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10 Amazing Fire Tricks and Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 2 years ago By: King of Perfection

By: King of PerfectionPublished: 2 years ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool Fire Science Experiments and life hacks that you can do at home using everyday household items. Today we are here with some of the coolest science experiments you and your little one can try at home.
All of these tricks can be dangerous so please use extreme caution when performing these experiments. Use safety glasses, gloves, well ventilated areas and adult supervision!!!

10 Amazing Fire Tricks and Cool Science Experimets:

(00:07) How To Keep Fire in Your Hands Thanks To Flammable Sanitizer (Be careful as when you choose wrong type of sanitizer you can burn your hands)

(00:50) How To Light Match with a Rubber. (It is a simple trick with matches that I like a like a lot. However the match has to be slightly adjusted to be flammable like that. It is trick so it will not work with usual matches)

(01:25) Amazing Fire Science Experiment with Pool Chlorine and Brake Fluid (When you mix these two together you get pretty strong smoke and cool fire as well. Do not try it at home.

(02:06) How Flammable are Ping Pong Balls. It will disappear in fire in few seconds.

(02:15) How To Make Balloon not bursting in a candle light. It is simple trick and experiment. All you need to do is to insert water inside balloon.

(02:40) How To arrange travelling flame when using lighter and candle. It is Cool Experiment for Kids you should definitely try at home. The candle is just simply light through candle smoke.

(03:03) Cool Science Experiments and Fire Trick with candle in a glass. The vacuum inside is causing the abortion of water in a glass. It is Cool Science Project for schools as well.

(03:26) How to make a candle swinging at home. This is Cool Trick for Kids. The wax on sides of the candles is dropping due to the hot flame and it causes the swinging of the candle.

(03:46) How much flammable is WD-40 spray. Be very careful as it is indeed really very flammable. If you want to see 10 science Experiments what WD-40 can be used for just watch this video:

(04:08) How To Light a Match inside a Glass (really cool experiment with match, glass and burning laser)

Bonus video: (05:06) How To Light a Match with a simple battery. Cool Trick and good video for fair Science Projects

