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Husky Pool Day -
Published: 6 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 6 months ago

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Today been a hot day so we decided to jump in the pool with Luke a Hugo! Hope you guys enjoy watching cute huskies swim and act goofy.

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Ezra Loomis
'Ezra Loomis' 3 days ago
Cheyenne Johnson
'Cheyenne Johnson' 5 days ago
that is so awsome
I swear this two huskey are the best I rlly want huskey but the skin like them
Rafael Pareja
'Rafael Pareja' 1 week ago
GP crazy
'GP crazy' 2 weeks ago
Wuff Wuff ;_)
Lux Ferre
'Lux Ferre' 2 weeks ago
He doesn't swim in the air ©
Dr. Invader;}
'Dr. Invader;}' 2 weeks ago
Taras and his dogs are the kulest creatures ever.
Lets Play Roblox
'Lets Play Roblox' 3 weeks ago
Bo Hai Xie
'Bo Hai Xie' 3 weeks ago
I love them So cute
Roushdi Alkhalil
'Roushdi Alkhalil' 3 weeks ago
Ace Warmonger
'Ace Warmonger' 3 weeks ago
This does put a smile on my face :)
'Frazix' 3 weeks ago
Сергій Непийпиво
Very good
MuffinWolfz RBLX
'MuffinWolfz RBLX' 4 weeks ago
Your just the same person on CrazyRussianHacker,but i love this!
Shorab Palash
'Shorab Palash' 4 weeks ago
aim like dogs
Tye Cranton
'Tye Cranton' 1 month ago
David Pham
'David Pham' 1 month ago
"You have a vest, let's throw you into the water" Taras 2017
Lalaa Nooniiee
'Lalaa Nooniiee' 1 month ago
Abdel . Lara
'Abdel . Lara' 1 month ago
Soo cute
'时屿刘' 1 month ago
I really thought the two huskies are couple
ville rytkö
'ville rytkö' 1 month ago
Are huskys friendly
Ley Kim
'Ley Kim' 1 month ago
This video is so lovely, watching it smiling throughout
Adrian Stan
'Adrian Stan' 2 months ago
Thesr dogs are so lucky to have sutch a good owner
Jarred Andrew
'Jarred Andrew' 2 months ago
You have 2 channels cool
Wanda O
'Wanda O'neill' 2 months ago
I love those doggos ❤
Darius Bobo
'Darius Bobo' 2 months ago
Luke and hugo more like liuk and hiugah
'NZ FALCON' 2 months ago
Kriptonicgamer200 Lol
Awww i love his accent 💯😍😄
Cdrg Krio
'Cdrg Krio' 2 months ago
اغاني ايمن سرحاني wiam
'WAFFLE OVERLOAD' 2 months ago
I love when he tried to say Luke look likes polar bear
yup yup
'yup yup' 2 months ago
name a more iconic duo
Silly Sasha
'Silly Sasha' 2 months ago
He's Accent is.. Amazing :3
'YOUTUBER SEJATI' 2 months ago
(•) (•) ᴥ
Julie Hay
'Julie Hay' 2 months ago
They are so cute
No Comment
'No Comment' 2 months ago
Is the white husky albino? They are both beautiful!
'JoblessNormal9' 2 months ago
He kind of looks like crazyrussianhacker
Karen Guethlein
'Karen Guethlein' 2 months ago
Cute dogs
'TheKing' 2 months ago
Huskies are pussies lol
Jennifer Kohl
'Jennifer Kohl' 2 months ago
Such cute dogs+pool+beautiful view+me=Jealous!!!!!
Daniel Guerra
'Daniel Guerra' 2 months ago
Qué bonito
Ahmed mohammed
'Ahmed mohammed' 2 months ago
my name is fatima your dogs are so sweet i like them
Ahmed mohammed
'Ahmed mohammed' 2 months ago
my name is fatima and i love your videos they are amazing
justinmays 10
'justinmays 10' 2 months ago
In the video you only gave luke a name so think Hugo's should be oreo
Joyce Martinez
'Joyce Martinez' 2 months ago
You have the cutest dogs!! I love Hugo he’s so cute! 😍😍
rprow 15
'rprow 15' 2 months ago
So cute
LunaWolf Gymnast
'LunaWolf Gymnast' 2 months ago
I'm really sick... and i love to watch your videos right now!
