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Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video] -
Published: 1 year ago By: Bruno Mars

By: Bruno MarsPublished: 1 year ago

1, 232, 517, 104 views

6, 924, 621 Likes   377, 865 Dislikes

Stream and download 'That's What I Like" off the new album "24K Magic" now:

Directed by Bruno Mars and Jonathan Lia

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Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video]

'Moe' 8 minutes ago
You know i had to do it to em 💯💯💯
Lourdes Ribeiro
'Lourdes Ribeiro' 22 minutes ago
April 2018
Amine Hajri
'Amine Hajri' 25 minutes ago
'TheBlindMonk' 30 minutes ago
c'mon lets go for 8m likes
Thais Lorrayne
'Thais Lorrayne' 47 minutes ago
Brasil 💚
'HTH MTV' 59 minutes ago
Always Awesome!😎😎😎🎤🎼🔥
'Lomotto' 1 hour ago
syafiq sakai
'syafiq sakai' 1 hour ago
anyone know his address in manhattan?
Briian 198
'Briian 198' 1 hour ago
Exelent talent🎉🎉💫
Ozy Oz
'Ozy Oz' 1 hour ago
This song is the best #BrunoMars
Christian Reptilian
I thought he likes dick!
Trainer HAPPY
'Trainer HAPPY' 2 hours ago
Damn 1B 😀😀😀
omega red
'omega red' 2 hours ago
that s what i like man ;)
'ItsMeMike_' 2 hours ago
Miracle Allen
'Miracle Allen' 2 hours ago
Monsterhigh Girl127363838
This is the best Bruno mars song ever!!
Javiera Figueroa
'Javiera Figueroa' 3 hours ago
I like Tula xd
Krishna cloud
'Krishna cloud' 3 hours ago
Please conduct one Tour in have to show your talent in are a great my opinion you are a legend.
pocho leniz
'pocho leniz' 3 hours ago
hey gais is got school that s what like off
'新本洸基' 3 hours ago
Hadji Amine
'Hadji Amine' 4 hours ago
G-Jane TK
'G-Jane TK' 4 hours ago
1.2B I like it. 😊
Cristina Amate
'Cristina Amate' 5 hours ago
Like si amas a Bruno Mars
'BEST GADGET' 5 hours ago
1.3bl wooooooooooooow
TAB Fantasy
'TAB Fantasy' 5 hours ago
1 like 1 Indian Love from india
helci_aaa oficiall XD
Lim Yu Wei
'Lim Yu Wei' 6 hours ago
i rly like it when he goes to full soprano at the last cycle
roadtriptv _fan
'roadtriptv _fan' 6 hours ago
Lucky for all of us that this song existed and *that's what I like*
'xvgabiexv' 6 hours ago
'배린이' 6 hours ago
2019? I am came to future
jacob lamb
'jacob lamb' 7 hours ago
1.5k likes. That's what I like😁😁😁
LaLinha Sousa
'LaLinha Sousa' 7 hours ago
i love music that s what i like
eni Eni
'eni Eni' 7 hours ago
super song
Anthony Greatness Cotton
Hey Fam, My Michael Jackson dance tribute is sooo close to 100,000 can you please help me get there? First video on my page!! ✊🏾❤️
Melissa Marble
'Melissa Marble' 7 hours ago
'MELISSA ANTUNEZ' 8 hours ago
April 2018......
Farhan Cahya
'Farhan Cahya' 8 hours ago
April 2018k
Sky Kidd
'Sky Kidd' 9 hours ago
The next MJ of our time.. keep it up bro
Jhemai and Reignxylle
january 2002??
Iluminada Gabriel
'Iluminada Gabriel' 9 hours ago
2:53 hahaha
นฤชา กอไธสง
Thai land
Samuel Pereira
'Samuel Pereira' 9 hours ago
Tem algum BR ? 💜💛💚💙
Kishor Gupta
'Kishor Gupta' 10 hours ago
April 2018?? Like Bruno Mars.....😍❤️❤️❤️
Roselyn Abadiano
'Roselyn Abadiano' 11 hours ago
Thats what i like "bruno mars"😉😍😘
ajay shankar
'ajay shankar' 11 hours ago
best choreograhy
Agil Sakti
'Agil Sakti' 12 hours ago
Lord Beerus
'Lord Beerus' 12 hours ago
Mobile Legends Official Page
370k👎 Thats i dont like
Lalita Tongsut
'Lalita Tongsut' 12 hours ago
Bruno mars so cute😂❤️❤️
Duda Miranda
'Duda Miranda' 12 hours ago
Alexander Bragstad
'Alexander Bragstad' 13 hours ago
Friend:you like my di**? You:lucky that's what i like😂😂
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons
