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15 Recent Science Discoveries You Wont Believe -
Published: 1 year ago By: Talltanic

By: TalltanicPublished: 1 year ago

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15 amazing recent discoveries in the world of science and here they are from bionic contact lenses to reanimating dinosaur dna!

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7. New Human Species
Biologists all over the world were intrigued upon hearing the 2015 discovery of a new species of human, Homo Naledi, allowing for an ever clearer picture of our ancient ancestry. The findings were unveiled deep in an underground cave in South Africa and is considered one of the greatest collection of human remains ever unearthed. So far, it is known that this species of human grew to an average height of 5 feet and had a brain no larger than an orange. The way the bones in the South African cave were arranged suggests that these human ancestors ritualistically buried their dead, giving scientists a glimpse into our cultural past.

6. Bionic Lens
While still in the testing stage, the founder of Ocumetics Technology Corp may have stumbled upon a revolutionary technology that could augment the way humans perceive the world. A new bionic contact lens will give wearers an ability to see the world with stronger than 20/20 vision. Some subjects, who have already tried the lens themselves, claim that they not only see better than ever before but have identified a unique spectrum of colors unfamiliar to the unaided eye. Is this perhaps the first step in the direction of a new era of superhumans?

5. Harder Than Diamond
Scientists may have recently discovered a substance harder than diamond, Q-carbon. What gives diamonds their excellent hardness are the chemical bonds that hold them together. The carbon in diamonds is held together by incredibly tight chemical bonds at the microscopic level, giving diamonds their prominent hardness. By the manipulation of carbon atoms, scientists were able to augment their chemical bonds, producing a material that is potentially 60 times harder than diamond. While this substance is still being experimented on, it is a potential prospect for the future of cheap, efficient technologies.

4. First Mammals
Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have discovered an ancient species of mammals that survived the notorious extinction of the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. The reason this find is so significant is that it gives us a glimpse at how mammals began to rule the world previously dominated by their cold-blooded counterparts. The mammal is thought to have been a plant-eater closely resembling a modern beaver. Once the dinosaurs were eliminated these beaver-like creatures began to flourish, given that they were no longer victims of dinosaur predators. Because these little guys were able to withstand the destruction that wrecked havoc on the dinosaurs, an array of mammals, including our ancestors, were finally able to leave their mark on the world.

3. Whale Gene Mapping
Gene mapping is starting to look less like a theoretical nicety and more like an applied science with this new aquatic discovery. Scientists have finally discovered why Bowhead Whales are able to live to 200 years old by remapping their entire genome. By comparing the genome of Bowhead Whales with the genome of other mammals with a less impressive lifespan, scientists were able to point out marked differences. Bowhead longevity is due to its genes’ effectiveness in repairing gene deterioration, which is the cause of cancer and other ailments known to cut human life short. By further studying this animal’s genes, scientists may finally be able to restore our own faulty genetic system, substantially lengthening our lives.

2. Second Earth
NASA has recently confirmed their discovery of a possible second Earth. Kepler-452b orbits its sun in what scientists call the “Goldilocks Zone,” which is the habitable region in space, not too far or close to the sun, necessary for the possibility of life to flourish. The new planet appears to have a rocky surface as well as liquid water, which is another key ingredient for life to subsist. Although not much is known about if there is life beyond Earth, it makes sense to take notice of planets similar to our own.

1. Animal Re-animation
Scientists have always been intrigued by the prospect of re-animating creatures that have been extinct for many years. While bringing a dinosaur back to life would be kind of cool, bringing a Wooly Mammoth back to life would be just as cool, and that is just what scientists are trying to do. Because Wooly Mammoths and Saber-Toothed Tigers have only been extinct for tens of thousands of years, unlike the millions of years dinosaurs have been extinct, intact DNA samples are much easier to find. Scientists believe it is possible to recreate these extinct beasts by cloning them with DNA and tissue samples, which have been found, over the years, preserved in ice.

