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AFV Funny Vines Fails Compilation - Best Vines 2016 -
Published: 4 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 4 months ago

555, 830 views

4, 391 Likes   142 Dislikes

Best Fails Compilation by America's Funniest Home Videos! Be sure to follow them on Vine @AmericasFunniest! Featuring stupid stunts, parkour fails, girls getting owned, home video bloopers, kids fails, gymnastic fails, motorcycle tricks gone wrong and more funny viral clips and moments caught on tape. Check out Team Internet's 2016: THE YEAR FROM HELL!!! ►

Be sure to check out:

Josh Peck:

Danny Gonzalez:


Thomas Sanders:

Darius Benson:

The Gabbie Show:

Zane and Heath:

Robby Ayala:

Brandon Calvillo:

Ry Doon:


Joey Salads:

Arielle Vandenberg:

Dope Island:



Freddy Fazbear
'Freddy Fazbear' 1 week ago
4:25 *to be continued*
'mѧяţʏňѧ' 2 weeks ago
2:24 song plz
'LegendaryFroxes' 3 weeks ago
La Moustache
'La Moustache' 4 weeks ago
mundo lunatico a divertirse
El que hable español diga :QUIERO AIRPORT MI MAMÁ eso
Mirian Benitez
'Mirian Benitez' 4 weeks ago
ahahahaa me mori de risa pero total aunque sea alguien aqui habla español?
Alejandro Jose Tellez Pereira
name of the song 7:30 ? v:
Alice Cavalcanti
'Alice Cavalcanti' 1 month ago
0:16 eu na vida. ..
ณิหัวกะทิ มาแล้วจ้า
I't not fun.😡I't normal.
Megan Dickens
'Megan Dickens' 2 months ago
read this read more
Jodie anais inostroza
song? 0:05
Kaninchen TV
'Kaninchen TV' 2 months ago
Sebastian Ricardo
'Sebastian Ricardo' 2 months ago
4:18 song?
Rengar LoL
'Rengar LoL' 2 months ago
pls tell me the song at 5:13
'ItZ_Moi' 2 months ago
The song called 5:05
Fluffy Unicorn
'Fluffy Unicorn' 2 months ago
15:45 This didn't happen, or?😂😂😂😂
Pascal Do
'Pascal Do' 2 months ago
who is the person in the 20.00 minute
Link Música
'Link Música' 2 months ago
song 00:10?
Román Gastón Gualtieri
6:07 song?/canción?
Alessandra nechita
'Alessandra nechita' 3 months ago
music 2: 22?
dhuta putra
'dhuta putra' 3 months ago
'TheOrange' 3 months ago
8:12 song
/lisson Felipe Sowza
'/lisson Felipe Sowza' 3 months ago
6:36 lmao
Wild Alien
'Wild Alien' 3 months ago
14:55 song?
Beta Strikes
'Beta Strikes' 3 months ago
thats funny
Lafayette Jones
'Lafayette Jones' 3 months ago
what kind of kid makes out with a dog
A&D GoPro
'A&D GoPro' 3 months ago
The best one was at 7:07
Grly Gamer1359
'Grly Gamer1359' 3 months ago
1:30 dummie!! #ilovesnow!
Grly Gamer1359
'Grly Gamer1359' 3 months ago
0:36 woopsies! #fallsale
Sans girl
'Sans girl' 3 months ago
'Dismae' 3 months ago
the name of the song 7:30 ??
Adrian Thano
'Adrian Thano' 3 months ago
the best vines this is for u in my chanel is a video thts named scary and its funny,u can ad that at ur vines pls
Fabio Aguilar
'Fabio Aguilar' 4 months ago
ded you eeet leepsteeek .-.
Victorious Luv
'Victorious Luv' 4 months ago
3:09 xD
Squish :3
'Squish :3' 4 months ago
What's the song at 4:30?
Nelly Martinez
'Nelly Martinez' 4 months ago
That tuba player looks like he hit that girl on purpose or is that just me?
Pedro Arthur
'Pedro Arthur' 4 months ago
the best vinnes
augusto rodriguez
'augusto rodriguez' 4 months ago
14:40 WTF
Alex PYT
'Alex PYT' 4 months ago
'Gerardo042196' 4 months ago
14:53 song?
Einhorn Waschbär
'Einhorn Waschbär' 4 months ago
4:28 what's the name of the song?
Pablo Henrique Castro Cruz Henrique sigam la please
'KFF GaMer' 4 months ago
0.05 song?
Greg Spahn
'Greg Spahn' 4 months ago
0:05 lol
'O.N.U' 4 months ago
14:18 song?
Fiorenza de Lafuente
'Fiorenza de Lafuente' 4 months ago
I barely understood what happened in 6:13 . They were going to have twins or something. Help :'v
Hoodie Princess
'Hoodie Princess' 4 months ago
0:01 Illuminati confirmed😂!
Emmanuel Hernandez
'Emmanuel Hernandez' 4 months ago
Song at 13:20 Plzzzzz
Cavsbaleiro 36
'Cavsbaleiro 36' 4 months ago
the song of 00:06
Lara Amorim
'Lara Amorim' 4 months ago
