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Penny Drop | MythBusters -
Published: 6 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 6 years ago

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Can a penny dropped from a building kill a pedestrian below? The MythBusters have the answer.

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'Siege' 1 day ago
also another question what if you dropped a bullet off the empire state building?
'Siege' 1 day ago
my question is if you drop like a bag of pennies off the empire state building and hurt the shit out of someone would you go to jail?
Ole Solheim Salvesen
How bigger coin, hoe bigger outcome. Try 20$
Roberto Merian
'Roberto Merian' 4 days ago
fuck the penny ima drop a fucking boulder see how that effects you d*ckhead
Lily Blackwell
'Lily Blackwell' 4 days ago
It would only generate 1 joule... But if it's Mach 3 then that's around 1,250 joules.
Rashed Al Rais
'Rashed Al Rais' 4 days ago
this is so smart! Goddd, cant you just test it out already.
'MrAlexkudla' 6 days ago
can we try this with an Australian 50 cent coin?
Bill Cipher
'Bill Cipher' 6 days ago
before 9/11
yofacegamer ,the ultimate gamer
I have a question, does the aceleration effect the effect on a solid object being hit with another solid object?
_Cool_Kid_ 101
'_Cool_Kid_ 101' 2 weeks ago
'DeadlyDanDaMan' 2 weeks ago
It's such a stupid myth. If this myth were true, then every time there was a hailstorm, people would be dying all over the place. Hail falls from heights of 10,000 to 20,000 feet. That roughly 10 times the height of the Empire State building.
Daniel Cocan
'Daniel Cocan' 2 weeks ago
Who else thought they were actually going to drop a penny from the top
Alex Groezinger
'Alex Groezinger' 2 weeks ago
Next time shoot a silver dollar and see if it can work
misanthropic generation
Family guy brought me here lol
'MThomas' 3 weeks ago
Please do one on diving/swimming in a pool of coins like Mr. Scrouge from Ducktales.
Ernest Pierce
'Ernest Pierce' 3 weeks ago
Now that I know it's safe. I'm going to throw 50000 pennies off that same building now :D
'Gilles' 3 weeks ago
The answer is no, it will not kill a pedestrian below, save yourself some time people.
delayvid a.k.a David but I
it's really not busted and the penny did not go the speed or sound that's actually impossibly for the penny to even reach that speed even if projected by the right device because the pennys mass stops it from going that fast that only thing that can break the speed of sound or for say light is space itself because space is multiple high valocity particles that weigh nothing meaning it has no mass slow down acceleration weight
Kevin Benoit
'Kevin Benoit' 3 weeks ago
When I was a kid I thought they were just busting each others' balls, but it makes me sad now that I'm older and learned they didn't like each other 😭
Big Dick Johnson
'Big Dick Johnson' 3 weeks ago
Well if you have ever been hit by hail then you know this myth to be busted from the get-go. Hail falls from a height often times miles in the sky (far greater than the tallest skyscrapers), is equal to or larger than a penny and falling at terminal velocity. It stings, but that's about it. Anything too much larger though and then that is a different story
'Seraphicat' 4 weeks ago
This video is six years old so I doubt I could ever get a reply from this: 2003 - Avenue Q made a joke regarding the penny off the building but when did that originate? Compositions of pennies have changed. Don't know when the myth originated; know terminal velocity is a factor; but what about mass? Before the 1980s, pennies were composed of mostly copper, with the exception of the early 1940s when they were made of steel due to wartime copper shortages. They could try it with each of those types. If the myth's origin was actually as recent as 2003, then it's definitely 100% busted due to the pennies being mostly zinc and therefore, lighter than their older predecessors.
Matute Bariain
'Matute Bariain' 4 weeks ago
Lord business watch this
'irregulargamer13' 4 weeks ago
how about a marble?
CreeperBomb3.0 // CB3P0
0:30 I want that one.
abc zyx
'abc zyx' 4 weeks ago
Try a Canadian 1,000,000 dollar coin.
Chad Hero
'Chad Hero' 4 weeks ago
he certainly looks different now that he has had a hair transplant
'Holx' 1 month ago
0:24 What did he say?
