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Do The Russians Have Dirt On Trump? -
Published: 10 months ago By: The Young Turks

By: The Young TurksPublished: 10 months ago

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A former MI6 official says that the Russians are holding onto compromising information about Donald Trump. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Russian spies claim to have “compromising personal and financial information” about President-elect Donald Trump, according to a report.

Unidentified U.S. officials told CNN that briefings given to President Obama and Trump last week by the CIA, FBI, NSA and the Director of National Intelligence included the claims.

Intelligence officials have said that the Russian government was behind the hacks on the Democratic National Committee, but that the breaches weren’t limited to Democratic data.

CNN reported that the hacked information include memos about Trump that stem from opposition research against him, and that they were compiled by a former British operative trusted by American intelligence.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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Frisky Bottomsuuater
Red Carvette
'Red Carvette' 1 month ago
hell Yeah. that's why he won't say anything bad about them.
Dennis Kinch
'Dennis Kinch' 2 months ago
What you'll all find out when this is all said and done is that Hillary won the election. Wakey, wakey. I know you hate her as much as Trump does, including the obsession thing too, but she won the popular by a record setting 3 million votes. The investigation will show that there was direct targeting of key states to allow Trump the Electoral College win, directly through Russia and Trump Deplorables. He has already passed a bunch of Exec Action laws and appointed a SCOTUS, severely changing the course America is heading to and the type of country we are to the world. If we stop protesting and investigating at collusion, then we are giving them all a big win, even if Trump and his merrymen go to jail.The direction of America is what Putin was after. Only a Democrat or left leaning independent can right the course. The GOP won't even try.
Frisky Bottomsuuater
'Frisky Bottomsuuater' 4 months ago
Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Seth Rich/Hilly Clinton the itchy sweater is unraveling! But, but, MUH RUSSIA!!!
Юрий Пронин
It is not in Russia tradition to dig dirt on someone. In fact, we despise such approach.
'boyofGod81' 4 months ago
where can i get a tyt aluminum hat...
Richard Slapperman
'Richard Slapperman' 4 months ago
It's time to stop now. Focus on REAL issues assholes.
'HOLDEN 1K' 5 months ago
Because the Russians didn't help trump it's not a thing all the points they made were irrelevant
Mike Schwarzer
'Mike Schwarzer' 6 months ago
cabal has something on trump. Replace Russia with Israel and the Mossad and you know that it is the US corporate Mafia.
Veleicema Johnson
'Veleicema Johnson' 6 months ago
'Setright' 6 months ago
CNN reporting?,.............NEXT!
Mary Mccarson
'Mary Mccarson' 6 months ago
fake news....hope Trump Sue's you....
'navylaks2' 7 months ago
Who care's Trump's a prick who doesn't care if they did. Stop bashing the Russians for all your problems.
'Nubias' 8 months ago
Ok,now we gotta deal with Pence as President.
The Ultimate in Salty Gaming
tyt has a very punchable face
'poppy90290' 8 months ago
I think that Putin has given him or is promising him a yuge amount of $$$$. There are big oil deals at stake, etc.
D Washington
'D Washington' 8 months ago
Evidence of him being comprised by Bannon by Russia by racist.this guy is a loser racist that was born rich ..has no talent!!
Kathy Borthwick
'Kathy Borthwick' 8 months ago
Out and out lie: old news over with : makes total sense no one has more influence
Russel Mack
'Russel Mack' 9 months ago
Butthurt Democrats can't sleep at night because "Russians" are hiding under their beds at night haaa ha ha haa - MORE FAKE NEWS from the minds of delusional liberals
Matt isat
'Matt isat' 9 months ago
Liberals own everything including TrumpTards
They did and he paid off the extortion which is the Reason why he didn't sue CNN .
Tyler Price
'Tyler Price' 10 months ago
I think John did the hax and is trying to cover his trail!
Freddy Ariam
'Freddy Ariam' 10 months ago
sellout bag of orange garbage
Charles Bombaugh
'Charles Bombaugh' 10 months ago
He's a traitor
'talkwradio' 10 months ago
I love these guys piss off so many Drumph supporters. Thanks for watching guys!!
Chillipepper Chase
'Chillipepper Chase' 10 months ago
you Americans surely must be soooooo embarrassed-Dump is a corrupt, sexist, racist, xenophobic, SUB-LITERATE, Narcissistic neo-nazi bigot
Precious DeVere
'Precious DeVere' 10 months ago
I've wondered about those tax returns and whether they show financial dealings with Putin. We will never find out either, but those tax returns do need to be open to view as all Presidents have done so. If there's nothing to hide then there's no problem.