Dan Shetler
'Dan Shetler' 5 days ago
Research Flat Earth if you have the balls
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Whether you believe it or not, it's true.
moda man
'moda man' 1 week ago
downvoted within 3 second for your disgusting liud voice ..fuck you ::)
'TheSkosc' 1 week ago
This is latest development of science
3:45 typo msrs
Rasmus farkas
'Rasmus farkas' 1 week ago
That pronunciation of Edinburgh at 6:05 was both hilarious and really stupid
'Fugazity' 1 week ago
I like more the name of "Planet Nine" sounds sexy
David McDaniel
'David McDaniel' 1 week ago
Yup here is the most important discovery
Willy Lohman
'Willy Lohman' 2 weeks ago
Great facts. The narrator's voice. Is a voice not a voice for narration.
Jimmy L
'Jimmy L' 2 weeks ago
Why do you sound like you are high on drugs and the best shit just happen ever in your life. I paused this vid just to type this comment and when I finish, in skipping this vid cuz I feel like I'll catch your disease if I finish this vid
Mr Fire
'Mr Fire' 2 weeks ago
q carbon is 60 procent harder not 60 times get your shit right
Francisco Moya
'Francisco Moya' 2 weeks ago
Hamra Sajid
'Hamra Sajid' 2 weeks ago
No.1 is not good it shouldnt ne done
John Thompson
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They should use Bill Clinton for their AIDS testing
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巴曰片凵 BlacAlwkman
Kayci Robinson
'Kayci Robinson' 3 weeks ago
He pronounced Edinburgh “eden-burg”.... sweetie
Mrcheese Garcia
'Mrcheese Garcia' 3 weeks ago
'Dave' 3 weeks ago
False about the first replicating cells. They have found replicating cells of fungi over 4 billion years old. So not even close.
Tina Flintstone
'Tina Flintstone' 4 weeks ago
The poor little guy 6:32 looks like he’s embarrassed and is slinking sheepishly away
LaCasaDivertente/LCD Freeplayer
3:49 water on msrs Wtf what is msrs
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Cody Voyer
'Cody Voyer' 1 month ago
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'Espurration' 1 month ago
His voice and enthusiasm made me leave the video
Mad Geordie
'Mad Geordie' 1 month ago
Am I the only one who finds the narrators voice exceedingly annoying?
John Ghost
'John Ghost' 1 month ago
It's only goodbye to flash drives if we can write and rewrite to this new optical storage medium. That may be on the way, but until then flash drives are still king.
Rolando Medina
'Rolando Medina' 1 month ago
pen mightygun
'pen mightygun' 1 month ago
dinos are killed but beavers survive = bullshit
flippy dude
'flippy dude' 1 month ago
anyone else notice the mistake with water on mars it says water on msrs
Puppy Girl MSP
'Puppy Girl MSP' 1 month ago
ok woolly mammoths ok sabertooth tigers no please nobody wants to get eaten by a sabertooth tiger ;-;
Speed Killer
'Speed Killer' 1 month ago
i guess the *You Wont Believe* was meant literally...
Stacy Hartman
'Stacy Hartman' 1 month ago
They spelled mars rong they spelled msms
daniel dehlin
'daniel dehlin' 1 month ago
The problem with this video is where the hell is the sources from this video no articals linked no information pages linked I can also do a video where i tells that mars have ice robots on it but that dont make it true plz link your source
Crystal Glenn
'Crystal Glenn' 1 month ago
on number 8 they spelled mars wrong #3:35
Vansh VBossz
'Vansh VBossz' 1 month ago
You spelled Mars wrong in 3:42!!!!
Addhyan Milan Ravel
'Addhyan Milan Ravel' 1 month ago
'Wolf' 1 month ago
Jibbyjab 123
'Jibbyjab 123' 1 month ago
also they mention the intact DNA samples of woolly mammoths, its a more complete sample not a intact one, there will still be sequence gaps. DNA degradation is only slowed by cold and what preserved mammoths.
Jibbyjab 123
'Jibbyjab 123' 1 month ago
it says "the carbons in the diamond" it should be the carbon atom, and the crystal lattice structure of the diamond. carbons are like charcoal pencils. wow.
Sabonn Jones
'Sabonn Jones' 1 month ago
Nice boy-girl prancerizing commercial...
'A A' 1 month ago
Every planet and moon in this solar system has water In some form, liquid,solid,or gas,this has been known for eons,water means life.Go back in time, and make sure this time, the library of Alexandria is not destroyed,then maybe you will learn something.
Legend of Red
'Legend of Red' 1 month ago
Why would we want to prolong our lives over population is gonna kill us if nukes dont
Charizard Planet
'Charizard Planet' 1 month ago
3:42 water on Msrs. Not a typo.
Theo Meester
'Theo Meester' 1 month ago
At the new species you lost me
'Daeg' 2 months ago
Dude, chill with the radio dj voice. It's really off putting.
X ho
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eddie lee watson
'eddie lee watson' 2 months ago
you know that there are no such thing as PLANETS . I stop watching after that dumb azz claim. YOU SUCK
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Ghenghis Khan
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Ghenghis Khan
'Ghenghis Khan' 2 months ago
bleach discovery by scientists acciendently molecules kills aids
'DaKermitFrog' 2 months ago
*Uploaded in 2017* NUMBER 15: A new planet was discovered in our solar system in *2015* Fuck you asshole I SAID NEW DISCOVERIES!!
Ishaq Niz
'Ishaq Niz' 2 months ago
i saw report about new planet in 2008
ricky fleming
'ricky fleming' 2 months ago
Total absolute bull shit. You wank stain.
'deltrontheory' 2 months ago
