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Do The Russians Have Dirt On Trump? -
Published: 5 days ago By: The Young Turks

By: The Young TurksPublished: 5 days ago

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A former MI6 official says that the Russians are holding onto compromising information about Donald Trump. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Russian spies claim to have “compromising personal and financial information” about President-elect Donald Trump, according to a report.

Unidentified U.S. officials told CNN that briefings given to President Obama and Trump last week by the CIA, FBI, NSA and the Director of National Intelligence included the claims.

Intelligence officials have said that the Russian government was behind the hacks on the Democratic National Committee, but that the breaches weren’t limited to Democratic data.

CNN reported that the hacked information include memos about Trump that stem from opposition research against him, and that they were compiled by a former British operative trusted by American intelligence.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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Jay Torraso
'Jay Torraso' 2 hours ago
you mean...IF WE EVER have another election
'mcabronito' 4 hours ago
How do you recognize Trump supporters here? They just all repeat words they heard, not being able to have their own: "Young Turds", "libtards", "you are fake news"... That's almost funny to see them parroting and basically have no argument of their own (well, what they repeat aren't arguments either)
'FrizleFry00' 5 hours ago
How many idiots that believed the birther movement are here asking for proof now? You should always want proof not just when you disagree, morons.
'FrizleFry00' 5 hours ago
Buzzfeed said this was unsubstantiated and had they not done that then you could call it fake news. They never said this was true and that is the difference between fake news like Fox. Was this a bad move on Buzzfeed to report an unsubstantiated story? The answers is probably yes but that doesn't make them fake news like Fox who reported No Go ones in the UK then they retract the story and then report it again about France (for which Paris moved to sue Fox News)
'twenlil' 5 hours ago
Why only the Russians have dirt on Trump ? Why not the Chinese ? I am sure Chinese are quite capable of digging up dirt on anyone !
Stairway to heaven Bohemian rhapsody
This channel is a big pile of cow shit.
steve heesub
'steve heesub' 7 hours ago
Manchurian candidate?
Karl Andrew
'Karl Andrew' 10 hours ago
Just another ignorant report about something absolutely STUPID
'cvi108' 12 hours ago
This Spy was behind the FIFA investigation......This is real.
Brigitte Hoffmann
'Brigitte Hoffmann' 16 hours ago
More fake news from the not-so-young Turds :p
Al Gee
'Al Gee' 16 hours ago
'newsmthjoke' 18 hours ago
You guys are doing exactly what Russia wants!
'shankoff1' 1 day ago
Trump doesn't need CIA briefings. He gets his briefings from the KGB.
River P
'River P' 1 day ago
Who doesnt have dirt on Trump, he's a walking sewer.
Steven Yourke
'Steven Yourke' 1 day ago
If the Russians really some dirt on Trump, do you really think they would be stupid enough to let an American ex-spy find out about it? Please! I call bullshit on all this Russia stuff. Russia did not leak the emails to Wikileaks - Julian Assange has said so and no evidence has prestented to prove otherwise. In fact, an ex=British diplomat has claimed credit for leaking the emails to WKilieaks - he says the was given the emails by an insider from the DNC who was upset at the way the DNC had treated Sanders. If the emails were hacked, the NSA would be able to determine that beyond any question of doubt. They should be able to tell us edxavtly when they were hacked and by whom. Instead, no evidence has been produced to the public at all to support these allegations. CIA and MI5 are totally dishonest, unreliable sources. They are professional liars and deceivers. To believe them over Julian Assange is sheer stupidity.
Concerned Citizen
Trust TYT to run with fake news from fake CNN.
'lindylu' 1 day ago
Has anyone read the report? Who cares about the golden showers? I'm more concerned about Trump, his lawyers, campaign team, and their relations, possible kickbacks, bribes etc with Russia. Russia doesn't like Trump, they may own him. Lets be more concerned about that, and finding out if that's true.
ben ben
'ben ben' 1 day ago
We need to see his fricken taxes!
ben ben
'ben ben' 1 day ago
Yea cenk I was saying that all along!
Tru Davies
'Tru Davies' 1 day ago
I don't believe a single thing the CIA says, period. What is the evidence Cenk? Where the fuck is it? John? Nothing, so shut the fuck up.
Peter Dyste
'Peter Dyste' 1 day ago
I love watching these 2 idiots. They are hilarious.
Blind Freddy
'Blind Freddy' 1 day ago
Putin has bigger hands than Trump.
Georges Landry
'Georges Landry' 1 day ago
so i saw a great interview with the Russian ambassador on Charlie Rose. they talked about Crimea... personally i thought he made (some) valid arguments.
