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15 Recent Science Discoveries You Wont Believe -
Published: 6 months ago By: Talltanic

By: TalltanicPublished: 6 months ago

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15 amazing recent discoveries in the world of science and here they are from bionic contact lenses to reanimating dinosaur dna!

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7. New Human Species
Biologists all over the world were intrigued upon hearing the 2015 discovery of a new species of human, Homo Naledi, allowing for an ever clearer picture of our ancient ancestry. The findings were unveiled deep in an underground cave in South Africa and is considered one of the greatest collection of human remains ever unearthed. So far, it is known that this species of human grew to an average height of 5 feet and had a brain no larger than an orange. The way the bones in the South African cave were arranged suggests that these human ancestors ritualistically buried their dead, giving scientists a glimpse into our cultural past.

6. Bionic Lens
While still in the testing stage, the founder of Ocumetics Technology Corp may have stumbled upon a revolutionary technology that could augment the way humans perceive the world. A new bionic contact lens will give wearers an ability to see the world with stronger than 20/20 vision. Some subjects, who have already tried the lens themselves, claim that they not only see better than ever before but have identified a unique spectrum of colors unfamiliar to the unaided eye. Is this perhaps the first step in the direction of a new era of superhumans?

5. Harder Than Diamond
Scientists may have recently discovered a substance harder than diamond, Q-carbon. What gives diamonds their excellent hardness are the chemical bonds that hold them together. The carbon in diamonds is held together by incredibly tight chemical bonds at the microscopic level, giving diamonds their prominent hardness. By the manipulation of carbon atoms, scientists were able to augment their chemical bonds, producing a material that is potentially 60 times harder than diamond. While this substance is still being experimented on, it is a potential prospect for the future of cheap, efficient technologies.

4. First Mammals
Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have discovered an ancient species of mammals that survived the notorious extinction of the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. The reason this find is so significant is that it gives us a glimpse at how mammals began to rule the world previously dominated by their cold-blooded counterparts. The mammal is thought to have been a plant-eater closely resembling a modern beaver. Once the dinosaurs were eliminated these beaver-like creatures began to flourish, given that they were no longer victims of dinosaur predators. Because these little guys were able to withstand the destruction that wrecked havoc on the dinosaurs, an array of mammals, including our ancestors, were finally able to leave their mark on the world.

3. Whale Gene Mapping
Gene mapping is starting to look less like a theoretical nicety and more like an applied science with this new aquatic discovery. Scientists have finally discovered why Bowhead Whales are able to live to 200 years old by remapping their entire genome. By comparing the genome of Bowhead Whales with the genome of other mammals with a less impressive lifespan, scientists were able to point out marked differences. Bowhead longevity is due to its genes’ effectiveness in repairing gene deterioration, which is the cause of cancer and other ailments known to cut human life short. By further studying this animal’s genes, scientists may finally be able to restore our own faulty genetic system, substantially lengthening our lives.

2. Second Earth
NASA has recently confirmed their discovery of a possible second Earth. Kepler-452b orbits its sun in what scientists call the “Goldilocks Zone,” which is the habitable region in space, not too far or close to the sun, necessary for the possibility of life to flourish. The new planet appears to have a rocky surface as well as liquid water, which is another key ingredient for life to subsist. Although not much is known about if there is life beyond Earth, it makes sense to take notice of planets similar to our own.

1. Animal Re-animation
Scientists have always been intrigued by the prospect of re-animating creatures that have been extinct for many years. While bringing a dinosaur back to life would be kind of cool, bringing a Wooly Mammoth back to life would be just as cool, and that is just what scientists are trying to do. Because Wooly Mammoths and Saber-Toothed Tigers have only been extinct for tens of thousands of years, unlike the millions of years dinosaurs have been extinct, intact DNA samples are much easier to find. Scientists believe it is possible to recreate these extinct beasts by cloning them with DNA and tissue samples, which have been found, over the years, preserved in ice.

