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Russia's billion-dollar bridge to Crimea - BBC News -
Published: 9 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 9 months ago

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Russia has begun construction work on a bridge to Crimea, after its annexation from Ukraine. The multi-billion dollar project started two years ago after Russia seized control of the region following an unrecognised referendum on self-determination. The bridge is scheduled to open in 2018, and will provide a land and rail link across the Black Sea from the town of Taman, on the Russian mainland, to the Crimean port of Kerch.

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Jose Lopes
'Jose Lopes' 12 hours ago
God bless Russia and Crimean people god bless USA people too hopefully the people who are using the confrontation against Russia and China stop its absurd obsession with being looking confrontation against others we are tired of being watching this stupid war of false Russian interfering not proofs of this has been shown to the USA citizens
Ilya Smirnov
'Ilya Smirnov' 4 days ago
Here it is "torn to shreds economy"! Here it is the annexation of the Crimea without bombs and with great investment! Here it is the real "Russia of the Middle Ages" without foreign technology! ))))))))) BBC, tell us about the new "Tavrida" in the Crimea, about two new power plants, about the new airport ... Tell us about the intolerable "Russian aggression" ... And tell us about the release of Iraq and Afghanistan that you are there after this "liberation" Leave except the ruins?
'DU' 4 days ago
Russian aggression
Leo Djakovic
'Leo Djakovic' 2 weeks ago
The reason why many countries support Russia is because is has long term goals, determination and decisiveness, and also dont care about west propaganda. Crimea, recognized or unrecognized by international community, it is now part of Russia and after the bridge, the bonds will be unbreakable. The fact is that EU and UK are getting smaller and smaller, while Russia is big and getting even bigger proves who is going in the right direction.
john smith
'john smith' 2 weeks ago
the narrator has a horrible Russian accent lol.. BRAVO PUTIN!! CRIMEA IS RUSSIA!! VIVA RUSSIA
Alex Stevenson
'Alex Stevenson' 3 weeks ago
one thing for sure if Putin says he`ll do it, it`s usually gets done he`s certainly one of the more honest political leaders in the world today, he`s put the hammer on the yanks taking over
'wrudn' 4 weeks ago
BBC repeats word 'annexed' like some sort of holy mantra hoping it will be imbedded in our brain - sorry BBC your lying tactics are too obvious.
Elena Herwagen
'Elena Herwagen' 4 weeks ago
Go, Russia!!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍
Дмитрий Outpost
It is very funny to see how BBC is trying to support criminal regime in Kiev by using words like "annexation" and others. But they do not even know how far this fascist regime and propaganda gone since last 3 years. They still assuring each other that "THERE IS NO ANY BRIDGE, ITS RUSSIAS FAKE PICTURES". So this footage actually rips apart infant but wicked minds of poor maidownies and put their asses on fire. haha))
Ibn Muhammad
'Ibn Muhammad' 1 month ago
That's one expensive project. I think Putin's friend will greatly benefit from this project.
João Proença
'João Proença' 1 month ago
Annex Crimea who Annex Crimea !! BBC need to read history !!
'A A' 1 month ago
3.5 billion for a 19km bridge is cheap af. New York's WTC train station cost 4 billion and it's shit.
Corazza Bruno
'Corazza Bruno' 1 month ago
'megaotstoy' 1 month ago
Euromaidan-2014 was a greatest geopolitical gamble for the West...
Imanuel Aaron Mogie
'Imanuel Aaron Mogie' 1 month ago
The bridge is very vital because the crimean area gives Russia better access to the sea.
'thegreendestiny' 2 months ago
Poor Ukrainians, all they can ever do is whine and bicker. Everything they have (cities, factories and major infrastructure) is built by either by Imperial Russians, Poles or Soviets. I can't think of any major projects built solely by Ukrainians.
