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Dan + Shay - From The Ground Up (Official Music Video) -
Published: 1 year ago By: DanAndShay

By: DanAndShayPublished: 1 year ago

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Anita Trevino
'Anita Trevino' 48 minutes ago
April 22 will the be the day that my fiancee and I will be dancing as husband and wife to this song.
nathan ortega
'nathan ortega' 22 hours ago
peaceful song
Joy Adams
'Joy Adams' 23 hours ago
this is a hard song to here they just played this for my gram that pasted away
Deborah Richard
'Deborah Richard' 1 day ago
my friend like dis song
Emma Newby
'Emma Newby' 1 day ago
best song EVER!
maria moore
'maria moore' 2 days ago
i love this song but sometimes it makes me cry bc it puts me in mind of my pap and grandma <3 <3 <3
Trevor Strachn
'Trevor Strachn' 2 days ago
I have been married for 22 years. guys respect your wife and treat her as a Queen not with gifts anybody can shop with love
Kayla Balthis
'Kayla Balthis' 2 days ago
i love this song it makes me want to cry
Gabby Harris
'Gabby Harris' 3 days ago
Love this song so much going to have it play when I get married and when I walk down the aisle
Lynda whatshername
love you man
Te Me
'Te Me' 5 days ago
Hey guys go listen to my 10 sec video cover of this song first time singing tell me what y'all think and like, subscribe, share and I'll post more videos 😁
Isaiah Uribe
'Isaiah Uribe' 5 days ago
this will remind me when my grandma and Grandpa die.
Cesar Rodriguez
'Cesar Rodriguez' 6 days ago
love this song so muchhhhhh
Zach Allan
'Zach Allan' 6 days ago
that's me , someday
yolima perez
'yolima perez' 7 days ago
Hermosa canción.
'CodyGaming' 7 days ago
Lol this song was at a wedding I went to today
Ryan Pihlblad
'Ryan Pihlblad' 1 week ago
Love you✌🏼😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤤
Mariah Brickley
'Mariah Brickley' 1 week ago
the sound like Rascal flatts
a Butterworth
'a Butterworth' 1 week ago
love this song💛💛💛💜💜💜💜
Heidi Kartika
'Heidi Kartika' 1 week ago
Not only their lyrics speaks to us but their music touch our heart like the deep deep part. Sadly country music is not so popular in my country and there goes my chance to ever see you guys perform live :( but maybe you can consider to come to Indonesia one day? Love from indonesia ❤
Ezra Branaman
'Ezra Branaman' 1 week ago
I like this picture reminds me of my
Jasmine Johnson
'Jasmine Johnson' 1 week ago
I love this song...i like country love songs😍😍😍😍😍
Anna Whitehead
'Anna Whitehead' 1 week ago
Shiro Kunkuha
'Shiro Kunkuha' 1 week ago
I just dont know why this song isnt common in my country ??! I just listened to this once on the TV show , and them it's not been shown again . So sad for this , a forgotten song ..
Sammy Whitt
'Sammy Whitt' 2 weeks ago
stand up in it
carly kylie
'carly kylie' 2 weeks ago
you guys give me chills.
Jade Confer
'Jade Confer' 2 weeks ago
hope my future is as good as this
Amanda Dominguez
'Amanda Dominguez' 2 weeks ago
This isn't going to be our first dance song as husband & wife but I love it so much! I will make sure it is at least played during the reception 7/01/2016 until forever 💍
Marianna Vanhoof
'Marianna Vanhoof' 2 weeks ago
love this song becuz it is so sad and it is so catchy
Briana Moses
'Briana Moses' 2 weeks ago
This is my all time favorite song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
woke angel
'woke angel' 2 weeks ago
how the hell did 4 thousands people give this a thumbs down -_-, this song is amazing!
J. Lyons
'J. Lyons' 2 weeks ago
You guys REALLY know how to make people cry.. VERY touching Song but so awesome at the same time :D
jezel balas
'jezel balas' 2 weeks ago
i love this song..
