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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Johnson Martell
'Johnson Martell' 6 hours ago
I was watching suicide square while watching this lol
GI American Joe
'GI American Joe' 6 hours ago
At the end on her phone she is threatening to blow them up but on the phone you can still see the fire guys face, but if his explosive is gone how would it still be able to be targeted.
GI American Joe
'GI American Joe' 6 hours ago
When deadshot is shooting the targets in the prison you asked "is that nobody in the world that can do that" and I'm saying what he did, no. Nobody in the world or history of shooting is that accurate. But those Navy Seals that the flag character are with are close.
Trey Gonzalez
'Trey Gonzalez' 8 hours ago
I agree. Sadly, as hot and sexy as Katana is, she was rather useless in the movie.
Collin Magee
'Collin Magee' 9 hours ago
surprised that when it was about 1:32 when introducing deadshot he didnt point out that Deadshot is lethal from 4000 meters....With a Fucking Potato Cannon!!!
Spencer Goulding
'Spencer Goulding' 9 hours ago
Ok, DC doesn't suck, it's movies do. Marvel's new comics suck, but it's movies don't. If you don't already know  marvel is  remaking  characters and making events that shouldn't ever happen.....Thor apparently loses worthiness and a girl takes over. Wolverine dies and a girl takes over( I love x-23 though). Also a girl that controls squirrels can apparently beat Deadpool that has a healing factor that is almost instant and has unbeatable skill with enhanced strength let me tell you again a girl with NO SUPERPOWERS other than JUST SQUIRRELS BEATS DEADPOOL! What the fuck marvel..... I'm not hating on the women I'm hating the fact that they're changing male superheroes to female. It would be completely different if they just added more women superheroes instead of changing the superheroes WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE. When you think of Thor  you thinkof a blonde long haired sexy man right? NOT A BASIC WHITE BITCH WITH NO PERSONALITY WHAT SO EVER. BTW I'm not sexist just the events that happen are the STUPIDEST THINGS IN THE WHOLE WORLD.
Kyan Champe
'Kyan Champe' 11 hours ago
fuck u your an asshole its a great movie so suck a dick
Dolphineer 4
'Dolphineer 4' 16 hours ago
I'm expecting over 200 sins right now
Bronson Ferrigno
'Bronson Ferrigno' 23 hours ago
19:47 Legit, Harley, just shoot her right now!
'tekdro' 24 hours ago
One of the only comic book movies I've ever thought looked good from the initial trailers. Boy was I ever wrong! The soundtrack in first 10 minutes is the epitome of modem film clichés. From there the plot turns out every bit as hollow. By the time watched it I knew it was gonna be bad, but it was absolutely pathetic. A new low even by big budget action flick standards, which are practically non-existent
Ryan Bailey
'Ryan Bailey' 24 hours ago
You should have sinned the fact that we had to watch them eating for what feels like forever. That shit is disgusting.
Puga Chan
'Puga Chan' 1 day ago
The theatrical version makes way more sense
Venus Moon
'Venus Moon' 1 day ago
I actually liked this movie. And I'm totally stoked for the Harley Quinn spin-off called "Gotham City Sirens"
Japanese pigeon
'Japanese pigeon' 2 days ago
The only good part about this movie is the Flash and Harley Quinn's ass 👌
Worldwide Ghosts
'Worldwide Ghosts' 2 days ago
"Are you a god?" That's exactly what I thought when I saw this movie.
J Mart
'J Mart' 2 days ago
,, , , ,z. , , ,
Azizza Townsend
'Azizza Townsend' 2 days ago
On the scene where the Joker is lying down around the knives on the top left there is baby clothes.
universal magnetic
Jared's Joker was shit, this movie lacked vision.
