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Street Science: Episode 6 - Balloon & Bottle -
Published: 4 years ago By: CPMS TV2

By: CPMS TV2Published: 4 years ago

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Here at CPMS TV, we're taking science to the streets and discovering the secret behind blowing up a balloon in a bottle--it's harder than you'd think! Make sure to subscribe to our channel for some more Street Science fun and check out our other channel for more information on science!

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Great. Science, this is what we say applied science
Doug Fever
'Doug Fever' 8 months ago
In the episode where you were dropping balls from a man lift, you had a safety harness on but no lanyard on the harness making it useless. Even worse was the dweeb with no harness standing on the safety rail. It would have been interesting to see which one hit the ground first if the hydraulics failed or the basket jerked and spit you both out.
Pete Skyrunner
'Pete Skyrunner' 11 months ago
That's a cool experiment. i understand the physics but it still looks weird that the balloon stays inflated lol
Siddhi Ayachi
'Siddhi Ayachi' 11 months ago
Anas omar
'Anas omar' 2 years ago
المطلوب شنو
Eric Lim
'Eric Lim' 3 years ago
Hi, I think your idea is fantastic but I'm kinda confused. Could you please explain to me the science behind this experiment?
'Physics_rabbi' 4 years ago
I am teacher I will use your ideas in the class room.Thanks you are doing a great job.The reaction of the people is so natural.Great job.BTW I am from India.   
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