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New questions over veracity of Trump-Russia dossier -
Published: 3 months ago By: Fox News

By: Fox NewsPublished: 3 months ago

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On 'Special Report,' Catherine Herridge takes a look at the issue from the intelligence side

'LordThor' 3 months ago
I guess anything goes now, huh? All kinds of proof with Wikileaks; because heads were rolling. This is more of lets just blame the Russians and divert attention from why Hillary lost the election.... oh yeah, + over a billion bucks too. But didn't I hear that was transferred to one of those Arab nations a while back? Anyway, it very large sum was transferred from the Clinton Foundation. Look that one up folks!
ross montani
'ross montani' 3 months ago
yes and obamas a fake,bills a sex maniac,Hilary's a murderer,Michelle's a man, and on and on and on,only in amuraca
Loves Own Brand
'Loves Own Brand' 3 months ago
Libtards believe allies are a bad thing. Thank the lord she lost.
'xTGE' 3 months ago
I still don't belive anything the intel agencies say. The head clown for the Democrats, Chuck Schumer has even said that if you mess with them or fight with them they will destroy you so this is clearly all bullshit until evidence is provided.
Tay J. Snyd
'Tay J. Snyd' 3 months ago
Trump and Putin are buddies. we cannot trust a man that befriends a man who kills and persecutes LGBT people. I'm predicting a Trump impeachment within the year!
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