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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 1 year ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 1 year ago

7, 596, 862 views

113, 426 Likes   5, 213 Dislikes

Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Tipsy Terrarian
'Tipsy Terrarian' 4 hours ago
Wait killer croc was in this movie
gabrele.g Green
'gabrele.g Green' 5 hours ago
This person would be great at CinemaSins cliché
Angus Doonan
'Angus Doonan' 6 hours ago
Stop at 1:34 potato cannon
Tyler Collisi
'Tyler Collisi' 6 hours ago
Forgot sin for non-grant gustin flash
TXReaper_ 4010
'TXReaper_ 4010' 1 day ago
This movie tried to be some distopian Logan like movie, it failed
VickiDaGurk j
'VickiDaGurk j' 1 day ago
In the scene where Entrantress is telling her brother how they are stealing her heart, i sang, "They have stolen the heart from inside youuuuu!!"[its a line from a song in Moana]
vocolos gaming
'vocolos gaming' 2 days ago
Enchantresses forehead should have been another sin..
'Ilikescake' 2 days ago
I’m the joker and I can do and survive what ever fuck just because I can
'Acid' 2 days ago
Honey Green
'Honey Green' 2 days ago
i love your videos but you missed something my mom saw when the first helicopter crashed they crashed because they were being shot at but you don't see anything actually no reason to add the crash.
King Caspar
'King Caspar' 2 days ago
10:19 Shorty got a *Tight Wedgie* that I was staring at In the movie too. Lol. 😂😂
paul roses
'paul roses' 3 days ago
You forgot to remove a sin harley quinn lap dance
devin clary
'devin clary' 3 days ago
What about these things being susceptible to gunfire and bombs, and not getting 300 missiles shot at them?
'ajax201000' 4 days ago
With the exception of Diablo no squad member with a skill or ability ever showcases it or even really uses it. Captain Boomerang,  his one defining ability is his skills with a boomerang and using gadget boomerangs. In this movie he uses one camera boomerang gadget once! That's it and during any battle uses his boomerangs as hand to hand weapons. Katana can trap souls in her sword - never uses this aspect of her weapon despite there being a innocent woman possessed with the soul of a witch. You would think this would be the perfect weapon to defeat her. Dead Shot specialises in a being crack shot and performing trick shots with his bullets that defy physics. Yet he preforms one such shot at the beginning of the film then just pretty much just shoots his gun like any regular soldier.Harley Quinn was driven insane yet is only crazy when she remembers she is.Killer croc is a cannibal yet this never plays into the plot or his story.What was the point in any of these specific characters being in the movie.
Britney Beautiful
'Britney Beautiful' 4 days ago
Harleys innocent ???? Seriously no one notices, am I in a pretend world geez your all getting slow
'Monolith174' 4 days ago
Youve gotta take off a sin for hot Cara Delevingne is. I mean she's not a great actress but she's a babe.
PerfectProgram Gaming
The Fury Bros
'The Fury Bros' 4 days ago
Everything not wrong about suicide squad in 15 seconds or less
Mathew Mckenna
'Mathew Mckenna' 4 days ago
Why are you insulting Cleveland? We have enough to deal with since the Browns play here.
Mathew Mckenna
'Mathew Mckenna' 4 days ago
This is a good movie. I am sorry that it is not a Marval film .
Mathew Mckenna
'Mathew Mckenna' 4 days ago
Sin on the Sin video, Harley Has an MD, not a PhD. Ding!
Tilen Krejacic
'Tilen Krejacic' 6 days ago
I mean Chitauri from the avnegers
Tilen Krejacic
'Tilen Krejacic' 6 days ago
KREE from THE AVENGERS? Not memorable? And zombies from I am Legend? THAT'S the sin right here!
Julian Zubrzycki
'Julian Zubrzycki' 6 days ago
"This guy would be excellent at cinema sins!" Does anyone else know why that's a sin
Bubble Bass
'Bubble Bass' 6 days ago
'Radioactive' 6 days ago
Here’s what the Suicide Squad should have consisted of : *El-Diablo* ; because he has immense fire powers,*Katana* ; because she is able to trap souls with her sword, *Deadshot* ; because he is an impressive marksman & sharpshooter, and *Killer Croc* ; because he’s able to fight water-based enemies.
