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Monster Magnet -
Published: 2 years ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 years ago

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Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel
This mysterious goo gobbles up everything in its path. It's mesmerizing to watch and a lesson in magnetism.

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The best roblox player ever
Give me that stuff please
'Anticz' 3 days ago
"The death of disco all over again"
'Tadas' 4 days ago
Magnet whit slime
'Tadas' 4 days ago
I have that magnet whit grren plastelin
'Blint' 1 week ago
N Dekker
'N Dekker' 1 week ago
"I think i understand it better, than anyone else on the planet" (2:30) Gave it a giggle!
'Estroncio' 1 week ago
Why do african-american astrophysicists always have such a deep smooth voice?
Who else thought of the symbiote from spiderman?
Héctor F
'Héctor F' 2 weeks ago
wtf are that comments
Mister reverse
'Mister reverse' 2 weeks ago
fuck these Ads!
'lalo924' 2 weeks ago
WarriosPlayzter MC
'WarriosPlayzter MC' 2 weeks ago
Sub to me equals good luck for u, hope u have a good day
miguels music
'miguels music' 2 weeks ago
it's called Magnetic Putty you can buy it at the store and Target
Prince Johal
'Prince Johal' 3 weeks ago
i hve an iron penis... and my gf often use a magnet in her vagina to perform sex
'BakyDuffer' 3 weeks ago
It's fucking venom!
Abdul Shakoor
'Abdul Shakoor' 3 weeks ago
magnet slaime
Pa Ma
'Pa Ma' 3 weeks ago
Blacks and female scientists :)) what a joke black africans and females never invented or discovered ANYTHING in human history ! The average IQ for black africans is 65-75 !!! This video promotes egalitarianism (very stupid idea), racial mixing and of course the destruction of the white race / countries by racial mixing.
'Trumpenstein' 3 weeks ago
you're voice is creepy.
Eddie King
'Eddie King' 4 weeks ago
Made me think of the sci-fi horror movie, The Blob.
Edgy Kid
'Edgy Kid' 4 weeks ago
0:13 anal beads
'InsaneEric130' 4 weeks ago
Good luck getting those magnets clean again.
indraneel mazumder
'indraneel mazumder' 1 month ago
is this you have been warned
Nate Leney
'Nate Leney' 1 month ago
Please tell me you can buy this stuff
'BriHard' 1 month ago
Is this where MTV gets its inspiration?
xu ying
'xu ying' 1 month ago
'ItzAdamA' 1 month ago
you eat alot of cereal. You vomit the cereal execpts the irons.You put that massive magnetic stuff near you, you're dead
Village Brothers Motion Pictures
I Have Subscribed this Channel
TeoSK - FireSteam
'TeoSK - FireSteam' 1 month ago
what about magnetic suit
'HOMIE BEAR' 1 month ago
just got a monster magnet XD
Orkun Sevengil
'Orkun Sevengil' 1 month ago
use this in battleships as armor repairer on the battlefield.
Harry M
'Harry M' 1 month ago
That is so weird...
GC West
'GC West' 1 month ago
Who else subscribes to SHANKS FX ?, like if you do!
Doni Setiawan
'Doni Setiawan' 2 months ago
Doni Setiawan
'Doni Setiawan' 2 months ago
i think thats was stupid experiment,its just like a man thinking how poop go out in my butt
mai panda
'mai panda' 2 months ago
how to make it at home: 1.put clear glue in bowl. 2.put water(amount: about half of how much glue you put) 3.mix 4.put baking soda(you probaly dont need to) 5.mix 6.put borax and water or contact lens solution(contact soluyion is better) and put it until it goes together. 6.put magnetic powder. this recipe is better than the thick magnetic slime the vid shows us, because its to hard or it takes to long.
mai panda
'mai panda' 2 months ago
wtf its just the magnet powder thingy inside of a slime. just a normal slime.
Alice Plautz
'Alice Plautz' 2 months ago
what a dipshit
Alice Plautz
'Alice Plautz' 2 months ago
what a dipshit
Eric Su
'Eric Su'a' 2 months ago
I wish I could have, access to that stuff, but the putty probably would never come off my hand lol
Tiffy Gaming24
'Tiffy Gaming24' 2 months ago
Why do they make this sound/look like a horror film
'GASTER!' 2 months ago
Did anyone think it was kinda like quick sand
Ramlan Sedik
'Ramlan Sedik' 2 months ago
'Kakashi GAMEPLAY' 2 months ago
Evil Chicken
'Evil Chicken' 2 months ago
i liek ur vids u r mi favurie ytbr
christian silva de souza
isso ai e o venom
ayush kumar
'ayush kumar' 2 months ago
how to buy magnate monster
Hafis Aiman
'Hafis Aiman' 2 months ago
Justin Barrios
'Justin Barrios' 2 months ago
Dildo Monster
Manas Timalsina
'Manas Timalsina' 2 months ago
it's like blackhole..😂😂😂
'sandypickle' 2 months ago
Put...put yer dick in it..
