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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 6 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 6 months ago

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Brandon Cotter
'Brandon Cotter' 13 minutes ago
The soundtrack and use of the songs made me cringe harder than anything else.
metalgamer 817
'metalgamer 817' 37 minutes ago
Despite all of the drawbacks (that's putting it lightly) I enjoyed deadshot and Harley quite a bit but that's probably because I love those two characters and one of them is played by will smith but Goddammit I want more of them!
Taylor Dunaway
'Taylor Dunaway' 1 hour ago
Gotta admit though, it's kinda funny that they included that Deadshot was lethal with a potato cannon
'SK1 D' 3 hours ago
This movie was probably the most disapponting thing ever. I remember watching it with my ex bf and ask each other every ten minutes "so when the REAL movie begin?". All the movie felt like it was just an endless introduction to something that never happened, i can't even explain how badly and nonsense everything was put together. I'm probably still waiting to this day to the plot to start to make sense lol It's not even bad enough to be a good thashy movie. It's just nonsense
El Diablø
'El Diablø' 4 hours ago
I liked the movie honestly
'HairFair' 6 hours ago
Imagine how much better this movie would be if 90% of it wasn't just backstory that didn't add to the story at all
Jeremiah Turner
'Jeremiah Turner' 13 hours ago
I m groot. Lmao
Mine ducky
'Mine ducky' 17 hours ago
Literally one of the movie sins is No the end
Mine ducky
'Mine ducky' 17 hours ago
Why do people watch this I know it's just clickbait cause all of the things except for maybe 10 things that actually are something wrong with it but you spread it out so people watch almost all of it
Snake Plissken
'Snake Plissken' 17 hours ago
why didn't you sin his wife being unscathed despite being " burned" to death.
Mine ducky
'Mine ducky' 17 hours ago
For the ones with deadshot and the shooting of the reflective screen they just turned around the corner so that's how the bullet him and he threw the bag down also almost everything in this video has nothing to do with something being wrong with this movie
Snake Plissken
'Snake Plissken' 18 hours ago
He didn't murder thousands of people, they were unintentional collateral.
Brandon Hanna
'Brandon Hanna' 18 hours ago
It was not the Kree, in the Avengers. It was the Chitauri.
'7E_Kraken' 21 hours ago
I liked it .__.
Batgirls Cave
'Batgirls Cave' 1 day ago
I've been reading suicide squad comics and all the characters for years and the movie was bad. I think because I'm familiar with this group the movie was nothing like comics. Harley is completely different but I will say diablo was pretty good. I don't like how this guy is making it a cinema sin for someone having a name.
Anton B. Ingibjartsson
KAtana, dude. Not KItana. as in the japanese samurai-style sword.
Huge Nerd
'Huge Nerd' 1 day ago
Cinema Sins: you're telling me that there's no one on earth who isn't a criminal who can get at least close to what he's doing here me: yeah, there's Hawkeye
Tompy [CZ]
'Tompy [CZ]' 1 day ago
that film was bullshit.
'Techkid720' 1 day ago
Mew. Mew.
'Mew. Mew.' 2 days ago
Also... Why the frick did Harley say that enchantress "messed with her 'friends"?! They literally just met that day! AND the only person that she kinda sort of bonded with was deadshot! Boomerang yelled at her like seven minutes ago for being annoying and talkative, a few minutes before that she had her heart set on killing half of them and now she she says that they're her friends? What happened to ditching them for the Joker?!
Anjehl Anj
'Anjehl Anj' 2 days ago
'TheCelticD' 2 days ago
as a black person, that corny "B.E.T" line they gave killer croc at the end was worthy of a sin.
'just_marley' 2 days ago
You should've taken off sins for the water seen because while the movie sucked, Harley's actress held her breath that entire scene after lots of training.
Timothy Floyd
'Timothy Floyd' 2 days ago
Brandon Cavewynter
Has to have all the sins possible. Like record breaking
Ainsley King
'Ainsley King' 2 days ago
Am i the only person who likes the CW's version of the flash suit better?
