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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Kids Are A-Holes -
Published: 1 year ago By: Rooster Teeth

By: Rooster TeethPublished: 1 year ago

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Kerry, Miles, and Gavin talk about the messed up things they used to do when they were little kids; everything from stripping in public to forcing their siblings into toilets. Kids really are assholes. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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About Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures:
The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.

Audio from RT Podcast #375:

Directed by Jordan Cwierz
Animated by Gabe Silva & Beth Mackenzie

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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Kids Are A-Holes

'Enforcer' 7 days ago
Wren Dean
'Wren Dean' 2 weeks ago
1:33 "In this universe we're all in a Guy Ritchie film."
Redstone Casey
'Redstone Casey' 3 weeks ago
Some of the background items in the preschool are hilarious.
Purpleslimevsgaming 1
in ffa during a meeting we did a blindfolded obstacle course and the first thing i did with my partner before we even started is i walked him into a hole then half way through it i walked him into 2 trees and it was hilarious to me
Aidan McGreenie
'Aidan McGreenie' 1 month ago
Raging mango 45
'Raging mango 45' 2 months ago
0:16 s is for sleep virus v is for vocdca
Margo Edwards
'Margo Edwards' 2 months ago
As soon as I heard the ‘British’ accent I though, that’s cockney
Oliver Twisted
'Oliver Twisted' 2 months ago
Cockney is a British accent, it's historically associated with poverty.
Rage Assassin
'Rage Assassin' 2 months ago
'Swizrad' 3 months ago
Miles is a gift to this world
Joseph Me
'Joseph Me' 3 months ago
Hiding in the rack of clothes the circle thing imagine doing it so many time abd you didn't it again and you mom know that your there so she dont worry the after a man pulls you out of there then take you and you mom not worrying BC she know you there but rlly you ain't
'Daveonimus' 3 months ago
Are you sure Miles and his bro weren't anime villians from the 90's?
Agent Washington david
Chase Song
'Chase Song' 3 months ago
Was it ever cool
Quick Play
'Quick Play' 3 months ago
Miles and His brother sounded like Man United fans with that accent
'Nero' 3 months ago
Love the cloths racks as a kid.
Melon Tart
'Melon Tart' 3 months ago
My sister and I didn't speak in a made-up language. But we'd write secret messages to each other in Unown
Fury of the Beast
'Fury of the Beast' 3 months ago
I used to get ticked off whenever people tried to take the piss out of my accent, but now it's just hilarious to listen to.
Paws Hoofs
'Paws Hoofs' 4 months ago
1:40 No roadmen in isle 3, please.
'Nikieplays' 4 months ago
May Dudoit-Mendoza
'May Dudoit-Mendoza' 4 months ago
*G R E Y F U L L B U S T E R*
Tyler Moe
'Tyler Moe' 4 months ago
Bashful Raptor
'Bashful Raptor' 4 months ago
The "OYE" killed me 😹
Daniel Moore
'Daniel Moore' 4 months ago
That is genuinely a way better impression than most americans. The first impression of "actually talking like brits" wasn't even close but saying "oi you want a bit of lucky charms then?" like that... sounded just like a friday night in town.
'Shinochaos' 4 months ago
2017 December and I'm still enjoying this video
Faris Mallah
'Faris Mallah' 5 months ago
0:19 0:39 1:21 I never had a brother that played with me... (Mainly because four of them are dead) I only have this 22 year old brother that is always either out with his friends or studying for exams And everyone is happy with their brothers and most of my brothers are dead I LOVE IT!!!!
The Lightning Brony
'The Lightning Brony' 5 months ago
Ben King
'Ben King' 5 months ago
Yeah that is hafe us brits
GH0S7 704
'GH0S7 704' 5 months ago
'silverlight1204' 5 months ago
what kind of english accent is that? i want to learn to speak like that lol
'Abberistired' 5 months ago
haha yea I remember those circle clothes racks :D whenever I hid in them my mom would be all "abby come out here before I beat you" and I'd come out and be all "uuuuugh fiiiine" aah good times
Shadow BlackJinouga
'Shadow BlackJinouga' 5 months ago
That is not how the British talk 9_9 Go to England and bloody see for yourself
