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Gamers Watch Professional Halo For The First Time -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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"Halo isn't just people running around and shooting each other."

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Eric Pettersson
'Eric Pettersson' 2 days ago
4:10 that shot wasnt even hard to hit
Michael Turner
'Michael Turner' 1 week ago
You could see a glimmer of hope in the fat guys eyes that he might lose his virginity to one of those girls.
its cris
'its cris' 1 week ago
'Lion CSGO' 1 week ago
Do counter strike global offensive
Dustin Sandage
'Dustin Sandage' 1 week ago
I figured there would be a lot of people crying their "no true Scotsman" gaming b.s. in the comments. I was correct.
Killer Meme Star
'Killer Meme Star' 2 weeks ago
"Gamers" phone games dont count.
Linda Elvenia
'Linda Elvenia' 3 weeks ago
Honestly, just let them be called gamers or professional or athletes. Whether it's a high school/college/pro football player, they are all athletes. Anyone can form a team. Anyone can compete. This competition may not be as competitive as say League of Legend competition, but this still takes skills. It's not just luck. You need to know the range of every weapon and other stats etc. and the "gamers" you guys are hating on, they have lives, the work, they can't just sit and play hours on end.
William Yang
'William Yang' 4 weeks ago
I perfer Pc, But I fucking love halo
AJ Plays Games 8907
'AJ Plays Games 8907' 4 weeks ago
Try looking into some fighting games next time like street fighter, smash, or even tekken.
Lydee Lopez
'Lydee Lopez' 4 weeks ago
TEAM ENVYUS!!!!!! 💕💕💕
Wyatt Unknown
'Wyatt Unknown' 4 weeks ago
Do csgo
'Godz1lla' 4 weeks ago
HHAHAhahAHahahAHahHAHAHAhahahahaHAAHahAHahhahah 150k prize pool
Elliot Ingraham
'Elliot Ingraham' 1 month ago
MrMoosey - Geometry Dash
AYY, My boiis back at Envyus :^)
Mad Soldier
'Mad Soldier' 1 month ago
So now if you play something like an hour a day you are a "Gamer"?
FR-S Rafa
'FR-S Rafa' 1 month ago
Only one of those pros actually look like the stereotypical gamer
'Vexylrei' 1 month ago
Kelsey is my spirit animal
Its Acai
'Its Acai' 2 months ago
They should let them try csgo then take them to a tournament
Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel
Nah, I enjoy CSGO more than Halo.
Iqbal Iman
'Iqbal Iman' 2 months ago
Take off your bra and show to the public
'FortyAnimal' 3 months ago
I cringe everytime someone says this is a sport
'Barrels' 3 months ago
These "gamers" probably play mobile games lmao
All I want for Christmas Is jew
Am I the only one who plays online games alone all the time and prefer it
Torben Pasucha
'Torben Pasucha' 3 months ago
Professional aimbotting.
'NovaDelta' 3 months ago
That's not Halo.
єףυιиσא ιν
'єףυιиσא ιν' 3 months ago
I am crap at halo
Far Beyond
'Far Beyond' 3 months ago
Michelle is hot af...
'OldBurnzy' 3 months ago
what a bunch of retards
Austin Kongdara
'Austin Kongdara' 3 months ago
Faze would have whooped their a$$ tbh not hating tho
'CR0W' 3 months ago
I'm a huge Halo fanboy who watches the champ series and this made me cringe so hard.
'EJR' 3 months ago
Seeing EnVy e-sports players that arent French confuses me
Michael Lacoste
'Michael Lacoste' 3 months ago
Could only watch for 2 minutes
'Walleo' 3 months ago
"Some master cheif action going on"
Stephen Train
'Stephen Train' 3 months ago
Jeremy is definitely not a gamer.
Wealthy Pepsi
'Wealthy Pepsi' 4 months ago
lol pro halo? whats next pro battlefield?
ElizabethWolfeGames 17
My 2 older brothers and my dad played COD, but I had to be different. I played Halo Reach and Halo 3. This was cool 4 me 2 watch.
Dennis Farrell
'Dennis Farrell' 4 months ago
halo 5 isnt a real halo game
'reskmek1' 4 months ago
go to cod lan tourney those go crazy too or csgo
'Raidz' 4 months ago
Screw it, I am a optic fan now
'Raidz' 4 months ago
Halo Is My LIFE
Mr. Lettuce Cabbage
'Mr. Lettuce Cabbage' 4 months ago
The blonde one looks like Jenny Matrix from VGHS
'wadiyatalkinabeet' 4 months ago
all i will say is..there is a huge difference between being a gamer and being a video game lover
Louis V
'Louis V' 4 months ago
noone will have a 1 on 1 ocnversation with the blonde, theyll all be too intimidated
'MEME JESUS' 4 months ago
posers ._.
'Mavis' 4 months ago
i like to play monopoly.....
'DARDARB!NX' 4 months ago
Drew Rogers
'Drew Rogers' 4 months ago
"I hear there is a friendly rivalry between team Envyus and team OpTic" 1. It's OpTic Gaming, not Team OpTic 2. There is absolutely nothing friendly about the rivalry 3. Please just say Envy not "Team EnvyUs"
l Lord Zerefx
'l Lord Zerefx' 4 months ago
Don't put halo in this situation ever again!!!!!