Natalie Portwoman
'Natalie Portwoman' 1 week ago
The character development of an antagonist is a sin? You guys are retarded.
Chester P. Stubblesworth
What a great movie!! One of the best!! Bravo!! Encore!!
O Williams
'O Williams' 1 week ago
do a everything wrong with it
Quinsalyn Tisdom
'Quinsalyn Tisdom' 1 week ago
Can wait for you to do suicide squad 2
Breck5 !
'Breck5 !' 1 week ago
Dead shot was first not deadpool
Mr Cat
'Mr Cat' 1 week ago
This movie is a dumpster fire and I turned it off after 30 minutes.
'TRUE SEMEN' 1 week ago
Im gonna assume this will get over 500 sins
Edward Brink
'Edward Brink' 1 week ago
This was hilarious, i think you guys are getting funnier with each new video
Suicide Squad is SJW propaganda and most people that hate this film dont even know it and the 5000+ fans that down voted it are likely tumblrinas
Markus Sparkus
'Markus Sparkus' 2 weeks ago
His name is diablo of course he is a sort of demigod devil dude. suicide squad still sux dick tho
Pedro Partida
'Pedro Partida' 2 weeks ago
What’s wrong with dc comics?asshole
'Sushi' 2 weeks ago
i would take one off for the hand tranformation scene. that was pretty dope
'Loulabelle' 2 weeks ago
Could have been such a good movie but ended up just silly. Shame. And Jared Leto's Joker is absolutely terrible.
'ALXNDR THE GRT' 2 weeks ago
'QuiqueNet' 2 weeks ago
why the f*ck didnt headshot SHOOT THE BADASS WOMAN??? He is the fastest in the world, right? He could have killed her before she PRESSED THE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
'WhoGroovesOn' 2 weeks ago
You forget the worst sin of them all... This movie won an Oscar for best makeup... over Star Trek Beyond...
Pamela Haskell
'Pamela Haskell' 2 weeks ago
Thanks again for this not watching 😛👍
Payton Miller
'Payton Miller' 2 weeks ago
Assault on Arkham is a far better suicide squad movie. It takes place in The Arkhamverse.
Xander The Memester
'Xander The Memester' 2 weeks ago
Captain Boomerang Fetishes:Pink Unicorns
'Chronocide' 2 weeks ago
Wait. I have watched this movie several times, yes I liked it, I never notice the baby onesies above Jokers head. WTF is that about?
xtension xward
'xtension xward' 2 weeks ago
show this to angry joe and bunch of other idiot youtubers who thought this movie was great ! fuckin cheap bastards selling their opinions and stabbing their fans in the back ...
mandie willingham
'mandie willingham' 2 weeks ago
Sin 20 killed me
Devious Titan
'Devious Titan' 2 weeks ago
At 11:30 you can see the phone hidden under her bra on her left tit, that's where she hid the phone
'ThePokemonCelebi' 2 weeks ago
why are they alwayys saying for our country in stead of for are world how mutch of a ASS are they xD
Aidan Adams
'Aidan Adams' 2 weeks ago
You missed Joker's disappearing gun
Castian Brydd
'Castian Brydd' 2 weeks ago
I do think you guys could've removed a sin for Margot robbie's fight scene in the elevator because she had no ropes or strings and did it herself instead of a stunt double
Mini Movie Nerd
'Mini Movie Nerd' 2 weeks ago
Here's another question: Why is Amanda such an asshole??
James GUI
'James GUI' 2 weeks ago
Damn only twenty minutes? This should have been at least an hour or so
Adéla Stark
'Adéla Stark' 2 weeks ago
The only good thing about this movie is David Harbour. But even Jim Hopper can't save this bullshit, it's all just wrong
'AverageDJ' 2 weeks ago
12:17 Watchmen smiley face
'TH3 L3G1SL4C3R4TOR' 2 weeks ago
one sin because katana said she would be with her husband if she died in battle but wouldn’t she have to technically kill herself to do that? cuz the sword traps the souls of the people it kills?