'Azuralis' 5 months ago
So Gavin's old childhood house is an airbnb now?
Stephen Adams
'Stephen Adams' 6 months ago
I'm British and just saying we don't sound like that
Mark Mayonnaise
'Mark Mayonnaise' 6 months ago
0:12 lmfao read the alphabet chart
'Red' 7 months ago
Those ABC's at 0:12. beautiful work.
Luka Laa
'Luka Laa' 7 months ago
'leion800' 7 months ago
Andrew Roy
'Andrew Roy' 8 months ago
That's the thing about us 90s kids...we had handheld games and stuff. We were too distracted to things like that.
'SuicidalSpartan00' 8 months ago
Divinity Quartz
'Divinity Quartz' 8 months ago
Soccer hooligans before it was cool is best line
'RetroShark360' 8 months ago
When i was 6 my mom would go to walmart and ill go to the toy section and my mom would always say i am leaving and i would come back grab her hand and kiss it and say goodbye and wave her off
Angry Cuck
'Angry Cuck' 8 months ago
SSJ Kazuto
'SSJ Kazuto' 8 months ago
I hid in a clothes rack when i was like 5 or 6 and i lost my ma and da so when i came out i looked around for a second and started crying then a security guy came over and asked me what was wrong and i told him i lost my family and then i started to describe my da to him as a fat bald man . They happened to be literally like 15 meters away from me at the checkout.This was in a Tescos.
Luke Glover
'Luke Glover' 8 months ago
Kerry was a strange child. Gavin was great. :P
Noah Weinand
'Noah Weinand' 8 months ago
Yeah kids suck
Psycho Bob 180
'Psycho Bob 180' 8 months ago
My mom had a whole mall under code Adam for a whole hour cuz I was hiding in one of those circle things
'lxDARKxPEPPAxl' 9 months ago
The part about talking like English made me laugh so hard while eating i choked on my food
Mr. Freakshow
'Mr. Freakshow' 9 months ago
There “Britishness" was more like “Belfastness"
Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
I knew it Gavin has been hiding his true accent
'TheNerdsComic' 9 months ago
0:13 He he Fsteak.
beto romano
'beto romano' 9 months ago
I remember my brother and I did the blindfold thing and he directed me to the edge of the basement stairs then I guess he was just done with navigating me because he just stiff armed me down to the first landing my head bounced off the wall and I went all the way down to the basement which was the next landing. I remember just hopping right up and yelling again again. Ah the good old days when you could just shove siblings down two flights of stairs.
unthinkable white
'unthinkable white' 10 months ago
they sound nothing like the English I am english and I know
Lucy Loud
'Lucy Loud' 10 months ago
Alika Achong
'Alika Achong' 10 months ago
I've never heard of Pops cereal before, is that like the Reeses cereal?
'jenniw9999' 10 months ago
Miles is my spirit animal.
'FyreBal' 10 months ago
'wh3nderson95' 10 months ago
Is that the accent for a Chav? I think that's British slang for like a gopnik.
Brendan Dowlen
'Brendan Dowlen' 10 months ago
0:14 S is for sleep virus
Vice Admiral Preston Cole
I wanna see more of Miles and his brother's soccer hooliganism.
God Church
'God Church' 10 months ago
I'm jealous of the british!
Atomic Kitten Lover
'Atomic Kitten Lover' 10 months ago
Lillian Dun
'Lillian Dun' 10 months ago
When I was younger my brother and I would play this game where we would stand at the tops of our stairs, and these were not short stairs nor did they have a rug on them, it was all wood all the way down. But once we were at the top of the stairs we would try and push the other one down. It took a dislocated knee, cracked jaw, 2 concussions, 3 broken bones, and a whole lot of lost brain cells for us and our parents, to realize that this game was not a good idea. Shout out to my little bro who sent me to the hospital more time in one month than the average person does in their whole life!
'jordonkry' 10 months ago
Richard Avelino
'Richard Avelino' 11 months ago
What does the alphabet say?
noah berg
'noah berg' 11 months ago
I'm 14 with 3 younger brothers less then 8 years old they annoying as heck and I am a kid
Moonshock 548
'Moonshock 548' 11 months ago
Dan got rekt.
Joshua Wood
'Joshua Wood' 11 months ago
I think this is the first time we've seen kid Gavin. (I'm probably wrong.)
PL Recinto
'PL Recinto' 11 months ago
Gavin's brother has the same nose as him.
Laena Everwood
'Laena Everwood' 11 months ago
