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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 1 month ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 1 month ago

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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'Ky' 20 minutes ago
I'm a Suicide Squad fan myself and I take no offence to this. BTW you could've sinned that K.C. threw the bomb instead of Captain Boomerang; who is known for THROWING stuff. You could argue that K.C. is much stronger and his known for grabbing, throwing and ripping people but still. Even HISHE did it. Also, please do Lego Batman movie please. I just saw it and already saw a few *sins*.
Lorna Maclin
'Lorna Maclin' 2 hours ago
so thats it huh. are we some kind of *drumroll* sin squad
Jessica Williams
'Jessica Williams' 2 hours ago
Please do Nerve
Mew Godamn Two
'Mew Godamn Two' 3 hours ago
Suicide Squad: 95% of Harley Quinn 4% of Deadshot 0,9% of movie plot 0,1% of Joker
Inquisitor logic
'Inquisitor logic' 5 hours ago
just hire deathstroke...
N Rkfkvkfkdkckkswoisj
Aren't the people from the avengers called the Chitauri, not the Kree?
Lorna Maclin
'Lorna Maclin' 7 hours ago
do sausage party
LuckySpoonPlays 23
'LuckySpoonPlays 23' 7 hours ago
look at the time 17:46 😀😀😀
nizar dwi cahyo
'nizar dwi cahyo' 13 hours ago
attaching camera to a boomerang? y u no spinning?
'Gammeli' 17 hours ago
why is every female "hero" half naked ._______. and katanas name just means "sword" creative af
XxstargazerxX Ya
'XxstargazerxX Ya' 20 hours ago
But... Isn't the whole movie a sin
Shacktackle Boombaby
'Shacktackle Boombaby' 21 hours ago
This is one of the few movies I've seen through out my life that I thought was flat out terrible in while watching it.
'Fr33co' 1 day ago
PANDA PANDA PANDA, actually i love the colors on this movie.
Stephen Durden
'Stephen Durden' 1 day ago
im not sure about in america, cuz im aware you guys have like zero restrictions on the shite you pump into your 'food' but in europe mcdonalds has to tell you where the meat came from..
Tom David Harry Jones
this is my fave movie
Random Person scrolling through the comments
Buckle up, this is gonna be a long one.
Darnell Douglas
'Darnell Douglas' 1 day ago
saw this in theaters man..... talk about bad, for the life of me couldnt understand why they orginally summoned the suicide squad to begin with
Nemo 2003
'Nemo 2003' 1 day ago
You know your movie is terrible when fans like me find it worse than Batman v Superman, which I also didn't like.
Dan Zalisnock
'Dan Zalisnock' 2 days ago
I just finished watching this movie and found it cool in a cinematic way but totally lame in a realistic way as far as character standpoints go. but I think the reason they talk so fast in these movie sins is to throw in a bunch of extra trash. like nobody that isn't a criminal can do what dead shot does. NO SHIT, it's a fantasy movie and his spectacular sharp shooting despite being a regular human is what makes him so cool. movie sins is ok sometimes, but mostly they fuckin suck. I came up with about 30 LEGIT movie sins in my head during the movie without any trash or filler sins. Maybe I'll start my own channel cuz this one sucks.
J Krolak
'J Krolak' 2 days ago
May have to deduct one sin, as June Moone was the actual name given by DC comics and not the move. Not enough to save the rating, but it needs all the help it can get.
Conex Xenon
'Conex Xenon' 2 days ago
How the fuck did you not point out that the whole squad went back to prison after saving the world.
'Tara' 2 days ago
There is too much steak eating from Waller. I thought that was weird too. My dad liked this movie for some reason. He saw it on a plane and then when he was home he bought the extended cut. He showed me the extended cut and told me that 'it was so much better than the theatrical version'. So I watched that version and it was utter garbage. I wanted to like it. I kept for that moment where I would go 'You know what? This is ok' but that never happened. I feel bad for those people who saw it in the theatre and hated it.
Lilianah Martinez
'Lilianah Martinez' 2 days ago
Wanna know what's wrong with Suicide Squad? Everything. Period.
Rhys Williams
'Rhys Williams' 2 days ago
I liked this film but I will admit that it has flaws and that to enjoy it you need to look out for the good parts and not have high expectations
'ChattierAce' 2 days ago
I've never seen this movie,but from what I've seen,the dialogue is terrible,and there is too much stuff trying to be crammed into one movie.You would need multiple movies to fit in everything.
'Daymjo' 3 days ago
Should have sinned it for the fact that joker shot the guy in the club for calling his woman a 'bad bitch' which is actually a compliment in slang. I really hated that bit...