Ninth planet.... * * Seems legit
Marc Norris
'Marc Norris' 2 months ago
The person doing the voice over for this is clearly a bit stupid..."London University of Southampton"? Erm...London is nearly 80 miles from Southampton you moron.
Slay King
'Slay King' 2 months ago
Is the narrator on speed?
'Payday6996' 2 months ago
There is something more important than all this there is discovery of some dinosaurs like the tricertops that was living just 3 thousand years ago
James Banks
'James Banks' 2 months ago
Soooo....we're hiring meth-addicts to narrate YouTube vids now! It makes sense: all the other narrators with speech impediments, head injuries, and thick, foreign (or ghetto) accents have all already found work.
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Smart stuff in here... Nice one.
Johnathan Dirty Blood
Your background music is annoying as hell
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Why is your channels pictograph or thumbnail reminiscent of the Soviet Union flag?
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Liquid Slam!
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Ramzan Aslam
'Ramzan Aslam' 2 months ago
drop the dead donkey
'drop the dead donkey' 2 months ago
how do they make nano bots? i've never bought into that crap unless its alien technology...we couldn't make them
Keiran McMullan
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London's university of Southampton ?
Steve Bez
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Crikey Windows mouse in click tone harmonies,hum,bit,coy,EN,zzzz
Event Progenitor
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WATER ON MSRS well yes MSRS has tons of water, vast oceans everyone knows MSRS has tons of water. LOL
'Pixeldunce' 2 months ago
Look at the typo saying msrs instead of mars at 3:46 like if you see it
Eric Vonrhein
'Eric Vonrhein' 3 months ago
If you made your voice normal I would have actually shared this with my friends. But because your voice makes science unattractive, I will never show anyone this video LOL change the voice man
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5:26 My Dick is
Samuel Lipscomb
'Samuel Lipscomb' 3 months ago
#8, can anyone say men in black. Remember when agent k said to agent j. "It looks like I'll have to replace my white album again". It was a small circular glass disk, just like that one.
Last of a Dying Breed
Worst music Worst vibe ever Not a tweaker Unsubbing
'ahumanstain' 3 months ago
Don't watch. garbage.
Mark G
'Mark G' 3 months ago
Henk Koppelaar
'Henk Koppelaar' 3 months ago
You won't believe... you are right... by the way... can you shout louder
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This guy sounds like todd from bojack horseman
Eye Wrote This
'Eye Wrote This' 3 months ago
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'Wendell Chapman' 3 months ago
I'm NOT listening to a 30 second commercial, damnit.  Keep the 5 sec, that's doable.
James Henry Smith
'James Henry Smith' 3 months ago
Many or all of these are probably hoaxes.
'DinkyDinkster' 3 months ago
Waters on MSRS! Good proof reading there...
Garras Porgratix
'Garras Porgratix' 3 months ago
I just discovered some change in my pocket (I only use a debit card) and no one is throwing a parade for me.
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Your logo is a hammer and sicle.... Commie dogshit
The hardline truth
'The hardline truth' 3 months ago
so much bullshit lol , nasa and space ,planets , new planets , water on mars lol o dear god
jessica calica
'jessica calica' 3 months ago
lol the dwarf planet may be pluto back to our galaxy
jessica calica
'jessica calica' 3 months ago
lol the dwarf planet may be pluto back to our galaxy
jessica calica
'jessica calica' 3 months ago
lol the dwarf planet may be pluto back to our galaxy
ninjaboy at last
'ninjaboy at last' 3 months ago
Congrats the scientist found something already being told by the holy koran thousands of years ago
Ima Wright
'Ima Wright' 3 months ago
This Is Not Science! It's Nazi 'press-release' propaganda pushing their "cosmological" agenda. Conjecture and fairy-tales presented as "facts". I Object! Unsubstantiated and Hearsay. I'd toss this type of education down a black-hole, but there is no such thing, just another phalse-fysics-phantasy of phucked-up progressives.
Tony Reno
'Tony Reno' 3 months ago
I'm amazed at all the negative comments. Some people are just born to find fault, I guess. I like this video and find the discoveries great. When 90% of people's videos are hyped scare tactics, it's about time someone came along and pointed out the cool stuff happening. Thanks for this cool video. Won my subscription.
Joebanezair Buatona
'Joebanezair Buatona' 3 months ago
Joebanezair Buatona
'Joebanezair Buatona' 3 months ago
Or coppy the dna to a great evolution
Joebanezair Buatona
'Joebanezair Buatona' 3 months ago
You can reanimate the mammoth by using the CRISPR to manipulate the DNA of a dead spicies
Marty Feldman
'Marty Feldman' 3 months ago
University of Southampton is in Southampton not London.
Alie Bear
'Alie Bear' 3 months ago
like an orchestra without a conductor exactly my friend.
Antwoine Lesley
'Antwoine Lesley' 3 months ago
Explain how a microscopic machine is made and what components it consists of I will wait
Mr Scratch
'Mr Scratch' 3 months ago
1. This video and the voice over are shit!
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