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Nikon D3300 vs Nikon D3400! Which one should you get? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Chris Winter

By: Chris WinterPublished: 1 year ago

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Nikon D3400 vs Nikon D3300 - 5 Key Differences

Hey whats up everyone, my names Chris Winter and today I’m going to explain in a simple way, the 5 key differences between the brand new Nikon D3400 and last years model, the D3300.

But anyway, let’s get started.

So I want to first begin with the smaller details that you might not have noticed at first, starting with the weight of these cameras. From afar they both look pretty similar, but interestingly enough, the new D3400 is actually lighter than the older D3300 even though they’ve now included the new Snapbridge system. 430 grams compared to 395grams might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re carrying your camera around for 9 hours a day, you’ll appreciate the lighter weight.

Headphone Jack
So if you do like taking a lot of video with your cameras, the older D3300 might still be the better bet for you. That’s because on the side here the D3300 has a dedicated microphone jack, whereas on the new D3400, it’s been removed. For most people who just use their camera to take photos, this isn’t going to be a big deal, but if you do know that you want to take video with better sound, the D3300 will be the best choice for you.

One of the big new features that Nikon was touting with the D3400 is it’s inclusion of it’s Snapbridge technology. So this is includeded in higher end cameras like the D500, which I reviewed a few months back, and it essentially allows you to wirelessly transfer your photos to your phone. Now it’s not included in the older D3300, so if you know you want to upload to places like Facebook and instagram with your DSLR, the D3400 will be the way to go.

Of course one thing thats important to both you and me is price and as you’d expect, being the newer camera, the D3400 is more expensive than the older version. But it’s not as much as you’d probably think. The D3300 comes in at just under $500 at the moment n Amazon with the 18-55mm kit lens, wheres the D3400 comes in at just $50 more. To me, that’s not a whole lot more considering you’re getting bluetooth built in.

Battery Life
And lastly, and probably the least talked about new feature of the new D3400 is it’s improved battery life. And to me this is a pretty huge deal. The new D3400 now has a battery life of over 1200 shots, doubling the battery life of the old D3300. Theres not many more annoying things than when your battery runs out, especially at a wedding or something similar, so that to me is a huge win for the D3400 and something I’d definitely take into consideration when thinking about which camera you want to buy.

So they were my top 5 differences between the D3300 and the new D3400.

