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NBA "Fined" Compilation -
Published: 5 months ago By: DeeBall

By: DeeBallPublished: 5 months ago

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A compilation of NBA players getting fined due to inappropriate gestures or being offensive towards the ref

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---All props to the NBA, I do not own any of the clips within the video, no copyright infringement is intended

'DeeBall' 5 months ago
Should I do a part two? There can be a lot more to cover. If not, please leave your suggestions!
'playa0789' 3 days ago
why did iggy get fined
Rodrigo Rojas.
'Rodrigo Rojas.' 1 week ago
What mines "2k"? :^(
'SwilsonMan' 2 weeks ago
Green and Beal wasn’t a legitimate fight. It was aggressive hugging at best.
Domenik Plays
'Domenik Plays' 2 weeks ago
this is bullshit
Lane One
'Lane One' 4 weeks ago
How did iggy get fined
Purple Sun
'Purple Sun' 1 month ago
KD gave them da bird
Dominic Sumner
'Dominic Sumner' 1 month ago
Lol, why are the fines such a substancial amount? Doesnt the NBA make more than all the players?
Timothy Hull
'Timothy Hull' 1 month ago
Riley Saxby
'Riley Saxby' 1 month ago
Stephen curry why savage
Richard Marek
'Richard Marek' 1 month ago
NO suggestions DeeBall
'Zevonfan524' 1 month ago
Why is it that when the video buffers & stalls, it always plays just fine through the sponsor’s ad, but just stops dead at what I actually clicked on to see?
Rob Dickerson
'Rob Dickerson' 1 month ago
Videos need to be clearer. I can barely see what they're being fined over...
braylon Boney 360
'braylon Boney 360' 2 months ago
i don't believe iggy got fined
'SuperCrushPlayz' 2 months ago
They have so much money like 50k is just nothing with them
J Oross
'J Oross' 2 months ago
Rondo is such a bitch
Kee Gaming
'Kee Gaming' 2 months ago
Why was Iggy fined tho
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Marshawn Warfield
'Marshawn Warfield' 2 months ago
This vid is fake
Raphina 13
'Raphina 13' 2 months ago
2:14 I was watching this at like 10:30 at night I’m a warriors fan and that moment just caught my attention fully
'Flux_Time' 2 months ago
Jesus its a real shit show At least baseball lets you keep your money when you charge the ref
Zoran Malinic
'Zoran Malinic' 2 months ago
Golden State can't take an L for shit. Good thing they don't lose much lmao.
Sh¡t Head
'Sh¡t Head' 2 months ago
The Dwight one got me dead😂
Sh¡t Head
'Sh¡t Head' 2 months ago
Rondo and Draymond shouldn't have been fined that much
Share- aids
'Share- aids' 2 months ago
50k is more than McDonald’s workers make in 1 year and 6 months
MINER GAME _YT hooo XD so freacking intense
What do u mean 25K 15K i dont understand pls tell me
'Bubblefor2booty' 2 months ago
I can't imagine losing $25,000 for attempting to trip someone
Ki0 Gaming
'Ki0 Gaming' 2 months ago
When curry got ejected durant was like "I'm coming daddy!"
TagTeamGaming-Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Anyone notice that every time Curry got fined, they was bout to lose? Babies😂😂😂😂😂
Lil Ice
'Lil Ice' 2 months ago
Don't call him Iggy twat
Savage squad Hoopers
'Savage squad Hoopers' 2 months ago
Jeffrey Daniel Troops
Ima curry and warriors fan actually
Jeffrey Daniel Troops
Hate tha people who yells at curry they cant even play a basketball
choppa89 lyons
'choppa89 lyons' 3 months ago
Greedy ass nba dnt need to fine that much for that lil stuff people do every day
'Fraud' 3 months ago
25k for stepping on someones foot? Nigga what
Stephen Curry
'Stephen Curry' 3 months ago
What is fined???
Reza Asghari
'Reza Asghari' 3 months ago
2:54 kid is a Sevedge😂
Larrydon Hicks
'Larrydon Hicks' 3 months ago
my opinion sports fake they ejections is way to get NBA money refs are in on it
Queen Bethany
'Queen Bethany' 3 months ago
4:50 ok but why was that sexy as shit??😩💦
Comrade Cheese
'Comrade Cheese' 3 months ago
How the hell do you get fined 50k for putting your tongue between your fingers???
S.M.G g
'S.M.G g' 3 months ago
What is his intro song?
Cooper Haugens
'Cooper Haugens' 3 months ago
Curry u suck
'PG 13PACERNATION' 3 months ago
nowadays even if you laugh you get fined lol
Mr. Clean
'Mr. Clean' 3 months ago
Dwight Howard is savage Dive in That Pussy
Clash of Hrvatska
'Clash of Hrvatska' 3 months ago
How beal 50k
Justin Miller
'Justin Miller' 3 months ago
The NBA take it too far, you you don't see the NFL doing that
Nicholas Klaiss
'Nicholas Klaiss' 3 months ago
Warriors in here so much, because they are still made about the 3-1 lead...
Tribe Benjamin
'Tribe Benjamin' 3 months ago
last one was the funniest 😛
richard ma
'richard ma'a' 3 months ago
