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Husky Pool Day -
Published: 4 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 4 months ago

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Today been a hot day so we decided to jump in the pool with Luke a Hugo! Hope you guys enjoy watching cute huskies swim and act goofy.

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Abedkaled Kaled
'Abedkaled Kaled' 6 hours ago
Asima Mehdi
'Asima Mehdi' 10 hours ago
Eactv advgb IOP IOP IOP op Aggy Dat Arctic wart IOP iPad eag
Crazy Bear
'Crazy Bear' 14 hours ago
türkiyeden selamlar
Apex _
'Apex _' 1 day ago
Because. They. Are
Kyara Azevedo
'Kyara Azevedo' 1 day ago
Husky COOL Day
Luis Esquivel
'Luis Esquivel' 2 days ago
Wonder y he doesn’t have a gf
Genesis D
'Genesis D' 3 days ago
Aww Luke has so much love for him. It seems like he wanted to help him when he jumped into the water and also wanted to play. 💓💓💓😘😍😚
First Last
'First Last' 3 days ago
luke is like that guy who keeps his friends out of trouble, and hugo gives no shits lol
Asmr Fairy
'Asmr Fairy' 3 days ago
Troy Scherer
'Troy Scherer' 3 days ago
All 746 dislikes are from cats
Fun guy61
'Fun guy61' 4 days ago
looks like crazy Russian hacker, but Idk if it's actually him LOL
Yousif Ismail
'Yousif Ismail' 4 days ago
Terrorising the white dog
Класс класс
Ти и руский
Tony Stepaneev
'Tony Stepaneev' 4 days ago
Рашн акцент неоч
Kima Fishing
'Kima Fishing' 4 days ago
хаски думают как ты нас заебал дружище)))
'Gaby' 4 days ago
This is so pure
'ea2fly' 4 days ago
I love that dialekt
-Sicarius- GFX & kohi !
Selenna Sneberger
'Selenna Sneberger' 5 days ago
Pure Heroine
'Pure Heroine' 5 days ago
Dog year here!
ا أحمد الجبوري
روعة روعه
So cute😍😍😄😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍
TrippATGU _
'TrippATGU _' 6 days ago
I love doggys
Asia Marconi
'Asia Marconi' 6 days ago
Però non li obbligare a andare in acqua
glam Rockr
'glam Rockr' 7 days ago
Hugo is so big.first vid i saw was when he met luke
'27Leeny' 1 week ago
Gorgeous huskies!!!!!
Jman and Doggodude
They grow up so fast
Miroslav Vukmanović
So cute❤
Its Precious Angel
i hope my dog can swim too
Legendary_Wolf20 GAMING
*Why am i smiling watching this?*
Anders Lockert
'Anders Lockert' 1 week ago
Waow, he doesn't swim in da air XD
Milan Smiley
'Milan Smiley' 1 week ago
Luke is teasing Hugo
sonny Tedder
'sonny Tedder' 1 week ago
I saw a talking husky in a video!!!!!
Familija Fejzic
'Familija Fejzic' 1 week ago
l love husky
Eni Soesilo
'Eni Soesilo' 1 week ago
Aeniml denfenre ma doni .saya mita no hp ya
Jimbles Notronbo
'Jimbles Notronbo' 1 week ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Maria jorge
'Maria jorge' 1 week ago
I know that pool it's from the sis Vs bro!!!
HieuThao1331 HieuThao1331
cute dog !!!!!!! 😏😏😏😏😏
Marko Malesevic
'Marko Malesevic' 1 week ago
It is so cool
'carultch' 2 weeks ago
Is Hugo a Siberian Husky in Siberia?
Victoria Trojan
'Victoria Trojan' 2 weeks ago
His accent makes me laugh and I just love this vid such a dog lover
Eevee The Shiny Fennec Fox
Just keep swimming just keep swimming
Alin D.
