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Dan + Shay - From The Ground Up (Official Music Video) -
Published: 2 years ago By: Dan And Shay

By: Dan And ShayPublished: 2 years ago

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Music video by Dan + Shay. ©2017 Warner Music Nashville LLC.

John Thao
'John Thao' 2 days ago
Nikki Yang we definitely dancing to this next year😘
Zia Jamal
'Zia Jamal' 4 days ago
My wedding song for sure!!! The thing is I’m single at the moment 😂😂
Caylor Norton
'Caylor Norton' 6 days ago
Absolutely amazing lyrics very moving
Joslynne Patrick
'Joslynne Patrick' 6 days ago
Can't wait to dance to this song with my future husband here in the next couple weeks ❤
heather clewis
'heather clewis' 1 week ago
if i ever marry my current boyfriend, i want this played at our wedding. if things don’t work out, as they’re up in the air right now :( i’ll never marry anyone and this song will always remind me of him.
'05veedubb' 1 week ago
This is going to be my fiance and i’s wedding song this november 2018.
Felicia VanEtten
'Felicia VanEtten' 1 week ago
so much for our marriage.
Atthawit Juntrawat
This reminds me what I done wrong(btw this song made me cry 😭
Rebecca Silver
'Rebecca Silver' 1 week ago
mind if I use it?
Rocky Road
'Rocky Road' 1 week ago
A Love So Beautiful MV brought me to this wonderful masterpiece😍
mark mccormick
'mark mccormick' 2 weeks ago
I love this song just wish my parents were still together and married for the next 65 years but never happened instead they put me threw a divorce
Jason Garner 5150
'Jason Garner 5150' 2 weeks ago
This song is about me Jason garner and my wife Jenny garner and I'm going my best to build a house for the ground up there n Moberly Missouri
Carter Meadows
'Carter Meadows' 2 weeks ago
nice video
Cole Rorie
'Cole Rorie' 2 weeks ago
Dear dan + shay thank you for writing this song it reminds me of how lucky I am to have that special person in my life when everything around me is going wrong
Whitley Norman
'Whitley Norman' 3 weeks ago
I love this song and I will play it at my wedding too
Paige Gunn
'Paige Gunn' 3 weeks ago
This was our wedding song. Absolutely beautiful song!
Ryan  Kerschner
'Ryan Kerschner' 3 weeks ago
This comment section makes me sick... good song though!
Shirani Simpson
'Shirani Simpson' 3 weeks ago
❤❤Dan & Shay!
Katie Horan24
'Katie Horan24' 3 weeks ago
I'm almost 16 and I love this song it must be played at my future wedding
Nikki Ezel
'Nikki Ezel' 3 weeks ago
This song gave me goosebumps... Love it..
Julia Jacobs
'Julia Jacobs' 3 weeks ago
This is the perfect wedding song.
Christofer Souza
'Christofer Souza' 3 weeks ago
I want a girlfriend
'RomanSoldiers4Life' 3 weeks ago
my cousin danced to this at her wedding it was amazing. this was like a year ago bu now she has a baby girl!!
Anne Tuck
'Anne Tuck' 4 weeks ago
this is the best song ever!!!!!!!!
austin,and Krysta,behind,the,camra
This will be the song I get married to
austin,and Krysta,behind,the,camra
My favorite song reminds me of my ex and my grandparents
Harry Prater
'Harry Prater' 4 weeks ago
Sorry folks...95% of what you hear being promoted as NOT country. Sounds more like 80's-90's pop music.
Nihel Dr
'Nihel Dr' 4 weeks ago
From ground up
halie gatlin
'halie gatlin' 4 weeks ago
Cutest video ever.
Abigail Luetjen
'Abigail Luetjen' 1 month ago
Dan.... are you deaf there's nothing wrong with that my bf is deaf and I was just wondering cause people say that you are
Erick Gonzalez
'Erick Gonzalez' 1 month ago
'Fly&Thrive' 1 month ago
This song H.O.L.Y and God your mama and me by FGL would be the greatest wedding playlist songs or 1rst dance songs!
