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Gamers Watch Professional Halo For The First Time -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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"Halo isn't just people running around and shooting each other."

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TheWar Pig
'TheWar Pig' 21 hours ago
Envyus has a halo team?i only watch their csgo
Omar Chohan
'Omar Chohan' 3 days ago
Kelsey: Prefers PlayStation over Xbox. Goes to Pro Halo Championship. Boi.
Gordon Freeman
'Gordon Freeman' 3 days ago
Wtf is with these people in the comment section, okay good job, you played way more hours and more games than them, want a cookie? They have something called jobs(which you obviously don''t) and don't spend 24 hours playing video games. P.S. I'm just disappointed in the gaming community, thank goodness I met way more accepting people.
'EMOTIONLESS 6981' 3 days ago
any battlefield fan ????????????????
Waled Khatiz
'Waled Khatiz' 6 days ago
These gamers seem so fake. None of them seem like they are genuinely excited or if they genuinely play Halo
Daniel Go
'Daniel Go' 1 week ago
I was looking for the blonde girl's name who kinda looks like Kelsey... aaand she's also Kelsey.
Nathaniel Lionell
'Nathaniel Lionell' 1 week ago
Dota 2 hits prizepool of 9 millions in the TI6, and dota stadium is very large
isaac Park
'isaac Park' 1 week ago
What about that PC tho. WTF. Why not play something like CS:GO? That is a much larger competitive fan base and it has much more skilled players.
'TrainedWarrior' 2 weeks ago
Hah, I play WarThunder. Not much of an MLG game, pre WWII to Korean War, and a whole lotta fun! Eat that ESports
Benjamin Verciglio
'Benjamin Verciglio' 2 weeks ago
Goo optic!
M&N Distribution
'M&N Distribution' 2 weeks ago
'TheJoshMan' 3 weeks ago
*Sponsered by microsoft*
ethan helm
'ethan helm' 3 weeks ago
Halo is fucking trash why not overwatch or cod
'Darkside780' 4 weeks ago
More cringe from Buzzfeed.
Icvy Khai
'Icvy Khai' 4 weeks ago
Compare to Dota 2 International the size is like 1/100
'theradplan' 4 weeks ago
Rindy Anugrah
'Rindy Anugrah' 4 weeks ago
Wow Envyus everywhere
'Standup47' 4 weeks ago
LOL if this got cross platformed to pc these pros would get thrashed by Some semi pros xD
shawn walker
'shawn walker' 4 weeks ago
They just talk the whole time. Lame
'Tyler' 4 weeks ago
terrible game....
'Trinko' 1 month ago
professional terraria next pls
Muhammed Muhammed
'Muhammed Muhammed' 1 month ago
Kelsey's is hot thox dont over think this
Saved Life
'Saved Life' 1 month ago
long live reach
Mateo Naputo
'Mateo Naputo' 1 month ago
I'm here again a fun of FLASH from a TV series. To think i got see the girl version of Barry, hmmm shes so beautiful. I'm officially your fan.
Strawberry Flavored Bleach
"Banana Sandwich exciting"? 1:51
'Derek' 1 month ago
I kinda like Halo 2 competitive more then Halo 5 competitive
'AwesomePanda' 1 month ago
TheScran Head
'TheScran Head' 1 month ago
Lol halo comp is dead af now
Nathan Louie
'Nathan Louie' 1 month ago
aye buzzfeed, hit me up so you can take me to the next Overwatch competition after OGN Apex
Core Voltage
'Core Voltage' 1 month ago
can't tell but i'm pretty sure these people are robots.
Giraffe Man
'Giraffe Man' 1 month ago
Show them the hyena mastery montage
Giraffe Man
'Giraffe Man' 1 month ago
They showed halo 5 😂
FAoS Silencer
'FAoS Silencer' 1 month ago
Damn envy can't beat optic in cod thoe
joseph eapen
'joseph eapen' 1 month ago
lol sheesh are any of them gamers...! looks at the audience look at these guys ...looks at the players... looks at the buzzfeed team.. ahem...
'97Retrogamenerd' 1 month ago
Kelsey is pretty fucking hot
'SergeantPoon' 1 month ago
pls no
Snare Ware
'Snare Ware' 1 month ago
i remember when i used to play halo, that was my video game primetime, if i came back to halo, i could probably go pro. :/
Niine Lives
'Niine Lives' 1 month ago
haHAA ...
jesse vu
'jesse vu' 1 month ago
Lmao these nerds and geeks think they're so cool 😂😂😭💀
'Will' 2 months ago
damn pistola still winning championships??
'apocalipze' 2 months ago
professional fighting games next pls, Evo 2017 might be a good choice..
'TheDemoScout' 2 months ago
At least Halo is getting recognition again
Dawnory Cheng
'Dawnory Cheng' 2 months ago
Lol if they watched pro tf2
Muhammad Habibullah
'Muhammad Habibullah' 2 months ago
Dota 2
'Passerby' 2 months ago
we need some ako mid
Tierstobro TV
'Tierstobro TV' 2 months ago
There are so many different disputes going on in this comments section! There are the OG Halo players who are complaining about 343i's take on Halo, there are the people claiming PC is better. There are the angry CoD, LoL, CS:GO, and Dota players claiming they have the better competitive game, and then there are the people who don't even know that Halo is basically the father of competitive fps. Ooooooooh boy.