'mer3abec' 2 months ago
New bridge in Latvia , Riga over Daugava river (The Southern Bridge) which is only 800 m length and 34 m width cost 1 billion dollars. And Russia build 19 km - 3.5 billions ? And west dear to say anything about corruption ? Latvia is one of EU countries. If Latvia build 19 km bridge it will cost 83 billions . Ahaha. Just another catch on double standards with just simple math.
'magellanmax' 2 months ago
Crimea always belonged in the Russian Federation, period! A historical mistake was righted. Everything else is just noise.
Wars Boerse
'Wars Boerse' 2 months ago
Does anyone know what a FORTUNE is? I only ever hear the term SMALL FORTUNE used in the media. "Most expensive bridge ever", "Costing 3.5bn". "Small fortune"? No, FORTUNE.
Cra Pas
'Cra Pas' 2 months ago
I hope Scotland and Wales vote to leave the U.K.
Know All
'Know All' 3 months ago
|I haven't read or viewed a single report from BBC, without sniping at Putin. What a downfall of once-respected BBC.
Dedolino Zajebantlić
This bridge is idiotism.
Immediate Training Devon
More horribly biased stuff. I was vainly hoping for an objective report on a civil engineering project.
'Morpheus' 3 months ago
BBC = Blah blah channel (propaganda 24/7)
the goalie#1
'the goalie#1' 3 months ago
look at this, nation of thiefs building a bridge
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Константин Шрёдер
BBC's billion dollars pronunciation
'siyu313' 4 months ago
What does Annex mean? Because Websters and BBC seem not to agree on the definition.
Alex Cronin
'Alex Cronin' 4 months ago
MR. Trump labeled bbc as fake news. I agree
Леонид Гришин
Британские свиньи! самые главные наши" друзья"
Jack Wilson
'Jack Wilson' 4 months ago
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Tipene Mokaraka-Hiriwa
BBC bullshit makes one sick of these idiots. Give them a gun so they get shot
'fedorov2002' 4 months ago
Crimea is important part of Russia. And will stay this way forever! God bless Putin!
Микита Пихалков
Go to dislike that fake!
'tribexa' 4 months ago
Russia didn't "annex" Crimea. There was a referendum in the same way the British held a referendum to exit the EU. What you were supposed to say years ago, was the the EU annexed the UK, or to be more truthful, there was a traitorous act of sedition that turned the UK over to the EU. That is the truth for British history, not the lie you speak about Crimea.
Ethan Sweet
'Ethan Sweet' 4 months ago
Paid shills out in force in the comments
Joel Manliguis
'Joel Manliguis' 4 months ago
Ukrainian are RUSSIA..
Shoah Business
'Shoah Business' 4 months ago
Britain annexed Northern Ireland !
'Ignatius' 4 months ago
Be careful traveling to Crimea. Was there last year. Lots of mafia and prostitutes.
Russia exitCrimea
'Russia exitCrimea' 5 months ago
The seafloor is too soft to support the bridge. Also it will not withstand any storms. But hey putin and his buddy will make millions, because of this bridge.
'kapuceto' 5 months ago
joe biden
'joe biden' 5 months ago
Not enough road construction in russia for sochi.
Rytis Kurcinskas
'Rytis Kurcinskas' 5 months ago
19 km bridge ,,, that is impressive
Darth Zim
'Darth Zim' 5 months ago
3.5 billion 😲
Denis Kuznetsov
'Denis Kuznetsov' 5 months ago
I like how the western countries keep saying that the Russia is broke and has no money but yet Russia still builds bridges rockets tanks new military hardware hacking the western government
Rad Babic
'Rad Babic' 5 months ago
Now is to late, Ukraina ,,STICK FINFER IN HER OWN ARSE,, keep listening to the west.
Rothschild killed JFK
Israel annexation of Palestine CNN doesn't cover my Zi0nist news bs
Vsevolod Porebrik
'Vsevolod Porebrik' 5 months ago
Russia will not be able to build a bridge to Crimea, because it pathetic belching, not power, and Putin is Hitler, not the creator.
jarmo tverin
'jarmo tverin' 5 months ago
Good, good, make an expensive heel of achilles across the sea, heil putler!
