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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 1 week ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 1 week ago

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Lukas Schmerse
'Lukas Schmerse' 19 minutes ago
Fuck you Dc isn't a sin. It's Jesus compared to marvel
Immortal FRO5T
'Immortal FRO5T' 43 minutes ago
20:53 the end
Emmanuel “Manny” Reynoso
Can you redo this with the extended version?
'KingpinPasta' 1 hour ago
My god the DCEU is about one thing and it always fail HYPE
'StarWarslover' 2 hours ago
Who is with with me
'StarWarslover' 2 hours ago
Do hardcore Henry do it do it do it do ir
Lena Axe
'Lena Axe' 2 hours ago
Do everything wrong with The interview
Rashawn McLean
'Rashawn McLean' 2 hours ago
everything wrong with Forrest Gump it's a gold mind
Victor Lindvall (GhostFade)
I think I am damaged from watching Cinema Sins. When I watched this movie (before I saw this) I literally picked out everything mentioned and I sat and screamed "I KNOW RIGHT!?" on every point he made.
'D M' 3 hours ago
Ok, DC movies, the basic element of decent filmmaking is...SHOW DON'T TELL.
Christian V.
'Christian V.' 3 hours ago
Looks like this is worse than SW: the clone Wars.
noa michel
'noa michel' 3 hours ago
Check force king object on romantic cave tear chain complaint.
'iSlowJO' 4 hours ago
Everything is wrong with this movie
Joe Swanson
'Joe Swanson' 4 hours ago
Like shooting fish in a barrel.
Truth Man
'Truth Man' 5 hours ago
Kyle Camarda
'Kyle Camarda' 5 hours ago
I don't think that I can remember a worse movie that was hyped more than this turd.
'TheDarkMessiah' 6 hours ago
Nothing about Enchantress fucking dancing for half the movie?
Katina Galanis
'Katina Galanis' 6 hours ago
potato gun quota is a ✔
Katina Galanis
'Katina Galanis' 6 hours ago
potato gun quota is a ✔
Dante Kiyoshi
'Dante Kiyoshi' 7 hours ago
I feel like this movie wasn't bad but it coulda been amazing if it was a group of low levels going up against a all powerful witch. Joker should've been the main villain
'ClockwiseSarcasm' 7 hours ago
I saw someone I used to be friends with wear a suicide squad Harley Quinn necklace and shirt and I wanted to die
Leon Scholten
'Leon Scholten' 7 hours ago
@cinemasins The pentagon is in Virginia, not washington dc. missed one sin.
Edwin Lopez
'Edwin Lopez' 7 hours ago
Can we agree that will smith, and Margot Robbie were the best of this movie?
'GrimSikk' 9 hours ago
I agree with most of these sins, however I can't lie, I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the new Joker, too.
'WassapDude94' 9 hours ago
Everything Wrong With "Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less" You didn't sin Diablo's death. *Ding* Sin Count: 1 Sentence: Meh i liked the video.
'Marsluvsu1001' 10 hours ago
XD June Moone, Mary Glarey, pam sham, Lucy Goosey XDD
not your damn business
i think red letter media said it best. why do studios hire visionary directors, when they then dont let those directors do their thing and always interfere in the decisions the directors make? and its entirely miscast.
David Medus
'David Medus' 13 hours ago
I have watched tons of these "Everything wrong with..." videos, and I always find them entertaining. I laughed the hardest at this one though, on that "Ohhhhhhhhh." Line with the government lady hooked up to the machine. Excellent comedic timing.
James Garcia
'James Garcia' 14 hours ago
Museum of modern BullShit. (MOMBS)
ben mcdonald
'ben mcdonald' 16 hours ago
A lot of these sins are really shitty that's what annoys me about your channel you sin movies but most sins are really dumb
'Pro-methean' 18 hours ago
Both this movie and Iron Man 2 end with the black director of some government agency talking to a rich white guy who dresses up in a suit and uses gadgets to fight crime about a super hero team
jake nikolia
'jake nikolia' 19 hours ago
This movie was shit
Daniel Swan
'Daniel Swan' 21 hours ago
I was waiting for this one. So much BS. Wonderful work, sir.
'YpsiFang' 22 hours ago
What's with the wannabe Slendy at 9:10?
'grkpektis' 23 hours ago
I knew BVS was going to be fucking dog shit, but I actually had hope for this retarded movie. I should've listened to the critics instead of paying to see this train wreck
Canticos Sublimes
hate that joker. he sucks. i hope he never ever ever play the joker again.
'Vlanna13' 1 day ago
The Enchantress was a Marvel Villian with her right hand man the Executioner. Both I believe were Norse as well not Latin/South American.
