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Christmas Vine & Instagram Compilation 2016 -
Published: 6 months ago By: Dumb Genius

By: Dumb GeniusPublished: 6 months ago

499, 077 views

4, 360 Likes   179 Dislikes

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Geometry Dash Bomber
4:06 i died, so did 8:19
Key Hack
'Key Hack' 6 days ago
XD 1:14
Panda Gamer
'Panda Gamer' 2 weeks ago
2:13 why hello mrs clause have u been naughty this year oh yes u have Haha
Vine brought me here I think
wolfboygaming YT
'wolfboygaming YT' 1 month ago
Sherman Huard
'Sherman Huard' 2 months ago
subscribe on my page please!! greetings from Oklahoma, i want to do Vines videos too
'XxSilentGryMxX' 2 months ago
Santa:"Who the hell made these cookies" Kid:"Oh me Santa" Santa: Oh well there fucken horrible.
'CARO' 2 months ago
Oh hello mrs.claus have u been naughty this year oh u have.YEAH!! is when i lost it XD
Sydney Cervantes
'Sydney Cervantes' 3 months ago
S,L&C squad
'S,L&C squad' 3 months ago
6:02 santa looks like he belongs in the migos, t-shirt video. OHHHH!!!!!!
Sean willem Giron
'Sean willem Giron' 3 months ago
this is how vine got made boss:we need a better app.. worker:how about a video posting app! boss:nah youtube got that first worker:how about lets make it to 6 seconds? boss:perfect! your promoted! worker: :)
Water Melon
'Water Melon' 4 months ago
The polar express one,,
Rin okaumaura
'Rin okaumaura' 4 months ago
for the 5 day of Christmas my true love have to me, 5 GOLD DIGGERS
Haarulf Playz
'Haarulf Playz' 4 months ago
Michael Ajani
'Michael Ajani' 4 months ago
Why would a deaf kid shake a box?
'gaminguitarist' 4 months ago
Confirmed Donald trump
the roblox guy
'the roblox guy' 5 months ago
wait wait wait! Donald Trump is in this vine omg
pay 2232
'pay 2232' 5 months ago
find the mitsake 📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀
Royal Vlogs
'Royal Vlogs' 5 months ago
Is this last of vine😭😭😭😭😭😣😢
Kraig berneker
'Kraig berneker' 5 months ago
Vines dead
'tt130385' 5 months ago
Fatima Mbaye
'Fatima Mbaye' 5 months ago
I love u guys😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brenda Colon
'Brenda Colon' 5 months ago
Awakened Yeti
'Awakened Yeti' 5 months ago
Friend me on ps4 (ldaubert)
Victoria Godinez
'Victoria Godinez' 5 months ago
2:06 this reminds me of me and my sister we fight alot
Jose Francisco
'Jose Francisco' 5 months ago
thank you we love Iraq
Lola Mitchel
'Lola Mitchel' 5 months ago
"Wanna candy cane "
Jay Baez
'Jay Baez' 5 months ago
Martin Pavlenko
'Martin Pavlenko' 5 months ago
0:58 is this Trump
Matilda Faalili
'Matilda Faalili' 5 months ago
Tucker Garland
'Tucker Garland' 5 months ago
Vine is trash! How is this considered funny. These are all expired memes, for real comedy, go watch some dank meme compilations, I guarantee 5 or more laughs.
Anthony Ricci
'Anthony Ricci' 5 months ago
VINES DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Larisa Gudashova
'Larisa Gudashova' 5 months ago
Lyrics Daily
'Lyrics Daily' 5 months ago
What's the song at 1:40
PaulCraftFTW -Gaming and more!
Didn't laph once
darkvapor playz
'darkvapor playz' 5 months ago
tide pods
'tide pods' 6 months ago
That last one though
Riley Hanson-Clinnick
I wonder what it to be like a camera man in a vine
Mustafa Nafaa
'Mustafa Nafaa' 6 months ago
att 1:00 if you look close you Will se that it was Trump that talked to The kid
Tara White
'Tara White' 6 months ago
the mariah carey one had me rolling!!!
'Therealgoats' 6 months ago
9:51 wtf was I looking at????!??
David Robles
'David Robles' 6 months ago
OH YEAH Cristian! 2:15
Skelton Rex
'Skelton Rex' 6 months ago
if your kid says Santa claws just say Santa has a teliporter and go to every house
nighty night xd
'nighty night xd' 6 months ago
What happened to vine
GoldyYT Goldie
'GoldyYT Goldie' 6 months ago
*Christmas Song* DUN Kid: WHO ARE YOU .O. Creep: o_o MY NAME IS JEFF
2,000 subs with 2 videos
ShiningManHumz 16
'ShiningManHumz 16' 6 months ago
these memes are dead then my future.
'MIMI R' 6 months ago
Donald trump looked at his ass oh my god!!!!
Kimberly Bethea
'Kimberly Bethea' 6 months ago
