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Kids Are A-Holes - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures -
Published: 6 months ago By: Rooster Teeth

By: Rooster TeethPublished: 6 months ago

1, 483, 418 views

35, 738 Likes   118 Dislikes

Kerry, Miles, and Gavin talk about the messed up things they used to do when they were little kids; everything from stripping in public to forcing their siblings into toilets. Kids really are assholes. || Audio from RT Podcast #375:

Directed by Jordan Cwierz
Animated by Gabe Silva & Beth Mackenzie
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unthinkable white
'unthinkable white' 3 weeks ago
they sound nothing like the English I am english and I know
Lucy Loud
'Lucy Loud' 3 weeks ago
Alika Achong
'Alika Achong' 3 weeks ago
I've never heard of Pops cereal before, is that like the Reeses cereal?
'jenniw9999' 3 weeks ago
Miles is my spirit animal.
'FyreBal' 4 weeks ago
'wh3nderson95' 1 month ago
Is that the accent for a Chav? I think that's British slang for like a gopnik.
Brendan Dowlen
'Brendan Dowlen' 1 month ago
0:14 S is for sleep virus
'Jul 'Mdama' 1 month ago
I wanna see more of Miles and his brother's soccer hooliganism.
Paul Kennedy
'Paul Kennedy' 1 month ago
I'm jealous of the british!
'Faze_Booce2.0' 1 month ago
Lillian Dun
'Lillian Dun' 1 month ago
When I was younger my brother and I would play this game where we would stand at the tops of our stairs, and these were not short stairs nor did they have a rug on them, it was all wood all the way down. But once we were at the top of the stairs we would try and push the other one down. It took a dislocated knee, cracked jaw, 2 concussions, 3 broken bones, and a whole lot of lost brain cells for us and our parents, to realize that this game was not a good idea. Shout out to my little bro who sent me to the hospital more time in one month than the average person does in their whole life!
'jordonkry' 1 month ago
Richard Avelino
'Richard Avelino' 2 months ago
What does the alphabet say?
noah berg
'noah berg' 2 months ago
I'm 14 with 3 younger brothers less then 8 years old they annoying as heck and I am a kid
Moonshock 548
'Moonshock 548' 2 months ago
Dan got rekt.
Josh Wood
'Josh Wood' 2 months ago
I think this is the first time we've seen kid Gavin. (I'm probably wrong.)
PL Recinto
'PL Recinto' 2 months ago
Gavin's brother has the same nose as him.
Laena Everwood
'Laena Everwood' 2 months ago
So relatable. I found the clothing ravks to be so fun to hide in when I was younger XD
'Cowslayer7890' 2 months ago
I don't mind the ads I don't mind the buffer But when the ads buffer I feel slightly worse than I felt previously.
1:30 Don't worry love! The cavalry's here!
Lucas Lidgard
'Lucas Lidgard' 3 months ago
Miles: the soccer hooligan
Aye Lmao
'Aye Lmao' 3 months ago
'XELI' 3 months ago
'Sparta369' 3 months ago
'StomaticZebra' 3 months ago
at 0:14 look at the alphabet
Dawn Kaye
'Dawn Kaye' 3 months ago
I did the same thing to my twin sister with the blindfold but I made her get on her knees and I farted in her face!!! Best thing I ever did
'Fireboy' 3 months ago
Gavin disliked this video 103 times
'OmfgItsKiara' 3 months ago
I havent been on YouTube for about 2 years due to not having wifi and Im finally back to this channel and might I say you guys are still side busting hilarious. Nothing but laughs whenever I watch these shorts. Absolute perfection Keep it up ♥
Michael Jr Sadgwar
'Michael Jr Sadgwar' 4 months ago
If I ever did that "Hide in the Clothes Rack" Thing my mom would kick my ass
Noa Edlund
'Noa Edlund' 4 months ago
there should be a show where there's some recurring background characters that are just such kids "talking british" for funzies...
Anthony Long
'Anthony Long' 4 months ago
When i was a kid, i would throw rocks in the middle of the street to see if cars would hit them.....yeah. That was stupid of me
'Mikeymanza1' 4 months ago