Gita Benavita
'Gita Benavita' 1 month ago
I cant wait to be married but benteng bro
Gita Benavita
'Gita Benavita' 1 month ago
Teagan Fox
'Teagan Fox' 1 month ago
This made me cry
Teagan Fox
'Teagan Fox' 1 month ago
😭😭 so sad and happy
wong Jamir
'wong Jamir' 1 month ago
Your awesome
Miranda Isaac
'Miranda Isaac' 1 month ago
I love this song but why is so sad 😢
StellarOrion 919
'StellarOrion 919' 1 month ago
From the Ground Up by E-40 anyone 😂😂😂
Emma Johnson
'Emma Johnson' 1 month ago
You guys are really good singers
Jasmine Williams
'Jasmine Williams' 1 month ago
My favorite song
'[email protected]' 1 month ago
Evryone Im a big fan there like the best singers ever
Stacia Gallagher
'Stacia Gallagher' 1 month ago
" And I will be all you need, beside you I'll stand, through the good and the bad we'll give all that we have " this song is so incredible.. 💜💜
Myles Rudnick
'Myles Rudnick' 1 month ago
This was supposed to be my wedding song but she was more worried about getting high instead of dancing to it and now we're getting divorced so honestly I hate the song
'Jo' Atd' 1 month ago
'Jo' Atd' 1 month ago
Savannah Parker
'Savannah Parker' 1 month ago
love it
David Moore
'David Moore' 1 month ago
I told my my woman i wasnt gonna sing to her at our wedding cause i would prolly start crying cause i love her that much
Ryan Shaw
'Ryan Shaw' 1 month ago
I have a girl that I love and I hope someday this could be us.
Liam Keith
'Liam Keith' 1 month ago
This is our song. Heard it on the radio in her dad’s Chevy right around the time we met. Can’t believe it was damn near two years ago. Time flew but I still tear up when I hear it. I hate this new country music but this song just means it all to me.
Mahak Punjabi
'Mahak Punjabi' 1 month ago
I discovered them becoz of Taylor Swift. ❤
'YOU DON'T know ME' 1 month ago
I haven't been the most supportive and understanding person who i used to be to you Sam all I know is whatever you and I had isn't there anymore can you and I build something that's much better than we can imagine what do you say build this with me.
Nana Murcio
'Nana Murcio' 1 month ago
Me to
P r a k h a r . . .
'P r a k h a r . . .' 1 month ago
im already video is my everything
Dennis Vallandingham
The song that plays in my head for my wife the greatest blessing of my life
Joleen Cruz
'Joleen Cruz' 2 months ago
Amazing song.
Paula Gress
'Paula Gress' 2 months ago
Love this song such beautiful words and meaning
Jo-Ada Welch
'Jo-Ada Welch' 2 months ago
i cry it reminds me of something im crying wright know
Mary Christmas
'Mary Christmas' 2 months ago
Love this song!!! Tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks!!! Reminded me of my parents and now my husband and I. 💕💕
Megan Walker
'Megan Walker' 2 months ago
As I emotional from the lyrics that's in this. The words that are in this are actually true
Hannah Robinson
'Hannah Robinson' 2 months ago
This song was at my uncles wedding!!
Kristian Farland
'Kristian Farland' 2 months ago
This song will always hold a special place in my heart. This is the song we had our first dance to at our wedding.❤️
shedevil rebuilt
'shedevil rebuilt' 2 months ago
this reminds me of a night when this guy I fall in love with took my to the river and we got stuck In his truck in this driveway the led to a filed it was so funny Keith n one of our friends Brad was pushing and pushing probably all night long and soon as the sun started to rise Keith come up with this smart plan to just open the gate and turn around in the filed all I could do is laugh about and say to was at least we got to watch the sun rise together I don't think he took all that funny but hell the one of my most favorite memories I have with him
'sianafilippo' 2 months ago
Our song my Love!
'Leslie' 2 months ago
This is such an amazing song.
Jose Carter
'Jose Carter' 2 months ago
My wedding song
Deanna Feisty
'Deanna Feisty' 2 months ago
Thank you guys for such a beautiful song! My husband and I danced to this on our wedding day, 9-2-17, which I borrowed from my grandparents, who celebrated 56 wonderful years together. This song just fit so perfectly!!
