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The Ultimate Disney Cars 3 Robot Lightning McQueen Toy Ckn Toys -
Published: 6 months ago By: CKN Toys

By: CKN ToysPublished: 6 months ago

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Hi guys, today we are playing with the coolest Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen toy ever made.

Disney•Pixar's Ultimate Lightning McQueen by SPHERO is the top of the line racer packed with personality. With animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and emotive suspension, experience Lightning like never before.

A seven-time Piston Cup Champion, Ultimate Lightning McQueen was born to race. Connect to the app, hit the gas, and see Lightning respond to your commands with his personality on display, thanks to emotive actions and speech. Watch him lean into hairpin turns and drift like a pro.

When you’re not driving and drifting with Lightning, sharpen your pit crew skills in Pit Stop Panic, create scripts for Lightning to perform in his next Rust-eze spot in the Acting Studio, or kick back and relax by watching Disney•Pixar’s Cars with Lightning while he reacts to the movie.

Saleha Bhaiji
'Saleha Bhaiji' 5 days ago
The new “. 4(
Yu Wong
'Yu Wong' 1 week ago
deena nizm
'deena nizm' 1 week ago
ester bichara
'ester bichara' 1 week ago
Eliezer Reyes
'Eliezer Reyes' 2 weeks ago
Brian Zulu
'Brian Zulu' 2 weeks ago
M,,KIO g(
ةلاو اازل
'ةلاو اازل' 2 weeks ago
كل نو
Jacky Beck
'Jacky Beck' 2 weeks ago
he needs tyres when you unbox the set
So Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Winishere Gamming
'Winishere Gamming' 2 weeks ago
Just look like
Winishere Gamming
'Winishere Gamming' 2 weeks ago
The kid looks like my cousin
Traliyah Carey
'Traliyah Carey' 3 weeks ago
Mine Craft
'Mine Craft' 3 weeks ago
very good
Cedrick Salamat
'Cedrick Salamat' 4 weeks ago
That was amezing mcqeen robot ebber cool end control wid the ipad I wan't buyet that robot thats speed
Davi games marco Túlio
Eu quero comprar McQueen dese
marilyn equipado
'marilyn equipado' 4 weeks ago
I love your robot
Fsres Adsm
'Fsres Adsm' 4 weeks ago
عشان اخي عايزها ياريت الرد بسرعه
Fsres Adsm
'Fsres Adsm' 4 weeks ago
عايز اعرف منين اجيب العبة
Fsres Adsm
'Fsres Adsm' 4 weeks ago
ممكن أسأل صاحب الفديو
Bere Zombie
'Bere Zombie' 4 weeks ago
Disney Cars Barbie Toys
I sure would love to have one of those :-)
Rahul Laskar
'Rahul Laskar' 1 month ago
McQueen what price
Jason Roberts
'Jason Roberts' 1 month ago
Mlabib Habib
'Mlabib Habib' 2 months ago
Joy Jf
'Joy Jf' 2 months ago
So cool
Geovanni Pacheco
'Geovanni Pacheco' 2 months ago
How do you get them,I want to get one so bad⚡⚡
Fares Amrouche
'Fares Amrouche' 2 months ago
O tu la acheté Mecque
Yassin tv 2018
'Yassin tv 2018' 2 months ago
Chucho Ramirez
'Chucho Ramirez' 2 months ago
Nobilisszima Deme
'Nobilisszima Deme' 2 months ago
Z ddd. Dss😍😘😥😣😚😎😀😤😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😢😢😴😕😕😕😔😴😕😔😔😈😈😷👻🎅🙅💪👇💏💏💏💚👔👔👕👕👖💎💍💄🎩👒👑🐅🐖🐖🐂🐅🐑🐅🐂🐻🐹
Roderick Cantor
'Roderick Cantor' 3 months ago
Kiniko kazoo
'Kiniko kazoo' 3 months ago
Arnav Atharv
'Arnav Atharv' 3 months ago
Sambath Pvh
'Sambath Pvh' 3 months ago
How much bro
Jorge Rodriguez
'Jorge Rodriguez' 3 months ago
Deana Baker
'Deana Baker' 3 months ago
rahul chintoo
'rahul chintoo' 3 months ago
Spoiled kid
Mohammed Desouky
'Mohammed Desouky' 4 months ago
Mohammed Desouky
'Mohammed Desouky' 4 months ago
Mohammed Desouky
'Mohammed Desouky' 4 months ago
'ALLEN VAN' 4 months ago
Paulina Salinas
'Paulina Salinas' 4 months ago
LEMAN al ayubbie