When I was six my older brother would stuff me in a pillowcase and carry me around the house and I'd guess what room I was in
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
'Daniel Nunya Bidnezz' 4 months ago
I was in middle school and took the silly language thing an extra mile or two when I was a kid... I created my own written and spoken language and numbers system... I even wrote it all down and even tried to memorize it... but then the year ended and I moved... so I stopped giving a dang.
'technicolorgrayson' 5 months ago
This is probably the best thing I have ever heard next to drunk Bernie kicking people out of a party while handing them a bag of popcorn.
'Ласточка' 5 months ago
I remember hiding from my parents for hours sometimes. One time it got to the point that they almost called the cops. The funny thing is I was just sitting downstairs on a chair, but it was in such a spot that you couldn't see it by just looking into the room from the corridor. Ahh the times.
'qwertyismymom' 5 months ago
Anyone else notice they made Gavin's brother look like Dan?
Cynical Caitsith
'Cynical Caitsith' 5 months ago
when i was little my brother and i would speak german in like the thickest accent we could come up with and it would scare all my sisters friends away cuz we would be talking about the weather and yet we would sound like we were in a huge argument. my sister would be laughing at us for being stupid but her friends would always be half laughing half mortified that their friends siblings were crazy.
'FUPA' 5 months ago
Blake Belladonna
'Blake Belladonna' 5 months ago
Ok be honest: who else did the toilet thing?
RedCreeper Gamez
'RedCreeper Gamez' 5 months ago
I laugh so hard
brittyn johnson
'brittyn johnson' 5 months ago
OI' BRAT come on I can't be the only one who thought that
Auris A.
'Auris A.' 5 months ago
Soccer hooligan hipsters
Leslie Care
'Leslie Care' 5 months ago
Alex Morton
'Alex Morton' 5 months ago
dude white kids are freaking hilarious I wish my kids would do racist British impressions in public lol
'NothingYT' 5 months ago
Alex Kinchen
'Alex Kinchen' 5 months ago
My God! This RTAA resonates so well with me! I hid in the circular clothes racks ALL the time in department stores. When Mom and Dad were busy browsing the comfy pajama tops and bottoms, or sifting through an isle of rugged jeans with leather belts, I would hide. Occasionally, I would play around with the other kids walking around with their parents, and just stand quietly within the jumble of dress pants and denim jeans. We'd just creep quietly from rack to rack, acting like our childhood imaginations of spies on top secret missions. Man, those were good times. I could relate so well here. *sigh* I miss those days...
gamerboy 47
'gamerboy 47' 5 months ago
I'm British and we don't sound like that I don't know if your joking or being racist
Unfortunate Fruit Cart Guy
I was eating milk soaked cereal while watching...I recommend not doing that while watching this
usaid alfatih
'usaid alfatih' 5 months ago
Gavin's Bro has a nose that's the same size as Gavin's? Impossible! I was led to believe Gavin's schnoz was one of a kind:(
Daniel Moore
'Daniel Moore' 6 months ago
His impression of brits was actually pretty on point. When we're out with the lads... it kinda does sound like that.
Tomos Nash
'Tomos Nash' 6 months ago
we don't talk like that
Scarce is Fat
'Scarce is Fat' 6 months ago
1:40 Love it
The Plague Nurse
'The Plague Nurse' 6 months ago
Justin Garrido
'Justin Garrido' 6 months ago
In the end they were wearing Manchester United shirt
Brosto Veken
'Brosto Veken' 6 months ago
Nick Ferrum
'Nick Ferrum' 6 months ago
I did that thing where I hid in the clothes rack, do I get extra points for making my mom worry enough to call the cops and get the mall I was in closed down while they searched?
'WoodstaS' 6 months ago