Eric Bowden jk its mort
The Kree from the avengers 😂😂 your dumb as fuck
Eric Bowden jk its mort
Dead shot's skill is amazing hitting those shots with a handgun is unheard of
'harlequin75' 2 days ago
This film is a sin
Galaxy Cat
'Galaxy Cat' 2 days ago
since he mentioned *nine year old drew* PLEASE do an everything wrong with Fire starter
Doty Fuzz
'Doty Fuzz' 3 days ago
I still don't know why the echantress looks exactly like that archaeologist she possessed
Francis Gravy
'Francis Gravy' 3 days ago
18:55. I'll leave it at that
'Aneds' 3 days ago
Lol he added a sin for the restaurant at the beginning being called Cicada, but that's a real place in Los Angeles. It's very nice and it's where my dad and stepmom got married.
'Vortex' 3 days ago
you got to admit most of these are stretches.....
'E' 3 days ago
I saw potato gun in Deadshot's arsenal
lee wightman
'lee wightman' 3 days ago
El deablo should get a solo movie
lee wightman
'lee wightman' 3 days ago
Why not just use batman and the flash on the team
lee wightman
'lee wightman' 3 days ago
Slip knot never got an official introduction
'Dave' 3 days ago
3:36 Are we even going to mention that when she says "Robbed every bank in Australia", that being the equivalent as to robbing every Walmart in America?
Ari Jean
'Ari Jean' 3 days ago
the joker is sexy as hell!!!!! I don't care if he's crazy
Ari Jean
'Ari Jean' 3 days ago
'playing sympathy of the Devil during the introduction of the main asshole of the movie shows that the movies asshole is really the biggest asshole of the movie'
Alaijah Shattell
'Alaijah Shattell' 4 days ago
The Kree are so forgettable that he confused them with the Chitari
Dr Swagnuggets
'Dr Swagnuggets' 4 days ago
All a heard in this entire video was basically "helicopter crash"and "steak".
notchdart R
'notchdart R' 4 days ago
you missed a sin,wares the recoil on these random guns bye the military hes not that strong, is he????
Кат Амаri
'Кат Амаri' 4 days ago
The only thing good about this movie is the soundtrack.
'trash-chan' 4 days ago
0:01 "DC Comics."
Epicdude 115
'Epicdude 115' 4 days ago
I fell asleep in the theater watching this movie
Emily Kruger
'Emily Kruger' 4 days ago
When I first saw this movie,I loved it and called it the best movie of the summer of 2016,but after renting it at my house,I could barely get through the first 15 minutes without being bored out of my mind.Maybe I enjoyed the movie the first time because of the dolby thing that made me feel like I was apart of the movie.Other than that the movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
Richard Brown
'Richard Brown' 5 days ago
when they were introducing deadshot whoelse saw the falcone building like if you did
Zaire MSP
'Zaire MSP' 5 days ago
I loved this movie Idc
Ehsan Akram
'Ehsan Akram' 5 days ago
If i hear "ex machina" one more time in these fucking videos i'm gonna punch my screen in! every damn thing is "ex machina" to this guy
'TimeMakerMan' 5 days ago
The aliens in the avengers were the Chitauri not the Kree
Titanfreak 29
'Titanfreak 29' 6 days ago
He said it's on bitch in spanish, but said cabrón, that means asshole, sin for DC not doing their homework
Feel the Bern 2020!
I sin you for thinking anything from McDonald's comes from cattle.
Barrett Jordan
'Barrett Jordan' 6 days ago
The villains in the Avengers are Chitauri, not Kree and the "Zombies" from I Am Legend are not dead, therefore cannot be zombies
'FatefulAfterlife' 6 days ago
Superman eat your heart out XD I died
Vicky Vargas
'Vicky Vargas' 6 days ago
If you see at 1:34 you can see that deadshot is good whit a potato gun XD
'monstahgrl' 6 days ago
Most of the time id I'm not sure I want to see a movie, I just watch the Cinema Sins video on it.
Megan Morse
'Megan Morse' 6 days ago
At 7:41 in the upper righthand corner... are those BABY CLOTHES???
HaZard _775_
'HaZard _775_' 6 days ago
The only part I liked in this movie is the ending Where they play Heathens and sucker for pain and Great Ending credits
'DimensionZombie' 6 days ago
'Razorpine' 6 days ago
Joker in this acts like a white gangster for some reason. Terrible approach in my opinion...
Champion Stone
'Champion Stone' 6 days ago
The villains from the avengers were the Chitauri, not the Kree, that's a sin
Yours Truly
'Yours Truly' 6 days ago
There were no Kree in The Avengers!!!!! They were the Chitauri! Ronan the Accuser is a Kree!
