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Atheist Answers #12: Atheists Hate God Because They Blame Him For Some Tragedy -
Published: 9 months ago By: Underlings

By: UnderlingsPublished: 9 months ago

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"Atheist Answers" responds to common claims made by Christian (and other religion) apologists. Today's video responds to the claim that atheists actually believe in God, but they hate them because of some tragedy they experienced.

Ap3_Vi3ws Ap3_Vi3ws
'Ap3_Vi3ws Ap3_Vi3ws' 4 weeks ago
You don’t see atheist talking shit on religious people, it’s always Christians trying to pull people into their religion.
'pardh1961' 2 months ago
Thank you for your well done series of videos. I do agree with the comments about the music though... kinda evil sounding prior to the start of the topic and loud frenetic theme to end each video. You do such a great job that I can tolerate the brief musical clips.
Guitar dog
'Guitar dog' 2 months ago
yep, hate the sin and not the sinner/god
'Jeanne' 3 months ago
Being indoctrinated with a God, who was supposedly all knowing and who directed and ordered my days, contributed to my "fall from grace." So this loving God gave me cancer, picked my abusive parents, and then sat back eating popcorn while I suffered. Studying the bible as a historical document and discovering that it was fiction, written by people with agendas, and altered more than a 10-year old suit, sealed the deal for me. I am angry, but I'm angry with the pastors who lied to me and I'm angry at myself for falling for such utter bullshit.
Daisy Turnpike
'Daisy Turnpike' 4 months ago
I do not believe you are an atheist.... I believe you are a wiseguy and a stinker!
'BionicDance' 6 months ago
Huh. I make the Darth Vader comparison a lot my own darn self.
hello there fella
'hello there fella' 6 months ago
what kind of logic are people coming with ?
'AXEMAN 890' 8 months ago
The Lord is good to those who wait for him, a refuge on the day of distress, taking care of those who look to him for protection when the flood rages. He makes an end of his opponents, and pursues his enemies Into Darkness. Nahum 1:7-8
Martin Barr
'Martin Barr' 8 months ago
Wait, I know God isn't real but Darth Vader?…...Come on, Darth was real. He just lived a long way away.
'Yuwan' 9 months ago
Even if atheists would hate him? Would it be unjustified? No, because this God betrayed the Human race and made it his own cattle for the lulz. Even Zeus and co have a bigger heart
Razor M
'Razor M' 9 months ago
hey underlings,are you a scientist?
'aderek79' 9 months ago
God makes the Emperor from Star Wars look like some random grumpy old man.
stan frymann
'stan frymann' 9 months ago
"After all, you don't blame Santa if you get no presents".....nicely put!
'CRAZY MAN' 9 months ago
How interesting you mention StarWars. It is 100% based on the bible.
B Sto
'B Sto' 9 months ago
quote: Atheists Hate God Because They Blame Him For Some Tragedy Theists make gods because they need them for some tragedy.
'ratamacue0' 9 months ago
Underlings, please keep up the good work. Your channel is underrated. 👍 😃 One thing for your consideration: I think your closing music is kinda creepy. I suspect a chunk of theists might think so too (minus the "kinda"). Is that intentional? Do you think it's helpful to your cause? If not, maybe you'd want to think about changing it.
'ChipArgyle' 9 months ago
This would be one of those claims that in fact indicates the stunning inability of believers to think logically and rationally, rather than what it claims to be talking about at face value.
Colin MacLaughlanWeir
Are you right? Are you so sure that you are right? Is your god the only one out there that could be? Does everybody else in the world "Not know the true way"? The invisible pink unicorn will save you after you die from all the other gods. Her love is so great that she does not need you to belive in her in this life and she is so powerfull that when a nasty old god tries to send you to hell if you ask her to she can just take you under her wings and fly away. Nobody who has ever died has ever said she did not come when called.!.!.!.!
'bdf2718' 9 months ago
You are correct. I do not believe there is a god, therefore I do not hate him. However, if it should be proved to me that a god exists, and that he exhibits the characteristics ascribed to him in the bible (or the koran, or the torah) then I *would* hate him. Those books describe an evil being that is not worthy of worship, only of hate.
'mediadrone01' 9 months ago
In fairness, even though they're misusing the term, there are a small subset of people who identify as "atheists" who *are* mad at god. It's inconsistent logic and largely not researched, but the "problem of evil" argument is sometimes misconstrued by people who claim the descriptor "atheist," but haven't looked up the word in the dictionary. It's further confused when even atheists who understand the word use phrases like "god is an asshole" in conversation. What they *mean* is "if the god you're describing exists, he's an asshole," but what people hear is what they said... "god is an asshole."
proof reader
'proof reader' 9 months ago
I wish you'd remove the yellow border around your title. It's hard to read and makes my eyes water.
Lucid Moses
'Lucid Moses' 9 months ago
Sith Santa, Who would have thought there was such a thing. And so many fan art representations.
Michael Runyan
'Michael Runyan' 9 months ago
1598 Reasons Christianity is Not True
'stefanos2691' 9 months ago
We don't hate non existing gods. We hate religion.
'CommonSense' 9 months ago
One of the benefits of atheism is that you don't have to waste your time on worshipping, or praying to, or hating, fictions.
'Rembrandt972' 9 months ago
The real reason atheists hate God is (insert theistic personal projection here.)
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