Chris Winter
'Chris Winter' 1 year ago
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মামা ছাইড়া দে!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please
Which is support external microphone?
Chris is there any possibilities of connecting an external mic to the Nikon d3400
Anything May Be
'Anything May Be' 1 month ago
If I take a picture of someone. behind some trees or natural background. ...what should i do now to make the trees more greener or green to make it look attractive on 1300d or d3300. ...plss tell me ....sir
'Globglogabgalab' 2 months ago
i got the d3300 with 35mm lens for 415 dollars.
Mandy Tutt
'Mandy Tutt' 3 months ago
Which is the best leans for d3400
'ZUHAIR BALOCH' 3 months ago
i love your videos thank you for the information
Chamila Sadaru
'Chamila Sadaru' 3 months ago
Nice d3400
Shahul nilambur vpm
'Shahul nilambur vpm' 3 months ago
nikon d 5100 vs d3300 Which One better?
Jelly Cgrove
'Jelly Cgrove' 3 months ago
Hello, how about the lenses hood or The tripod is that okay i can reused it to 3400?
Nikhil Kumar
'Nikhil Kumar' 4 months ago
Which camera do you use in shooting the videos ?
'Gabmax101' 4 months ago
I just want a good budged camera that can meet today's standards in terms of photography :l
Sergio Herra
'Sergio Herra' 4 months ago
There is not some type of mic bluetooth to correct the lack of the mic jack?
Ryan David
'Ryan David' 4 months ago
I just sold my D3300, but I don't think the D3400 is an upgrade. The missing mic jack is a deal-breaker for me.
wilson ramos
'wilson ramos' 5 months ago
the nikon d 3400 is better than d 3300
Susan Cross
'Susan Cross' 5 months ago
Hi Chris, my boy just bought a d3400 and a Rode external mic, he's in the US at uni and I'm here in the UK. He's just realized the d3400 has not got a 3.5mm external mic socket. So my question is could he use a cheap mini usb to 3.5mm socket adaptor cable, so the cable plugs into the cameras mini usb socket and the Rode mic plugs into the 3.5mm socket on the other end of the adaptor cable. Would this work to pic up the sound from the external mic...?
akash hossain
'akash hossain' 5 months ago
d3300 or d3400 which is better and I should buy?
ronson Shiigi
'ronson Shiigi' 5 months ago
sick video...what kind of camera did you use to shoot the video?
Mohamed Aiham
'Mohamed Aiham' 6 months ago
How can i get a Nikon d3300 free
'TamezTech' 7 months ago
Hey Chris, is there any way to hook up an external mic to the D3400? Please answer before my refund date expires
Ganga Gangadhar
'Ganga Gangadhar' 7 months ago
Hii sir which one is best camera nikon d3400 or d3300
Neeraj Deodikar
'Neeraj Deodikar' 7 months ago
Is absence of ultrasonic sensor cleaner in d3400 a big disadvantage ?
BTD Smoky
'BTD Smoky' 8 months ago
the d3400 seems so perfect but not mic port
'TICK FOR TECH' 8 months ago
I wanted dslr🤤🤤🤤
Courtney Lamb
'Courtney Lamb' 9 months ago
Very helpful video! Thank you.
Omer Junedi
'Omer Junedi' 9 months ago
Is the photo quality on both cameras about the same?
Kate Pdm
'Kate Pdm' 9 months ago
hey, can you help me out too? Im going on a long trip next year and want to buy a camera for video, maybe night shots-why not-? and photography. Which model would you recommend generally? Im a beginner :-)
Levin Saji
'Levin Saji' 10 months ago
nikon d3300 or canon 700d please help
Hugo Rouch
'Hugo Rouch' 10 months ago
in my country the d3300 cost 369 € ( around 320 us dolars i think) and the d3400 cost 484 € (around 420 dollars i think) wich one should i buy. (sorry for my english.)
'scotkelpie' 10 months ago
I'm a beginner in photography, and I bought a Nikon D3400 the last tuesday, I'm very hapiness with my camera.
'-CLM17-' 11 months ago
Such a shame they took the jack from D3400
Glen Simmons
'Glen Simmons' 11 months ago
Great video... Any new giveaways im a new subscriber and missed your last one
'Deleon's Gamerz PH' 11 months ago
which one is good for photography? please help me
Likhit Kumar
'Likhit Kumar' 12 months ago
whic is better D3300 or D3400
'BOLLY-MIX' 12 months ago
I want to buy DSLR. So is it safe to buy DSLR online ?
Harsha Choudhary
'Harsha Choudhary' 1 year ago
D3300 for its external microphone port and sensor cleaning is the better choice to with.
wilson ramos
'wilson ramos' 1 year ago
thanks a lot fot the information saludos from colombia south america
Kirill Shmakov
'Kirill Shmakov' 1 year ago
Ive started doing photography and cinematography and recently want to get a new camera but for a cheap price. I've ended up with two camera choices Nikon D3300 and Nikon D7000 what's better? Can anyone give me a reason which is a better choice? If there are other cameras you'll recommend I'll be interested to know which ones.
Yash Raut
'Yash Raut' 1 year ago
why don't u start reviewing Sony DSLR ??
Isaiah Alegria
'Isaiah Alegria' 1 year ago
Johnny Guardado
