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Gamers Watch Professional Halo For The First Time -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 weeks ago

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"Halo isn't just people running around and shooting each other."

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Nicolas Bertin
'Nicolas Bertin' 9 hours ago
You're not pro anything when you play an FPS on a fucking Xbox controller... FPS is PC, nothing else. Go watch real pros at Quake, Unreal Tournament, CounterStrike, TeamFortress etc...
Mythical Helljumper
'Mythical Helljumper' 10 hours ago
I've been an extreme Halo gamer ever since. Halo fan for life! ✊🏻
'Rugals' 22 hours ago
Why not a cod tourney?
Shooter Ready
'Shooter Ready' 1 day ago
There's something called outside and a real hard working job.
awesome sauce
'awesome sauce' 1 day ago
'RapeBoy' 2 days ago
Whatever. PC MASTER RACE MOTHERFUCKERS! "Prefers PS4 to Xbox" Ugh console peasants make me want to puke. BTW, their reactions make it perfectly obvious that they're casual gamers. BuzzFeed, spreading cringe since... whenever it was that it was founded, I can't be bothered to find out.
'Sfswave' 2 days ago
Why not csgo
'TheGStick' 2 days ago
Str8 Rippin is still around!?!?
Meme Boi
'Meme Boi' 2 days ago
"some master chief action going on"
'Hedeja' 2 days ago
150k prize pool? lol
xCGx TommCatt
'xCGx TommCatt' 2 days ago
R.I.P OpTic
Dopex Mc
'Dopex Mc' 2 days ago
what an ugly Pictures Girls who do the messi..
Alyssa Morgan
'Alyssa Morgan' 2 days ago
'Blue vs Red'. How dare you!?!
Meme o
'Meme o' 3 days ago
Man you should have done esl csgo
Teddy Graham
'Teddy Graham' 3 days ago
'NihilusFR' 3 days ago
If you are interested about halo 3 odst music atmosphere, I made a soundtrack montage (with some part of this Rookie soundtrack) about the reminiscent "creepy" music from this amazing game. It's on my channel ;) Thank you and have a nice day!
'Perzecute' 3 days ago
They should've played the playbacks of the OG halos
Pug Bandito
'Pug Bandito' 3 days ago
"pro gamers" who are using controllers.. with aim assist..
Earl Warren
'Earl Warren' 3 days ago
is it me or is the halo community more friendly than the dota community?
'edbo10' 4 days ago
It's weird seeing all these comments looking down on halo...then I realise that halo was basically the beginning of esports as they are now...a decade ago. Fun times. It'll be interesting to see how things go in another ten years. A new generation of people that'll look down on cs:go, overwatch and dota 2?
Legion Nothing
'Legion Nothing' 4 days ago
Green Wall
pumped young
'pumped young' 4 days ago
optic is still great at cod though
'Dill' 4 days ago
"It's banana-sandwiches amazing" gonna drink battery acid because I just heard that
'CornerCutGaming' 4 days ago
'SilkyC' 4 days ago
WOW! I would LOVE to be in a room with fellow gamers watching a tournament or just being a pro gamer myself!! AMAZING!
Jonathan Justice
'Jonathan Justice' 4 days ago
Halo is gay. Only like 2000 people play that trash lol.
Ahgou Gan
'Ahgou Gan' 4 days ago
Anyone cringe when they said 150k? WESG was 1.5mill...
Nicolas Rivers
'Nicolas Rivers' 4 days ago
You need to see Starcraft
Sneaky LT
'Sneaky LT' 4 days ago
ran out of ideas xd and chose halo xddd
Happy Tree Friends
Everyone is talking about Dota 2 being huge. Some of the major super smash melee tourneys are just as big, or even bigger
'RaijinGodSasuke' 4 days ago
to be honest gaming has much to do with luck to
TheOneTapFactory CSGO
Plss go to CS:GO Major with prices of 500K ;D
'TalkingLego' 5 days ago
2769 COD fanboys
Isabelle G (Ayeitsisabelle)
that guy is handsome haha.
Shouptie TV
'Shouptie TV' 5 days ago
I don't understand pro gaming
Turtle Mertle
'Turtle Mertle' 5 days ago
Tom Talks
'Tom Talks' 5 days ago
These bastards bought my tickets..
CT dagreat1
'CT dagreat1' 5 days ago
Darian Pineda
'Darian Pineda' 5 days ago
shouldve done cod
Ever Martinez
'Ever Martinez' 5 days ago
Where's CSGO??
Falcon Pants
'Falcon Pants' 5 days ago
Team liquid is everywhere
'NMD' 5 days ago
Console peasants....
Smessi Bish
'Smessi Bish' 5 days ago
Well hello 0:41 😍
Vuyo Sidinile
'Vuyo Sidinile' 5 days ago
That blonde woman could be Grant Gustin's sister.
ItzLukeZoid :D
'ItzLukeZoid :D' 5 days ago
Most people there just looked so bored that they wanted to kill themselves...
stormz jeah
'stormz jeah' 5 days ago
Field of view is like 40 this game is unwatchable
ScOrPiO _
'ScOrPiO _' 5 days ago
Ha ha. Optic nation or faze clan???? Team faze just saying
Jason m
'Jason m' 5 days ago
Lol, this is nothing compared to DOTA ti
'nizamm' 5 days ago
Wait a minute..... they're all on gamepads?! /shoots self Quake FTW.
