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Science and Technology in Ancient India -
Published: 4 years ago By: Ashish Shukla

By: Ashish ShuklaPublished: 4 years ago

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India was a well developed country in ancient time. This video will clarify that India was on the top of any field related to science and technology before any other country of the world. Ancient Indian Risihis were scientists and scholars. This video shows highlights India's Chemical science, Medical Science, Aeronautics, Navigations, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.

Shubham Panchal
'Shubham Panchal' 2 months ago
we are scientific persons😑😐
'rajaniksbt' 2 years ago
Yet another attempt to mix science and mythology to make emotional rather than scientific claims!
Krishna Kripa
'Krishna Kripa' 2 years ago
Video explaining the Ancient Sciences
kiran mane
'kiran mane' 3 years ago
Its great pleasure to hear him on ancient Indian Science & maths,
Christopher Paul
'Christopher Paul' 3 years ago
Omg....fodder for the bhakts !!!
'KelektikOfficial' 3 years ago
THANKYOU so much
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