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Dan + Shay - From The Ground Up (Official Music Video) -
Published: 2 years ago By: DanAndShay

By: DanAndShayPublished: 2 years ago

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Mary Knight
'Mary Knight' 2 days ago
Dan you are sexy and hot
diana d
'diana d' 2 days ago
I played this song so many times while I was pregnant and it now helps put my 6mo old to sleep!
'scott1713' 2 days ago
Been with my wife for 30 years ,we met when we were 15 yrs old ,And we both decided after different storms of life that it was for worse or for better and you'll have both but love grows through those times. Love the song that's what true love Does!
Ronson Laltanpuia
'Ronson Laltanpuia' 4 days ago
Still listening 15 Aug 2017....I wanna thank you a million times for making this song..... Love from India....and it's our Independence day from British empire....
Chantel Rodriguez
'Chantel Rodriguez' 4 days ago
dan and shay and maddie and tae should be a couple
'SoapyTurtles' 4 days ago
My brother and sister-in-law danced to this song at their wedding. When they played it, I had never heard it before but I was actually upset because I thought it was so beautiful, and now I know I'll never be able to use it because it's THEIR song. If I did use it, my sister-in-law would probably murder me.
Sub Scorpion
'Sub Scorpion' 6 days ago
I Cry When I Hear This Song Because My Mom's Fiance Passed 😢😢😢😢And I'm 8 So I Ball MY Eyes Out When I Hear Either This Or Tell Your Heart To Beat Again Because Right After His Funeral Tell Your Heart To Beat Again Came On I'm Crying While Typing This Text
Jeffrey Turner
'Jeffrey Turner' 6 days ago
I love this song some much
brandy aston
'brandy aston' 6 days ago
i want this as my frirst dance.
Ricafe Tabayag
'Ricafe Tabayag' 7 days ago
Rhianna Flory
'Rhianna Flory' 7 days ago
Cheyenne Criley
'Cheyenne Criley' 7 days ago
This is My Boyfriend and I's song 💓💓💓. Love Him So Much 😍😍😘😘😘.
david vandeeharharhar
The music video reminds me of before being shipped off to france 6/2/1915
randall bonnin
'randall bonnin' 1 week ago
still waiting for my best friend
Sarah F
'Sarah F' 1 week ago
This song brings back good memories
Julie Ament
'Julie Ament' 1 week ago
This was my moms and step dads wedding song. My mom passed shortly after and this song makes me cry
Jamie Norton
'Jamie Norton' 1 week ago
After seven almost eight years thought I would be married..
Kip Malone
'Kip Malone' 1 week ago
This should of been my wedding song
Erica Hinguanzo
'Erica Hinguanzo' 1 week ago
Love this song soo much ❤️
Chancy Squire
'Chancy Squire' 2 weeks ago
What a brilliant song that accompanies life.
Jacob Cox
'Jacob Cox' 2 weeks ago
Sam Burt
'Sam Burt' 2 weeks ago
Favorite song best song ever #DanAndShay
Hazzy Rekki
'Hazzy Rekki' 2 weeks ago
This song helps me p00p.
Sean Stigall
'Sean Stigall' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one who cannot stand guys like these? You guys in no way shape or form are country music. This is why everyone is floatimgmore towards hick hop, at least they sing about living country style, go sip your carmafrappacheenalates in your corner booth and please get off of CMT and go to MTV
Julie Collins
'Julie Collins' 2 weeks ago
Fantastic song, I can imagine what is happening with easy words to understand and it makes me feel great when I am down yay.
amber culp
'amber culp' 2 weeks ago
Who danced to this song at they're wedding? ✋💓
Broken Angel
'Broken Angel' 2 weeks ago
When I heard this song I began to cry. One day when I get married I want to play this song at my wedding cause this song is so beautiful
'PharCry' 2 weeks ago
People don't believe in "This" type of love anymore...
Danny Hill
'Danny Hill' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Danny Hill
'Danny Hill' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Jennifer Bayle
'Jennifer Bayle' 2 weeks ago
you guys are my favorite
'MissBrunzy' 2 weeks ago
walking down the aisle to this 8/27/17!