This is old school 1980's R&B mixed with 90's rap new jack Hmmm interesting so retro R&B gets over a billion but black artist can;t eat ain't that a Bitch yea Negroes are getting wiped out don't get me wrong Bruno Mars is very talented but damn so unfair
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons
Seriously over one billion views??? WTF
Sahil Virmani
'Sahil Virmani' 14 hours ago
Michael Jackson in making....
maria santanna
'maria santanna' 14 hours ago
juanjose ospina
'juanjose ospina' 14 hours ago omg wtf 6.9 likes OMG
Play Games Official
'Play Games Official' 14 hours ago
2018 anyone??!!💙💙
jakarta fair
'jakarta fair' 14 hours ago
i like this dance
Kenji The Lego Master
The BEST!!!
Thaisthiago Regina
'Thaisthiago Regina' 15 hours ago
musica visiante ❤❤💚💚💜💜💙💙💛💛
Marco Dyer Bolivar
'Marco Dyer Bolivar' 15 hours ago
Beautiful song ¡¡¡¡
I-mera Mai
'I-mera Mai' 16 hours ago
Cosmic Lord
'Cosmic Lord' 17 hours ago
Spidy sence better
Yustina Gala
'Yustina Gala' 17 hours ago
love you bruno mars
Marcos santos
'Marcos santos' 17 hours ago
Cd os Br?
Cheyenne White
'Cheyenne White' 17 hours ago
''any thing you want just to put a smile on it''
emoji lover
'emoji lover' 17 hours ago
Corey Humphrey
'Corey Humphrey' 17 hours ago
April 2018
Efrem Gordon
'Efrem Gordon' 17 hours ago
Old hip hop
Efrem Gordon
'Efrem Gordon' 17 hours ago
Old hip hi
Efrem Gordon
'Efrem Gordon' 17 hours ago
Efrem Gordon
'Efrem Gordon' 17 hours ago
Old rap
Angel Ayala
'Angel Ayala' 17 hours ago
Bruno is my favorite n only singer the I think is powerful about what he sings n he's performance are ridiculous good I don't think is another singer can top Bruno Mars my # 1 the best ladies and gentlemen pra pra prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriaa
Elisabeth Winters
'Elisabeth Winters' 17 hours ago
I Love you xoxoxo ❤❤❤❤
'chrispleasantable' 17 hours ago
This was track 4 and the 2nd single from Bruno's 3rd album "24K Magic" and was the 10th song I learned by this super cool singer and dancer. This is another 2016 party song right here. This was also track 5 from the "Now That's What I Call Music! 62" CD.
CityGamer Br
'CityGamer Br' 18 hours ago
Alguém? 2018
John Rogers
'John Rogers' 18 hours ago
Nguyen is the one l.
Laurie Grant
'Laurie Grant' 18 hours ago
I still love this song
Miguel Lopez III
'Miguel Lopez III' 18 hours ago
Miguel Lopez III
'Miguel Lopez III' 18 hours ago
Miguel Lopez III
'Miguel Lopez III' 18 hours ago
Japan 🇯🇵
Miguel Lopez III
'Miguel Lopez III' 18 hours ago
China 🇻🇳
Check your Discord!
'Check your Discord!' 18 hours ago
I can't stop listening to this!
Serafin Garcia
'Serafin Garcia' 19 hours ago
Buque ke fea
Ced Mel
'Ced Mel' 19 hours ago
Kauan GMS
'Kauan GMS' 19 hours ago
Jorge Arenas
'Jorge Arenas' 19 hours ago
Jaelyn and Jace Superstars
Like the editing
Kayleen Esteban
'Kayleen Esteban' 20 hours ago
Good song!!!!!!
Emma Preston
'Emma Preston' 20 hours ago
whoever hated this video go die in a whole
Emma Preston
'Emma Preston' 20 hours ago
i love the whole dance and editing cheap plus cool
Nessa V D
'Nessa V D' 20 hours ago
Yes i am in april 2018
وسام اقصوده
wow wow wow
Monserrath Ramirez
'Monserrath Ramirez' 20 hours ago
I am love the song
Eaast Hunnnid
'Eaast Hunnnid' 20 hours ago
Joy Abreu
'Joy Abreu' 20 hours ago
Nice moves
Coisas da Dika
'Coisas da Dika' 21 hours ago
Bruno Mars 😍
Coisas da Dika
'Coisas da Dika' 21 hours ago
'llBADSPORTll 5' 21 hours ago
petremont jude
'petremont jude' 21 hours ago
I love the music
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