Lily Keam
'Lily Keam' 2 months ago
You know what would make it better, if it was assassins creed
Matin Phantom
'Matin Phantom' 2 months ago
Kelsey-prefers play station over Xbox. T R I G G E R E D
'Goirish3' 2 months ago
Love how buzzfeed did 2 women and 1 man to avoid people saying they stereotype 😅
Marco Zavala
'Marco Zavala' 2 months ago
Competitive melee pls
Please, enlighten me with your stupidity.
Pistola looks really different lol
'YellowTissueBox' 2 months ago
PLASMA...plasma* grenades.
Gelene XD
'Gelene XD' 2 months ago
Who else dont know anything about Gaming but still watched this video? 🙌🏻
'Frost' 2 months ago
They clearly don't play games on a regular basis in their spare time
'GamerDude9004' 2 months ago
these buzzfeed "gamers" probably play flash games and apps and consider them selves gamers
Jannik Raeder
'Jannik Raeder' 2 months ago
i dont game at all.. but reading this comment section makes my nipples hard
Marion 6969
'Marion 6969' 2 months ago
Letthem go to The International and you'll see magic
'dahshinin91' 2 months ago
professional cs:go next time
dylan duelsport Nagy
'dylan duelsport Nagy' 2 months ago
the blond is not going to start playing video fucking fake
Omega_Ệřžđämoñ XD
Now go with CS:GO.
Major Abyss04
'Major Abyss04' 2 months ago
I'm a better gamer than all of of them put together.
Jesson Abragan
'Jesson Abragan' 2 months ago
I dont know why... but I find the blonde really attractive. O.o.
Green Crayola Crayon
'Green Crayola Crayon' 2 months ago
All these nerds bruh. I'm a nerd to but I would die from all this nerdiness
yujil da
'yujil da' 2 months ago
fckin fake blonde
Emil Elander
'Emil Elander' 2 months ago
I wouldn't call that professional. Would be interesting to see Halo on PC, though.
'SK' 2 months ago
I didn't know Jonah hill liked halo
Diemas Hawkins
'Diemas Hawkins' 2 months ago
We beat those dirty blues!
'SkinnyODST' 2 months ago
Yeah thats right, get some gamer girls to get the horny nerds attention.
Aiden Anzaldua
'Aiden Anzaldua' 2 months ago
Idk why but I think that blond chick is kinda hot 😂😂😂
'uglyhippos' 2 months ago
They should do dota or lol next.
MrUnicornsGaming - gaming videos!
show them olofmeister on overpass
Diego Luna
'Diego Luna' 2 months ago
Does faze have a halo team
4Ks8 Fingerboardz
'4Ks8 Fingerboardz' 2 months ago
Was nadeshot there??
Shiyi YIN
'Shiyi YIN' 2 months ago
who is 0:25 Kelsey what?
Brandon Francis
'Brandon Francis' 2 months ago
These three look insincere and seem to be acting.
Golden Knight
'Golden Knight' 2 months ago
wow~ I like this PS4 Game.
Duo clan
'Duo clan' 2 months ago
come on these girls aren't gamers
'KGraves' 2 months ago
Shoulda been CSGO tbh, a lot more impressive at pro level. And I love halo so don't get the wrong impression.
Batman of the Apocalypse
Personally, the most interesting gaming tournaments to watch are fighting game tournaments. Maybe just because of the variety of play styles that you see, and the level of skill involved is much higher than FPS games.
Finley jessup
'Finley jessup' 2 months ago
Halos such a dead game
'imaprouduclabruin' 2 months ago
Who is cuter, Kelsey or Michelle? I think Kelsey
Teddy Rose
'Teddy Rose' 2 months ago
While I personally dislike halo 5 on a competitive level, Im happy things like this exist. Its nice to introduce gamers to competitive gaming.
Teddy Rose
'Teddy Rose' 2 months ago
Make Gamers Watch Melee, it will blow their mind lmao
Gordo Duverge
'Gordo Duverge' 2 months ago
They should do this but with overwatch
Classic Boy
'Classic Boy' 2 months ago
it's just a game
Utaha - Senpai
'Utaha - Senpai' 2 months ago
Halo in 2017, seriously?
'scorpioninpink' 2 months ago
Now do one for Dota.
A Damn Train
'A Damn Train' 2 months ago
These people don't seem like "gamers" at all.
Fist Bump !
'Fist Bump !' 2 months ago
The girl lools like Barry Allen
'Matt' 2 months ago
What the hell is CSGO
Jamie Lyttle
'Jamie Lyttle' 2 months ago
Its plasma grenade not sticky grenade
Robert Phillips
'Robert Phillips' 2 months ago
not trying to big myself up but, im guesing im pretty good at halo, however. i used to play it non stop and used to be good even when i was messing around. just having fun. it was differnt when me and my buddied were playing in game lobby's
'Max' 2 months ago
They picked Halo...I didn't know time travel was invented already!
Not Resie
'Not Resie' 2 months ago
keemstar was in the beginning lol im done
Cat Face
'Cat Face' 2 months ago
FaZe UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rolin the Molin
'Rolin the Molin' 2 months ago
Ew, Halo 5. They couldn't have shown Halo 2 or 3?
'Masterv235' 2 months ago
Halo takes skill, but other games take more skill.
Nicolas Bertin
'Nicolas Bertin' 2 months ago
You're not pro anything when you play an FPS on a fucking Xbox controller... FPS is PC, nothing else. Go watch real pros at Quake, Unreal Tournament, CounterStrike, TeamFortress etc...
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