'LEMAN al ayubbie' 4 months ago
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ahmed Elbiblawy
'ahmed Elbiblawy' 4 months ago
عىز وحد بعد شهر عنون شرع دنالاسلم
Idelma Rojas
'Idelma Rojas' 4 months ago
Arwin And elijah
'Arwin And elijah' 4 months ago
Rajkumari shahi
'Rajkumari shahi' 5 months ago
I also want this car
Yan Lung
'Yan Lung' 5 months ago
murk. Smirk. Yuck bicycle he t d. God are st iis really to lax. It. K t icttgrmgr. Kikk
Marcus Mcroy
'Marcus Mcroy' 5 months ago
Sehen vjbhgdjydtbdv
Thaler htookei
'Thaler htookei' 5 months ago
G. G vhdghgdww
Nia Miramontes
'Nia Miramontes' 5 months ago
'MrBrotato' 5 months ago
'ariana1905' 5 months ago
Andre Sundel
'Andre Sundel' 5 months ago
Shajitha Muneer
'Shajitha Muneer' 5 months ago
Lamis Hafez
'Lamis Hafez' 5 months ago
deessy souhoka
'deessy souhoka' 5 months ago
I like it
'861nessa' 5 months ago
Judith Alvarez
'Judith Alvarez' 5 months ago
quiero un maccuin
Judith Alvarez
'Judith Alvarez' 5 months ago
Judith Alvarez
'Judith Alvarez' 5 months ago
me mandas uno soy niño de eso carro
'Tiger's Toy Bag' 5 months ago
Wow!! The SPHERO is top of the line for sure, one of the BEST lightning mcqueens!
Angie Hernandez
'Angie Hernandez' 6 months ago
Ggg. Vfughijl
Kubajz ZOGGY
'Kubajz ZOGGY' 6 months ago
2:18 lightning's fail
PatoPatato Games
'PatoPatato Games' 6 months ago
nicolas GABRIEL
Rolan Bautista
'Rolan Bautista' 6 months ago
Patricia GARRAUT
'Patricia GARRAUT' 6 months ago
Douglas Crozier
'Douglas Crozier' 6 months ago
widya astri
'widya astri' 6 months ago
Tejith and sami rocks
It's cooooooool
Alejandro Pulgarin
'Alejandro Pulgarin' 6 months ago
Alejandra Rodriguez
'Alejandra Rodriguez' 6 months ago
Fun Children Games
'Fun Children Games' 6 months ago
Love the video!! 😍😍😍 Subscribe to my channel for more fun SUPERHERO songs and videos!!
JP Motta
'JP Motta' 6 months ago
Que jogo é esse que é ckn Toys que você botou do meu o Relâmpago andar
Mayo Altuve
'Mayo Altuve' 6 months ago
Toys No
Tianli li
'Tianli li' 6 months ago
ouingbf uhyv
'keza' 6 months ago
cool lightning mcqueen robot car!!!
Buds Toy World
'Buds Toy World' 6 months ago
So much fun, great video! Thank you for sharing! Please come check out our new channel, we'd love your support! Thank you!
Fe Diacajo
'Fe Diacajo' 6 months ago
BlsikzkKal Pjplpll
Ni Le
'Ni Le' 6 months ago
Very very like
Camond Rian
'Camond Rian' 6 months ago
p ,ool7b,U connection might be temporarily might be temporarily down or it might be temporarily down or it
George Jimenez
'George Jimenez' 6 months ago
'ND KIDS' 6 months ago
very Funny nạ 🚕🚙🚔🚔🚌🚀🚀🚒🛳🚇🚇🚇🚀🚀🚀
Mohamed Adel
'Mohamed Adel' 6 months ago
Javier Martínez
'Javier Martínez' 6 months ago
Kinder Surprise Unboxing
Great video !
Ulises Alvarado
'Ulises Alvarado' 6 months ago
How the cost
Ulises Alvarado
'Ulises Alvarado' 6 months ago
How do you cost
Ulises Alvarado
'Ulises Alvarado' 6 months ago
dollars cost
Toys Just 4 You
'Toys Just 4 You' 6 months ago
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
BaBy & Cars STUDIO
'BaBy & Cars STUDIO' 6 months ago
I did not take my eyes off the video! wonderful :)
coldjosemanuel 93839
'coldjosemanuel 93839' 6 months ago
Buen video pro
Etiene Mendes
'Etiene Mendes' 6 months ago
v f
Angie Lovino
'Angie Lovino' 6 months ago
Sándor Ujvári
'Sándor Ujvári' 6 months ago
@ @ @ 66 66
Viral Sleeping Lullabies - Songs For Babies
Nice video! Please check out my last upload too. Thank you!
Queen Bee
'Queen Bee' 6 months ago
Nice 🚗 🚘
Queen Bee
'Queen Bee' 6 months ago
Very cool!
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