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Husky Pool Day -
Published: 2 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 2 months ago

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Today been a hot day so we decided to jump in the pool with Luke a Hugo! Hope you guys enjoy watching cute huskies swim and act goofy.

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Yu rashn yu Azərbaycan
David Neuhäusler
'David Neuhäusler' 20 hours ago
Your dogs are so sweet 😍
Sharkie_ Plays!!
'Sharkie_ Plays!!' 1 day ago
So cute!!!!!
'Gunsmatic' 4 days ago
that underwater POV of Doggo jumping in water <3
'MASTEROLOG Y' 4 days ago
11 million people would get hurt if one of them dies
'P P' 5 days ago
The gaming monster
You have they some pool as crazy Russian hacker
FaZe Lighting
'FaZe Lighting' 6 days ago
'matey00VEVO' 6 days ago
The white and black husky is clearly Mishka the talking husky
Determined Woman9686
Huskies are my favorite kind of dogs ^-^ I even have one right now :P His name is Koda :D
Kanchan Sasane
'Kanchan Sasane' 1 week ago
One day I'll buy u husky
'ADNAN KING' 1 week ago
'최철' 1 week ago
swimming animals make me calm
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Why does it look like the back edge of the pool doesn't exist?
Brayane Mawangu
'Brayane Mawangu' 1 week ago
This is just like super cooper Sunday
Epic Player 02
'Epic Player 02' 1 week ago
the cameras microphone was blocked with water
Flavio Mazza
'Flavio Mazza' 1 week ago
che belli ❤💙💚💛💜fanculo chiwawa
the fnaf gaming Dec
Husky are just to cute guys😍😻🐶🐕🐺just to cute no jokes husky are my favourite
Jovi Koens
'Jovi Koens' 1 week ago
I like these videos with the dogs
Mifflin Rock N
They're like the swimmers of the Winton lounge.
Redy Gaming
'Redy Gaming' 1 week ago
Best dog ever 😆👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
'Fractal' 2 weeks ago
Dude your dogs are awesome! So beautiful! :D
Charleane Bailey-Lake
Charlen and dog swimmers 😂😁
elnur abdulkerimov
'elnur abdulkerimov' 2 weeks ago
Om Pal
'Om Pal' 2 weeks ago
I think like doesn't like huga
youseng lay
'youseng lay' 2 weeks ago
Oh it's warm :)
Murat Yavuz
'Murat Yavuz' 2 weeks ago
hamdan mohd zain
'hamdan mohd zain' 2 weeks ago
better you throw your dog into water that make them happier
Marcus & Martinus
'Marcus & Martinus' 2 weeks ago
'Poseidon05' 2 weeks ago
He makes them swim
Eric Lansden
'Eric Lansden' 2 weeks ago
That was c to the o to the o to the l. COOL!!!!!!
black pea name is kell
Nisanur Şahinci
'Nisanur Şahinci' 2 weeks ago
IFunny Life
'IFunny Life' 2 weeks ago
Meme Machine
'Meme Machine' 2 weeks ago
An Nguyen
'An Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
thích wa
'14angelmg' 2 weeks ago
This is the cutest!
Juan Andrés Castillo Soria
1 Like = 1 Boom
Suharti Hj Ishak
'Suharti Hj Ishak' 2 weeks ago
And I like Luke a lot
Suharti Hj Ishak
'Suharti Hj Ishak' 2 weeks ago
Those are cute dogs tho
Rajesh Chowdary
'Rajesh Chowdary' 3 weeks ago
Camilla Bikbova
'Camilla Bikbova' 3 weeks ago
Какие смешные твои Собаки!!
Grise Blacolar
'Grise Blacolar' 3 weeks ago
I thought the other husky's name was Hyuga like the Japanese warship or the province. Then I learned that it was Hugo. lol
Selena Rachel
'Selena Rachel' 3 weeks ago
Your dogs know how to swim... but I...... *true*
Havila Mattos
'Havila Mattos' 3 weeks ago
Luke Pham
'Luke Pham' 3 weeks ago
Who is cuter Hugo or luke
Azrijali Jali
'Azrijali Jali' 3 weeks ago
so cute
Nelson Rodriguez
'Nelson Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
^_^ 😃😜🌷🥇😍🎂🍦
Azriel Imran
'Azriel Imran' 3 weeks ago
he is such a unique youtuber
Joshua Leal
'Joshua Leal' 3 weeks ago
This is crazy Russian hacker
ImagineAstorm 523
'ImagineAstorm 523' 4 weeks ago
I like luke better
Gavin Sage
'Gavin Sage' 4 weeks ago
Dogs are better swimmer than me
Susan Mangan
'Susan Mangan' 4 weeks ago
That was adorable I loved seeing the huskys swimming😁😁😁
Velu Samy
'Velu Samy' 4 weeks ago
Christina Plunkett
'Christina Plunkett' 4 weeks ago
So beautiful and cute
TheMaskNinja 211
'TheMaskNinja 211' 4 weeks ago
Swimming with dogs looks fun
Manu mathipad air 2 gris Metral
Cool t'es vidéo
Jay Morrow
'Jay Morrow' 4 weeks ago
Hugo jumped! Over Luke.
