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Published: 6 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 6 months ago

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10 very cool tricks with balloon you should know!

Am I the only one that nearly had a heart attack every time the balloons popped?
Olivet Visda
'Olivet Visda' 5 hours ago
i dont think thats a trick
Вероника Арутюнова
5:47 Сразу видно где живет!
Michael Xie
'Michael Xie' 8 hours ago
When he asked how is it possible but he never tells us? Then you find out he got the info from someone else but doesn;t know How it works? But still great content.
Jason Barnett
'Jason Barnett' 8 hours ago
Jaybird 2000
'Jaybird 2000' 9 hours ago
What if someone lost there spot for the tape one
Gage Pawlitzki
'Gage Pawlitzki' 9 hours ago
Nice cool amazing
Aaron Rueca
'Aaron Rueca' 17 hours ago
At the beginning he spelled tricks wrong
JakeH24 & WolfieBeast101
WolfieBeast101: To be honest... When I was really young, balloons scared me so bad. When the balloon pops, it scares me. Then, a few years later, I stopped being scared of balloons... When it was my birthday, I had to pop balloons, and I did, and I wasn't scared at all... My next Birthday is exactly 51 more days left.
Hassan Jodat
'Hassan Jodat' 1 day ago
good job
irundina laguapa
'irundina laguapa' 1 day ago
que trucos mas molonas
Annette Washington
Benjamin Walla
'Benjamin Walla' 2 days ago
I thought I would die!
Amigos Chan:v
'Amigos Chan:v' 2 days ago
Данил Коврига
Bailey Holthouse
'Bailey Holthouse' 2 days ago
Itlooks like a penis at 4:45
Malgorzata Jankowska
Am I the only one that nearly had a heart attack every time the balloons popped?
Malgorzata Jankowska
Malgorzata Jankowska
llama corn
'llama corn' 3 days ago
how do you guys do it
Patryk Burmer
'Patryk Burmer' 3 days ago
where is music from video? it's yours?
juan felipe
'juan felipe' 3 days ago
That's amazing😀😀😀😀😀
Lacika Léhán
'Lacika Léhán' 3 days ago
Lacika Léhán
'Lacika Léhán' 3 days ago
no good awesome balloon tricks video
Willard Stevane
'Willard Stevane' 3 days ago
At 0:11, there was a spelling mistake. Fucking thumbs down
Ristar the Shooting Star
Let's start the video with a typo TRIKCS
'HacksLifestyle' 3 days ago
terrorbrake The backstabbing spy
I like these trikcs
Lauryn Howard
'Lauryn Howard' 3 days ago
Who else got hella scared when the balloons popped because you thought they would take out the sound?
Felecia Brown
'Felecia Brown' 4 days ago
no I am scared of a balloon as well
berat Yamic
'berat Yamic' 4 days ago
berat Yamic
'berat Yamic' 4 days ago
Domi Mistzr
'Domi Mistzr' 4 days ago
amna awais
'amna awais' 4 days ago
If 99)bb v. tg take
Anthony Pennisi
'Anthony Pennisi' 5 days ago
Clara Russell
'Clara Russell' 5 days ago
karolinka Konicek
'karolinka Konicek' 5 days ago
spot it the difference like it if you see it000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Mecha Sonic
'Mecha Sonic' 5 days ago
Oh great he used a pink condom
Leonardo! Šhow
'Leonardo! Šhow' 5 days ago
Waslat Ameri
'Waslat Ameri' 5 days ago
Saida Aziz
'Saida Aziz' 5 days ago
Uclarin skocladi demirin
Nightmare Squad
'Nightmare Squad' 5 days ago
Marlenka Nah
'Marlenka Nah' 5 days ago
o kur.a jak wy to robicie? ? ? ? ? ? ?