Charlie Lucky
'Charlie Lucky' 10 months ago
wake up morans
Joseph Carlson
'Joseph Carlson' 10 months ago
these people still have a show?
'spelunkerd' 10 months ago
Buzzfeed did not say the story was fake. You can imagine how dangerous it would be for a witness to come forward and identify themselves. Any witnesses would slip from view, disappear, and the bodies would never be found. This may be already happening. So, the story is unverifiable to American journalistic standards and I don't think we will ever learn the truth. Certainly as long as Mr Trump makes a series of decisions in favor of Mr Putin, any videos would be held for future blackmail. The real test would come if he were to change his stance and make tough decisions, favoring his country and NATO over his precious reputation. I don't predict that happening, either. Ironically, most of us don't really care what happens in the bedrooms of the world. However some Republicans feel differently, especially if they realize a more right wing vice president would help them to advance their agenda. This gives any recording blackmail power. It's a very uncomfortable feeling that the commander in chief may be externally influenced by a foreign power.
'sirreal6' 10 months ago
TYT is still operating?
jose montes
'jose montes' 10 months ago
I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MY PRESIDENT IS DEPRAVED CUCKHOLD PERVERT! there is no precedence to believe this! PUTIN/trump2017
jose montes
'jose montes' 10 months ago
I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MY PRESIDENT IS DEPRAVED CUCKHOLD PERVERT! there is no precedence to believe this! PUTIN/trump2017
jose montes
'jose montes' 10 months ago
I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MY PRESIDENT IS DEPRAVED CUCKHOLD PERVERT! there is no precedence to believe this! PUTIN/trump2017
The Instigator
'The Instigator' 10 months ago
I guess this video is proof that "The Young Turks" is fake news because by now we know this crap was made up.
'Jdevilist' 10 months ago
The young completely clueless cunts are at it again showing there total stupidity at every of jackasses.......pathetic clowns and anyone just HAPPEN to notice he is wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt on under the blazer...ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sal nuno
'sal nuno' 10 months ago
of course they have dirt on that piece of shit, anytime you hear something in the news, things might not be completely true but they always have some truth to the news if not completely true
Michael Cicutto
'Michael Cicutto' 10 months ago
You would think these die hard liberals would be accepting of "Trump's Gold Showers"
Robert Portillo
'Robert Portillo' 10 months ago
If it were not true it would have been dismissed long ago and even now would not be given any credence
David Fanguy
'David Fanguy' 10 months ago
Shari Gavreel
'Shari Gavreel' 10 months ago
Trump is nothing but dirt.
Spun Some
'Spun Some' 10 months ago
So the young turks want war with russia?
'gingerbreadmanquan' 10 months ago
you guys making jokes in these times ? dont get like cnn plz
Coy Hampton
'Coy Hampton' 10 months ago
Electronic media has really screwed this country up.
MrFriendly B
'MrFriendly B' 10 months ago
You only make Trump stronger with all this obvious crap.
wwf superstar
'wwf superstar' 10 months ago
This is the new CNN? all fake news
'deharleyva' 10 months ago
The Russians aren't stupid. They won't overplay their hand on this.
Charlene Graham
'Charlene Graham' 10 months ago
While I understand why you don't want to conflate Russian interference and re-doing the election because of that interference because it makes Republicans upset (and not want to investigate or even admit to Russian interference), it still makes sense for Americans to call for some type of do-over of the election because the interference did, in fact, change the outcome. Why is that so odd and why shouldn't it be "part of the conversation?" I guess you're thinking one step at a time, but it seems to me one point leads to the next and that's the way it should be.
russell d
'russell d' 10 months ago
This whole story from the young turks is based on the idea that that report is true. Your first step should be verifying that report then forming a conclusion. But you guys have formed the conclusion before verifying the truth of that report.
russell d
'russell d' 10 months ago
It's not like the intelligence community would make anything up? Do you forget about the Iraq war?
Sewing Fun !
'Sewing Fun !' 10 months ago
I'm in full agreement with your commentary . Very scary situation we and the country find ourselves in How did we allow it to get this far? I'm not in favor of Clinton either. But Trump will take away our freedom of speech, freedom of the press and make our lives miserable economically while he, his family and his cronies line their pockets !