'Johnny Guardado' 1 year ago
Nikon D3400 Digital SLR
sam the man
'sam the man' 1 year ago
which one has better video and photo quality?
sampyphillips 99
'sampyphillips 99' 1 year ago
you forgot that the images transferred to Snapbridge will be 2 mega pixels.
Akhil Arora
'Akhil Arora' 1 year ago
which one to buy D3300 or D3400 ? still confused ? Just a newbie to Dslr ,plz reply
Cars Are Everything
if you gave a d3300 just buy a Bluetooth device you plug in an you can send photos a videos to your phone it's not worth the upgrade
'hunner36' 1 year ago
So if I want a camera for video 3300 is better
Game boy Arnob
'Game boy Arnob' 1 year ago
I want nikon D3400 its the best in low price range
Lavish Sharma
'Lavish Sharma' 1 year ago
nower days battery is coming same in 3300 n 3400. I have 3300 with that grey battery.
'edwardschlosser1' 1 year ago
The D3300 is the better camera, even at the same price (which they are now on eBay). Here is why...The D3300 has ultrasonic cleaning. The D3400 does NOT. The D3300 has a jack for an external mic. The D3400 does not. The batteries and power consumption are IDENTICAL, except the D3400 has a piss-poor flash with half the shooting distance. This is how Nikon increased the battery life, because battery life testing involves a specific amount of flash shooting. The sensors are the same. The picture quality is the same. Smart phones (those expensive gadgets that morons buy) are required to use a remote wireless shutter release with the D3400. The D3300 has a dedicated remote wireless shutter release similar to the one used with the N65 and N75 film cameras. Yes, the D3400 will weigh slightly less, but that's because they put less into it, and you get less out of it. Nikon pulled out the most important feature in the D3300 to make it weigh less, the sensor cleaner. I spent a fraction of the cost of my favorite camera, a Nikon N90, and my best camera for black and white is a 1936 Speedex B2. When I spend $400-$500 I expect the product to last 20 years, not 2. You will regret buying the D3400 when the sensor is all crapped up in a year or two. But that is Nikon's way to get you into the 5000 series.
Wendy Bombril Capoeira
I have D3100 and i need upgrade but i'm confused.. D3300 is better for videography with external mic like rode right?? But its old product.. but a new product D3400 cant using external mic right?
'Serefth' 1 year ago
If the d3400 doesnt have a mic slot, how would one get better mic audio? also how long can these cameras record for?
Hiren Patel
'Hiren Patel' 1 year ago
how can we clean 3400 sensor ?
Aravind Ashok
'Aravind Ashok' 1 year ago
I want to take pics as well as record videos, so which one is good for me??
sajib sony
'sajib sony' 1 year ago
D3400 vs D5300 which will best ? (1st DSLR)
Ralph Cedric Basco
Hi Chris, Might I ask if I can use the battery of the D3300 to the D3400?
Jaswinder Cyrus
'Jaswinder Cyrus' 1 year ago
My point Over d3400 this automatic Clean sensor is missing..... i want know is it worth or not.... I am new in this... And i will gonna buy d3300 in 2 weeks..... is this good choice or not OVER d3400 tell me ASAP... ANY.. THANKS
Izzy Flad
'Izzy Flad' 1 year ago
D3400 I have been struggling to find myself a camera for vacation this summer. I looove taking pictures of my son but all i have is my phone. Still dont know what one to get..
Tanzil Zaidi
'Tanzil Zaidi' 1 year ago
winning dslr offer still exists>?
'JoDaVas' 1 year ago
D3400 has not microphone connector and if you use the built-in , it récords the sounds of the camera. 3300 is better.
'MM420' 1 year ago
The 3400.. because it's got a black button!
Jon Tanpoco
'Jon Tanpoco' 1 year ago
I learned more by reading the comments... 1. D3300 has sensor cleaning, stronger flash, mic jack 2. D3400 has double the battery life, snapbridge (wifi/bluetooth) 3. D3400 is lighter, a little more expensive by about $30 to $50 4. D3400 can go up to ISO 25600... But you won't ever use that anyway For the battery life, buy a decent powerbank. Do you really need snapbridge or can you wait to upload? Heavy camera? Get a strap.
'swisschampchannel' 1 year ago
Fu*k i want D3400, but D3400 is like iPhone 7 :-(
Tish Martin
'Tish Martin' 1 year ago
I need a camera
Akash Negi
'Akash Negi' 1 year ago
which one i buy???iam confused
YugenRoux Life
'YugenRoux Life' 1 year ago
d3400 more like d3300.1 hahaha. i hope i can win d3400
Danita Conner
'Danita Conner' 1 year ago
Hope I didn't miss the give away
Elmer Phillips
'Elmer Phillips' 1 year ago
can the d3400 shoot in slo mo?
'spacebumps' 1 year ago
I bought a d3300, not too long before the d3400 came out. I feel the d3300 does the job for the youtube vids i make. But I was slightly gutted.
'CHLOE' 1 year ago
I want the D3400
Santhosh SP
'Santhosh SP' 1 year ago
who won the camera ???Chris Winter can I know plzzz
