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10 Amazing Fire Tricks and Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 5 months ago By: Wasaby Sajado

By: Wasaby SajadoPublished: 5 months ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool Fire Science Experiments and life hacks that you can do at home using everyday household items. Today we are here with some of the coolest science experiments you and your little one can try at home.
All of these tricks can be dangerous so please use extreme caution when performing these experiments. Use safety glasses, gloves, well ventilated areas and adult supervision!!!

10 Amazing Fire Tricks and Cool Science Experimets:

(00:07) How To Keep Fire in Your Hands Thanks To Flammable Sanitizer (Be careful as when you choose wrong type of sanitizer you can burn your hands)

(00:50) How To Light Match with a Rubber. (It is a simple trick with matches that I like a like a lot. However the match has to be slightly adjusted to be flammable like that. It is trick so it will not work with usual matches)

(01:25) Amazing Fire Science Experiment with Pool Chlorine and Brake Fluid (When you mix these two together you get pretty strong smoke and cool fire as well. Do not try it at home.

(02:06) How Flammable are Ping Pong Balls. It will disappear in fire in few seconds.

(02:15) How To Make Balloon not bursting in a candle light. It is simple trick and experiment. All you need to do is to insert water inside balloon.

(02:40) How To arrange travelling flame when using lighter and candle. It is Cool Experiment for Kids you should definitely try at home. The candle is just simply light through candle smoke.

(03:03) Cool Science Experiments and Fire Trick with candle in a glass. The vacuum inside is causing the abortion of water in a glass. It is Cool Science Project for schools as well.

(03:26) How to make a candle swinging at home. This is Cool Trick for Kids. The wax on sides of the candles is dropping due to the hot flame and it causes the swinging of the candle.

(03:46) How much flammable is WD-40 spray. Be very careful as it is indeed really very flammable. If you want to see 10 science Experiments what WD-40 can be used for just watch this video:

(04:08) How To Light a Match inside a Glass (really cool experiment with match, glass and burning laser)

Bonus video: (05:06) How To Light a Match with a simple battery. Cool Trick and good video for fair Science Projects

