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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 1 year ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 1 year ago

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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'Jow121988' 3 hours ago
Well, there goes HBO again! HAHAHA! Nice!
Gunsniper Gamer
'Gunsniper Gamer' 22 hours ago
13:13 is how you feel when you realize your life is as pointless as the English alphabet is in the order it has been in for idk how many years
The World
Which movie was a bigger trailer for another movie? Suicide Squad or Iron Man 2?
Tina B.
'Tina B.' 1 day ago
The cartoon version was 10 times better, abd I didn't like that one either.
Mark Hladkou
'Mark Hladkou' 1 day ago
'Bread' 2 days ago
Are we some kind of suicide squad
'Aroject' 3 days ago
Soooo... Yes this movie is a horrible train wreck that probably should have broken the sin counter - but am I the only person that noticed the binder with the Top Secret cover sheet just chilling on the shelf next to Enchantress's brother's statue at the 8:12 min mark? Cause I can assure you, placing a binder backwards - on a random wall shelf - in a hotel room with big open windows - and no security is not exactly according to regs.... Though for some reason it looks like they used an actual SF-703, so at least they got that right. (hard to confirm at that angle and resolution)
Janice Columbus
'Janice Columbus' 3 days ago
Some minor editing and the studio could re-release Suicide Squad as a comedy. Never mind...original Ghost Busters did it better.
Souvik Sinha
'Souvik Sinha' 3 days ago
Everything is wrong about this movie
Levi Lloyd
'Levi Lloyd' 3 days ago
I know hate you because I love this movie even ifs it's bad
Nare Achiri
'Nare Achiri' 3 days ago
You should have added that they couldn’t kill Harley because the nenite didn’t exploded what does flags have a watergun
bob jones
'bob jones' 4 days ago
This movie was pretty terrible
Nikki Blair
'Nikki Blair' 4 days ago
😢oh no not my favorite movie
'RepentantSky' 4 days ago
I know that this channel doesn't rely on original material for it's sins, but you do know that the Katana for DC started in 1983 while Mortal Kombat's Kitana wasn't a thing until 10 years later in 1993 right? I mean geezus that's a more egregious mistake then when people think that Arnold's terminator is an original name despite Deathstroke originally being called Deathstroke the Terminator 4 years before the Terminator franchise started, just due to the extra time gap. If you're gonna reference one source, make sure you check the facts, especially since you could have made up the sin by going after Deadshot's choice to protect Harley over his own daughter. Pay attention man.
Brooklynn Butterfield
Okay, I hated this movie because of all of it flaws, I just want them to make a redo and something from comics again.
Lexi and Desi
'Lexi and Desi' 4 days ago
So we just some kind of suicide squad lol
The Rodway
'The Rodway' 5 days ago
Do everything wrong with into the storm 2014
Hot Pepper
'Hot Pepper' 5 days ago
Bubble man saw her reflection in the glass!
Hot Pepper
'Hot Pepper' 5 days ago
Let’s see uh joker owns Harley
noneof yourbusines
this might sound stupid but Fu*k it/WHO IS US?
Clarissa Soto
'Clarissa Soto' 5 days ago
"Ohhhhhhhhhh." 😂
Clarissa Soto
'Clarissa Soto' 5 days ago
It was a cluster of literal bullshit and they didn't even show joker for a full five minutes ._.
Puppypach291 Da_fox
He forgot the potato gun... just say’
Keleana Newman
'Keleana Newman' 5 days ago
"i need A machine gun"....she gives him multiple machine guns and somehow goes somewhere far in the Assylum in two minutes during the joker shootout
Jade Bailey
'Jade Bailey' 5 days ago
Brian Mucha
'Brian Mucha' 6 days ago
yeah this movie literally adds nothing to the dc universe
Gage Michael Weaver
Superman eat your heart what
witch inthehut
'witch inthehut' 6 days ago
20:29 I'm adding a sin because this movie he's referencing came out MONTHS after this video. So...bye.
Archie Glenn
'Archie Glenn' 6 days ago
3:21 omg it's pronounced "Auzzie" not "Aussy" I live in Australia
Cutie-Pie Cupcake
'Cutie-Pie Cupcake' 6 days ago
Do spaceballs
bob jones
'bob jones' 6 days ago
The only thing slipknot couldn’t climb was death...
Amanda Louise
'Amanda Louise' 1 week ago
Holy cow. You know a movie is bad when you can barely sit through its CinemaSins. And I love CinemaSins.
Anthony Trotter
'Anthony Trotter' 1 week ago
The avengers fought the chitauri not the kree.
Chett the Gamer
'Chett the Gamer' 1 week ago
I love how when he talks about all of the squad even the guy who's JOB is to analyze and over think movies forgets about Captain Boomerang
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
bad-Ly, bad-LY! omg i dunno why but that got me so much LOL!
