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Is the "5 Second Rule" Legit? -
Published: 2 years ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 years ago

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Sometimes, life presents us with unbearable dilemmas—like when you drop your last cookie on the kitchen floor. Do you quickly pick it up and eat it? Does eating a cookie off the floor make you a savage? When you drop a piece of food on the ground, how much time do you really have before it becomes contaminated?

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Kyle Eckley
'Kyle Eckley' 1 week ago
Kinda lame he didn't just hand them a cookie after, especially to the guy who ate the floor cookie. I mean he had a full plate of them, is he gonna eat all of grammy's cookies?
terri merritt
'terri merritt' 2 months ago
So if i throw a cookie in the sewer it will be fine or if i throw a cookie down a vent it will be fine, What if i throw my cookie in a pile raw meat and pick up then will it be fine? >:3
Cat Doy
'Cat Doy' 4 months ago
Bleach has no germs so I can drink it?
'Grease' 4 months ago
Yes, it works But except that it is only in femtoseconds
-*K. E*-
'-*K. E*-' 4 months ago
Did u just purposely drop cookies and a doughnut? I'm out✌
The Man
'The Man' 5 months ago
Thought it was 3 seconds lol
Mr Patcher
'Mr Patcher' 5 months ago
Next video: Is the 5 second rule in mud legit?
Im watching you
'Im watching you' 5 months ago
She: Dont eat it! He: I DONT GIVE A FUCK!
'_UNKNOWN _' 6 months ago
You should've tried it with pizza instead
'teatime90' 6 months ago
5 second rule is like WWE and santa, just a story for children xD
'Potato' 9 months ago
5 seconrpd rule if u drop it in garbage
Sky Janni
'Sky Janni' 9 months ago
No it isnt...
'The_Irish_Spud' 10 months ago
i can eat anything from the floor
Grand Admiral Thrawn
'Grand Admiral Thrawn' 11 months ago
I eat everything from floor. it is still food!
Jamlandia Blue White Black Red Green
Drops in goose poop, 5 second rule!
Pangolin  Fan
'Pangolin Fan' 1 year ago
I honestly use the 5 second rule as an excuse to eat food that someone dropped on the floor. I don't care if food is on the floor, as long as it's fine, I'll eat it.
Alan Arzate
'Alan Arzate' 1 year ago
I can drop my cookie in a pile of shit I still eat it why because it's a free cookie
Ursula Martins
'Ursula Martins' 1 year ago
Yeah but on the streets , there is dog shit, sputum, vomit etc... Nope, I would not eat.
Murphy Tan
'Murphy Tan' 1 year ago
thay black dude!!! hahahahahah that's me when im hungry af
Bellami Ephraim
'Bellami Ephraim' 1 year ago
in fast food restaurants we waste so much food dropped on floor😬
Quazy Quafters
'Quazy Quafters' 1 year ago
Cheaplon Ordis
'Cheaplon Ordis' 1 year ago
Tip: Blow it
Deb l csgo and more
lol dat black guy like
Soft Taco
'Soft Taco' 1 year ago
i want that guy cookie
Red 49
'Red 49' 1 year ago
As long as it dry, it's alright...
Joshua Lyttle
'Joshua Lyttle' 1 year ago
he is weird though ending be like free cookies
Ryan Kreder
'Ryan Kreder' 1 year ago
I will gladly eat anything off the floor, it's just like eating grass or hay.
Lolbit Playz
'Lolbit Playz' 1 year ago
I need some cookies NOW!!!!!
'BAK' 1 year ago
I don't give a shit if the cookie is there for 5 hours I'm still eating it
Genevieve Dunn
'Genevieve Dunn' 1 year ago
Wooooo! 5 second rule! I will always use it because I love my cookies
Phillip Miller
'Phillip Miller' 1 year ago
People still wouldn't take up their cookie just out of Pride.
'Crystalsunsetpony' 1 year ago
ALL MAH FRANDS R LEIK THE 5 SECOND RULE NOT REAL!!!!!!! ._. ama like watch dis vid yo
Ya Boi
'Ya Boi' 1 year ago
Vsauce's vid is better.
reggie madlock
'reggie madlock' 1 year ago
😂😂😂😂 he blew it off and ate it 😂😂😂
'Ace' 1 year ago
No, it's not. But who cares.