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I don't believe it!
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Thwok Wublin
'Thwok Wublin' 3 days ago
Planet 9 should be called Zeus
'darts' 3 days ago
did that fucking kook literally just call edinburgh eedinburg...
marvin ababa
'marvin ababa' 4 days ago
this discovery is so amazing
'falsup09' 4 days ago
Love the information , but the narration is simply awful,....Carnival barker
Philip Ebenig
'Philip Ebenig' 4 days ago
Nr.8 water on msrs?wow, and i thought the was a planet called mars but i guess thats false
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whole world technology unable to find a lost plane with more than 100 people we want to find something in this infinite universe
Jim arckenstall
'Jim arckenstall' 1 week ago
those first 4 seem like a waste of time. nano's to inject meds? fuck me, a syringe stopped working? so you send in small machines to inject it in the stomach lining. does that seem right? its seems like a waste. how many will u save? they still cant cure the common cold! STILL....... fuck me. inject meds with nano machines, i cant get over how stupid that is. cure a cold, cure cancer, fuck hiv, let it kill who it kills.
Drake Darkest
'Drake Darkest' 1 week ago
for number one, this will most likely happen. "come all to your nearest zoo to see the wolly mamot roam the earth​ once more. an by just paying 20 more dollars, you can ride one of this majestic gentle giant for 20 minutes."
'radzewicz' 1 week ago
0:25 so where is RR245 on your graphic? wish you would learn to use the right graphic, not just any old one you found on the net. 0:50 another fake graphic! 1:27 yet another inappropriate graphic! How about showing a real graphic of a real epigenome, or methyl group  or telomere or anythng actually real!!! You people are the worst plagurizers and fakes in the YouTube science genre.
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Rater Crits
'Rater Crits' 2 weeks ago
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Mars in the subtitle is spelled "Msrs"
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"Water on msrs"
'Iamyouonlydifferent' 2 weeks ago
so planet x is real
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Half truths being spit out like the BS on todays media. If you respect the science and especially its empirical process, *then dislike this video.*
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#7 was not a new species 100 miles north is the Twa pygmy tribe
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PLEASE find someone else to narrate your videos - your voice is annoying !!!
Serrah The Grapist
'Serrah The Grapist' 3 weeks ago
in my opinion humans living longer is a bad idea, one the whole world would be filled and less water to drink and more mouth to feed
Green Flag Trell
'Green Flag Trell' 3 weeks ago
So why can't life live below the surface of a planet? Just saying even basic theories can't be eliminated. Though the theory of gravity should be.
abhishek garg
'abhishek garg' 3 weeks ago
"water on MSRS".. really??
RadhaKrishna Parajuli
i think u are over-excited
'TubbyTimmy' 4 weeks ago
There's no such thing as a fact - and that's a fact!
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'- eoN?' 4 weeks ago
The voice is soo fucking annoying
Biel Tan
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'Deca' 1 month ago
"I'm a chef what do you do?" "Inject monkeys with aids"
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sshitty video like the rest of their crap
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theres water on msrs!!!!! lol
parker mccal
'parker mccal' 1 month ago
Evolution is bullshit. Creatures can get smarter and adapt to their surroundings like how human skin wrinkles in water but CAN NOT turn from a fish to amphibian to a mammal. Charles Darwin on his death bed said himself that his theory of evolution was a lie and there is a reason why it is called a THEORY.
'YetiOnCocaine' 1 month ago
'diGritz1' 1 month ago
Your probably right I will not believe them so therefore see no reason to bother watching.
Shaun C
'Shaun C' 1 month ago
DId he just call Edinburgh EDEN BERG? What a fucking moron. You actually read that and edited the video and still left it in.
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love your energy lol
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What music track is playing in the [email protected] discovery#7? Time Stamp 4:13 till the end of the video?
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wow water on Mars! great! when the first humans set foot there in a few years they'll have plenty to drink while their looking around thinking to themselves ( Damn!...There ain't shit out here!) feeling like assholes.
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I'm tired of hearing about monkeys and H.i.v ..I don't fuck monkeys!
Zeek M
'Zeek M' 1 month ago
15 Recent Science Discoveries You Wont Believe because they are the frauds of secular humanism, darwinism, and the lies of NASA
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I don't believe it
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great video guys thanks for sharing👍
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This is bs.. There is no space or planets.. the Earth is flat.
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The voice is horrible and some facts are wrong.
Billy Janes
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dinosaurs are not extinct
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first video thats better then its picture
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Stop yelling!
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your jokes arent funny and ur voice is gay
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3:38 "water on msrs" lol
Mike Konyndyk
'Mike Konyndyk' 1 month ago
Mars is not a planet as well as the new discovered planet. All images from NASA are fake, yet some of your geniuses comment on made up crap like you are an expert. Do some research, you'll find that the Earth is flat and outer space doesn't exist.
Mork 666
'Mork 666' 1 month ago
This is an awsome channel!!!
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sounds like a 90's infomercial, i'll buy it if you shut the fuck up !!!!
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What's with the hammer and sickle emblem?
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it's not a chemical bond cause that's just a bond between different chemicals it's the particle structure
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his voice is so fucking annoying
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number 10 was pretty cool can't wait for that to come data storage.
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Dude, chill, it's just a facts video
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Lucas Voltaire
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i dislike cover photos that do not appear in the story line
'Teankun' 2 months ago
The new planet is not dwarf planet but a full sized planet
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'romookiepie bruh' 2 months ago
Wait............ if they can clone animals, they can clone celebrities
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DANG don't have to yell, you can speak in a calm
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conference basement accept thereby detect easily create.
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Stop shouting at me!
The Observer
'The Observer' 2 months ago
the sad thing about recreating a long since pasted animal someone else a idiot said that u cant recreate them because of bullshit reasons
'neoarcadezr' 2 months ago
why so many dislikes?
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Duuuude, like, totally science duuude. bodacious and righteous discoveries.
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Corni vs Andreas
'Corni vs Andreas' 2 months ago
I'm shocked I've been waiting to see dinosaurs forever
'Shadowedblinds' 2 months ago
In other words: There will definitely be a zombie apocalypse, Jurassic Park could become a reality, rich people are moving to mars, we will see an increase in dementia, and there are still no cures for anything. Climate change doesn't seem so bad right now, I think I might start smoking.
'munny0051' 2 months ago
ok then.......
~ Bright Romeo ~
'~ Bright Romeo ~' 2 months ago
There is so much altered information, some based on the words ''may..., probably'' that I don't even see the point of this video's existence.
~ Bright Romeo ~
'~ Bright Romeo ~' 2 months ago
2.29 You'll never find or accept that answer because it's against evolution. Therefore, you'll make up and believe any other none sense for your comfort.
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