mohammad sameer mhammad sameer
hi nice video mr hacker i enjoy
Marlenka Nah
'Marlenka Nah' 5 days ago
Mohammad Mikael
'Mohammad Mikael' 5 days ago
Mohammad Mikael
'Mohammad Mikael' 5 days ago
Safiya Shormanbaeva
как дила
Keven Garcia
'Keven Garcia' 6 days ago
mmmmmm that is lame
dla nod
'dla nod' 6 days ago
first time seeing your face :)
Garret Tan
'Garret Tan' 6 days ago
How do you do that
Mary Simms
'Mary Simms' 6 days ago
dam Sam sat so sum dick you
Hayley Kelly
'Hayley Kelly' 6 days ago
this is so bad and not sprising
dipak kumar
'dipak kumar' 6 days ago
yandare chan victora
Jessica Contrerasmagana
No me too
danny 47
'danny 47' 7 days ago
at the beginning you spelled tricks trikcs
Prynce T
'Prynce T' 7 days ago
4:21 ........ well then
Aaron mcCaffree
'Aaron mcCaffree' 7 days ago
Kaylee Edwards
'Kaylee Edwards' 7 days ago
Ooh fun flammable balloons lol
lucero almeida
'lucero almeida' 7 days ago
that. was.😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Joanna Thompson
'Joanna Thompson' 7 days ago
how can you do that it's amazing 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍
Furious Fighter
'Furious Fighter' 7 days ago
Am I the only one who saw that in the start he misspelled "tricks"?
Joel Rufiange
'Joel Rufiange' 1 week ago
4:22 gayyyyyyyyy
'SKM' 1 week ago
thank for helping me guys for all new life hacks .... thanks
Mohanad Jabra
'Mohanad Jabra' 1 week ago
you are really good
Jyoti More
'Jyoti More' 1 week ago
the gas which makes the balloon fly is helium not hydrogen.
'Priceless' 1 week ago
at 2:50 that was awesome
Йцукенг Йцукенг
Т скупала на работе и видам
Gavin Calvert
'Gavin Calvert' 1 week ago
you suck
Adam McCabe
'Adam McCabe' 1 week ago
Elhannah Alexis
'Elhannah Alexis' 1 week ago
I feel sorry for you😭😭🤒😭😭😭😭🤒🤒🤒
Elias Schult
'Elias Schult' 1 week ago
Super Science
'Super Science' 1 week ago
support my channel...
Hamza ahmed amin
'Hamza ahmed amin' 1 week ago
pls subscribe to me
Zoë Wiener
'Zoë Wiener' 1 week ago
That is amazing who is with me
Mert Ermenek
'Mert Ermenek' 1 week ago
abi vidyolara alt yazi koyarmisin
Judith Felizola
'Judith Felizola' 1 week ago
Michael Holland
'Michael Holland' 1 week ago
I like the music
Faiz Gaming
'Faiz Gaming' 1 week ago
yes balloon am
charizardx 151386
'charizardx 151386' 1 week ago
Dizzy Z
'Dizzy Z' 1 week ago
that was cool dude marry me
Amber Louissaint
'Amber Louissaint' 1 week ago
the yellow balloon look like a dick
Tv Glabinha
'Tv Glabinha' 1 week ago
Carolina Balan
'Carolina Balan' 1 week ago
you should not let the balloons go. they hurt animals
Angelica Joson Luy
like it dude
Rusne Micejevaite
'Rusne Micejevaite' 1 week ago
Haley Lutts
'Haley Lutts' 1 week ago
you mispelled tricks at the beginning
Marilyn Robertson
'Marilyn Robertson' 1 week ago
That was cool😎😎😎😘
Adam saleh Hogan
'Adam saleh Hogan' 1 week ago
I just bought balloons so I'm watching this
Dark Charles
'Dark Charles' 1 week ago
Top, j'adore !!! J'ai fait aussi une video avec un ballon et des punaises 😱
KJ exe
'KJ exe' 1 week ago
4:20 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hikmet Özcan
'Hikmet Özcan' 1 week ago
Hikmet Özcan
'Hikmet Özcan' 1 week ago
Alessandro Faraci
'Alessandro Faraci' 1 week ago
lofaii  apposta  la  magia  fai  scifo
Bhanupratap Singh Chouhan
Cody Hasselmsn
'Cody Hasselmsn' 1 week ago
Stephanie Velez
'Stephanie Velez' 1 week ago
Ryan Poole
'Ryan Poole' 1 week ago
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