night xd
'nighty night xd' 10 months ago
What happened to vine
GoldyYT Goldie
'GoldyYT Goldie' 10 months ago
*Christmas Song* DUN Kid: WHO ARE YOU .O. Creep: o_o MY NAME IS JEFF
2,000 subs with 2 videos
ShiningManHumz 16
'ShiningManHumz 16' 10 months ago
these memes are dead then my future.
'MIMI R' 10 months ago
Donald trump looked at his ass oh my god!!!!
Kimberly Bethea
'Kimberly Bethea' 10 months ago
That looks like trump 0:57
'I'mJust Saiyan' 10 months ago
go to 1:13 it's funny
Liafadlian Mardiana
'Liafadlian Mardiana' 10 months ago
Mango Madness
'Mango Madness' 10 months ago
rip vine 2013-2016 we will remember you
Kitty rainbow girl
'Kitty rainbow girl' 10 months ago
At 0:57 Donald trump was talking to a boy wow helpful but he is little racist
Beyond Trash
'Beyond Trash' 10 months ago
2:12 was my favorite 😂😂😂
Trendy Gamer
'Trendy Gamer' 10 months ago
hey, i have my own vines video how could i send you my videos...
'TheTicaAndTikiShow' 10 months ago
Alpha Diisire
'Alpha Diisire' 10 months ago
At 0:57 was that Donald Trump
fitties mane
'fitties mane' 10 months ago
im glad vine is dead lol.
InfiniteSites 01
'InfiniteSites 01' 10 months ago
Put the middle finger up and stick it at trump
Cesar Cardoza
'Cesar Cardoza' 10 months ago
bessed Williams
'bessed Williams' 10 months ago
bessed Williams
'bessed Williams' 10 months ago
yaboi wqin
'yaboi wqin' 10 months ago
oh.. let me see your grades your grades need Jesus
The FluffyOshawollt Nooby vids
one day that huscy is going to bite him
suchapill ! !
'suchapill ! !' 10 months ago
Awesome lol
Roblox gamer
'Roblox gamer' 10 months ago
the dog was so cute!!! (4:29)
Bilal Nasser
'Bilal Nasser' 10 months ago
Subscribe to me and I'll back
Bilal Nasser
'Bilal Nasser' 10 months ago
I know about 99 percent of you guys have a good day/night
Panic! At the Twenty øne crybabies
Merry christler
'xNCANS' 10 months ago
bruh I got a hoverboard and nba2k17
Gae Elle
'Gae Elle' 10 months ago
Donald fucking Trump was in Home Alone... And that's the story of why I stopped celebrating Christmas😂😂
Jeanine Law
'Jeanine Law' 10 months ago
At 7:28 though
Katie Sinnott
'Katie Sinnott' 10 months ago
who's heard about a black santa
'don't ask' 10 months ago
0:58 did you know that the man is donald trump? ;-;
when life sucks just kys
its the 24th and i havent even put up my tree
Yoshi MamaNama
'Yoshi MamaNama' 10 months ago
at 8:49 lil man was like "Finally I Got my Limited edition pokemon golden x cards I will Rule the world" xD
Wolfie Blackheart
'Wolfie Blackheart' 10 months ago
1:00 OH MY GOD I can't believe Trump was on home alone😱
'drunkmothrfckr' 10 months ago
can anyone else tell that the ideas for this shit are running out?
'Toyo7' 10 months ago
3:57 me
Joshua Bulan
'Joshua Bulan' 10 months ago
Elizabeth Kiyan
'Elizabeth Kiyan' 10 months ago
Ssgss teen Gohan
'Ssgss teen Gohan' 10 months ago
I'm in love with the snow snow
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