Robert Giles
'Robert Giles' 2 weeks ago
I'm kind of neutral when I comes to believing in God, but I like the idea of someone watching over us 'through the good and the bad' when were giving our all each and every day! 🌟
Lisa Sudduth
'Lisa Sudduth' 2 weeks ago
I love dan and shay this made me cry when I get married this is my song it is so pretty and loveing
Brit Mcilwain
'Brit Mcilwain' 2 weeks ago
This was our first dance song this past september <3
a.basir .k
'a.basir .k' 2 weeks ago
wedding vows right there :3
Tean Murray
'Tean Murray' 3 weeks ago
I cry almost Every time I hear this I also sing too😊😖
Ashley Arnold
'Ashley Arnold' 3 weeks ago
I can be in the happiest mood ever and STILL bawl my eyes out while I'm listening to this..
Crystal Zimmerman
'Crystal Zimmerman' 3 weeks ago
l love this sweet song,,,,
Birgit Gross
'Birgit Gross' 3 weeks ago
Guys - I can't stop crying even tho I'm a happy single female hahaha great song! Why don't you grab Tim McGraw and make a Europe Tour? :))))
Kevin Green
'Kevin Green' 3 weeks ago
When i first heard this song, i thought it was Hunter Hayes. Kinda sounds slightly like Rascal Flatts too.
Joshua Wagurak
'Joshua Wagurak' 3 weeks ago
This will be played at my wedding
Elizabeth Schmidt
'Elizabeth Schmidt' 3 weeks ago
My husband and I just found out we are pregnant again. I cried so hard during this song because we built love the night we laid down and made this baby.
'Naturally' 3 weeks ago
I love when they say "And we'll build this love..from the ground up" these words are so Powerful to the soul
'Everlarkaddict' 3 weeks ago
This song is the most wonderful song I've ever heard
Shawna Milbourne
'Shawna Milbourne' 3 weeks ago
My moms wedding was in October 2016 this was going to be my moms wedding song but my aunts wedding songs were tim McGraws my best friend and they all wanted their wedding song to be the exact same my mom and I tear up when we hear this song because my mom and dad were going to be married to the song but they broke up and my mom got most custody of me and I saw my dad only four days out of the month He went to jail because he didn't pay child support he said he was going to work for three months I heard my mom on the phone talking to my grandma and my heart just shattered when I heard the words I can't believe he's going to jail he's making me tell her he's going to work
Alexa McCrady
'Alexa McCrady' 3 weeks ago
Love this song😍
Kira 42
'Kira 42' 3 weeks ago
I'm playing this song at my wedding... This is so beautiful!
Edgrey Label
'Edgrey Label' 3 weeks ago
1 year since this were posted!! still great and it'll great many years later!!
Ben Brunner
'Ben Brunner' 4 weeks ago
Dan+Shay =gay. this ain't country
Kyle Sargent
'Kyle Sargent' 4 weeks ago
This is makeing me cry my papaw past away
Jennifer Moon Walls
'Jennifer Moon Walls' 4 weeks ago
fairytales don't exist
Myha Edw
'Myha Edw' 4 weeks ago
love this song
LuLaRoe KatieKimson
'LuLaRoe KatieKimson' 4 weeks ago
If you guys ever want to randomly show up to my wedding this August to sing this that would be cool! :P Me & My fiance love this song <3
Elizabeth Howard
'Elizabeth Howard' 4 weeks ago
I want this to be my wedding song
Kaylin Edgar
'Kaylin Edgar' 4 weeks ago
This was my wedding song last year
'mjwiers1' 4 weeks ago
i luv this song it was the song for wene my sister in law walked down the isle
Jum Randelia
'Jum Randelia' 4 weeks ago
this is kinda me and my girlfriends song. she is the one. the one true love of my life. I love her so much. I want to propose to her and marry her.
Erin Ramlogan
'Erin Ramlogan' 4 weeks ago
i love this song.
Shannon Grill
'Shannon Grill' 4 weeks ago
This is the song my boyfriend sings to me almost every night. So beautiful.