So relatable. I found the clothing ravks to be so fun to hide in when I was younger XD
'Cowslayer7890' 11 months ago
I don't mind the ads I don't mind the buffer But when the ads buffer I feel slightly worse than I felt previously.
Bradigans D
'Bradigans D' 12 months ago
1:30 Don't worry love! The cavalry's here!
Tasty Kiwi
'Tasty Kiwi' 12 months ago
Miles: the soccer hooligan
Aye Lmao
'Aye Lmao' 12 months ago
'XELI' 1 year ago
'Sparta369' 1 year ago
Robert Burdick
'Robert Burdick' 1 year ago
at 0:14 look at the alphabet
Dawn Kaye
'Dawn Kaye' 1 year ago
I did the same thing to my twin sister with the blindfold but I made her get on her knees and I farted in her face!!! Best thing I ever did
'Fireboy' 1 year ago
Gavin disliked this video 103 times
'OmfgItsKiara' 1 year ago
I havent been on YouTube for about 2 years due to not having wifi and Im finally back to this channel and might I say you guys are still side busting hilarious. Nothing but laughs whenever I watch these shorts. Absolute perfection Keep it up ♥
Michael Jr Sadgwar
If I ever did that "Hide in the Clothes Rack" Thing my mom would kick my ass
Noa Edlund
'Noa Edlund' 1 year ago
there should be a show where there's some recurring background characters that are just such kids "talking british" for funzies...
Anthony Long
'Anthony Long' 1 year ago
When i was a kid, i would throw rocks in the middle of the street to see if cars would hit them.....yeah. That was stupid of me
'Mikeymanza1' 1 year ago
When I was six my older brother would stuff me in a pillowcase and carry me around the house and I'd guess what room I was in
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
I was in middle school and took the silly language thing an extra mile or two when I was a kid... I created my own written and spoken language and numbers system... I even wrote it all down and even tried to memorize it... but then the year ended and I moved... so I stopped giving a dang.
This is probably the best thing I have ever heard next to drunk Bernie kicking people out of a party while handing them a bag of popcorn.
'unoPara' 1 year ago
I remember hiding from my parents for hours sometimes. One time it got to the point that they almost called the cops. The funny thing is I was just sitting downstairs on a chair, but it was in such a spot that you couldn't see it by just looking into the room from the corridor. Ahh the times.
'qwertyismymom' 1 year ago
Anyone else notice they made Gavin's brother look like Dan?
Cynical Caitsith
'Cynical Caitsith' 1 year ago
when i was little my brother and i would speak german in like the thickest accent we could come up with and it would scare all my sisters friends away cuz we would be talking about the weather and yet we would sound like we were in a huge argument. my sister would be laughing at us for being stupid but her friends would always be half laughing half mortified that their friends siblings were crazy.
'FUPA' 1 year ago
'Maddy' 1 year ago
Ok be honest: who else did the toilet thing?
Saiki Voorhees
'Saiki Voorhees' 1 year ago
I laugh so hard
brittyn johnson
'brittyn johnson' 1 year ago
OI' BRAT come on I can't be the only one who thought that
Auris A.
'Auris A.' 1 year ago
Soccer hooligan hipsters
Leslie Care
'Leslie Care' 1 year ago
Alex Morton
'Alex Morton' 1 year ago
dude white kids are freaking hilarious I wish my kids would do racist British impressions in public lol
'NothingYT' 1 year ago
Alex Kinchen
'Alex Kinchen' 1 year ago
My God! This RTAA resonates so well with me! I hid in the circular clothes racks ALL the time in department stores. When Mom and Dad were busy browsing the comfy pajama tops and bottoms, or sifting through an isle of rugged jeans with leather belts, I would hide. Occasionally, I would play around with the other kids walking around with their parents, and just stand quietly within the jumble of dress pants and denim jeans. We'd just creep quietly from rack to rack, acting like our childhood imaginations of spies on top secret missions. Man, those were good times. I could relate so well here. *sigh* I miss those days...
'Badgamenoob' 1 year ago
I'm British and we don't sound like that I don't know if your joking or being racist
Unfortunate Fruit Cart Guy
I was eating milk soaked cereal while watching...I recommend not doing that while watching this
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