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Cyprus peace talks: Turkish,Greek Cypriots leaders meet in Geneva -
Published: 1 year ago By: TRT World

By: TRT WorldPublished: 1 year ago


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Ediz Tiyansan reports from Geneva.





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Fireicer Cooper
'Fireicer Cooper' 1 year ago
Turkish are not Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots as in those who have rights to live on the island are Cypriots. If you are Greek you are Greek, if you are Turkish you are Turkish, If you are Cypriot you are Cypriot, Greeks come from Greece, Turks come from Turkey and Cypriots come from Cyprus why is that so hard to understand, there is no free hand out for the Greeks or the Turkish here. Cyprus is Cyprus it is a country and has obtained it's independence from the British many years ago. Turks that come from mainland Turkey have to apply for Visa, simple and to be fair Turkey may well become a EU member soon after the island of Cyprus becomes re-unified anyway. Cyprus becomes a NATO member and Turkey becomes EU member and problem solved.
Shock Shock
'Shock Shock' 1 year ago
TRNC should put another backup plan just in case they put shit on their promise again and again like 2004, like 2016 Turkish EU visa deal etc. They should put another proposal in case promises broken TRNC will roll back all deals and let reunification talks tool back to 0 and let's start talk again, like U.K. EU exit treaty allow in and allow out, Democracy!
x Z
'x Z' 1 year ago
Belongs to turkey SIMPLE
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