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Penny Drop | MythBusters -
Published: 7 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 7 years ago

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Can a penny dropped from a building kill a pedestrian below? The MythBusters have the answer.

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Aaron Fink
'Aaron Fink' 3 hours ago
I was at the Empire State Building yesterday and this very question came to mind, even mentioned to my wife that the M.B's. surely have tested it. Then, this video shows up as a suggestion...weird. I know my phone listens to me and tracks my location because facebook sends me suggestions all the time. Why wouldn't google do it to?
Omarion Gordon
'Omarion Gordon' 18 hours ago
I love you
Myth not busted no one tried it out
Jimmy Catalina
'Jimmy Catalina' 4 days ago
Mythbusters lie. Penny drop but not dropping penny.
'%DECIMATE%' 5 days ago
This theory can be disproved using easy physics. Why spend 4 minutes?
Albanian Thug
'Albanian Thug' 5 days ago
It depends how it rotates
Melodic Memories
'Melodic Memories' 5 days ago
Haha literal terminal velocity
Gavin Monreal
'Gavin Monreal' 5 days ago
I'm actually IN Discovery... so... yeah.
'27LegendThe' 6 days ago
0:00 I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my Pawnshop.
IronXkull Gaming
'IronXkull Gaming' 6 days ago
I miss this!! 😭😢
Brooklyn Capps
'Brooklyn Capps' 6 days ago
Actually if you drop a penny from the Empire State Building then the air and the gravity will work together to get the perfect speed of 25 mph witch couldn’t kill someone or really hurt them it would just sting a little bit you would be fine
Savior Of Noobs
'Savior Of Noobs' 1 week ago
If you account for wind resistance, a penny could never achieve a velocity close to this.
'Totally_Not_G' 1 week ago
2017 anyone?
Raven Graham
'Raven Graham' 2 weeks ago
toge Ka
'toge Ka' 2 weeks ago
1:44 the damage made me look at... 1:54 back-head
Robot Destroyer
'Robot Destroyer' 2 weeks ago
The terminal velocity will be 16-20 mph and will not dent any concrete, and the wind hitting a building pushes up with a force enough to make a penny go back up from 16-20 mph and land on a window seal, if it made it down it would probably give you a bump on your head for 10 mins or so. That means a penny would not hit 60 mph, and 16-20 mph would be reduced due to how flat the face and tail of a penny when it spins, so most likely it would hit 10-12 mph at the max. So that people is myth busted.
Slimey4Life DIY
'Slimey4Life DIY' 2 weeks ago
i love the pen
Random._. Cutie
'Random._. Cutie' 2 weeks ago
This is cool🐮
DayLight Raymond
'DayLight Raymond' 2 weeks ago
What if you drop bendable glasssss
Kirito SAO
'Kirito SAO' 2 weeks ago
Thought they were going to actually drop the penny from the Empire State Building
Mr. MerlinCr
'Mr. MerlinCr' 2 weeks ago
And u dont know if it will hit a person because of the wind blowing
x-eclips 714
'x-eclips 714' 2 weeks ago
just fyi that woos diped his hand in molten lead for science
Granola Bar
'Granola Bar' 2 weeks ago
Who else thought they were gonna throw pennies at pedestrian walking?
Ashley 98067
'Ashley 98067' 2 weeks ago
I remember I went to Florida. And this guy had change in his pocket and I was walking underneath the ride and 3 quarters hit my arm
Huzaifah Seedat
'Huzaifah Seedat' 3 weeks ago
What about when your balls drop?
'mrjkin' 3 weeks ago
A penny's terminal velocity isn't even 64 miles an hour you freaking trucks 😂
Quick draw Master
'Quick draw Master' 3 weeks ago
The penny's maximum velocity would be 40.23kph/25mph and it reached that after it drops 15 metres It would do barley damage just sting but the wind would be a problem Gravity pulls down the penny but then surface Tension would slowly Start increasing then it would level out the speed but it a building such As the Empire State Building it it was an air tight seal the penny would Travel at 320kph/200mph but it wouldn't kill anyone just injure them.
Luchannel Chatmon
'Luchannel Chatmon' 3 weeks ago
real life dr.eggman xD
Omid Javidi
'Omid Javidi' 3 weeks ago
fear of pennies gone
Kirk Meyers
'Kirk Meyers' 3 weeks ago
"that's the speed of a bullet" . . . Weakest weapon ever . . .
'legendaryRAF' 3 weeks ago
in the episode they said the penny would fly upwards instead of downwards
Sheá Curry
'Sheá Curry' 3 weeks ago
'Swoops' 3 weeks ago
If you drop your mum?
Sweet Lil Devil
'Sweet Lil Devil' 3 weeks ago
What if somebody throws a brick off?
Cool Gamer 303
'Cool Gamer 303' 3 weeks ago
if your on a mission assassinate them by just a ballpen
Lady Liberty
'Lady Liberty' 3 weeks ago
Just drop it from the fucking building and see what happens.
Young You tuber
'Young You tuber' 3 weeks ago
I like mythbusters
Derek Macdonald
'Derek Macdonald' 4 weeks ago
didn't i just watch another video where they said terminal velocity was 25mph? so who's right
'KoraggRules' 4 weeks ago
Dropping a water balloon? In the end someone is getting wet! LOL
Ridicoulos Co.
'Ridicoulos Co.' 4 weeks ago
According to physics, terminal velocity should actually be 25 mph. U r using wrong data.
jesse Ramirez
'jesse Ramirez' 4 weeks ago
tho from the empire state building there is something called wind soooooooooooooo if you drop it it will lose speed and u guys shot it from a gun wtf
'qw000pz' 4 weeks ago
Cool magic.
Mr. Jackaboy
'Mr. Jackaboy' 4 weeks ago
Wouldn't air resistance and distance will affect the experiment?