'DanielHull' 1 week ago
It says potato cannon when introducing dead shot and saying what he’s deadly with
'Zuper_girl' 1 week ago
why is it a sin when a person would be good at cinemasins?
Messy Frenzy
'Messy Frenzy' 1 week ago
Suicide squad was over rated
hari Haran
'hari Haran' 1 week ago
Bullshit movie😦😒
Jonathon Wirth
'Jonathon Wirth' 1 week ago
Oh so misogynistic, that has to be the worst part right Cinemasins.
Twinkle Toes
'Twinkle Toes' 1 week ago
19:00 😂
Chase Km42
'Chase Km42' 2 weeks ago
If you pause at 1:34, apparently deadshot is an expert with a potato cannon. And this is suicide squad! Why even put a subtle kids joke meant for kids in an older - audience movie??? Extra sin!!!
Booce Bung
'Booce Bung' 2 weeks ago
Bane would’ve been a better character than Croc
Vinnie Volcano
'Vinnie Volcano' 2 weeks ago
“ I am groot “ reference to Killer Croc fucking killed me
'IT'S ME GRAVY' 2 weeks ago
Why would they bring David Harbor into this mess?
Aaron Nicholson
'Aaron Nicholson' 2 weeks ago
Dont makes sense ok. Batman only one stop superman. Surprise back fire
Aaron Nicholson
'Aaron Nicholson' 2 weeks ago
Hmm I like it. Harley but Batman vs superman the story suck
Allen Smithee
'Allen Smithee' 2 weeks ago
Sad how the Fox Kids did a more believable Joker/Harley Quinn love story
Warrioirs die hard fan since 2015
The kree from the avengers? Seriously? The kree? I think you meant the chitauri.
kim twena
'kim twena' 2 weeks ago
dude just saying shes called june moon is because in the comics its her name
Ya Boy Blue
'Ya Boy Blue' 2 weeks ago
But he had 10 letters not 7. I counted. I'm proud.
Jacob Friett
'Jacob Friett' 2 weeks ago
What Kree???
Random Shipper of Ships
You forgot this movie getting P!ATD to make a cover of Queen, and also getting TOP to make a whole damn song for it.
Crimson Youtuber
'Crimson Youtuber' 2 weeks ago
Katana showed up
sunshine lollipops and rainbows
u missed a sin at 7:42, why the fu** is there baby pajams in the corner
Deepro Nath
'Deepro Nath' 2 weeks ago
I challenge you to do this to The Shawshank Redemption.
Cameron Kinney
'Cameron Kinney' 2 weeks ago
Do 8 mile
Shadow Prince
'Shadow Prince' 2 weeks ago
This whole video is a sin xd
Achan Thuc
'Achan Thuc' 2 weeks ago
He is talking really fast so thank god for the subtitles
Alex Cozy
'Alex Cozy' 2 weeks ago
I bet if you added the classic kind of deathstroke from, my personal favorite, Arkham origins the movie would be a lot better. -Once again just my opinion
Christian Romeo
'Christian Romeo' 2 weeks ago
There are a lot of terrible things in this movie (most of which are pointed out in this video) but I will never get over the fact that she just straight up murders all those FBI agents! Idk if they're trying to make her look like a badass woman in the government who doesn't need to listen to the men or what but she honestly just looks like a dumbass because of it. Her criminal record is technically worse than Diablo's yet she is still allowed to remain as an authority figure! I guess it's just a typical American thing tho...
'JulesGunn' 2 weeks ago
Ayer is not a comic book guy and reportedly penned the "script" in 6 weeks. Not to mention that the braintrust at Warner Bros thought it was a good idea to even do this movie...
Clevs Manalaysay
'Clevs Manalaysay' 2 weeks ago
Title says "Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less". The video is 20 min and 53 sec. long. LOL
Rahul Ram
'Rahul Ram' 2 weeks ago
Man...making the movie itself was a sin
Krimson VVraith
'Krimson VVraith' 2 weeks ago
The CHITAURI from the avengers, not the Kree.
'Marigold' 2 weeks ago
9:09 that guy behind jared leto looks like a hollow
eddie g
'eddie g' 2 weeks ago
The kree army was not in the avengers. The chitari where.
james bean
'james bean' 2 weeks ago
Politely disagree with sin number 58. Nothing is worse than v for vendetta domino scene
'Gabi' 2 weeks ago
"Apparently John Williams was unavailable to score this movie, so instead they let a 10th grader that was high on mushrooms randomly pick the soundtrack. " looool
Angelina Kim
'Angelina Kim' 2 weeks ago
Im sorry, but 18:59 just killed me
Regardo Lupin
'Regardo Lupin' 3 weeks ago
Killer Croc is water-based bad guy.... THAT'S THE WORST PART OF THE MOVIE FOR ME! What about jaws? Enormous size and physical strength? We went past "guy with sharp teeth and skin issues" a long time ago! Like really LONG! He is a huge constantly mutating reptile-human who struggles with his cannibal-killer instincts and shit from his past. Cast is shit, because there are actors this size who can handle the role! "Pretend to be big so you will look like you craped your pants" acting is shit! Not having this small bit of CGI to make "from ear to ear" jaws is shit! They fucked up Croc more than any other character in this movie! Respect source material for fucks sake!
