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Gamers Watch Professional Halo For The First Time -
Published: 5 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 5 months ago

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"Halo isn't just people running around and shooting each other."

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'rungPHilo' 24 hours ago
sinepdown is cute.
'Xerneo' 2 days ago
"Video Game Lovers"
Aesthetic_ Kerosene
Rick and morty theme song at the beginning?
Vincent Gao
'Vincent Gao' 4 days ago
Ren Alexis
'Ren Alexis' 5 days ago
The inner circle refers to it as Pro-lo, right? And from there, has a theme song that is riffing on the Tro-lo-lo song. Right...?
Cooling Insanity
'Cooling Insanity' 1 week ago
Teemo's Hosting😵😈
Old Man Jenkins & Douchebag New Yorkers
I hate that girl Kelsey so much.
mathew spencer
'mathew spencer' 1 week ago
mathew spencer
'mathew spencer' 1 week ago
bitches ......god
F Society
'F Society' 1 week ago
IDGAF! Nothing comes CLOSE to professional Halo (pre Reach of course). Sure there's bigger tournaments and more devoted fanbases but when it comes down to pure gaming action Halo 2/3 was supreme. I will stubbornly refuse to even entertain any other point of view. Get off me.
Richárd Bíró
'Richárd Bíró' 2 weeks ago
Real gamers playing 8-10 hours all day and not going inside this is fake xd
'VASU BHATNAGAR' 2 weeks ago
Well i am a gamer..... BUT I NEVER PLAYED THESE....... AM A COD FAN
Aiden Parks
'Aiden Parks' 2 weeks ago
Guy: I'm seeing some pistols
Terry C
'Terry C' 2 weeks ago
Lmao the only thing relating Kelsey to video games is that she prefers playstation over xbox
Gene Loayon
'Gene Loayon' 2 weeks ago
Is it just me, or does Kelsey look like a vampire?
Omkar Kute
'Omkar Kute' 2 weeks ago
blondie looks like female version of cw barry allan
cole siegel
'cole siegel' 2 weeks ago
it's not a sport
Isaac Lushington
'Isaac Lushington' 2 weeks ago
Why would they choose Halo for this vid title....
alessandro vasquez
'alessandro vasquez' 2 weeks ago
just go watch the dota 2 international you will see what a real tournament looks like LOL
The Abstract Lover 2
That was Halos worst venue, ever. Worst venue for an seports championship ever. Speed running events have better venues than that.
Phi Ology
'Phi Ology' 2 weeks ago
Fighting games all the way
The Aqua colored armour guy with the Energy Sword
"Some Master Chief action going on" I fucking cringed. You know not every Spartan is Master Chief right?
'Jack HAMMER' 2 weeks ago
did she just say "sport"?!?
Jonathan Lenthang
'Jonathan Lenthang' 2 weeks ago
the dota international is starting.. It would be great if u could make it there
Amol Sharma
'Amol Sharma' 2 weeks ago
you should show gamers rainbow 6 seige
Allan Wong
'Allan Wong' 2 weeks ago
150k? That's trash
The Malay-American Guy
they should've watched professional league of legends
FB Films
'FB Films' 3 weeks ago
"Gamers" hot girls
Ryker Franklin
'Ryker Franklin' 3 weeks ago
try to find girl gamers like that lol
Guy Katabi
'Guy Katabi' 3 weeks ago
i dont play halo, but tbh, i was a bit disappointed. When I watch pro gamers play the audience seems a lot more vibrant and big. Also' surprised the halo championship's prize pool is only 150k
Messy Jess
'Messy Jess' 3 weeks ago
i want to play this with my friends/cousins, this game feels so thrilling and awesome. Can't wait.
Thomas The brave latino
Jesus fucking christ.
Battlefield On Console
They don't know a damn thing about Halo lol. R.I.P
'SnootBooper' 3 weeks ago
God competitive halo is tame
'Simply' 3 weeks ago
Hirosada Utsokoto
'Hirosada Utsokoto' 3 weeks ago
Hey Buzzfeed... please try Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) PLEASE
'tatoearashiga' 3 weeks ago
try dota 2
sajid haniff
'sajid haniff' 3 weeks ago
hears the name 'timo' *you playing the wrong game bruh*
Richard Lee
'Richard Lee' 3 weeks ago
I did this On the daily And I've played people Online who do not play pro, Way better then this. Still fun and I love the competitiveness.
Rhiannon Sean
'Rhiannon Sean' 4 weeks ago
"I think if I could love Halo anymore.. I do"
'woshiminion' 4 weeks ago
teem lol
Michael Xie
'Michael Xie' 4 weeks ago
Envyus obsivsouly is better
'JorgeGomez' 4 weeks ago
Jayash Thakur
'Jayash Thakur' 4 weeks ago
Who here came because of nadeshot
Gray Fullbuster
'Gray Fullbuster' 4 weeks ago
When they think those stages are amazing I would like to see them in the League of Legends World Championships. Like seriously. That was soooooo tiny in comparison.
Ryan Ho
'Ryan Ho' 1 month ago
anyone know who the Asian girl with purple hair is?