'BrotherGreed' 1 month ago
That earring tho Adam looks gay af
Anthony Hernan
'Anthony Hernan' 1 month ago
What about a pen?
'Mijah' 1 month ago
Who actually thought they were going to drop a penny from the actual Empire States? I hope I'm not the only one...
'jamesajek' 1 month ago
They should have been there on 911
Film Fabriek
'Film Fabriek' 1 month ago
Cause you guys blow things up Adam emedatly laugs
Synx Spiller
'Synx Spiller' 1 month ago
In Russia, the coin doesn't get dropped from the building. But the building gets dropped from the coin
Jose Hernandez
'Jose Hernandez' 1 month ago
rakesh siri
'rakesh siri' 1 month ago
aaaaam... air resistance....
volcanic Cormey
'volcanic Cormey' 1 month ago
I hot hit by a bottle lid flinged from a car, It felt weird but I'm OK
'Kcidical' 1 month ago
When you get a discovery ad while watching a discovery video
The Shed
'The Shed' 1 month ago
Dam those itchy and scratchy show lies
Faakirah Jones
'Faakirah Jones' 1 month ago
My cousin was mad at my older sister because she ate her food. Then she (my cousin) threw a quarter really fast at her forehead and made a gash smh 😬😭
sP Bambi
'sP Bambi' 2 months ago
lol literally went up the empire state building just for them to say "myth busted" XD
'MAGNUS GARRETT' 2 months ago
Super inaccurate. The penny may be going at the same speed but they used way too much power when blasting it at the ground.
Gregg Gutfeld
'Gregg Gutfeld' 2 months ago
go pick up your penny idiots
wafflebabe vlogs
'wafflebabe vlogs' 2 months ago
2:11 a conversation I will never have with anyone 😂 I won't do it!
•Astro Cat• meow
'•Astro Cat• meow' 2 months ago
who's watching this in 2017?.
'xSmokeyTheBear' 2 months ago
So what'll happen if I dump *a bucket* of pennies?
Emily skycage
'Emily skycage' 2 months ago
That satisfaction when you see a silver pen
TheStudentLocal Randomizer22
It's more interesting to throw a penny from the top of the Burj Khalifa =/
'VeKz' 2 months ago
It makes no Cents that it would kill someone Get It, Get It?!?!?!? Sry I'm Lonely Read More
'MisterDuckyGaming' 2 months ago
so HD
Dank Pro
'Dank Pro' 2 months ago
In America you drop penny, In Russia penny drop YOU
'Lupo' 2 months ago
16/500 of a second ..?? wtf is that measurement
'Vincent_g' 2 months ago
Next time just trow the fucking coin off the building
sweqters :D
'sweqters :D' 2 months ago
clickbait thumbail
Batt Dude
'Batt Dude' 2 months ago
And what about the fact that it's highly unlikely that the penny will even make it down there??
TwinFly Gaming
'TwinFly Gaming' 2 months ago
58 cents
Rex RW
'Rex RW' 2 months ago
.. your leaving out air resistance, drag, and friction...
Portal Turret
'Portal Turret' 2 months ago
just drop the penny off the building then fo down and see what happened... its easy
The Fire
'The Fire' 2 months ago
What about knives
DCskater bro
'DCskater bro' 2 months ago
my creditcard is so heavy it would kill you if i dropped it on your head
The Avian
'The Avian' 2 months ago
i'll just toss a bunch of loonies off a roof
'Chassaj' 2 months ago
myth suggestion : can you use kno3 (potassium nitrate), sugar, and sufur, to createrocket/explosions
'LegitMookle' 2 months ago
What if you dropped a penny from the World Trade Center?
'theswoogie' 2 months ago
Did they use a current copper coded zinc penny, a pre 80s pure copper penny or a 1943 zinc coated steel penny?
'cruizer714' 2 months ago
good... now try a dime
'Sweetfroggydude' 2 months ago
0:03 those faces tho XD
'KaLe' 2 months ago
im probably the only one who cant imagine the penny traveling that fast if dropped from a building it just looks so small and slow. it could bonk someone and have them look up but i cant imagine it ever hurting a damn thing. imaginations.
