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Gross Wet Head Challenge!! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 1 year ago

2, 954, 028 views

35, 160 Likes   541 Dislikes

We play Wet Head and fill it with gross and nasty liquids! It gets messy!
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# i love beach
'# i love beach' 9 hours ago
I wunt to be in a vid
Ray Prendiville
'Ray Prendiville' 12 hours ago
STUPID cheater bryannnnnnnnnnhnnnñnnnnnnnñnnnnnnnnnnn
Thatkkid __
'Thatkkid __' 21 hours ago
Is it me or does j Fred look like a ant or anything else with entrena
Chrisvaldemor Ejada
ohh shot i have that before and i drink it
Danielle Welch
'Danielle Welch' 3 days ago
I love your chanle
Z Gamer
'Z Gamer' 4 days ago
Do the dunk hat challenge
Dogs the best 123
'Dogs the best 123' 6 days ago
Jackson Martin-Reck
He offended me I love PICKLES!!!
Natalie Vogenthaler
I'm so late but this vid is awesome
Awesome Puppy
'Awesome Puppy' 1 week ago
Httttttoookuuuuuuo Iuuuuuuuuurww is ewe dedrff ftgt
mr poe
'mr poe' 1 week ago
Riley Berning
'Riley Berning' 1 week ago
Riley Berning
'Riley Berning' 1 week ago
I have a birth mark on my right rist
Aaron Griffin
'Aaron Griffin' 1 week ago
Where is Matt
Alberson the BOSS!!!
Who are the kids?
K9 the Fire guy
'K9 the Fire guy' 2 weeks ago
Donate today to get some lotion for Brian if you look at the bottom of the screen during the video it looks like Brian kneeled in sand Please donate today😄🤣
King Dread
'King Dread' 2 weeks ago
'There's no MSG so we can't drink this'
Andrew King
'Andrew King' 2 weeks ago
Do a giant wet head
Ibrahim Bilal
'Ibrahim Bilal' 2 weeks ago
Grant X Meazy
'Grant X Meazy' 2 weeks ago
At when the pickles jfred says the hell
Invy Parker
'Invy Parker' 2 weeks ago
Can Bryan please get kicked out of team edge he is so extra
dakarteen 2565
'dakarteen 2565' 3 weeks ago
Maddie is cute
Tye Daniel
'Tye Daniel' 3 weeks ago
Bryan is awesome
V. Alin
'V. Alin' 3 weeks ago
poor jafred
Paola Calderon
'Paola Calderon' 3 weeks ago
where are all the kids comeing from
'BLOODMAKER79' 3 weeks ago
(Pray for Bryans lotion) it don't work 😂
'djpejay' 3 weeks ago
i love you
Yaira Tejada
'Yaira Tejada' 3 weeks ago
Mandolin Sampson
'Mandolin Sampson' 3 weeks ago
my bf looks so much like Bryan its weird
JoudWillCrushYou YT
'JoudWillCrushYou YT' 3 weeks ago
Issac Fini
'Issac Fini' 3 weeks ago
Bad luck joey
Mike Barrientos
'Mike Barrientos' 3 weeks ago
Maddie is so cluch
Samantha Falzon
'Samantha Falzon' 4 weeks ago
Just rewatching all of their videos 😂😘
Krystal Hoffman
'Krystal Hoffman' 4 weeks ago
Ocean Russell
'Ocean Russell' 4 weeks ago
SOOPER late squad where are ya
Liz Bloomfield
'Liz Bloomfield' 4 weeks ago
Gross pie face change 🤡
Victor Philbrick
'Victor Philbrick' 4 weeks ago
Skips terd
ClaireB 5258
'ClaireB 5258' 4 weeks ago
You guys should do another one of these
'DracoMZMH' 4 weeks ago
Team myan
aalto shackleton
'aalto shackleton' 4 weeks ago
my dogs called pickel you spilt her on your selves
Travis Scott
'Travis Scott' 1 month ago
Travis Scott
'Travis Scott' 1 month ago
Toxic Pearl
'Toxic Pearl' 1 month ago
Bryan: Actually, Maddie, you do it. J-Fred: Oh, maybe it won't happen than!
Angel Andrade
'Angel Andrade' 1 month ago
Why is ajati pie in here
Circus Baby105
'Circus Baby105' 1 month ago
Doesn't Matthias and J-Fred kinda look alike
v p
'v p' 1 month ago
Yaman Haija
'Yaman Haija' 1 month ago
February 2018
King T Ahmed
'King T Ahmed' 1 month ago
Yo I have a birth mark on my left arm right on my rosy and it’s like some sort of green colour
Electro Gaming
'Electro Gaming' 1 month ago
I live in lebanon
Ellie Fries
'Ellie Fries' 1 month ago
Did they have an audience?