'CubeMster' 1 year ago
Where did you get five seconds everyone and their mom where I live talks about three second rule not the five second rule.... ??? So confused
Hurricane Steve Harvey
No matter what the answer is, I will always think the 5 second rule is nasty as heck.
'MigotRen' 1 year ago
We live in a bed thats full of shit. (housedust allergy is basically you having an allergy to mites shit). when you flush your toilet small particles get into the air and basically your bowl is cleaner then your toothbrush because these particles get into the air. infact: your fridge-wall or a smartphone screen has more bacteria than your toilet seat on it. we evolved to eat raw plants directly from harvesting and our ancestors just like animals today draged the hunted pray miles through the dirt to eat it from the dirt. and people complain about food that touched the floor for 3 seconds that is cleaned every week or so. evolution made us pussies
LDG LavalDaGamer
'LDG LavalDaGamer' 1 year ago
To me; if my food drops on the floor for more than 10 seconds i wouldnt give a shit and just eat it still, unless i drop it in dirty substances like water or soil and stuff like that.
R. J. MacReady
'R. J. MacReady' 1 year ago she didn't have a problem, putting something much dirtier, in her mouth later that night.
Scizzor HonZ
'Scizzor HonZ' 1 year ago
racist video!! 😉
Big Brudda
'Big Brudda' 1 year ago
You bitch you wasted a cookie you should die in hell.
Moby Dick
'Moby Dick' 1 year ago
What if it dropped inside the toilet bowl
Connor Pugh
'Connor Pugh' 1 year ago
if anyone was giving away free cookies I would think he or she put something in it
mehmed yordanov
'mehmed yordanov' 1 year ago
lol if it was me id pick the cookie up before it falls with mmy snake/fly reflexes. srry for bad english
Ethan Hunter
'Ethan Hunter' 1 year ago
I really want a cookie now.
Redeemer Rosete
'Redeemer Rosete' 1 year ago
INTERESTING !!!! Science Channel is the BEST !! :D
Dj Crusty
'Dj Crusty' 1 year ago
But the rule was to pick it up before the devil licked it.
'chaz' 1 year ago
Its the dirt and hair etc thats the problem not the bacteria imo.
'Tmath' 1 year ago
1:14 same
Rares Rizica
'Rares Rizica' 1 year ago
I am the black guy, except I don't have a gf to tell me that its not good.
Joshua O
'Joshua O'Leary' 1 year ago
yay so i can eat my cookie that i dropped in dog shit yay
'Joseph' 1 year ago
i want a cookie now no joke
Canthry _
'Canthry _' 1 year ago
That was legitness
'MrPigGamer' 1 year ago
' take a bite times on your side' he says Me:i dont care no freaking time can change the fact that people stepped all over that place!
M Møni
'M Møni' 1 year ago
yeaaaahhhhhhhhh.... im still not gonna eat food that has been on the ground,
'groszak1' 1 year ago
Thanks for this answer. In another video it says that bacteria get into food instantly, but I wanted a health point of view, not a theoretical point of view.
'palindinX' 1 year ago
You're not fooling me, I've seen Osmosis Jones!!!
Haridi 20
'Haridi 20' 1 year ago
Oh shit, i thought it was the 5 MINUTE rule
'ChaseM' 1 year ago
for people who wouldnt eat the cookie, you have the same germs on your hands and the inside of your mouth. Thats why we have immune systems. If you dont eat food off the floor, you shouldnt eat food off your hands or your tongue
sara jukiel
'sara jukiel' 1 year ago
i dropped my cookie in a pile of crap
Epic face899
'Epic face899' 1 year ago
Lol I sneezed as he said that in the start
camojj 709
'camojj 709' 1 year ago
watch this start of the video of the subtiles
What if cookie drops to a dog shit can i still eat in 5secs?😂
Hoogy Boogy
'Hoogy Boogy' 1 year ago
If i saw him about to drop my cookie then i wouldve quickly tried to jump for it XD Probably dropping the entire tray in the process, AND ALL THE COOKIES ARE NOW ON MY BACK! :3 So i get the full tray XD
Logan Loney
'Logan Loney' 1 year ago
shes obviously right because women think that they are always right
'NoobGodYT' 1 year ago
So your saying if it lands on poop for 2 seconds you will still eat it...
'ComettheDragon' 1 year ago
Wait Rober is a Nasa Engineer damn my dream job
'Limegirl2003' 1 year ago
Idgaf on how long that cookie is on the ground, IMMA STILL EAT DAT COOKIE
'Sterbons' 1 year ago
why would you pay for them actors
MoMo_Mochi 모모
'MoMo_Mochi 모모' 2 years ago
Can I get a cookie plz?
