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Penny Drop | MythBusters -
Published: 7 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 7 years ago

6, 863, 252 views

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Can a penny dropped from a building kill a pedestrian below? The MythBusters have the answer.

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Peter Hart
'Peter Hart' 5 days ago
2:35 listen for the monkey laugh 😂
Jarid Gaming
'Jarid Gaming' 2 weeks ago
How big would an object have to be to kill someone? Maybe a steel marble?
Gustavojr Ramos
'Gustavojr Ramos' 2 weeks ago
I saw the whole video on TV
'salgado3311' 4 weeks ago
shawn 9k
'shawn 9k' 1 month ago
Try it again but with a bowling ball
Georyl gino
'Georyl gino' 2 months ago
*if you dont do it your a wussy*
Kenny B
'Kenny B' 2 months ago
Discovery......Bring Adam back and not Jamie for a new show👍👍👍
Time Warlock
'Time Warlock' 2 months ago
this is how we lose change people. PRECIOUS F*CKING CHANGE
Random Boy 3 m
'Random Boy 3 m' 3 months ago
There's also the problem of wind, since the penny is flat, and cuase of all the window sills.
Bill Sandiego
'Bill Sandiego' 3 months ago
When you bust a Fat one
They missed the plane
A Dumbo Octopus
'A Dumbo Octopus' 3 months ago
Alex Mora
'Alex Mora' 3 months ago
The penny has a max velocity.
What are you lookin at?
I want to see a gunfight using pennies as ammo now
legnends rock 69
'legnends rock 69' 4 months ago
How come water can't kill us uhhh
'Aristhetic' 4 months ago
i cant see anything on this video lol(nvm now i see it lol) just commeneted ewadbjkwqdk fro funeviwgqudguweidyoihs
Awesome amazing master of the extreme MythicalKing
Instead of a penny you should use a microwave
The Real Eric Mitchell
What if you dropped a boulder??
Chicken Flavored Ramen Noodles
A penny dropped an Empire State building of of me
but what if you drop an empire state building off of a penny?
'CREGS DAILY VIDEOS' 5 months ago
Everything falls at the same speed unless there's air resistence
Park SouthK
'Park SouthK' 5 months ago
Did they even care about aerodynamic? Terminal velocity ?
Elizabeth Ramirez
'Elizabeth Ramirez' 5 months ago
which of newtons law applies to this?
Mac Crocker vlogs 12
'Mac Crocker vlogs 12' 5 months ago
Charles Velas
'Charles Velas' 5 months ago
What PSI is it?
The Good American Gamer
Here is my one in a kind quote “dropping a penny off the Empire State Building is like getting flicked in the back of the head, by a shotgun.” Lol
Buddhapup Love
'Buddhapup Love' 5 months ago
Now try it with a knife.... NO wait a SWORD!
Kyle Beardy
'Kyle Beardy' 5 months ago
These guys must get a lot of women. Brains over brawn, chicks dig that.. Ya feel meh?
'cfroi08' 5 months ago
"To show you how a penny can kill someone from a skyscraper, we fired a penny out of a f*cking gun. Wow it killed him, who would have guessed?"
rinnylicious // s.
'rinnylicious // s.' 5 months ago
why does anyone even care about when it falls, like NOT EVERYONE wakes up and thinks " oh let me kill someone but look like i acidentally did it off the empire tower "
Kobe Kola
'Kobe Kola' 5 months ago
Why did they do all that bull instead of just dropping the damn coin off the building ;-;
david the mc nugget
'david the mc nugget' 5 months ago
I live in New York 🍎
Lauraa S.
'Lauraa S.' 5 months ago
What happend if u drop a Nokia
DallasCowboys4Life Logang4Life
It drops and Lands.
'GamerFromSaturn' 5 months ago
Why Not A Microwave? With a bullet in it?
