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Dan + Shay - From The Ground Up (Official Music Video) -
Published: 2 years ago By: DanAndShay

By: DanAndShayPublished: 2 years ago

26, 943, 581 views

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Shannon Ward
'Shannon Ward' 3 hours ago
I love this song
Michele Stuart
'Michele Stuart' 2 days ago
'GLORIA GUERRERO' 3 days ago
Bria J
'Bria J' 3 days ago
Love this song
Gabriela Clark
'Gabriela Clark' 4 days ago
This is going to be the song I walk down the isle too and our first dance when I get married
J&J Suy
'J&J Suy' 5 days ago
Happy 1st Anniversary to us :D This was our first dance song! We live by the words in this song. Thanks so much Dan and Shay!
tim simons
'tim simons' 6 days ago
Me and my wife's wedding song . It was perfect . What a great song. 😁😘
Michael Pattee
'Michael Pattee' 6 days ago
If I could pick a song for my wedding it will be this song. I love this song! 😄😀😍👍❤️
Ashley Isawesome
'Ashley Isawesome' 7 days ago
Ah I'm such a hopeless romantic tbh haha
bdhc Mac
'bdhc Mac' 7 days ago
Love their voices, they could actually bring contemporary jazz to their repatoir. As in instruments. It would blow my mind.
'Dc181' 1 week ago
This song is my favorite song because a person in my life had passed away . he was a father figure to me and I cry when I hear this song because this is the last song he sang
Sophie Sophia
'Sophie Sophia' 1 week ago
2:48 <3 <3 haha
PiGy Flames
'PiGy Flames' 1 week ago
This song makes me feel very emotional
Collin wolters
'Collin wolters' 2 weeks ago
this reminds me of my old dog colby i am currently 11 she pasted away when i was 10 we had to put her down her back leg was dead and now she is in my heart from now and forever. She was the greatest thing in my life....1 day ill see her again and i know it!!!
Laura Huether
'Laura Huether' 2 weeks ago
I remember the first time I heard this song was when I was coming back from swimming at the lake with my friends & I really listened to the lyrics and I remember thinking this song was really good at describing the kind of relationship I was looking for at the time, Then 2 weeks later my prayers were answered & I met my amazing boyfriend and he asked me what my favorite song was and I told him this song and he told me that he loves this song too. So it became our song and ever since then anytime it comes on the radio if I'm not with him he sends me a snapchat video of it playing & it never gets old! And we have already decided that this will be the song we play for our first dance at our wedding someday!
'김용범' 2 weeks ago
justin clancy
'justin clancy' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Katie Mcsuley
'Katie Mcsuley' 2 weeks ago
My wedding song September 26th, 2020!! <3
Omg.. 😍 love this
Rachael Reid
'Rachael Reid' 2 weeks ago
awesome song
zoe ford
'zoe ford' 2 weeks ago
I fuck up lives by sending to moon total scum
my aunty did this song for her wedding its called kalepo and dezma
travis hand
'travis hand' 3 weeks ago
Put the playback speed at 1.5 so satisfying
ยู หาน
'ยู หาน' 3 weeks ago
Krystal Neace
'Krystal Neace' 3 weeks ago
Lilly ish DA Wuv of ma life n Dis Song made us both cry.....Today we still date...But its our ups and downs..Guess god wants it this way
Hannah Grace
'Hannah Grace' 3 weeks ago
I’m crying 😭
xXBLaCk ReApErXx
'xXBLaCk ReApErXx' 3 weeks ago
I am so playing this at my wedding! Dan and Shay, this is the stuff people wanna here!
A. Randall
'A. Randall' 3 weeks ago
This makes me think of my nana and papa the house they have i wouldnt trade for nothing😗😗😗😗😗😍😍😍😙
Bree Prins-Haakma
'Bree Prins-Haakma' 4 weeks ago
Who put these onions here?
Nikolos Becker
'Nikolos Becker' 4 weeks ago
Sing on my best friend birthday
Mary De la cruz
'Mary De la cruz' 4 weeks ago
💞love this song!!! My grandparents are still together and my parents and with Gods blessing I want to be with my hubby for many more years to come!!!
Chaeline 9
'Chaeline 9' 4 weeks ago
i like this song
Blocked Animations
'Blocked Animations' 4 weeks ago
Here I was looking for a botw side quest guide
Shane Gebnar
'Shane Gebnar' 4 weeks ago
I love this song its my favorite
Joem Barrete Lledo
'Joem Barrete Lledo' 4 weeks ago
I thought Hunter Hayes is the singer
travis hand
'travis hand' 4 weeks ago
Who is whaching in 2018?