Al Andrade
'Al Andrade' 2 months ago
'Hyperfoxeye' 2 months ago
0:12 it looks like pooping played backwards
State Vector Collapse
We met Joey at his homemade meth lab...
Jniya Felix
'Jniya Felix' 2 months ago
it looks so coolXD
christine 10
'christine 10' 2 months ago
This video reminded me of the Kronos Unveiled scene in 'The Incredibles'.
azam khan
'azam khan' 2 months ago
it's like when depression engulfs a human mind and than he commits suicide.
louis kikuya
'louis kikuya' 2 months ago
this is something to use against nuclear weapon!
Abdur Rehman
'Abdur Rehman' 2 months ago
i have this putty
Walkis Pacheco
'Walkis Pacheco' 2 months ago
What a stupid, stupid script.
cute melon
'cute melon' 2 months ago
Who needs school when you have YouTube
'/\'Cypheir' 2 months ago
Man this show is like what would happen if TMZ talked about science...
'탄돈니사' 2 months ago
the best part when the smiley covered it's face out of shame😂😂😂😂
'TheYumboldt' 2 months ago
Dude, that guy looks like Mark Wahlberg 😄
Randy Mikofarel Grahaputra
this is a magnetic slime
Elvin 123
'Elvin 123' 2 months ago
Its easy to make First you make a slime And you need a pack of iron powder And mix it And your magnetic putty or slime is done
Cats InBox
'Cats InBox' 2 months ago
can you use this in a rapid rotation to make portals, ( you know the magnetic portals where the sun and earth field allign)
Skyler Valentin
'Skyler Valentin' 2 months ago
Whose the first speaker ?
Wolf Lord Hardahat
'Wolf Lord Hardahat' 2 months ago
Aldritch? Is that you?
minet dbrogs
'minet dbrogs' 2 months ago
Is there somekinda logic intelligence software program beyond supercomputers to match possibilities ?
Fariz Muhammad Al-Ghazali
this thing can be a dangerous weapon... how about this iron oxide eat a country?
Black Hole
'Black Hole' 2 months ago
Hit like if u love "you have been warned"
Tej 268
'Tej 268' 2 months ago
Are the for sale?
Stephen Dave Machica
'Stephen Dave Machica' 2 months ago
i don't have cube manget
Cortex AI
'Cortex AI' 2 months ago
Reverse asshole monster
Dyomi exsel
'Dyomi exsel' 2 months ago
is that a thingky puty
'TANYA SUMAN' 2 months ago
omg!!what is this ...looking like metal clay
'MrBrainDead' 2 months ago
Where and how can I buy this?
Greek Langthasa
'Greek Langthasa' 2 months ago
it takes about 5mins or more to swallow a small magnetic cube. xD too much over reaction.
Maverick kanaV
'Maverick kanaV' 2 months ago
childhood well spent
Marco Trolio
'Marco Trolio' 3 months ago
Comment section is cancer man....can't even have my son enjoy this without reading the disable jokes and racist statements....I swear trying to educate someone while society itself is taking people who want to aspire to be great down a well worn out past. You guys are Internet loners and people who have no common respect for any individual.
steve spiker
'steve spiker' 3 months ago
I have this
Sk8r Gamer
'Sk8r Gamer' 3 months ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hi
Bienvenido Flores
'Bienvenido Flores' 3 months ago
cool bro
'l3g3nd7854' 3 months ago
Awesome!! It kinda reminds me of venom ( the spider man villain)
Zennith Kitty
'Zennith Kitty' 3 months ago
This makes me think of the game Tasty Planet....
Tristan Lau
'Tristan Lau' 3 months ago
"It's like the death of disco all over again!" The cringe is strong with this one
Sergey Kogin
'Sergey Kogin' 3 months ago
Reminds me of the Venom symbiote
'ANTI HERO' 3 months ago
a black astrophysicist???? now ive seen it all!!
Dylan Trobaugh
'Dylan Trobaugh' 3 months ago
all these comments and no one has made a comparison to the venom symbiote
'frostin1990' 3 months ago
This guy has a very funny retardation
Home science
'Home science' 3 months ago
nice video
Raidz Manner
'Raidz Manner' 3 months ago
OLD-BIT ProGaming
'OLD-BIT ProGaming' 3 months ago
I have also creared a galaxy in a petri dish and even an universe, It is this one.
Edwin DeJesus
'Edwin DeJesus' 3 months ago
This is a children's toy
Decosonic Dastardly TV
Clearly he plays with two types of putty.
Decosonic Dastardly TV
When you put it together... *Puts ball to hole* The magic happens...
Caden Sparks
'Caden Sparks' 3 months ago
vat 19 no shout out wtf?
Mridul Sarkar
'Mridul Sarkar' 3 months ago
hey do you people attend the shown on tv (you have been warned)?
Ria Rampuria
'Ria Rampuria' 3 months ago
Does this monster eats the magnet
LolzNoobMe ProNoobsBad
This guy dates magnetic pudding for some reason... 2:27 to 2:31
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