'uclaztec2' 1 day ago
Look at all these right wingers that hated Russia, but are now visiting TYT to spew more of their BS and have become Russian sympathizers. When this is all said and done, Comrade Trump will still subordinate America to Russia and you will still be unemployed (and uninsured) in the south and in the rust belt.
Jonniee Mackk10
'Jonniee Mackk10' 1 day ago
All you fake news media will face a major lawsuit.
i am Panama
'i am Panama' 1 day ago
This is where the Trump world is headed Fahrenheit 451 the burning of books outlawing media in America society
Veronica Baker
'Veronica Baker' 1 day ago
Of course the Russians have dirt on Trump. You know, everyone is worried about ISIS. They're cretins and so disorganised. The real threat is Russia and its right wing satellites in Eastern Europe.
Smiling Bear
'Smiling Bear' 1 day ago
Great job Trumpee supporters. Your guy likes to be peed on by prostitutes.
Dan White
'Dan White' 1 day ago
This is almost certainly why Trump hasn't released tax documents. His son has already said he owes money to Russians, even though Trump denies it. This guy has never been presidential material. Thank goodness we can impeach his sorry butt.
Patsy H
'Patsy H' 1 day ago
Trump gate sounds better!!!
Patsy H
'Patsy H' 1 day ago
It's called blackmail... he is so dumb!!!
'eboosty' 2 days ago
Tyt's are such idiots ahahahah. Do a little research. Talk about conspiracy theories huh?
Trey Gowdy
'Trey Gowdy' 2 days ago
Rex has no qualifications? Lol WUT?
'J S' 2 days ago
Putin thinks Trump is a fool he can use for his purposes. Trump's wife comes from a Russia friendly country. Trump and wife could sell us down the road to Russia.
TP Power
'TP Power' 2 days ago
It would make American Flag look neater with those stars lined up in a perfect 8 X 6 rectangle.
Berta BCorkery
'Berta BCorkery' 2 days ago
Yeah lonte molono
mountain dweller
'mountain dweller' 2 days ago
serious questions surrounding the dossier , like why would a former intelligence officer go into safe house over what people are calling fake news, then the question of the presented report looking like tea bag full of holes . lots of misspelling and breaking the cardinal rule of making sure your report is backed up with substantiated and credible evidence to make it stand up , and then compromise your own integrity knowing the report could be unpicked by a boy scout , which appears like business suicide of a very credible business , his business partner appears unfazed ? serious more to this than meets the eye
'KrazeeClark' 2 days ago
Madagascar? Wuh?
Trump is a shitting Christian Republican. Of COURSE he hires hookers to urinate on him, that's what Christian Republicans do.
ThE DuCk
'ThE DuCk' 2 days ago
Face it the country belongs to the Republicans and Putin. It's all about Russian oil and the 500 billion Exxon sunk into Russia before the US put on sanctions. Clinton would continue the sanctions, Trump is going to lift them, then Putin has plenty of money to buy new nukes and hookers and Trump and his pals make tons of money.
Raven Heart
'Raven Heart' 2 days ago
Worse than Buzzfeed? Na Buzzfeed actually has real journalism once in a while. Used to be a fan back in 2008 now this is what they have turned into, fake news propaganda identity politics instead of being anti war. Reading the comments section and seeing the tribalism at its finest. Just gonna wait till some idiot brings up a non sequitur like #pizzagate.
'tedtrash' 2 days ago
Hillary Clinton offered Russia a reset button with the wrong Russian word on it. (peregruzka = "overcharged") Trump is offering them the potential to renegotiate a 1/2 trillion dollar deal. Which one do you think leads to normalized relations with Russia? The left should be looking at this as an opportunity to form an alliance with another major nuclear power, getting us further away the brink of a nuclear exchange. Also consider that in spite of media hype, the United States is not at war with Russia, and diplomacy is the only chance there is to influence Russian policy on human rights. It might come to nothing, but vilifying Putin is guaranteed to get you nothing. However, Trump's detractors, still intent on defeating him, will disregard their own values and advocate strong man tactics in the region, which have not historically been a resounding success. Long gone are the hysterical cries that a Trump presidency will lead to a nuclear catastrophe with Russia. Now they have been turned on their head and Trump is Putin's lapdog. It was bullshit before and it is bullshit now. Is the FBI going to find evidence that the president elect has been compromised? I predict they won't, because you don't blackmail someone like Trump, you pay him after he leaves office. Besides, Russia aiding Trump would not have to have anything to do with Trump but much to do with exposing Hillary Clinton to keep her out of office. Clinton actively destabilized Libya and pursued the neocon agenda to destabilize Syria. She has advocated war with Iran on several occasions as well, which would send the region into even more chaos, severely weakening Russia's ally, Syria. However, if simple reasoning doesn't convince you that there is nothing to see here, you can take a walk down memory lane and enjoy the following: The Russians, (like every other nation on earth) have shown a keen interest in US federal elections for some time.