Im not Uploading
'Im not Uploading' 2 months ago
wait wat?
'ThrillChiller87' 2 months ago
I'd think it's depend on the year of the penny and when that myth originated from
'dumbass' 2 months ago
bless those actors
Jay-r Dalida
'Jay-r Dalida' 2 months ago
Nope. Terminal Velocity.
'foreverergouzi' 2 months ago
seriously... isn't rain doing the same? Perhaps from higher altitude?
'golf-n-guns' 2 months ago
They're so young in this...their mutual animosity is just budding....
Eugen Berzani
'Eugen Berzani' 2 months ago
he is not a wuss.. he is a walrus
Space Vortex
'Space Vortex' 2 months ago
... a human skull is twice as strong as concrete
'visualvexation' 3 months ago
11 year old me is heartbroken that this isn't true
I threw a guy of the roof of the oh fuck it forget you read this thanks by fucking shit shit shit
Zenix 29
'Zenix 29' 3 months ago
I think this myth comes from the misconception that speed is gained exponentially without stop in the air until it hits something.
priyanka nath
'priyanka nath' 3 months ago
I can't comment anything ,but it very useful
tritex extreme
'tritex extreme' 3 months ago
the penny wouldn't travel that fast if dropped of of the empire state building because of its disc like shape. it would instead travel like a frisbee there for cancelling the terminal velocity and throwing it tens of meters off course.
'SMGleader' 3 months ago
Super glad the discovery channel is investing in Oak Island these instead of this limbimbo liberal science bs fake stuff.
Joe Monthie
'Joe Monthie' 3 months ago
when you should be studying spelling
Alex Groezinger
'Alex Groezinger' 3 months ago
What if they tried a quarter instead?
'ThatOneNotThisOne' 3 months ago
Drop top
Matt T
'Matt T' 3 months ago
you could also find out the amount of joules of force upon impact and see if that's enough to crack a skull...
'TheTymeIsRyte' 3 months ago
So they went to the Empire State Building to do nothing
Logan W
'Logan W' 3 months ago
Weird how i was thinking about this and somehow it is on my reccomended
Cheap Filmz
'Cheap Filmz' 3 months ago
Now give my penny back
'RonLarhz' 3 months ago
lol doing it in their warehouse is NOT dropping it off a building. stupid shit. inconclusive.
'Eltic' 3 months ago
air is in between so it cant reach that speed
a bit of everything
'a bit of everything' 4 months ago
14.000th liker
John Smith
'John Smith' 4 months ago
The penny at the time this myth started would have had more copper in it and would have had more weight.
andrew taak
'andrew taak' 4 months ago
XD if you take physics you see how this doesn't work ..... let me explain the smaller something is the more surface area it has which means the slower the terminal velocity XD.....
Dei De
'Dei De' 4 months ago
The air resistance would slow down the penny,wouldn´t it?
Dennis Chiu
'Dennis Chiu' 4 months ago
I remember there was a segment from this episode in which they actually went to the Empire State Building and asked an employee whether people actually tried this. Turns out the pennies never reach the ground, because the updrafts blowing up the side of the building blow the pennies back up, forming a deposit of hundreds of pennies about 3 or 4 floors below where they fell from.
'SpingeBoggle' 4 months ago
drop it off a skyscraper into a block of ballistics gel
Mixtape Confirmed
'Mixtape Confirmed' 4 months ago
Why does Adam look like Walter white
'UndertaleFan101' 4 months ago
Only if Science Projects were like this Sadly it is said to be "dangerous"
Kevin Imp
'Kevin Imp' 4 months ago
i actually tried this when i visited the empire state building
Mark Reagan
'Mark Reagan' 4 months ago
3,000 fps is the speed of a fast.223 remington which is already a very fast small round, a 9mm the most common handgun caliber Is only going like 900-1200 fps
Ch Chand Tanha
'Ch Chand Tanha' 4 months ago
Drop a person from the building on a coin see what happens...
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