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Russia's billion-dollar bridge to Crimea - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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Russia has begun construction work on a bridge to Crimea, after its annexation from Ukraine. The multi-billion dollar project started two years ago after Russia seized control of the region following an unrecognised referendum on self-determination. The bridge is scheduled to open in 2018, and will provide a land and rail link across the Black Sea from the town of Taman, on the Russian mainland, to the Crimean port of Kerch.

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Йоханн Шмайснер
Despite the fact that there's not accurate translation of the interviews bbc uses comments with negative context through all this video. Incompetence and one-sided view. Nothing new for bbc, right?
Graham Phillips
'Graham Phillips' 3 weeks ago
Tired of BBC propaganda about Crimea? Better watch a real film, about how Crimea really is -
Иван Петров
British Empire wish to tell about annextion)))))))))AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA tell us more truth)))))))))))))))))))
Иван Петров
BBC BS again...this bridge wish to constract a Russian Emperor...and Stalin in USSR...dont tell a lie about 20 years
Dinosaurs Story
'Dinosaurs Story' 2 months ago
The bridge makes Russia great again.
Clovis Rabello
'Clovis Rabello' 2 months ago
The UK anexed India, Hong Kong, Malasia, singapore, Malvinas, Guiana, many regions of Africa, Australia and North America (killing the people that lived there) and so on. The UK are expert in anexing parts of the world. They understand what anexing really means.
Stuart Crossland
'Stuart Crossland' 2 months ago
Well done Russia. The BBC is hated in the UK.
richard Allport
'richard Allport' 3 months ago
BBC with yet another dig at Russia. Britain needs to wake up and stop watching BBC channels.
Pasha Pasovski
'Pasha Pasovski' 3 months ago
They didn't say it's a political journalism, I thought it was about a bridge,how beautiful it is and how it will connect peoples of Russia, hahaha!BBC!
Nas Kutak
'Nas Kutak' 3 months ago
Stuped BBS
'busylifemeto' 3 months ago
****Russia did not SEIZE control of the Crimea you BULLSHITING BBC ASS WIPES, it was a DEMOCRATIC ELECTION*****
Козак Раста
Glory to Ukraine! Death to moskovian svine-dogs!
'Pizdescu' 3 months ago
BBC = Fake News
Ralph P.
'Ralph P.' 3 months ago
At least they building something. Why can't we do the same?
Cika Pera
'Cika Pera' 3 months ago
'Kochigachi' 3 months ago
Because Russia want to acess to Black sea
Sami Evans
'Sami Evans' 3 months ago
Crimea was ALREADY part of Russia which had 2 centuries of war fighting Nepolian then the British and Napoleon together and finally the Germans in World War II who all fought the Russians not ukrainians because it was always a Russian territory and one of their biggest naval bases. This bridge was an absolute necessity and an executive decision well made at the right time.
war zone
'war zone' 3 months ago
Cut off from world
'В.В Л' 3 months ago
Факинг оф санкции...,
'JVONROCK' 3 months ago
Incredible, what a gift for the region.
Pranaykumar Nagvashi
'Pranaykumar Nagvashi' 3 months ago
Very nice project we indian love Russia
John Leary
'John Leary' 3 months ago
Kosovo? Yugoslavia? Libya? Iraq? Vietnam? And the UK and UK take the moral high ground. Boloney it’s about control the markets and taking over and dominating. Russia has other ideas well good for them!!!
Иеремия Ekkлeзиаст
Ukraine is a part of Russia.
'justgivemethetruth' 4 months ago
What about the US and how it annexed Guantanamo Bay Cuba, some of the most beautiful and rich oceanfront property on the island?
pakalu papito
'pakalu papito' 4 months ago
When west invades other countries its for "democracy" and "peace", and when a country holds a referendum against their interests they cry annexation, invasion etc.
Ray Ilmast
'Ray Ilmast' 4 months ago
It's sounds like brits are upset that sanctions didn't work, well you have your tunnel and btw this project a little bit longer than twenty years
Pavel Kudlanov
'Pavel Kudlanov' 4 months ago
That’s one of the most neutral videos I’ve seen about that bridge among all the news reports done by western nations. Yeah Russian news videos are much better still but compare this video to the one done by VICE and it’s a stark contrast. VICE was extremely biased.
David Davies
'David Davies' 4 months ago
as soon as the Russians get down with that bridge it's going to get blow up!!!!!! go ahead spend your 3.5$$$$$ billion dollars to build the bridge
N. Ramos
'N. Ramos' 4 months ago
Excellent BBC. What if every country in the world get back their invaded territories. Let's say, Mexico gets back it's stolen territories from US, Argentina gets back the islas Malvinas from England, Spain gets back Gibraltar, etc; i don't think anyone there at least faked a referendum to join to those countries, right?