'MightyManotaur22' 1 day ago
The only positive thing I can say about this movie is that it's better than Batman v Superman
'Trinity99' 1 day ago
fuck you cinema just hate DC Comics
'DaftWalk' 1 day ago
Why it's a sin when Deadshot punched the witch in the face? She was trying to kill all o them. And fuck with the fact she's a woman, equal rights, equal fights.
_ BeastyGamer99
'_ BeastyGamer99' 1 day ago
Suicide squad is the one of the worst movies of 2016. It's all over the place and the plot is very confusing
Raul Vaquedano
'Raul Vaquedano' 1 day ago
"DC Comics"
'DaftWalk' 1 day ago
"That's triple racist." I lost it.
'Watermarlon' 1 day ago
Can someone explain to me what an ex machina is
Marco Polo
'Marco Polo' 1 day ago
06:02 Oh jeez
Captain Bud Sturguess
This movie was a jumbled mess, but what irked me the most was that they didn't use the Penguin. My favorite Batman villain. "But he has no superpower or special ability!" And? What's Harley Quinn's super ability? You can see her buttcheeks, and that's about it. She can distract someone with her butt. Danny DeVito has a fine hinder too, you know!
Mike R.
'Mike R.' 1 day ago
Perfect video summing up all the reasons why this movie was a nosensical mess.
c0rcra Victorian England
I remember that after I watched the movie I read 2-4 of the graphic novels and was immediately disappointed that they replaced King Shark with Killer Croc. What sounds cooler, a anthropomorphic hammerhead shark with not only a personality and interesting character arc, but also a keen nose and a craving for human, or a guy in Halloween makeup pretending to be a boring crocodile that listens to classical.
Marco Polo
'Marco Polo' 1 day ago
Why does Batman look like this "|:("
Riley Jones
'Riley Jones' 1 day ago
I thought I was alone in noticing all the steak eating shots. Thank god cinemasins noticed
Mike R.
'Mike R.' 1 day ago
It's clear she was hiding the phone in her rectum.
Cara Dobransky
'Cara Dobransky' 1 day ago
nothing is wrong with suicide Squad
'Fo3AR' 1 day ago
Dead shot is an expert with... a... potato canon? wat.
The Arnman
'The Arnman' 1 day ago
The Avengers fought the Chitauri, not the Kree.
'EwoksPlaysGames' 1 day ago
The entire movie
I would also like to add a Sin: They stopped Enchantress's big, muscular, all-powerful brother who can regenerate himself from a fire demigod burning his chest and innards with a fucking bomb. It wasn't even a special bomb. It was just a fucking little poot of a bomb and POOF he's dead. I call bullshit.
'eventyraren' 1 day ago
I sugest watshing everything grate about suicide squad, witsh is a nother chanol, to seewhy this movieis good.
'AjaxNecrotic' 1 day ago
I know a guy who runs his own business. his name is tyler kuhn... ty kuhn... tycoon
CosmicFlare *Super Mario*
Homicide Squad
'RatGaming' 1 day ago
Why call him slipknot even though that's a band.
e x l e n s i c
'e x l e n s i c' 1 day ago
Wait. They each had a nanite explosive injected into their necks. EXCEPT Dr. June Moone. Why didn't she just inject a nanite explosive into the witch's heart? Or into Dr. Moone's neck, just for good measure? -- Ah, see - they left this plot hole open so the Witch COULD actually run rampant and free and become the main villain. The entire plot is one huge clusterfuck of an oxymoron. Lol
Plebbed | Gaming
'Plebbed | Gaming' 1 day ago
Why do they add a sin whenever Marvel and DC come up
Mike Jones
'Mike Jones' 1 day ago
Looks like whoever made this probably jerks off in their moms basement
'Feathertail' 1 day ago
I think the more appropriate title is Everything is Wrong with Suicide Squad
'RGBenja' 1 day ago
11:09 10/10
Haitham Albreiki
'Haitham Albreiki' 1 day ago
I went to the movies with my ex gf to watch this movie And that's all.....
Darrin Scott
'Darrin Scott' 1 day ago
The should have mentioned the following: -The guy the Joker was talking with in the beginning calling Harley a "bad bitch" was definitely a compliment... For which he was killed? -The bullets of the soldiers accompanying the squad don't hurt the bubbly monsters, but Harley Quinn's baseball bat does. ... Also, saying "smack on her ass" in reference to kicking the villain's ass isn't misogynistic, nor is punching a woman when she is about to KILL you. It's one thing to inject your politics into an entertainment video, and it's one thing to be wrong about a point, but if you're going to inject your politics, at least make legitimate points.
juan manuel
'juan manuel' 1 day ago
Glad I waited for it to come out on red box. $1.25 is all this movie is worth to me.
