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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 8 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 8 months ago

6, 749, 584 views

106, 406 Likes   4, 959 Dislikes

Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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TheBurgerKing No. 1
'TheBurgerKing No. 1' 2 hours ago
"Oooooooh" 😂😂😂
'jdoobz' 2 hours ago
lol'd hard at panda at the end
sakura mei
'sakura mei' 3 hours ago
Harley is supposed to be a complex, mood swing prone character. But in the movie they just made her a whore who can handle a pistol and bat. But you know that's what's trending besides memes, a sky scraper of makeup on a pretty face and acting like you have mental problems.
Paul Philp
'Paul Philp' 7 hours ago
Diablo's superform looks like the Xmen alien Warlock from Marvel. I wonder if Fox noticed.
'McGlashenClan' 8 hours ago
And yes, Joker is known to leave Harley for dead. OFTEN.
skytalk bb
'skytalk bb' 17 hours ago
Yeah boiiiiiiii
Vanessa Pham
'Vanessa Pham' 19 hours ago
If I wrote this movie... Guy: Imagine Superman decides to be evil who would- everyone: batman
'SqualidsargeStudios' 23 hours ago
shitty movie stays a shitty movie
nurullah sine
'nurullah sine' 24 hours ago
16:54 That frustration
Hayley Greguhn
'Hayley Greguhn' 1 day ago
I know a lot of people are probably going to disagree with me, and I don't really care, but, honestly, my favorite part of this whole movie, and probably my only favorite part, is Jared Leto's portray of the Joker and Margot Robbie's portray of Harley.
isaiah belter
'isaiah belter' 1 day ago
It's honestly amazing how many songs they used within the first 30 minutes of the movie. I honestly think they spent most of their budget on the rights to those songs.
_ Galaxy _
'_ Galaxy _' 1 day ago
The movie would be a bit better if Deadshot used a potato launcher
'MadGrimmer' 2 days ago
Your impression of Oprah really cracked me up man.
Ashwith Dsoua
'Ashwith Dsoua' 2 days ago
YOU MISSED 1:- 08:51 there is suitcase on the table empty !!!!!!!!!
'platypuspracticus' 2 days ago
+sin: Cinemasins points out brother statue and then proceeds to ignore everything else about it as did the movie.
'platypuspracticus' 2 days ago
Re: gnoshing the chicken. The director is doing so because he wants to make his actor to be Brad Pitt who eats compulsively while in any movie.
'RosesofWillows' 2 days ago
Can someone please explain why Joker even owns baby clothes for this shot? It reminds me of an Easter egg from Batman: Arkham City, but surely that can't be the reason. Is all of this the contents of Harley's messed up hope chest?
Fuck me
'Fuck me' 2 days ago
The part where you said how has she not taken over the world with her power so revealed late so deduction.Also lets not forget that kitana can just stab herself if she wanted to be with her husband
'Tiki80' 2 days ago
Will had the cringiest line.. like I was like "shut up Smith!"
Fae Mist
'Fae Mist' 2 days ago
Honestly, I was really looking forward to watching the movie (despite the fact that Harley looks like a hormonal teenage girl on Halloween and they completely butchered Joker's appearence). I finally had the chance to watch it on TV and I am not ashamed to admit that I fell asleep thirty minutes in. Complete waste of my time! Could have been doing something productive! Like watching CinemaSins! (No offense to the people who like this movie. No judgement here :))
'DoubleM' 2 days ago
It's a shame that this movie could have been the greatest thing since slice bread especially with these great actors and quality but the plot,transition, and script screwed it.
Violet Wing
'Violet Wing' 2 days ago
You missed a sin. Every DC movie is racist.
Violet Wing
'Violet Wing' 2 days ago
Joker probably tuck and rolled
First day
'First day' 2 days ago
worst movie ever
tucker hamdorf
'tucker hamdorf' 3 days ago
For sin 91 the Kree aren't in the Avengers that was the Chitari
sam njoro
'sam njoro' 3 days ago
Everything was wrong with this shit
caden Macdonald
'caden Macdonald' 3 days ago
You fool! The scene where it showed Harley become Harleyquinn was a reference to how Joker became the Joker!