Vade Barnett
'Vade Barnett' 5 months ago
The BBC report is degrading, to say the least.
'SHADOWWOLF77' 5 months ago
This is because they won't be getting Eastern Ukraine.
CoD :Dobro
'CoD :Dobro' 5 months ago
not annexed the Crimean Parliament declared independence!!! And then an independent Crimea, and appointed the date of the referendum in which 96% of the citizens voted for Russia. As the Crimea has always been Russian
'Comments' 5 months ago
A bridge is always good in the long run for economy and for people, doesn't matter how many politicians want to put negative spins on it.
Mensa Melancholia
'Mensa Melancholia' 5 months ago
20 Jdams and.....poof all that money wasted.
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tommy felix
'tommy felix' 6 months ago
Sandor Daroci
'Sandor Daroci' 6 months ago
bbc full of sh** as always....
Justice and honor
'Justice and honor' 6 months ago
Gamble, lol. I would have spent my whole life in Las Vegas if all "gambles" were like this one.
Thomas Mann
'Thomas Mann' 6 months ago
BBC is like a parrot,just keeps repeating "Russia is bad ,Russia has problems"We all see through your spin.
Saurav Dubey
'Saurav Dubey' 6 months ago
nice bridge
STEPHEN Nowinsky
'STEPHEN Nowinsky' 6 months ago
Russia is a World Builder the USA a World Destroyer.
STEPHEN Nowinsky
'STEPHEN Nowinsky' 6 months ago
This bridge is not only from Russia to Crimea but a new route connecting the World together for vehicle and train traffic improving the World transportation infrastructure.Anyone putting Sanctions on this work is blind and stupid think of all the new traffic through Crimea to the rest of the World not just Russia but the whole Middle east and orient.What countries claim in Crimea is a passing thing but the Kerch Bridge will serve mankind in transporting goods and people.Crimea was a Dead end Pennisula This Bridge will make it a Through route for the World.with lots of tourists from all over and increased business and will open Eurasia to Europe and vice/ ground traffic.They should make it a toll bridge at least to recover the costs and maintainance divided by Russia and Crimea.
José Francisco Ramírez
I'm finding that so many people is supporting Russia, I'm glad that people is finally aweking
Guy LA
'Guy LA' 6 months ago
WOW how many jealous comments below. Russia never annexed Crimea, they let people to vote and had a referendum. Americans are fed with these annexation news. Yes, the bridge is real. Get your visa and see it with your eyes, people
'VoltageLP' 6 months ago
It will never be finished since it is impossible
'NeaStefane' 6 months ago
Like he said . In the end , there will be a good bridge . If it will generate much money or not , it facilitate transport to people and thus helping that comunity in Crimea .
God Damn Idiot
'God Damn Idiot' 6 months ago
BBS News 'Part of the Fake News Agenda'
awacon awacon
'awacon awacon' 6 months ago
The people of Crimea have chosen to be part of Russian Federation, that choice should be respected. Good luck people.
Jason Salz
'Jason Salz' 6 months ago
US gov must be shitting their pants now loll
'mitrovdan' 6 months ago
biased bbc as usual.
'Ouija1210' 6 months ago
typical british propaganda....island monkies can't stand being powerless.... so the only thing they can do is bark...
dude it
'dude it' 6 months ago
Majority of Crimean's speak Russian and have family history/links to Russia. You see riots in Crimea? You see mass protests in Crimea? NO ... You think they want to be part of the basket case that is Ukraine? >>> LOL <<<< GO HOME YANKEES
Микита Пихалков
Yacqub Ali
'Yacqub Ali' 6 months ago
Persian empire. Greek empire. Roman empire. Russian empire. Ottoman empire. Russia empire. German empire. Russian empire =crimea
'bh91mrk' 7 months ago
It's quite annoying when a company as big as BBC is can't offer an accent free report , isn't there anyone to read the script in proper English ?