Angela Wynn
'Angela Wynn' 2 weeks ago
This is one of the prettiest songs I have ever heard.
Britt Loveshorses
'Britt Loveshorses' 2 weeks ago
Love this song❤️
Cowboy Joe
'Cowboy Joe' 2 weeks ago
I want this to be my wedding song if I find true love that won't cheat or control over my life
Andrea Watson
'Andrea Watson' 3 weeks ago
I just cried my eyes out first time seeing this and thinking how my Dads dead and grandpa just died and who will ever walk me down the isle?
Heather Ritch
'Heather Ritch' 3 weeks ago
Beautiful song
revolving nation
'revolving nation' 3 weeks ago
I got a high five from him.
FBI Detector
'FBI Detector' 3 weeks ago
Reminds me of my grandparents wedding and life from December 22, 1961 to today
'ChasingNinjas01' 3 weeks ago
This is the song I had picked to have played during my first dance with my now ex.... I still cry everytime I listen to it
Rhium Pearl Panes
'Rhium Pearl Panes' 3 weeks ago
I wanna hear this song all day..
Stacy_plays _addict
'Stacy_plays _addict' 3 weeks ago
Me and my sister and my dad's girlfriends kid were taking her dog to the vet and this song played before we left I knew from the first beat I heard I loved it!!!
jesuss lord
'jesuss lord' 3 weeks ago
I watch this video music only time I want and I have animal for one am I to one land my home is rabbits
jesuss lord
'jesuss lord' 3 weeks ago
I watch this music everyday
Micko Maurillo
'Micko Maurillo' 3 weeks ago
I have no words to say!!! this is the best modern wedding song Ive ever heard!
Diamond Perez
'Diamond Perez' 3 weeks ago
This song makes me cry my friends grandma passed away and my friend had shot himself with a gun right in the forhead ill miss them bad and my grandma will take care of him she is up in heaven to guys please pray for me thank you so much.😑😘😙😒😭😥😥
Polaris North
'Polaris North' 4 weeks ago
Love the song. Thanks Dan and shay.
Kelly Halifax
'Kelly Halifax' 4 weeks ago
I did to nikki check
BRWL Wiffle Ball
'BRWL Wiffle Ball' 4 weeks ago
this song is so beautiful 😭
Tristan Fogle
'Tristan Fogle' 4 weeks ago
This is are song
Tristan Fogle
'Tristan Fogle' 4 weeks ago
Griffin it is not the end
Kyden Perks
'Kyden Perks' 4 weeks ago
I love your song
Holly Flippo
'Holly Flippo' 4 weeks ago
This was the song we played while I walked down the aisle at my wedding. It was perfect! 9/17/16 <3
brandy aston
'brandy aston' 4 weeks ago
i would love this as my first dance with my hasband.
Chris Eirich
'Chris Eirich' 4 weeks ago
This song is really good
Jared Steinbeck
'Jared Steinbeck' 4 weeks ago
This song reminds me of my grandparents that are no longer with me and it really sucks because i watch all these kids today that do not appreciate and recognize all of what they do for them. So message to you all love and spend time with them while you can because life can change in an instant...
Bethany Headley
'Bethany Headley' 4 weeks ago
I love this song but I also like messed up by Dan and shay
'THEDIMONDTREE' 4 weeks ago
also love humble and kind!!!!
'THEDIMONDTREE' 4 weeks ago
went to a family friend wedding and the first dance was to this song honestly love this song
Andres Herrera
'Andres Herrera' 4 weeks ago
Vũ Anh Trần
'Vũ Anh Trần' 4 weeks ago
What happened with those 5 thousand people who dislike this song?
'OhmVibe' 1 month ago
Who's cutting onions again, wtf.
JasmineNicole 2
'JasmineNicole 2' 1 month ago
Im only 15 but I want this to be my sng for my firdt dance at my wedding :))
eddie ringo
'eddie ringo' 1 month ago
I love you babe Jacqueline
Karen Weeks Brown
'Karen Weeks Brown' 1 month ago
this was my wedding song Sept 24th,2016 !! And it still melts my heart every time I hear it!
