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Everything Wrong With The Great Wall In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 6 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 6 months ago

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44, 083 Likes   2, 686 Dislikes

So China paid Matt Damon gazillions of dollars to appear in a big-budget sh*t-fest film involving the Great Wall and mystical creatures... and is ANYONE surprised that movie ended up being crappy?! I'm not. You're not.

Let's run down its sins, shall we?

Thursday: Sins of an animated monstrosity.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Belgian Sebastian
'Belgian Sebastian' 17 hours ago
Best thing about this video "Another fictional great wall" with trumps voice on the background. Due to accuracy
'Monolith174' 1 day ago
Complaining about the 3 white people in a movie with 20 times the number of oriental actors...pc much?
Alexander Persson
'Alexander Persson' 2 days ago
It's ok to cast white people to play Europeans in a movie where said characters' European descent is integral to the story. That should not even need to be debated.
Squeak 11
'Squeak 11' 3 days ago
I was forced to watch and discuss this film for a grade. It was TERRIBLE, but it beat what you usually do in Chinese class. That’s right, we watched it in CHINESE CLASS. Admittedly, we were discussing globalization, but still. Edit: Oh, and some of the subtitles for the Chinese aren’t quite right, though from what I can understand they still mean approximately the same thing. Because of course they are.
Woods Lore
'Woods Lore' 3 days ago
You left out the back scabbard
nappy roots
'nappy roots' 3 days ago
i dont understand this channel at all like its a fuckin movie fuck off please
Jane L
'Jane L' 4 days ago
Chinese movies.. anything AND everything can happen
Perris Gribbin
'Perris Gribbin' 4 days ago
Everything wrong with ROCK N’ ROLLA?!? Please! <3
Rice Gaming
'Rice Gaming' 4 days ago
7:10 the in Chinese it is actually “they are not the enemies we faced 60 years ago anymore.” The enemies are not designed to look stupid, it’s the Chinese mythical creatures called”饕餮”.
Arlene Martindale
'Arlene Martindale' 4 days ago
i dont see why people think this movie was bad i think it was wonderful
Lily Jansen
'Lily Jansen' 5 days ago
Ok... the movie sucks, but there are like Chinese megastars with massive fan bases here that will do almost anything to support their people so that's possibly why so many people saw this movie. Like, Luhan (former EXO member and one of the highest payed rising actors in China), Andy Lau (also super high payed actor in China), Karry Wang (leader of TFBoys), Huang Xuan (C-Drama actor) and more. A huge number of Chinese singers also contributed to marketing, like Wang Leehom, Jay Chou, Jane Zhang, and more. TL:DR - They had a lot of popular people promoting this movie so that's probably part of why it made so much...
efe aslan
'efe aslan' 5 days ago
They made it because of Turkish attack’s !!!
Content Cop
'Content Cop' 6 days ago
The fuck wrong with CinemaSins in 3 seconds pile of shit p.s movie was good calm the fuck down
Joshua Tobler
'Joshua Tobler' 6 days ago
I don't know that the last samurai was a great example of the white savior trope. Like, sure, Allgren contributes a little bit to the tactics of that last pitched battle, but they all still died. It's not like he had a profound effect on the outcome. He was mostly just there. If anything, he's an example of the white journalist trope.
Mein Fuhrer
'Mein Fuhrer' 6 days ago
everything thing wrong with this movie in one comment: matt damon is white
Forrest sos
'Forrest sos' 6 days ago
Good god he puts a sin for nearly everything he sees and hears in every movie
*You forgot a sin:* If the Tao Tei come ever 60 years then why was it only this time that they had a real threat of taking over the world? Did someone else kill the Queen every 60 years? DING!
Anthony C
'Anthony C' 7 days ago
dumbass video
'Nikanaiko' 1 week ago
No sin for the I-Ching cliche? Or does that not count because it's an Eastern cliche and you don't see it as much in the West? Because holy SHIT does the White Tiger/Red Bird/Blue Dragon/Black Turtle thing happen all over the damn place in the East.
Haochi Zhang
'Haochi Zhang' 1 week ago
Too many movies gets hundreds of millions in China, you have 1.4 billion audience base so it really isn’t hard.
