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Monster Magnet -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel
This mysterious goo gobbles up everything in its path. It's mesmerizing to watch and a lesson in magnetism.

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Cats InBox
'Cats InBox' 1 hour ago
can you use this in a rapid rotation to make portals, ( you know the magnetic portals where the sun and earth field allign)
Skyler Valentin
'Skyler Valentin' 2 hours ago
Whose the first speaker ?
Wolf Lord Hardahat
'Wolf Lord Hardahat' 11 hours ago
Aldritch? Is that you?
minet dbrogs
'minet dbrogs' 14 hours ago
Is there somekinda logic intelligence software program beyond supercomputers to match possibilities ?
Fariz Muhammad Al-Ghazali
this thing can be a dangerous weapon... how about this iron oxide eat a country?
piyush devliyal
'piyush devliyal' 21 hours ago
Hit like if u love "you have been warned"
Tej 268
'Tej 268' 21 hours ago
Are the for sale?
Stephen Dave Machica
i don't have cube manget
Cortex AI
'Cortex AI' 5 days ago
Reverse asshole monster
Dyomi exsel
'Dyomi exsel' 5 days ago
is that a thingky puty
'TANYA SUMAN' 1 week ago
omg!!what is this ...looking like metal clay
'MrBrainDead' 2 weeks ago
Where and how can I buy this?
Greek Langthasa
'Greek Langthasa' 2 weeks ago
it takes about 5mins or more to swallow a small magnetic cube. xD too much over reaction.
Random Name
'Random Name' 2 weeks ago
more like monster iron
Maverick kanaV
'Maverick kanaV' 2 weeks ago
childhood well spent
Marco Trolio
'Marco Trolio' 2 weeks ago
Comment section is cancer man....can't even have my son enjoy this without reading the disable jokes and racist statements....I swear trying to educate someone while society itself is taking people who want to aspire to be great down a well worn out past. You guys are Internet loners and people who have no common respect for any individual.
steve spiker
'steve spiker' 2 weeks ago
I have this
Sk8r Gamer 07
'Sk8r Gamer 07' 2 weeks ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hi
Bienvenido Flores
'Bienvenido Flores' 2 weeks ago
cool bro
'l3g3nd7854' 2 weeks ago
Awesome!! It kinda reminds me of venom ( the spider man villain)
Zennith Kitty
'Zennith Kitty' 2 weeks ago
This makes me think of the game Tasty Planet....
Tristan Lau
'Tristan Lau' 3 weeks ago
"It's like the death of disco all over again!" The cringe is strong with this one
Sergey Kogin
'Sergey Kogin' 3 weeks ago
Reminds me of the Venom symbiote
Kim Hu
'Kim Hu' 3 weeks ago
a black astrophysicist???? now ive seen it all!!
Dylan Trobaugh
'Dylan Trobaugh' 3 weeks ago
all these comments and no one has made a comparison to the venom symbiote
'frostin1990' 3 weeks ago
This guy has a very funny retardation
Home science
'Home science' 3 weeks ago
nice video
Raidz Manner
'Raidz Manner' 4 weeks ago
OLD-BIT ProGaming
'OLD-BIT ProGaming' 1 month ago
I have also creared a galaxy in a petri dish and even an universe, It is this one.
Edwin DeJesus
'Edwin DeJesus' 1 month ago
This is a children's toy
Decosonic Dastardly TV
Clearly he plays with two types of putty.
Decosonic Dastardly TV
When you put it together... *Puts ball to hole* The magic happens...
Caden Sparks
'Caden Sparks' 1 month ago
vat 19 no shout out wtf?
'TheXGamer' 1 month ago
that putty looks like symbiote from spiderman
Mridul Sarkar
'Mridul Sarkar' 1 month ago
hey do you people attend the shown on tv (you have been warned)?
Ria Rampuria
'Ria Rampuria' 1 month ago
Does this monster eats the magnet
LolzNoobMe ProNoobsBad
This guy dates magnetic pudding for some reason... 2:27 to 2:31
Legendary Sounds
'Legendary Sounds' 2 months ago
I'm getting that thing from a movie where this black blob eats everyone
'matgamer' 2 months ago
e se i colise o mundo
Crazygiri with Andy
'Crazygiri with Andy' 2 months ago
it is a Venom!!!!
Javelin 693
'Javelin 693' 2 months ago
Weird but interesting
Chaos Core
'Chaos Core' 2 months ago
*Aldrich, Devourer of Gods*
PPgame er
'PPgame er' 2 months ago
venom? are u there?
Dokkan Dude
'Dokkan Dude' 2 months ago
Ahem so woman I think your wrong it has particals of metal or iron bruh
Ark G
'Ark G' 2 months ago
give me 3000 likes if its amazing
Robin Marty
'Robin Marty' 2 months ago
The subject is nice, but why does it have to be so..."americanized", so much specialists, "wow" facts and blablabla...
'Aderiler' 2 months ago
0:13 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'FreshBakedPuns' 2 months ago
is that my ass over there
nono dodo
'nono dodo' 2 months ago
looks like an anus taking a dildo
'thedakon' 2 months ago
"...understand it better than anyone else on the planet" ?! that's a bold statement for a "scientist".