Brayden Jolly
'Brayden Jolly' 3 days ago
Never saw this but to me it seems like the only good thing in this movie was the music they chose.
D-Brothers Entertainment
Everything with suicide wrong spoilers squad duh?
Sam Kresil
'Sam Kresil' 4 days ago
Deadshot: You did NOT just sin this movie!
Anushka Jagger
'Anushka Jagger' 4 days ago
this show was awesome.. dam haters... just a movie
'Jennyfisch' 4 days ago
I would have given 157 sins for Cara Delevingnes acting alone, but hey, it's your channel...
Monster man
'Monster man' 4 days ago
Why da f*ck were you playing cards with your cousin's kids?!
gagaplex LPs
'gagaplex LPs' 4 days ago
Wait, Wayne Enterprises produces the blow-up-people's-necks explosives? Isn't that kind of at odds with Batman's strict "no killing"-rule?
Marian David
'Marian David' 4 days ago
11:30 = Only 3 seconds of Suicide Squad worth watching! They could've just looped Margot getting dressed for 2 hours and made a better movie! Watching this in the theater felt like I'd taken too much Ecstasy, it felt an uncomfortably intense explosion of color and sensory overload with no fucking idea what's happening or why! They COMPLETELY wasted the Joker and Batman, they should've left out at least 3 main characters to speed up the plot and confuse us less! And younger girls are impressionable and the HQ/Joker dynamic is wildly unhealthy and sick, I really was disappointed in DC comics for promoting abusive manipulative relationships as "edgy" and "sexy", when a truly bad-ass character would never debase themselves out of insecurity!
'cross' 4 days ago
Not everything can be Gone with the Wind. And not everyone can make their own realyreally better movies than Hollywood, so they do this...
Abdul Dayan
'Abdul Dayan' 4 days ago
What are you a grammar teacher 😂😂
'Darkfire' 4 days ago
The overly long exaggerated and very stupid but well keep it rolling cliche
F. Rose
'F. Rose' 4 days ago
Terrible movie! Great video! ✌
Marc D
'Marc D'Mello' 5 days ago
there were actually 9 letters sent
Luisa Fernanda
'Luisa Fernanda' 5 days ago
I'm pretty sure there are more sins. This was terrible in every single way
Fangirling_ 24/7
'Fangirling_ 24/7' 5 days ago
If they really, REALLY, REALLY wanted to beat Enchantris.... Kite-Man wasn't doing much and could've helped aND SLIPKNOT WAS RIGHT THERE! The two most powerful beings ever.
Chris Li Loia
'Chris Li Loia' 5 days ago
19:24 ... Ouch! It's not THAT bad dude
John Ren Gagan
'John Ren Gagan' 5 days ago
Yeah ive never watched the movie i was thinking about funny stuff like when the witch transformed and got hit by a bat boomerang and died batman was there said im Batman
Nora Summervale
'Nora Summervale' 5 days ago
The mindless goonies that they killed in The Avengers was the Chitauri, not the Kree.
'Beasty48' 5 days ago
Katana ex-machina
'Rawden' 5 days ago
And I have multiple coworkers who still try to convince that this movie is NOT complete and utter crap.
Lara Bellefeuille
'Lara Bellefeuille' 5 days ago
18:50-19:00 got me in tears! The sarcasmmm
Daisy   Yarnley Cave
Sin: The ARCHAEOLOGIST *breaks* the artefact she's looking for.
Anna Thumann
'Anna Thumann' 6 days ago
When the fnaf movie comes out, will he make a video on it?
'terrorsquadlith' 6 days ago
misogynistic ? lmao stfu you limp wristed libtard bitch
Dave Pratt
'Dave Pratt' 6 days ago
5:31: I surprised you didn't sin the location of the Pentagon. It is in Northern Virginia across the river from DC.
Franck Auguste
'Franck Auguste' 6 days ago
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Daniel Rogneson
'Daniel Rogneson' 6 days ago
I hated this movie, like most people. But i hated the fact that there was no OST even more. And leave the Rolling Stones' songs to Martin Scorsese, movie!