Ariana Kennedy
'Ariana Kennedy' 1 month ago
LOL 🤣😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
The Flash
'The Flash' 1 month ago
Bring Matty again!!!!!!!
Maria Fregoso
'Maria Fregoso' 1 month ago
Amanda Wright
'Amanda Wright' 1 month ago
Drew Quinlan
'Drew Quinlan' 1 month ago
Who here is watching in 2018
Cale Kanute
'Cale Kanute' 1 month ago
Give me money
Sierra Kalz
'Sierra Kalz' 1 month ago
"And the loser has to drink the whole bottle." My little sister immediately pointed at J-Fred and said, "He's a loser."
Love God
'Love God' 1 month ago
Aww j-fred
Violent Violet
'Violent Violet' 1 month ago
Who are the kids
easton ganjuur
'easton ganjuur' 1 month ago
Very-Very late squad where you at?
Swag Gamer
'Swag Gamer' 1 month ago
Who has the best relationship in the Team Edge
Lilly Dunahee
'Lilly Dunahee' 1 month ago
OMG I thought J-fred was Matt!
buttholeMaster IsCool
Bobby bobby bo bobby banana fana fo fobby me my mo mobby bobby
Raenisha Williams
'Raenisha Williams' 1 month ago
My name is maddie
Red Leader
'Red Leader' 2 months ago
Joud Gharib
'Joud Gharib' 2 months ago
I am Lebanese I love it ❤️ ❤️
'BoyGibson1911' 2 months ago
You never comment back but I like your content
foxy the fox
'foxy the fox' 2 months ago
I have a birth mark on my hand
Precious Thomas
'Precious Thomas' 2 months ago
Bryan's knees so ashy
'V's Corner' 2 months ago
If the pin is hard to get out it means it is the one that will trigger the liquid
Luis Mejia
'Luis Mejia' 2 months ago
Your knees are ashy Bryan
titaniumsnakegaming god
Do it
Emily Smith
'Emily Smith' 2 months ago
Is it weird that I love pickle juice? Lol
Everlin Nieto
'Everlin Nieto' 2 months ago
You guys are cool 😎
Kevin Delzer
'Kevin Delzer' 2 months ago
Can I join in one of your vids?
Motto Motto
'Motto Motto' 2 months ago
Maddie for the win
Nicola Daff
'Nicola Daff' 2 months ago
you guys are so cool
Michelle Jordaan
'Michelle Jordaan' 2 months ago
Mathematics saks
shankar shrestha
'shankar shrestha' 2 months ago
'Archersforeal' 2 months ago
Maddie is a legend!
Aj Zilinski
'Aj Zilinski' 2 months ago
How old is Maddie
Tilly Gauntlett
'Tilly Gauntlett' 2 months ago
Your crew seems like it's all kids
Eldest Kid
'Eldest Kid' 2 months ago
get Matt in there, he would die from the smell
mattie cat
'mattie cat' 2 months ago
Its funny because my name is mattie...
Jeshua Villalobos
'Jeshua Villalobos' 2 months ago
I hate Brian
Adnan Majar
'Adnan Majar' 2 months ago
Kat Boisvert
'Kat Boisvert' 2 months ago
That's is so gross guys but also funny to see your reaction on your faces. And make sure you said something about me what I said about you guys being funny from Kat
james armstrong
'james armstrong' 2 months ago
maddies hot
Buddy Locklear
'Buddy Locklear' 2 months ago
Bryan has some ashy knees lol
'Scotty9591' 2 months ago
you realise that the main point of these videos is the "what's gonna happen" effect, right? so if you show the best thing right at the beginning, that's probably not the best strategy..
Sans Elite11
'Sans Elite11' 2 months ago
Birth marks show where u died last
christian spangler
'christian spangler' 2 months ago
mikado alowa aij
'mikado alowa aij' 2 months ago
Team edge im lebanese
Jeremiah Isaiah Matthews
Doesn't Bradley look like a white version of tobi
'Mr.GlowTM' 2 months ago
Arry Angad
'Arry Angad' 2 months ago
do more wet head challenges
I have drunken wurs thangs than clam juice
Jad Chehabeddine
'Jad Chehabeddine' 2 months ago
I am from Lebanon
EvilSkullGG Sans
'EvilSkullGG Sans' 2 months ago
my mom drinks prune juice
Madelyn Sheehan
'Madelyn Sheehan' 3 months ago
U guys are so weaird!!! Why?
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