Eric Bishton
'Eric Bishton' 3 days ago
Why do you need some asshole with a boomerang when Superman exists? What can Harley Quinn do with a shitty baseball bat that Batman can't do with his fist?
Lorenzo Spitaleri
'Lorenzo Spitaleri' 3 days ago
The movie was everything wrong.
'xobx' 3 days ago
Hey, Suicide Sqaud is third movie of the DCCU. Man of steel is first movie of the DCCU
Michael Adenusi
'Michael Adenusi' 3 days ago
how do you not get copyright cause this are movies for god's sake
'VisualGourmet' 3 days ago
*"Safest place is in a crashing helicopter" LOL* *_... you survive a helicopter crash and YOU survive a helicopter crash and you!..._*
Waka Lisa
'Waka Lisa' 3 days ago
"this movie is full of helicopter crashes and people eating large pieces of meat." 😂😂😂
'L00rdAjduk' 3 days ago
Sin to the creator! There were no kree in the Avengers :p
'aks' 3 days ago
do gangs of new york
'aks' 3 days ago
batman's company was robbed by his arch nemisis What did he do about it?
TheDestroyer 123
'TheDestroyer 123' 4 days ago
Also doesn't the orange king diablo fights looks like shinnok from mortal kombat
TheDestroyer 123
'TheDestroyer 123' 4 days ago
when I heard kitana I thought the same
Chris Heryla
'Chris Heryla' 4 days ago
i think DC has been watching cinemasins, the opening logo actually only says "DC" and he makes fun of all the typical movie openings "lego batman would be great at cinema sins"
Joe Romano
'Joe Romano' 4 days ago
I actually liked this movie, but I recognize that it has many, many, many, MANY flaws.
The Explodetonator
I'm dead at the 10th grader high on mushrooms
'MrRolyat98' 4 days ago
"This movie is one Rob Schneider cameo away from being an Adam Sandler movie." I'm sorry but that criticism was so brutal I have to sin you for it. Ding. Rofl.
beast mc nugget
'beast mc nugget' 4 days ago
stop the vid at 1:32 and you can see that deadshot use a potato cannon
'monsterjambrony' 4 days ago
What if Elizabeth Olsen (The chick who played Scarlet Witch) played Harley Quinn. Would that be cool or not?
london brigid
'london brigid' 4 days ago
I think I would like this movie better if I didn't hear a bunch of people tell me it was terrible before I saw it.
I Il
'I Il' 4 days ago
It's sad that 08:46 to 08:51 sums up the whole movie. Also, T H I S I S K A T A N A
'Virtual_Viking' 4 days ago
I think the title has a typo. Shouldn't there be an " 's " after the word Everything?
Matt Muncher
'Matt Muncher' 4 days ago
what is worse? Age of exSTINKshun or succ squad
The Sixth Doctor
'The Sixth Doctor' 4 days ago
I'd hoped to see Diablo's transformation in the post-sinning mash-ups, underscored with the audio from Dreamcatcher where Duddits inexplicably turns into an alien.
Get out of my head
Enchantress has a boomerang on her head.
Ruben Heymans
'Ruben Heymans' 4 days ago
if they left out the magic bullshit and focussed on the joker as the bad guy, leave out a few heroes (at least crocodile dude and boomerang guy) and this could have been a decent movie
'sonofaballer96' 5 days ago
You know what I just realized? The Suicide Squad is supposed to do missions that the good guys won't do but they end up taking out another a bad guy which the villains could've done easily. Not to mention none of them actually have powers besides Enchantress. Croc is just a mutant that can swim good and can kill you with his hands.
'CHRIS :P' 5 days ago
1:33 potato cannon -_-
'GABRIEL RESENDE' 5 days ago
Just put red hood and kill everybody, he just need 2 hours to collect some heads
This movie is the definition of meh for me
'thatdapperfellow' 5 days ago
I think this movie could've been forgiven for a lot of sins if they had just left Joker dead.
Kody Kove
'Kody Kove' 5 days ago
how do you guys not get copyrighted?! TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!!!1
Flurry Jo
'Flurry Jo' 5 days ago
"what if superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof on the white house..." random black person- "He dead!"......rating on rotten tomatoes- 10/10
Definitely not Dendi
DCEU is a fucking rip off right now, its nowhere near the toe nails of marvel, there, I said it watchu gon do? sign a petition to shut me down?
galaxykid 07
'galaxykid 07' 6 days ago
Bruh directors spend a lot of time to work on a movie and dis guy (cinemaSin)is judging their hard work ;-;
Yung Dynamic
'Yung Dynamic' 6 days ago
So you mean to tell me these folks just saved the whole damn world but all they get is "special privileges" and 10 years off their sentences. Yeah great job movie for not killing the real bad guy.
ryan barker
'ryan barker' 6 days ago
but, what was the name of their mothers?
