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Introducing Atheist Answers -
Published: 2 years ago By: Underlings

By: UnderlingsPublished: 2 years ago

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This is just a quick introduction of my new upcoming video series.

Daisy Turnpike
'Daisy Turnpike' 2 months ago
God you are so articulate! I just love how organized and put together you are! NICE.
m rose70
'm rose70' 1 year ago
Underlings, where did I see an outlined summary of bible verses 'Bible supports slavery,etc' and arguments you posted recently?
Danny451 Fuentes
'Danny451 Fuentes' 2 years ago
Wow! Beautiful view. I'm happy for you. I hope you get more subscribers too. Your videos are among the best. I love your logic and critical thinking. All I can say is thank you and wish you the best.
Eternal Cycles
'Eternal Cycles' 2 years ago
the latest weapon in the apologists arsenal is presuppositional arguments. However this is nothing more than a dead end to their circular logic. They make the assumption that all knowledge is only derived from their lord and everyone else are wrong. That is their latest check mate, however it shows an ignorant, arrogant , ego centred viewpoint based on nothing more than a belief held without proof.
Felisha Riddle
'Felisha Riddle' 2 years ago
I'm so happy to see you again. Your videos are very thought provoking. I love your evil god series. Really there are so many Creationist arguments circulating. There is the flat earth argument, the moon landing conspiracy, the concept of time it had actually taken god to create Earth, I think you may have already covered the physics behind Noah's Arch and how it's impossible. There are so many, but that's all I can come up with off the top of my head. I have a question you can ask Creationist. If God created life on Earth why Earth and why not create more life on other planets?
Led Floyd
'Led Floyd' 2 years ago
Can you please do some more "God is evil" videos? Those were one of my favorite videos you made and made me go from atheist to anti-theist.
Russ Hamel
'Russ Hamel' 2 years ago
I was one of the many folks who have long since deconverted from the mainstream religions - I was brought up a Catholic and 'lost the faith' some 40 years ago. However, I was still seeking the 'truth' and got caught up in all the LOA/ pseudo-science nonsense. I am proud to say that at age 62, I have finally gone 100% atheist and don't buy any of the religious B.S., regardless of how it is packaged. I would appreciate seeing more of your views on these new 'religions'.
'Boomr616' 2 years ago
It is great to know you will be producing a new series, and good you will hopefully be uploading more often. I have long been impressed with the quality and content of your work. It seems the atheist movement has become much more disjointed or sidetracked lately; especially since Hitchens has passed; what are your views?
'SpeedofShadows' 2 years ago
Where do you live now?
'thetruthrover' 2 years ago
I had a much different image of you in my mind. You aren't pasty at all. Your videos have held much sway in my search for trueness.
Southern Skeptic
'Southern Skeptic' 2 years ago
Wow, I'm really looking forward to this. You've already made some of the best atheist videos ever so this series is sure to be great!
'Poseidon63' 2 years ago
It's look gorgeous where you are filming, there where is it?
'FaliboR' 2 years ago
I like the idea of the new series ^^
Thinking Out Loud
'Thinking Out Loud' 2 years ago
You should do a little tour of your new place. Everything looks so gorgeous there. :)
'bubblesncavalier' 2 years ago
great to see your back! your videos helped me massively through a very confusing time in my life when I was being spoon fed biblical theories and told I had found the one TRUE faith, I was suffering with depression at the time and felt like I needed god.. turns out reading cbt self development books, meditation, cleaning up my diet, moving to the countryside and buying a dog, walking in nature is my one true religion. thank-you and keep waking innocent people up 😘
'Apollorion' 2 years ago
I wonder if your _atheist answers_-series will become much like the _Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism_ series by Aron Ra.
'ValstormLucifer' 2 years ago
Considering your videos are the best atheist videos on youtube, this series is sure to kick ass!
'savcob' 2 years ago
Challenge question #1: In a timeless quantum space isn't it possible for a god to pop into existence out of the quantum foam just by accident, after all in a timeless space everything that could happen will eventually happen with observable/calculable frequency ? :-) The same goes for a Boltzmann brain.. Challenge question #2: if you say yes on the first question isnt it better to assume that god is actually a Schrodinger's god since we can not directly observe god..otherwise..god exists and does not exists at the same time. If that is true why bother debating it at all..
troll jones
'troll jones' 2 years ago
Nice your back man you are one of the better ones on here especially since you were around even in the old days of youtube and have helped me with my own deconversion. As for the video ideal i would like a video to simply give arguments to call the creationists bluff when debating so they cannot ignore the question.
Kind Drunk
'Kind Drunk' 2 years ago
Thanks. I miss your work.
Enkidu Five
'Enkidu Five' 2 years ago
I thought you'd fallen off the edge of the internet. I'm glad to see you're starting something new. I'll be watching.
Sean Hallfrisch
'Sean Hallfrisch' 2 years ago
YAS! I love you videos. I look forward to them!
'DaGingerHeadMan' 2 years ago
Theists are almost incapable of learning. With that said, your response videos are a good idea. But even if Theists see a similar video on the same topic, they will rarely learn from it. Indeed, they will undoubtedly ask the same questions over and over again elsewhere. Willful ignorance is a badge of honor to the Theist. They will even double down, and claim that facts and reality makes their faith even stronger. Facts do not matter to Theists. Is it a waste of time debunking religion? No. Something gets through often, but this takes time.
'FishHeadSalad' 2 years ago
I look at it this way.... They may be the same old arguments....but there are always new ears listening. There will always be those religious folks out there... every day...young or old... who have the epiphany of doubt...and ask themselves..."hey, wait a sec"! To them...these arguments are new and needed. Ignorance lasts for generations. Enlightenment is what crushes it over and over.
'ratamacue0' 2 years ago
Beautiful background!
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