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Monster Magnet -
Published: 3 years ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel
This mysterious goo gobbles up everything in its path. It's mesmerizing to watch and a lesson in magnetism.

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'EDM REACTZ!' 1 day ago
My state NC gang
American nationalist
Drop that shit in you're ps4
Sumita Biswas
'Sumita Biswas' 2 weeks ago
Its like venom
Aamir Khan
'Aamir Khan' 3 weeks ago
Is there any affect(repulsion) on magnet due to opp. Pole....????!!
cold world
'cold world' 4 weeks ago
Aldrich? Devourer of Magnets
My Own Tech Guide
'My Own Tech Guide' 4 weeks ago
How it
Sean Barraclough
'Sean Barraclough' 1 month ago
Berebichez, now that is magnetism. I am attracted.
'XB1GC' 1 month ago
This TV show treats you like an idiot.
Megha Megharaj
'Megha Megharaj' 1 month ago
It's like venom. 😮
Aazam Khan
'Aazam Khan' 1 month ago
Magnet name
Rizki Aditya
'Rizki Aditya' 2 months ago
Rizki Aditya
'Rizki Aditya' 2 months ago
SAYA dari ~indonesia~
Rizki Aditya
'Rizki Aditya' 2 months ago
saya dari INDONESIA
'Thorguy' 2 months ago
Cloverfield Paradox?
Llama playz games
'Llama playz games' 2 months ago
When the emoji was being swallowed it looked liked he was closing his eyes, the emoji
Mim channels
'Mim channels' 2 months ago
I have this I actually have three and its quicker than they said
shailendra singh jadon
I like whatever is that black colour was eating the magnet it was so wonderful man i really liked it
Marrrvin X
'Marrrvin X' 2 months ago
So this is guy who is making those Instagram "science experiments"
'MECH FOR AUTO' 3 months ago
I am haseeb from india .i request everyone to give me subscribtion for saving my small youtube channel from deactivation due to new rules from youtube
lexi and sophie show
'lexi and sophie show' 3 months ago
I have gold magnetic slime!!!
Lars Claes
'Lars Claes' 3 months ago
racism wire reality primary suicide area visit really perceive comprehensive peel door.
tracy scanlon
'tracy scanlon' 3 months ago
I would love to show my kids this!
adriano salfischberger
Its 1 afvertention Will youbhave noney öre what
rov li
'rov li' 4 months ago
Principle of magnet. What else???
Lyndon Luquin
'Lyndon Luquin' 4 months ago
It's toonami's The Intruder all over again.
'SAPNA GAUTAM' 4 months ago
Monster magnet is amazing
Gabriel Rossi
'Gabriel Rossi' 5 months ago
1:11 screaming sound effect?
'KevisaurusWrecks' 5 months ago
Yo thats 🆒 💩
am a bun
'am a bun' 5 months ago
IM IN NORTH CAROLINA- O wait.. I’m a child :(
'UGANDA KNUCKLES' 5 months ago
Lol stick it with a metal dildo
My Friend Madi has some of this
'Rin8Kin' 5 months ago
The main question i have - how ths f**k he collecting it from magnet after shooting?
Matthew Chow
'Matthew Chow' 5 months ago
there is nothing I can't do with it....................... but there's still more I can find out..............i also know this better than the guy who invented it u know?
10,00 Subscribers Challenge!!!
this magnet is me and that black stuff is bad luck
jess saenz
'jess saenz' 5 months ago
That one person
'That one person' 5 months ago
00:49 hey what's that in the background
Parth Muranjan
'Parth Muranjan' 6 months ago
I like it
Felicia Anyiam - Osigwe
not intresting
Marlin Mousseau
'Marlin Mousseau' 6 months ago
I in school right now BONELESS PIZZA
Pratham S
'Pratham S' 6 months ago
How can thàt magnet consume that smiley sponge ball??
St. Kek
'St. Kek' 6 months ago
Monster Magnet's a band dammit
jain hindu
'jain hindu' 6 months ago
it's look like a blackhole
Death Song Gaming
'Death Song Gaming' 6 months ago
The thumbnail looks just like a snake
Rage Coder
'Rage Coder' 6 months ago
Documentary lol
night shots
'night shots' 7 months ago
It's the vinom form Spider Man 3
Ryan Bob
'Ryan Bob' 7 months ago
He says “I’ve thought of every concept possible like glitter and sparkles”...... how about under water pipe sealant you dumb shit!!!! boom two seconds already smarter than you
jake the masked gamer
Galaxy Drasel 1.2
'Galaxy Drasel 1.2' 7 months ago
I think it makes not in space
Tharun Raj
'Tharun Raj' 7 months ago
I need to see the reflection power between Two same Poles so please upload some videos of that
'FrimorseYT' 7 months ago
It's Venom 😂
Garlic Sandra
'Garlic Sandra' 7 months ago
It looks like a monster from a horror movie
Santtu Sammakko
'Santtu Sammakko' 7 months ago
Wow, *veeery* cool!
brandon Raine
'brandon Raine' 7 months ago
omg i love this show
NameLord YT
'NameLord YT' 8 months ago
1:12 its from > Rust u find on steam 19$ euro
Johnny B
'Johnny B' 8 months ago
I understand he started out with magnet tied around his penis... the rest is just history.
