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Published: 1 year ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 1 year ago

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10 very cool tricks with balloon you should know!

sri lestari
'sri lestari' 3 days ago
Beberapa ke mudian
Mari Williams
'Mari Williams' 3 days ago
4:39 he deepthroated it
Stewart Shields
'Stewart Shields' 5 days ago
Lauren Boyd
'Lauren Boyd' 6 days ago
what that mouth do 4:34😂
cakenaka chiangmai
i know you is a russian people
Rainbow Cat
'Rainbow Cat' 1 week ago
I hate balloons 🎈
Variety Mind
'Variety Mind' 1 week ago
good one
Usha Khemka
'Usha Khemka' 2 weeks ago
Its a great video
Zero Hd
'Zero Hd' 2 weeks ago
Everytime the balloon explode it shock me
Angela Miller-Newell
What is your name
cindy willis
'cindy willis' 2 weeks ago
I hope you don't hurt yourself trying to do something
Mr. Genius
'Mr. Genius' 2 weeks ago
Lavender Gem
'Lavender Gem' 2 weeks ago
3:39-3:52 He surprised me! Really Good! I didn't know what to do...
Saeeda Bibi
'Saeeda Bibi' 3 weeks ago
Hi i sub
Saeeda Bibi
'Saeeda Bibi' 3 weeks ago
I sub
'NllShow' 3 weeks ago
Nice Video, Bro! I also have many BALLOON TRICKS that you didn't seen before on Youtube!
Brian Lim
'Brian Lim' 3 weeks ago
Trikcs? No
Freaky Brothers
'Freaky Brothers' 3 weeks ago
juliet tagailo
'juliet tagailo' 3 weeks ago
Ivan Nurhidayat
'Ivan Nurhidayat' 3 weeks ago
Buat film itu yg bagus yg bermanfaat
Ivan Nurhidayat
'Ivan Nurhidayat' 3 weeks ago
Film goblok tolol gembel
Sandra Ayala
'Sandra Ayala' 4 weeks ago
Trikcs? Misssplled do you guys see it?????
Dark Lord Morgoth
'Dark Lord Morgoth' 4 weeks ago
How Kim Jong Un makes hydrogen bombs
Random videos 6000
'Random videos 6000' 4 weeks ago
Did anyone notice at the beginning tricks is spelled like trikcs
Greg and Tania Wright
You spelt tricks wrong you spelled it like trikcs
Marcus Solitario
'Marcus Solitario' 4 weeks ago
i will make a the song of my youtube intro on the music at 0:45
- Jugar con juegos con vo the whole world of gumball welcome bosshxnx+2+1;$$-$!+ adC FBC GF jjdj jfjdbfmfbfndbxbxjfjfjfbfbfueh DQDB FBC jdjdbdykfkjdjfnhjejdbbhehdmzazjda
JordanBoiZaynLuigi25 Backup
3:38 what song is that?
enjoy with marwa
'enjoy with marwa' 1 month ago
Sandra Ayala
'Sandra Ayala' 1 month ago
He’s from 🇦🇺 i guess
Sandra Ayala
'Sandra Ayala' 1 month ago
What the fuck?
Sandra Ayala
'Sandra Ayala' 1 month ago
Why did it spell Trikcs???? Lol 🤣🤣🤣
Life Smart
'Life Smart' 1 month ago
ऐ हमें पता हैं
sahed islam
'sahed islam' 1 month ago
ki vava
Maria Jesús Lopez Prieto
Se le vio la cara
• samantha •
'• samantha •' 1 month ago
4:20 xD
epic dest
'epic dest' 1 month ago
I sub
Айгюл Исаеввр
Sara Dukes
'Sara Dukes' 1 month ago
Isa Romero
'Isa Romero' 1 month ago
Henry Lian
'Henry Lian' 1 month ago
I can do that because im narato
NubHala 5911
'NubHala 5911' 1 month ago
In the intro it said trikcs instead of tricks
Toni Perić
'Toni Perić' 1 month ago
I see your face in yt logo 0:00
Aashir Ali
'Aashir Ali' 1 month ago
What was that in last mr somthing
Lav maan
'Lav maan' 1 month ago
5:48 what is that
Deep Patel
'Deep Patel' 1 month ago
Your all videos r awesome bro
Lara Charline Da Rosa
Oliwia Pindel
'Oliwia Pindel' 1 month ago
No Maltese relates
Hacker Darkweb
'Hacker Darkweb' 1 month ago
Sonu Sonu
'Sonu Sonu' 1 month ago
About Everything
'About Everything' 1 month ago
Congratulations for 1mil sub
isabel pinzon
'isabel pinzon' 1 month ago
WTFfuck que fue eso , se tragó un globo
Ben Alla Said
'Ben Alla Said' 1 month ago
Yeeeeees the heaaaad
Omer Pugar
'Omer Pugar' 1 month ago
NE MUTLU TÜRK'ÜM DİYENE 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷
Kid Abroad
'Kid Abroad' 1 month ago
0:08 or 0:09
Kid Abroad
'Kid Abroad' 1 month ago
lol the mispelling on 00:7 ikr
Uncle Gee
'Uncle Gee' 1 month ago
'Elevation' 2 months ago
He spelled tricks wrong at the beginning...