Jamal King
'Jamal King' 2 days ago
But wait why was all the computers lined up with the knifes smfh and did I see 4 baby onesies lmfao im lost
The Creeps
'The Creeps' 2 days ago
Just play the entire movie
Lima Bean
'Lima Bean' 2 days ago
I hated this movie
Luna Wayne
'Luna Wayne' 2 days ago
flag kind of reminds me of buffalo bill
Janae Phelps
'Janae Phelps' 2 days ago
This movie was so disappointing
'Amy' 2 days ago
Rachel Gooney
'Rachel Gooney' 2 days ago
please do the core
'Dakota's Blog' 2 days ago
Ok so we have seen flash and Batman in this movie ...and by the idea I think they would have been more D.C. Superhero comics there sooo....NONE OF THESE F*UKERS HELPED IN THIS S*IT ATTACK SIRIUSLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAKE
Max the merp
'Max the merp' 2 days ago
all I needed to see was the video length and I'm satisfied
Eladriel Nokk
'Eladriel Nokk' 2 days ago
this was the cringiest episode of cinema sins I've ever watched.
'TheOASguy' 2 days ago
Deadpool can kill someone with a potato cannon 😂😂😂
'rydertherider' 3 days ago
Everything spoilers with wrong duh suicide squad in 20 minutes or less
FaZe FaZe
'FaZe FaZe' 3 days ago
Everything With Wrong Suide Squad Spoilers (duh...) In 20 minutes or less Answer: wtf?
Cresting Light
'Cresting Light' 3 days ago
Any woman getting punched for any reason at any time = misogyny. Because women are too weak to be treated equally to a man. I has best logik.
Sincerely_ Sydney
'Sincerely_ Sydney' 3 days ago
You didn't address the fact that Harley Quinn got a Brooklyn accent AFTER the fact that she broke Joker out because when she was meeting him there was no accent!!
Ariel Mckenzie
'Ariel Mckenzie' 3 days ago
This movie was completely pointless. Just a setup for more movies.
lank lonk
'lank lonk' 3 days ago
when did harley quinn get time to put on make up and paint her nails to match her clothes and hair? and... why?
Billy Hamilton
'Billy Hamilton' 3 days ago
go 12:33 again all come out at the same time!!?!
Billy Hamilton
'Billy Hamilton' 3 days ago
12:36 they all come out at the exact same time!?!!!??
'RamblerTurbo' 3 days ago
Is it just me, or does it feel like Will Smith got too much play with how Deadshot was portrayed in this movie? Like the director did everything short of sucking Will Smith's dick?
Grace Holbert
'Grace Holbert' 4 days ago
I can name one thing Kitana did: she played the ninja character with a soul-trapping katana that shows up in every movie.
Haziq Khairul
'Haziq Khairul' 4 days ago
Katana was so useless and she can't even speak english
Sol Candy
'Sol Candy' 4 days ago
They mad assault on arkume city why did we need this trash
Sith Destroyer
'Sith Destroyer' 4 days ago
Harley was so fucking hot.
'Youtub3rh4x0r' 5 days ago
+10 Sins to cinemasins for not removing 10 sins for the scene where Harley dreams she and the Joker are a normal and happy family! That scene was f-ing awesome..
Crono Sapien
'Crono Sapien' 5 days ago
I actually liked this movie when it came out, and now... I consider it a guilty pleasure. Only because they did the first on-screen portrayal of Harley Quinn justice, and I actually loved Leto's Joker, and heck even Will Smith as Deadshot, even though he had his mask off ALL THE DAEMN TIME. Between this and BVS though, I can never choose what is worse. BVS had a poorly written story, made Batman kill and had an awful portrayal of Lex Luthor...while Suicide Squad had a script that I'm surprised they greenlit, a god-awful villain, and only had Joker for about 10% of the movie despite him being everywhere in the promotional material...