Ellenor Bovay
'Ellenor Bovay' 10 months ago
Show me the pee pee video. Can't? Then what is it you are talking about? You don't like Tillerson, because he worked for XOM. Ever heard of Dick Cheney? Halliburton? So you hate Russia, OK, we fought a Cold War for that, remember? So are we like the Middle East, we ALWAYS hate Russia because we ONCE hated Russia? We NEVER forget our enemies and we just fight them forever? Clinton's wife lost, get over it, Trump is the president.
neweng research
'neweng research' 10 months ago
I see 2 option or combo. trump is either being blackmailed or paid off. even 2% of $500,000,000,000 is a huge amount of money.
Al Carre
'Al Carre' 10 months ago
Once again tyt are full of shit.
David Burleson
'David Burleson' 10 months ago
Guys...even CNN wouldn't touch this! Lol
Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский
"democrats" are made up of the lower layers of society in all senses, they are the poorest, the less educated, they commit more crimes, have broken families, engage in drugs, take the highest share on the free dole collecting food stamps. Democrats and leftist scum should be expelled from the country, they are a plague, unneeded, unwanted, and they are everywhere. Democrats hate conservatives because they have tighter families, are more religious, better educated, richer and do better altogether.
'landfair123' 10 months ago
Tinkle tinkle little Trump Putin filmed you take a dump In the room you peed so high Some it splashed you in the eye Now they have you by the balls Try to not fall off your wall
John Silver
'John Silver' 10 months ago
Russians are more respectable than Democrats. Putin should be governor of CA.
Jim Mooney
'Jim Mooney' 10 months ago
A year or so ago I figured poverty, homelessness, health and education costs, global warming, etc were our big problems. Boy, was I wrong. Obviously - RUSKIS! If only I'd listened to that honest, stalwart organization, the CIA.
Dragan Milivojević
'Dragan Milivojević' 10 months ago
This isn't against Russia, but it's against Russia. This goes to my archive, in a few years (if TYT still exists) we are going to have a ball.
Rose Johnson-Tsosie
'Rose Johnson-Tsosie' 10 months ago
How odd. Wendi Deng, Fox New's Rupert Murdoch's ex wife vacationing with Trump's daughter this summer. Odder still the Ex Mrs. Murdoch is dating Putin. How cozy. Odder still, the Ex Mrs. M. Jagger is now Mrs. Murdoch. We're gonna need a score card.
Count Erich Manfred von Siebenburg
Trumpsky is a de facto Russian agent, has been for five years. I don't know if he knows he is - because he's so mentally ill he has a very tenuous grasp on reality. But Russia is in the White House without a shot being fired.
J.R. Dwyer
'J.R. Dwyer' 10 months ago
POTUS Obama and Flotus Michelle will be the last real valid Couple for the USA and the World.Save all the real truth behind the greatest couple to be in the White House.After and beyond January 20, 2017, the world will explode!
J.R. Dwyer
'J.R. Dwyer' 10 months ago
MRS DJT is the Child of PUTIN
Terri Totten
'Terri Totten' 10 months ago
proven lie...fake news
One Individual
'One Individual' 10 months ago
ya Putin was giving trump a golden shower, you know how much Trump likes gold.
John Morley
'John Morley' 10 months ago
That badly spelt "report" obviously is not a real document from British Intelligence because its headers don't match anything from ay country and the guy faces no charges for breaching the official secrets act. Cenk knows it is fake but is happy to lie to his audience.
BJM Graphics
'BJM Graphics' 10 months ago
Michael Coen passport is clean. It's a different guy with same name.
Phantasy Star
'Phantasy Star' 10 months ago
Trump and his Trumpanzees will scream fake news all the way till the trial.
Phantasy Star
'Phantasy Star' 10 months ago
Drumph is going down hard, its going to be a national holiday!!
albert delgatto
'albert delgatto' 10 months ago
YT as vapid as ever.
Orion Felis
'Orion Felis' 10 months ago
"Fake news" is slowly becoming my number one most hated and misused phrase. It outdid racist, so congratulations Trump Trolls, in 8 months 'Fake News' will have no meaning.
Jay Torr
'Jay Torr' 10 months ago
you mean...IF WE EVER have another election
'mcabronito' 10 months ago
How do you recognize Trump supporters here? They just all repeat words they heard, not being able to have their own: "Young Turds", "libtards", "you are fake news"... That's almost funny to see them parroting and basically have no argument of their own (well, what they repeat aren't arguments either)
'FrizleFry00' 10 months ago
How many idiots that believed the birther movement are here asking for proof now? You should always want proof not just when you disagree, morons.
