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Everything Wrong With The Great Wall In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 9 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 9 months ago

2, 998, 563 views

46, 710 Likes   2, 881 Dislikes

So China paid Matt Damon gazillions of dollars to appear in a big-budget sh*t-fest film involving the Great Wall and mystical creatures... and is ANYONE surprised that movie ended up being crappy?! I'm not. You're not.

Let's run down its sins, shall we?

Thursday: Sins of an animated monstrosity.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Joe Sycamore
'Joe Sycamore' 3 days ago
Why is any one ever surprised that people in these films speak English? How many people are going to turn out for a subtitled film?
'gdeangelkick' 4 days ago
You didn't sin the crappy let destruction of the queen? My immediate thought was, by this point the film has blown it's CGI budget on unremarkable horde charges, and has no money left to the Queen eviscerated by a bomb.
'Hayashirice911' 6 days ago
The Last Samurai was not a white savior movie -- Tom Cruise's characters didn't save anything. That movie was about learning and experiencing a dying culture (the last of the samurai) through the eyes of a someone who did not understand them at all (the white foreigner). The movie at its core is about someone coming to admire and appreciate a group of people so much that he ultimately chooses to stand by them until the end. The white character did not bring any new knowledge, technology, or deus machina that saved a group of people -- they still ultimately died out. A lot of people misunderstand the title of the movie "The Last Samurai" by thinking its referring to Tom Cruise. But it's not, it's referring to the last of the samurai that died alongside him.
Jägers Brother
'Jägers Brother' 6 days ago
Why do you always use Helms Deep in every fortress attack
Jägers Brother
'Jägers Brother' 6 days ago
Fifth Grade movie?
'jobanh7ify' 7 days ago
14:03 you to admit it....she looks exactly like a character from dynasty warriors
malachi hendrix
'malachi hendrix' 1 week ago
the 10,000 li long wall
malachi hendrix
'malachi hendrix' 1 week ago
evil mongolians try to streal eggrolls
'darkhorse0404' 1 week ago
I liked the great wall
Elaine Ma
'Elaine Ma' 1 week ago
Dubura Kiba
'Dubura Kiba' 1 week ago
its a good watch if ur bored
Ken Klemens
'Ken Klemens' 1 week ago
Dude I fucking luv this channel!!!
'AlexTheGreatMC' 1 week ago
"I set you free!" "And here I am." "Lets do it!"
'eagleeyedpsycho' 1 week ago
terrible film
'Nothere27' 2 weeks ago
It's not white people who wanted white people heroes, It was china who wanted white people heroes
Edward Castro III
'Edward Castro III' 2 weeks ago
he was spamming the ranged attack button
Danny Andrews
'Danny Andrews' 2 weeks ago
Why didn't they build a moat or drop tar down the sides of the wall and onto the floor?
Liana H
'Liana H' 2 weeks ago
Everything. Everything was wrong with this movie. There I just saved you 20 stupid minutes of bullshit
WingDingsGaster Error
ok come on sin for nararation sin for reading what silence?
'dokkiro' 2 weeks ago
I walked out on this movie. Fucking sucked!
rick louis
'rick louis' 2 weeks ago
143 reasons not to watch this “white people has to come and save the day bullshit movie”
JoJo Rau
'JoJo Rau' 2 weeks ago
Trump is not happy because he couldn't shoot the first Great Wall movie.
John F.
'John F.' 2 weeks ago
Fyi "wang" is pronounced "wong".
Bun Wick
'Bun Wick' 2 weeks ago
Those Tao Tei is actually americans trying to get their hands on China's oil
Bjólan Tanní
'Bjólan Tanní' 2 weeks ago
I heard after this Tao Tie battle on ''The Great Wall'' Matt Demon is back to his hometown and dead peacefully. For some kind of magic that only god knows he reborned again as a ''Martian'' that the US government spent a lot of fucking money to save him while he is eating fucking potatoes for god sake. Then, for some kind of magic that only god knows he decided to ''Downsizing'' himself to have better life, no more world saving. However he met another Asian woman who was given one of eight kinds of fuck by Matt Demon who is trying to save the world again. What a life !!!