Bean Can
'Bean Can' 2 months ago
Dwija Rianta
'Dwija Rianta' 2 months ago
Anjing yg putih lucu😄😄😄
Zack The Wolf
'Zack The Wolf' 2 months ago
Luke its like an artict wolf Hugo like a black and White wolf But why are huskys and alaskans malamutes like wolves... strange...
best youtuber
'best youtuber' 2 months ago
The reason why Taras said he doesnt swim in air when you lift him, is because some dogs paddle in the air after they go in and get picked up.
Iksan Kardi
'Iksan Kardi' 2 months ago
itu sangat keren bro
meh eh
'meh eh' 2 months ago
I have math test tomorrrow and i'm watching couple of huskys swimming around
Стая Танец
'Стая Танец' 2 months ago
Cute doggies
Mayra Oquendo
'Mayra Oquendo' 2 months ago
Hi babe AARON
Elma Pajazetovic
'Elma Pajazetovic' 2 months ago
oooooo yaaaay😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😘🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Smoky joosh
'Smoky joosh' 2 months ago
Even the audio is so realistic
X_Killerx_x Girl_X
'X_Killerx_x Girl_X' 2 months ago
Hugo jumped a few time
mc dreamer
'mc dreamer' 2 months ago
827 people liked this so much that they flipped their phones upside down and like it a second time
'M B' 2 months ago
I have no clue who this guy is but I already love him. So charismatic and so happy, bless you for brining your happiness to this tragic world.
Shadow the black gsd Shadow
Cute and beautiful dogs
Anu Maha
'Anu Maha' 2 months ago
Great pool view...Fantastic dogs. Just made me happy watching this video
'Famousbubbles77' 2 months ago
So cote
'Felicianuhh' 2 months ago
Sadai Cazares
'Sadai Cazares' 2 months ago
El perro GRIS con blanco se parece mucho a mi perrito
Quang Nguyen
'Quang Nguyen' 2 months ago
are you crazyrussianhacker
Quang Nguyen
'Quang Nguyen' 2 months ago
are you crazyrussianhacker
Sofia Baldwin
'Sofia Baldwin' 2 months ago
Awwww soooo cute.
'Twister' 2 months ago
Taras are u from russia?
barbie Nguyễn
'barbie Nguyễn' 2 months ago
oh husky is really cute. I love it
abod gams
'abod gams' 2 months ago
Asima Mehdi
'Asima Mehdi' 2 months ago
Eactv advgb IOP IOP IOP op Aggy Dat Arctic wart IOP iPad eag
Crazy Bear
'Crazy Bear' 2 months ago
türkiyeden selamlar
Apex _
'Apex _' 2 months ago
Because. They. Are
Kyara Azevedo
'Kyara Azevedo' 2 months ago
Husky COOL Day
Luis Esquivel
'Luis Esquivel' 2 months ago
Wonder y he doesn’t have a gf
Genesis D
'Genesis D' 2 months ago
Aww Luke has so much love for him. It seems like he wanted to help him when he jumped into the water and also wanted to play. 💓💓💓😘😍😚
First Last
'First Last' 2 months ago
luke is like that guy who keeps his friends out of trouble, and hugo gives no shits lol
Asmr Fairy
'Asmr Fairy' 2 months ago
Troy Scherer
'Troy Scherer' 2 months ago
All 746 dislikes are from cats
Fun guy61
'Fun guy61' 2 months ago
looks like crazy Russian hacker, but Idk if it's actually him LOL
Yousif Ismail
'Yousif Ismail' 2 months ago
Terrorising the white dog
просто канал карпенко
Ти и руский
Tony Stepaneev
'Tony Stepaneev' 2 months ago
Рашн акцент неоч
Kima Fishing
'Kima Fishing' 2 months ago
хаски думают как ты нас заебал дружище)))
'Gaby' 2 months ago
This is so pure
'ea2fly' 2 months ago
I love that dialekt
-Sicarius- GFX & kohi !
Selenna Sneberger
'Selenna Sneberger' 2 months ago
Pure Heroine
'Pure Heroine' 2 months ago
Dog year here!
TrippATGU _
'TrippATGU _' 2 months ago
I love doggys
Asia Marconi
'Asia Marconi' 2 months ago
Però non li obbligare a andare in acqua
glam Rockr
'glam Rockr' 2 months ago
Hugo is so big.first vid i saw was when he met luke
'27Leeny' 2 months ago
Gorgeous huskies!!!!!
Jman and Doggodude aka Ben and Sami
They grow up so fast
Miroslav Vukmanović
'Miroslav Vukmanović' 2 months ago
So cute❤
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