Ghaazi burt
'Ghaazi burt' 5 months ago
dis video is super old and im still watching it
sing boy 3,000
'sing boy 3,000' 5 months ago
Oh my God
Successful Potato
'Successful Potato' 5 months ago
Penny: *Banshee scream* And how EXACTLY harmless it is? ITS NOT HARMLESS. IT WILL MAKE U a n n o y e d :3
Ariel Sapir
'Ariel Sapir' 5 months ago
Clickbait thumbnail get a life
Judah Baggerman
'Judah Baggerman' 5 months ago
R.I.P James, Caution of death: A Penny
Zombie Ashton Vids
'Zombie Ashton Vids' 5 months ago
What marker did you use?
Meatball mapper
'Meatball mapper' 5 months ago
Its not gonna hit any people cause the gravity
That Guy
'That Guy' 5 months ago
40 second unskipable ad... automatic dislike
Saul Arevalo
'Saul Arevalo' 6 months ago
But what if you drop my ex girlfriend????
toto wolf
'toto wolf' 6 months ago
These cucks
'bennyvehikite' 6 months ago
Adam looks like a total d bag
Angelo Gonzalez
'Angelo Gonzalez' 6 months ago
they focused on Terminal Velocity with no consideration from the updraft from the side of the building which greatly decrease the speed of the coin since it is flat it has more resistance.
Levi Weaver
'Levi Weaver' 6 months ago
This science is so inacurate
Jack D
'Jack D' 6 months ago
Can you make a flat price of paper flatter with your hands?
Albagir Qeimeteriion
'Albagir Qeimeteriion' 6 months ago
30 seconds unskipable ads ? You gotta to be joking right?
'JellyNutShell' 6 months ago
nice smooth crispy 360p
Thomas Gerry
'Thomas Gerry' 6 months ago
Good idea
'God' 6 months ago
It's ya boi Skinny Penis
dust s
'dust s' 6 months ago
show from discovery on the discovery yt channel and we only get 360p? blasphemy
robot Grim Reaper
'robot Grim Reaper' 6 months ago
you copy COD Mythbusters you fuck👿👿👿👿
'Evenrik_22' 6 months ago
they made an coin gun from terraria but in real life
Mike Padilla
'Mike Padilla' 6 months ago
For some reason I don't believe a penny will kill someone. Dropping it from high altitude being so light it won't come down with the force to penetrate and kill someone. I'm very hard headed so I fucking doubt it it would hurt me
The Squeaker Gamer
'The Squeaker Gamer' 6 months ago
Anyone else thought they were gonna launch the penny from the top with the launcher?
'Alansun99' 6 months ago
What if you drop a penny from a plane?
'Titanic' 6 months ago
In other words, you might die, but it would not be from brain damage, it would be bleeding out lots of blood.
Coco unicorn //Aidan
'Coco unicorn //Aidan' 6 months ago
That's the building from icarly
Aaron Fink
'Aaron Fink' 6 months ago
I was at the Empire State Building yesterday and this very question came to mind, even mentioned to my wife that the M.B's. surely have tested it. Then, this video shows up as a suggestion...weird. I know my phone listens to me and tracks my location because facebook sends me suggestions all the time. Why wouldn't google do it to?
Omarion Gordon
'Omarion Gordon' 6 months ago
I love you
J.B. Studios
'J.B. Studios' 6 months ago
Myth not busted no one tried it out
Jimmy Catalina
'Jimmy Catalina' 6 months ago
Mythbusters lie. Penny drop but not dropping penny.
'%DECIMATE%' 6 months ago
This theory can be disproved using easy physics. Why spend 4 minutes?
Albanian Thug
'Albanian Thug' 6 months ago
It depends how it rotates
Melodic Memories
'Melodic Memories' 6 months ago
Haha literal terminal velocity
RandomodnaR 97
'RandomodnaR 97' 6 months ago
I'm actually IN Discovery... so... yeah.
Why do I have an overused picture meme??
0:00 I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my Pawnshop.