'SWATversion3' 1 week ago
Willem Dafoe was in Spider-Man, and not Spider-Man 2. +1 sin for cinema sins
Arup Guha
'Arup Guha' 1 week ago
the scraping sound you hear.... best comment in the commentary, cant stop laughing
Arup Guha
'Arup Guha' 1 week ago
a steaming pile of horsesh*t
Awesome Donut
'Awesome Donut' 1 week ago
9:25 I swear that sounds like “shitty pants on her soldiers”. (I know it’s “she depends” but... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Valdemire Kreshnov
To answer the last question, it is because Progressive Liberals believe that other cultures and races need them in order to exist or survive. Yes, they are that self righteous. Either way, I give this movie a 6/10. I, however, give the tunnel a 1/10. They implied they dug straight across which would have had them go through the wall. Which at some point, one of the soldiers would have noticed. Which you could argue is what happened. However, they implied that they noticed a cave across the ravine in an area nobody explores.
Jimmy Lander
'Jimmy Lander' 1 week ago
I think the movie was awesome and the cgi was great ^_^
Pamela Haskell
'Pamela Haskell' 1 week ago
The previews told me it sucks 😄 they need to stop putting Matt Damon in everything 🙄 he was the worst part of Elysium 😛 you mean they couldn't find a Hispanic actor?
James Roper
'James Roper' 1 week ago
Even the most experienced archer in the world can't fire arrows that fast. Shooting a bow is not like shooting a gun. Where all you need to do is aim, and pull the trigger. You have to pull the bowstring all the way back to get the most power out of the shot, and depending on the bow's poundage. That could take a while.
'blipadouzi' 1 week ago
2 sins I would have added 1) (first minute of the movie) Obvious CGI wall is CGI 2) OMFG that ending! Are they f***ing robots? Why did they all of a sudden stop moving when the queen died?
Jeremy Joel
'Jeremy Joel' 1 week ago
Red Crows
'Red Crows' 1 week ago
Do they not notice the lanterns?!
'SkyBlue' 1 week ago
Ding! Cinema sins thinks the Great Wall of china is a castle (1:28) Guess he too should also talked to my 3rd grade social studies teacher bumping my own C+ to a B.
Joy Bessie W.
'Joy Bessie W.' 2 weeks ago
This movie is great in my opinion. You sin things waaaaaay to easily, Sin Master.
Zis Ninja Chicken
'Zis Ninja Chicken' 2 weeks ago
'SigmentKurosai' 2 weeks ago
All of these guys wearing such color-coded armor reminds me of friggin' Dynasty Warriors.
'DatKpopGurl' 2 weeks ago
I watched this movie for Luhan and Andy Lau to be honest
Felix Vasin
'Felix Vasin' 2 weeks ago
i can always tell which movies are better than others depending on how much time it takes to say everything wrong with them.
Kelly Bishop
'Kelly Bishop' 2 weeks ago
Where tf was the blades on the walls for the first battle and black powder arrows. !!!
gobby games
'gobby games' 2 weeks ago
Matt Damon sounds like he’s trying to do a Skyrim accent
Sun Devil Emily
I am so glad I never saw this movie,I would have cringed out the entire time
Ridhuan Abu Bakar
'Ridhuan Abu Bakar' 2 weeks ago
Horrible cliche driven movie
Love Life
'Love Life' 2 weeks ago
This movie so bad I can't even watch the everything wrong with
marco polo
'marco polo' 2 weeks ago
Willem dafoe was in spiderman 1 not 2
tawonga munyanduri
'tawonga munyanduri' 2 weeks ago
The only wrong thing is he did not smash the female general
blazing crusader
'blazing crusader' 2 weeks ago
i want u to die in hell thanx u nigger
strawberry cupcake
'strawberry cupcake' 2 weeks ago
I like this movie! 😂
'R3pt1l3' 2 weeks ago
Someone needs to get Ben Afflecks Shadow in check. Can’t the wrangler do their job. To be fair maybe the shadow could have done a better job as the caped crusader. Maybe it would have been 50/50. Who is the shadow really? Either way this movie was an eye sore. If I went blind after this movie the one good outcome would be I’d never have to watch it again. ( we will cure blindness one day) No cure yet for bad taste- so once again how movies like this are green lit is beyond most of us.Then again if movie sins did not exist. We wouldn’t be watching these videos and laughing at how bad the movies were. So yeah Bad movies
PMG Social Mirror
'PMG Social Mirror' 2 weeks ago
I give cinema sins a motherfucking sin for saying "you might know Willem Dafoe from Spiderman 2" @ 7:30
Doge Dogson
'Doge Dogson' 2 weeks ago
0:57 I'm a dog, whats your excuse?