Carla Phillips
'Carla Phillips' 2 months ago
I love this song i want this song played at my wedding💜 makes me wanna cry
Stephanie Morrison
'Stephanie Morrison' 2 months ago
My wedding song
'eTHAN bATSON' 2 months ago
Dang it! I don't dance...from the ground up...just to see you many choices for that first dance whenever it is lol
Robert Rogers
'Robert Rogers' 2 months ago
I heard this at Six Flags. I was with my friends (we're all metal heads) we all we're like "what is this shit hahaha". 30 seconds later we were trying desperatley to find the name of the song. I FINALLY FOUND IT
Jess Hutson
'Jess Hutson' 2 months ago
My wedding song 🤦🏽‍♀️
Shannon Ward
'Shannon Ward' 2 months ago
I love this song
Michele Stuart
'Michele Stuart' 2 months ago
'GLORIA GUERRERO' 2 months ago
Bria J
'Bria J' 2 months ago
Love this song
Gabriela Clark
'Gabriela Clark' 2 months ago
This is going to be the song I walk down the isle too and our first dance when I get married
J&J Suy
'J&J Suy' 2 months ago
Happy 1st Anniversary to us :D This was our first dance song! We live by the words in this song. Thanks so much Dan and Shay!
tim simons
'tim simons' 2 months ago
Me and my wife's wedding song . It was perfect . What a great song. 😁😘
Michael Pattee
'Michael Pattee' 2 months ago
If I could pick a song for my wedding it will be this song. I love this song! 😄😀😍👍❤️
Ashley ThatGamer
'Ashley ThatGamer' 2 months ago
Ah I'm such a hopeless romantic tbh haha
bdhc Mac
'bdhc Mac' 2 months ago
Love their voices, they could actually bring contemporary jazz to their repatoir. As in instruments. It would blow my mind.
'Dc181' 2 months ago
This song is my favorite song because a person in my life had passed away . he was a father figure to me and I cry when I hear this song because this is the last song he sang
Sophie Sophia
'Sophie Sophia' 2 months ago
2:48 <3 <3 haha
PiGy Flames
'PiGy Flames' 2 months ago
This song makes me feel very emotional
Collin wolters
'Collin wolters' 2 months ago
this reminds me of my old dog colby i am currently 11 she pasted away when i was 10 we had to put her down her back leg was dead and now she is in my heart from now and forever. She was the greatest thing in my life....1 day ill see her again and i know it!!!
Laura Huether
'Laura Huether' 2 months ago
I remember the first time I heard this song was when I was coming back from swimming at the lake with my friends & I really listened to the lyrics and I remember thinking this song was really good at describing the kind of relationship I was looking for at the time, Then 2 weeks later my prayers were answered & I met my amazing boyfriend and he asked me what my favorite song was and I told him this song and he told me that he loves this song too. So it became our song and ever since then anytime it comes on the radio if I'm not with him he sends me a snapchat video of it playing & it never gets old! And we have already decided that this will be the song we play for our first dance at our wedding someday!
'김용범' 2 months ago
justin clancy
'justin clancy' 2 months ago
I love this song
Katie Mcsuley
'Katie Mcsuley' 2 months ago
My wedding song September 26th, 2020!! <3
Cassandra Bess
'Cassandra Bess' 2 months ago
Omg.. 😍 love this
Rachael Reid
'Rachael Reid' 2 months ago
awesome song
zoe ford
'zoe ford' 2 months ago
I fuck up lives by sending to moon total scum
my aunty did this song for her wedding its called kalepo and dezma
travis hand
'travis hand' 3 months ago
Put the playback speed at 1.5 so satisfying
ยู หาน
'ยู หาน' 3 months ago
Krystal Neace
'Krystal Neace' 3 months ago
Lilly ish DA Wuv of ma life n Dis Song made us both cry.....Today we still date...But its our ups and downs..Guess god wants it this way
Hannah Grace
'Hannah Grace' 3 months ago
I’m crying 😭
xXBLaCk ReApErXx
'xXBLaCk ReApErXx' 3 months ago
I am so playing this at my wedding! Dan and Shay, this is the stuff people wanna here!
A. Randall
'A. Randall' 3 months ago
This makes me think of my nana and papa the house they have i wouldnt trade for nothing😗😗😗😗😗😍😍😍😙
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