'Imerence' 5 days ago
Oh there we go ,*Gymshark*
Tyler Willis
'Tyler Willis' 6 days ago
They just tried to milk out a game vid and this popped out
Christopher Kim
'Christopher Kim' 6 days ago
Kelsey reminds me of Collins key
Samiullah Khan
'Samiullah Khan' 6 days ago
snuffalufogous mc gee
"They're staring at their monitor the same way I would probably stare at a sandwich." No way she should consider herself a gamer if she doesn't also stare at her monitor/Tv like that. She's just a casual
Abraham Castro
'Abraham Castro' 6 days ago
Go Optic
'Blank' 6 days ago
Timo Teemo
Trolol Chuckler
'Trolol Chuckler' 6 days ago
Can't be leave this is a actual thing still cool looking though
Himani U
'Himani U' 6 days ago
I'm crushing on Kelsey lol
Prateexit Sagar
'Prateexit Sagar' 6 days ago
Fucking pretentious people
Alexander Terwogt
'Alexander Terwogt' 6 days ago
What halo game is this?
GreyFoxOf Light
'GreyFoxOf Light' 6 days ago
I honestly wanna see professional gamers do keyboard and mouse vs controller. I didn't say PC vs Console cause you can use a controller with your PC. Anybody else wanna see this?
'xPikaPowerx' 6 days ago
RvB <3
Ethan Ross
'Ethan Ross' 6 days ago
If you think that's a big event you should see the Counter Strike majors
'Wizeo' 6 days ago
Too bad they don't play any of the good Halo games competitively anymore. Only Bungie can make a good Halo game.
Aditya Srivastava
'Aditya Srivastava' 6 days ago
Why are all the Kelseys at BuzzFeed so cute?
Professor Horatio Grizwold
Halo's sooooooooo much smaller than proffessional lol and csgo, why not go there?
Professor Horatio Grizwold
Is that guys name ACTUALLY teemo...
'MrCramos27' 7 days ago
girls dont play videogames.
'YaNoAwantoMas' 7 days ago
Halo is back!
Games for life Corso
Dude when I watched it I really expected optic gaming to win
TinCan Boi
'TinCan Boi' 7 days ago
if this seems cool go watch a league of legends championship finals. lit asf
'Ghostgamer916' 7 days ago
Can you try to do Cs:go next? :P
'Wiggles.' 7 days ago
i fucking destroy these "gamers" any day
Ding Dong balls
'Ding Dong balls' 7 days ago
Kelsey is bae tho
tweakin al
'tweakin al' 7 days ago
less then 15 secs of game play lol
MoldyMac macdog03
'MoldyMac macdog03' 7 days ago
Kelsey's teeth look better then my future.
'FearSon' 7 days ago
Professional Roblox next plz
Frosted /
'Frosted /' 7 days ago
"Halo fans watch halo championship" Kelsey "Prefers playstation or xbox" ......... Halo fan eh?
Aaron Fortman
'Aaron Fortman' 1 week ago
They fooled you all they werent even actually watching the event lol, it was an act
Byron Sleight
'Byron Sleight' 1 week ago
Hello fellow gamers
Saint John Scooters
Optics the homies
Quez Films
'Quez Films' 1 week ago
Kelsey <3
Alonso Gonzalez
'Alonso Gonzalez' 1 week ago
do pro cod
'Riscool' 1 week ago
why couldn't it be csgo? tf
Jake Lawlis
'Jake Lawlis' 1 week ago
sooo...why didnt they do dota2?
Steven Mancera
'Steven Mancera' 1 week ago
Yea. Esports Tourno livestreams are mostly just for conviniemce of the others who cant watch there. But just like things like the Olympics, or any sports tournament out there, Esports need to big soon and start filling up stadiums. Theres been so that tried, but organizers need to find a way a million crowd more engaged and loud than seeing their team at the middle on their PCs/Console with monitors, then just being mirrored in a big screen.and crowd watching it. Augmented reality or rise of Holograms could fuel this
Chipi 27
'Chipi 27' 1 week ago
You should see the Dota 2 community.
Henry Chenry
'Henry Chenry' 1 week ago
CSGO tournaments are so much larger
Jhon Rodriguez
'Jhon Rodriguez' 1 week ago
Call of Duty king, bitches!
'TheHdGlitcher' 1 week ago
Halo Proffesional??!!!!!! hahahahaha
Lucas Erb
'Lucas Erb' 1 week ago
Take them to a professional smash tournament
Gabriel Hazel
'Gabriel Hazel' 1 week ago
Team envyus on cod are beast
Mr. Hedgehog
'Mr. Hedgehog' 1 week ago
'chuckach3w' 1 week ago
I would have had them watch the LCS Finals since it is the biggest esport atm
seth wallace
'seth wallace' 1 week ago
these "gamers" makes us sound like weve lost our minds
Bob Saget
'Bob Saget' 1 week ago
Bob Saget
'Bob Saget' 1 week ago
Bob Saget
'Bob Saget' 1 week ago
Tyler Swensen
'Tyler Swensen' 1 week ago
Optic is the only one I knew
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