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Russia's billion-dollar bridge to Crimea - BBC News -
Published: 5 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 5 months ago

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Russia has begun construction work on a bridge to Crimea, after its annexation from Ukraine. The multi-billion dollar project started two years ago after Russia seized control of the region following an unrecognised referendum on self-determination. The bridge is scheduled to open in 2018, and will provide a land and rail link across the Black Sea from the town of Taman, on the Russian mainland, to the Crimean port of Kerch.

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Joel Manliguis
'Joel Manliguis' 1 day ago
Ukrainian are RUSSIA..
Shoah Business
'Shoah Business' 4 days ago
Britain annexed Northern Ireland !
'Ignatius' 7 days ago
Be careful traveling to Crimea. Was there last year. Lots of mafia and prostitutes.
Russia exitCrimea
'Russia exitCrimea' 2 weeks ago
The seafloor is too soft to support the bridge. Also it will not withstand any storms. But hey putin and his buddy will make millions, because of this bridge.
'kapuceto' 3 weeks ago
joe biden
'joe biden' 4 weeks ago
Not enough road construction in russia for sochi.
Rytis Kurcinskas
'Rytis Kurcinskas' 1 month ago
19 km bridge ,,, that is impressive
Darth Zim
'Darth Zim' 1 month ago
3.5 billion 😲
Denis Kuznetsov
'Denis Kuznetsov' 1 month ago
I like how the western countries keep saying that the Russia is broke and has no money but yet Russia still builds bridges rockets tanks new military hardware hacking the western government
Rad Babic
'Rad Babic' 1 month ago
Now is to late, Ukraina ,,STICK FINFER IN HER OWN ARSE,, keep listening to the west.
Rothschild killed JFK
Israel annexation of Palestine CNN doesn't cover my Zi0nist news bs
Vsevolod Porebrik
'Vsevolod Porebrik' 1 month ago
Russia will not be able to build a bridge to Crimea, because it pathetic belching, not power, and Putin is Hitler, not the creator.
jarmo tverin
'jarmo tverin' 1 month ago
Good, good, make an expensive heel of achilles across the sea, heil putler!
Vade Barnett
'Vade Barnett' 1 month ago
The BBC report is degrading, to say the least.
'SHADOWWOLF77' 1 month ago
This is because they won't be getting Eastern Ukraine.
CoD :Dobro
'CoD :Dobro' 1 month ago
not annexed the Crimean Parliament declared independence!!! And then an independent Crimea, and appointed the date of the referendum in which 96% of the citizens voted for Russia. As the Crimea has always been Russian
'Comments' 1 month ago
A bridge is always good in the long run for economy and for people, doesn't matter how many politicians want to put negative spins on it.
Mensa Melancholia
'Mensa Melancholia' 1 month ago
20 Jdams and.....poof all that money wasted.
Confírmenme como miembro abductivo de GOOGLE porque soy la encarnacion divina de San Miguel Arcángel conocido como ViniCristo (el Cristo Vinicio) para resucitar a los muertos en la comunidad de GOOGLE.
tommy felix
'tommy felix' 1 month ago
Sandor Daroci
'Sandor Daroci' 1 month ago
bbc full of sh** as always....
Justice and honor
'Justice and honor' 1 month ago
Gamble, lol. I would have spent my whole life in Las Vegas if all "gambles" were like this one.
Thomas Mann
'Thomas Mann' 2 months ago
BBC is like a parrot,just keeps repeating "Russia is bad ,Russia has problems"We all see through your spin.
Saurav Dubey
'Saurav Dubey' 2 months ago
nice bridge
STEPHEN Nowinsky
'STEPHEN Nowinsky' 2 months ago
Russia is a World Builder the USA a World Destroyer.
STEPHEN Nowinsky
'STEPHEN Nowinsky' 2 months ago
This bridge is not only from Russia to Crimea but a new route connecting the World together for vehicle and train traffic improving the World transportation infrastructure.Anyone putting Sanctions on this work is blind and stupid think of all the new traffic through Crimea to the rest of the World not just Russia but the whole Middle east and orient.What countries claim in Crimea is a passing thing but the Kerch Bridge will serve mankind in transporting goods and people.Crimea was a Dead end Pennisula This Bridge will make it a Through route for the World.with lots of tourists from all over and increased business and will open Eurasia to Europe and vice/ ground traffic.They should make it a toll bridge at least to recover the costs and maintainance divided by Russia and Crimea.
José Francisco Ramírez
I'm finding that so many people is supporting Russia, I'm glad that people is finally aweking
Guy LA
'Guy LA' 2 months ago
WOW how many jealous comments below. Russia never annexed Crimea, they let people to vote and had a referendum. Americans are fed with these annexation news. Yes, the bridge is real. Get your visa and see it with your eyes, people
'VoltageLP' 2 months ago
It will never be finished since it is impossible
'NeaStefane' 2 months ago
Like he said . In the end , there will be a good bridge . If it will generate much money or not , it facilitate transport to people and thus helping that comunity in Crimea .
