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Published: 7 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 7 months ago

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10 very cool tricks with balloon you should know!

Am I the only one that nearly had a heart attack every time the balloons popped?
Taj Bibi
'Taj Bibi' 4 hours ago
Nicole Simbre
'Nicole Simbre' 5 hours ago
😮 wow
Hugo De Gamer
'Hugo De Gamer' 7 hours ago
It scares the shit out of me all the time the balloon pops
Bo0m_ YT
'Bo0m_ YT' 7 hours ago
0:09 trikcs
'Nas' 9 hours ago
Nalana Taloengkiat
'Nalana Taloengkiat' 10 hours ago
omgggggg yyuj b
Farming Furret
'Farming Furret' 11 hours ago
So who was the hot guy doing the last experiment with him?
Mahad Jan
'Mahad Jan' 12 hours ago
so bad
'DerpFish223' 12 hours ago
What if you lit the bottom of a hydrogen ballon string on fire and then let it off as a sky bomb
Freddy FazBear
'Freddy FazBear' 13 hours ago
im cool'
That Couple
'That Couple' 14 hours ago
Awesome stuff. Love to watch.
'Retr0_Banana//' 17 hours ago
Mr. CrazyRussianHacker didn't use a wooden board. if Taras only have seen this vid
soy el chino prro :v Ochoa
4:41 jaja
Ryan Stancil
'Ryan Stancil' 18 hours ago
4:33 corn dogs rule!
Guillaume le cam
'Guillaume le cam' 18 hours ago
there is no hack at 5.30 wtf
Rory Donohue
'Rory Donohue' 19 hours ago
Great to know that I can pop balloons with a nail. Because I didn't already know that.
'CakenuggetCN' 20 hours ago
anyone notice the typo at the beginning? 10 seconds in
Guillaume le cam
'Guillaume le cam' 21 hours ago
at the begining pressure is just higher in the smaller ballon but tension is smaller
Toys King
'Toys King' 22 hours ago
Please help us 100 subscriptions! So that we can email the YouTube Creator Support team . Thanks all!
Swaggy Venus
'Swaggy Venus' 22 hours ago
thats amazing
Blurry Medved Mishka
'Blurry Medved Mishka' 22 hours ago
6:29 Hidenburg disaster 2.0
super saiyan blueAZ
OMG that soooooo coooooool😂😂😂🗣🗣
Julie Humphries
'Julie Humphries' 1 day ago
He shit him self at 1:32
B Raju
'B Raju' 1 day ago
cctv raju 9553214907
B Raju
'B Raju' 1 day ago
cctv raju 9553214907 0
Keren Angelica
'Keren Angelica' 1 day ago
LEAB TheBaller
'LEAB TheBaller' 1 day ago
I have try the last trick at school , it got a loud explosive
'FUCK SCOOTERS' 1 day ago
10 balloon trikcs??
sean HD
'sean HD' 1 day ago
WolfHax YT
'WolfHax YT' 1 day ago
what was the song?
Badi Chamas
'Badi Chamas' 2 days ago
I saw his face 😱
Grimoire 冬
'Grimoire 冬' 2 days ago
2:05 Heart Attack
Tyler zumwalt
'Tyler zumwalt' 2 days ago
you misspelled tricks in the video opening
Montero Cell
'Montero Cell' 2 days ago
la segunda es cool y porcierto soy MAX
Montero Cell
'Montero Cell' 2 days ago
la primera es imposible somo 2 mi hermano y yo soy
Matthew Baranov
'Matthew Baranov' 2 days ago
Я знаю, ты понимаешь что здесь написано
M.r. Hacker!
'M.r. Hacker!' 2 days ago
what was that Mr muscle
Maura Langland
'Maura Langland' 2 days ago
Kyle Hogg
'Kyle Hogg' 2 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed he spelled tricks wrong in the beginning of the vid
Septian Dwi
'Septian Dwi' 2 days ago
wowww amazing good jobbb
Mr. Plastilin .
'Mr. Plastilin .' 2 days ago
Кто от Привет ,я Марк ?
Jennifer R
'Jennifer R' 2 days ago
Am I the only one that Tricks is spelled Trikcs in the beginning of the video?