Jeff Smith
'Jeff Smith' 4 months ago
Ukrainians need to make sure this bridge in destroyed at some time in the future.
alex francis
'alex francis' 4 months ago
BBC u guys suck stop spreading false news fuckin aholes
Justice1 Justice1
'Justice1 Justice1' 4 months ago
Well done Russia 👍🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
Aleksander Suçi
'Aleksander Suçi' 4 months ago
Good bless Russia Respect from Albania .
Ianis Birliba
'Ianis Birliba' 4 months ago
I am from Moldova which suffered plenty at the hands of Russia and Russian politics I say that to make a point that I'm not the biggest fan of Russia and Kremlin politics, however compare to how much intervention the United States made around the world, seriously this is kind of a laughing matter, the fact that Russia is still able to build this bridge with Western sanctions says a lot about Russian engineering, which they were always good at.
rothschild war bank
'rothschild war bank' 4 months ago
Brian L
'Brian L' 4 months ago
BBC is being a negative Nancy. So biased against it. Be objective. Be more like RT. BBC lol
'RichManSCTV0' 4 months ago
I hope the bridge fails!
An Kl
'An Kl' 4 months ago
Einar Silvansky
'Einar Silvansky' 4 months ago
why BBC employ people with such thick and unpleasant accent, as Mr Boldirev lol
'GIANTSECRETS' 4 months ago
Ukraine signed up to the US. Crimea was always Russian then traitors in Ukraine forced Russia to act.
heat cliff
'heat cliff' 4 months ago
Bankruptcy 1991 and robbing America today.
'Santiago' 4 months ago
Tougher sanctions are needed to stop Russia from intimidating the EU and the west.
Stran I
'Stran I' 4 months ago
crimia is just a Folklands Island isn't it ? but we can say Brits annexed it or can we
Stran I
'Stran I' 4 months ago
bbc doesn't know the difference between annexed and joined ? wtf
Schaeffer John
'Schaeffer John' 4 months ago
Anders D
'Anders D' 4 months ago
So when California Latino voters want to be part of Mexico, the U.S. will be ok with that, right?
Standardowy Login
'Standardowy Login' 4 months ago
So many Russian paid trolls here saying that Crimea wasn't annexed...
ömer gürgen
'ömer gürgen' 4 months ago
Why not a tunnel?
Anymore insults BBC ? Western fucks propaganda
Art TV
'Art TV' 4 months ago
Weimin Leee
'Weimin Leee' 4 months ago
Corporate Slave
'Corporate Slave' 4 months ago
The West stayed quite!? Is that because Russia doing their dirty job in Syria??
Rom Tsadourian
'Rom Tsadourian' 4 months ago
BBC shutup it didn’t annex Crimea Crimean peopel wanted live with Russia and united like Kosovo Albanians wanted live seperete from Serbia so shutup bbc
Dalibor Pavlovic
'Dalibor Pavlovic' 4 months ago
Its so refreshing to See how much western media i concerned about the economic efficency of russian megaprojects like this one. You are so nice people mentioning whether its a economic boost to this region or a monument of Putin
Crimea ball
'Crimea ball' 4 months ago
Welp, there goes me. I can't practice my culture, not even my native language. History is repeating itself.
Алекс 15 S.
'Алекс 15 S.' 4 months ago
Everyone understands that the revolution in Ukraine is an American project. And Ukrainian nationalists are just useful idiots. For Russia, it is absolutely impossible for the Americans to firmly occupy the Crimean peninsula, place their military bases, etc. It would be if the Russian military appeared in Mexico. Crimea is Khrushchev's gift for power after Stalin's death
Radwulf Eboraci
'Radwulf Eboraci' 4 months ago
Let em finish it ... then blow it up. Repeat as often as necessary.
'runtime1976' 4 months ago
annexed my A$$
'Wachest' 5 months ago
It will support the conquest of Constaninople
Wallace McNish
'Wallace McNish' 5 months ago
Annexed. What lies.
Joel Martin
'Joel Martin' 5 months ago
In 20 years the bridge will be a rusty unmaintained hulk like everything else Russia builds.
john sean
'john sean' 5 months ago
Listen to the reporter's name in the end. I shit up not he says Alec Baldwin 🤣😂
Paul Barrett
'Paul Barrett' 5 months ago
kckc 634
'kckc 634' 5 months ago
Last white country.