'God' 2 months ago
BBS News 'Part of the Fake News Agenda'
awacon awacon
'awacon awacon' 2 months ago
The people of Crimea have chosen to be part of Russian Federation, that choice should be respected. Good luck people.
Jason Salz
'Jason Salz' 2 months ago
US gov must be shitting their pants now loll
'mitrovdan' 2 months ago
biased bbc as usual.
'Ouija1210' 2 months ago
typical british propaganda....island monkies can't stand being powerless.... so the only thing they can do is bark...
dude it
'dude it' 2 months ago
Majority of Crimean's speak Russian and have family history/links to Russia. You see riots in Crimea? You see mass protests in Crimea? NO ... You think they want to be part of the basket case that is Ukraine? >>> LOL <<<< GO HOME YANKEES
Микита Пихалков
Yacqub Ali
'Yacqub Ali' 2 months ago
Persian empire. Greek empire. Roman empire. Russian empire. Ottoman empire. Russia empire. German empire. Russian empire =crimea
'bh91mrk' 3 months ago
It's quite annoying when a company as big as BBC is can't offer an accent free report , isn't there anyone to read the script in proper English ?
Borislav Kovacevic
'Borislav Kovacevic' 3 months ago
people from Crimea voted to join the hell Russia have annexed Crimea?
'sdkee' 3 months ago
Russians building a bridge other Russians. Only fuckwit noeconservatives can object.
Enw Defnyddiwr 666
'Enw Defnyddiwr 666' 3 months ago
Andrej Sokolov
'Andrej Sokolov' 3 months ago
Video is good, words are rubbish. "Annexation". Shame the BBC.
'A-P R' 3 months ago
talk to people in Crimea and take into account their position about, before talking anything about russian invasion and so on
'HitsOfRage' 3 months ago
To all the Pro-Russian writers: If Crimean population wants to be part of Russia, they are free to leave to Russia. Crimea is internationally accepted to be a part of Ukrainian territory. Besides, there is a fresh law in Russia to stop any current Russia-owned regions from acquiring independence from Russia, so the double standards behind the claim (Crimea is a part of Russia by election) couldn't be higher.
'Igor' 3 months ago
See you in Hague, pidarussian trolls The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has recognized the annexation of the Crimean peninsula as a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and a Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory.
jorge pearl
'jorge pearl' 3 months ago
crimea was given to ukrania by krushev, it belonged to russia, he never thought the splinter of the URSS could happen, he too allowed the return of chechens, he never imagined anything, the most stupid president that ever existed in the whole world
Last Dead
'Last Dead' 3 months ago
Спасибо Путину за "аннексию" Всем мира из Крыма.
Andrej Hacher
'Andrej Hacher' 3 months ago
Russians , support from Europe !!!! ))) Do no listenig these homo liberal multi culti west vegetarians.... they cowards, they just USA puppets.... We see whats happen, when west comming, just see to Ukrajine...they back to 1930, only cause they jumping for nothing.... Now they living like south africa.. Im living in Eu and milions citizens here support Russia.... Well done.... We give shit to this antirussian propaganda here, when prositutes from TV try to tell us, how is russian bad... Last 15 years have Russia much better policy like all Brussel a and stupid EU....
Princess Bubblegum
'Princess Bubblegum' 4 months ago
As soon as there is enough impudence to be in Russia and to lie for the propaganda media
Princess Bubblegum
'Princess Bubblegum' 4 months ago
Russia wasn't annexed the Crimea! very much it isn't professional to make such statements
'chrome2' 4 months ago
Well done Russia !!  This bridge is good job.
David W
'David W' 4 months ago
Linking Crimea to Russia's Mainland is no doubt controversial, particularly with a referendum, on Crimea's accession by Russia, that was controversial.
Niko Bellic
'Niko Bellic' 4 months ago
Great to see reunion between Crimea and Russia..
Victor Serrano
'Victor Serrano' 4 months ago
As usually BBC, you are kissing US and ENGLAND ASSES!!
Shoah Business
'Shoah Business' 4 months ago
Russia did not annex Crimea , the Crimean people voted to rejoin Russia !
Chad Rushing
'Chad Rushing' 4 months ago
steal it and they will come
Rogue Shadow
'Rogue Shadow' 4 months ago
The people of Crimea voted for the annexation to Russia. Of course their government did not recognized this as "legal". So much for democracy.
'BlueNeptune84' 4 months ago
Crimea wasn't annext, they had a democratic referendum. Thay did just like wee did here in Slovenia.
'BlueNeptune84' 4 months ago
On the Cremia there was a democratic referendum, where the peopel decited they want out from Ukriane, and then decidel to reunite white Russion Federetion. It seem to me they did all right.