Connor tutorials
'Connor tutorials' 2 days ago
4:25 fucking gay god
Kyla O
'Kyla O' 2 days ago
Stop the comments from BLOWING UP
Aliyah Arteaga
'Aliyah Arteaga' 2 days ago
0:10 he spelled tricks wrong Uhoh
Aliyah Arteaga
'Aliyah Arteaga' 2 days ago
0:00 pause quickly and you can see his face in the play button
Dreamy Tree
'Dreamy Tree' 2 days ago
I almost died on the first one
Stacey Worrell
'Stacey Worrell' 3 days ago
Very cool
FaZe Vaden
'FaZe Vaden' 3 days ago
1. I woke up 2. I went to school 3. I saw my crush 4. I kissed my crush It went 2 3 4 1
Noah Beck
'Noah Beck' 3 days ago
that's awesome:}
social pussyist
'social pussyist' 3 days ago
trikcs, nice
Алина Кагарманова
круууть ☺☺☺☺☺
shivansh singh
'shivansh singh' 3 days ago
awesome yaat mr
Lady Juicy
'Lady Juicy' 3 days ago
Cool 😎
Mister Haker
'Mister Haker' 3 days ago
у меня тоже мистер хакер
SkyRider gaming
'SkyRider gaming' 3 days ago
i made a penis out of a long baloon
Lukas Patton
'Lukas Patton' 3 days ago
This guy is mentally challenged
Toriel Undertale
'Toriel Undertale' 3 days ago
6:23 wow, so I don't need balloons to sound like a chipmunk? Awesome!
llukav klein
'llukav klein' 3 days ago
4:40 im pretty sure u can do this 4 real
'Megsy_2003' 3 days ago
mine craft
'mine craft' 3 days ago
Mr.Hacker cool cool cool
Kacper Rajchel
'Kacper Rajchel' 3 days ago
Nice triKCs! Just look at the intro...
Maius Soren
'Maius Soren' 3 days ago
And the award Mr. Deepthroat goes to ... !
gamer spikeboy
'gamer spikeboy' 3 days ago
he spelled trick wrong at the beginning of the video
Dustin Cole
'Dustin Cole' 3 days ago
you spelt tricks wrong
Зикриео Джабборов
я один русский?
'Megan' 3 days ago
What's a song in 5:20?
John Long
'John Long' 3 days ago
Lmao they spelled tricks wrong
Evan Foster
'Evan Foster' 3 days ago
When the balloon pops he shakes lol
'FunkyMonkey571' 3 days ago
'AfroGum' 3 days ago
You spelled trick wrong at the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neo Kapuas
'Neo Kapuas' 4 days ago
Neo Kapuas
'Neo Kapuas' 4 days ago
robert boote
'robert boote' 4 days ago
Very good
4:26, IS THAT A BANANA??!?!!!!!!???? BALLOON!!!!!!???????
Ela Rees
'Ela Rees' 4 days ago
😎 cool
chez burger
'chez burger' 4 days ago
did anyone notice that in the beginning he spelt tricks wrong he spelt it like trikcs
'FAIZI TF' 4 days ago
congratulations for hitting 1 million subs
Pegas z
'Pegas z' 4 days ago
Who else saw that: 10 Awesome TRIKCS with balloon?
Jaxtube 24
'Jaxtube 24' 4 days ago
he will probably burn the forest down at 6:33
Shflanka eso
'Shflanka eso' 4 days ago
No you are not
Noriko Agusta
'Noriko Agusta' 4 days ago
imnot subscribe you beach
Noriko Agusta
'Noriko Agusta' 4 days ago
wtf shir mother fucker
Noriko Agusta
'Noriko Agusta' 4 days ago
The Super Cs
'The Super Cs' 4 days ago
No i nearly had a heart attack
Егор Веселин
Что за мелодия на 1:53 минуте?
love u man
'AYX AYo' 4 days ago
At least your more great than mr gear
Stas On
'Stas On' 4 days ago
ahmad riduan
'ahmad riduan' 4 days ago
very magik👸👸💒💌👸👸👸👸👸👸💋💋👸👸👸👸💐
MC blizzard Boom
'MC blizzard Boom' 4 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue Why did you leave me balloon? What did I do?
Brycen Lockhart
'Brycen Lockhart' 4 days ago
Unknown COD
'Unknown COD' 4 days ago
4:24 you can thank me later ;)
Jessica Alagoa
'Jessica Alagoa' 4 days ago
☁️☁️☁️☁️🌤☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ 🎈 🏃🏽‍♀️
Godfrey Liu
'Godfrey Liu' 5 days ago
Frozenbutfree AJ
'Frozenbutfree AJ' 5 days ago
Not trying to be rude, but did anyone else notice that he spelled tricks wrong at the beginning?? Lol.
Guillermo Gocher
'Guillermo Gocher' 5 days ago
what is that mr. muscle thing?
'Camaxy' 5 days ago
Bro, you are a genius.
'exlie' 5 days ago
i know how the first one is possible , the one that has no air is giving air to the bigger balloon, so it gets bigger
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