Balta Bueno
'Balta Bueno' 1 day ago
I fucking hate fanboys, I don't care if they're Marvel, DC, Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft fanboys. They never want to admit when something is bad and get butthurt when you have a different opinion than them. I'm a DC fan as well but goddamn this movie was really... really bad.
Balta Bueno
'Balta Bueno' 1 day ago
Why call Katana for the mission if she doesn't fucking speak English when everyone else does. No one from the Squad knows Japanese either.
VP Original
'VP Original' 1 day ago
Missed one: they finally get Amanda Waller on a helicopter and they fly it RIGHT DOWN TO STREET LEVEL just to get ambushed :-|
Andy Montanez
'Andy Montanez' 1 day ago
What a shit movie. Utterly terrible. Ugh
'Demosthenses' 1 day ago
I stopped to watch that movie when Katana joined the squad. It's fucking ridiculous.
'J W' 1 day ago
Cinemasins are Marvel Fan boys. I call bullshit. All Iron Man , Hulk , Amazing Spider man and Thor movies were hot molten garbage. You guys have Voltron syndrome
'J W' 1 day ago
Diablo was the best. Solo movie
Emperor Reign
'Emperor Reign' 2 days ago
We all know the problems in this movie but the script and resulting line delivery from most of these 'actors' in particular is just utterly deplorable.
'Metrosuez' 2 days ago
Even you of all people don't mention the sacrifice of that one military dude underwater which nobody mentioned? He was made out to be Flags friend and then he's just like "kill yourself" boom and he's gone
'Andybiotic' 2 days ago
What a waste of an interesting character, Harley Quinn AND the actor Margot Robbie... The Batman arkham asylum game series did a much better job getting me interested in some of these minor villains.
Matthew Bosano
'Matthew Bosano' 2 days ago
This movie honestly was disappointing. Joker wasn't even the antagonist! He was just a damn side character!
ThatOneGuy YouDontKnow
something I noticed, that I didn't understand, is the scene where they are at the bar, and boomerang decides to leave once they're told there free to go, but in the next scene he's back with them, with no explanation on why he came back... any one else notice that?
If you guys haven't already done it,can you do an Everything Wrong With League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen? I've always wondered why Sean Connery was sitting in front of a roaring fire,in the middle of the day,in the middle of fuckin Africa!!
Johari Brown
'Johari Brown' 2 days ago
Any good movies ideas?
'occtaviousrex' 2 days ago
Good God
sona wona
'sona wona' 2 days ago
love this movie alot.
Pro Jaimev
'Pro Jaimev' 2 days ago
do videogames
'yanot' 2 days ago
the movie assault on arkham was 10000000 better than this. and it was a cartoon.
'jcmicon1' 2 days ago
The Kree weren`t in the Avengers.
'TheBossMan' 2 days ago
The accomplice to the murder if robin wasn't in the Australian cut GOD FUCKING DAMNIT
The RetroBro
'The RetroBro' 2 days ago
Sin #57 - Funny, I said the same thing about District 9.
'Arrownoir' 2 days ago
Kree/ It was the Chitauri, butthole!
'Arrownoir' 2 days ago
07:28 so we're jut not going to sin the badge location on Flag?
'FreeSpirit' 2 days ago
Rather , everything wrong with America !
Emily N
'Emily N' 2 days ago
we all have that one friend that's obsessed with this shitty movie
Tisio 15
'Tisio 15' 2 days ago
20 minitis thats a record
Brandon Meeker
'Brandon Meeker' 2 days ago
Why didn't you add a sin because Harley Quinn didn't choose her iconic comic book suit I liked that one better because it didn't make her look like a stripper and why didn't the soldiers force her to get on her comic book suit
'Shariest' 2 days ago
it feels like this was rushed out. Most of the staff/cast either paid ridiculous sums or drugged to the point where they had no way of realizing that they were filming at least five different movies rolled into one. Even then the worst parts of them; stunts that make no sense, "cool" action scenes, people being incredibly inept purely because the plot requires it, gods that are there just to exist/be villains with vague motives that are forgotten quickly, for crying out loud it also manages to pull off "forgetting an incredibly important plot point in your own damn movie" This movie should be required watching at DC alongside BvS daily until they finally stop just throwing money around and panicking.
Sanago Tenelo
'Sanago Tenelo' 2 days ago
Chris Michael
'Chris Michael' 2 days ago
I feel like this guy can't really say anything unless he's REALLY into comics
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