First curry throws his mouth guard at the cavs now he throws it at the ref, what's next pulling an entire bag out of all his teammates mouthguards and throws it at the crowd,(No hate)
richard ma
'richard ma'a' 3 months ago
Rondo really got fined 25k just for tripping Crowder 😞😞😞
Joshua Jackson
'Joshua Jackson' 3 months ago
2:24 Why was Draymond Green clapping Stephen Curry Kevin Durant and Iggy got ejected
'TheSilverEquiption' 3 months ago
Why did Iggy get fined 15k
Nicholas Henry
'Nicholas Henry' 3 months ago
Dame curry fined 25k for crossing somebody and iggy fined 15k for laughing Haha 😂😂😂
Lamelo Ball
'Lamelo Ball' 3 months ago
What's your intro song???
The Gamer
'The Gamer' 3 months ago
Do nfl fine compliation
Itzthatgoalie 31
'Itzthatgoalie 31' 3 months ago
2:53 Durant stuck his middle finger up
'B3astyB0y559' 3 months ago
Damn all them loosing a lot of money 💵
Vince Gebraad
'Vince Gebraad' 3 months ago
Curry has rage
gang Castillo
'gang Castillo' 3 months ago
At 4:52 the guy is a disgusting pig but black xD
AlphaDogIII Studio
'AlphaDogIII Studio' 3 months ago
1:50 that cameraman is really dedicated to his job
'ROBIN HOOD' 3 months ago
lmao dwight licking pussy 4:50
Jevs Pet Cat
'Jevs Pet Cat' 3 months ago
yeah. lewiss
'yeah. lewiss' 3 months ago
I really love how the NBA kinda getting not really savage but it had been kinda bad ass seeing some of this stuff happening more. Idk. My opinion
yeah. lewiss
'yeah. lewiss' 3 months ago
If I was the Harris guy playing for the Mavs I'd be pissed too that was called a foul on Harris instead of the Pelicans player which was bullshit
Rene Lopez
'Rene Lopez' 3 months ago
1:52 found mouthpiece 😂😂😂
Ricco Gaming
'Ricco Gaming' 3 months ago
2:55 KD flicks someone off
Money Copone
'Money Copone' 4 months ago
I never seen anyone white get a fine
Dark Dragon
'Dark Dragon' 4 months ago
Weck Weck
'Weck Weck' 4 months ago
Last one got me dead 😂😂😂😂
'arjun' 4 months ago
I still don't understand why Durant got ejected in that game against Memphis. Was he arguing with the ref or?
Goofy Goober2733
'Goofy Goober2733' 4 months ago
What did iguodala do to get fined? He didn’t even get ejected
Malik Hearon
'Malik Hearon' 4 months ago
That fake ass shit by curry smh
Mlsports Vids
'Mlsports Vids' 4 months ago
You spelled Isaiah wrong
Daley Marin
'Daley Marin' 4 months ago
Announcer : Curry is out of the game Denver fans : YEAH YAY Me : SHUT THE HELL UP
Hayko #30
'Hayko #30' 4 months ago
This is not write Basketball players are not saleing them
Bryce Romero
'Bryce Romero' 4 months ago
At 2:54 kd flip off some one
Etsehiwot Haregewoin
'Etsehiwot Haregewoin' 4 months ago
Beal should be fined 25k and Green should be fined 50k
Etsehiwot Haregewoin
'Etsehiwot Haregewoin' 4 months ago
PG-13 was Fined 15k for one little kick? WTF are the NBA don
Cory Stevens
'Cory Stevens' 4 months ago
His name is it Isaiah Thomas lol he look like E.T
Confused Gamer
'Confused Gamer' 4 months ago
They fine Stephen Curry 50k for throwing a mouthpiece while they fine another player 25k for fighting. Wtf?
Akintunde Perry
'Akintunde Perry' 4 months ago
Wait, from 2:33 how did igudola got fined
'Travic' 4 months ago
Lmao Dwight at the end
Riley &Liam
'Riley &Liam' 4 months ago
3:09 Is that LeBron?!?!?
Loafchail Bloke
'Loafchail Bloke' 4 months ago
3:06 they be dancing as if nothing was happening
'C L' 4 months ago
2:56 Durant stuck up his middle finger
Cheesecake BEATSS
'Cheesecake BEATSS' 4 months ago
"We have a legitimate fight here!" Looks like they were hugging lol
'Annabelle' 4 months ago
Harris didn’t do shit to get fined Crawford is a pussy he need it to get fined js
ItZ Faded
'ItZ Faded' 4 months ago
Lowest payed nba player makes 5k a year smh
aaron comoletti
'aaron comoletti' 4 months ago
im glad these fines dont apply to real life
'RSBaller' 4 months ago
2:35 why was iggy fined
Shadeds Gaming
'Shadeds Gaming' 4 months ago
4:53 the best part ever
Shadeds Gaming
'Shadeds Gaming' 4 months ago
0:22 ISIAH
Dill Pickle
'Dill Pickle' 4 months ago
On the golden states vs warriors was freaken stupid why did Durant get out the game that stupid
Perfect Sport
'Perfect Sport' 4 months ago
DeeBall why do you think that these players have finned. They were accidentally happend.Does anyone agree with me
Sam Miller
'Sam Miller' 4 months ago
Wonder what Dwight's symbol meant👅👅👅
'DRAKOZEN FROST' 4 months ago
2:03 i thought they were kissing😅😅
Joseph Elias
'Joseph Elias' 4 months ago
Never seen the dwight howard one. Fuck im a cavs die hard lol. Only team i like more is the browns. Just wish they can win a game 😂
'CHANNEL NOT USED' 4 months ago
I hide from snakes because they might bite me 🐍
'MyNameisRonn' 4 months ago
The fight against golden state is always gonna be good
Sebastian dare P. Ramirez
1:39 Their just kissing
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