'MarkEdwardRom' 2 weeks ago
that tangled reference at the end was comedy gold. TY
Clarence Sy
'Clarence Sy' 2 weeks ago
You forgot to sin the one where they where eating and you couldve said this is all of them the great wall is 5000 miles away this is the army this is where william showed his arrow skills
'Xao_Phan' 2 weeks ago
l hate how everything has to be realistic and historical accurate nowadays to entertain posers who wouldn´t recognize fun despite being on their face. Sure, the movie is bad, but not because is inaccurate and irracional in terms of action sequences. Because of idiots all round, the fantasy or action genre is so dull nowadays.
Nacho -Marti
'Nacho -Marti' 3 weeks ago
you forgot sth... CHINESE MYTHOLOGY
'MacAttack17' 3 weeks ago
Thank you for that needed Tangled reference at the very end. ❤
'S L' 3 weeks ago
Made in China. That's the biggest sin of all !
efewfsf sf
'efewfsf sf' 3 weeks ago
and spider man1*
efewfsf sf
'efewfsf sf' 3 weeks ago
He fires 4 arrows in that palace scene. ( 2 arrows the 2nd shot)
James xie
'James xie' 3 weeks ago
For the segregated by colors part, Zang Yimou is well known to incorporate color themes into his movies. His other movies like curse of the golden flower, Hero etc all got very obvious color themes. And his movies are also big on visuals and elaborate sets.
'CHASE THE BEAT' 3 weeks ago
Youre not allowed to hate matt damon
MoonStarAmi AMV
'MoonStarAmi AMV' 3 weeks ago
Well the movie is good, I really enjoyed it , but if course everyone can't like it and it mostly depends on the person
Amitabha Kusari
'Amitabha Kusari' 3 weeks ago
1/10 Oberyn's head stays intact at the end of the movie.
'rylansato' 3 weeks ago
I would have broken the sin counter just because hot Asian women were killed.
Y- Square
'Y- Square' 3 weeks ago
I watched it back in China, and its the first and only time I've fallen asleep in a cinema because ITS SO FKING BORING.
'Arthur' 3 weeks ago
You know how bad a movie is when you can't even make it halfway through the CinemaSins of that movie.
Bruce Liu
'Bruce Liu' 3 weeks ago
Add a few sins for shitty translation.
Sean David Tabuga
'Sean David Tabuga' 3 weeks ago
'76special' 3 weeks ago
Wow, Matt Damon is starring is some really shitty movies.
gloomy gloom gloom mcglooms
tbh i only watched for luhan
Hannah P.
'Hannah P.' 3 weeks ago
This movie’s entire existence is to make its way into China to make more money
Wei Long
'Wei Long' 3 weeks ago
Do you like any movie?
Roy Ethan
'Roy Ethan' 3 weeks ago
why not shoot your own movie ? so much stupid comments.
The Crimson Clock
'The Crimson Clock' 3 weeks ago
Now, I don’t personally wanna hate on your channel, but there are a lot of explanations and reasons to this, if you fucking research after you watch the movie, for fuck’s sake.
Exidy YT
'Exidy YT' 3 weeks ago
I was expecting the Jurrasic Park and "matt daymun!" soundbites, but I waited in vain for some Insane Clown Posse sound bites. and no, quoting 'fuckin magnets' does NOT count, I wanted the SONG CLIP DAMMIT!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Okay, enough rage. Excellent sins video, except while mocked hard, it needed a sin multiplier every time they underestimated the Tao Te.
'Lilitha11' 4 weeks ago
I think a lot of people miss the point of the blue female soldiers. They seem to think they are there to attack the creatures, and so it seems ineffective but that isn't their purpose. They are there as bait. Their purpose is to hang there and draw the monsters attention away from the attack and slow them down by providing a very tempting target. If a dozen monsters stop to eat the person, then that slows them down. If they can kill a few of the monsters at the same time, then that is just a bonus.