Etho 4595
'Etho 4595' 2 weeks ago
Why isn’t this video 10 hours long?
King George V
'King George V' 2 weeks ago
Since when is there such a thing as an expert with a potato cannon ora musket muskets are well known to be inaccurate and had to be used enmasse to be used effectively
Pinhead Larry
'Pinhead Larry' 2 weeks ago
Action movies would save so much money if they didn’t have any helicopter crashes that everyone survives
Doge Dogson
'Doge Dogson' 2 weeks ago
Couldn't 90% of the Suicide Squad just be replaced with Special Forces? And couldn't fire hands dude just be replaced by a flamethrower?
'Jurassic0Al' 2 weeks ago
Jeremy should have sinned it twice for not even getting the location of The Pentagon right. It's NOT in DC. It's in Arlington, Virginia.
Nadodan .Nadodan
'Nadodan .Nadodan' 2 weeks ago
1:06 I don't know a lot of collateral damage to take out a single threat? Sounds like the Values of the government to me.
Clarence Sy
'Clarence Sy' 2 weeks ago
They should make a movie about about captain bazooka
Mckinley Campbell
'Mckinley Campbell' 2 weeks ago
How can u forget about the 2 baby onesie in the upper right corner in the Joker surrounded by moves scene
Cornelius Adams
'Cornelius Adams' 2 weeks ago
I just finished watching the movie and had to come straight here can you imagine?!
'Zaire' 2 weeks ago
SOMEHOW, Cinema Sins didn't think about how at 4:24 an archaeologist found an extremely old relic somehow coming to the conclusion, "I think ill break of it's head because an old artefact is entirely worthless for my line of work." Especially since she is surrounded by skulls, you wouldn't think "Fuck this shit's scary, fuck this im out." two points that Cinema Sins hasn't thought about. if only there was a word that meant the same as smug but magnified ten fold.
Bailee Harding
'Bailee Harding' 2 weeks ago
Not gonna lie loved this movie but here’s my list of problems: The joker: WHY THE FUCK CAST JARED LETO?! HE TOOK IT TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF WEIRD AND DISGUSTING!!! He also wasn’t a huge character! Harley: Really? Just Really? You know little girls sho live near me in my went out on a freezing Halloween night dressed as the bitch...c’mon. Deadshot: Why’d you have to put will smith as him?! You could’ve picked someone else who needed recognition now you ruined this! Not gonna lie I like deadshot...but really you had to have will smith? Slipknot:........who? El Diablo: My favorite character. But killing off the only good thing about this movie to me just needs to be like...yeah sin that shit double. Rick Flagg: STOP BITCHING ABOUT JUNE!!!! KILL THE FUCKING WITCH AND GET YOUR GIRL BACK! JUST STOP BEING A LITTLE BITCH AND GROW SOME BALLS! Boomerrang: not significant...he honestly is a piece of shit and the only thing i like about him is he likes unicorns.(i’m still four at heart despite being 15) Katana: Not enough screen time ya’ll...not enough whatsoever. Amanda waller: not a bad ass, she was an asshole Enchantress:..........fuck. Croc: BET? REALLY?! FUCKING BET IS WHAT THAT MOTHERFUCKA WANTED!!! FUCKING BET?! DUDE!!!! That was messed up on so many levels!!! But you know had to throw some stereotypical gangsta black shit in there you fucking go! And i’m done. Soooo...maybe this movie wasn’t...yeah my eyes have been opened it sucked. No plot line, made no sense, they’re all back in jail, harley got busted out by the worst joker ever...I QUIT!