Hannah Ferguson
'Hannah Ferguson' 4 weeks ago
I just got goose bumps omg I love this song can’t wait until they say I can’t get married this will definitely be my husband dance song
Vibes  Good
'Vibes Good' 4 weeks ago
'BJ4223' 4 weeks ago
My new favorite song! It reminds me of my ex :( We were supposed to last forever but he cheated and dumped me
Michael Griggs
'Michael Griggs' 4 weeks ago
i'm not a big country music fan, but this song and the video are perfect together.
'2011cvb' 1 month ago
Pretty cool, I remember hearing Shay play his guitar in the lunchroom! Glad to see him so successful!
Jamae Ramirez
'Jamae Ramirez' 1 month ago
My mom love you r song
'TAP DANCING LEGEND' 1 month ago
This will be our wedding song 💗
richard flavell
'richard flavell' 1 month ago
my dad waddy sog
Anne Tuck
'Anne Tuck' 1 month ago
i love this song best song ever
Macy Jeffery
'Macy Jeffery' 1 month ago
You can ignore this if you'd like. I just wanted to drop my link in the comments because we are in crucial need of all the help we can get. Thank you!
Hannah Crookes
'Hannah Crookes' 1 month ago
This is going to be me and my fiances first dance song at our wedding 😍
Chris Brannon
'Chris Brannon' 1 month ago
This was my wife and my wedding song. I love her so damn much. Love you Heather
Nathan Lalor
'Nathan Lalor' 1 month ago
It's gunna be my and my soon to be wife's song at our wedding...that's for sure...saw these guys in summer fest in Wisconsin....very great band😎
Astazia Neethling
'Astazia Neethling' 1 month ago
I'm in love with this song!
Kristiann Alcantara
'Kristiann Alcantara' 1 month ago
This song is so underrated! It should have MORE views and MORE likes! I mean, it's just very beautiful. Good job Dan and Shay! 😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😍
Cheyenne Ranjel
'Cheyenne Ranjel' 1 month ago
Brandon Davis
'Brandon Davis' 1 month ago
This was my wife and i wedding song
Caroleéna Zeni
'Caroleéna Zeni' 1 month ago
This song means more than any song any words can describe💔
Sarah Reeves
'Sarah Reeves' 1 month ago
Me and RJ are going to be dancing to this song
colette s
'colette s' 1 month ago
they should have done a gay wedding..........2 gays singers and a straight wedding didn't really work
Kaylee Moraine
'Kaylee Moraine' 1 month ago
A thousand years Christina perri anyone??😂
Michael Stevens
'Michael Stevens' 1 month ago
i have been beaten down sooooo many times by a woman there is nothing wrong with me idk im a great guy
Michael Stevens
'Michael Stevens' 1 month ago
absolutely meand my GF
Deloris Goepel
'Deloris Goepel' 1 month ago
dan and shay.. hey! I'm a fan of yours and  I'm in country mania and quiet exited to hear a song from you!
Khei Cee
'Khei Cee' 1 month ago
I finally found the song I'm gonna dance to on my wedding! If I get married that is hahaha. Its so beautiful 😊😊
Daniel Smith
'Daniel Smith' 1 month ago
this is one of my girlfriend song I think her every time I go to sleep I listen to the song Because this is mine and my girlfriend song that's why I love us so much we're going to be together forever and when I think if I have listened to this song because I miss her and love her so very very much we're going to be together forever and ever and ever
Alyssa Galmiche
'Alyssa Galmiche' 1 month ago
I love how this song is just so tuching and sweet and peaceful it is just a beautiful song and I am so thankful for the people who wrote this song thank you so much me and everyone els appreciates it so much
Justin Lueck
'Justin Lueck' 1 month ago
If this song does make you at least tear up you have no heart. I just went thru a tough break up on this was our song and this was also my go too song and i fell in love with it and hope my next girl loves it as much as me i want it played at my wedding
Janmarc Quibtu
'Janmarc Quibtu' 2 months ago
even though i don't have a nice voice, I really want to sing this song on my wedding, someday😛
Bunny Towne
'Bunny Towne' 2 months ago
It's just a beautiful song to listen to when you want to get lifted up for the day! This song makes you want to feel joy and cry at the same time.Love it
Zoe Thompson
'Zoe Thompson' 2 months ago
I’m honestly crying rn 😭
Paula Gress
'Paula Gress' 2 months ago
When my grandson was ready for bed i rock him to sleep to this song he loved it as much as i loved the song
Michele Stuart
'Michele Stuart' 2 months ago
It's so sad space I love it
Thomas Powell
'Thomas Powell' 2 months ago
when I play this song it reminds me of me and my wife our past and future I love it
Katie Hodge
'Katie Hodge' 2 months ago
2:28 is she having a baby or
Blade Clan
'Blade Clan' 2 months ago
Me and GF love this song we start crying when it plays because she lives in NZ and in live is AUS so this reminds us of each other
'Ella's Life' 2 months ago
Im singing this for a musical and we get to meet dan and shay!