Johny Peperwinkle
'Johny Peperwinkle' 4 weeks ago
Why didnt he just light the arrows and walk away from the explosion
Adrian Ftw
'Adrian Ftw' 4 weeks ago
Rip Trump
I feel like this video was way harsher than some of the other sin videos. Like he wanted to be needlessly cruel.
'KoneDx' 4 weeks ago
13:59 He should ask him the same question every time that asshole does something (Edited time correctly)
Sam Williams
'Sam Williams' 4 weeks ago
You showed a clip of other blue warriors being killed before you made your comment about the other blue warrior being the first to die. They explain later that its all women due to their weight being less than men. And William Dafoe died in the first spiderman.
Bank Mango
'Bank Mango' 4 weeks ago
Ok i know this is a joke thing but i had to point it out, when he was saying that was the first one the monsters managed to kill made me laugh to hard cause right before that literally see two of the blue chicks get nabbed XD. 1 sin to cinema sins mwhahahahahahahaa
Xero Khaos
'Xero Khaos' 4 weeks ago
Moral of the story is white people can solve the worlds problems. Is possible to get a full body skin graft, I don't want too be white anymore :'(
Mister jAd
'Mister jAd' 4 weeks ago
The monsters look like demogorgons from stranger things.
'Delacorvix' 4 weeks ago
Actually, throughout most time in the "melee-weapon age", infantry was a whole lot better at fighting than cavalry. Infantry hold the line, infantry fought the battles, cavalry was only used for covering the flanks and some hammer and anvil tactics. It was only when the stirrup was invented that cavalry got a somewhat more active part - And was nearly instantly pushed back to it's old job of covering the flanks and some hammer and anvil tactics by spears and pikes. The only long-lasting effective cavalry were the mongols - And they were only effective because they used hit and run tactics. Now please, show me how to use such tactics ON A FUCKING WALL. Get your shit together CinemaSins.
Nathanael Heil
'Nathanael Heil' 1 month ago
he whole movie?
happy pappy
'happy pappy' 1 month ago
I’ll still watch it for Luhan!
Holden Caulfield
'Holden Caulfield' 1 month ago
Reminds me of a shitty live action fire emblem. Visually i mean.
'BILLxLOZ3R' 1 month ago
Finally, the movie is over. Now I can watch this damn video.
Brian Lock
'Brian Lock' 1 month ago
Probably only thing keep me watching the movie is the super hot chick.
Frost Dearwinter
'Frost Dearwinter' 1 month ago
R u ***** kidding me? get a brain so u can understand why so many thing u see done wrong had a point :/ blurry monster adds to the mystery of the movie and go back to history class u'l see so many invading forces from the north .... bah pointless
'Jason' 1 month ago
I watched this movie for the first time last night, and thought it was actually pretty good. I don't think it's fair how he's bashing it so much. I mean, of course it's not the best movie in the world, but it's not garbage either.
max fountain
'max fountain' 1 month ago
Who else noticed that these people declared to be with rome bit during this time they would have said there side of Rome east or west and also the cross on the sword which woudknt have been around
Jonathan Alberts
'Jonathan Alberts' 1 month ago
I was expecting some sort of comment on the sound effects the movie has for when the monster's eyes are shot-out. Shit sounded like a goddamn Looney Tunes effect
Noodle Mango
'Noodle Mango' 1 month ago
Honestly this movie wasn’t that bad. Although it was a little cliche
'BornToRunBarefoot' 1 month ago
I thought this was going to be a review of a all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet restaurant.
Jack Lymburner
'Jack Lymburner' 1 month ago
actually it was spiderman 1 and 2
'Levendir' 1 month ago
The only reason why I watched this film is Luhan. After seeing this video and how bad the film is, I think everyone understands how much I love Luhan haha
'hello4231' 1 month ago
man you guys at cinemasins are such fucking asshole XD
Charlie Li
'Charlie Li' 1 month ago
They didn't know about magnets until the foreigners came
'johnmonk66' 1 month ago
i enjoy you razzing on good movies, razzing on a piece of shit like this is beneath you, and not funny
Daxian Preston
'Daxian Preston' 1 month ago
lol blue painted elvish armor from TES
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