I juzgo I
'I juzgo I' 4 months ago
too bad the halo they are playing is barely halo
'OvΞrmλniλc1' 4 months ago
These people always get it wrong.The big reports are Lol DotA and C's:go not halo
Adolfo Cepeda
'Adolfo Cepeda' 5 months ago
Eric Hui
'Eric Hui' 5 months ago
need to get myself to a live gaming event
Mason Sinagra
'Mason Sinagra' 5 months ago
2:27 how does she have a mustache
Tobi Mastermind
'Tobi Mastermind' 5 months ago
Omg when he said his name is timo, as a lol player i got triggered (hate teemo)
'HerzDon'tIt' 5 months ago
I think it's hilarious when people go " oooh I'm a gamer and they've played nothing but overwatch or a few hours of COD, that's like me going for a walk and saying I'm an athlete or uploading a video to YouTube and saying I'm a YouTuber, it's insulting to those of us who actually enjoy games and don't play them just for the novelty.
'RETARDATIO N' 5 months ago
this video where real men are proven
'Gunsik93' 5 months ago
Kelsey is so amazing. . . . lol She just seems like the type of person you need in your inner circle of friends.
'TosiMahtava' 5 months ago
should have watched pro csgo
the unknown gUyLOL
'the unknown gUyLOL' 5 months ago
Halo 5 is garbage. Halo 3 had more professional players TBH
'Ty' 5 months ago
TJ's funny af. But you guys should've went to a different tournament. Season finals is the smallest event
'rungPHilo' 5 months ago
sinepdown is cute.
'Xerneo' 5 months ago
"Video Game Lovers"
Aesthetic_ Kerosene
'Aesthetic_ Kerosene' 5 months ago
Rick and morty theme song at the beginning?
Vincent Gao
'Vincent Gao' 5 months ago
Ren Alexis
'Ren Alexis' 5 months ago
The inner circle refers to it as Pro-lo, right? And from there, has a theme song that is riffing on the Tro-lo-lo song. Right...?
Cooling Insanity
'Cooling Insanity' 5 months ago
Teemo's Hosting😵😈
Sky Talks
'Sky Talks' 5 months ago
I hate that girl Kelsey so much.
mathew spencer
'mathew spencer' 5 months ago
mathew spencer
'mathew spencer' 5 months ago
bitches ......god
F Society
'F Society' 5 months ago
IDGAF! Nothing comes CLOSE to professional Halo (pre Reach of course). Sure there's bigger tournaments and more devoted fanbases but when it comes down to pure gaming action Halo 2/3 was supreme. I will stubbornly refuse to even entertain any other point of view. Get off me.
Richárd Bíró
'Richárd Bíró' 5 months ago
Real gamers playing 8-10 hours all day and not going inside this is fake xd
Lee Chaolan
'Lee Chaolan' 5 months ago
Well i am a gamer..... BUT I NEVER PLAYED THESE....... AM A COD FAN
Sparks Crabbing/fishing
Guy: I'm seeing some pistols
Terry C
'Terry C' 5 months ago
Lmao the only thing relating Kelsey to video games is that she prefers playstation over xbox
Gene Loayon
'Gene Loayon' 5 months ago
Is it just me, or does Kelsey look like a vampire?
Omkar Kute
'Omkar Kute' 5 months ago
blondie looks like female version of cw barry allan
cole siegel
'cole siegel' 5 months ago
it's not a sport
Isaac Lushington
'Isaac Lushington' 5 months ago
Why would they choose Halo for this vid title....
alessandro vasquez
'alessandro vasquez' 5 months ago
just go watch the dota 2 international you will see what a real tournament looks like LOL
The Abstract Lover 2
'The Abstract Lover 2' 5 months ago
That was Halos worst venue, ever. Worst venue for an seports championship ever. Speed running events have better venues than that.
Phi Ology
'Phi Ology' 6 months ago
Fighting games all the way
The Aqua colored armour guy with the Energy Sword
"Some Master Chief action going on" I fucking cringed. You know not every Spartan is Master Chief right?
'Jack HAMMER' 6 months ago
did she just say "sport"?!?
Jonathan Lenthang
'Jonathan Lenthang' 6 months ago
the dota international is starting.. It would be great if u could make it there
Amol Sharma
'Amol Sharma' 6 months ago
you should show gamers rainbow 6 seige
Allan Wong
'Allan Wong' 6 months ago
150k? That's trash
The Malay-American Guy
they should've watched professional league of legends
FB Films
'FB Films' 6 months ago
"Gamers" hot girls
Ryker Franklin
'Ryker Franklin' 6 months ago
try to find girl gamers like that lol
Guy Katabi
'Guy Katabi' 6 months ago
i dont play halo, but tbh, i was a bit disappointed. When I watch pro gamers play the audience seems a lot more vibrant and big. Also' surprised the halo championship's prize pool is only 150k
i want to play this with my friends/cousins, this game feels so thrilling and awesome. Can't wait.
Thomas The brave latino
Jesus fucking christ.
Battlefield On Console
They don't know a damn thing about Halo lol. R.I.P
'SnootBooper' 6 months ago
God competitive halo is tame
'Simply' 6 months ago
Hirosada Utsokoto
'Hirosada Utsokoto' 6 months ago
Hey Buzzfeed... please try Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) PLEASE
'tatoearashiga' 6 months ago
try dota 2
sajid haniff
'sajid haniff' 6 months ago
hears the name 'timo' *you playing the wrong game bruh*
Richard Lee
'Richard Lee' 6 months ago
I did this On the daily And I've played people Online who do not play pro, Way better then this. Still fun and I love the competitiveness.
'Rhiannon' 6 months ago
"I think if I could love Halo anymore.. I do"
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