'Alin D.' 2 weeks ago
You make awesome vid is awesome
'JALG LOPEZ' 2 weeks ago
I am youtuber
Blowshowtoysview! The best channel
Why did i even get here i just been watch cute dogs before of after then i just click it
'ima FRISK' 2 weeks ago
Nice acsent
Shah Gamer
'Shah Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Candyheart girl
'Candyheart girl' 2 weeks ago
Aww so adorable ❤ I love dogs
LanaPlay Gamez
'LanaPlay Gamez' 2 weeks ago
Doesn't look like it's sunny and hot
StashToCash AR
'StashToCash AR' 2 weeks ago
Vanessa Waldeck
'Vanessa Waldeck' 2 weeks ago
I will adopt every dog I see
Anastasija Avramovic
ME haski
Uikala Sumps
'Uikala Sumps' 2 weeks ago
I love your cute dogs :D They are sooo lovely :D
Nk Karki
'Nk Karki' 3 weeks ago
I loveyourhuskeuy dog
Darren Johnson
'Darren Johnson' 3 weeks ago
That poll looks like gta5 from franking
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 weeks ago
Are you soviet???
'Sprulsey' 3 weeks ago
so very cute
Carmen Moreno
'Carmen Moreno' 3 weeks ago
Jocelyn Fuentes
'Jocelyn Fuentes' 3 weeks ago
Dogs are so cool
Pac Boy
'Pac Boy' 3 weeks ago
That is so cute
Denys Bonilla
'Denys Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
Wen I had a Dog I was going to criy 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MCGreater AK
'MCGreater AK' 3 weeks ago
He doesnt swim in the air
Tina Williams
'Tina Williams' 3 weeks ago
i like black and whit
Arda Game
'Arda Game' 3 weeks ago
Taras your huskies are epic squared !!!!!!
Laura Runca
'Laura Runca' 3 weeks ago
I love huskyes
Lunatic the Husky and April
Awesome huskies!
Brayden Lambert
'Brayden Lambert' 3 weeks ago
I ❤️ Luke
Kingdom Of Random
'Kingdom Of Random' 3 weeks ago
I didn’t know it was you when I clicked this video :)
Abhishek Singh BHARDWAJ
I love to watch Taras cute pets every time
'UrTranscending' 3 weeks ago
Anyone wonder where that ledge leads to? Is it a drop or another ledge?
Talon Hartzell
'Talon Hartzell' 3 weeks ago
People do awesome vids like he did
غيث الساعدي
'Levsque' 3 weeks ago
Husky Swim!
'LpsMackenzie' 4 weeks ago
I love huskies I have one and u have a pool like Karinaomg's and Ronaldomg's
'GamingBonobo' 4 weeks ago
what is the breed of the white one?
Dupla PS3
'Dupla PS3' 4 weeks ago
aquie e br
starlily rose
'starlily rose' 4 weeks ago
The dog's are adorable
'TheScrubMaster64' 4 weeks ago
Why does you have CrazyRussianHacker's dogs?
dawn mullins
'dawn mullins' 4 weeks ago
At the beginning, he called Hugo Luke and Luke Hugo
Hakkı Hilmi ERDOĞDU
Spirit wolves
'Spirit wolves' 1 month ago
I like the white one
'BYRON PVP' 1 month ago
Karissa Bermudez
'Karissa Bermudez' 1 month ago
I love this vid
shadiga crew
'shadiga crew' 1 month ago
swimming better than me
Mateyo Krause
'Mateyo Krause' 1 month ago
Awww so cute 😍
Muhammad Haziq Hamizan
Bill Cosby
Natali Push
'Natali Push' 1 month ago
Привет из России)))
Ashley The emoji girl
Awww I love huskys
davidkitty123 AJ
'davidkitty123 AJ' 1 month ago
awww.... those poor creaures
Esme Fourie
'Esme Fourie' 1 month ago
Guess you could say the water was LUKE warm.
Kai Wen
'Kai Wen' 1 month ago
Cool bro
Jaclyn LL
'Jaclyn LL' 1 month ago
My dog looks like a polar bear I call him a polar bear he is a Great Pyrenees dog
elnur abdulkerimov
'elnur abdulkerimov' 1 month ago
Pakistani_Rock.21o The Fabulous
'YaDO RaM' 1 month ago
beautiful dogs
Dale Pargetter
'Dale Pargetter' 1 month ago
Z. .w,f.wP P
Kool Kid
'Kool Kid' 1 month ago
The water looks so cold
―ン スト
'―ン スト' 2 months ago
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