That looks like trump 0:57
'I'mJust Saiyan' 6 months ago
go to 1:13 it's funny
Liafadlian Mardiana
'Liafadlian Mardiana' 6 months ago
Mango Madness
'Mango Madness' 6 months ago
rip vine 2013-2016 we will remember you
Kitty rainbow girl
'Kitty rainbow girl' 6 months ago
At 0:57 Donald trump was talking to a boy wow helpful but he is little racist
Zack X
'Zack X' 6 months ago
2:12 was my favorite 😂😂😂
Trendy Gamer
'Trendy Gamer' 6 months ago
hey, i have my own vines video how could i send you my videos...
'TheTicaAndTikiShow' 6 months ago
Alpha Diisire
'Alpha Diisire' 6 months ago
At 0:57 was that Donald Trump
chris ramoa
'chris ramoa' 6 months ago
im glad vine is dead lol.
Victoria Kapihe
'Victoria Kapihe' 6 months ago
Put the middle finger up and stick it at trump
Cesar Cardoza
'Cesar Cardoza' 6 months ago
bessed Williams
'bessed Williams' 6 months ago
bessed Williams
'bessed Williams' 6 months ago
Kid hyped
'Kid hyped' 6 months ago
oh.. let me see your grades your grades need Jesus
The FluffyOshawollt Nooby vids
one day that huscy is going to bite him
suchapill ! !
'suchapill ! !' 6 months ago
Awesome lol
Roblox gamer
'Roblox gamer' 6 months ago
the dog was so cute!!! (4:29)
Bilal Nasser
'Bilal Nasser' 6 months ago
Subscribe to me and I'll back
Bilal Nasser
'Bilal Nasser' 6 months ago
I know about 99 percent of you guys have a good day/night
Panic! At the Twenty øne crybabies
Merry christler
'Nick' 6 months ago
bruh I got a hoverboard and nba2k17
Gae Elle
'Gae Elle' 6 months ago
Donald fucking Trump was in Home Alone... And that's the story of why I stopped celebrating Christmas😂😂
Jeanine Law
'Jeanine Law' 6 months ago
At 7:28 though
Katie Sinnott
'Katie Sinnott' 6 months ago
who's heard about a black santa
'don't ask' 6 months ago
0:58 did you know that the man is donald trump? ;-;
Arnye Playsfifa
'Arnye Playsfifa' 6 months ago
its the 24th and i havent even put up my tree
Yoshi MamaNama
'Yoshi MamaNama' 6 months ago
at 8:49 lil man was like "Finally I Got my Limited edition pokemon golden x cards I will Rule the world" xD
Wolfie Blackheart
'Wolfie Blackheart' 6 months ago
1:00 OH MY GOD I can't believe Trump was on home alone😱
'drunkmothrfckr' 6 months ago
can anyone else tell that the ideas for this shit are running out?
Le Tem
'Le Tem' 6 months ago
3:57 me
Joshua Bulan
'Joshua Bulan' 6 months ago
Elizabeth Kiyan
'Elizabeth Kiyan' 6 months ago
Teen Gohan
'Teen Gohan' 6 months ago
I'm in love with the snow snow
'Glitterhole' 6 months ago
Merry Chrysler
Ethan Troutman
'Ethan Troutman' 6 months ago
Faris Arrazi
'Faris Arrazi' 6 months ago
0:56 is that Donald Trump
'Cespanotic' 6 months ago
Duck you hat you do not want chrisms
Nate Beltran
'Nate Beltran' 6 months ago
santa: what do you want for christmas me: i want vine to be great again not shit
ricardo montoya
'ricardo montoya' 6 months ago
2:12 killed me
Nathan Gill
'Nathan Gill' 6 months ago
3:24 this is my favorite one!
yanni paras
'yanni paras' 6 months ago
Vine before it went to shit
Lê Tín
'Lê Tín' 6 months ago
Song 9:15
Karina X-ing
'Karina X-ing' 6 months ago
what is the song called in 0:26
Mr. Benzedrine
'Mr. Benzedrine' 6 months ago
fun fact: Home Alone 2 was on telly yesterday and after watching it all with my baby sister I realised they cut Trump's part out completely. Not sure if the normal TV edit cuts his line but it was pretty funny.
A sir that DOES NOT want 5,000 subscribers
young donald trump within the first min of the vid! ill take six with a side of wall and my sauce of choice will be honey mustard freedom thank you
phantom league
'phantom league' 6 months ago
2:55 😂😂😂
Angel Caballero
'Angel Caballero' 6 months ago
Vine is dead stop posting
Aaron Bolanos
'Aaron Bolanos' 6 months ago
This was FUNNY And had a 💜❤💛💚💛❤💜 🍺Good weekend!🍺 🍺                         🍺 🍺     💟👱          🍺 🍺     👉🎸✊     🍺 🍺          👖          🍺 🍺          👟👟     🍺 🍺                         🍺 💜❤💛💚💛❤💜
Alex YTB
'Alex YTB' 6 months ago
0:26 what's the song?
Tania A
'Tania A' 6 months ago
1:00? Trump?
Titanus Override
'Titanus Override' 6 months ago
I just saw Donald Trump
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