Stephanie Furnish
'Stephanie Furnish' 2 months ago
love this song
Jessica Rodriguez
'Jessica Rodriguez' 2 months ago
I wish my dad was here
Macy Jeffery
'Macy Jeffery' 2 months ago
This song is our anthem right now, and we are stoked for what the future holds. 2018 is a new year, so help Braxton and I get the materials we need to move into our home. If anyone is willing to help we would be so relieved and appreciative! We are tremendously thankful for anyone and everyone who supports us along our beautiful journey. May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation. I normally don't like asking for help, but this is so important to us. All updates will be posted along the way! Like, share, & if possible please donate. Don't forget you can donate anonymously as well, and I promise every penny counts! Thank you.
jessica lynn
'jessica lynn' 2 months ago
this is my wedding song - May 2nd 2018. ahhhhh <3
Porkchop Slayer
'Porkchop Slayer' 2 months ago
Amanda Lee Burton😚😚😁
Mishka Sharp
'Mishka Sharp' 2 months ago
This is going to be my "first dance" song at my day haha
karen gifford
'karen gifford' 2 months ago
danandshay my brother jay got married and this was his wedding song
Brad Kincade
'Brad Kincade' 2 months ago
What a beautiful song
Amanda Varela
'Amanda Varela' 2 months ago
Brandi McLouth
'Brandi McLouth' 2 months ago
Kozmo wonder
'Kozmo wonder' 2 months ago
So so so much
Chelsea Smith
'Chelsea Smith' 2 months ago
lovin it
nawaal hussein
'nawaal hussein' 2 months ago
"From The Ground Up" Grandma and grandpa painted a picture Of 65 years in one little house More than a memory, more than saying "I do", Kiss you goodnights and "I love you's" Me and you, baby, walk in the footsteps Build our own family One day at a time Ten little toes, a painted pink room Our beautiful baby looks just like you And we'll build this love from the ground up Now 'til forever it's all of me, all of you Just take my hand And I'll be the man your dad hoped that I'd be And we'll build this love from the ground up For worse or for better And I will be all you need Beside you I'll stand through the good and the bad We'll give all that we have And we'll build this love from the ground up This life will go by In the blink of an eye But I wouldn't wanna spend it without you by my side The clouds are gonna roll The earth's gonna shake But I'll be your shelter through the wind and the rain And we'll build this love from the ground up Now 'til forever it's all of me, all of you Just take my hand And I'll be the man your dad hoped that I'd be And we'll build this love from the ground up For worse or for better And I will be all you need Beside you I'll stand through the good and the bad We'll give all that we have And we'll build this love from the ground up Someday we'll wake up with thousands of pictures Of 65 years in this little house I won't trade for nothing the life that we built I'll kiss you goodnight and say, "I love you still." And we'll build this love from the ground up For worse or for better And I will be all you need Beside you I'll stand through the good and the bad We'll give all that we have And we'll build this love from the ground up From the ground up 💙💙💙💙💙💙
'jarad32' 2 months ago
Nancy Belle. If you are reading this, I love you! ❤
Jkoe xD
'Jkoe xD' 2 months ago
The fuck
Daniel Smith
'Daniel Smith' 2 months ago
I listen to this song because I miss my girlfriend thinking about her
Kait Green
'Kait Green' 2 months ago
I want a love that my grandparents had. They met a church, he was 21 she was 18. 2 weeks after they met they got married and were married for 53 years
Victoria Lopez
'Victoria Lopez' 2 months ago
thank you dan and shay and I have a crush on you
Jolene Steria
'Jolene Steria' 2 months ago
I ❤ur song
'2011cvb' 2 months ago
Want to school with shay, a great man!
Veronica Dioso
'Veronica Dioso' 2 months ago
i love your songs specially from the ground up. You have the same kind of sound with the Rascal Flatts but this song gives you an original creativity.
Meghan Gucken
'Meghan Gucken' 2 months ago
Dan and Shay this is going to be my dad's and Brandy's wedding song
Meghan Gucken
'Meghan Gucken' 2 months ago
This isn't this isn't to be my
Waad Shraidah Baysn
'Waad Shraidah Baysn' 2 months ago
Amazing vibeeeeee
Xavy Mateo
'Xavy Mateo' 2 months ago
rick flowers
'rick flowers' 2 months ago
This song reminds me of my mom and dad they always done everything together had nine children
Maranda Barlow
'Maranda Barlow' 2 months ago
it made me think about Bella because I don't get to see her your song made me cry. so much
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