'FernanDK' 8 months ago
lol. do you believe that guy? he thinks he understands it better than anyone on the planet..
'THE GEAR' 8 months ago
oh its disco death??!!! not again
Khalil Leslie
'Khalil Leslie' 8 months ago
They could make a magnetic Spider-Man and make the putty engulf it to look like symbiote Spider-Man.
sami jongen
'sami jongen' 8 months ago
sami jongen
'sami jongen' 8 months ago
Your stupid we all know it and you cane make it whit your self I need to say tis for cartman kyle is a stupid jew
Andrie Alinsangao
'Andrie Alinsangao' 8 months ago
Holy cow!
Samrat Surya
'Samrat Surya' 8 months ago
super 👴
Core Voltage
'Core Voltage' 8 months ago
That kids a moron "Hurr durr, I can make dry ice bubbles, I put food coloring in milk and swirled it, I know everything there is to know."
'GojiFan1954' 8 months ago
This video was sponserd by... Vat19.Com
Prabha Subedi
'Prabha Subedi' 8 months ago
Please say us
Prabha Subedi
'Prabha Subedi' 8 months ago
How to make it
Gatling Hawk
'Gatling Hawk' 8 months ago
that screaming sound was from RUST XD
Emmett Willis
'Emmett Willis' 8 months ago
Do we really need a nuclear chemist to explain how magnets work to us?
James Cluckerson
'James Cluckerson' 8 months ago
Who else thought after he said "I've become close to it" that he was about to say "and we're getting married"
'NemoLZ' 8 months ago
My home Heeyy
MCDevil YT
'MCDevil YT' 9 months ago
Magnetic Putty
Raenier Jerome L. Janier
what's magnet that smiley fan
Michael David
'Michael David' 9 months ago
'Hyun' 9 months ago
I love the black guys voice(not racist...)
'Werdrath' 9 months ago
The guy is like..'please pay me to play with magnetic putty...please?'
Kyndall Pope
'Kyndall Pope' 9 months ago
Yvon-Sebastien Landais
They should've use this to defeat magneto in the X-Men movies!
Beary Rogers
'Beary Rogers' 9 months ago
Lol i could imagine a plane dropping a huge ball of that liquid magnet on a tower and having the tower get crushed by force
Dee B
'Dee B' 9 months ago
Now go make and iron man suit with that
'Katz916' 9 months ago
Where can I buy some?
'しゃめGetOut' 9 months ago
'しゃめGetOut' 9 months ago
That putty can consume a fridge and others things that's a magnetic thing like a hotel those maby are dangerous
Anka Ariel
'Anka Ariel' 9 months ago
Thats is slime no iman mounstroso :v
Iraj Udayanga
'Iraj Udayanga' 9 months ago
what is this
'MacalTHB' 10 months ago
I too have a tin of Strange Attractor, can I be on television?
Justice Varner
'Justice Varner' 10 months ago
Aldrich Devour do Gods
Gacha Holly
'Gacha Holly' 10 months ago
I have those and I'm in America.
Marco Valleggi
'Marco Valleggi' 10 months ago
Merda magnetica
South Snowy
'South Snowy' 10 months ago
Spiderman 3 Symbiote scene
Astro Not
'Astro Not' 10 months ago
Thats how her Anal gapes
Erich Kaltenbrunner
'Erich Kaltenbrunner' 10 months ago
This is the result of in-bread.
'Zero' 10 months ago
2:14 He has perfectly assimilated Tim Heidecker's style.
Lee Leslie
'Lee Leslie' 10 months ago
where can i buy this kind of magnet?
Richy Calculus
'Richy Calculus' 10 months ago
loool. like a snake eating a magnet
'Jacno77' 10 months ago
what a shitty life
Appius Tuditanus
'Appius Tuditanus' 10 months ago
Martin Tyrrell
'Martin Tyrrell' 10 months ago
I started at Arm Wrestling, and now I'm here...
its like magnetic slime
its like magnetic slime =)
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