Bruna Santos
'Bruna Santos' 2 months ago
Héllo love
Seif Seif
'Seif Seif' 2 months ago
You amazing my frind ✈🎈🎈🎈🎈
Bridget Ward
'Bridget Ward' 2 months ago
yuck but cool
Bridget Ward
'Bridget Ward' 2 months ago
that trick is so cool how can you do that
Bridget Ward
'Bridget Ward' 2 months ago
that trick is so cool how can you do that
fatima brooks
'fatima brooks' 2 months ago
This is not cool
Amanda Feald
'Amanda Feald' 2 months ago
'MeigaTube' 2 months ago
He spelled "Tricks" into "Trikcs" Lol Like if you noticed it :DDD
jesslyn tan
'jesslyn tan' 2 months ago
1:35 the surprised man tho 😂
Nora Nora
'Nora Nora' 2 months ago
Wi hebat
Cool Stuff!
'Cool Stuff!' 2 months ago
im trying not to blink each time a balloon pops, i couldn't do it :(
Louise Cullamat
'Louise Cullamat' 2 months ago
Ya right
ام فهد
'ام فهد' 2 months ago
jason guiraldo
'jason guiraldo' 2 months ago
Marym Uu.
'Marym Uu.' 2 months ago
JFD Jonas From Denmark
Got same balloon pump and balloons
Sampa Sarkar
'Sampa Sarkar' 2 months ago
The tricks are fake
Ionel Rusu
'Ionel Rusu' 2 months ago
Rafaela Ruiz
'Rafaela Ruiz' 2 months ago
I subandlike
Harvinder Sharma
'Harvinder Sharma' 2 months ago
Things what uses in last one
melinda delacruz
'melinda delacruz' 2 months ago
Beata Rybaczuk
'Beata Rybaczuk' 2 months ago
I love you
Sekar Sri
'Sekar Sri' 2 months ago
Samma samma samma😙😙
Pande Ratna
'Pande Ratna' 2 months ago
jecel show
'jecel show' 2 months ago
It so not very good!
Ann-marie Down
'Ann-marie Down' 2 months ago
hi 😆
Catalina Sow
'Catalina Sow' 2 months ago
Kul likhe👍🕊😍😻🐣🐥🐤👍
What is MR MUSCLE???? 5.48
Jugnu Rizwan
'Jugnu Rizwan' 2 months ago
Wow awesome I love it very much😍😘😇
fayas  fazuf
'fayas fazuf' 2 months ago
What is mr muscle
You and Dave hax Should work together to make vids!You both make Awsome gadgets!😆😃😁😀😄😄😄😄😄😜😛
sinh88 nb
'sinh88 nb' 2 months ago
những thằng nguy hiểm nhất liên quân.
Nusha Kotikowa
'Nusha Kotikowa' 2 months ago
вы чё по английские пишите
Hema Shetty
'Hema Shetty' 2 months ago
what is mr muscle??
Rayzza Vega Setiawan
'Rayzza Vega Setiawan' 2 months ago
kak kazumari-kun
'kak kazumari-kun' 2 months ago
Un boxing golden play button
bobby arora
'bobby arora' 2 months ago
4:41 how possible
bobby arora
'bobby arora' 2 months ago
Nirdesh Gangwar
'Nirdesh Gangwar' 2 months ago
more of egg
Lee Fon pek
'Lee Fon pek' 2 months ago
So cool
Daryll Skywalker
'Daryll Skywalker' 2 months ago
this is so cringe
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