'N' 6 days ago
The Pentagon is actually in Virginia, not D.C.
Ian Judge-Lord
'Ian Judge-Lord' 6 days ago
11:52 The Kree were not in the Avengers
My Makeup Obsession
your deadpool video got flagged 😭😭😭
Daily News
'Daily News' 7 days ago
i love this video very much!
camile breen
'camile breen' 7 days ago
it didn't turn Harleys thing off, it just was disabled temporarily.
No Name
'No Name' 7 days ago
Marvel fans came here to find reason for not liking the movie
Oliver Warne
'Oliver Warne' 7 days ago
Literally just finished watching this movie and I fucking hate it
golden gun Felix
'golden gun Felix' 7 days ago
Amanda Waller does not deserve the sympathy for the devil intro
'KHYSTI' 1 week ago
that is so shitty of an movie the producers just wanted action so they had to make up this shitty story. Plus have they not heard of lighting in the studio?
JJ games
'JJ games' 1 week ago
8:16 🎵you've got to build up our machine, you die tonight! 🎵
Konner Rinehart
'Konner Rinehart' 1 week ago
Is it just me or is cinema sins alil biased with dc comics...obviously they are i just don't wanna be feel left out.
ezequiel rodriguez
The sword of katana in the movie reminds me of kenshis sword wich has many souls in
Robert Collins
'Robert Collins' 1 week ago
time of death 17:32 lmao
Dragon Wolf
'Dragon Wolf' 1 week ago
20:49 I fucking died
Drake Neumann
'Drake Neumann' 1 week ago
what about after joker and Harley jump into the chemicals its deep enough to dive into but afterwards there like waist deep
uniiicorn Blood
'uniiicorn Blood' 1 week ago
pause at 1:34. the list of guns portrays a potato cannon. I get he's a crazy killer who can't miss a shot but how does he kill with a potato cannon?
Kyle Williamson
'Kyle Williamson' 1 week ago
Additional sin: Margot Robbie isn't my non insane girlfriend in this scene.
'lazerblazer' 1 week ago
Yes, I'm going to sin CinemaSins right now: The Avengers had Chitauri, Not Kree. *ding*
'Ninetails2000' 1 week ago
You forgot the biggest sin of all. Granted it's retroactive, but still. This is officially....the "Academy Award Winning" Suicide Squad.
Jack Wheeler
'Jack Wheeler' 1 week ago
Biggest sin is there wasn't more of diablos god form. He needs a movie of his own.
Forgotten Syrup
'Forgotten Syrup' 1 week ago
Wonder what would have happened if they had set this film up as skillfully as avengers was set up, would it still have sucked?
Dead MooMoo
'Dead MooMoo' 1 week ago
i love those trendy girls that love Harley Quinn and literally dye their hair pink and blue or whatever the fuck the colors are. 😂
Everybody in this movie was done wrong. June moone isn't even a Archeologists
Gerrard Murray
'Gerrard Murray' 1 week ago
Where was batman at the end
'Ghostiegoo' 1 week ago
I love you called him slipknot and no slip-not 🤘🤘
Smelly Fiddle
'Smelly Fiddle' 1 week ago
this video was disresspectful to the movie! unsubscribe!
David Blaire
'David Blaire' 1 week ago
Dinosaur Spy
'Dinosaur Spy' 1 week ago
Daniela Rodriguez
'Daniela Rodriguez' 1 week ago
we're not gonna mention that Harley Quinn's hair was dyed before being in the water then turned completely blonde in the water but went back to being dyed when she got out of the water... o ok
Phoebe Burcham
'Phoebe Burcham' 1 week ago
read the book u asshole. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
'vigil' 1 week ago
now theres one thing you missed cs deadshot could of shot everyone in the shooting range and before you object 7:08
Spilled salt 24
'Spilled salt 24' 1 week ago
This video is 20 min and 8 seconds yet it claims to be 20 minutes or less sin tally 1 😂‼️
The Epic Maxgod
'The Epic Maxgod' 1 week ago
At 1:34, How the fuck and dead shot use a FUCKING POTATO CANNON TO KILL SOMEONE AT 4,000 METERS
Tina Braimah
'Tina Braimah' 1 week ago
if joker abandoned the car with his girlfriend in it then why did he go back to save her and how did he know she was alive
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