Hayley Puzo
'Hayley Puzo' 1 year ago
is the image quality the same?
Shivali Singla
'Shivali Singla' 1 year ago
I really love you youtube channel....
Adam Kee Ooi Yuen
'Adam Kee Ooi Yuen' 1 year ago
I feel like buying my first DSLR instead of staying with my phone's camera and end up with tons of doubt when comparing these to variants. Thank you for the video btw. (Will it still get counted if I participate the contest stated in the video?) 😅😅
Anshu Nema
'Anshu Nema' 1 year ago
wifi doesn't make a major difference in quality but the mic does for me on based on your comparison it make a big deal i prefer d3300 if there is no difference in photo quality
'SkyLessDigital' 1 year ago
Hey chris when will you be announcing the winner of the canon t6 or nikon 3300 or the 3400 ( forgot which one sorry,) hey and keep up the good work your the best photography channel there is these days mate! Cheers (:
'nanoknots' 1 year ago
When choosing between the D3300 vs. D3400, is it particularly concerning that the D3400 has no sensor cleaning feature?
Sascha Vetrella
'Sascha Vetrella' 1 year ago
Thanks for the review! Just one observation... I don't know if it's the focus point you set your camera on or if your face is unfocusable... Camera ultrasharp, your face not so.
John Nguyen
'John Nguyen' 1 year ago
I would like to win the Nikon D3400, because I am a beginning photographer. I like the small design and the new features Exempel the longer battery life and wireless feature and more
Shaheer Arshad
'Shaheer Arshad' 1 year ago
please give me one d3400 or t6i i don't even have a camera accept a mobile 😂😂😂
Shad Helig
'Shad Helig' 1 year ago
Surprisingly, the D3400's sensor surpassed the D5500 and just behind the D7200 by DXOmark. But the loss of headphone jack and ultrasonic cleaner makes it disappointing 😥
'Andrea' 1 year ago
This D3400 is an unnecessary upgrade, depowered flash to increase the battery, the automatic sensor cleaning is eliminated. The picture quality is the same. Buy the D3300, it is still the best entry level SLR
Sourajyoti Paul
'Sourajyoti Paul' 1 year ago
In India the d3300 costs around $30 more than d3400 😂
Diego Ferreira
'Diego Ferreira' 1 year ago
Gabriel Jose
'Gabriel Jose' 1 year ago
amazing, i started to study photography a few months ago and i'm really in love with it, but in Brazil any photography stuff if spensive af so i really hope i win one of this cameras, because it will be very, very helpful for me thank you
Fady Anwar
'Fady Anwar' 1 year ago
subscribed, hope I shoot with the new baby :)
'jesgrabowski' 1 year ago
With the addition of the WiFi and the extended battery life, you can overcome the obstacle of not having the external mic jack. Especially since the WiFi SD cards make up the $50 differnce you pay for the camera itself. The only drawback I see Is the external mic issue, but I don't shoot a lot of video.
Sheila Su
'Sheila Su' 1 year ago
Thank you for the review!!! I was thinking about the Nikon D3400 to get into photography and this really helped me confirm my decision! <3 I hope this is what I get for Christmas this year :)
Bull Rides
'Bull Rides' 1 year ago
Plzz do a review for new 70-300mm lens
New RS
'New RS' 1 year ago
Its frustrating that they took away the mic port
Sandy Rodriguez
'Sandy Rodriguez' 1 year ago
i think fue nikon 3400 ir better
Alimuhammad Farooq
hope i win nikon 3400
Zach Petrus
'Zach Petrus' 1 year ago
I would probably get the D3400, because as a car photographer, being able to take quick shots and being able to get them onto my phone almost right away would be a huge bonus. Considering the price difference, I think that the option to use wifi is well worth the extra $50 or so. Thank you for making this video and your other camera comparison videos as they have helped me understand and learn more things about photography than I originally got from just using my phone! Now I just have to come up with the money to put towards my hobby!
Chloe Lamplugh
'Chloe Lamplugh' 1 year ago
It's crazy that they took out the microphone jack. Definitely turning me away from Nikon!
Michael Fearn
'Michael Fearn' 1 year ago
this review was really helpful. im new to DSLR and have no idea what to get as a budget unit. Thank You
'TheChameleon2008' 1 year ago
I would go for a 5300 that has wifi and gps and remote control via a app.
Alejandro Beltran
'Alejandro Beltran' 1 year ago
PSA: These are both the same price at Best Buy right now with a kit lens at $500. If they're both the same price which one would you get?
'ssvman100' 1 year ago
Are the amazon prices USD or $AU ?
Chris Winter
'Chris Winter' 1 year ago
Do you mainly shoot video or photos on your camera?
Chris Winter
'Chris Winter' 1 year ago
Do you guys think it's worth the upgrade? I personally do. Let me know
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