'You're' 4 weeks ago
In fact it will reach max speed after it has fallen 22 meters for the troposphere will slow it down with gravity
Dreissen Stock
'Dreissen Stock' 4 weeks ago
360p :/
'Danny BRITZMAN' 4 weeks ago
The architecture of the Empire State determines that there is a draft of wind blowing upwards. The penny never falls. It comes back up to one of the lower bits.
Karan Arora
'Karan Arora' 4 weeks ago
well u didnt consider air resistance over here..sorry bro i m not convinced with ur explanation
'CHIHUAZY' 4 weeks ago
"Penny Drop" Just drop a penny
'CHIHUAZY' 4 weeks ago
"Penny Drop" Just drop a penny
Mr. Minuteman
'Mr. Minuteman' 4 weeks ago
What about the if you step on a Lego going at 100mph Theory
Mr. Minuteman
'Mr. Minuteman' 4 weeks ago
Uploaded so long ago Still at 360p
Fragon Hard Stuff
'Fragon Hard Stuff' 4 weeks ago
umm, don't ignore the air scratching the coin, my buds.
Cunt Lizard
'Cunt Lizard' 4 weeks ago
That was interesting at 3:00 am
'Delto' 4 weeks ago
1:07 satisfying sharpie
Matthew Fussell
'Matthew Fussell' 4 weeks ago
God u shot it out of a stapler gun that will be faster than dropping do to wind resistance so this was a complete waste of time
'Podhy' 4 weeks ago
What if someone would drop a pennie into somebody's butt crack
Chase Pearson
'Chase Pearson' 4 weeks ago
Why don't you actually drop it off the Empire State Building?
'HunterPlayz123' 4 weeks ago
Nipgers I didn't say "niggers" dirty ass bitch
Brianna Watkins
'Brianna Watkins' 4 weeks ago
Damn, new marvel villains!
'GManTex' 4 weeks ago
I was hoping they would actually drop it but they didn’t 😢
Asad the fanboy
'Asad the fanboy' 4 weeks ago
Spoiler it won't kill anyone I knew it before
Gaming Overload!!!
'Gaming Overload!!!' 4 weeks ago
Man I just wanna see someone drop the penny from the top of the building!😣
Ez Official
'Ez Official' 4 weeks ago
if wanna murder so much y not purchase a gun? its easy than drop the fking coin from buildin
Ineedmemory card
'Ineedmemory card' 4 weeks ago
So thats why Alice in Resident Evil using coins instead of bullets?...
Quincey M
'Quincey M' 4 weeks ago
Amatniki GD
'Amatniki GD' 4 weeks ago
Peter The tank engine
The coin can only reach 35Mph
Lego Sniper
'Lego Sniper' 4 weeks ago
That's cool
Ebony Edwards
'Ebony Edwards' 4 weeks ago
this comment will get burried to the bottom
'GamingWithJayYT' 1 month ago
drop 1000 of em at once
'FakeWAVE115' 1 month ago
A pen can kill some one
Ronald R
'Ronald R' 1 month ago
I love this show!
The Krazy Gamer
'The Krazy Gamer' 1 month ago
Is anyone wondering why they didn't even drop a penny from a building? Mythbusters: how to make a video clickbait.
Frosty Cupcake Slimes
Who's watching in 2017? 😂 no one.
'MrBruunoGamer' 1 month ago
RIP penny
LiamSMod ROBLOX Gaming
One word. Debunked
'ᴄᴀɴᴄᴇʀ' 1 month ago
He got a such good handwritings smh
Samantha Sorrells
'Samantha Sorrells' 1 month ago
It has been proven that even if you droped a penny off the empire state building it would only reach a spead of 25 miles per hour and if it didi hit you it would just sting alittle
AthanxZone Siv
'AthanxZone Siv' 1 month ago
Justin Capriola
'Justin Capriola' 1 month ago
It's pretty dangerous. It can give a hell of a heart attack if someone gets hit
'WowNoob' 1 month ago
just drop a 3310 the world will end
addy nguyen
'addy nguyen' 1 month ago
Dude when i saw this video i was like,'Maybe they ight REALLY drop it off the tower BUT i guess not LOL' ....
Denis Porter
'Denis Porter' 1 month ago
Is it me or is the white pen satisfying.
'AnimeGamer' 1 month ago
Myth buster can u bust my homework please
Thany Moussie
'Thany Moussie' 1 month ago
In Russia, the coin drops you.
Daishinkan Sama
'Daishinkan Sama' 1 month ago
what happen if you drop ant from sky???
alexya medrano
'alexya medrano' 1 month ago
heads or tails?😂
Patrick Jewell
'Patrick Jewell' 1 month ago
Yeah but from that close there is no air resistance
Danna Luz
'Danna Luz' 1 month ago
Khiana Bibb
'Khiana Bibb' 1 month ago
What if myth busters... were a myth? 😱
Lagii Bauschat
'Lagii Bauschat' 1 month ago
Just throw the fcking penny
'americanEagle45' 1 month ago
Love from 2017 to 9/11😇/😔
XxWolferineXx :3
'XxWolferineXx :3' 1 month ago
falun gong cult
'falun gong cult' 1 month ago
But wind could slow it down?
'izziesfieldnotes' 1 month ago
Whoops, dropped my piano. *scream* "oops, my bad"
John Flinn
'John Flinn' 1 month ago
They most of lost alot of PENNIES
Ali Saidyar
'Ali Saidyar' 1 month ago
I gave this vid a dislike cause of the stup ad it sas real life boxing its 2fps
Soggy the Taco
'Soggy the Taco' 1 month ago
A pennies TV is 25 mph
Adam Foster
'Adam Foster' 1 month ago
why 1k dislikes? lol
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