Sergej Milenkovic
'Sergej Milenkovic' 4 weeks ago
nice dogs
Beasty RBLX
'Beasty RBLX' 4 weeks ago
Its been months and it didnt reach mi views
Assassins Creed
'Assassins Creed' 4 weeks ago
Did he accidently end the video. It looks like he did
Sulfric Acid H2SO4
'Sulfric Acid H2SO4' 4 weeks ago
GreenCreeper HD
'GreenCreeper HD' 4 weeks ago
GreenCreeper HD
'GreenCreeper HD' 4 weeks ago
Dog Vacation
Alok Singh
'Alok Singh' 4 weeks ago
Is both are husky ?
Puppy Lover
'Puppy Lover' 4 weeks ago
I want a Husky
creative Krafters
'creative Krafters' 4 weeks ago
Taras you should do dog gadgets for the pool
Nasir Kosa
'Nasir Kosa' 4 weeks ago
What's on the other side of that pool?
Therese Claveria
'Therese Claveria' 1 month ago
I like huskies But we have the beljanmelanwo Dog like we're the same size
Heidi Quach
'Heidi Quach' 1 month ago
I'm going to get a husky whem I'm older
Mel B
'Mel B' 1 month ago
this is so precious
ngoc phuong trinh
'ngoc phuong trinh' 1 month ago
Husky 😍😍
Harun Özbay
'Harun Özbay' 1 month ago
Pulpetti Pekka
'Pulpetti Pekka' 1 month ago
''haha luke we swin together!'' XD
Luckyboy Taveechai
'Luckyboy Taveechai' 1 month ago
Iven Bun
'Iven Bun' 1 month ago
"lets throw u in the water' XD
TheSpongeTrap 8387
'TheSpongeTrap 8387' 1 month ago
I see husky i click
JokerCard88 FTW
'JokerCard88 FTW' 1 month ago
'Demi's Animations' 1 month ago
"Haha Luke we're swimming together!" Is what he says to taunt his dog as he's swimming with Hugo.
leonard2146 playz roblox
wow i never herd you so excited like that when you said yay
Erika Nike
'Erika Nike' 1 month ago
Damte Hemmings
'Damte Hemmings' 1 month ago
Taras your dogs are cute
Kri Sh
'Kri Sh' 1 month ago
Dude you are great, am a big fan your videos
MarshallPlayz YT
'MarshallPlayz YT' 1 month ago
Awwwwwqwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im so mad of how cute they are 😂😂
melissa goins
'melissa goins' 1 month ago
N. M.m. M..
Hysky for ever !!!!
'Hysky for ever !!!!' 1 month ago
Emmanuel Baligad
'Emmanuel Baligad' 1 month ago
"Oh he doesn't swim in the air"
Empress Empress
'Empress Empress' 1 month ago
So beautiful huskys!
Lexi Jolie
'Lexi Jolie' 1 month ago
Cute huskeys
Burger Egg
'Burger Egg' 1 month ago
Hugo is the cutest dog
BluEsliMe_32 :v
'BluEsliMe_32 :v' 1 month ago
*Y A Y*
Vivien Vizi
'Vivien Vizi' 1 month ago
Love your dogs
Joey G
'Joey G' 1 month ago
Hugo = wolf 🐺 Luke = polar bear
Tomislav Games
'Tomislav Games' 1 month ago
Beatiful dogs
'INUB PLAYZ' 1 month ago
are you crazy russain hacker
Gaming Kai Nhan
'Gaming Kai Nhan' 1 month ago
Lydia Xagorari
'Lydia Xagorari' 1 month ago
Ohh so cute!!!❤❤😘😘😘
Jessic Cave
'Jessic Cave' 1 month ago
If he wants to get out of pool let him out😌
'tidahm0k3L3iy0' 1 month ago
poooollll dayyyy YASSS!!! <3
Thierry Herreman
'Thierry Herreman' 1 month ago
Your Luk was worried about Hugo,that was why Luk was nervous and barking when ,he then jumps in the pool to guide Hugo to the pool stair.That was beautiful,bro.
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