If Ya smell
'If Ya smell' 5 days ago
Sin 90 is a sin on this video the army in avengers were chitauri not kree
'8hoody' 5 days ago
I hate that they made a live action when DC made a damn good animated movie prior
Hunter  Moore
'Hunter Moore' 5 days ago
here's the movie 95%walking 3% fighting 1%plot 0.5% joker
Hunter  Moore
'Hunter Moore' 5 days ago
the brother is a Stormtrooper
Hunter  Moore
'Hunter Moore' 5 days ago
when diablo gets into fight wouldn't it take longer because THEIR IS A WALL OF FUCKING FIRE
Hunter  Moore
'Hunter Moore' 5 days ago
she is a ho
Hunter  Moore
'Hunter Moore' 5 days ago
what if we warshiped giant marshmallow men then we would have a good movie
'survivorofall2014' 6 days ago
will you do the 1987 flowers in the attic?
Jase Chilcoat
'Jase Chilcoat' 6 days ago
Thank you so much for doing this movie. It's absolute garbage and doesn't develop any of the characters. Almost none of this movie makes sense, nor do I care for any of their lives.
'Daniel' 7 days ago
The negress has the deadest eyes I've ever seen.
John Thiry
'John Thiry' 7 days ago
I haven't seen anybody else say it so I will. the avengers fought the chitauri (spelling?) not the kree. lol. the point still remains.
Motty Bello
'Motty Bello' 7 days ago
"DC Comics" : 1 sin Gets me every time
Remus Lupin
'Remus Lupin' 1 week ago
My friend loves this movie. She also prefers DC over Marvel. She's and idiot.
Howey Da Cowy
'Howey Da Cowy' 1 week ago
I actually liked this movie.
Zavi Matias
'Zavi Matias' 1 week ago
know your stuff bro
Zavi Matias
'Zavi Matias' 1 week ago
the flash knew that they were there cause they have a meta human app crime app
Angela Corcoran
'Angela Corcoran' 1 week ago
I agree with everything you say but enjoyed the film.
Caroline Whaley
'Caroline Whaley' 1 week ago
"Well, sh*t, there goes HBO again."
Justin Massop
'Justin Massop' 1 week ago
'Dean's Girl' 1 week ago
Croc's not useless! Why, he threw a rock at Batman once... It was a big rock.
Meghan Halloran
'Meghan Halloran' 1 week ago
Could you do everything wrong with braveheart?
Halo Gaming
'Halo Gaming' 1 week ago
They should have called batman to handle this
Halo Gaming
'Halo Gaming' 1 week ago
I know who would have stopped superman is of course batman! Because he's mother fucking batman!
Patrick Fulghum
'Patrick Fulghum' 1 week ago
5:50 the Pentagon is in Virginia not Washington or Cleveland 😂
Javier Lopez
'Javier Lopez' 1 week ago
you forgot to add 100 sins for the fact they returned to prison after saving the day
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 1 week ago
My only sin of the movie and @Cinemasins I loved the movie the sin was not Enough Joker but i love you guys
Aren Sereathy
'Aren Sereathy' 1 week ago
missed out on about 27 does not contain a lap dance sins
MinYoongi InfiresMe
that "oooh...." at 19:00 fucked me up
Crusty The Wank Sock
*You missed the bit where Harley and budget Mark Wahlberg were casually talking about the Joker coming to rescue her while she was checking her tweets in front on a load of armed guards XD*
'LordDarthHarry' 1 week ago
Now do Assault on Arkham as a comparisson
'paladin181' 1 week ago
No sin for Croc being a black stereotype? Anything in the world he can have and he just gets BET? Also, why couldn't Deadshot just shoot the shit out of Amanda's phone when she held it up. There was no other device, and he could draw and fire before she could press a button on the phone...
Anthony Schmidt
'Anthony Schmidt' 1 week ago
The Avengers did not feature the "Kree" as the throw away enemy, that was the Chitauri. I would feel bad about being a nit picking fan boy... but not on this channel.
'La_trolette' 1 week ago
'smodgerdebadger' 1 week ago
sin for you cinema sins for not mentioning why deadshot couldnt hit the targets in exactly the same place, something that he explains is impossible at the end of the film
'Cibernetize' 1 week ago
The extended cut literally explains all plot this movie created. Get the extended cut and you won't feel like you wasted money on the regular DVD.