'JOSHUA CLARK' 4 weeks ago
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH this song will be my funeral song
Jon Carrington
'Jon Carrington' 4 weeks ago
this is good song
'Fiona-Chan' 4 weeks ago
Someone recommended this on Wattpad.. one listen and I'm in love.
Gillian Murphy
'Gillian Murphy' 4 weeks ago
Love this song. Discovered it watching The Bachelorette. It always reminds me of JoJo & Luke now.
Samantha Cassell
'Samantha Cassell' 4 weeks ago
loving this song cant be happier to be marrying my best friend this year with ny step daughter by our sides to watch us be married
Bobbie Marks
'Bobbie Marks' 4 weeks ago
I absolutely love this song.... Donny I love you and I know you might not ever read this but I can't wait till we can move forward in life.... I love you so much...
Breanna Rose
'Breanna Rose' 4 weeks ago
Oh yes :)
secret girl
'secret girl' 4 weeks ago
i want to sing this song for my boyfriend (female) is that still okay to do?
Mrs. Hatfield
'Mrs. Hatfield' 4 weeks ago
This makes me so sad but happy at the same time its wierd right.
Dylen Smith
'Dylen Smith' 4 weeks ago
good song
Alexia Houde
'Alexia Houde' 4 weeks ago
does anyone else accidentally click on dan and shay instead of dan and phil?
John Hernandez
'John Hernandez' 4 weeks ago
Jean Howard
'Jean Howard' 4 weeks ago
i love this song it is the best this is the part i love this part from the ground up love is
Marilyn Torres
'Marilyn Torres' 1 month ago
I love this song so much
Brittney Cumberland
'Brittney Cumberland' 1 month ago
Madison Rusomaroff
'Madison Rusomaroff' 1 month ago
I'm crying I don't know why 😱😱😱😦👵
Amber Scott
'Amber Scott' 1 month ago
love this song
'grace' 1 month ago
This just suddenly popped into my head a week ago?
Hydra Hydra
'Hydra Hydra' 1 month ago
Richie Rich
'Richie Rich' 1 month ago
I look u daddy lucky
Jaymie Welch
'Jaymie Welch' 1 month ago
I had the opportunity to see them at a charity ball- they played an acoustic set! I even had a chance to take a picture-but the charity ball was going to publish it and I haven't been able to find it. :( . Very nice and very talented!!!
Diana Smiler
'Diana Smiler' 1 month ago
Is this a country song?
'ilovecgx' 1 month ago
so beautiful <3 they are really good
Marsha Schreib
'Marsha Schreib' 1 month ago
Love this, wouldn't dad be so proud of a moment like that
Tyler Venable
'Tyler Venable' 1 month ago
Fake ass wannabe country boys
'brokenherheart54' 1 month ago
Unplugged Aditya
'Unplugged Aditya' 1 month ago
I have made a cover for this song. Can you guys tell how's it?
Jasmine Stump
'Jasmine Stump' 1 month ago
Ashley Nichole Alden
this song was playing when my boyfriend asked me out!!❤😍
Hannah LaRose
'Hannah LaRose' 1 month ago
Oh my god this is such a great video and a great song and you guys are great and ugh I just love everything about this
William Porter
'William Porter' 1 month ago
this song hurts to much to listen too because it was my soon to be dead wife we sat by the computer and picked this song out for our up coming wedding but she die a week later of heart failure and it worst part about the whole deal was she never told me that great failure ran deep in her family making it very common in her family and I never knew which there was nothing I could do as she die in my arms that day
bob croder
'bob croder' 1 month ago
is that shayne topp
Bobsieck Sitinjak
'Bobsieck Sitinjak' 1 month ago
I miss her
Bethany Anne
'Bethany Anne' 1 month ago
They literally make the best music videos!
Brock Reik
'Brock Reik' 1 month ago
Caitlyn Johnson
'Caitlyn Johnson' 1 month ago
love this song. this song is me and my boyfriend song it came out the day after we got together. we make 9 months next month
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