Borislav Kovacevic
'Borislav Kovacevic' 7 months ago
people from Crimea voted to join the hell Russia have annexed Crimea?
'sdkee' 7 months ago
Russians building a bridge other Russians. Only fuckwit noeconservatives can object.
Louis Kaiser
'Louis Kaiser' 7 months ago
Andrej Sokolov
'Andrej Sokolov' 7 months ago
Video is good, words are rubbish. "Annexation". Shame the BBC.
'A-P R' 7 months ago
talk to people in Crimea and take into account their position about, before talking anything about russian invasion and so on
'HitsOfRage' 7 months ago
To all the Pro-Russian writers: If Crimean population wants to be part of Russia, they are free to leave to Russia. Crimea is internationally accepted to be a part of Ukrainian territory. Besides, there is a fresh law in Russia to stop any current Russia-owned regions from acquiring independence from Russia, so the double standards behind the claim (Crimea is a part of Russia by election) couldn't be higher.
'Igor' 7 months ago
See you in Hague, pidarussian trolls The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has recognized the annexation of the Crimean peninsula as a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and a Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory.
jorge pearl
'jorge pearl' 7 months ago
crimea was given to ukrania by krushev, it belonged to russia, he never thought the splinter of the URSS could happen, he too allowed the return of chechens, he never imagined anything, the most stupid president that ever existed in the whole world
Last Dead
'Last Dead' 7 months ago
Спасибо Путину за "аннексию" Всем мира из Крыма.
Andrej Hacher
'Andrej Hacher' 7 months ago
Russians , support from Europe !!!! ))) Do no listenig these homo liberal multi culti west vegetarians.... they cowards, they just USA puppets.... We see whats happen, when west comming, just see to Ukrajine...they back to 1930, only cause they jumping for nothing.... Now they living like south africa.. Im living in Eu and milions citizens here support Russia.... Well done.... We give shit to this antirussian propaganda here, when prositutes from TV try to tell us, how is russian bad... Last 15 years have Russia much better policy like all Brussel a and stupid EU....
Honey Moon
'Honey Moon' 8 months ago
As soon as there is enough impudence to be in Russia and to lie for the propaganda media
Honey Moon
'Honey Moon' 8 months ago
Russia wasn't annexed the Crimea! very much it isn't professional to make such statements
'chrome2' 8 months ago
Well done Russia !!  This bridge is good job.
David W
'David W' 8 months ago
Linking Crimea to Russia's Mainland is no doubt controversial, particularly with a referendum, on Crimea's accession by Russia, that was controversial.
Niko Bellic
'Niko Bellic' 8 months ago
Great to see reunion between Crimea and Russia..
Victor Serrano
'Victor Serrano' 8 months ago
As usually BBC, you are kissing US and ENGLAND ASSES!!
Shoah Business
'Shoah Business' 8 months ago
Russia did not annex Crimea , the Crimean people voted to rejoin Russia !
Chad Rushing
'Chad Rushing' 8 months ago
steal it and they will come
Rogue Shadow
'Rogue Shadow' 8 months ago
The people of Crimea voted for the annexation to Russia. Of course their government did not recognized this as "legal". So much for democracy.
'BlueNeptune84' 8 months ago
Crimea wasn't annext, they had a democratic referendum. Thay did just like wee did here in Slovenia.
'BlueNeptune84' 8 months ago
On the Cremia there was a democratic referendum, where the peopel decited they want out from Ukriane, and then decidel to reunite white Russion Federetion. It seem to me they did all right.
'simba' 8 months ago
Crimea is Armenia
epiphany samy
'epiphany samy' 8 months ago
Very good, and a very beautiful bridge will be. Well done Russia, that you have taken your people back home. Happy Crimeans, happy Russia,everybody is happy.
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