Ayato Aishi
'Ayato Aishi' 4 months ago
1:13 when you try being sexy. 2:17 when reality kicks in. 2:42 when you're a strong believer. 4:16 you finally notice, you have savage af kids. 4:53 we all saw it coming. 5:02 sibling murder scene. You've been warned. 5:24 bitch, what did you THINK was gonna happen!? 5:41 no, I was just getting ready.
Ayato Aishi
'Ayato Aishi' 4 months ago
1:13 when you try to be sexy
Ayato Aishi
'Ayato Aishi' 4 months ago
Why haven't fat people learned, that they can't do anything fun without ruining it.
mark lawrence
'mark lawrence' 4 months ago
illuminati confirmed fish
Hector Guevara
'Hector Guevara' 4 months ago
how name the songs?
'Mnjox' 4 months ago
That Reflexe bei 8:50
Caden Meadows
'Caden Meadows' 4 months ago
at 15:34 when the little girl is trying to get the water look in the backround... did anybody else relize that DORA was pants and crap...Xd
Zoë van Horssen
'Zoë van Horssen' 4 months ago
Wtf the boy on 14:42 actually WANTED to kiss with that dog e-e
'Nereus' 4 months ago
these are not vines... you fucking idiots
Legends Of God
'Legends Of God' 4 months ago
I laughed like crazy on 13:57, god I thought I was going to get sick Lolz xD
'LORENA MIRELES' 4 months ago
i hated the part where the kid was licking the dogs toung
Adia Bergen
'Adia Bergen' 4 months ago
ultimate  beyond  the  vine compilation best vines is the worst vine it is so stupide
Widget fernandes
'Widget fernandes' 4 months ago
5:24 is my friend ouch
The Unknown ???
'The Unknown ???' 4 months ago
'Prettykitty_33' 4 months ago
8:30 me all the way....I have weird friends...
alex tiki
'alex tiki' 4 months ago
12:30 song?
colton orr
'colton orr' 4 months ago
HA HA HA!!!😂
Diary Ha
'Diary Ha' 4 months ago
13:55 always gets me x)
Rose wolf
'Rose wolf' 4 months ago
6:23 trying to stay positive be like😂
Bobbi O
'Bobbi O'Guin' 4 months ago
Im family friends with the kids who are on the drums lol!!!!
maddie smith
'maddie smith' 4 months ago
big mama
KassuThe Gamer
'KassuThe Gamer' 4 months ago
1:58 LOL
Lana-Mihaela Corovai
'Lana-Mihaela Corovai' 4 months ago
9:43 Song ?
Janessa Arizaga
'Janessa Arizaga' 4 months ago
14:42 wtf is wrong with that kid thats fucking disgusting 😷😷😷
'RuntyOwl8' 4 months ago
WTF how Is the mom not noticing her kid tongue kissing the dog at 14:40 that's just nasty
Kenny Hicks
'Kenny Hicks' 4 months ago
how did thay git the cat down and that baby just realy wanted that watter
'Racedog3000' 4 months ago
'Anıl AZZLACKZ' 4 months ago
5:09 Song?
'SamuraiBurgerDog' 4 months ago
The baby at 1:23 looks like Kanye West. xD
Angel Balbuena
'Angel Balbuena' 4 months ago
song at 4:30
Regular Liam
'Regular Liam' 4 months ago
9:28 that kid looks just like I did
Kryo Kimi
'Kryo Kimi' 4 months ago
19:27 that's happened to me at least 20 times
'Chalz VUITTON' 4 months ago
5:46 what kind of dog eats lipstick
'Chalz VUITTON' 4 months ago
3:18 lol he was ready to kill that's a lesson never come in bathroom while kid takes a shit
'Chalz VUITTON' 4 months ago
1:03 lololol
Tom and Natalie Worland
At 19:17 he was dabbing
'Gamer_13' 4 months ago
1:57 he is sucking a d
desi shines
'desi shines' 4 months ago
look at 1:44
AwesomeRedNinja21 CoolKid21
10:57 Got Me So Bad :'D
Kayla K-Pop
'Kayla K-Pop' 4 months ago
1:16 when I see poop my pants
Rowdy  Eggplaad
'Rowdy Eggplaad' 4 months ago
dumb question wat does AFV mean?
Robloxgaming for everyone
no tacos
Raymond rosales
'Raymond rosales' 4 months ago
Nicholas Davis
'Nicholas Davis' 4 months ago
Can you s top with afv, most arn't very funny
Mr Benzadrine
'Mr Benzadrine' 4 months ago
2:12 y u letting an 8 year old boy drive a dirt bike?
S M Y L E ツ
'S M Y L E ツ' 4 months ago
2:45 me...
Chory Patryk
'Chory Patryk' 4 months ago
song 5:13 ?
dvaal #ConTV
'dvaal #ConTV' 4 months ago
2:22 music name ?
'CoppiaDassi' 4 months ago
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