Nemo TheEight
'Nemo TheEight' 2 weeks ago
Just add "is": "Everything IS Wrong With The Great Wall "
Snxwman 1
'Snxwman 1' 2 weeks ago
The catapult don't aim. They shoot at the same place all the time
'Sunny' 2 weeks ago
Nunchucks are not good drumming sticks, no matter how well-trained you are
Kev trichs
'Kev trichs' 3 weeks ago
Everything is wrong with this turd
Dre Dre Rico
'Dre Dre Rico' 3 weeks ago
I only watched for Luhan
Baim Wrong
'Baim Wrong' 3 weeks ago
The Fan Club Review
'The Fan Club Review' 3 weeks ago
I like this one. This one is funny. I think the sarcasm is at an all time high here.
Finn The Human
'Finn The Human' 3 weeks ago
white guy to the rescue.. with the power of being white
'Shrike' 3 weeks ago
The listening to big horn looking things isn't actually a terrible idea. Before the advent of RADAR in WW2, listening posts were set up to literally listen for enemy plans using huge phonograph looking things. Picture of one of the smaller, portable versions:
Blue Sap
'Blue Sap' 3 weeks ago
I hated that movie because it’s not historically accurate
Almighty Egglord
'Almighty Egglord' 4 weeks ago
We r egg we r yolk
Jonah Kiel
'Jonah Kiel' 4 weeks ago
Hasn't Matt Damon made enough money to just go away? Please!
'DanCJD321' 4 weeks ago
The idiot key master is Lu Han, a famous pop singer
Arvnd Maniam
'Arvnd Maniam' 4 weeks ago
Not a single person with the IQ above 5 worked on this movie.
Happy Meme
'Happy Meme' 4 weeks ago
Daniel Lin
'Daniel Lin' 4 weeks ago
Anything with monsters in it is fine for me.
Param Patil
'Param Patil' 4 weeks ago
The only thing that surprises me in this is that it took you so long to realize that the man was Oberyn Martell
The 67 Gent
'The 67 Gent' 4 weeks ago
And the blue? There all women What the hell do they do -best quote from this movie ever
'Burnigurz' 4 weeks ago
Matt Damon should actually be seriously. Hes better than this.
jay thovin
'jay thovin' 4 weeks ago
He called the movie a turd lol 😆 that's funny
Sean Ho
'Sean Ho' 4 weeks ago
Cinema sins these are so inappropriate like your life if u think it’s so easy to make movies then make one yourself itch
'QuantomX' 1 month ago
People keep talking about and going crazy about some Luhan dude... but who the fuck is Luhan?
somak dutta
'somak dutta' 1 month ago
I kinda liked this muvie
Jostein Bertilson
'Jostein Bertilson' 1 month ago
I just saw that Max Brooks was in some way involved in writing this story, so it really is no wonder it ripps off World War Z
Deiver Hernández
'Deiver Hernández' 1 month ago
All this movie is a mistake!! 😂
Mr. Halloween
'Mr. Halloween' 1 month ago
Movie dose not have extremely sexy Asian girl ridding my pole + a million sins.
Snowing May
'Snowing May' 1 month ago
I agree, he should've been with her!!
'TomiSlav' 1 month ago
Dennis Kristos
'Dennis Kristos' 1 month ago
Hollywood blockbuster? Not really. It has more in common with 60s Italian sword and sandal and 80s sword and sorcery flicks... You are so full of yourself and, so much bullshit on this one. Not a great movie, but visually engaging through its production design and it's well shot.
Ryan Northern
'Ryan Northern' 1 month ago
'pan!' 1 month ago
Hey ... The kid knows his stuff.
Freya Ravenheart
'Freya Ravenheart' 1 month ago
People: Meh I only watched this movie for LuHan Me: I only cared about Andy Lau *shrugs*
Brian Wllace
'Brian Wllace' 1 month ago
a teen titans episode made into a steaming 2 hour pile of poo
'Hendar23' 1 month ago
Hate to say it but it does actually explain that the monsters are only attacked on section of wall because they are in a valley :/
Stephanie Nicole
'Stephanie Nicole' 1 month ago
Its like every sci-fi movie want to be lotr, but seriously fail because they they don't put any thought into the story, CGI, or character development.