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Deepak kumar
'Deepak kumar' 24 hours ago
Tourch ka naam batta yaar...
sweety gupta
'sweety gupta' 2 weeks ago
Sh jf FJ hi gh I ghoom yjhjjjkjkkmm
Sunil Pandey
'Sunil Pandey' 3 weeks ago
How it is impossible
Gourav Verma
'Gourav Verma' 3 weeks ago
Sathiyaraj Tmalai
'Sathiyaraj Tmalai' 3 weeks ago
Vladimir Putin
'Vladimir Putin' 4 weeks ago
"just use simple burning laser!"
Bobili Prabu
'Bobili Prabu' 4 weeks ago
I don't like this
Rangarao Padigila
'Rangarao Padigila' 1 month ago
yantok sr
'yantok sr' 1 month ago
Mpai kruan kaba tu?
Mohit Kumar
'Mohit Kumar' 1 month ago
Is there no side effects of this
Rohith Megana
'Rohith Megana' 1 month ago
King of Perfection
'King of Perfection' 2 months ago
Hacker 007 před 1 měsícem (upraveno) Hi guys. Thank you for SUBSCRIBING MY CHANNEL !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ YOU
Aditya Bamal
'Aditya Bamal' 2 months ago
Ahmedimran Khan
'Ahmedimran Khan' 2 months ago
'MS SCIENCE' 3 months ago
you should explain what is its scientific
'BANDITA BORA' 3 months ago
Nice video. I like it.👍
Ruby Pundhir
'Ruby Pundhir' 3 months ago
isse hat nahi jalega kaya
'NEO NiTiN' 3 months ago
Wooooooow i'M impressed
King of Perfection
'King of Perfection' 3 months ago
In my channel you have more interesting Life Hacks and tricks videos 👍👍 Thank you my friends and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy :) 👈
Richello Goopio Baring
Akash Pawar
'Akash Pawar' 3 months ago
Akash Pawar
'Akash Pawar' 3 months ago
Akash Pawar
'Akash Pawar' 3 months ago
Akash Pawar
'Akash Pawar' 3 months ago
super it's scientific
Akash Pawar
'Akash Pawar' 3 months ago
super it's scientific
Akash Pawar
'Akash Pawar' 3 months ago
super it's scientific
Akash Pawar
'Akash Pawar' 3 months ago
super it's scientific
Ramkishan Ramkishan
'Ramkishan Ramkishan' 3 months ago
ruin v hi k.. n
savitri chougule
'savitri chougule' 4 months ago
video mod Singh
'video mod Singh' 4 months ago
video mod Singh
'video mod Singh' 4 months ago
Sakshi Mahale
'Sakshi Mahale' 4 months ago
3:20 what is the reason?
Manisha Adiwala
'Manisha Adiwala' 4 months ago
Gayejdkdbsokxbdkd Duddon vs kajdjodkdh
forever masti knowledge
Meri saaasu k gi Kon so liquid h
Ancient Mantra Science
GMP Patel
'GMP Patel' 5 months ago
It's amazing be careful u can do it... Go for it
Life Hacks Entertainment
ramesh ramesh
'ramesh ramesh' 6 months ago
When the hand sanitizer is kept on hand it is not heat to us
Tamanna Kapoor
'Tamanna Kapoor' 6 months ago
the sanitizer one is toooooo gooooddd
Duncan Alba
'Duncan Alba' 6 months ago
On the 1st experiment,you never hurt on fire
'Ferrion' 6 months ago
First one was awesome
JyoiNrtz Nartatez
'JyoiNrtz Nartatez' 6 months ago
I was amazed by the sound produced from refrigerated vegetables on a week and the fire tricks!
'DaciaWolf' 7 months ago
can the first trick harm you?
Technic Ka Funda
'Technic Ka Funda' 7 months ago
nice video visit m chennal
Penial Danial
'Penial Danial' 7 months ago
Wonderful vedio
Raj Gopal
'Raj Gopal' 7 months ago
two ...
Ria Gutierrez
'Ria Gutierrez' 7 months ago
Manoj Kumar
'Manoj Kumar' 8 months ago
I tried but my hand burn I not leave you
Hunting Master pk
'Hunting Master pk' 8 months ago
dog kutta bad bad bad
hello_ jenna
'hello_ jenna' 8 months ago
"Just use simple burning laser! 😃" 😂😂😂
'knaayi' 8 months ago
oh! the first trick,i actually seen that trick a lot then i knew what the secret is.
Fallon Lawrence
'Fallon Lawrence' 9 months ago
I feel bad for ure little bro
Jessica M.
'Jessica M.' 9 months ago
Thiru Malai
'Thiru Malai' 9 months ago
i like the science museum and experiment very much
Sanjay Kr Tiwari wastes video
I want this all tourtiel in online shopping who apps
Ghulam Sarwer
'Ghulam Sarwer' 10 months ago
Sanitizer one is a little bit hot
War pig Hammer
'War pig Hammer' 10 months ago
The scares on his hands don't bode well for how safe this stuff is.
Qadir Khan
'Qadir Khan' 10 months ago
Look at his hand :-P I think his face is also look like this...
Abhi Shake
'Abhi Shake' 10 months ago
PoppaBlue59 Kent
'PoppaBlue59 Kent' 10 months ago
Okay. I didn't make it past the first 'trick'. This is ignorant. Try it if you want, but you are going to get hurt. Maybe disfigured. Go for it.
Boarding 1⃣0⃣1⃣
'Boarding 1⃣0⃣1⃣' 11 months ago
the flame in hands burnt my hand.😭😭
Alex the Great
'Alex the Great' 11 months ago
I want to know how to light a match with a rubber
'AsianGox' 11 months ago
awesome trick ..thank you
Ralph Heron
'Ralph Heron' 11 months ago
grow " simple little life's" survival kit in a medicine bottle!!!, it can kill bears WOW !!, either the bear will choke on it as it eats you or its arse will rip apart when it shits it out. some at these ' life things ' are utter bollocks.
Anikul Hk
'Anikul Hk' 11 months ago
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Syed Ruheed
'Syed Ruheed' 11 months ago
Fresh Freddy
'Fresh Freddy' 11 months ago
Trick or Treat
'SUMIT ROYL Jabar10' 11 months ago
Kay ha
'SUMIT ROYL Jabar10' 11 months ago
nirupama vadada
'nirupama vadada' 11 months ago
It is interesting.
Parth Mehta
'Parth Mehta' 11 months ago
CJS gaming SUB
'CJS gaming SUB' 11 months ago
I allready knew all of these
Zakir Ali
'Zakir Ali' 11 months ago
Noman Khan
'Noman Khan' 11 months ago
what is this in the deetol bottale
Jonathan Gimena
'Jonathan Gimena' 12 months ago
amezing nice
mayme mccathron
'mayme mccathron' 12 months ago
song for intro?
neeraj singh
'neeraj singh' 12 months ago
neeraj singh
'neeraj singh' 12 months ago
Santino Olayres
'Santino Olayres' 12 months ago
Fazil Rajput
'Fazil Rajput' 12 months ago
Yeah so i tried that neat hand sanitizer trick,, BURNED THE SHIT OUTA MY HAND
Kevin McBigPP
'Kevin McBigPP' 12 months ago
Nice click bait faggot
Bhagya Laxmi
'Bhagya Laxmi' 1 year ago
'GamerSoft' 1 year ago
all are copied
Afroz Khan
'Afroz Khan' 1 year ago
Interesting Ficus
'Interesting Ficus' 1 year ago
Excellent Video, giving it a LIKE , My videos are quite alike to yours!
Miftah rizqi
'Miftah rizqi' 1 year ago
H+. Kl
'SANKET SONNAD' 1 year ago
Wow supper
Gdn Import Export
'Gdn Import Export' 1 year ago
is he ok r is he d$#d
Anand Neeraj
'Anand Neeraj' 1 year ago
does the first trick with hand sanitizer really works?????? because I wanna try it
Autumn Chism
'Autumn Chism' 1 year ago
does it burn
'Francisco' 1 year ago
But dangerous
'Francisco' 1 year ago
All I can say is COOL
Adriaan Rootman
'Adriaan Rootman' 1 year ago
The fire wouldn't it burn
Liezel Kassen
'Liezel Kassen' 1 year ago
Jaya Krishna
'Jaya Krishna' 1 year ago
boya jayakrishna malapuram
onita chodisetti
'onita chodisetti' 1 year ago
Madison Hightower
'Madison Hightower' 1 year ago
I will try this at home with my dad!😍
Seth Taylor
'Seth Taylor' 1 year ago
there is a typo in number 2, it is supposed to say rubber bands not just rubber
hassan julius
'hassan julius' 1 year ago
'Zombex' 1 year ago
wich type of hand sanitizer is right?
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