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Monster Magnet -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel
This mysterious goo gobbles up everything in its path. It's mesmerizing to watch and a lesson in magnetism.

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zezu zaza
'zezu zaza' 16 hours ago
we need a new super hero
SkyOnex 0198
'SkyOnex 0198' 22 hours ago
How can I get the iron cube out?
'LifelessHawk' 1 day ago
does anyone recognizes the scream at 1:14 It sounds like Rust when you die
Invictus Dominatus
"I understand it more than anyone on earth" - taking time lapse of that black shit don't make you the world expert. Get back to making nerd porn pizza face lol
Dzaky Hendrawan
'Dzaky Hendrawan' 2 days ago
What :v rust :v
'colderplasma' 2 days ago
Alien eyeball
Islam Is Peaceful Religion
Can a Giant Putty destroy T1000 in Terminator Movie?
2shinningstars eerer
Can you make a video about how to make the monster magnet slime
Riley Hartsook
'Riley Hartsook' 3 days ago
so cool
Riley Hartsook
'Riley Hartsook' 3 days ago
so cool
ken chan
'ken chan' 4 days ago
nom nom nom nom
Fluffy the neko
'Fluffy the neko' 4 days ago
Rohit Kumar
'Rohit Kumar' 4 days ago
Soo Goofy 😱
'Morganism' 4 days ago
0:27 Panic! At the Disco
'TheSuperQuail' 5 days ago
"It's like the death of disco all over again!" It's like 'The Blob'. Shame on you.
Johan Titulaer
'Johan Titulaer' 5 days ago
0:43 almost sounds like JoJ
when virus attacking...
jack Spicer
'jack Spicer' 1 week ago
Wilson P. Higgsbury
screaming from Rust
Mathieu Yahiaoui
'Mathieu Yahiaoui' 1 week ago
The dude who owns the "laboratory" looks so stupid, "I'm spending my life on iterating the same experience over time, I have the widest knowledge about this simple phenomenon fully explained, look at me", do you want a medal ? This is kind of pitiful, I really hate those kind of dumbasses who think that science is all about "magic" and experimentation, while there is a theoric model who explain it, and the experiment is just a beautiful illustration. Those aren't scientists at all
Lin Gricar
'Lin Gricar' 1 week ago
Mani Gholami
'Mani Gholami' 2 weeks ago
its like a snake
Simon Martin
'Simon Martin' 2 weeks ago
I bet its a bugger to remove off the magnet.
Wiktoria Rola
'Wiktoria Rola' 2 weeks ago
Wow ............omg
Light Yagami
'Light Yagami' 2 weeks ago
1:44 Whoa "negatively charged electrons" .... would have never guess
'CYPHXRRZ _' 2 weeks ago
Just goo with stainless steel huh
Samuel Skålberg
'Samuel Skålberg' 3 weeks ago
'SAMU 2005 LOL' 3 weeks ago
Mi piace tantissimo te l'avevo detto! Vi guardo sempre su D-Max
Shubham Sharma
'Shubham Sharma' 3 weeks ago
Shubham Sharma
'Shubham Sharma' 3 weeks ago
Jessica Giandolfo
'Jessica Giandolfo' 3 weeks ago
Annoying orange is absorbed
AtinkyBooPlayzGamez Official
U DONT FREAK'N NEED A LAB TO MAKE PUTTY! tutorial: Make slime, then put iron fillings in it and mix- DONE......... THATS IT....... I DID THIS 9 YRS AGO IDIOT!
'Pepex' 4 weeks ago
1:09 Mark Wahlberg got fat!
'rich763690' 4 weeks ago
'BriaPrettyPup' 4 weeks ago
Jebediah Kerman
'Jebediah Kerman' 4 weeks ago
I have a magnet i have magnetic slime rugbenrihnrfgborfdnvgdfirogfv i have a thing
uʍop ǝpısdn ʇou ɯɐ l
Is it ever possible to make magnetic liquid? Or has it been done and I just don't know about it?
'TheMagnificentPony' 1 month ago
Them affirmative actions, Jesus Christ.
Iusman Japari
'Iusman Japari' 1 month ago
its putty
Andre Santos
'Andre Santos' 1 month ago
thank you kk
Gamers Favorite
'Gamers Favorite' 1 month ago
in 2016 they called ''Magnet Slime'' Simply Just mix slime and iron oxide XD
King 825
'King 825' 1 month ago
0:30 I guess you could say that may cause some Panic! At the Disco. HAHA! Funny right? No. Ok. 😭😂
SP95 ntR
'SP95 ntR' 1 month ago
badly filmed......
Daniel Owen
'Daniel Owen' 1 month ago
need better actors
doreen karbe
'doreen karbe' 1 month ago
Voll facke the magnet it is jale vor Knetgummie wiht " Fe " Eisen Splitt . simpel . 
Tom Cat
'Tom Cat' 1 month ago
Can you do robo-sex with it?