'Cragillahan' 1 month ago
Wow. That's a shitshow of a movie. I hadn't seen it, and I thought it would be about the actual wall. I liked the sapphire blue of the uniforms and the stained glass windows, and that's about all the movie had to offer. I don't like the white saviour bullshit, the monsters seem floaty and fake, the armour and weaponry was ridiculously clunky, it was like watching a Chinese version of World of Warcraft.
'Cragillahan' 1 month ago
17:47 the monsters appear like videogame mobs being loaded in.
Clancy Long
'Clancy Long' 2 months ago
"we should try something to see if it works, why didn't anyone think of this trying thing before?" LOVE IT! because surprisingly, things do actually happen while your hero is not around, as difficult and strange a concept that may be to movie makers!
The Enygma
'The Enygma' 2 months ago
9:25 - I had to rewind there, "She depends" sounded an awful lot like "shitty pants"
Michael Hixson
'Michael Hixson' 2 months ago
Hey isn't this movie where that white guy who always needs saving now saves china. Wait, it's got a strong female lead who doesn't give BJs or fuck somebody. Damn that's impressive. The men in her chain of command listen and obey her orders without saying that she fucked her way to the top. Damn, wait wait, I thought this was about white people. Oh, you got one dirty boy with a bow and arrow, a chained up Spaniard, and the Temptation of Christ guy fucking around. I thought this had a lot of white people in it?
'Piers1' 2 months ago
I just now realized that Willem Dafoe is the same guy as the person who played Nathan in Beyond: Two Souls. I...don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign...
'RASDVATRI' 2 months ago
I think the Tao-Tei are basically the Mongols
'Gathoblaster' 2 months ago
BRUCE Phillip
'BRUCE Phillip' 2 months ago
Your best so far I laughed so hard, so true
Michael Berthelsen
'Michael Berthelsen' 2 months ago
The end scenes kind of taints Star Wars, LotR to be honest...
Lord Inquisitor Wightman
Female commander in China: I am questioning this
Billy Mullen,
'Billy Mullen,' 2 months ago
The Ending of this video was better than the movie!
Taco samurai
'Taco samurai' 2 months ago
WTF The Great Wall is used to resist the invasion of Mongolia ,But not to prevent these strange monsters. Lord of the Rings monster went to China. Great, Where is Gandalf?
Andre Fung
'Andre Fung' 2 months ago
It the taotie didn't attack the wall they could never dug it because there are scouts looking at the surface
Andre Fung
'Andre Fung' 2 months ago
hit it with ore drugged arrows would kill the taotei, chains won't be strong enough
Andre Fung
'Andre Fung' 2 months ago
a rescue squad would be useless, cause then they would have to open the gates somewhere in the f*cken wall which takes about half an hour and it's too risky to open the f*cken gates already
Andre Fung
'Andre Fung' 2 months ago
The dudes running down the walls are suicide squad
Andre Fung
'Andre Fung' 2 months ago
Tasty Tinfoil
'Tasty Tinfoil' 2 months ago
Waaaaaaaaaait. why are they speaking Mandarin? wasn't Cantonese or a dialect/variant of that much more common to the language chinese people would have spoken back then?