'simba' 4 months ago
Crimea is Armenia
epiphany samy
'epiphany samy' 4 months ago
Very good, and a very beautiful bridge will be. Well done Russia, that you have taken your people back home. Happy Crimeans, happy Russia,everybody is happy.
Tahir Rana
'Tahir Rana' 4 months ago
BBC is full of 'Goons' check it out yourself!@ 0.48 close friend of Putin , I love it!!! BBC propaganda machine at its finest!
Tom Cruise
'Tom Cruise' 4 months ago
This bridge is useless, Crimea is going to slowly fade away without Ukrainian water supply and being under sanctions, no amount of bridges are going to change that.
polina lukashok
'polina lukashok' 4 months ago
Putin, get out of Ukraine! Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Putin XUYLO!
Constantinus Augustus
burn pussia
Jack is not in the box
Meanwhile in US.....
'Geedi1977' 5 months ago
Putin is a dictator. Elections in Russia are fake and not credible.
SecretBeach Palawan
'SecretBeach Palawan' 5 months ago
love russia
Arik Taranis
'Arik Taranis' 5 months ago
Their brain was annexed
Dmitryi Isakov
'Dmitryi Isakov' 5 months ago
Former US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, Henry made a sensational statement. He wrote an open letter to all the Ukrainians, where citizens Square opened the terrible truth about their "Revolution Benefits". In fact, according to American policy, under the guise of Maidan US invasion was carried out in Ukraine.
Кракен Иляев
send nazi and negro putinophils to live russia
Janochka BB
'Janochka BB' 5 months ago
Stop counting Russia s money bbc morons. mind your own country
Jaka Ukmar
'Jaka Ukmar' 5 months ago
Russia keep up the good work. SF/SN
mohit bajaj
'mohit bajaj' 5 months ago
i m indian...and all indian people loves russian very much.....russians are like family member
'amatev' 5 months ago
Russia is the new super power!
'ddohtor' 5 months ago
One day they will say. just a min. Alaska used to b Russian we have to bring it back, they want to b Russian there we have to help them)))) btw the bridge btwn the mainland and the Russian Alaska will b a better step for the world economy) let's save the world!
'MrBoliao98' 5 months ago
fiscal policy, fine
'edouard67' 5 months ago
Should have squeezed one more "annexed"at the end there, felt unbalanced.
'IvanPlayStation4LiFe' 5 months ago
Looking great very good job
Fynn Nhật
'Fynn Nhật' 5 months ago
Well, so the story get more complicated...
'Ignatius' 5 months ago
Europe should encourage Germany to take back Kaliningrad and Finland to take back Karelia.
Ozgur Erdogan
'Ozgur Erdogan' 5 months ago
Bbc you are real c..t , tell us where england annexed ? I wish you will be destroyed oneday
'zokit0' 5 months ago
stop using term "annex " and misinform ppl in 1997 HONG KONG Reunited with China it wasn't annexed in 2014 Crimea was Reunited with Russia it wasn't annexed if u wanna to use term annexation talk about Serbia in 1999 Kosovo was annexed from Serbia DISLIKE FROM ME >> BECAUSE YOUR CONSTANT PATHETIC TRAYS TO MISINFORM PPL .. and secondly CRIMEAN'S VOTED FOR SECOND TIME SINCE 1991 for separation from Ukraine but second time they had someone who will protect their Votes and back them
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 5 months ago
Apparently there's another Clinton Foundation Fund Raiser about to hit Haiti and Jamaica.
Gabriel Smith
'Gabriel Smith' 5 months ago
Long live to Russia!!!
'0IIIIII' 5 months ago
Russia must be stopped. They cannot annex other countries. Russia relies on nationalism, it is vile.
Jesus TheDestroyer
'Jesus TheDestroyer' 5 months ago
If you want something done call Putin. If you want to get ripped off and attacked by terrorists call Obama.
'Libertador' 5 months ago
Russian Nazis.
VibeX MaTxeMa
'VibeX MaTxeMa' 5 months ago
russia is doing good and truthful
'oracleofottawa' 5 months ago
The bridge to nowhere.
'unclebob' 5 months ago
Crimea War (1853 - 1856) - Britain and France failed to take Crimea away from Russia. World War 2 (1939 - 1945) - Hitler failed to take Crimea away from Russia. 2014 - Victoria Nuland and John McCain failed to take Crimea away from Russia.
Richard Taylor
'Richard Taylor' 5 months ago
Wow a report by the BBC that was not blatantly biased.
Abramova Abramova
'Abramova Abramova' 5 months ago
Что же вы русские уроды иностранными наработками пользуетесь?
Psycopathic cuntstable
Russia will get it back in taxes, by the people working there
'agitbeats' 5 months ago
Nice work. Crimea is Russia.
פרו ישראל
'פרו ישראל' 5 months ago
This information just annexed my mind.
Charles Mary
'Charles Mary' 5 months ago
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