Ava and Bo
'Ava and Bo' 2 weeks ago
i only like this movie cause of the fire dudes tattoos i thought they were cool
Flori Gonzalez
'Flori Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
The reason Diablo didnt use his powers was because he killed his wife and kids with his powers so there dumb jeremy
Lord Megatron
'Lord Megatron' 3 weeks ago
Seriously, just call Commissioner Gordon who'll tell Batman that there are some strong A-Holes and Witches who are destroying shit. Then, Batman (with Wonder Woman, probably(since they are friends by now)) would end this movie in like 25 minutes.
Mini Movie Nerd
'Mini Movie Nerd' 3 weeks ago
my favorite youtuber tweeted: Say what you want about Suicide Squad, but it gave us Heathens
Random Ztoned Kat
'Random Ztoned Kat' 3 weeks ago
Movie sucked
Master Le
'Master Le' 3 weeks ago
157 sins Seems a little low for a movie like this
Frozen Gumwad
'Frozen Gumwad' 3 weeks ago
'Everything wrong with the Suicide Squad'. The movie. The end.
Static Evade
'Static Evade' 3 weeks ago
Everything wrong with suicide squad simple answer everything
Kenechuku Wachuku
'Kenechuku Wachuku' 3 weeks ago
Actually they are I had to go back and watch it sorry 😐...
Carlton Hogan
'Carlton Hogan' 3 weeks ago
mel gibson is american
blair taylor
'blair taylor' 3 weeks ago
hey suicide squad is a good movi HAHAHA I can;t even tape that with out laughing my but off this movie is so bad
League Of Texting
'League Of Texting' 3 weeks ago
Tatsus husband deserved to die.-.he left his wife to join the league of assassins when their son died.
Chad J
'Chad J' 3 weeks ago
You missed the sin, Waller tells Flagg to kill her. He tries to blow the nanite... and says .. "her nanite is disabled " But, his gun is in his hands, and she's literally standing 7 feet directly in front of him!!
addy shell
'addy shell' 3 weeks ago
I hope they watch this, hear the responses of the people who had high hopes (and some who didn't, but wanted to be pleasantly surprised), and read this article: "7 ways Warner Bros can fix Suicide Squad 2: better villains, more Waller and maybe talk to a woman" by Rosie Fletcher.
Johnny tran
'Johnny tran' 3 weeks ago
How are you supposed to kill someone with a Potato Gun..
Yanris Putra
'Yanris Putra' 3 weeks ago
Character name ? Is Sin's to?
Mila the German Shepherd, Kiara Wellings
The only good thing about this movie is Heathens
Cole Danisment
'Cole Danisment' 3 weeks ago
PLEAse make fulle expisodes of the end credit statick kwik kutz maan
Luckus TheLeprechaun
18:53 is that the guy from stranger things?
Vincent Newbold
'Vincent Newbold' 3 weeks ago
Watch suicide,squad with friends and you will figure the name
Ëdwīñ Ø
'Ëdwīñ Ø' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one who knows Diablo means devil?
- AetheroN -
'- AetheroN -' 3 weeks ago
suicide squid
'GamerZrage' 3 weeks ago
Also, that final fight with her was ridiculous. I expected she'd actually do MAGIC, not fight like nightcrawler.
'GamerZrage' 3 weeks ago
If superman came down and took the president, NONE of these villains would be able to stop him.
Akaineco S
'Akaineco S' 3 weeks ago
" "NO" The End". Best one linerE-V-E-R. :)
Jamie Z
'Jamie Z' 3 weeks ago
I love these video's, so much better than the movies. :)
Jonatan Jansson
'Jonatan Jansson' 3 weeks ago
You need to make a Cinema Sins on Bright.
Dylan Hendrick
'Dylan Hendrick' 3 weeks ago
For the whole movie: “Skip!”
Tyrone Griggs
'Tyrone Griggs' 3 weeks ago
I love how you guys do all those goofy overrides at the end. best part of the videos.
Tyrone Griggs
'Tyrone Griggs' 3 weeks ago
HA! Nice Ghostbusters joke there at the end guys. three thumbs up
The Bears That Scare
11:54 I was expecting him to say "This flag asshole is shooting these things several times, but apparently a baseball bat can kill them
The Bears That Scare
Jesus, it's like playing cards with me sister's kids
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