'Ronnoc527' 1 month ago
Prefers Playstation over X-Box. -Bye Kelsey
The Wazir
'The Wazir' 1 month ago
maybe it's my bias against buzz feed or general pessimism but they all just reek of fake gamer to me, just the way they talk about gaming and the things they say. by fake i just mean they are probably just casuals and not hardcore gamers. not like that's some terrible thing just feels like they wanna act like part of the community but aren't really interested in anything beyond coming off as "nerdy"
'MARCNATICS VLOGS' 1 month ago
Why did i see team liquid logo?
sam bruce garcia
'sam bruce garcia' 1 month ago
then try go on a league of legends tournament
Sebastian Alweyn
'Sebastian Alweyn' 1 month ago
I'm not like the biggest gamer, that loves competitive gaming sports. But I watched cs:go and loved envyus, like KennyS and NBK were my favourite, and now seeing envy us winning in a game I didn't watch. Gave me a good smile
James Kostem
'James Kostem' 1 month ago
As a gamer i gotta say i think ESports are a joke. thats probably because im good at 1 real sport which is futbol so thats y i think its a joke
pro boy
'pro boy' 1 month ago
I'm better
'ferds814' 1 month ago
whats the ladies phone numbers XD
'moomoo06' 1 month ago
professional halo? watch prof smash.
Lazurenko Bogdan
'Lazurenko Bogdan' 1 month ago
Lol gamers in Halo I was about to cringe when she said that Halo it's not people just running and gunning. She just don't know what CS is
Silver Ingot
'Silver Ingot' 1 month ago
Please take note that these 3 fuckers just called themselves "Gamers" And then listen to the comments they make And then look at how their faces react to the gameplay and finally look at how they look Now I'm not saying you should judge a gamer on he/she's looks but these 3...are sadly an exception
'BaconBubbler' 1 month ago
lol that area which they watched it is nothing compared to the stadiums they have now, they are almost as big as football stadiums (soccer)
TomHadALittleLamb :D
For me, Halo is one of those games that really doesn't make sense why there is a competitive league. It's a jumpy fun game to play with close friends on split screen, not with people you barely know and trying to add a strategy to it.
'MusicSkyG' 1 month ago
OpTic got in FAZE WHY
'Weazer' 1 month ago
Someone get Pistola to watch this, lol. Proximitty down in the comments I see, lol.
Mansoor Haque
'Mansoor Haque' 1 month ago
PC Master race.Just putting that out.
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team liquid boys
\m/ Jack The Ripper \m/
just play csgo cyka bkyt
RedCreeper Gamez
'RedCreeper Gamez' 1 month ago
I'm  a Professional Halo player to prove it I shot a guy in the head from a far away with sniper without a scope
'Fooner' 1 month ago
These guys are n00bz
chow dean
'chow dean' 1 month ago
please watch professional osu players
Astrid Ruud
'Astrid Ruud' 1 month ago
Hi guy !! hill Does anyone see worse this one laughlng. .
Maxwell Lemon
'Maxwell Lemon' 2 months ago
what is wrong with PS4
Nico Joseph Paguia
'Nico Joseph Paguia' 2 months ago
Lets play any battlefield game
'FAZE SHREK' 2 months ago
console peasants, they should have watched pro csgo matches... I would like to see their reactions.
Mr. Gamer
'Mr. Gamer' 2 months ago
hmph. $150,000 dollars? Dota 2 prize pool is worth $3,000.000 on 2013
Michael Sattler
'Michael Sattler' 2 months ago
'Durian' 2 months ago
They should've taken them to the International.
'JOSH.0' 2 months ago
These 3 are so cringy
Vince Lising
'Vince Lising' 2 months ago
Overwatch Or League Of Legends Please!!!
'SKULL FACE RIDER' 2 months ago
What about Halo 3?
'ABoxOfHedge' 2 months ago
go envy! Even good at halo
'Amart' 2 months ago
does michelle have an instagram or any social media
TheWar Pig
'TheWar Pig' 2 months ago
Envyus has a halo team?i only watch their csgo
Omar Chohan
'Omar Chohan' 2 months ago
Kelsey: Prefers PlayStation over Xbox. Goes to Pro Halo Championship. Boi.
Gordon Freeman
'Gordon Freeman' 2 months ago
Wtf is with these people in the comment section, okay good job, you played way more hours and more games than them, want a cookie? They have something called jobs(which you obviously don''t) and don't spend 24 hours playing video games. P.S. I'm just disappointed in the gaming community, thank goodness I met way more accepting people.
'EMOTIONLESS 6981' 2 months ago
any battlefield fan ????????????????
Waled Khatiz
'Waled Khatiz' 2 months ago
These gamers seem so fake. None of them seem like they are genuinely excited or if they genuinely play Halo
Daniel Go
'Daniel Go' 2 months ago
I was looking for the blonde girl's name who kinda looks like Kelsey... aaand she's also Kelsey.
Nathaniel Lionell
'Nathaniel Lionell' 2 months ago
Dota 2 hits prizepool of 9 millions in the TI6, and dota stadium is very large
isaac Park
'isaac Park' 2 months ago
What about that PC tho. WTF. Why not play something like CS:GO? That is a much larger competitive fan base and it has much more skilled players.
'TrainedWarrior' 2 months ago
Hah, I play WarThunder. Not much of an MLG game, pre WWII to Korean War, and a whole lotta fun! Eat that ESports
Benjamin Verciglio
'Benjamin Verciglio' 2 months ago
Goo optic!
M&N Distribution
'M&N Distribution' 2 months ago
'TheJoshMan' 2 months ago
*Sponsered by microsoft*
ethan helm
'ethan helm' 2 months ago
Halo is fucking trash why not overwatch or cod
'Darkside780' 3 months ago
More cringe from Buzzfeed.
'PogChamp' 3 months ago
Compare to Dota 2 International the size is like 1/100
'theradplan' 3 months ago
'PRME Play' 3 months ago
Wow Envyus everywhere
'Standup47' 3 months ago
LOL if this got cross platformed to pc these pros would get thrashed by Some semi pros xD
shawn walker
'shawn walker' 3 months ago
They just talk the whole time. Lame
'Tyler' 3 months ago
terrible game....
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