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Will It Break? -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

675, 507 views

9, 526 Likes   2, 849 Dislikes

Sometimes it's just fun to break stuff.

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Smart phone with incoming call on display falling in water with splash on white
addamStock/Getty Images
Falling smartphone
Pavel_dp/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

'CreativeCourtney' 1 month ago
poor phone, never had a chance to live a long life of happiness and smiles
Victoriano Ramirez
'Victoriano Ramirez' 3 months ago
"Hmm mm fun"
Denis Playz
'Denis Playz' 3 months ago
@ 0:28 she put three twice
Jesus Christ
'Jesus Christ' 5 months ago
Great death metal instrumental in the background
'HiroykuiRF' 5 months ago
Aw man! I was so looking forward to smashing my phone with a sledgehammer!
flordeliza espejo
'flordeliza espejo' 6 months ago
AHH 666,000 views
Papa Stalin
'Papa Stalin' 6 months ago
try a Nokia mate.
Stupid Potato
'Stupid Potato' 6 months ago
You acdently put a phone in a volcano and it burned in lava because I definitely dint do that
Panda lover
'Panda lover' 7 months ago
R.i.p phone
jana radic
'jana radic' 8 months ago
I had it. It sucked.
Butterfly Girl26
'Butterfly Girl26' 8 months ago
I think it would've been better if they used a different phone for each test because it probably broke easier after having been broken so many times before
Callum Jones
'Callum Jones' 10 months ago
is it weird that i felt really bad for the phone?
leu thovinh
'leu thovinh' 10 months ago
It's not a Nokia 3310 so of course it will break
iced tea
'iced tea' 11 months ago
Did you try turning it off and turning it back on?
Samantha Weps
'Samantha Weps' 11 months ago
Selorm and Sonim. Love it.
'Abhijith' 11 months ago
lame video lame presentors
Nikki Smith
'Nikki Smith' 11 months ago
is it a coincidence that Steven looks like Keith
'imreallycold' 11 months ago
tbh that's the phone that my mom would buy me 😂
Chicken Nuggets
'Chicken Nuggets' 11 months ago
Must be bad quality
Mamzelle Maggie
'Mamzelle Maggie' 11 months ago
you should put in the water before you crack it
FaZe j
'FaZe j' 11 months ago
did anyone else see that they didnt run it over by car?
Random_ Gaming
'Random_ Gaming' 11 months ago
all phones break :/
Cause Why Not?
'Cause Why Not?' 11 months ago
I just want to say this...I have never seen anyone break their phone with a sledgehammer accidentally whoever has done that HOW?!?!
Guardian Scout
'Guardian Scout' 11 months ago
The water resistance won't work if the screen is cracked
'何üm' 11 months ago
>Advertised as "military-certified tough" >Broken by a white girl and Asian with a sledgehammer.
'ErinsDarkSoul' 11 months ago
RIP Phones ;-;
Salvey Smalls
'Salvey Smalls' 12 months ago
This poor phone
'TheSloppyDoge' 12 months ago
I literally just dropped and broke my phone watching this....
Lps Random
'Lps Random' 12 months ago
phone: PLEASE HALP ME me: u deserved it MWAHAHAHAHAHA
Take Heat
'Take Heat' 12 months ago
any body drop their phone in a toilet before like if you did
Madeline Marie Tuggle
'Madeline Marie Tuggle' 12 months ago
*sledgehammer to a phone* *still works*
Wild4 Girl
'Wild4 Girl' 12 months ago
Those noises at the end though!😂
Red_X •
'Red_X •' 12 months ago
*Walk up to your co-worker and ask* "Hey, can I borrow your sledgehammer?" "SURE!"
Artur Pahlman
'Artur Pahlman' 12 months ago
anyone heard about Motorola droid turbo? 😛🤣
Nokia 3310
'Nokia 3310' 12 months ago
I don't know what to say...
anonymous moonwalker
high tech transformer phone
Damion Perez
'Damion Perez' 1 year ago
its like the phone cracks the floor
Unitex Fashion
'Unitex Fashion' 1 year ago
Rest in peace phone
Derik Lane
'Derik Lane' 1 year ago
just casual day acedentaly slipped my sledge hammer on a random super cased phone
Dog Dog
'Dog Dog' 1 year ago
"Does it break?" *has broken phone in thumbnail*
Seba Frontera
'Seba Frontera' 1 year ago
They would of used Nokia
'FludD' 1 year ago
should have used a Nokia 3310
Javier Segunial
'Javier Segunial' 1 year ago
Who in the world would smash it like 5 times hard, run it over, smash it and drown it? It's designed to survive accidents only....
Phantom Wolf
'Phantom Wolf' 1 year ago
'Sydney' 1 year ago
Am I the only one who's thinking "Well of course water got into the phone. You cracked the screen!" ..
Annoyed Moon
'Annoyed Moon' 1 year ago
Is this the new "Crew"? If so, It's not very good compared to the old "crew".
Pickle Dick
'Pickle Dick' 1 year ago
Should've done the Nokia 7
Dizzy Izzy
'Dizzy Izzy' 1 year ago