'FrizleFry00' 10 months ago
Buzzfeed said this was unsubstantiated and had they not done that then you could call it fake news. They never said this was true and that is the difference between fake news like Fox. Was this a bad move on Buzzfeed to report an unsubstantiated story? The answers is probably yes but that doesn't make them fake news like Fox who reported No Go ones in the UK then they retract the story and then report it again about France (for which Paris moved to sue Fox News)
'twenlil' 10 months ago
Why only the Russians have dirt on Trump ? Why not the Chinese ? I am sure Chinese are quite capable of digging up dirt on anyone !
Stairway to heaven Bohemian rhapsody
This channel is a big pile of cow shit.
steve heesub
'steve heesub' 10 months ago
Manchurian candidate?
Karl Andrew
'Karl Andrew' 10 months ago
Just another ignorant report about something absolutely STUPID
'cvi108' 10 months ago
This Spy was behind the FIFA investigation......This is real.
Al Gee
'Al Gee' 10 months ago
'newsmthjoke' 10 months ago
You guys are doing exactly what Russia wants!
'shankoff1' 10 months ago
Trump doesn't need CIA briefings. He gets his briefings from the KGB.
River P
'River P' 10 months ago
Who doesnt have dirt on Trump, he's a walking sewer.
Steven Yourke
'Steven Yourke' 10 months ago
If the Russians really some dirt on Trump, do you really think they would be stupid enough to let an American ex-spy find out about it? Please! I call bullshit on all this Russia stuff. Russia did not leak the emails to Wikileaks - Julian Assange has said so and no evidence has prestented to prove otherwise. In fact, an ex=British diplomat has claimed credit for leaking the emails to WKilieaks - he says the was given the emails by an insider from the DNC who was upset at the way the DNC had treated Sanders. If the emails were hacked, the NSA would be able to determine that beyond any question of doubt. They should be able to tell us edxavtly when they were hacked and by whom. Instead, no evidence has been produced to the public at all to support these allegations. CIA and MI5 are totally dishonest, unreliable sources. They are professional liars and deceivers. To believe them over Julian Assange is sheer stupidity.
Concerned Citizen
'Concerned Citizen' 10 months ago
Trust TYT to run with fake news from fake CNN.
'lindylu' 10 months ago
Has anyone read the report? Who cares about the golden showers? I'm more concerned about Trump, his lawyers, campaign team, and their relations, possible kickbacks, bribes etc with Russia. Russia doesn't like Trump, they may own him. Lets be more concerned about that, and finding out if that's true.
ben ben
'ben ben' 10 months ago
We need to see his fricken taxes!
ben ben
'ben ben' 10 months ago
Yea cenk I was saying that all along!
Dominika Slovakia
'Dominika Slovakia' 10 months ago
I don't believe a single thing the CIA says, period. What is the evidence Cenk? Where the fuck is it? John? Nothing, so shut the fuck up.
Peter Dyste
'Peter Dyste' 10 months ago
I love watching these 2 idiots. They are hilarious.
Blind Freddy
'Blind Freddy' 10 months ago
Putin has bigger hands than Trump.
Georges Landry
'Georges Landry' 10 months ago
so i saw a great interview with the Russian ambassador on Charlie Rose. they talked about Crimea... personally i thought he made (some) valid arguments.
'uclaztec2' 10 months ago
Look at all these right wingers that hated Russia, but are now visiting TYT to spew more of their BS and have become Russian sympathizers. When this is all said and done, Comrade Trump will still subordinate America to Russia and you will still be unemployed (and uninsured) in the south and in the rust belt.
Tony Chino
'Tony Chino' 10 months ago
All you fake news media will face a major lawsuit.
i am Panama
'i am Panama' 10 months ago
This is where the Trump world is headed Fahrenheit 451 the burning of books outlawing media in America society
Veronica Baker
'Veronica Baker' 10 months ago
Of course the Russians have dirt on Trump. You know, everyone is worried about ISIS. They're cretins and so disorganised. The real threat is Russia and its right wing satellites in Eastern Europe.
Smiling Bear
'Smiling Bear' 10 months ago
Great job Trumpee supporters. Your guy likes to be peed on by prostitutes.
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