Akshay Ravi Kumar
'Akshay Ravi Kumar' 3 weeks ago
4:39 That looks like the antidote briefcase in Resident Evil 7 xD
Max Lake
'Max Lake' 3 weeks ago
Dude, shut up. Your videos are shit. You're just jealous you can't make movies as good as this.
'morrisc27847' 3 weeks ago
The avengers fight the chitauri, not the kree
I Depress Everyone
'I Depress Everyone' 3 weeks ago
Jesus Christ, we’ve seen Wonder Woman in BvS, The Flash and Batman IN this movie. Tell my why they use the man who can climb anything?
Seth Zasada
'Seth Zasada' 3 weeks ago
Who else just saw it for will smith or the joker?????
'BadAtGames' 3 weeks ago
At 1:34 he didn’t mention that dead shots profile mentions under expert with that he is an expert at “potato cannon”
Chris Mayhall
'Chris Mayhall' 3 weeks ago
I would have rather seen a movie about the guy who got arrested for masturbating in public and still found a way to beat up 15 cops while still masturbating over this trash hip they call a movie
Charlie Cassidy
'Charlie Cassidy' 3 weeks ago
deadshot is expert with potato cannon
'Hadoken' 3 weeks ago
the kree is not from the avengers its from the guardians of the galaxy
'TheBros2theend' 3 weeks ago
dislike for scientology cult ad . you people truely have no shame
Herr Metz
'Herr Metz' 3 weeks ago
This is I wat to say worse than a Adam Sandler video, but then I remembered that one like animated Christmas movie or some shit with Adam Sandler and changed my mind, then also remembe rthat this movie didnt Adam Sandler so it really isnt worse than a Adam Sandler
God The Savior
'God The Savior' 3 weeks ago
About the Boomerang Camera thing. Wouldn't the camera be spinning. Or at least be black because it wasn't shown that it had a camera on it.
Marcus Smith
'Marcus Smith' 3 weeks ago
I'm surprised you didn't sin all of the obvious product placement by Samsung.
Christine Williamson
I got one for this movie, why did they put slipknot on the cover but he really was barely in the movie at all?
Joshua Bush
'Joshua Bush' 3 weeks ago
i was expecting there to be 1000000000000000 sins
LoneLaw The Armadillo
Batman: Assault on Arkham
Julia Neeley
'Julia Neeley' 3 weeks ago
I’m the best superhero, I could eat them all!
Pheonix Fire
'Pheonix Fire' 3 weeks ago
This is so weird, yet fascinating. You sound EXACTLY like my brother. Lmao
'INA NINA' 4 weeks ago
The only thing god in this movie was the sound track and thats all.
Aslan Dark Lion 80
'Aslan Dark Lion 80' 4 weeks ago
The kree from the Avengers? Well..there goes a point for the sin o meter for this episode🤗
Jojo77777777777Queem Chleb
Should've been 20 hours.
Desm 0708
'Desm 0708' 4 weeks ago
This movie tries so hard to be like Deadpool. No, sorry. That’s wrong. DC Movies tries So. Fucking. Hard. To be like Marvel movies.
MCZILLA-SURPREME screw you billy
*9:10* who knew that slenderman worked for joker
'key2010' 4 weeks ago
i suggested watching this movie to my flatmates and after we watched it, i was almost kicked out of the apartment
Peyton Davis
'Peyton Davis' 4 weeks ago
157 sins cause what was the point in the Joker having baby clothes in a circle of knives
'C4PT4IN_B3T4' 4 weeks ago
The Kree are the big blue motherfuckers (Ronin from Guardians of the Galaxy). What you mean is the Chitauri.
Joi Towns
'Joi Towns' 4 weeks ago
I can't take clean Enchantress seriously. The voice is stupid, and her movements look like a fifth grader trying to do an interpretive dance of the nitrogen cycle. If they had kept her as the grimy, shadowy one that crouches in darkness, she would be more impressive and less ridiculous. Edit: and the "clean" costume is uninspired.
jemman 290
'jemman 290' 4 weeks ago
lol i said ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at the same time (im talking about 19:00 btw)
Danielle Sanders
'Danielle Sanders' 4 weeks ago
Dead shot tried to save the movie
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