Wow (that's the only thing I can think of to say)
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 1 year ago
Epic fail
'IBToeySlap' 1 year ago
if your looking for strong phone check the BV6000
gradeaunderas dad
'gradeaunderas dad' 1 year ago
wow I was having a good fucking time watching this video until I FUCKING CHOKED ON MY OWN SPIT.THIS IS WHY I DONT HAVE FRIENDS.
PunchYoFace Prod.
'PunchYoFace Prod.' 1 year ago
But have you crushed your phonescreen with the pressure from inbetween you buttcheeks? *I didn't think so...*
Koushi o3o
'Koushi o3o' 1 year ago
Of course it's breaks, if you want to prove to us that it's a durable phone then get the old Nokia and do the same tests and make another video
Ilian TV
'Ilian TV' 1 year ago
you wrote 1 2 3 3 but not 4
Johanna Salo
'Johanna Salo' 1 year ago
just buy a Nokia phone. when i had a nokia o threw it into a wall. The phone was fine (two scratches) but the wall wasnt....
'BEAST Mode' 1 year ago
I mean you can try breaking a Nokia "the key word is try"
Kevin Fan
'Kevin Fan' 1 year ago
0:27 1 2 3 3?
Joost Kootstra
'Joost Kootstra' 1 year ago
Me: I'm making a holy phone Jeff: How? Me: I'm gonna smash the hell out of it!
Verosity Gaming
'Verosity Gaming' 1 year ago
1 like= 1 less abused phone.
'emo' 1 year ago
you could drop a Nokia 3310 from space and it would not even crack
'IrlBelle' 1 year ago
It just reminds me of our class play where we had to break a phone.When we practiced with my old phone,it worked great,but when we had to perform in front of the whole school with my classmates old phone,it didnt break
Alec Duffy
'Alec Duffy' 1 year ago
Just get an old Nokia XD fuckin grenades don't work on that
'Caseque' 1 year ago
2:00 I need this shirt!
'Aiko' 1 year ago
they stole GMM's age old question!!! Curse BUZZFEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Daith' 1 year ago
NOKIA 3310
'Phancake' 1 year ago
let's talk about thst
Bailey Wallis
'Bailey Wallis' 1 year ago
Why not a Nokia 3310, were they afraid that if they dropped it, it would level the continent.
Dāvis Lauga
'Dāvis Lauga' 1 year ago
nokia 3310 is better
Daan Beekenkamp
'Daan Beekenkamp' 1 year ago
i know what type of phone she need its teh nokia 3310😂
Dylan Annis
'Dylan Annis' 1 year ago
they should try to break a Nakia phone
The WizardGary
'The WizardGary' 1 year ago
Don't wanna hate but at 0:24 the text says can be last in 6.5ft of water 😂
Richard Chen
'Richard Chen' 1 year ago
NOKIA 3310
Livia Blood
'Livia Blood' 1 year ago
When your watching this on a already cracked screen... 😂
Avery Villegas
'Avery Villegas' 1 year ago
Why didn't they test the water before it was cracked water got in because the screen shattered
Nojus Slavinskas
'Nojus Slavinskas' 1 year ago
You shoud try "cat s30/40
I am a Youtuber
'I am a Youtuber' 1 year ago
You should have used a Nokia 3310
'Vinstalia' 1 year ago
try the noka
'xxxjahseh' 1 year ago
This is not an accurate test none of this stuff happens naturally besides the toilet situation but nobody just throws their phone on the grown or drives over it or just gets a sledgehammer and smashes is CMON BUZZFEED
'eddebrock' 1 year ago
Gotta say I'm not too happy about their order of operations.
Stellar Jewls
'Stellar Jewls' 1 year ago
Perfect when you are on your period and wanna smash something
Jorgos your neigbor
You should have Nokia 3310
Gr1m R3aper
'Gr1m R3aper' 1 year ago
try a Nokia phone
Wumpy 117
'Wumpy 117' 1 year ago
The Nokia 3310 would've broken that sledgehammer
James Shields
'James Shields' 1 year ago
nokia 3310
Reverse panda
'Reverse panda' 1 year ago
why was "Brake the hell out of it" on it?
kool kid247
'kool kid247' 1 year ago
hi slorem
GamersLife GamersLife
Poor phone poor poor just so poor phone
'HassanLechkar' 1 year ago
Welcome to BuzzFeed's Bored Smashing.
Chloe Hazard
'Chloe Hazard' 1 year ago
Get a Nokia
Kaira Byrd
'Kaira Byrd' 1 year ago
phone abuse is NOT okay
Do nokia 3310 and see if that breaks. I think thats the correct number.
Super FrostQueen
'Super FrostQueen' 1 year ago
R.I.P phone
ssf turnip
'ssf turnip' 1 year ago
0:35 look at this duuude *cough cough ugly bastard cough cough*
'MrDuck' 1 year ago
I love breacking stuff
'swagbro11' 1 year ago
'Jacob' 1 year ago
Kids in Afrika could eat that phone
celina jones
'celina jones' 1 year ago
In the arms of the angle R.I.P phone
troll face
'troll face' 1 year ago
what you need is a nokia
1123581321 Genius
'1123581321 Genius' 1 year ago
They realize that toilet water is the same thing as sink water, right?
gucci mane was cloned
Isn't slorm that drink off futurama
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