DannyBoy 2000
'DannyBoy 2000' 2 months ago
Imagine if you put a magnet into the putty but when you tried to take it out it was GONE
Joe Balcolm
'Joe Balcolm' 2 months ago
Anyone else notice the fuckin' babe?
Inch G
'Inch G' 2 months ago
there is a commercial of a dog lol
Mikail Mazleen
'Mikail Mazleen' 2 months ago
oh , i look dumb
zezu zaza
'zezu zaza' 2 months ago
we need a new super hero
SkyOnex 0198
'SkyOnex 0198' 2 months ago
How can I get the iron cube out?
'LifelessHawk' 2 months ago
does anyone recognizes the scream at 1:14 It sounds like Rust when you die
Invictus Dominatus
'Invictus Dominatus' 2 months ago
"I understand it more than anyone on earth" - taking time lapse of that black shit don't make you the world expert. Get back to making nerd porn pizza face lol
Dzaky Hendrawan
'Dzaky Hendrawan' 2 months ago
What :v rust :v
'colderplasma' 2 months ago
Alien eyeball
Ahmad Nazir
'Ahmad Nazir' 2 months ago
Can a Giant Putty destroy T1000 in Terminator Movie?
Davina Johnson
'Davina Johnson' 2 months ago
Can you make a video about how to make the monster magnet slime
Riley Hartsook
'Riley Hartsook' 2 months ago
so cool
Riley Hartsook
'Riley Hartsook' 2 months ago
so cool
ronandoken 101
'ronandoken 101' 2 months ago
nom nom nom nom
Fluffy the neko
'Fluffy the neko' 2 months ago
Rohit Kumar
'Rohit Kumar' 2 months ago
Soo Goofy 😱
'Morganism' 2 months ago
0:27 Panic! At the Disco
'TheSuperQuail' 2 months ago
"It's like the death of disco all over again!" It's like 'The Blob'. Shame on you.
Johan Titulaer
'Johan Titulaer' 2 months ago
0:43 almost sounds like JoJ
Project : Ekko
'Project : Ekko' 2 months ago
when virus attacking...
jack Spicer
'jack Spicer' 2 months ago
Wilson P. Higgsbury
'Wilson P. Higgsbury' 2 months ago
screaming from Rust
Mathieu Yahiaoui
'Mathieu Yahiaoui' 3 months ago
The dude who owns the "laboratory" looks so stupid, "I'm spending my life on iterating the same experience over time, I have the widest knowledge about this simple phenomenon fully explained, look at me", do you want a medal ? This is kind of pitiful, I really hate those kind of dumbasses who think that science is all about "magic" and experimentation, while there is a theoric model who explain it, and the experiment is just a beautiful illustration. Those aren't scientists at all
vivi vivi
'vivi vivi' 3 months ago
Mani Gholami
'Mani Gholami' 3 months ago
its like a snake
Simon Martin
'Simon Martin' 3 months ago
I bet its a bugger to remove off the magnet.
Wiktoria Rola
'Wiktoria Rola' 3 months ago
Wow ............omg
Light Yagami
'Light Yagami' 3 months ago
1:44 Whoa "negatively charged electrons" .... would have never guess
'CYPHXRRZ _' 3 months ago
Just goo with stainless steel huh
Samuel Skålberg
'Samuel Skålberg' 3 months ago
SAMU 2005 Lol
'SAMU 2005 Lol' 3 months ago
Mi piace tantissimo te l'avevo detto! Vi guardo sempre su D-Max
Shubham Sharma
'Shubham Sharma' 3 months ago
Shubham Sharma
'Shubham Sharma' 3 months ago
Jessica Giandolfo
'Jessica Giandolfo' 3 months ago
Annoying orange is absorbed
AtinkyBooPlayzGamez Official
U DONT FREAK'N NEED A LAB TO MAKE PUTTY! tutorial: Make slime, then put iron fillings in it and mix- DONE......... THATS IT....... I DID THIS 9 YRS AGO IDIOT!
'Pepe' 3 months ago
1:09 Mark Wahlberg got fat!
'rich763690' 3 months ago
'BriaPrettyPup' 3 months ago
Jebediah Kerman
'Jebediah Kerman' 3 months ago
I have a magnet i have magnetic slime rugbenrihnrfgborfdnvgdfirogfv i have a thing
uʍop ǝpısdn ʇou ɯɐ l
Is it ever possible to make magnetic liquid? Or has it been done and I just don't know about it?
'TheMagnificentPony' 3 months ago
Them affirmative actions, Jesus Christ.
Jan Jap
'Jan Jap' 3 months ago
its putty
Andre Santos
'Andre Santos' 3 months ago
thank you kk
The Charging Cable
'The Charging Cable' 3 months ago
in 2016 they called ''Magnet Slime'' Simply Just mix slime and iron oxide XD
King 825
'King 825' 3 months ago
0:30 I guess you could say that may cause some Panic! At the Disco. HAHA! Funny right? No. Ok. 😭😂
SP95 ntR
'SP95 ntR' 3 months ago
badly filmed......
Daniel Owen
'Daniel Owen' 3 months ago
need better actors
doreen karbe
'doreen karbe' 3 months ago
Voll facke the magnet it is jale vor Knetgummie wiht " Fe " Eisen Splitt . simpel .
Tom Cat
'Tom Cat' 3 months ago
Can you do robo-sex with it?
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