Putin You To Sleep / Blazix
I like the fact that the screaming at 1:10 is from the game Rust
NinjaDoes R2DA
'NinjaDoes R2DA' 1 month ago
i have one magnet like the square but idk where i put
Kiko Retiro
'Kiko Retiro' 1 month ago
trange elien
Nicholas Voyles
'Nicholas Voyles' 1 month ago
magnetic spider man.... let em get swallowed by the black goo like that 1 movie
'limjh' 1 month ago
It's a miracle.
'XtraDark' 1 month ago
i dont give a shit of how its made and what it does, where can i fucking buy it?
{Freedom UHC} Heroninja112
just imagine using these on tanks just imagine a big huge pile of mud turn into a growing glob that covors a tank
trizm 6ix 六
'trizm 6ix 六' 1 month ago
i want to eat the putty for some reason
Brandon Chan (MultiBrandonHD)
Reminds me of Big Hero 6
'Pαηdorα' 1 month ago
*I wish someone wanted me like that putty wants that magnet*
'Joacoo' 1 month ago
I'll put it in my fridge :v
'Marcohazard' 2 months ago
Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.
Kiko Retiro
'Kiko Retiro' 2 months ago
ANACONDOR - Films - Sketches - News - and more
We meet joey in his home made meth lab uuuuh i mean labaratory to find out
Deo LeBrundo
'Deo LeBrundo' 2 months ago
It looks like Venom's slime from Spider-Man 3 :O
Victor Cross
'Victor Cross' 2 months ago
Could be applicable to the battle field in large quantities for swallowing tanks and big guns
'Thatboytimmie' 2 months ago
Hmm, I wonder what happens when you stick your dick in it.
Fk Farwina
'Fk Farwina' 2 months ago
watch it untill the end
Doctor Robotnik
'Doctor Robotnik' 2 months ago
its like the death of disco all over again lolwut k
Mozy The Ghost
'Mozy The Ghost' 2 months ago
its not "death of disco", its death by glamour XD
Eric Pham
'Eric Pham' 2 months ago
It magent putty form vat19
ZackTGM - Minecraft & More
This video reminds me of Big Hero l 6. Does it reminds u of The Big Hero 6 bad guy?
Emad Ahmed
'Emad Ahmed' 2 months ago
This may be creepy but what an amazing phenomenon!
Sm00th TV
'Sm00th TV' 2 months ago
call me wierd but i kinda want to eat it
Marcelo Yanes
'Marcelo Yanes' 2 months ago
That guy thinks he is the motherfucking king because he just gets the idea of how the magnetic putty works
'Snarky' 2 months ago
Aldrich is that you?
Jack Isn
'Jack Isn't Daniel's' 2 months ago
VFX Artist ?
Ravyn Pindell
'Ravyn Pindell' 2 months ago
can you buy magnetic putty or just get regular putty and put iron-oxide in it?
Ravyn Pindell
'Ravyn Pindell' 2 months ago
can you buy magnetic putty or just get regular putty and put iron oxide in it?
kawaii fox
'kawaii fox' 2 months ago
the death of disco hmmm when was you born lady cause disco is not dead
Duy Lê Hữu
'Duy Lê Hữu' 2 months ago
hello all dog
Blen Miner
'Blen Miner' 2 months ago
It sounds like the Rust death sounds t=161
Mike Hinds
'Mike Hinds' 2 months ago
woah electrons are green??? Mind = Blown
Caroline “Retro” Owens
The blob in a nutshell.
'xSweetse' 2 months ago
1:12 thats the scream in Rust when wounded.
Landon Friederick
'Landon Friederick' 2 months ago
Put... put your dick in it
Brian Funes
'Brian Funes' 2 months ago
What about of ferrofluid
Dhaval Thakar
'Dhaval Thakar' 2 months ago
ass taking back poop...
Ihechi Njoku
'Ihechi Njoku' 2 months ago
This is creepy.....but amazing
Owen Whitlow
'Owen Whitlow' 2 months ago
Lel 1:10 the put the fking Rust wounded sound effects like wut
Aries Girl 4 Life
'Aries Girl 4 Life' 2 months ago
That is awesome!
Idiris Ali
'Idiris Ali' 2 months ago
Calling Station
'Calling Station' 2 months ago
Terminator's nightmare !
Christopher Wilson
'Christopher Wilson' 2 months ago
⊂_ヽ \\ _ \( •_•) F < ⌒ヽ A / へ\ B / / \\ U レ ノ ヽ_つ L / / O / / U ( (ヽ S | |、\. | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ__ (/___
'SheSocrates' 2 months ago
Nice vid! Thx
Rhianna Garcia
'Rhianna Garcia' 2 months ago
I not sure
'SheSocrates' 2 months ago
Very nice!
'MegaBlue' 2 months ago
1 : 11 is the sound when someone dies in rust
adi rusdi sholih
'adi rusdi sholih' 2 months ago
maybe this way, my key lost.....
Steeve Barthelemy
'Steeve Barthelemy' 3 months ago
Even worse I can imagine attaching this tiny bar magnets to nanotech devices that can be monitored with cellphones ...the latter can tell them what to do, what to cut or munch next inside a patient's body :).
Nikola Tall
'Nikola Tall' 3 months ago
It's the blob
'traviantist' 3 months ago
Dont do this, unless you want a very dirty iron dust coated magnet. Very hard to clean.
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