KillaBoy 28
'KillaBoy 28' 6 days ago
*Marvel Is Better Than DC.*
KillaBoy 28
'KillaBoy 28' 6 days ago
"Yo esé, put that burrito down" ; *thats triple racist* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
KillaBoy 28
'KillaBoy 28' 6 days ago
see....this is why DC is fucking retarded.😂😂😂😂
Egil Steilsson
'Egil Steilsson' 6 days ago
I love how most of his speech is him speaking through very gritted teeth xD
Luiz Figurines
'Luiz Figurines' 6 days ago
Yeah so like half sins are because its a comic book movie
John Mark Lopez
'John Mark Lopez' 6 days ago
Madison Peaden
'Madison Peaden' 6 days ago
megan cooper
'megan cooper' 6 days ago
Can we lock this movie away and forget it ever existed; like George Clooney's batman. Bring on the LEGO batman movie!
Alayne Kristin
'Alayne Kristin' 6 days ago
please do "VHS 2". weirdest movie I've ever seen. and I've seen cabin in the woods and sucker punch. and this spring break bullshit with Selena Gomez. So that says a lot.
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 6 days ago
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 6 days ago
You lost me. Unsub in 3,...2,.......1! This is REALLY offensive. Think about it...DC fans vs ur fans?!? Y'all don't stand a chance. You lost some peeps today, it may be your job to find 'sins' in movies but there are some movies who don't deserve. Freedom of speech? Please I call it copyright. For the sake of young watchers. #### YOU
Barf Man
'Barf Man' 6 days ago
This movie is a raging dumpster fire of miss matched tones and design by committee.
Joey g
'Joey g' 6 days ago
When flag destroys the nanitexplosives remote why doesn't it kill them
Krûk Blood-Axe
'Krûk Blood-Axe' 6 days ago
Is the Enchantress related to Davy Jones by any chance?
'DeAd' 7 days ago
glad i didnt waste my money for this movie.. god its terrible
'Aidex3000' 7 days ago
what i don't get is how killer croc could breath underwater because his backstory was he had scaly skin and sharp teeth as a birth disorder how the crap does that immediately make him breath water!!!!!???????????
Michael McBride
'Michael McBride' 7 days ago
That was fun! Please do "The Lobster".
Damian Ramirez
'Damian Ramirez' 7 days ago
Theres no point for this video. Suicide Squad was a *BAD. MOVIE.*
Grunge Head
'Grunge Head' 7 days ago
What about when the prison guard slips Harley the phone from Joker in front of all of the army dudes and says "It's from mister J" while Harley hides it up her sleeve and none of the army guys notice anything. Seriously it was right in front of them. Even if he is a prison guard why would they let him run up and talk to Harley anyway when she's apparently in military custody now? Also he said "it's from mister J"!!! How did none of them hear that and ask "what's from mister J?"
Trey Drake
'Trey Drake' 7 days ago
Holy shit was that the guy who played Hopper from Stranger Things in the restaurant scene at the beginning of the movie
Kenneth Donnelly
'Kenneth Donnelly' 7 days ago
0:09 It's not "DC Comics" why you still sin it?
'Adrienne' 1 week ago
she went insane BECAUSE of the electrocution (at least in this version)
Matías Pierdoménico
It's a shame how this guy is such a massive cuck
Garrett Smith
'Garrett Smith' 1 week ago
6:14 "A guy that can set fire with his hands..." "...only marginally better than a Drew Barrymore..." 7:02... CinemaSins Sin Count: 1
'JeVeZz' 1 week ago
Did anyone see that and gun from BO3 used by Harley Quinn
Limbu John
'Limbu John' 1 week ago
June actually means moon in nepali
Makenzie Sword
'Makenzie Sword' 1 week ago
you guys should really do mean girls.
Jaimo Camargo
'Jaimo Camargo' 1 week ago
Stop making up fake reasons about good movies bro your just trying to hate on all these movies
Flawlessiee 07
'Flawlessiee 07' 1 week ago
this is my favorite movie
Bryce Brayer
'Bryce Brayer' 1 week ago
1:33 one of the weapons he is lethal with is a potato cannon
Travis Bellant
'Travis Bellant' 1 week ago
I hate myself for this but the Kree weren't the aliens in Avengers they were call the Chitauri or some crap like that.
'cronosalphaomega' 1 week ago
This title is redundant...
Nicholas Cabacungan
Do everything wrong with Up
Totally Didn
Nicholas Cabacungan
Do everything wrong with Up
'Cartermode15' 1 week ago
Over 20 mins
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