Dino Decoy
'Dino Decoy' 2 months ago
Shut up
Flash Gordon
'Flash Gordon' 2 months ago
If you give a sin for narrating and reading what do you want the directors to do
'WindSlinker' 2 months ago
Oh, its the monster '饕餮'
'KSM WARRIOR8692' 2 months ago
'DAVID_GAMER 65' 2 months ago
Dear Cinema Sins dude, I'll be including random commentary to your commentary every once in a while. It'd be cool if you read it. It's also pretty chill if you don't. Anyways, here it goes: 1. They actually show one of the blue spear ladies getting murked WAY before the one you pointed out as being the first one killed. Literally, during their first jump. Also, yes, they're pretty hot. 2. The story was actually written by the same guy who wrote World War Z lol  3. I think that Damon was trying less than the writers throughout the movie. 4. You should try bungee-flirting at some point in your life. It's actually quite fun and I highly recommend it. 5. As a side note of sorts, there's that one scene after the first attack where the zerglings are taking back their dead. They never talk about that or explain it and it pisses me the f*ck off. Do they hold creepy alien funerals for them? Were they even dead to begin with? Are they gonna eat them? Does that mean they're cannibalistic? If so, why doesn't the queen just eat a few of her soldiers every once in a while? You should've added a couple of sins for that one. 6. They probably all abandoned their posts to mourn the general. I don't know. 7. "Trying" is such a difficult concept. 8. I mean, if the green thingies are as smart as they say, then one could safely assume that they'd attack when there's a fog to cover them. It's, like, kinda obvious. Not only that, but if you were attacked recently, it'd also be kinda obvious to stand guard cause the green sh*ts might attack again soon. Specially when there's a fog that covers their asses. 9. She clearly thought that he was saying "Hey! Blow this whole sh*t up! We've got invincible plot armor anyways! AND I'm Jason Bourne!" 10. It's because he's stupid and clumsy.  11. That thing where they go on a stupid mission past their wall to capture one of the weird critters and take it back to meet their ruler is literally what happened in the last season of Game of Thrones. They used a wooden box instead of a cage, but still. Should've added way more sins for that. 12. Manufactured conflict is indeed very manufactured.  13. I think your entire channel sprung from LOTR PTSD. We all probably watch it because of LOTR PTSD. 14. When have you seen a movie that actually cares about physics? I mean.... f*ck 15. Maybe the guards let the underling through because they're not as smart as people claim they are and it's just that people themselves are way dumber than they actually think? I mean, they have to color-code their army, for f*ck's sake.  16. If they did all that bungee-flirting, then it's kind of safe to assume that the movie will eventually reach a bungee-climax. Yes.
candra ismail
'candra ismail' 2 months ago
wait is that the zerg?
Odin Satanas
'Odin Satanas' 2 months ago
Wait isn't Max Brooks the world war Z guy anyway? No wonder they move just like the zombies, that's so funny he picked up on that
Jj Lim
'Jj Lim' 2 months ago
I watch the movie for the hot chick :D
Christian Soung
'Christian Soung' 2 months ago
I don't remember learning about Matt Damon going to the great wall of China to fight aliens in school. Damn my school must have sucked
Hans David Poulsen
'Hans David Poulsen' 2 months ago
I stopped watching this movie after around 30 minutes and came straight in here to watch how many Sins it got instead! I am so happy that I didn’t watch the whole movie! Thank you guys, for what you are doing, I salute you! :P
'DivineInsider00' 2 months ago
I can't take Matt Damon seriously anymore after his big, dramatic, holier than thou public rant about how we should support public schools.....but then he sent his daughter to a private school. lol. These Champagn Socialists are jokes. I won't watch their movies but I will watch the EWW videos. duhh. lol.
'H20nas' 2 months ago
Holy fuck that jurassic park part had me! 😆😆
Chevaughn Beecher
'Chevaughn Beecher' 2 months ago
When I was watching this I was like 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
'MrBdobb' 2 months ago
Cinema sin committed two of their own sin at 6:08 & 7:21. Their first sin is at 6:08 when they ask how did Matt Damons character know to aim for the monsters eyes. But I think that it was actually Willem Dafoes character who said aim for the eyes & not Matt Damons Character. The second sin is at 7:21 when they said Willem Dafoe played in Spiderman 2 which is incorrect. Willem Dafoe played the Green Goblin who only appears in the first Spiderman movie.
dodgers doon1130
'dodgers doon1130' 2 months ago
Who the fuck is Luhan?
dodgers doon1130
'dodgers doon1130' 2 months ago
Do justice league
Chance Williams
'Chance Williams' 2 months ago
why not make everything out of magnets and have super soldiers
'ThatangryHobbIt' 2 months ago
The name of the monsters remind me of tourtière, a French Canadian meat pie that's delicious.
Leon Liu
'Leon Liu' 2 months ago
I'm Chinese. I love my country. But man! This movie is a piece shit...
'minismus' 2 months ago
Well...I cannot unsee this. After seeing this, I won't watch the movie.
'Freerider' 2 months ago
i loved this movie
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