Jade Paulsen
'Jade Paulsen' 2 days ago
I want to know more about the rumors of trump being into urinating on women.
Steven DuVall
'Steven DuVall' 2 days ago
To answer John's question: IF the Russians helped Trump win, then they helped Clinton lose. It's not rocket surgery. And if they don't come to some conclusion on this investigation, please tell those of us who have lost what little faith we had in the election process why we should trust it at all going forward.
Schlumbucket Returns
Ctenk is totally unhinged. Time to bury the TYT media corpse. If Ctenk even bothered to keep up with facts he'd know that Tillerson was a last-minute choice for SEC when all of the top contenders were rejected for different reasons. That's hardly evidence of some plot to "appease Russia".
'Realist' 2 days ago
More fake news from TYT.
'RideMyTruck' 2 days ago
'TenThirty-Two' 2 days ago
*PEEPEE GATE!* This is more fake news bullshit started by McShitstain and the Bush controlled faction of the republican party. Keep it coming TYT. You are crumbling! Squirming in your chairs! HA. Reality keeps spanking you OVER AND OVER!
'TR0LLREIGN' 2 days ago
Nobody believes you retards anymore. You live in a dreamworld.
'interstategar' 2 days ago
My guess the Russians have video of Trump having some sort of sex and that's why they favored Trump to be president. Putin has a plan to blackmail Trump to get the US to lift sanctions, and possibly other goals Putin aspires to achieve. Will their plan work? I don't know.
Eric Burbach
'Eric Burbach' 2 days ago
Alex Jones should be locked up
'David32Finkbeiner' 2 days ago
'bill' 2 days ago
HELL YES IT'S TRUE................................
Claus Von Stauffenberg
if the Russians don't have dirt on trump,I'm sure you guys will make something up!
Wendy Ryder Mckibbin
I don't know why people keep saying don't worry about the election. I personally can testify that as a Hillary supporter I had planned on early voting but when Comey came out with all that drama I hesitated and decided to wait it out until she was cleared. I went to the polls on voting day and voted but I wonder how many other people didn't Vote for her during the early voting and either voted for him or never voted at all. I like Nate Silver believe she would have won had the Russians NOT interfered! I just can't believe a Country like ours can't stop this train wreck about to be president? how many passes will he get? maybe Putin has all of Washington by the balls. it seems like everyone there is afraid to stand up to him...
tm90 40
'tm90 40' 2 days ago
Fake news.
tm90 40
'tm90 40' 2 days ago
Cenk the fat Muslim doesn't like the fact that Putin is bombing his beloved Islamists in Syria. You liberals are getting really desperate now aren't you? Present one piece of evidence for any one the claims made about Russia and Putin? You can't, all you have is baseless assertions.
Bob Martini
'Bob Martini' 2 days ago
get a white house press pass yet, heard there will be a few seats open
Bob Martini
'Bob Martini' 2 days ago
Phoenix Faure
'Phoenix Faure' 2 days ago
Pissgate will take this bigot down.
'FLCOM1' 2 days ago
Alex Jones is officially more credible than TYT. They have joined the ranks of Buzzfeed.
Joseph Mellen
'Joseph Mellen' 2 days ago
TYT'S are about as stupid as possible. The definition of "fake news" is TYT hate mongers. Anyone that believes anything that they say must be unable to think for themselves. Sad, sad, sad. Pathetic at best.
Larry Mountain
'Larry Mountain' 2 days ago
Rex Tillerson may actually be Putin's pick!
john Smith
'john Smith' 2 days ago
Former MI6 agent, the same secret service that had Litvinenko on its payroll, even when they themselves said the guy was a one-man disinformation bureau.
Kathryn Pignon
'Kathryn Pignon' 2 days ago
Of course they have stuff on him!! We know they spy and hack, as we have stuff on Putin. This is well known, and has been, for a long time in Europe.
David Montalvo
'David Montalvo' 2 days ago
TYT is funded by Qutar a oppressive govt that does not stand for liberal progressive "regressive" ideology,they're Islamist apologist that have snuck in this "Islamaphobia" bullshit that now defies the laws of common sense.This just like BuzzFeed and the whole lot are actually fake news none of these "Journalistic investigating reporting" shows channels could stand up against simple Journalistic standards and have shit on the oath they take when becoming the press!