'TIPSYDOGGIE Gaming' 6 months ago
I miss this!! 😭😢
Fbndccbdc 247gdbfg
'Fbndccbdc 247gdbfg' 6 months ago
Actually if you drop a penny from the Empire State Building then the air and the gravity will work together to get the perfect speed of 25 mph witch couldn’t kill someone or really hurt them it would just sting a little bit you would be fine
Savior Of Noobs
'Savior Of Noobs' 6 months ago
If you account for wind resistance, a penny could never achieve a velocity close to this.
'Totally_Not_G' 6 months ago
2017 anyone?
Raven Graham
'Raven Graham' 6 months ago
toge Ka
'toge Ka' 6 months ago
1:44 the damage made me look at... 1:54 back-head
Robot Destroyer
'Robot Destroyer' 6 months ago
The terminal velocity will be 16-20 mph and will not dent any concrete, and the wind hitting a building pushes up with a force enough to make a penny go back up from 16-20 mph and land on a window seal, if it made it down it would probably give you a bump on your head for 10 mins or so. That means a penny would not hit 60 mph, and 16-20 mph would be reduced due to how flat the face and tail of a penny when it spins, so most likely it would hit 10-12 mph at the max. So that people is myth busted.
Random._. Cutie
'Random._. Cutie' 6 months ago
This is cool🐮
DayLight Raymond
'DayLight Raymond' 6 months ago
What if you drop bendable glasssss
Kirito SAO
'Kirito SAO' 6 months ago
Thought they were going to actually drop the penny from the Empire State Building
Mr. MerlinCr
'Mr. MerlinCr' 6 months ago
And u dont know if it will hit a person because of the wind blowing
x-eclips 714
'x-eclips 714' 6 months ago
just fyi that woos diped his hand in molten lead for science
Granola Bar
'Granola Bar' 6 months ago
Who else thought they were gonna throw pennies at pedestrian walking?
ashley 98067
'ashley 98067' 6 months ago
I remember I went to Florida. And this guy had change in his pocket and I was walking underneath the ride and 3 quarters hit my arm
Huzaifah Seedat
'Huzaifah Seedat' 7 months ago
What about when your balls drop?
'mrjkin' 7 months ago
A penny's terminal velocity isn't even 64 miles an hour you freaking trucks 😂
KrutasTM 4
'KrutasTM 4' 7 months ago
The penny's maximum velocity would be 40.23kph/25mph and it reached that after it drops 15 metres It would do barley damage just sting but the wind would be a problem Gravity pulls down the penny but then surface Tension would slowly Start increasing then it would level out the speed but it a building such As the Empire State Building it it was an air tight seal the penny would Travel at 320kph/200mph but it wouldn't kill anyone just injure them.
Luchannel Chatmon
'Luchannel Chatmon' 7 months ago
real life dr.eggman xD
Omid Javidi
'Omid Javidi' 7 months ago
fear of pennies gone
Kirk Meyers
'Kirk Meyers' 7 months ago
"that's the speed of a bullet" . . . Weakest weapon ever . . .
'Micro' 7 months ago
in the episode they said the penny would fly upwards instead of downwards
Sheá Curry
'Sheá Curry' 7 months ago
'Swoops' 7 months ago
If you drop your mum?
Sweet LilDevil
'Sweet LilDevil' 7 months ago
What if somebody throws a brick off?
-_Cool-Gamer_- _-505-_
if your on a mission assassinate them by just a ballpen
Lady Liberty
'Lady Liberty' 7 months ago
Just drop it from the fucking building and see what happens.
Viktor Horinek
'Viktor Horinek' 7 months ago
I like mythbusters
Derek Macdonald
'Derek Macdonald' 7 months ago
didn't i just watch another video where they said terminal velocity was 25mph? so who's right
'KoraggRules' 7 months ago
Dropping a water balloon? In the end someone is getting wet! LOL
Ridicoulos Co.
'Ridicoulos Co.' 7 months ago
According to physics, terminal velocity should actually be 25 mph. U r using wrong data.
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