Kurstin Penning
'Kurstin Penning' 1 month ago
One day!!!! 💕
Valerie Macom
'Valerie Macom' 1 month ago
Our son and his new bride danced to this one>>>>>SWEET
Nathan Nissle
'Nathan Nissle' 1 month ago
this sounds a christian worship song
Angel Challinor
'Angel Challinor' 1 month ago
everytime I hear this song I get chills and think about this one and only man I'll ever love cause he's the only one that I would want to make this song come true to I love Charles. j S
Gia Bảo Trần Việt
This song would be in my wedding for the next 15 yrs
Kendall A
'Kendall A' 1 month ago
Country Rock: All the men sound exactly the same. All the younger guys sound like Hunter Hayes. ...But, I like this song! :-)
Zoeh Jordanne
'Zoeh Jordanne' 1 month ago
I like this song so much, when I am listening to it it makes me remember my ex boyfriend.
Mikaila Boyle
'Mikaila Boyle' 1 month ago
I love this song
Brielle Cormier
'Brielle Cormier' 1 month ago
my great grandmas funeral song
Sheikh Kelvin
'Sheikh Kelvin' 1 month ago
I hate such songs. I hate it more when a man sings 😂
Christine Jason
'Christine Jason' 1 month ago
me and my husband this is our first wedding song dance from the ground up
Amanda Writtenhouse
'Amanda Writtenhouse' 1 month ago
my favorite song ever me and my husband love its our favorite will be 2 years in january we are going to have a big wedding this song is the theme for us came a long way just want the life
Kim Yong Cess
'Kim Yong Cess' 1 month ago
noah schnacky brought me here. this song is so beautiful
Tiffani Frye
'Tiffani Frye' 2 months ago
I've been married almost 8 years and this song makes me hold my husband a little tighter..... I know we will be together until death.
Samantha Cassell
'Samantha Cassell' 2 months ago
mine and my fiancees song cant wait for our wedding 2018
Lexus Beal
'Lexus Beal' 2 months ago
this song is going to be in my wedding when I get married
Lynn No
'Lynn No' 2 months ago
my 16 year old daughter is already planning on this song for her wedding.  yikes!
Owen Christensen
'Owen Christensen' 2 months ago
this is the best song ever this song makes me think of the good times at my Grandma and Grandpa's House.
'jamesgangl99' 2 months ago
My son and his gf met when they were both in 8th grade - 6 years ago and just had my first grandbaby... they just got married a month ago and I soo wanted this song for their wedding.
Kerisha Bignal
'Kerisha Bignal' 2 months ago
So beautiful. Want to get married to this song!
Paige Zetina-hinojosa
my husband and I got married oct 15 2017 my father walked me down the aisle to my love of my life to this song
Adrian Avila
'Adrian Avila' 2 months ago
I'd love this to be me and my girlfriend Rachelle's wedding song once we get to that part! I love you Rachelle, You're my baby girl.
Alexandria Victoria
'Alexandria Victoria' 2 months ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE THIS SONG
Michelle Hege
'Michelle Hege' 2 months ago
Beautiful wedding song
Kelly Mojica
'Kelly Mojica' 2 months ago
Very good wedding song. Also a good song to make you be at peace with your self.
dakota methvin
'dakota methvin' 2 months ago
This is the song i'll use at my wedding
Ethan Moore
'Ethan Moore' 2 months ago
nikki cheak that's cool
Dana Shepard
'Dana Shepard' 2 months ago
i love and miss you so much travie, and i cant wait to be your wife, your my best friend, my heart, my everything besides my daughter your the second best thats ever came into my life always your future wife..xoxo
J Mayer
'J Mayer' 2 months ago
this is one of my favorites
Grace Hathaway
'Grace Hathaway' 2 months ago
My uncles wedding song 💕
Bradon Wilson
'Bradon Wilson' 2 months ago
I love this song
Patrick Meister
'Patrick Meister' 2 months ago
Damn. Back when times were good.
Tabitha Fogle
'Tabitha Fogle' 2 months ago
once my boyfriend Griffin told me that this song remained him of me and him
Graycie B.
'Graycie B.' 2 months ago
This song will be my first dance song, hands down.
Thomas Piercy
'Thomas Piercy' 2 months ago
Great song, well done!
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