Mark Flynn
'Mark Flynn' 2 days ago
'D T' 2 days ago
urine furring PEE isn't GOLDEN that it's just down alt-right dirty
'Tricky8oy1' 2 days ago
Oh they got dirt on him alright #Pissgate
Steven Yourke
'Steven Yourke' 2 days ago
What is this bullshit - if the evidence is so clear, then show it to the American people and be done with it. Instead, all we have are unsubstantiated allegations made by anoymous sources. No hard evidence at all. So far, we have not been presented with any evidence at all to substantiate the claim that Russia hacked the Clinton emails and there is no evidence at all the even if they did, that they provided the emails to Wikileaks, something Assange has denied outright. To Hell with Cenk and TYT - completely useless program.
Jonny Galt
'Jonny Galt' 2 days ago
Ay'and The Trump Circus Has Officially Started. Spacibo!
'cnmckenna' 2 days ago
Lol tyt are garbage.
Mario Antonio Lawrence Sr.
The POTUS to be is compromised like a credit card, something has to be done? What do we do when our bank cards are compromised? No member of government is to be compromised.... it needs dumping!
'bakkagirl' 2 days ago
I keep on my laptop and complete 'dossier' of Clinton crimes. Any 'liberal' who opens his or her hole, and attempts to speak,...I just start a recitation of Clinton criminality...and their little rat eyes well with tears, and the hold their breath and turn blue...doesn't matter to me....
'nile1208' 2 days ago
mhahaha president trump, I still can't believe it
Vinton Bonner
'Vinton Bonner' 2 days ago
TYT is garbage fake news.
S David Bee
'S David Bee' 2 days ago
Oh well, glad to see Ana finally spew the true progressive mantra after Trump won, claiming she and those who think like her are "better" than everyone else.
'8elhaj' 2 days ago
Trump loves golden showers
S David Bee
'S David Bee' 2 days ago
The Young Turds = supporting terrorist groups like BLM every day.
Jay Richard
'Jay Richard' 2 days ago
trump,putin comey r in bed together,, or to make it easier..dumb conservatives+kgb+fbi=mushroom cloud...
George Papag
'George Papag' 2 days ago
So the charge is 'Russia is guilty of telling us the truth about Hillary'? Thanks Russia, we owe you one.
John Hart
'John Hart' 2 days ago
I have to laugh at you Americans. First you invent Fake News. Then you come up with the catch phrase, "Fake News" meaning any news you don't like to hear. In the end you are left with no link to reality. The biggest bubble in the world after North Korea, America
John Davidson
'John Davidson' 2 days ago
This channel is digital vomit. #youaregarbage
trog lodyte
'trog lodyte' 2 days ago
Fake news from TYT as usual
'eottoe2001' 2 days ago
This is the new McCarthyism and we need to nuke Russia.
max larsen
'max larsen' 2 days ago
Enjoy living in your own shit, Armenian Ass Suckers.
islamophobic, heteronormative, white male.
hahahha ty 4 chan! Hook, line, and sinker! Yellow hair and hookers piss, was all the left heard, "yeah run with it" :D
Donna Peroche
'Donna Peroche' 2 days ago
These two like playing with each other
'B BTB' 2 days ago
The United States now sleeps under a Soviet moon: Nikita Khrushchev 1957...this time the moon is Trumps ass.
'theonlysaltspring' 2 days ago
The Great American Coup?
Bond James Bond
'Bond James Bond' 2 days ago
Bond James Bond
'Bond James Bond' 2 days ago
And this is the douchebag that the Trump deplorables voted into office. WOW!!!!
'Muzzleflash777' 2 days ago
Dr. Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a mental disorder
MaryAnne Brown
'MaryAnne Brown' 2 days ago
I have been thnking that Putin doesn't so much care about Donny. He just needed Donny, who he knows is a nutjob, to get the guy he's really wants, and that is Rex Tillerson.
'Muzzleflash777' 2 days ago
Fake News, Fake News, Fake News...........
'Muzzleflash777' 2 days ago
You pathetic Libtards. Don't you know you lost? It's over! Trump is your president. There is nothing you can do. Now stay out of the way, go smoke your dope, listen to whatever it is you listen to now. But this country is ours again. BTW, tomorrow, I'm going to crank up my chainsaw and do some target shooting. Don't you just love it?
Lee Johnson
'Lee Johnson' 3 days ago
No they don't have any dirt on Trump, if they did it would be released Herp Derp
Snapdragon 9600
'Snapdragon 9600' 3 days ago
Golden showers, is this Trumps trickle down economics, in action?
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