'SEN Pt' 5 months ago
so, when Yugoslavia was broken in to pieces by "peoples will", there was "democracy"; when Crimea holds an referendum and 90% of peoples who live there choose to return to Russia (remember all ignorants, Crimea was Ukie only 60 years, but hundred of years was part of Russia ! ) - well, now its no more "peoples will" but yes "annexation", "occupation", etc BBC has become an dirty scumbag of lies and shameful fake news !
John Galt
'John Galt' 5 months ago
The BBC now stands for the British Biased Channel.
val ken
'val ken' 5 months ago
а какая разница агликашкам чеигде сколько стоит. лучше за своим блядоватым королевским семейством приглядывайте
Paul Baumer
'Paul Baumer' 5 months ago
"There is no solution in sight for annexed Crimea" says Fakey McFakenews. LOL! The 'solution' already took place when it returned to Russia. Talk about the Americans bringing a game of checkers to a chess match! The Russians got the only bit of Ukraine that was worth having. And what did the EU and America get? Nazi parades, a civil war, a downed airliner, and a failing non-economically viable region. Good luck with THAT.
'Metsada007' 5 months ago
Crimea is Russian and there is nothing the Anglo-Zionists can do about that.
Mike Waves
'Mike Waves' 5 months ago
Russia should do whatever they want and take whatever they want they are so cool.
'spartacus2000ful' 5 months ago
We love GREAT RUSSIA....
Rolland Miller
'Rolland Miller' 5 months ago
Russia did not annex Crimea. Crimea asked to join Russia.
'HAVANA SCP' 5 months ago
N is Finish now. Lol
Charles Martel
'Charles Martel' 5 months ago
Russia doesn't need the West.
Alejandro Contreras
'Alejandro Contreras' 5 months ago
Татьяна Нестеренко
Sell History books in 1954's release in Europe!!! over $ 50,000. A joke? Maybe... watch a movie called "the Book of Ellia"... now What? A joke?
Татьяна Нестеренко
I beg You not to believe the propaganda of corporations such as BBC or others that are under the control of the Pentagon! I ten years ago was in the Crimea, and everyone there knowing that I'm Russian asked me (jokingly) "When Russia will take us back to yourself" - FACT!
ron shhi
'ron shhi' 5 months ago
Russia's eivil
павел дворянчиков
Мост!Это работа для тысяч людей!Это развитие металлургии!Это новые дороги!Это новые заводы!Это развитие экономики!Это жизнь!Те кто объявил России санкции,насрите себе на бестолковые головы!
Pasha Pasovski
'Pasha Pasovski' 5 months ago
BBC is pathetic!
Vincent Law
'Vincent Law' 5 months ago
Don't you mean only after the western backed coup in Kiev...
Russell Wright
'Russell Wright' 6 months ago
Dont know how much economic sence it makes but from a military point of view its a brilliant move.
Miro Mark
'Miro Mark' 6 months ago
You British are the proven liars. You hate Russians for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You fought to get Crimea in XIX century and failed gloriously. You still dream about it, but the Russian people will never let you have it. You can only drop dead, at your will.
Лоцман Севастопольский
Crimea was,is and will be Russia!Hi from the Crimea
'Morgan' 7 months ago
Regardless of the transport advantages; what an awful eye-sore that is going to be, ruined the coast.
George Palma
'George Palma' 7 months ago
Sanctions doesn't work against Russia.... and the west knows that very well.
'DeepBlue' 7 months ago
Fuck russia
The Shadow Man
'The Shadow Man' 7 months ago
ermenegildo wepo
'ermenegildo wepo' 7 months ago
Great job!
'1six3nine7three' 7 months ago
raul yanez cortes
'raul yanez cortes' 7 months ago
Damn... 3.5 billion dollars??? Thats the entire GDP of some countries
Dac Deathom
'Dac Deathom' 8 months ago
0:48 "close friend of Putin" Hahahaa!! Putin don't have friends, only slaves. He's a psychopath
Alejandro Villa
'Alejandro Villa' 8 months ago
Buen trabajo Rusia.
John Smith
'John Smith' 8 months ago
I prefer subtitles over voice-overs.
ram ram val
'ram ram val' 8 months ago
mike che
'mike che' 8 months ago
The Bridge build from Natural Resourses profits so it is Free bridge
'hom3R1000' 8 months ago
The translation is inaccurate, in fact the BBC even left out some sentences that the Russians have said.
Max Scooterfan
'Max Scooterfan' 8 months ago
Oleg Boldarev - you a English hooker!
Duncan Saunders
'Duncan Saunders' 8 months ago
Anyone who enters Crimea by crossing that bridge will be banned from entering the rest of Ukraine. Such as the Russian Eurovision singer who they "couldn't" replace for some reason.
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