Some of the circular clothes racks were nice and spacious inside, but others had crossbars going every which way that made it impossible to be comfortable. Funny how it's cute when you're a kid, but now at 26 I'd probably be escorted out by security. Plus I wouldn't fit. Hey, at least I don't have homework!
'KrazyCam10' 6 months ago
'KrazyCam10' 6 months ago
ThatGuy WhoPlays
'ThatGuy WhoPlays' 6 months ago
'ForeverFornever37' 6 months ago
I use to love those circle clothes rack 😂😂
hidden screen
'hidden screen' 6 months ago
this just hit me his brother looks like cartoon dan
Zackeria Ali
'Zackeria Ali' 6 months ago
I live in London but it is shtang
help me get 50,000 subs with no videos
anyone else notice that miles is wearing a power rangers shirt?
'CTSFive' 6 months ago
Kerry and Miles = instant downvote
Issa Ventureno
'Issa Ventureno' 6 months ago
I used to hide in the rack of the clothing
Anshul Ghatge
'Anshul Ghatge' 6 months ago
I love Nsteak. Isn't nsteak the best?
Latios XD
'Latios XD' 6 months ago
not going to lie miles now sounds like burnie... Miles = Burnie confirmed
Booker counts
'Booker counts' 6 months ago
You people need to appreciate the alphabet chart at 00:17
Adrian Garcia
'Adrian Garcia' 6 months ago
'ASDFDino' 6 months ago
The sub count is 8,934,666 right now. RT WHY
Abmiki Rii
'Abmiki Rii' 6 months ago
Forest Oak Gaming
'Forest Oak Gaming' 6 months ago
do i hear doc omally??
'kaelang12' 6 months ago
One time a kid kicked me in the shin and spat on me.
'T3RM1N4TOR_FMJ !' 6 months ago
at least they used the best FOOTBALL team to represent it
dead memes to choke on
Angel Juliet
'Angel Juliet' 6 months ago
Oh my god!! I used to love hiding in the cloths racks at stores!!
'Theinen84' 6 months ago
So... I now want to them do a soccer hooligan version of the podcast. Just the whole thing lol
Robert H
'Robert H' 6 months ago
Last I checked, Gavin's brother isn't Dan the man.
Frozen Shadow
'Frozen Shadow' 6 months ago
Come on I'm British, we sound nothing like that!!! There's not enough swearing...
Lucas Sanchez
'Lucas Sanchez' 6 months ago
Scotch Marrow
'Scotch Marrow' 6 months ago
the end made me cringe SO BAD
'benracer' 6 months ago
B is for Boop? uh.... okay... expecially with that image makes me wonder
Peter Daniels
'Peter Daniels' 6 months ago
My brother and I enjoyed climbing things when we were the garage in our backyard. Couldn't be normal and climb a tree (although we did try a few times...sucker's frickin' massive) so we settled for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) else. Drove our parents nuts.
'pleasesaveanimals7' 6 months ago
The smiles are drawn so well lol
nellie bailey
'nellie bailey' 6 months ago
This reminds me of the vine of the guy finding his dad after 10 years.
'Feather' 6 months ago
Miles' British impression sounds like a mix between cockney and a Manchester accent xD
'TBDF12' 6 months ago
what about little burnie making napalm
'funkymish' 6 months ago
'Gestan' 6 months ago
Xtreme Troller
'Xtreme Troller' 6 months ago
funniest episode ever
'Blitzrick3' 6 months ago
Sun Colsylver
'Sun Colsylver' 6 months ago
O damn, Miles had a Xbox 360 as a kid, and stole it through time, that's awesome.
Sun Colsylver
'Sun Colsylver' 6 months ago
I've watched this atleast 14 times and I've only now noticed the made-up alphabet. Damn Jordan really puts a lot into these little clips.
I should stop watching these in study hall
Diego Laurent
'Diego Laurent' 6 months ago
Advance couch closer tool though belong rider sweep close.
Seren Davies
'Seren Davies' 6 months ago
i used to hide under clothing racks in shops when i was a kid but my mother always saw me somehow and she's just gently kicking me lmfao
Hector the III
'Hector the III' 6 months ago
Today we learn... Tha' someone 'ere is a roight an' propa Ork
TheAmazingGamer T.A.G
What's with the 3 Steaks on the chart at 0:12
'puttputt524' 6 months ago
Dang we got some white boys in here! I did all that stuff as a kid too, until my mom beat the crap out of me with a coat hanger. Then I would learn.
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