Noah Jones
'Noah Jones' 2 years ago
"the next time you see a rocket scientist toss his cookies, take a bite, time is on your side." eww, gross. don't eat some guys barf off the ground that's disgusting.
'Jace'sFunkyFace' 2 years ago
________________________________ | Windows Dialog - Science time                    [-][口][×] | |  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | |  Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to ours.                                  | |  Is this true?                                                                                   | |    ______    ______    _____       | |    |  Yes   |   | somewhat |          |     No   |             | |     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄          | ______________________________ __ _
'SparkyPlayz' 2 years ago
Mark Rober is a friend of BackyardScientist
'Animal89111' 2 years ago
'LEMONS' 2 years ago
5 second, more like 0.005 second rule geez
'Invaderguy78' 2 years ago
I'm still not gonna eat it, what if the bacteria multiplies as I eat and digest it. If it survives anti bacterial stuff, then it's a threat.
- WolfGaming -
'- WolfGaming -' 2 years ago
yeah the 5 second rule is legit enuf i was just doing my normal thing eating from a water icecream untill it fell i took the large part back up within 2 seconds and ate it and i haven't even got sick after that
Taylor Neil
'Taylor Neil' 2 years ago
I 4t it was 10 second rule
'OhhHeyYouReadMyName' 2 years ago
'GreenDog1233341' 2 years ago
Vsause explains this in a more fun and better way..
'Roxy_Star_15' 2 years ago
Phew I thought they would say NO NO ITS NOT LEGIT! Luckily, anytime I drop a cookie I quickly get it like in 0 seconds 😊
'KayMitz' 2 years ago
ok imma admit the five second rule only implies to me if it something I like and I know I'm not alone on that one
BurgerShot !
'BurgerShot !' 2 years ago
Cookiegiver: FREE COOKIES EVERYONE! CookieMonster: WHERE ARE THE COOKIES (eats the cookies in one gulp)
'Don't Mind Me' 2 years ago
Bacteria is everywhere
'LEGO KID' 2 years ago
I feel smart when I watch tis
Umbryft Flight
'Umbryft Flight' 2 years ago
I would really wont care
mollie fisher
'mollie fisher' 2 years ago
ilk eat it off the ground if its in wrapper and if its bot i give ot the 10 second rule it wont taste any different so why not
'Marcus_Mravik' 2 years ago
I ate a yellow m&m off the floor in language class once, I didn't see anyone drop/put it there so I assume it was there for over an hour... didn't die or get sick and I still got an m&m lol
Go Nuclear Gaming
'Go Nuclear Gaming' 2 years ago
That sneeze doe
Dom Tartamella
'Dom Tartamella' 2 years ago
Vsauce said the 5 five second rule isn't true.
Maria Luna
'Maria Luna' 2 years ago
No, it actually takes 30 seconds for germs to get to the food.
John Appleseed
'John Appleseed' 2 years ago
*drops cookie In a muddy pond* "oh well it's been less that 2 seconds, it's good to eat!"
Genetic Chiptune
'Genetic Chiptune' 2 years ago
I hate the word "Legit". . . "Legitimate" just sound snicer and less pretentious. Good video though. .3.
11kinqbeast // ROBLOX
The Little Gremlin
'The Little Gremlin' 2 years ago
why does he measure a germa speed in miles? wtf
'BromanderInChief' 2 years ago
I actually researched this for a science project years ago and to summarize what I found... Dry foods can be fine for anywhere from 30 seconds to slightly over a minute, depending on the size of the food. It seems that it was a parabola effect with size, with smaller dry foods like animal crackers and bigger dry foods like a circus lollipop having less time to pick up, and medium sized dry foods like cookies, certain candy bars and Jacked Doritos having the longest time threshold. However, you can still run the risk of having terrible luck and having the food land right on certain detrimental bacteria. So the 5 second rule in cases like this would work better than a 45 second rule, for example. WET FOODS ARE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY INFESTED. Unless you're a badass ninja with god tier reflexes, don't even bother.
Gracious grace
'Gracious grace' 2 years ago
whoa!! thanks for this hahaha gonna save my Fries in case hahaxD
'OhhItzJake' 2 years ago
kids in Africa would have eaten the Plate
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