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PJ Masks New Toys in Secret Room Surprise (Toy Fair 2017-2018) -
Published: 12 months ago By: FamilyGamerTV

By: FamilyGamerTVPublished: 12 months ago

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Get ready for Toy Fair 2018 as we go on a surprise adventure with the PJ Masks. We get on the Bus, the Plane, the Taxi Cab and arrive at the New York Toy Fair to search for the PJ Masks toys.

They track down a secret room and get transformed into real life heroes to go and try out the toys. The IRL PJ Masks then see which is the best between the

Rival Racers Track Playset
Transformer Playsets
Villain Vehicles

PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset
Favorite nighttime heroes Catboy, Owlette and Gekko kick the action into high gear with the new PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset, based on Entertainment One’s hit TV series “PJ Masks.” Kids can play out the adventures seen in the show as they zoom through the raceway to save the Museum from Night Ninja! Launch the vehicles into action using one of two built in mega launchers, then zoom through the loop and around the curves. Watch out for Luna Girl when she pops-up on the track, then cross under the city bridge and race past Romeo to the finish line! The racing action is super-fast when PJ Masks are saving the day! Playset includes Catboy figure, Cat-Car vehicle and Night Ninja Bus. Ages 3+, SRP $39.99, Available Fall 2017

Ilias Banadi
'Ilias Banadi' 1 month ago
Ben Egan Toys vlogs and toys and Fun
Did someone see the Teletubbies and the power rangers and jet
Nate Aungst
'Nate Aungst' 2 months ago
Isabella A.
'Isabella A.' 3 months ago
jrl Washington
'jrl Washington' 3 months ago
Oo what is it Roxanne St armor ok Exploding Tnt
Sara Jones
'Sara Jones' 3 months ago
I love owlette
Elis Appelgren
'Elis Appelgren' 5 months ago
.# xsAfraQeqz.
Buds Toy World
'Buds Toy World' 6 months ago
So cute!
Pj Masks Love
'Pj Masks Love' 6 months ago
Theres a dancing hatchimal at the end😁
Pj Masks Love
'Pj Masks Love' 6 months ago
The bird next to Owlette is her pet Birdie and the lizard next to Gekko is his pet Lynel I dont know who the little cat is though...😕
Richard Urquidi
'Richard Urquidi' 6 months ago
Los pj maks en el hiper max
Melissa McDowell
'Melissa McDowell' 7 months ago
'OjoAinoMinako' 8 months ago
cheong sit
'cheong sit' 8 months ago
Thkxj wcjg
Cecilia Bahari
'Cecilia Bahari' 9 months ago
Je ne sais pas
Christiana Igbedion
'Christiana Igbedion' 11 months ago
I have a fear of heights. Plus, the air impacts my ears.
Antonella Bachetti
'Antonella Bachetti' 12 months ago
Antonella Bachetti
'Antonella Bachetti' 12 months ago
Sergio Clemente
'Sergio Clemente' 12 months ago
La feria de aventura de Pj Masks mola mogollón
Dashwana Nerotama
'Dashwana Nerotama' 12 months ago
'HMHOTRIDE MMCOOL' 12 months ago
how did you do that tell me at the comments
'Mixlate' 12 months ago
cool. i need shop
Melanie Jessica
'Melanie Jessica' 12 months ago
'AJ SUPER TOYLAND' 12 months ago
William Elfe
'William Elfe' 12 months ago
AWESOME! I Will Get The PJ Masks Transforming Playset! Along With The More Of The Talking Figures & The PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set! Best Youtuber EVER!
Devon Sealy Zico
'Devon Sealy Zico' 12 months ago
this a BEST TOYS EVER!!!
Devon Sealy Zico
'Devon Sealy Zico' 12 months ago
I love it I send a pj masks toys letter to Toys R Us today!! I love pj masks toys!!!!
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