Cody Bijeaux
'Cody Bijeaux' 1 week ago
I believe this had all the parts to be a great movie, with the exception being decent writers.
Evan Esswein
'Evan Esswein' 1 week ago
9:09 for some reason that mask looks like the monster from Miss something's home for something children
nickyQcarter .q
'nickyQcarter .q' 1 week ago
I would like to see him do a video for the extended cut, like he did with the ultimate edition of BvS.
Sienna Palmer
'Sienna Palmer' 1 week ago
you idiot it is amazing
'Mystic-P' 1 week ago
tbh I kinda liked the movie
Desmond Ben
'Desmond Ben' 1 week ago
No sin for the giant beam of light in the sky cliché? Seriously Iron Man, The Avengers, Fan4Stick, Man of Steel, X-Men Apocalypse, Amazing Spider-Man, TMNT... Who's the sociopath in Hollywood with an obsession for large sky pillars?
Dr4kon Gamer
'Dr4kon Gamer' 1 week ago
19:07 this is gender equalty
jacob lester
'jacob lester' 1 week ago
i mean just watching the cinema sins is painful, i cant imagine how bad the actual movie is
'Rexcat65' 1 week ago
Nice tombstone reference
'00soundwave00' 1 week ago
16:13 I thought El Diablo's back story was kinda tragic.... like... you get angry and accidentally and unintentionally kill everyone you love.... no? k. whatever. heartless cretonne. :P
Well this man needs to chill because if he created a movie, it wouldn't be twice as good. It's hard to do everything perfectly because that's humanly impossible
Gaby Foley
'Gaby Foley' 1 week ago
Will Smith was the best thing about this movie
- TheLastHarry -
'- TheLastHarry -' 2 weeks ago
Let's be honest but we're was super man, batman, flash?
'Neo-Xgray87' 2 weeks ago
@02:00-02:10 I call *"BULLSHIT!!!!*" Harley Quinn didn't even existed in the silver-age and golden-age DC comic books. Batman: Death in the Family was published from December 1988 to January 1989. Harley Quinn was a character that was solely created in Batman: The Animated Series from September 5, 1992 to September 15, 1995. Exactly three years after B:DITF was published and *WAAAAY* before she even became a character in the actual DC comic book universe. So, unless, if there was rebooted new 52 relaunched "re-imagining" of Batman: Death in the Family where she actually was present during the time of Jason Todd's murder by the Joker, I'm just gonna say that these asshole screenplay writers have never read a single comic book in their entire lives and just making up shit about Quinn being an accomplice of Todd's murder right out of their asses.
Triath blade
'Triath blade' 2 weeks ago
Enchantress:The worship machines,so i will build one that kills them all Me:we dont really worship machines,we USE them,sure,but we rather worship harambe and dabbing
The Crying Jester
'The Crying Jester' 2 weeks ago
There should actually be 158 sins for katana's terrible grammar throughout the movie. It's just, no.
Calvin Pierce
'Calvin Pierce' 2 weeks ago
Cinema Sin dude forgot a sin at 7:44 for why the hell does Joker have 2 sets of baby clothes??? Boy and girl... wait... are Joker and Harley having kids?! Damn.. a whole new movie to be made! Ding
Nikodimos Triaridis
'Nikodimos Triaridis' 2 weeks ago
For a film advertsiing itself as light, bouncy and colorful, it sure does look overly gray.
Nikodimos Triaridis
'Nikodimos Triaridis' 2 weeks ago
That "Joker and Harley Quinn killed Robin" story sounds like a much more interesting movie.
Toot-toot McBumbersnazzle
Ill save you the trouble of watching the video: everything.
Platinum ViperKiller
The underwater scene at the beginning when Harley Quinn crashes her hair is all white but when batman takes her to surface it's colored blue and red again
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