Gadiel Gonzalez
'Gadiel Gonzalez' 6 days ago
This beat Batman v Superman by 10 sins.
'HerzegovianBeast' 6 days ago
Deadshot. Assassin for hire Human arsenal Lethal from 4,000 meters Expert w/: 9mm Pistol Gatling gun Revolver Handgun Potato Cannon Mach.... wait...
Douglas smells like a pug
9:10 slender?
Noah Webb
'Noah Webb' 7 days ago
June Moone, JUNE MOONE why not Mary glarey, Pam sham or Lucy Goosey I died during that bit 😂
troubleboy12 bad boy
does anyone else realise after watching this that that guy Slipknot is also the name of a band? This movie copies and steals a lot of things even though i love it.
Oldbees 007
'Oldbees 007' 1 week ago
Why didn't they just make a god damn solo Batman movie that was the Harley Quinn origin and robin dying.
Michael Rivera
'Michael Rivera' 1 week ago
Yeah this movie sucked lmao.
I Don
When he said "No, the end." I had accidently hit the subscribe sign, and it asked whether I wanted to unsubscribe from cinema sins
'PromiseSoul648' 1 week ago
the whole movie was too fast for me I think filmed it to be 4 hours long but then they had to edit it down to 2 hours
Dealwithitdoge 1546
You have a doughter?!?!?!?!
All I can say is
'All I can say is' 1 week ago
Extremely overrated film
Scorpion Sub-Zero
'Scorpion Sub-Zero' 1 week ago
I have seen so many of these videos I can not remember if I have seen this one already. Great job guys.
Moltair Tremox
'Moltair Tremox' 1 week ago
Is anyone else going to point out that deadeye has also a profficiency using a potato cannon?
'Shyho' 1 week ago
'kitty' 1 week ago
6,666,666 views ummmmmmmmm am i gonna die
Motherfing Parakeet
question why didnt you sin the fact that this movie beat out star trek beyond for best costume make up LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL
The Red pill
'The Red pill' 1 week ago
Dead shot traned himself never to miss because he killed his brother. And the scope probley helps.
'alaskaneagle77' 1 week ago
this really really needed more sins. You coulda/shoulda bonus rounded the shit out of this, or at least got the sin count to over 300.. seriously this movie was such shit justice would have been kicking it down the sparta hole.
'ShamRawker1' 1 week ago
The fire alarms/sprinklers don't work, when Diablo nukes the room, but, Harley is able to go up the elevator? Does the electricity only work up/down, not left/right/forward/back?
Hannah Teeter
'Hannah Teeter' 1 week ago
there dumb
Hannah Teeter
'Hannah Teeter' 1 week ago
these points make no sence
Sam Kresil
'Sam Kresil' 1 week ago
2:34 Because he`s crazy
Time For Some More Garbage
Did anybody see during the deadshot intro the weapons he was lethal with, who else saw the Potato gun?
Josh Pugh
'Josh Pugh' 1 week ago
Not sure if I missed something, but I figured the thing she had around her neck was what kept the nanites from activating. When she took it off after Joker crashed she would have been under their control again.
WolverinesFan 1990
11:08 I'm sure a lot of people wished the movie ended there, with a text in the credits that read, "We're sorry we made this film. The theater in which you are watching this movie will refund the money you paid for your tickets and snacks. Also, since we know you won't be buying this film on DVD or blu-ray, we won't have to worry about having the store refund your money for the price you paid to buy the movie." A little far fetched, but still. I hope I'm not the only one who severely hated this movie. I seriously wish the part about getting refunded for the ticket and snacks was true because I wasted $13 to see it. $7 for the ticket, $6 for the popcorn and soda. I saw the film at the Kalamazoo 10 theater in Kalamazoo, MI.
WolverinesFan 1990
Somehow I think this video should've been a lot longer than 20 minutes...because this was a terrible movie. This film makes Batman & Robin look like Oscar-winning gold. B&R wasn't a great film, but it was definitely better than suicide squad, that's for sure.
WolverinesFan 1990
8:45 best...insult...ever...