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Kevin N
'Kevin N' 3 days ago
I went to the hopital
Sri Vineeth
'Sri Vineeth' 3 days ago
4:00 OMG 😱
Hostile Insight
'Hostile Insight' 5 days ago
I made my own pretty cool bet that you'll win!
'RobloxianNinja' 6 days ago
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'RobloxianNinja' 6 days ago
wow so nice I subscribed
Lenova Abcd
'Lenova Abcd' 6 days ago
its bad
Jožko Považan
'Jožko Považan' 1 week ago
bidarahalli sudarshan
so intresting techniques
Shabir Bhat
'Shabir Bhat' 1 week ago
Woah great what the beautiful ideas
Jayesh dantani
'Jayesh dantani' 2 weeks ago
Nice aap
Fadly Muhammad
'Fadly Muhammad' 2 weeks ago
Anirudh Dangi
'Anirudh Dangi' 2 weeks ago
my matches didnt burnt plz reply
Aima Bek
'Aima Bek' 2 weeks ago
если ты казах или русский тогда быстро жми лайки. Взаимную​ подписку.
Ashif Khan
'Ashif Khan' 2 weeks ago
Hikigaya 0t4ku
'Hikigaya 0t4ku'5' 2 weeks ago
where you buy that laser?
Salman Khan
'Salman Khan' 2 weeks ago
smart india
'smart india' 2 weeks ago
Nice video
All in one #deepak bhardwaj
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'INFOPEDIA' 3 weeks ago 
Shantnu biswas
'Shantnu biswas' 3 weeks ago
isn't it is dangerous
pavan ks
'pavan ks' 3 weeks ago
Paul Hämmer
'Paul Hämmer' 3 weeks ago
What is that Hand Sanitizer?
Maarten Jansen
'Maarten Jansen' 3 weeks ago
mandate encounter advanced frustration less rifle corruption soon sort.
Joseph Eme
'Joseph Eme' 3 weeks ago
my children love the calendar thing
Dein Semana
'Dein Semana' 4 weeks ago
are you sure any kind of sanitizer
Panda 16
'Panda 16' 4 weeks ago
Is it hot?
'Tripper113' 4 weeks ago
Description says 'you can do at home.' Video tells us not to do any.
Pankaj Nishad
'Pankaj Nishad' 4 weeks ago
Pankaj Nishad
'Pankaj Nishad' 4 weeks ago
Pankaj Nishad
'Pankaj Nishad' 4 weeks ago
Vipin Kumar
anil reddi
'anil reddi' 4 weeks ago
it's amazing zing.....zing
'RaGe xSGE' 4 weeks ago
What how do you keep boiling hand sanitizer on your hands without a third degree burn
'charizard3669' 4 weeks ago
does the first one hurt?!?!?!
Joshua Mwatha
'Joshua Mwatha' 1 month ago
does the first trick work
'RAMYA D' 1 month ago
'RAMYA D' 1 month ago
Sayan Samaddar
'Sayan Samaddar' 1 month ago
nice man
Odia Onotieose
'Odia Onotieose' 1 month ago
#2 shocked me
Odia Onotieose
'Odia Onotieose' 1 month ago
I think i know how #1 works
'OPTiB EN' 1 month ago
I have a cool experiments on the channel ... please vote
Aisha Saleem
'Aisha Saleem' 1 month ago
when the hand sanitizer with fire is put on the hand so the hand would be burned
Mr Yoshi
'Mr Yoshi' 1 month ago
11 not 10000000000000000000000000900000990909090+&68%&8&%+&(8-(&-(%:)%&-+&%+)($%+:$&/
Eldin Jahir Morina
'Eldin Jahir Morina' 1 month ago
did that flame in your hand hurt?
ਹਰਜੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ
Ryan Cruz
'Ryan Cruz' 1 month ago
Ang galing niyan
Ramon Martinez
'Ramon Martinez' 1 month ago
blue means hot flame ..slow mo means ..your stupid if you try it with any flamable clothing nearby
Mohammed Aamer Ali
'Mohammed Aamer Ali' 1 month ago
'HUMAYUN REJA' 1 month ago
lighting a match inside glass is wonderful
dizzy rebell
'dizzy rebell' 1 month ago
ty si slovák alebo čech
'spikid1' 1 month ago
3:48 name of song please ? meno pesničky Prosím
Javi Zuno
'Javi Zuno' 1 month ago
Abhishek Kumar
'Abhishek Kumar' 1 month ago
Daily Updates
'Daily Updates' 1 month ago
very nice video
Fuck Agario
'Fuck Agario' 1 month ago
The first one hit or not
Pablo Alcaraz
'Pablo Alcaraz' 2 months ago
hey wasabi can you reply does the fire hand sanatizer burn you are does not plz reply im xirous
'KRISHNA MOHAN' 2 months ago
bahout hi faltu experiment
subhash Panwar panwar
Abdur Raqib
'Abdur Raqib' 2 months ago
amazing superb
Redstone Warlock25
'Redstone Warlock25' 2 months ago
The one with the hand sanitizer burns after a few seconds just so you know
Md Afridi Raza
'Md Afridi Raza' 2 months ago
Magic Fred
'Magic Fred' 2 months ago
that music is fucking annoying
'Mar's World' 2 months ago
The first experiment. Is it hot?
Sanjay S Best and rock
Ramesh Kumar Naravula
'TEHPWNZER1234' 2 months ago
I tried the hand sanitizer trick and it didn't work the flame was invisible and it burnt me
Ali MA7
'Ali MA7' 2 months ago
plz answer my question is the first one real because i dont want to get burned
Abishi Raj
'Abishi Raj' 2 months ago
nice to see
Mukesh konar
'Mukesh konar' 2 months ago
i tried that match stick trick but its not working
Muhamad Rafli
'Muhamad Rafli' 2 months ago
is that hurt??? fire in the hand?
david sandoval
'david sandoval' 2 months ago
that was so cool
Ramya Khandel
'Ramya Khandel' 2 months ago
Gavriel Richmond
'Gavriel Richmond' 2 months ago
what hand sanitizer did you use??
'Doofdood' 2 months ago
It's one of those moments that I love being a pyromaniac.
Mabud Mallick
'Mabud Mallick' 2 months ago
'CARSSEN plays' 2 months ago
2:24 is that a giant lighter
DaveGaming123 Diaz
'DaveGaming123 Diaz' 2 months ago
How it is possible really amezing
dania khan
'dania khan' 2 months ago
Great Video.Worth watching... .
Crisjer Gutana
'Crisjer Gutana' 2 months ago
I felt stressed when watching the video I dont know why....
eke junior
'eke junior' 2 months ago
name of the first song pls
JM.Rohith Vignesh
'JM.Rohith Vignesh' 2 months ago
What is the name of that laser light?How much is that?
Hersson Sotomayor Jr
'Hersson Sotomayor Jr' 2 months ago
spelled wasabi wrong stupid idiot
Nightcrawler 2
'Nightcrawler 2' 2 months ago
love how those aren't birthmarks on your hands. Had a few fuck ups huh pal?
chickafila. thechicken
the thing Is, I have an infared laser and it would break the glass. ALSO YOU NEED GLASSES! strong lasers blind you because the level of photos is pretty strong.
Keil Acerimo
'Keil Acerimo' 2 months ago
Dont try the first fire tricks ..... i felt the heat
Aisyah Putri
'Aisyah Putri' 2 months ago
Utaha - Senpai
'Utaha - Senpai' 2 months ago
Wasif Ansari
'Wasif Ansari' 2 months ago
'PADMALOCHAN SAHOO' 2 months ago
how to remove that hands sanitizer fire from our hand should we use water
Medo Hibo
'Medo Hibo' 2 months ago
nice tricks
Deepak Prasad
'Deepak Prasad' 2 months ago
which sanitizer do you use for the first one
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'Albin Karsan' 2 months ago
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Aniket Jain
'Aniket Jain' 2 months ago
Dude.. You had more than ten
Jeffri Solis
'Jeffri Solis' 2 months ago
i want to try the hand sanatiser
Prabagaran P
'Prabagaran P' 2 months ago
wow nice
Mason higgs
'Mason higgs' 2 months ago
Mary Thapa
'Mary Thapa' 2 months ago
i know the 1 trick
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