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PJ MASKS Toys Rival Racers Track Playset Unboxing With Catboy Gekko Owelette Ckn Toys -
Published: 6 months ago By: CKN Toys

By: CKN ToysPublished: 6 months ago

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Hi guys, today we are playing with this new PJ Masks Rival Racer Track Playset.
Favorite nighttime heroes Catboy, Owlette and Gekko kick the action into high gear with the new PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset, based on Entertainment one's hit TV series PJ Masks. Kids can play out the adventures seen in the show as they zoom through the raceway to save the Museum from Night Ninja! Launch the vehicles into action using one of two built in mega launchers, then zoom through the loop and around the curves. Watch out for Luna Girl when she pops-up on the track, then cross under the city bridge and race past Romeo to the finish line! The racing action is super-fast when PJ Masks are saving the day!

'NOAH-HD' 2 weeks ago
I love this CKN I wish to have that for Christmas
Sebastiano Spada
'Sebastiano Spada' 2 weeks ago
'BlekOfficial' 1 month ago
Lelia Hamilton
'Lelia Hamilton' 1 month ago
Ooo ,l OlllK. L
Humaira Kayani
'Humaira Kayani' 2 months ago
تركي الحبسي
triangle sortingtriangle sorting
brian Mayamba
'brian Mayamba' 2 months ago
Ckn toys it's PJ masks we're on our way into the night to Save the Day
Zed Rhae
'Zed Rhae' 2 months ago
jam mei yam
'jam mei yam' 3 months ago
Jennifer Canarecci
'Jennifer Canarecci' 3 months ago
targ AL SRIF
'targ AL SRIF' 3 months ago
Rabia Qayyum
'Rabia Qayyum' 3 months ago
Ivan gamer TV
'Ivan gamer TV' 3 months ago
Gekko does not trun into grek grek trun into gekko
Coors Light
'Coors Light' 3 months ago
Kaylee Sinclair
'Kaylee Sinclair' 3 months ago
I love
Jacqueline Araujo
'Jacqueline Araujo' 4 months ago
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Phillip Holmes
'Phillip Holmes' 4 months ago
Rion Rahman
'Rion Rahman' 4 months ago
Yes you can t.
Raxel Rodriguez
'Raxel Rodriguez' 4 months ago
Vinh Le
'Vinh Le' 4 months ago
'Olivia' 4 months ago
My baby bro Love this
Alic Andersen
'Alic Andersen' 5 months ago
Benargirl Maramag
'Benargirl Maramag' 5 months ago
Munsami Naidoo
'Munsami Naidoo' 5 months ago
Cool to y
Elizabeth Johnson
'Elizabeth Johnson' 5 months ago
Alexander DePalma
'Alexander DePalma' 5 months ago
olga iturra
'olga iturra' 5 months ago
👨 hola
Adrian Kirkby
'Adrian Kirkby' 5 months ago
He said the
Robin Husseiy
'Robin Husseiy' 5 months ago
Marcela Valdes
'Marcela Valdes' 5 months ago
Gator Train
'Gator Train' 6 months ago
Vv,v,,y h,h
Trang Nguyễn
'Trang Nguyễn' 6 months ago
V The I'm
jerald frimpong
'jerald frimpong' 6 months ago
can I have
Yinka Adedeji
'Yinka Adedeji' 6 months ago
RJ Osama
'RJ Osama' 6 months ago
Nick Huynh
'Nick Huynh' 6 months ago
I'm just trying
Agromarmolejo mARMOLEJO
Great For KIds
'Great For KIds' 6 months ago
PJ MASKS Toys Rival Racers Track Playset
sandy vercruyssen
'sandy vercruyssen' 6 months ago
'CaramelDiva7' 6 months ago
Hello from Jace *Marathon Time*
Huynh Lam
'Huynh Lam' 6 months ago
Hello ckn toys
Mayo Altuve
'Mayo Altuve' 6 months ago
Toys No
Itay Raviv
'Itay Raviv' 6 months ago
טוטו בו חי
BobiKids Channel
'BobiKids Channel' 6 months ago
Play Doh Kids Channel
Cool video :)
Hoang Laii
'Hoang Laii' 6 months ago
Nice video man love the cars
Ni Le
'Ni Le' 6 months ago
Well done
All About Toys
'All About Toys' 6 months ago
🎉😊👍Awesome video!! Patrick and Easton give it 2 thumbs up!! It was great!!🎉😊👍
brian andres
'brian andres' 6 months ago
Disney Cars Barbie Toys
Wow what an awesome set! I have seriously got to get me one of those!
العاب اطفال
KitKat TV - PAW patrol episodes
ლ(╹◡╹ლ) WOW I'm 1st Love it 😍♥💖❤💙💚▶⏩✳️🍁🍄✅🔟🍏 🙉🍅✅ LOL Funny Story ! 💯💯 Love it - 💙❤💖💖❤💙💚✅💯🆙💯✅💘😍💚🍅
Drawing Fun House
'Drawing Fun House' 6 months ago
Nice! PJ masks 🎭🙊😋😊😍😂🐹🍩🍩🍩🍩
Canal De Boa!
'Canal De Boa!' 6 months ago
Like 👍👍👍👍
vinh lê
'vinh lê' 6 months ago
Otavio Bizzaria
'Otavio Bizzaria' 6 months ago
Você é muito bom em brinquedos
GO* Annica & Dee
'GO* Annica & Dee' 6 months ago
Supper awesome kid.
'TARUN PRASAD' 6 months ago
hkf1 omg
'hkf1 omg' 6 months ago
watch this
JanKidz Toys and Fun
'JanKidz Toys and Fun' 6 months ago
Baby Dinosaurs
'Baby Dinosaurs' 6 months ago
Yeeeee super Toys Like Like :))))))))))))
Fun Kids Zone
'Fun Kids Zone' 6 months ago
perfect videa
Abdul Mukit
'Abdul Mukit' 6 months ago
ckn toys very very very very world best network your video my very very very very very very nice video
Kaiu Kobeney
'Kaiu Kobeney' 6 months ago
X?/ Sl
'ŞEHZADE ÇINAR' 6 months ago
Seni saat lerce izliyor çınar sende bize abone olurmusun
luis melo
'luis melo' 6 months ago
Learn Colors With
'Learn Colors With' 6 months ago
Great video!!!!!!💗💖💚💘💜💙💛💓💞❤
SuperBoy ToyTV
'SuperBoy ToyTV' 6 months ago
Awesome video guys
jasmin alam
'jasmin alam' 6 months ago
PJ MASKS Toys Rival Racers Track I-love_it
felix castillo
'felix castillo' 6 months ago
First comment
Tamer. Hamdy
'Tamer. Hamdy' 6 months ago
I love you
Tamer. Hamdy
'Tamer. Hamdy' 6 months ago
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