'lucas' 1 week ago
Everything with wrong suicide spoilers squad duh in 20 minutes or less
Kijar Minus
'Kijar Minus' 1 week ago
This joker is Tim Drake
Shadow Shulk
'Shadow Shulk' 1 week ago
7:37 Hahaha...
Katie Tucker
'Katie Tucker' 1 week ago
What?! This b*tch got fewer sins than Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Screw you guys!
Fluffy Gutts
'Fluffy Gutts' 1 week ago
I spent years working in a museum.....we dont, EVER, break open artifacts!
'rbd11235' 1 week ago
The creatures from Avengers were Chitauri. The Kree were from Guardians of the Galaxy.
Sam Kresil
'Sam Kresil' 1 week ago
They should`ve in some way,give the Joker more credit in this film and have him as the main villain by having him have Enchantress`s heart and he appears on the all monitors and headquarters and TVs (like Jigsaw or Khan) and he`ll do something threatening. Maybe this should be a Saw based film.
Lila Stans
'Lila Stans' 1 week ago
I'm not saying Cara Delevinge is attracted to shit shows, but Suicide Squad and Paper towns were some of the worst modern big budget movies I've seen.
Sam Kresil
'Sam Kresil' 1 week ago
2:29 I wouldn't bother getting him to say it,Jeremy. Jared wont listen.
Sam Kresil
'Sam Kresil' 1 week ago
This film is somewhat deemed terrible for being a comedy and having too many classic songs despite it being spun off from Man of Steel and Man v Superman.
Sam Kresil
'Sam Kresil' 1 week ago
Deadshot eavesdropping on everything he hears in this film. (ding!)
Ants in my eyes Johnson
And then there's the Ossy? Hahaha. Ausie, pronounced Ozzy
'Grace' 1 week ago
I haven't seen this movie and I probably never will, but everytime I see Jared Leto's Joker I want to punch something -- preferably Jared Leto's Joker. Especially after hearing all the shit he put his costars through, up to and including sending them used condoms. That is literally sexual harassment. It doesn't make him edgy, he is no Daniel Day Lewis getting all method on being a psychopath, it makes him a piece of shit human. I'm surprised Will Smith didn't actually beat his ass for that. His name blew up extra after he played a transvestite (or a trans woman, not totally sure) in the Dallas Buyers Club and now seems to think his edge-factor is secure and he can do whatever gonzo nonsense he wants. Joker is awesome and terrifying not just because he delights in hyper violence, but because he designs his plots of hyper violence around things that are actually joyful or amusing. When written and acted properly it should make the audience laugh and then stop and go "Oh God why am I laughing that's terrible?" The Joker should be genuinely funny AND disturbing in equal measure. That's why Mark Hamill, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger are, in my opinion, the best versions of that character. Not this Hot Topic pseudo-hardcore bullshit.
'FoldedSteel' 1 week ago
On the Joker's Helicopter Hijack: I'm pretty sure most military vehicles don't require a key to start. I used to own a Deuce and a Half and it just had a push button.
Eternal Reign
'Eternal Reign' 2 weeks ago
The archaeologist in this movie was worse than the scientists from Prometheus.
Villager#182 T
'Villager#182 T' 2 weeks ago
why is dc comics a sin
'DA 101 GAMER' 2 weeks ago
This person hates movies
'Pyrochazm' 2 weeks ago
The best part was the whole "introducing the characters" bit. It was fun and colorful. the second and third act were both terrible. Imagine someone trying to juggle, but they suck. They toss a bunch of balls into the air but they fuck up and drop most of them. That describes the final fight scene. If you watch it with an ounce of critical thought you'll realize that there are a bunch of characters standing around jerking off or something just off screen. What the fuck are they all doing while diablo is shit i cant think of his name? Enchantresses brother? That guy. Jesus christ I hate this movie so much. I'd rather watch a monkey fuck a coconut in IMAX. At least that would have a cohesive plot: Monkey bites hole in coconut, monkey fucks coconut, monkey blows load in coconut, monkey eats coconut, credits.
'Erocktyle' 2 weeks ago
I'm starting to hate this channel. I loved Suicide Squad for the dark, dystopian tone of it, without ever really thinking about these minor but relevant nuances, and now I can't help but rethink my position.
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