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Street Science | NEW SERIES Premieres Wed Jan 11 at 10/9c -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Street Science | Premieres Wed Jan 11 at 10/9c
Check out a sneak peek of the newest series from Science, starring Kevin Delaney. Street Science tries out explosive experiments and captures them in dramatic slow motion.

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presh pathare
'presh pathare' 3 days ago
copy of any Youtube Vid ever...gaping holes in the so called "Science"...complete disregard for safety...not enough explosions...screw you guys, screw this show, im going home...
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 3 days ago
seems like Street Genius on Nat Geo
Voivod 1966
'Voivod 1966' 1 week ago
Okay I'm utterly sick of the 'Meet Kevin. . . ' commercials that are even running during his show!Just saw the first episode, so did anyone who has watched Mythbusters except for the play balls and C02 but he was still putting C02 and water in soda bottles. There was also acid in sugar also done on Mythbusters and Hydrogen Peroxide and a catalyst (aka elephant's toothpaste) also done on Mythbusters. Can we get away from projects already done on television? Please? Episode One - Not Impressed.
Joey Baseball
'Joey Baseball' 2 weeks ago
Kevin needs to shave that fucking beard.
'IDK WHY' 2 weeks ago
darren is the slow mo guy on gismoslip
'Lumian' 2 weeks ago
Kvein is a simple copycat
Jennifer Kendall
'Jennifer Kendall' 2 weeks ago
I love Shows like this are made
'ebennett365' 2 weeks ago
Issue reported: Spam or misleading > Mass advertising
'MegaHazza13' 2 weeks ago
Hey! Im seamlessr.
Justin Dixon
'Justin Dixon' 2 weeks ago
As a chemist, this bothers me. People with full disregard for safety.
Sam The Man
'Sam The Man' 2 weeks ago
The IDIOCY of the amurican consumer never ceases to expand!!!
'MIKE WAITE' 2 weeks ago
looks guud'r N hail
Luke Warda
'Luke Warda' 2 weeks ago
that's the slow mo guy from gizmo slip
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